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YES, Smiley pixeled by SmileydesignEugene Oregon has done it, at last!– I read in the newspaper that morning, while I have coffee. There it is, in black and white headlines, “time to bag it”,Eugene shoppers must give up their plastic habit.”  (which is today. the first day of paper) And then it relates that all merchants will be prohibited from giving customers plastic bags, at grocery stores and other retail outlets. Almost  EVERY PLACE.blackice  absolut   bookdiva  headbang   

if you didn’t get that wonderful news, let me explain it to you; Eugene Oregon, as the very center of green and organic living, has banned all plastic bags, when you go to the grocery store, OR, other retail outlets.   hula2274.gifpinkkitty

Which means, stores ranging from mom-and-pop corner markets, and independent bookstores, two national big-box chains, will not be able to give you plastic bags to put your junk in. Which you have just bought.     coffeemachine  http://

don’t ask me if that includes no plastic bags if you buy a bag of loose candy. That’s for you to figure out.      commission___clefairykid_emote_by_guitarcraze-d3ac5iq

EVERYTHING that is seen as a “plastic bag”, no matter what it is or what it is for, is banned in Eugene Oregon from being sold or given to you when you buy some junk. ANY junk. Expensive junk, liquor stores, that includes just about everything in hell.

I look out the window, at the morning fog; another great day of overcast skies and lack of sunshine. I better take extra vitamin D. We get the same weather as Alaska, so we follow their healthcare regulations also. That includes “winter sun box lighting”, which is a chemical form of sunlight, but we have to have here to avoid getting severely depressed.    _cooking__   _fliptable__by_ledmaiden-d4o5qb0

Okay, let’s face it we get severely depressed anyhow; after all, we are stuck in Eugene Oregon.if the traffic doesn’t get you, the overcast skies will, or the lack of oxygen from the smog, or the wonderful enthusiasm of organic and green living..– while we have the extreme smog from cars,the horribly dark clothing, and the intense interest in boutique beer and ale. After all, it is the state hobby.

But now all those beer and wine and liquor drinkers won’t be able to use any kind of plastic bags to carry to their cars. (After they get in a car, they won’t need the plastic bags, or even the bottles anymore.) I just remembered, I have to go grocery shopping today. GROAN!

as I hurry out the door, in my muck–lucks, my sturdy raincoat, carrying my nylon purse, and having stuffed my large purse with several very heavy large and dirty canvas bags, I remember that  this is the start of “evil plastic be gone” festival day, at the start of “the bag less town”, I decide that this is really a celebration of greenness and organic living.  5399.gifbluflowr    5404.gifyelosun5398.gifredsunflower     butterfly7193hearts

I can hardly retain my joy, as I climb into my plastic lined, VW bus XML, with the extra wheels in the back, from a 1942 power chair (it was way ahead of its time) and listen to the humming engine that is powered by soy bean oil and ground-up chicken gizzards,and I realize that I am a very important human being, in the chain of events.    liquify   nieman  .blackice  noirdygel

getting out on the freeway, on to the main highway, that passes what used to be called “Lane County mental health department”, and is now a large building for confiscating all public firearms, guns, hatchets, sharp knives, revolvers, electric alarm clocks, and all the very dangerous weapons that pertain to firearms, that the new laws have enacted  to be also banned.that is, there is lots of laws against them.    silentkitty      frail         176.gifblackkitty  276.gif kitty                                chainsaw

(How the chefs and cooks are getting along without any kind of sharp knives, is beyond my puny brainpower.all I know is, I hope they have very sharp fingernails. And clean ones.)

far head, I can see the intersection where several roads meet, several highways, and the intersection within a matter of 12 feet, with 2 inches separating each car, and which is the major source of tremendous highway accidents that we have here, about once or twice a day.  alientelekinesis

the police and the Highway Patrol are so used to these accidents twice a day, that they have a regular cleanup crew, and surgery patrol along with a very expensive ambulance Corps. Anyhow, no expense is ever too much, for the highway department; these highways and roads that cover every shred of land now, are the main turnstiles of fortune – –crazy_mini  crazy_mini   crazy_mini  crazy_mini hystericalSmiley pixeled by Smileydesign

whoops, I forgot that I accidentally memorized all the brochures and propaganda spewed out from the DMV regularly, clogging the postal mail.however, we have a job to do.   Haha_she_is_in_love_by_Flennkeks

So I very carefully inch by the latest three-car pileup, and the sight of blood, and dead bodies mangled along with steel and glass.I hope my car hasn’t grazed any of the blood this time, it’s so hard to get off the fender.

I just HATE THAT!there’s nothing more demoralizing in the morning, then a bloody fender .especially since I didn’t do anything, except drive by.

it’s probably not the fault of the highway department and the local Eugene and County planning Department, which managed to intersect four different lanes mingling within about two or 3 feet, on the belt line Freeway.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

After all, how are they to know that there would actually be CARS and TRUCKS speeding along it, every morning and evening, trying to get to work really fast, and doing incredible feats of gymnastics and pyrotechnics, to change lanes within two or 3 feet of highway?.

Oh well, they must know what they’re doing, they got all the money to build this junk, I mean highway. It’s not like I could do it – after all, they went to engineering school. Mechanical training, and probably some hieroglyphics interpretation and minor dental training. (I think I read that that includes hygienics of cleaning teeth, twice a year) so who am I to judge?Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

I just wish there wasn’ t so much blood and shattered glass all over the belt line Freeway, about twice a day. I bet that gets expensive.

Anyhow, my car is small enough,it looks more like a mangled tomato bush, trying to avoid very large green tomato worms.which is funny, because you definitely can’t grow tomatoes here; not enough sun. Anyhow, I am through the gauntlet, and I see my exit ahead of me.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

AHA! I am through the gap, and my target is in sight. There is the looming façade of the gaily decorated “Win –Co” supermarket. It never closes, it never opens, it’s open 24 hours a day, as long as it doesn’t run out of cheap, hoary food.- the main-stay of the  Oregon Low-money.

As I close in to my goal, I try to avoid all the other careening SUV’s, Prius, diesels, pickup trucks, VW buses smeared with flowers and peace signs in paint,and speeding Lexus, who are all going after cheap food, (which has become fantastically expensive, even for the owners of Lexus)and are not going to give an inch off the parking lot for anyone. Particularly not ME.

In this land of poor people,if you look single, non-well-financed, and in a strange old used car that’s barely legal, you only get other nice-looking and decent Christian community oriented cars avoiding you.(I guess I should’ve taken my Mercedes-Benz this morning, if I wanted to be sociable.) I guess that’s the price of letting all those outsiders from California, storm in here, and bring all their dumb cars with them.I think I even cited a Lamborghini once, that had been imported from San Diego.

so if they’re so rich, why are they coming to Oregon?Northern California is a bastion of rich people. However, last time I saw it, it was also bastion of thousands of illegal migrant workers, coming over the borders from Los Angeles, taking over the highways every morning, looking for work; and inviting all the prostitutes from the bad area, to migrate over there….

.maybe that had something to do with it. Besides, I remembered how many household apartment full of non-English speaking people, who had descended around us, jabbering in Spanish, Arabic, tagalog, and what all, pushing out all the English-speaking inhabitants. Yes, that definitely had something to do with it.

I wondered if they had pickled herring this morning; then I remembered, that was 10 years ago I had pickled herring, and it wasn’t in Oregon. In fact, I don’t think they know what pickled herring is here! Well it doesn’t matter I gave it up for being too nongreen and nonorganic, and not vegetarian healthy enough. When you live in Oregon, you do as the non-natives do.

As I locked my car door, I noticed that the overhead thick and heavily darkened sky was getting ready to split; I had neglected to read the weather report. Why? Doesn’t matter what the weather is, it’s always going to be just take heavy armor with you when you go outside.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

There were several tables lined up outside, on each side of the sliding, automated doors,, and they made me very curious. What was somebody peddling today, in the name of politics? Something I didn’t know about?

Hey, I probably knew just about every single peccadillo, that this stupid town had. Anyway, I was curious; I sauntered over to the one on the right side, it was covered with handbills and had some long-haired flunky presiding over the table.the handbills said “encourage the governor and legislature, to go ahead and ban the death penalty in Oregon!”

yes, I had noticed that in the newspaper, but the very important issue of banning plastic bags in Eugene and this county, had taken everyone’s notice. We didn’t have time for minor stuff like that.

