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We don’t know if Prince would agree, cause we 2 foxy, fine old ladies are all dressed up, at the local mall with the Cinnabon franchise  where all the OLD GUYS hang out, in their very suave billed caps from the University of Oregon athletic-supporters. Needless to say, they need plenty supporting.chainsaw

“Are you sure we have to date these old goats, just to prove we’re not lesbians?” whispered Caroline, who’s mascara was leaking into her coffee while she chewed her 2nd Cinnabon. “How can you eat 2 of those?!” I whispered back, glancing at my my hair in my mirror; .”That gooey-frosting must have more water than last winter’s rainfall! YUCK!” The Cinnabons were enough to give you diabetes.Where did the word “pastry” come in, and the words “wet plaster” go out?dancinwoozieorjnfq

“Everyone knows you’re not a lesbian,” I whispered back to Caroline, glancing at her spheghetti-strap red, silk dress thoughtfully.”But you do seem to be a member of Gold’s Gym; are you still pumping iron every morning with 10 lbs. in each hand? Couldn’t you try five?!”. Caroline was a heavy, big gal, but only part of it was muscle; mainly her head. The rest was bagels by Win-co, and  ice-cream by Dairy-Queen. I myself was wearing my best jeans, a black-t-shirt, and Hoka-1 athletic shoes. (with striped fuzzy-socks.)loveangel

HELL, for Eugene, we were over-dressed! Who here wore such expensive-running-shoes?!llama_super

(…to be continued, unfortunately)lolshort (1)

Here we are, only an hour later, with Mike and Gerald, (who likes Caroline, is only in his 70’s, seeking companionship and a fox-trot partner; Caroline liked dancing but quit long ago) and to Caroline’s surprise, she likes him.( As a person) and I’m watching Mike, who’s only 53,(ok, I rob cradles! SO WHAT?!) who is showing me his sophisticated computer set-up, and HOW TO AVOID ISP RESTRICTIONS ON THE WEB.computernotfixthrow


Mike and I have a lot in common,like being poor on soc. sec. (and Mike’s a Vietnam veteran, divorced, with kids his ex has, on disability from wounds from Vietnam, too bad. ) The two guys live together cause they’re both on tight budgets. Both are divorced, and made broke by it. Yin_n_Yang_by_UzumakiSlumpBallZ

It’s the same with Caroline, who got dumped, and those 2 are chatting while doing the fox-trot.Mike says to me, showing  me an invisible pirate site, he’s protecting himself  from,”We never go to that Mall pick-up place, we just heard about it, and we’re both bad at dating; no moo-la, you know?” So we were both lucky like crazy; well, it is The Year of the Monkey, GUNG-HAY-FAT-CHOY!  Guess we monkies are finally ok in the Kitchen God’s eyes.22a62c5b388de419076ede127ea39efb-d55f0z2

“How do you do that?” I’m watching Mike, in his long hair, and mustache and metal-rimmed glasses, who still looks a little like he’s in the sixties; “HOW do you keep Comcast Xfinity server from cutting you off certain nations and sites, and movies online?  My friend in WA state can’t get anything off Youtube or other sites anymore!  Comcast and Google restrict us now! We got WEB CENSORSHIP finally in the US!”_silentcry____emote_6_of_30_by_blissfullysarcastic-d4ggja6.gifsilentcry

.Mike grins and smiles at me,over his glasses’ rim; “First, we searched for anyone who knew how to get past restrictions online; you might have to find several search engines for this if Google won’t play ball:” He showed me several search engines, and there ARE MORE than just Google. “This site under Geek-guy,or close, tells you how to find and use VPNS. VPNS are “tunnel filters” which you use and configure on your computer, and the “tunnel” hides you from your ISP. ” It sounded complicated, especially the configurations._jigglypuffattack__by_Edme