But there it was, seeking my approval, but not really needing it, because they were passing the ban against the death penalty in Oregon anyhow; they weren’t going to let us vote on it, we knew, they were just going to pass it because they wanted it.somehow, that just didn’t seem fair.

Along with the fact that they were also banning a major amount of rifles and firearms, at the same time, it was really too much for me to fathom and try to absorb all at the same time.

there just seem to be too much “banning this” and en acting that” and “passing a bill against this,” “passing a bill in favor of this”, it was taking a huge amount of millions of dollars, to do all this banning and passing; and our County and town didn’t even have a jail!

I noticed that one of the side bills, that they were pushing, (although the Legislature would pass it anyway so why were they asking us?) Was on” banning canvas colored shorts in summer, for children below the age of five”. (???).Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

WOW! I had never thought of that before! What genius came up with that idea? Maybe it was a Taiwanese children’s clothing manufacture, who had decided that “what was good for China, was also good for Eugene”.

after all, the politics of Eugene Oregon greatly coincided with the politics of the greater red China, whose peaceful and democratic way of life, not to mention socialism, was reputed to be something that we should emulate, and venerate, as the Chinese did.

of course, we didn’t have to kill all our female babies, by leaving them out in freezing winter, overnight, to get rid of them, like they did. And I guess we could skip all the mass burning of protesting students, because that would greatly offend probably, the University of Oregon students, who might feel that it just didn’t look good.or smell good. Pew!

so I asked the proprietor of the “encourage a ban against the death penalty in Oregon” table, “Sir, you are doing all this passing bills, and legislating, and encouraging more legislating; can you tell me who is paying for all of this? It must be costing millions of dollars.” He looked at me, through very long and dirty hair.( But, I assume he was a nice guy anyway.)

“well,” he said with a peaceful and loving and caring smile, “the Oregon state government is paying for all of it.” I returned, with “doesn’t that mean that all of we taxpayers are paying millions of dollars for it? And we don’t even get to vote on it? The governor is going to decide to pass it himself? And we are all paying for his legislating. Why doesn’t he pay for it himself, if it’s so important to him?”

the sweet and peaceful furry haired character, looked at me with a blank stare. “Uh… Well he’s not a rich guy. He’s only a governor, and I guess the Democratic Party of Oregon, is not a rich party either.” I answered, “yes, I’ve noticed all the Democratic politicians in Salem, wearing Armani jackets, Tom Ford suits, and Chanel men’s toiletries in the legislature, so I don’t think they’re short of spare change. Are they?”

I looked down at my worn and desecrated Reeboks. I was one of the taxpayers ,  paying for the governors choice of legislature, and here he was wearing Armani and I was stuck in worn out Reeboks.but then, why didn’t I have a say, in whether we had a death penalty in Oregon or not?  who was making him dictator of the hay mound nowadays?!

The blank stare became even blanker,, but the furry haired peaceful loving little nebbish, tried to answer me. “Well, “he intoned, cautiously” he IS the governor! He’s the governor of the state! He gets to make those decisions! He gets to decide life or death! He’s a doctor, and he’s much more–uh– certified, to say that even the worst murderer shouldn’t  get killed himself! It’s just too cruel!!

“I mean, some of these guys don’t mean to dismember little girls, they just can’t help themselves! You know how it is. When you have a temper tantrum, it’s kind of hard to turn it off. Gosh, everybody has a little fight once in a while.”but, usually not bad enough to slice up a little girl, or, in the case of that mother from Lane County, starve her daughter to death.

We had a particular brand of murderers in this state, who like to pick on the most vulnerable and helpless victims;Gee, every summer some pedophile would run down back roads, knocking little girls off bicycles, and kidnapping them. It wasn’t like we had a lack of sick bastards. They like coming here, because there were all the families with little kids. Isn’t it great to have outsiders happily enjoying your state?

They also like coming here, because our justice system here,slapped every single criminal on the hand, and let him go. If you were a victim, you had to move far away and change your’d think you were in the middle of downtown Los Angeles in the ghetto, but I guess that’s kind of how you spell “EUGENE”.

I for sure was not going to encourage the governor to pass the repeal of the death penalty in Oregon.and I told his little nebbish dirty haired little pygmy exactly that; and, since it was the governors wish and delight, to let off all the murderers and child killers, and all the guys who got drunk and wiped out a whole family on the freeway every Friday, why shouldnt he pay all the millions of dollars to legislate it?

The pygmy didn’t like my unpeaceful and non-organic, nongreen reaction. He didn’t like it at all. Thank fact, he tried to spit at me, but I saw him coming, and I clobbered him and his dirty head, with my extra heavy satchel, purse, that I had loaded with a couple of concrete blocks every Saturday, just for exercise and fun.

Oh, and also to ward off the rapists they kept letting out of the jail.

after that little skirmish,greatly refreshed and enlightened with the freshness of the morning, I headed for the overcrowded supermarket sliding doorway, but I almost ignored the other table on the other side of the doors. Wonder what they were doing?

it was inevitable; that table was all fired and ready, and activated, with the fury  of the anti-firearms crowd. They were all geared up, enthusiastic and militaristic, all ready to encourage all of we  grocery lovers to get rid of our firearms, and peacefully negotiate rapists and burglars, instead of taking out a gun and shooting their heads off for invading our privacy.– and, for robbing us blind and trying to murder us. 

“lady, we’re asking you,” this one enthusiastically countered me, as I picked over a handbill” do you want to stop the murder of innocent school children, that’s been going on by hideous firearms, gun, and mentally ill retards? The only way to do that, get rid of firearms completely! Put real solid and useful gun legislation against them, so we have a really great world, and really safe children again!”

The rest of his party, started clapping and yelling, and applauding him. Yes, it was a great speech. It just was a bunch of bull shit.he continued to rant and rave, saying that all these gun shows were illegally selling criminals firearms, and they needed to have extra heavy duty gun laws to prevent this.

APPLAUD! APPLAUD! MORE CLAPPING! Patting each other on the shoulders and hugging each other, with peaceful demeanor (and with more than a little sexual enthusiasm). After all, they were still young.and nobody had burglarized them yet. Maybe they lived out of Eugene and out of this county.

I just didn’t have the time, to argue with anymore superduper peaceful loving over advantaged graduates from Berkeley, the University of Oregon, various liberal and high-priced universities and even private schools. So, I skirted and left a possibly amusing and ridiculously idiotic banter, with these kids, because I needed to go buy some stupid food. After all, the bananas were waiting. 

I remembered a quotation, as I grabbed the shopping cart and headed on down the yellow brick road;” gentlemen may cry peace, peace, but there is no peace!”I think that was during the Revolutionary war, or before it. And the guy knew what he was talking about.

“Piece” is really what everybody wants out of their fellow man; not “Peace”. Besides, there’s plenty of peace in the grave yonder, and then no one wants to go into the lighted peace; they do everything they can, to stay out of it. We only get finally shoved into Peace, cause we’re too old to hold it off any longer. 

Human beings were not really made to like peace in THIS world;”can you please tell me if the day-old bread is over there, or if it’s in the bulk section with the whole-grain bagels? Okay, thanks.”I almost ran over the guy, with my shopping cart, who was attempting to steal a can of baked beans out of the lower shelf; “way to go man, I’m not finking you out; you’re just raising all the prices for me, because I’m buying over-the-counter.”

finally,my shopping cart was filled to overflowing with glamorous goodies, (READ: nonfat yogurt, lots of apples, maybe some oranges, tangerines, bananas, whole-grain bagels, a little butter, some  on– sale Danish cherry jam,honey,Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

what else? – Plenty of toilet paper, paper towels, some price reduced 2 pounds of skim milk ricotta cheese, some frozen fish sticks (UGH!) -soy sauce, Grey Poupon Mustard,( in case any really rich guy, asked to borrow some) 2 pounds of Bandon cheddar cheese, small package of Neufchatel, green garters for st. Patrick’s Day, kale, tomatoes, “impeachment” – no, that would be really expensive; but, gee, we really needed it! No Governor should be without it! 