I started to read all the software configurations I would have to do,and those I always fuck up,and have to call a computer repairman. “Here’s an easy beginner’s one,” said Mike, and showed me “Tunnel-bear” or “bear-tunnel,” something like that. That one was easy.You could download it free, and just let the “bear” hide your isp signal in a “tunnel” when you were avoiding good old Comcast’s restrictions. I decided to try it at home. I thought maybe, though, that freedom on the web was probably over, though and told Mike that._tinyrainbowsheep__army_plz_by_meninasuitcase-d39ymrk

“It’s a fact the web is changing, ” he said,”But we can’t tell yet what’s possible or not; the Constitution no longer protects we Americans, any more than France can protect the French,or Paris, or the British protect their Brit natives. They have to get oil from Russia; Russia has a big grip on Europe, and their Islamic immigrants are making Europe unsafe for tourists.”  “My cousin back east,” I said,”went to Britain, and was told to avoid the major cities; they heard stories of rampant protests and rioting in the streets of London. They got some photos of it,somehow, I saw them.And the Brit police do nothing! They’re AFRAID OF THEM! They’re all standing down!”0014

Mike nodded; “They’re furious cause Britain finally joined the war against ISIS,” he repled, “And they’re, like, man, really fuckin’ angry–oops, sorry!” “Swear away,” I replied, as Caroline heard me, and laughed; she nodded at Gerald. “We swear all the time, it’s not a big deal. Just don’t use the words VOTE FOR HILLARY! that’s pretty bad.” We all laughed; thank God we were among semi-non-Liberals.animeds!cid_135_2726780312@web161806_mail_bf1_yahoo

Even Mike admitted he’s gotten a lot more conservative over  the years. “I used to think LBJ and his “Great Society” was a good idea,” he muttered, “but after Nam, I wasn’t so sure. Veterans Administration left a lotta guys in the lurch, with Iraq; I knew vets who came back really flipped out, couldn’t get medical help thru the VA; and I found out, the fed. govt. expected everyone to DIE FIGHTING,  and not return wounded! They were totally unready!” “I knew a nurse who went to Nam,” I replied. “It took her months to get glasses when she had cataract-surgery. She couldn’t get VA PRESCRIPTIONS filled for ages.”eyesroll

Mike shook  his head, and asked us if we ever needed to get weed. “No,I don’t smoke any more, ” I replied. “I mean, like, you know, Medical Marijuana, ” he replied. “The legal pot stores are so expensive, I have to go thru a “protective tunnel” to get that, too.” “What kinda tunnel is that?” I asked. “It’s called The Whitt, ” he grinned,” The Whitt-District of Eugene! If you go on the Annual Fashion Show Celebration, some of the MODELS give discounts! And some of it’s in oil-form, or CANDY, or even brownies! Watch out for the Lolly-Pops, they’re outta site, man!” Smoking

“Well, my Peace Health doc  won’t prescribe it,” I said, “cause Peace Health gets federal money, and to the Feds., it’s against the law.And the NUNS don’t  like you taking it either! I can’t get anything out of my clinic except the anti-inflammatory drug that kills your kidneys, and mass amts. of Acetominephen. (which kills your liver). _chucknorris__by_ChimpantalonesNO NARCOTICS!!!  I hope they’re really getting a lot of fed. money, cause Peace Health is anti-narcotics-pain-killer.–”  “They’re anti-everything, ” groused Gerald, who had gotten Caroline coffee. “They make almost a billion bucks a year, and still get tax-breaks as a “non-profit”!!  WHO MAKES a billion dollars being NON-PROFIT?” oneeye

“Probably Mayor Kitty,” I laughed, “She and Lane County,and the LTD cleaned up with milions with the EMX Fed. Grant, and rumour has it, next they’re going to put the EMX   down River Road in Eugene! I caught one of their surveyors near my house, and he was surveying the road TO WIDEN IT.” gangsterCarol gasped and Gerald stared at me. “Yeah,” I replied to everyone. “If they put the EMX down River Road, in Eugene, all my neighbors on River Road and me, are getting California-lawyers to sue Lane County, Mayor Kitty, Eugene, and the whole bunch of commisioners for millions of bucks. I already got my fat list of partners on River Road, and we’ll have a big fat multiple-law suit. –Whatdoyah-callit? “Class-action lawsuit.” Desintigrate_Ninja_by_de_Mote


“WHEN did you find this out?” gasped Caroline. “I have a snitch in City Hall, I replied, as Mike started swearing. “It’s not like we home-owners on River Road have any where else to live, when they destroy all our homes, and make us homeless.eyes

“So,  me and all the folks on the road, including all the small businesses on River Road are in this to the bloody end. I’m ready to start publishing this story with national news media, when it comes,  and out. Fox news channel has already agreed to bring their cameras and trucks out there, when we chain ourselves to any left-over-front-lawn trees,and block all the digging-industrial-tractors.freakoutstor18

“Hey, WE HAVE NO OTHER HOMES!” I said. “It’s right in the written contract, online, of Envision Eugene!   You can read it! They get to DIG OUT OR CHOP   DOWN ALL THE TREES ON RIVER ROAD, both sides,  all the way to Junction City! They get to chop down century-old trees in front of the Mormon church, quite a few blocks down!!  And None of the FUCKING ENVIRONMENTALISTS WILL STOP THEM!!  The Baptist Church, and the Peace Presbyterian churches also get their fronts destroyed, and cut to pieces. The churches don’t know what to do!! Some the small businesses on River road, can’t afford to sue!444heartattack (1)

“They’re such big faking turkeys, they’re scared to death of City Hall!!   Even the fucking ARBORISTS ARE CHICKEN!!” I continued. “Ahh, ” sighed Caroline, ” that’s what arborists do, cut down trees!! They’re not gardeners, yah know.” Mike had looked up the Envision Eugene contract online, and was reading it;”You’re right, ” he said. “It’s right in the bloody contract, they get to destroy everything on both sides of River Road, all the way to Junction City.–even houses. Even churches, and businesses!! “betterbutterfly

“–Hey, I can’t believe this fucking contract is legal!!”  “It’s not, “I groaned, “It doesn’t have to be legal in Eugene, or Lane County, nothing has to be legal here!!  THE GOVT. HERE CAN DO ANYTHING IT WANTS!!.”d8f34b8990d87270

“THE STATE DOES ANYTHING IT WANTS, TOO, AND THE FEDS DON’T INTERFERE!! HAH!!  The state breaks union-labor-laws, and gets away with it!!! (But I promised the workers, I’d keep my mouth shut about it.) The FBI and the CIA , and Obama’s Justice Dept. in WA DC don’t give a shit! Crap.  We’re just a little-Dictatorship-Oligarchy, here, we’re not part of the United States.”  blankstare

“Yeah, SCREW-OBAMA-THE-LAMA, Destroyer of the Constitution!” muttered Gerald. “I’m finally voting Republican.” “Not gonna help, ” replied Caroline, sipping her coffee,; “If they put Trump in, he’ll just promise ’em anything, and then cut us old ladies off our Medicare and soc. security. Maybe Hillary will finally get in. BRRRR!!!   That scares me!!”bonk

“I know someone who read her handwriting, ” mentioned Mike, ” A really good handwriting expert; he said some of her long-hand denoted “extreme cruelty”, and I believe him. He analyzed Carter, and got him completely accurately!!”  “He was very religious,”I replied,”Maybe we should ask HIS help and claim we’re part of “HABITAT FOR HUMANITY” cause I am  going to be homeless, after Envision River-Road gets rid of my house, my neighbors, and all the other old peoples’ houses.”  “I think he’s got cancer now, ” said Caroline. _sorry__by_Sneffy

“I'[ll ask him to live with me, until he dies, him and Rosalind, and then they can’t tear down the shelter of a dying-ex-president of the United States. “I chuckled. “Not a bad idea, ” said Mike,” and petition Obama for a federal grant for it!!”serial_killer_by_hsn2555