No confusion with “peaches”; that was the name of my neighbors cat. Besides, when she said “in, peaches!” She was not spending millions of dollars of the taxpayers money, trying to protect rapists, child murderers, and other assorted criminals wandering all over the beautiful Oregon landscape. She was just trying to get her cat to come in.

finally, I passed through the crowded and busy and overworked, but not well paid, checkers, who added up my gleeful shopping spree of reckless abandon, oh yes, I did get the Cherry jam – and delightfully told me, my canvas bags were too dirty (well I had just washed them, and they’ve had faded slightly) I would have to buy their large heavy paper bags instead, for five cents apiece. After all, they had to watch out for our hygiene.–and  the price of their bags .HAH.

rather than get caught in the looming rain coming. I did not argue( as my custom) cuz I was paying the higher price of the work of the shoplifters( after all, they all had five kids to feed. and several packs of boutique beer to swill, and a food bank to invade) and I just made it out. dumping everything wet and moldy in the lighter rain, . into the trunk of my overrated and proposterous vehicle. Too bad. no more plastic bags to protect my food!!  shit. 

But before driving out of the drenched parking lot, with a full view of the plastic hating, death=penalty hating. and firearm-disgusted  tables filled with paper bills, I beheld a scene of righteous entitlement:

They were all getting DRENCHED in the cloud break; all the paper bills of peace,. non-death penalty, non-firearms and of course, plastic bag- denying -young people. who hated that horrible plastic,too,  were getting their “natural wool sweaters” and their “organic blue=bleached thin jeans” and their “cashmere over-coats ” and their “non-nylon. natural spun scarves” soaked to the bone.

all the political papers were SOPPING; none of the store employees had any extra plastic bags, to help them protect the mess, or their shrinkable clothes, –or lay over the tables and papers. ect/ to protect them.

All the paper–and-political information on it, hundreds of dollars of Kinko, and Xerox,. and some nice leather folders,  were getting SOAKED and ruined. Too bad, of course the store had no masses of cheap plastic bags, any more, . to protect either table, or shove paper piles into; and the cold, wet, hissing Oregon wind-storm rain, swept the tables away.

 The cheap paper bags from the grocery went quickly sagging. and broke,. spilling shoppers’  groceries, too, all over the wet  of the parking lot grounds. causing a “rain” of cursing and screaming.

The storms’ disintegration of the tables, papers, confused non-death-penalty and non-fire-arms kiddies . who were trying to protect their heads with limp paper=-grocery store bags, sorrrowfully abandoned their molden and sodden propaganda, trying to find their wet=natural-canvas back packs,. and Chanel organic-linen purses, which by now were filled with water.– not peace, and  headed for their cars (Prius. of course)

The rain had won the battlefield. Despite the cries of “get our papers!!Get legislation for repeal of the death penalty!” and ”
Get rid of dangerous bad firearms!!”–paper-propaganda, and cheap sentiment, nature was winning; against the shallow. thin. and paper wars of the whining human beings. and their protests against Nature,  Nature had won.

They were very ill prepared for Nature, violence, death, and the stronger sweep of the winds of war, weapons,. and stinking, base gross un-niceness of the real world; Nature would win out. All the paper protests against death penalties,and murderers; all the paper protests and paper-laws and legislations against weapons were nothing to the realities of the grim world.

 No paper-laws,. no paper-rules, and no-paper protests  could stop the cold hard rains and storms of Oregon’s  criminals, and no paper-defence of ignorant, nebbish. elitist ignoramouses would shield them from that cold, frozen and biting rain-storms . They were too stupid to stay DRY, and denying to hold back the rain. They were too ultimately  NUMB ON THE BRAIN to realize the truths.

They were ALL WET!  Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

But I toddled home in my cranky, little car  and I was smart enough to stay dry. I was a native. and we know that Oregon is RAIN.Only a dummy would be stupid enough not to protect against it. 

“OR-OR-OR-OR-ORY-GUN!!!”  (the Call of the Native) Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

(Sandraminadottuy, Eugene, Oregon, USA  2/27/2013



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http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign1180616369latenitedrawoncomputer

I have  a  considerable  bunch  of gripes with technology which I would love to share with you other non- techies. Needless to say, most  of them have to do with software, not hardware.

it may be soft, bat its really hard on me, crazy

 e-Mail! I miss Outlook Express it was great. But as technology continues to degrade, and melt into cheap crap,  e-mail has degraded along with it all. dropping_with_the_gems___gemdrop_by_bekey-d4pm2vb

 First, l try “thunderbird “email! (is that it? MoziLLA_?) well, its not very good. I ask “what happened to Outlook?” they have a new one, called “Windows live essential’s ” O.K., Microsoft, I’ll try it.drool

 It works great; right thru changing ISPs, until…. it wont work any more;. “so get a new one.” Yeah, but the OLD one wont uninstall. you can’t dump it in recycle!  Every time you download a new copy, the old one gets installed. DAMN!  Help, computer experts!http://”Smiley pixeled by Smileydesignhttp://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

 No body can fix it. I look for advice on Microsoft. “Uninstalling leaves pieces in the system files; use this to  clean it.” Wow; download, download! Clean, Clean!. shit! But now, my recycle bag is ‘corrupted”! I still can’t attach it to my server!!! BAH! WAW! WAW! AUUGH!!SHlT!bookworm  zombiechase

 I go thrU so much  pain, trying to fix windows live email l just quit from the stress. I use web mail, from  necessity.Maybe  I’ll  try  it  when  my  nerves  are  better.

 SCREW MICROSOFT!   AAuuGHH!2013-02-10_133729.png9ifalientelekinesis

 If you are a huge computer Corp., you don’t have to be responsible for the tech-stuff you make. “let it be a challenge to you”-means _” you’re stuck with it, sucker!

 So l postpone  my windows live email,l can’t handle any more failures right now. Grrr!zombiewalkright2

 Now to my  2nd big failure of tech: “” — home of German, or Scandinavian emoticon.-maker, who has a whole, big site of all the animated emoticons he made; and you’re invited to have some. Use the html code, or” BBS”(?).I Keep trying to follow  instructions,to lift the emotes, download,so l can g.But it does not work any more.l can get a couple of them,but most of them wont download!witchbroom    http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

****************************************************************. . . .

vunderbar!!!!!  yah, das stones have been taken off my eyes!!! not only do I understand, how to get the emoticons off the website, of “smileydesign. Net” , but I realized, I finally figured out, how to get them onto my blog! So I have to say…….

HOORAY for some technology! The damn thing works at last! 🙂 does have cute little bloody and sexy and fun, emoticons that I can put onto my blog! It’s a MIRACLE! Hallelujah!but you have to know how to put them on! And it’s taken me months and months and months to figure it out!

HEY, ERNIE IN BERLIN, GERMANY! Thanks for the emoticons! They’re so cute Euro darling! KISS! KISS! KISS! I’ll try to learn some German, so I can talk to you! And I’ll send you a little e-mail of appreciation!http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign   

(the email. came back, l cant send him a note. (?):(? ? 


MEANWHILE, in Eugene Oregon, I have decided to also post


okay, let’s face it; there are definitely good things about technology even in Eugene Oregon. My sister can call me up long-distance, from California, and we can talk on the phone as if we were just together in person. That’s a good point for technology right there.

as for the Internet, and computers, I have to give it more points; I would never be able to e-mail my sister, my friend in Michigan, and my cousin in North Virginia. As it is, I can do that. So score another point for technology.azuzephre

And you have to realize that technology has been here for a long long time.what we want to call “technology” has been here in minor more primitive ways for a hell of a long time. Your telephone; your television; your radio; even your stove and oven. Your electric lights, all your power from the power company. Don’t even mention your cell phone, that’s obvious.

All these things have helped our lives very very much. We would really not be able to live very well without them. Especially a stove and oven and electric lights. So I have to say, that technology has really made great improvements in our lives. I admit it!

And even this blogging, is a lot of fun and I feel like I’m communicating with more people in a way on the Internet.