We all laughed LOL  mirthlessly. So much for the old folk in Eugene, Oregon!!   PHONY ENVIRONMENTALISTS!  TRAFFIC JAMS TO THE MAX!!  RUSSIAN-STYLE-LOCAL-GOVTS.!! Detroit was finally lookin’ good (Although the Chinese have bought up most of the cheaper, bad areas, in hopes of making a real estate killing on Americans some day.) drool

AAAHH, WELL, we had Detroit-property crime and drug-burglary here as much, any how. The homeless stole all the bicycles, (according to the bus drivers) and the SMOG now rivaled the past history of Lumber-Mill pollution over Willamette Valley. The trees up and down River Road had that gooey, white-looking junk on them, from the auto exhaust. YUCK. HOME-SWEET-HOME. I tried not to think about the same gook coating the insides of my lungs. mwahaha

“Eat more kale!!” said the organic-experts here.” BEET-CAKE!!” yeah, that would fix my lungs!! Supposidly!!  Kale was supposed to fix everything!!! Well, ALMOST everything. It can’t fix Lane County, or Eugene OR; only a NUKE would do that. ( bitter laughter) drugs LOL >:)

(Sandraminadotty, maybe almost homeless thanks to ENVISION EUGENE!!!) WHOOPIE!! _blowing_tree__by_luckylinx







(old screen-saver by dead oregon artist)

Caroline and I were bored stiff with our wonderful, healthy weight-loss diets, and we went crazy, a late night; I got on the phone and ordered that excellent ABBY’S PIZZA. (They have several places around, but they are an Oregon only pizza business–and their pizza is GOOD.I love both crusts, the thin and the Chicago deep dish.)

Unknown to us, we were being stalked and  invisibley spyed on, not by the NSA, CIA, OR FBI, but by the local Eugene,Lane County and Oregon “Carb-and-Gluten Police”.”What’s that noise?” asked Caroline, suddenly;”Iws the delivery guy coming around your back door?”  “No, “I replied,” They never come in the back door!!ARE WE GETTING BURGLED–AGAIN??”

(TO BE CONTINUED, CAUSE MY CAT IS FREAKING, like a kid, and i think the real pizza is coming again, s’cuse me, readers)  🙂  …….





“HELP, HELP,”Caroline was yelling, knocking on my door,one day.I let her in, right away;”What’s the matter? How did you get blood on yer clothing?”I was horrified.killpikachusterb034

“HELP, CALL 911!” She grabbed my land-line phone, and started dialing. She got the dispatch, and yelled,” yes, back of River Rd., way past Irving–no, the other direction from Belt Line!!”– and she gave the exact address of my neighbor who used the chain saw all the time.He was very loud.yeehawplz

“Did he chop himsaelf up with that chain saw?” I asked, afraid.”You know, our old dentist here, when I was a kid,tried using a chain saw,and put himself out of business”.eekIMOattack horror04

You need a hand to yank out wisdom teeth–especially mine.the roots go right into my sinueses._crying__rvmp_by_bad_blood

“NO,” she said, rummaging thru my bathroom, for medical supplies.”Caroline, putting a SpongeBobSquarePants band-aid on that wound, ain’t gonna do it? how bout duct tape?”I replied.SmileyFactory_by_Miamoto

.”Do you have anything we can use,like a rope,to drag him out?” she asked, fast.”Why do you want a ROPE to fix a chain-saw hurt? CAROLINE!!!!!”.She kept throwing all my medical supplies out of the cabinets; a female-douching-instrument flew past my ear; she looked at me.”NO,” I replied,”It doesn’t even belong to me, my mom left stuff when she died.The burglars didn’t get a few old things, they missed that.Remember?”_rainbowvomit2plz__by_8_bitcoffee-d4gq8sk

“NO,” shouted Caroline,”The California guy, way in back of you, over towards Ferndale, he got stuck in his wood-chipper!!”chopwoodsmiley-chores017

“YOU gotta be kidding!! Those California people, who dug their own out-house, way back on their place, cause it’s more “ORGANIC”? I wondered why any one would want to save him.There were tons of CalifornIcators, who in Oregon would miss ONE??The_Cheese_Pizza_Eats_YOU_by_5P_emotes

we got in Caroline’s car, and sped past Ferndale, and tried to get to River Loop 2 by way of the Freeway, and found ourselves stuck on the over-pass, in rush hour traffic; LA, of the Pacific.olive_by_theuncle2k

Talk about TRAFFIC. While we were lodged behind a fat Suburu,(which I am sure means,”love,” some how,according to dealers,)I asked Caroline,”Isn’t this an awful way to get 2 blocks down?  Why didn’t we just WALK??” “No,”replied Caroline,”People bike here,but walking? when you can burn gas?? are you kidding, oil just went down 500 points!!!”spouted she, thumbing thru her wall st. journal.tardbatman

That, and if you walk along River Road, for 2 blocks or more, you get chronic asthma.( Truth, doctors researched it!!)death_ray_by_cookiemagik

,About an hour later, we got to our Californicator-neighbors place, and Caroline took the thin twine, only rope she could find,and rustled me into his back yard—“Watch out for the dogs!!!”–his 2 guard dogs barked,and tried to nail my ankle.–Fortunately, I had my cane,and swatted the lead pitt-bull right in the eye; they hate that. They can’t stand any resistance._failplane__by_Synfull

I prefer cats for a good reason.features_sign___plz_by_mirz123-d5z5ita

“OK.”I muttered, annoyed.”Where’s that dumb Matt?” “Back here–“called Caroline,and I barely missed the dark opening of an immense hole–“Hey,I thought his out-house was covered!!!??” I shouted..”Matt doesn’t know very much about building out-houses,yet,” said Caroline,”He thought an out-house was just a HOLE–they don’t even know what outdoor plumbing is!!” “So much for people who have never been poor,”I snickered. “He missed an experience rivaling the Deep South.”black-car-emoticons-12.giffastcar

The roto-rooter guy had told me,months ago,that several people around my neighborhood, were building and using out-houses now, to avoid the County”sewer-tax”–having to pay taxes on our sewers hookups.Unavoidable taxes appeared every where in Lane County, and all over Oregon, all the invading Californians LIKED TAXES. (???) cute_stamp_kitty___free_avvie_by_r0se_designs-d46hwemgif

NOT having gotten enough taxes from paying to the fed. govt. they took over the Oregon Legislature, and became a one-party state, AND a one party-legislature too.ANY OPPOSITION to Democrats in Oregon,since California-vading , was MASHED. auto_wos6.giftwocarswosautos118.gifpimpgreencarwosautos1300.gifwhitepimpcarwosautos130.gifpimpracecarwosautos124.gifoldhumpcarwosautos140.gifblupimpsedanwosautos132.gifredblupimpracecarwosautos123.gifhorshedpimpcar

there was only ONE POLITICAL PARTY IN OREGON; DEMOCRATS AND THE MORE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS. And, what they did to Cali, they were now doing to Oregon. We were supposed to be grateful to them.google_is_your_friend_sign_by_mirz123-d6m8j22

Oregon does not observe the Constitution any more; DEMOCRATS are our leaders–our only leaders. We were soon to have a minimum-wage-raise, AND I knew local businesses I knew, would FIRE some workers to make up for the cost.ani08.gif livewheelchr

Matt was still screaming,and his wife was still trying to pull the old guy out of the wood-chipper;”I can’t get the OFF SWITCH to work!!”she cried. “Caroline valiantly tied the thick twine to Matt, and hooked it to  to the bumper of their jeep,and hopped in,to start her up. I was wary;”You’ll pull his head off!!” I shouted.”Do you KNOW how to use four-wheel drive??” “Isn’t it just like a lumber truck?” she shouted back.–“NO, it isn’t!!!” Caroline and her lumber-lore._landmine__by_guitarcraze-d2z0b0o

The medics had finally arrived,and I helped them try to turn the chipper–off.”Why don’t we stick more real wood in,”I yelled,over the noise–“If we put too much wood in,along side Matt,with him the chipper will stop because it’s over-loaded,the motor will stall!”appleteaseb78822000b51c28a36d559a5d3f012e4