THE WORLD GETS SMALLER:hula2  _tinyrainbowsheep__army_plz_by_meninasuitcase-d39ymrk     10608.gifredhotrod    devart11.gifsunbrn

I can even go on “Oekaki “sites, which are Japanese in origin, and use Japanese software to draw and paint online, on the websites. That is so wonderful I’ve been doing it for years. I have met a lot of nice little kids, mostly Asian, who draw and paint wonderfully and make lots of gorgeous cartoons.

(no, I am not a pedophile and I didn’t interfere with their lives.) But I really appreciated all the great artists online, especially all the younger ones who are already extremely skilled in cartooning.(although I have to say, there are a lot of foreign artists, even very young, specially Asian, for very far ahead of American artists, especially the young ones.)cow

However, once you are nose to nose with other people from other countries, even speaking in English, sometimes it is daunting. For example, I was on a chat room where people were from France, Scotland, England, and the Middle East. There were also people from Asia.

I think that was a great thing, that you can finally meet people from other countries. (Although, sometimes we got into arguments and fights, because the French resented the Muslims in their country, and once a couple of us pounced on a Russian, and blamed him for all the bad deeds of Russia.)penguin_emote_by_WeHippos

even the software that I’m using to dictate onto this blog, is a great stride forward in technology.and the advent of obvious things like medical science, of course I agree with and use myself.

So I really do appreciate the good things of technology also, even here in Eugene Oregon. Getting on the Internet, doing shopping, using e-mail to contact people and friends and relatives, long-distance, cable TV, satellite TV, all the wonderful entertaining things also. (Okay, they cost a lot more but that’s the price of technology.).http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign so, I’ll be sure to post more gripes about technology, as soon as I get my fingers into it and mess it up more. It’s just little stuff, but sometimes it’s big stuff.

Okay here is saying MAJOR GRIPE:zombie17.gif cloudrain

we are running all over the Internet, and picking up . malware, viruses, hijackers, and numerous pests of electrical junk, that bad guys and advertisers are using, to try and take over our computers. Now that is all BAD BAD BAD! And that is a major gripe of mine.

Every year or every six months, it is almost necessary to get a computer repair guy, to get your CPU, and clean the whole thing out. Because you cannot get out all the hijackers, malware, viruses, and horrible thingies that all the skunks on the Internet try to foist onto your poor Little CPU.having a computer and maintaining it in decent shape, costs a lot of MONEY.


Computers are not for the poor. They are also not for the people who can’t understand them, and how to operate them, wind up at the bottom of the social and working, job list. That is another gripe. It’s really hard on them. The most someone could do, is to go to the local library, and try to use their computer. Try to take a cheap class to learn how to use .

but let’s face it; I guess that would be a major gripe on technology of many people; if you try to go to work, get a new job, or even keep the one you have, it is very difficult now, unless you understand and can use modern technology, especially computer. That means, we logical minds, that don’t mind machinery, and are actually more intelligent,(okay, all people are not created equal; some of us are a lot smarter than you) are likely to be at the top of the heap.


For example, a good friend of mine, my sister’s partner,has had an excellent job running computers, for many years, and this person has made a ton of money compared to the usual working person. She did not go to college, but she did take business at community college, in computers and bookkeeping, and that made all the difference.

When she went to work, she learned more and more about computers and got really even though she didn’t have a regular college four year degree, this woman ended up making more money than any of our other friends who graduated from four or five year colleges. Count up another one for technology! If you’re good at it it can make you a lot more money than other people.

THE COMPUTER DIVIDE:evileye  alientwo  backstab  crashcpu

here in Oregon,there are now, just like in other places in the United States, two types of people; the Oregon native, who still very backward, hasn’t got much education, and hasn’t figured out how to use computers much. This person cannot keep up with outsiders who moved here, who have a lot of experience and skill with computers. Or even other native who understand computers.

this is something that is hard to contend with; the average primitive, low income, Oregonian, who never got wise to computers and technology, and because of that, is relegated to low-paid work the rest of their lives. That’s a horrible thing to see. And believe me, when you live in Oregon you’re going to see that. Even in Eugene, the divide is really marketed.

TECHNOLOGY COSTS ENERGY!    ambulance  chainsaw   coffeemachine   explosion  bomb  emailsend

well we could put that under, it’s expensive.but we also have to admit a gripe that we are using more and more energy, it’s running out, and it has to come from someplace. Americans are a little unwise about rejecting atomic energy completely.

And trying to run things on “ethanol”, which because of the drought and lack of vegetable matter, food, corn, to make ethanol, the ethanol market is now kaput. That source of energy is not practical after all. Ditto the wind technology, which can’t get enough energy let’s put all that NATURAL ENERGY in a big pile, and burn it with all the dried up corn husks; if technology cost so much energy, there may be a limit as to how much we could use eventually.matrixfight

So if we want to keep using technology in such an extreme form, and such a wide use, where is the energy going to come from?for example, in Eugene Oregon, the local power company,EWEB, has decided to put all its prices up, and everybody is screaming bloody murder.  crazy   mad  eyepopping

Although it is getting all its electrical power from large dams, and it’s very economical, the politics of the situation has managed to raise all of our energy prices.and that’s a big disadvantage of technology and all its energy sources; there is become a big fight and war over them, because energy means power.  dancetogether

I will let you all go now, and rushed over to and grab more of those cute funny, and even sexy and lovable, little emoticons, that I seem to have an obsession about. Hee hee hee.


yes , technology helps our lives. But To get a whole society hooked on the trifles of technology, and make it the NEW RELIGION,  is like taking cats,  ignoring that they are just an animal, not Gods,  and deciding  they are the answer to all Man’s problems! they  Kill millions of birds, every years for Gods sake!

 ..  Technology is NOT GOD! it is NOT the Answer  to all his problems!  Man  is  a  mortal, flimsy piece  of piss,  and hiding behind the pretty, addicting miracles of  technology  does  not  solve  Mans  basic problems.

 WAR.  Violence!   GREED.  Global  Tyranny.  Weather  Revolution,  and  its huge  horrible  changes  affecting  our food  supply,  crops,  living  conditions  and  panic;  food  shortages due to come for billions of people;  water supplies  disappearing ; panic, fear,  violence, invasions, ; drug  cartels ,; race.-wars.Corruption in Govt.,large and small. even the rise of fascism again.

 we are in for a bad future and many realize that; and many are ignoring the future from panic and fear.

While Eugene and Lane  County,  Oregon, ignore all real  problems, and carve up  Willamette St.,  spend  taxes on that while  the county has NO Jail!- ~ –

and the dumb liberal despots, Mayor Kitty, (meow!)  rule  with an iron hand,  tax  the  voters to death,  and even break the Law  of the tale, and county  itself, as they see fit. these govt. people here, where l live do Not CARE about the people  here!!.

 Is  technology  going  to solve these  desperate problems?  Our fed. govt. refuses to intervene, and investigate the law-breaking here, bribes, ect. Crooked local govt. sale SUPPOSED to be investigated by the FBI, and the Justice Dept!

 Technology does NOT  fix these problems! they are human problems,  that humans are denying, ignoring ‘by] playing with their little techie toys! But these  ARE  the real  problems;  NOT  “can you get a bigger chip in a laptop, to get it smaller?”

 BL AH!  the evils of  Human  Beings  are the  real  problem  we have to solve! technology is not helping us do this.It’s answer is mute.It is a mechanical device . the mind and heart of man is the real “tech-device” we need to employ now.THAT is our mission now.


(Sandraminadotty,in Eugene, Oregon. “NO JOBS is our Motto!” 🙂  ). . .



16641.png death and diploma

A–hem:before I break for dinner, again, and we continue this little part two of “has technology made you happier?” Please think on this question for a moment or so.  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

There is one of the biggest changes, in the planet itself, affecting all of the oceans, all of the life and our lives and every single bit of weather , and in fact, the future itself of the planet, and that is directly related to technology. Of course, we are talking about what you like to call “global warming”, and what I like to call “world climate change.”http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

However you feel about “world climate change,” there is one thing you have to admit. Without all the industrial technology, that has actually formed (some people do believe it is the fifth ice age, coming, instead) what we call world climate change, we probably would be having close to the same weather on the planet, give or take a little, that we’ve had for a long long time.    http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

as it is, global industrial technology is completely altering the planet itself and the whole ecosystem. There’s no way we can ignore it. Of course, we’d like to, because it is overwhelmingly THE END of our planets normal ongoing life. There is no way it will ever go back wards, stay the same, or avoid destroying the planet.

whatever is going to happen to the future of mankind, it will never be the same again. For one thing, when all the ice, and glaciers, and poles all melt, and flow into the ocean, any lower land , anywhere, especially any beaches, coastlines, harbors, inlets from the ocean, and islands are either going to be flooded periodically, or permanently made to disappear under saltwater forever. And it’s doing that already.  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign      http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

you can expect complete chaos and disruption of the following things; people who live on coastlines, near the ocean, or on islands, will lose all their land and have to move inland. That also is already happening in the Tahitian islands. There hurricanes their are so bad, they can no longer live there anymore.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign 

If I were really smart, I would buy land in the state of Nebraska; it is smack dab in the middle of the United States.    http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

and of course the thing that everybody is complaining about, but trying to ignore the source of, is the EXTREME Weather itself; Washington DC with tremendous blizzards during the winter. States that are completely snowbound, frozen, more and more and worse and worse. Areas that were warm, becoming outlandishly hot, blistering, and turned into desert areas.

But of course, you already know all about that. Count one, for technology, it is winning.http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

the things that we are already seeing, like the high price of food (because production of crops and meet, is becoming harder and harder with the bad weather) will continue to get worse, until it’s very likely it will whittle down the population everywhere.

The very poorest countries will probably all starve to death by the millions. Unless they can figure something out, to get out of there to a more fertile place, yes it’s going to happen.  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign   http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

of course we will have tremendous social and behavioral chaos, panic, and out right lease on tremendous crime. The governments will not be able to do much about stopping it, except to kill the people is definitely going to be one of the first things to go, and probably never come back in any sort of volume.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

We already know that, because most of the oceans have been fished completely dry, of most kinds of popular fish, that people use to eat.

Nobody in the South would ever have guessed, they would see the day when, cat Fish would be sold in the meat department of a supermarket.Cat Fish is considered “poor people’s food”in the South, because they can always go out and catch it when they didn’t have anything else to eat. Otherwise, nobody ate it very often.

CatFish is not considered flavorful in any used to be right up there with hunting possum and squirrel for have to be pretty hungry to eat a squirrel.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign       http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

but let’s continue on this subject, because this is definitely part of “has technology made you happier?” I don’t think any of us are going to be happy with technology, industrial worldwide technology, in the future.  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

All of us are ignoring the subject, because we don’t want to think about billions of people starving to death, going without water, being drowned or having to move in  land from coastlines and islands (there goes Florida for sure)

even here in Oregon, the weather over 30 or 40 years, or more has changed so drastically, I didn’t even recognize it when I came home finally.Eugene Oregon, and Lane County, which used to be a hotbed of wonderful gardens, food, fruit trees, orchards, and fantastic Smiley pixeled by Smileydesignagricultural excess, has gone right into the proverbial outhouse.         http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

I talked to an older person, who’s a native here, about the weather. She said “yes, we used to have wonderful gardens here, and grow food, produce, fruit trees and orchards. We used to have tons and tons of rain, and hot hot summers. Now what do  we have? Fog and overcast skies most of the sun.” http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign          http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

All the summers are unpredictable. In the spring, the fruit trees put their blossoms out, and heavy storms come along, and destroy everything. Goodbye fruit on fruit trees!this is drastic news, because Oregon is basically or was, an agricultural state. And the weather was good for it. But that is all gone.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign 

Now, if you come back to your native Oregon, and try to grow produce gardens, or fruit trees, or even the native blueberry bush, forget better get a greenhouse, and grow everything in that with grow lights. Or else take up mushroom growing, and do it in the house. Start thinking about hydroponics. Start thinking about something completely different that you could eat, that doesn’t have to be grown in the horrible weather that Oregon now has.

Oregon no longer has tons and tons of rain. In comparison, it’s practically dry. You cannot use the moisture out of all the overcast skies, that you have to look out at 24 hours a day 365 days a year. And Summers are often not much better.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

I have had recently, such a damp and cold July, that all of my meager garden produce had mold. That’s when I gave up. If it starts getting where it’s actually cold and damp in July, you know you’re probably in the North Pole.and cold wet, icy, hail, snow far into May, does not help any. Forget about the blossoms on the trees. Forget about the trees! The weather that belonged in wintertime, is now in spring and summer. Talk about a BUMMER!!community            http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

and if you have experience in California,even in Northern California, it has gotten  endlessly hotter and dryer.Napa Valley has had such bad weather, storms and floods, major winemakers have had disastrous wine crops. The one thing all this bad weather has in common, it is all BAD, BAD, BAD. http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

it does not take much imagination to note that the rest of the world, other countries, are all suffering from extremely EXTREME Weather. Cold areas get colder, hot and dry areas get hotter and dryer, until they are useless to live in in the future.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign 

And the worst thing of all, it’s already obvious there’s not going to be very much FOOD being grown. Tremendously bad weather, will hit you in the breadbox. And it’s only just started.unless you manage to grow absolutely everything, almost, in a greenhouse, with appropriate heat or cold, forget about GAINING WEIGHT. you won’t need weight watchers anymore.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

many of us who have not bothered to have children, don’t feel so bad now. Actually, some of us have been so callous as to breathe a sigh of relief.

I may sound ridiculously hysterical, but I don’t think I am. I believe that I am being very CAUTIOUS and OPTIMISTIC. I haven’t brought up many subjects like “new world war”, “invasions,” “political chaos”, “societal chaos and the downfall of civilization as we know it.”and also, “continuing DEAD OCEAN AREAS”;”the increasing DEATHS of all ocean-animal life, which could easily bring about the demise of oxygen on the planet.”

you might be able to survive with less food; less water; in warlike times; and without much society. But you are not going to be able to survive on this planet, without all the OXYGEN supplied by all the oceans on the planet. http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Never mind the rain forests, which also supply a great deal of it; they are all being chopped down as we speak.if you think I’m being pessimistic, you won’t have to wait very long, I’m afraid, because we’ll start to see some pretty much more extreme symptoms, even before the next 10 or 20 years are up.the characteristics of “world climate change” had been speeding up faster and faster, at a much more accelerated rate, than anyone predicted.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign 

I guess you’re going to have to enjoy your environmentaly  clean Prius now: it’s very cute and pretty, and green. But it’s not going to help you find future water, food, land to live on, shelter from all the hideous weather coming up, and your own private armies to protect you from the upcoming world wars, and invasions of countries. and it’s also not going to protect you from a lot of global hysteria.

who would ever have guessed that human beings, would       http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign   technologize industry so much, they would create “black” or “brown air; mine the very land so that the whole ground-structures of China would initiate huge earthquakes, killing thousands;

create a whole Valley in China, where there no longer exists any bees, and human beings have to fertilize the blossoms, to get fruit, every year painstakingly; and in the United States and much of the rest of the world, bees themselves have become sick, dying, and completely dissappearing, due to pesticides, and over-commercialization-stresses.  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

there are very few crops that can pollinate themselves; some types of wheat can do it, by means of the wind.but most of the produce and fruit in the world, including United States, needs bees to pollinate them! Otherwise, we don’t get any FOOD! (This seems to be an ongoing subject, I’m sure you notice.)

at this point, it’s  pretty easy to ask yourself, in the future and in the present moment, “has technology made you happier?” You would be better off asking yourself, “has industrial technology given mankind future extinction?”and you can ask yourself at the same time, an important question,” has industrial technology and pollution, doomed the planet Earth to extinction?” http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

either way, if human beings manage to kill the planet, BINGO!– Two-for-One! we both vanish from the universe! Ta-Dah!!http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Kind of similar to “Escape From Planet of the Apes”,(? I’m not sure which one it was,) where the future they are trying to avoid, is total annihilation of the planet by a superduper atomic bomb.