Sure enough, the over-gorged chipper started to stall,and finally stopped; we kept pulling what remained of Matt,out, he’d lost so much blood.The medics did their job quickly,even asked his blood type, they’re give him blood on the way to emergency ward.I at least got to watch out crack-emergency corp, wrapped up Matt, and we finally got a good look at him,as they pulled the stretcher into the van; well, most of him was still there, but his FAT kinda got pulverized, and I thought, this was a bad way to do lipo-suction surgery.emote_seasons_by_upsguy1997-d4rl2ks

At least it was cheaper; kind of.–_betweenarockandahardplace__by_leoleonardo

Now that Matt was not gonna die,and we could talk to Matt’s wife,who was still crying, Caroline said,”Honey, how did Matt ever get hissel stuck?” “You know his arthritis is sometimes bad,” she sniffed.”And our daughters at the University of California; they get medical marajuana cards really easy there.They brought some back to Matt, and he had tried some, before he was chopping wood. It even seemed to HELP  a little,so it wasn’t like it was a drug.” “Yeah,” I said,”Your doctors at Peace Health won’t prescribe it, cause they get money from the fed.govt.–not legal at the nation-level.”explosive_emotes_by_hecklerink-d4tg1c7

Nuns hate pot, too. It’s not a Catholic-approved med. The Pope don’t like DOPE._leosguard___edit__by_MrM4tty

We went into Matt’s house,with his wife,and we noticed the over-grown blackberry bushes cringing against the sidewalks; how come they hadn’t killed them?”But.” explained Matt’s wife,” Having blackberry bushes is kind of like making Kaboucha; like having a Kaboucha-brew? Its real Oregonian. the real Natives do it; we were told, since it rained so much, we’d get nice black-berrys in summer.”_z_chase__by_leoleonardo

Caroline and I glanced at each other.”Uh–you’ll probably just get lots of blackberry bushes!!  Who told you, it was “Ore-gon-ian“?  said Caroline. “Why, I think it was the Eugene-Register guard–or the Eugene-Weekly–or maybe “Old Oregon”, or “Eugene magazine”–I can’t remember which.” “Must have been the same people that think raising chickens in their back-yard is REALLY COOL.” I said.”Raising chickens ain’t so easy. My dad used to have a little book called “Sexing chicks.”  ?? I never did figure that one out.”–chainsaw

And it’s REALLY NATIVE to say “Ory-Gun.” And it’s very Oregon to hate dictatorships of masses of Democrats; but eventually, since the republicans in the Legislature, were dead-locking the place,and stalling,and refusing to let the Legislature work, in rebuttal, Democrats would find out. animal07.gifcutebear

Sure, you can all go to Oregon, take it over, and just pretend it’s Wet-California, it’s not.It’s “Ory-Gun” still. Don’t get stuck inna wood-chipper, and expect us to pull you out of it._free__rainy_day_icon_by_toxic_fox_girl-d6kpkrk

(Sandraminadotty, having a nice dream, where wood-chippers and chain-saws go crazy in Elm st.!!!)  🙂  _moneylaundering_by_leoleonardo..

_hideunderabox__by_kath602-d42915o(<Homeless)welcome_back_sign_by_mirz123-d6m8jv3 cheap_dream_saga__herding_by_kitlightning-d6jm24t



16641.png death and diploma


This will be a difficult blog entry to write; physically and otherwise. It concerns, honesty, truth, and a lotta pain. Mostly mine.drugs

Remember how your mom and/or dad, when something was bad, hurt, or turned out wrong., and you cried, said, “Hush, don’t cry. every thing will be alright,, it will be fine, don’t worry!”–??angel_with_harp_by_benediktxvii-d5qy9ma

What they REALLY MEANT, was, ” Don’t cry, you can’t change or fix it, you just have to accept it. Get used to life the way it is..”m1605.gifhorsekik

It comes to me,by a comment on the blog, that I am “too negative about everything, all the time.”_fart__remake_by_arrioch