WHY does this happen, even in a movie?because, dear reader, Homo sapiens is very flawed; it is a species that is overwhelmingly’s only an ape with a very large braincase, and all the rest of the simians- beastial don’t say, “this can absolutely not happen! This is stupid, this person is nuts,, and nobody destroys a whole  planet!we’re too smart to do that!”  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Yes, we are very very smart, intelligent chimpanzees, but we are doing it anyway. “once an animal, always an animal.”

but here in Eugene Oregon, we regard world climate change this way: “APRIL. FOOLS! WE FOOLED YOU! There’s no and of the world; there’s no WORLD CLIMATE CHANGE!Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign 

It’s all a big FARCE! April fools, ha ha ha ha! This was the biggest joke of all; there is no world climate change, or global warming, we’re just having a really bad 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 years of El Niño, or La Niña, weather and that’s all it is. http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

So go back to your kids, and your family, and your Playboy magazine, and life magazine, and Reader’s Digest; it’s all a big joke, we were just kidding around all this time!

There is no world climate change, or global warming; it was just a bunch of we scientists, bored out of our gourds, and we had to come up with something spooky and scary.,because very large asteroids don’t hit the earth very often (and Russia is not counted as “the earth”.)  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

So the next time you open a huge monster factory in China, and use lots of Chinese for slaves and slave wages, and slave conditions, don’t worry about it. It’s not going to cause GLOBAL WARMING. It’s not going to do anything at all, except bug Lincoln out of his mind, because he didn’t approve of slavery. And they killed him for that anyhow, in revenge.

.just remember the old adage “nobody hates equality like an elected official.”,

congratulations, there is no global warming, there is no world climate change. We might have a teensy-weensy tiny little fifth Ice Age, but that’s no big one. Not at all! All it does, is melt the poles a little, and firm up the ocean. http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

and as far as that stuff about “no more fish in the ocean”, you can always find a bunch of very small skinny Tilalpia, or farm grown salmon. and if that doesn’t hold you over, they’ve got tons and tons of growing and multiplying pythons in the Florida Everglades now.

Yummy yummy.Texans are not the only ones who have snake for lunch.

and in this article, we really have to conclude that technology is all for the best, and of course it’s going to make you happy! How could you not be?(so what’s a little surrogate between friends, anyway?)

Sincerely, and happy AprilSmiley pixeled by Smileydesign  Fools’ Day, to you and all, and all the bees, sincerely once again, in Eugene Oregon, Sandramiunadotty.– – from Lane County, the garden place of the United States (when there is actually any Sun here.) http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

c  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesignonsider yourself. FOOLED!http://Smiley pixeled by SmileydesignSmiley pixeled by Smileydesign 

– – in Eugene Oregon :)…. http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign



1949.png spacemanoek

http://Smiley pixeled by SmileydesignI was watching TV the other night; Heck, there’s http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesignnothing else to do here at night anyhow!   http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

I thought I had seen all of the movies of Bruce Willis; you know the guy who used to be married to Demi Moore. But this movie came on called “surrogates”, and it was science fiction about the future.

Bruce Willis was the detective and cop, and in this future, everybody stayed home in bed, and lived through a very sensitive robot surrogate, went out into the world, and worked, and played and experienced everything.      http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

And this was how everyone experienced the world; through a surrogate, robot, while they stayed at home completely safe, in bed, connected to it.Bruce Willis himself, hadn’t seen his own wife for years.he and she were middle-aged, but their surrogates were young attractive and perfect. So the only spouse he ever saw, was a beautiful blonde young perfect one, running around, going to work.

at some point he says, “I have plenty of vacation time saved up, honey, let’s go to Hawaii!” And she says “hey that sounds wonderful, I’ll get all my bikinis and stuff packed!” But he said, “no, I don’t mean this surrogate of you, I mean the real you, that’s been stuffed away in your bedroom for years! I miss you I want to see you and be with you, the real you!”  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

And this surrogate looks at him calmly and beautifully, and says “you know that’s not possible. This is better. This is the best way to do it.” And she walks off to her job. Obviously, Bruce Willis is now in this marriage by himself. Alone, with the surrogate.

But what’s happening in his job is, people all over the city  are dying, through their surrogates.– Which is impossible! But for now,  when he goes to investigate a case of this death, the real person at home in bed has had his brain destroyed, and is bloody all over. Somehow he has been murdered, through his surrogate with some kind of weapon. And these murders keep happening all over the city, with no explanation.   http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

I really advise you to watch this movie, it’s really a good science fiction movie, and I have no idea why it never became one of his most popular movies. It’s exceptionally good science fiction; and maybe that’s the problem.

It shows how in the future, we all stay at home in bed, hooked up to our sensitive, surrogate robot, who goes out and feels everything for us, does everything; love, work, and exist instead of us, in the real’s very similar to what a lot of people are doing now with computers, desk tops, laptops, and little handheld computers. They tune into the computer, no matter where they are, and they remove themselves from reality.

So the only reality they get, is through their computer; their computer experience is everything, goes everywhere, talks to people, and works and plays FOR US.  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

We actually do now experience a lot of life through our electronic surrogate, instead of ourselves.I know I do. It’s safer than going out in the real world, and more exciting, faster, easier, and reality seems a lot nicer, through it, instead of the grim, gritty, cold, problematic, noisy and irritating real world.

All that smog; you can tune it out through the computer. You can tune out the “Forever Wars”; the crippled, non-functional, corrupt fed. govt.,the collapse of the economy, Eugene Govt. ,Lane Cou. govt. you can get angry on the comments page, of the Eugene register guard, and feel powerful, as if you could do something with your fellow protesters; when in reality, Mayor Kitty, the city Council, and the lame commissionaires are running the whole region right into the ground.         http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Being on the computer makes you feel like you could do something about your local world, when in reality the city of Eugene has cut all the bus routes, and still expects you to take public transportation, to get out of all the highway and freeway accidents, that go on here every single day.

Somehow being on the computer and writing nasty e-mail to them, makes you feel as if you have a voice in the don’t have to actually go to the Mayor’s office in person, and stick a big fat bullet right through her – several times, with 38 special.

– And, to copy that wonderful San Francisco California, Mayor Molinari – murder – by – supervisor – Dan – white, (not to mention killing Harvey milk). And you don’t have to resort to “the Twinkie defense,” which in Oregon would probably be “the doughnut defense”or, “the pizza without any anchovies – defense”.

No, you do not have to commit multiple murders, you can just send a ferocious, hostile, nasty and firebreathing e-mail to them instead. Ha ha. Like they give a shit. They actually dump all their e-mails directly into the refuse, recycle, little icon on the desktop. They don’t even bother looking to see who it’s from.

So much for your power from technology.if you really feel that way, I would not give up my firearm so soon.still, technology and e-mails, and cell phones, and tiny handheld computers, and superduper science medical breakthroughs, and superduper computer run everything, makes you feel a lot bigger and a lot more powerful. Even though it doesn’t really make any difference at all.

So you could say, in this case technology has made you’s given you the illusion of power you didn’t have before. And  illusion, we know, is most of life. “It’s life’s illusions I recall/I really don’t know life at all.”

but let us further go on with this notion of abandoning your entire body to a surrogate, in a science fiction story, and how we can relate that to technology we have today. For example –

Do you know what a Dallek is? Maybe I spelled it wrong, “Daleck”, or “dalek”. If you have ever watched, or tried out “Dr. who” than you know what it is. And you likely know what the source of the daleks  are.;in one episode, Dr. who and his companions were able to look inside the mechanical robot of the dalek, and they found a very tiny little, disintegrating, morphed, little creature, that used to be a person controlling the whole dalek.   http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

for whatever reason these creatures decided to hole up in the robots, and become the robots, they abandoned all outside contact, except for the robot itself. They became the robot.I believe the reason was because they destroyed environmentally, their own planet, so they had to protect their bodies completely from the poison.

the little thingy inside looked perverted and  warped. It just wasn’t a real creature anymore.

What I’m trying to say is, we have become like the movie “surrogate” with Bruce Willis, in that we live and experience the whole world, through our computers, or our little handheld Internet and computer gadgets. We call our  people through our cell phones and gab instead of actually talking to them.and our kids and teenagers TEXT instead of even hearing voices.

everyone now in this century, has the delusion that we are all wonderfully communicating, around the planet, around the nation, and to everybody, enhanced and wonderfully extended through all our Internet, cell phone, and electronic communication systems.

we actually can get around the world, and talk to people, anyhow, through the phone or the computer, just as if we were there.but no one likes to think that we are not really talking TO the real person, or are we experiencing the TRUE PLACE, or the TRUE experience.we are getting a very good, sensitive, COPY of the world.

 “it’s life’s  illusions I recall/I really don’t know life at all.”Sing it, baby!

so here I sit at home, writing to everyone and speaking to everyone, and I’m not really seeing you people. I am not hearing you, even with your comments, I am hearing very good COPIES of your comments. And you are getting a very good COPY of me speaking and writing to you.

So if you’re satisfied with getting very good COPIES OF LIFE, and you don’t aspire to anything more real, then congratulations, you have a whole bunch of SURROGATES to experience it for you.

it is true, that the invention of blogs, has enabled a lot of us who would not have a public position of writing out loud, where the public might see it, because we are in the majority of people who never get books published. We never speak out loud to real crowds; and we never are celebrated as real authors. We are not of the ELITE of the published world. And we probably never will be.

and it is true that all authors and writers, have always had to speak to people through their writing, one way or another, either books or letters or articles in the newspaper or magazines, and now through blogs. So I should say, technology has done me and other writers a good turn, by inventing the blog.

however, as far as EXPERIENCING the world and people, and the universe, and the real world, we have gone backwards. We are retreating into medieval times, hiding in our little cloistered monasteries or nunneries, staying away from the dangerous outer world, and keeping ourselves safe and removed.

Many of us  even work and do our job long distance, or through our computer. We don’t even have to go to the office.and we don’t have to see or experience other PEOPLE. Not individually, or in groups, or in work circumstances.

It’s kind of the same effect you get, going out in a car and driving everywhere, all alone secluded in your little metal tin can protection; nobody can see the real you or get a hold of you, and so you get the illusion you could go out with your car, and do anything you like on the road or freeway, and nobody can get you. And very often, they don’t, nor do the highway police.      http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

but at some point you have to ask yourself: science is wonderful, and all that it has achieved. We can get well, we have medicine, we have wonderful medical science and all the conveniences and wonderful machine that we could ever worship.

However, how many of us have sat down and thought to ourselves “is all of this making me happy?”am I really so much happier than people in the 20th or 19th century, who didn’t have all of this and still thought a car with fins or a VW bus, was wonderful? And there couldn’t possibly be anything better than this?”

Are we a lot happier having computers, doing all our work on computers,, communicating through them, talking to people through them, buying things through them, and experiencing all of the world through them, instead of going outdoors, and doing it the ordinary old-fashioned way?

Is shopping in person really so much of a drag? Well, I can answer that; most of the time it is.the whole point of shopping is not usually to experience it, but to get the product you want and need. Ask me where I get my coffee and tea; I’ve never actually seen the place.

but back to our question; has technology made you happier, in all? Do you enjoy the world, your friends and lovers, and children and family, and the experience of your community, a lot more? Has it helped you to be more prosperous? Has it helped you to be more fulfilled?

or, has technology become like that famous phrase “the medium is the message/massage”? The transmitter and communicator it self has become the real experience, instead of the information that it is transmitting ? The people are not the whole point,is the whole point   of the e-mail, and the instant messenger, and cell phone it self, and the texting , become a love of texting? And the person you are texting to is completely forgotten?

this is a very tricky question; we cannot say that the new technology doesn’t put us in places, or classes, or any information, and contact, that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to have at all.

I would not be able to talk to my good friend in Michigan, as often, although we talk on the phone long distance (great technology) at a pretty good price, and I certainly can’t go in person to see her all the time.however, I definitely would like to see her in person; and the technology of the e-mail and the telephone, is actually a second rate experience of being with her. But, it’s all I can get.

so perhaps technology DOES give us contact we wouldn’t have otherwise, any information we would be able to get otherwise, and even shopping we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. It has become a good second choice.  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign    http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

but we are talking about the huge tendency now, to become very dependent on technology communication, to a huge extent, that we have become so attached to our communication machines themselves.http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Of course you probably have noticed the guy driving the bus, the young guy, who has a wonderful fabulous handheld computer, and he’s fiddling with it offensively, getting exactly wonderful music out of it. He’s absolutely fascinated by it; he’s in love with it. And he’s now in another world, ignoring driving a bus.

just as all the drivers in cars are attached to their cell phones or computers, ignoring the highway traffic.ask the police department, or individual cops, or Highway Patrol, just how much of a distraction and dangerous instrument, the cell phone and handheld tiny computer has become, because drivers everywhere are now attached to them while driving;they just cannot let go of them at any time.

we ourselves have become integrated into the machinery of communicating, and computing, so much that we are no longer separate beings. We are often required to work on computers as jobs, in stead of doing other things. So we are also forced into mass communication and work on computers themselves, as the job in the work field.  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign               http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

and when the days over with, or even during work, we are often going to resort to personal communication with our friends or spouses, through the same communication lines to enjoy ourselves and socialize. Because of this wonderful technology, we can talk to our friend, during work, at our desk, ignoring the supervisor, and risking losing our job over it; just as the driver with the cell phone risks crashing his car, and gabbing at the same time.

and don’t even get me started about social interaction, and romance,and even tears and fighting and breakups, all through our little texting and cell phone, and little miniature computer devices.

When we dump our boyfriend or girlfriend, we become cowards, and we do it over the answering machine, or the e-mail, or what ever nonpersonal device we’ve got in hand.

I am going to break for a “personal service”., At this time, and I will continue on this subject, and continue to ask you the question “has technology made you happier?”, After I come back. And in the meantime, please mull on this question in all it many derivatives, and extensions everywhere into your life and society and family.

And you could also talk about the fact that your four or five-year-old boy, whose attached by the brain to his desktop, cannot stop mass game playing on the Internet, can’t even break for meals, and has become a severe strange behavior problem; a five-year-old addict, who is  a person in the  ” World of Warcraft,”and not really a little boy anymore.  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesignhttp://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

YOW, SICK!!(“has technology made you happier,? In Eugene Oregon,” will continue after this break). 🙂       http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign



1207.jpg trees in rain

once again, it’s that time of year, when you notice that there is no more rain like there used to be, when you were a kid living here. All the tall big trees are brown and looking like they are at the trees burial ground. This summer, I am going to hire someone to water them all, regularly, no matter what it costs.I do not have that many solid, healthy, old trees that I can ignore them.

Speaking of trees and lumber, other people in the United States, and other countries everyone, thinks of Oregon and Eugene, by the way, as the lumber producing state. That was in the old days, when I was a kid or even a teenager; that is no more. There’s no lumber industry here anymore.Jungle_Emotes_Fight_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate

I am trying to explain this to my neighbors kid; I say,On the highway, and on the freeway, I do see huge logging trucks going by, with lots of rough, untreated and unprocessed logs, but that does not mean we have the work processing them. “why not?” We don’t anymore. We don’t have mills, we don’t have companies we used to have, that made the working class here pretty good money, so they could support a

“so what does that mean, anyway? Could you explain it better?”

in short, our lumber industry here is gone. Those logging trucks belong to  huge rich big companys, and they send all that un processed lumber straight across the ocean, to other countries, and they get our jobs. The jobs we used to have, to support the middle class and the working class.”Gee, that sure is rotten! PHOOEY!”arhh

This is the new normal; and you can blame it on globalization. ( and socialism?)”how come?”Before globalization, countries did not work together, or let each other use  their population of workers, to make cheaper products. Once globalization set in, any company big or small , could go all over the world and get somebody cheaper for work.”OH.” alientelekinesis

excuse me if I’m not so excited and happy, to be interconnected so closely with the rest of the world now. It is to our detriment, not to our advantage. And now everyone is finding that out.

well, I thought you liked being on the web, and talking to everybody in other countries. Don’t you?”feelingfreeplz

hey, kid;Except for the huge corporations, everyone could do very well with going back to ignoring and avoiding all the rest of the world, and just doing everything ourselves.we used to call it “isolationism,” and to a certain degree it does work.

“so why would that help?”snoozer_likelinux_man

You’re responsible for your own country your own companies and products, and you are not interconnected with all the financial problems of the rest of the world.