“Yeah.” said Caroline, leaning over my shoulder,”Big fat comment, isn’t it?What you going to answer?”_fart__by_Servial

“How about, “It’s my blog, and I’ll cry if I want to!!”I sang, badly._fart__rvmp_by_bad_blood

“You can mention, that yer in a lot of physical pain lately,” continued Caroline, sipping morning coffee.”You could say that.”mwahaha

“I could indeed, and that’s the way I feel.” I replied; “I tried resting all week-end, didn’t help the fibromyalgia in my arms at all. How the hell am I supposed to feel?I rest, and nothing repairs!!”  Caroline took out some blank sheet of paper,and wrote at the top,”Gratitude List”, and handed it to me.celebrate010_2

“Ok, ok, “I replied, taking the sheet'”I haven’t done one lately. (Can I mention I recently lost about 50 to 60 thousand dollars on the stock market??–in “very stable product”)  And that really affects my outlook?” I continued,”I already live on a low income, i’m retired, I can’t go back to work, (as if there WAS ANY WORK) and for once I agree with Madonna? “_granny__rewamp_by_MenInASuitcase

“THIS IS A MATERIAL WORLD; AND I AM A MATERIAL GIRL!!” yaysupplz(add sound track)

“Wow, yeah, you don’t even like her!!” spouted Caroline. “Should I put that down as “Gratitude”?  I finally understand Madonna? I don’t think that’s still enough of an excuse; I still don’t like her.”I replied, testily. “But, ok, give me a minute, I’ll start with the gratitude.”_blowing_tree__by_luckylinx

(to be continued).


I AM grateful i am not young, and I won’t be around that much longer; you young people are getting the left-overs of a once-great country…_fairylove__by_ayelie_stuff

I am grateful that i will see my old friends again, when i die.0015-0=8877

I’m supposed to be grateful for what i’ve got,BUT I’ve lost much more than I have now. sorry, its the truth!!bot.gifguyinbottl

I’m glad i won’t live to see ISIS and Jihad take over the US; I’M NOT STAYING FOR THAT!!!0004

I am grateful i was a baby-boomer, and its music,clothes,and art was so good.let_s_swing_into_spring_by_tantetabata-d62ddhs

I am grateful for not being immortal.—that would truly suck!!betterversionhorrorhorror08

I am supposed to be grateful for having a roof,a crumb to eat,and an ever-dwindling supply of pennies. HAH HAH!!_allmymoney__by_cmotes-d5l17kq

i AM grateful for  technology, but not much. (circular-knitting needles are HELL!!) #2_knitting__by_otohime0394-d4v6go6

I am supposed to be grateful for “being a survivor”; i’m not, it was a big survive all alone. strip03.gif hulagirl

I am supposed to be grateful for living in Oregon; ???  ARE YOU KIDDING? THAT was not my choice!! chopwoodsmiley-chores017

I am grateful that i’m smart enough to pay cash,to see a private doctor,cause i’ll have to, to get real pain medication—my insurance pays for NOTHING!!  NOTHING!!  onoffrantsmiley-angry018

I am grateful i won’t have to write  this fucking blog any longer.”_fuckthis__by_crakaemotes (1)

(the only thing i am really grateful for, is my nice cat.)bellamycatsmall1397640758672s

xookami-kittenxTHE ENDhappy_yellow_tiger_by_daniya_art-d9d2djt



(Sandraminadotty, grateful for  what I got.–Sorry I wanted the jewel in the crown, cause most of us have to be content with what the other 6 billion also get. Too bad I took it all seriously! –it’s nothing more than the smile on the crocodile! 😀  Just  have a good time, and say, “To Hell with that!  HAH HAH! WHAT A YOKE!”   🙂    assassins_creed_by_kath602-d6jcp01  When_hell_freezes_over_by_Droneguard  f10c43ac8bc0a2fedbbcfda50fb7aeb6-d4oqumq  Emote_skatePark_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate  nap_time_by_aidanasha-d35x98s