“yeah, but don’t we have a bad economic time, right now, and it’s just ours anyway? And the president is going to fix it?”

glad you asked.blahblah  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

AHA, SURPRISE! Now that we’re hopelessly intertwined with every other countries financial problems, Wall Street, the stock market, it is twice as hard, no, make that three or four or five times as hard to keep your economy in good is now out of your own country control.  clueless

and yes,our bad economy is also due to GREED. We inflated it, we cheated the rule of economics; we decided we didn’t need any money behind our credit, so we just used SOLID AIR, and we spendt it like crazy. Hall of Fame - Gomotesfishman

All those big fat companys  looked at the depression of 29, and said “let’s do it again, like we did last summer!” WHOOPIE! everybody do the “black bottom”!to HELL with all our kids’ futures!!eeeeeplz

Isn’t that fun? Don’t you just love “DIVERSITY”, also? “does that mean, we have to also fix other peoples, countries, economy too? That doesn’t seem fair.”

(I thought I taught him some other time before, that “LIFE IS NOT FAIR.”, But I guess it’s a lesson nobody wants to remember.)

I am also trying to explain, why his aunt and uncle, and all their kids, who are natives of Oregon, recently had to move all the way to Texas, to get a real job. And they have to stay there permanently. He already misses them.bee-emoticon-4.gifcryingbeehttp://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

.”GEE, my school friend and his family, told me some time ago, they’re all moving to ASIA to work. Boy, what does that mean? I don’t get it either. Am I going to have to move to Asia, when I grow up?” I tried to explain, that his friends family and his daddy, have very specific scientific skills, and they have to go abroad, to get jobs using them. That is because that’s where all the industry like that, is located. NOT here.Special20c20dog.gifdogeatman

there is a lull in our discussion. He looks disheartened. I don’t blame him. It’s hard to explain to a kid, that he may have to move to another country to work, or at the very least, a faraway state rather than his. It’s hard to explain to a kid, that our country is going down the toilet, and all the huge corporations of America have a lot to do with it. along with all our banks, economic company, and our whole big fat strata of people who run the country, and own it. 

All of those institutions and responsible people, we are  SUPPOSED to trust with all our money. fancydanceplz.giftea

Globalization has a lot to do with it; globalization of all our financial economics system has a lot to do with it.

We wanted to be interconnected with the rest of the world; WHOOPIE! WE DID IT! We have communication with everybody in the rest of the world, and all the countries due to our wonderful technology!.you can get on the Internet, and talk to anybody, or see anybody or enter to connect with other businesses, all over the bloody world.howdyplz2socute signideaani  airborne cacti_by_izzykuroneko-d59uwfcchoclatehyperblowkiss bounce  happycry2  jawdrop

ARE all you computer and Internet technology guys HAPPY NOW? Well, the rest of us are NOT!

As far as most of us are concerned, we’d like to go back in the 19th century, at least, maybe the 20th century, with no computer, no Internet, and no globalized economy. confuse    

I was discussing with another baby boomer, the other day, even though we had the Vietnam War during the 60s, we had better clothing, better music, happier times, and we actually had JOBS.

give me a time machine, so I can go back, experiment with anything, have sex without getting AIDS, and just ignore all the hippies. The hippies now, do crack cocaine and the 60s, the worst stuff. everybody fooled around with, was LSD.ashamed2

LSD is not addictive. And they didn’t go around, burglarizing everyone, mugging everyone, and killing people to get money for LSD!.everybody was optimistic about the future! They were optimistic about ENVIRONMENTALISM, and GREEN ENERGY, and all the ALTERNATIVE groovy stuff! dance

We were all going to run our cars on recycled grease from fast food french fries! All the recycled oil from lousy HAMBURGERS.there were going to be totally ELECTRIC cars! NO MORE OIL COMPANIES! No more dependency on CARBON-BASED fuel!!!.

now,it is the future. Did any of that stuff really work? Where is it? What happened to it?.  eager

I kept trying to explain to the kid,Everything goes back to that general principle of the cosmos; “life is not fair.” “So, does that mean that since life is not fair, and nobody plays by the rules, and ethics, and how you’re supposed to behave, does that mean that all bets are off?”   omfg

0h,0h, we are treading on the very principles of honesty, and dishonesty. His mom will absolutely get angry at me, over-the-top, if I tell him that nobody plays by the rules, which means that he doesn’t have to either.  screwy

;I guess he already knows that his folks struggle and strain to find loopholes, or any shelter, paying their huge national and state taxes.– because otherwise they won’t have the money, and they’ll be broke.  Costume Emoticons - Gomoteshitlerhttp://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Pardon me, broker than they already are.the kid has already noticed the cutback in buying food. So he knows something wrong is going on. Kids know about everything, even if they don’t understand all the reasons.bookworm

you can’t really hide from them, the fact that their government, financial and banking, and the people who run the country, have decided that he doesn’t need any future at all.only the children belonging to the rich, and powerful, will have any chances. All the rest of us are going to just be PEONES. (Spanish for PEASANTS.)

and all of our kids are going to be “poor” about letting illegal aliens’ kids go to our colleges, when our native kids can’t afford to, is a strange question.  bonk

HOW did all those illegal alien kids get the huge amount of money to go to college? When the kids of American citizens can’t? don’t you sense something screwy, and deceitful, going on?are we looking at Mexican drug dealers over here, sending their kids to college? And that’s where they get all the money? Oh boy.   omghaiplz

I can just see them at admissions; “name of your parents”; UH, skip that question. “What do your parents do? What does your dad do? How much money does he make a year?” uhhh…. I can’t exactly repeat or tell anyone, about my dad’s occupation(cartel) and. He made me swear on a Catholic cross, not to tell anyone, or I get cut off from the whole enterprise. And I can’t afford to do that. I just want to apply for a scholarship.  hysterical    http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

“Are you applying for federal school aid money? Are you applying for any grants?” hey sure! That would be great! I don’t think my dad would mind that.anyhow, just leave my family out of it. I don’t think that’s important. Heh heh.  🙂 flirty

“please select a nationality that you belong to;” well, I’m kind of Latino, if that helps. And I’m definitely not MEXICAN. No, you know, there’s no legal way that I am one.”there are scholarships and programs for minorities in this college”.OH HALA! MAN, that is so radical!”it’s only fair; we encourage DIVERSITY here.”  zombie

yeah, diversity, man, is totally so great! And, it is really FAIR. Why should all the white kids get all the advantages? I mean, we Latinos are a big MINORITY. A BIG minority, but still a minority. wow

I really am a minority,how many kids of cartel families, get to go to college?in the United States? Not very many. – Yet.  so Oregon is really being very fair to people like me, and giving us a boost up in white society. That is so FAIR ,man! bestredhalloween.gifpokemonpikachu

my neighbors kid was once again trying to stir me from my reverie, and asking more questions.”so what am I supposed to do? I really don’t get it. Am I supposed to obey all the laws and rules, like my parents say? But what about all that stuff you just told me? I don’t get it.”it looks like his parents have ignored the horrible job of trying to explain this to him; the unexplainable.  shocked

Oh well, he’s a good kid; a really good kid. I guess I’ll tell him, try to make the best of being in Eugene Oregon, and if you have to leave when you’re older, then you’ll have to leave. And as far as ethics and rules and laws, I have found out this works the best:  threaten

“everybody lies; everybody cheats. Look out for yourself first, and if it works, do it. Just try not to be an ass hole like so many of them. And if you screw up, DON;T get caught  huggle

!”I could recite to him, “to thine own self be true, and then thou canst not (do ill) to any man.”  yahoo.gifdancingwhooping

Shakespeare was so wise; did you know he got paid next to nothing, for writing all those fabulous plays? And the people who made all the money off of  him, and the work, were all the publishers? so does that make him wise, but money-ignorant?  Or was he just rich??

having imparted those words of wisdom,I decided he needed, and so did I, some refreshment, and I said “want to go have some ice cream? Dairy Queen? I’m buying.””YEAH! You know, that Ben & Jerry’s, or that big chain ice cream shop, closed down.but Dairy Queen is always good.” (Product placement.)  handshake

I wondered if I should get one of those HURRICANES? Or “ice cream storms, or huge big ice cream – East Coast – apocalypse winter storm-with fudge topping, and plenty of broken up marshmallows.?

No, I was fat enough. It goes with the state traditional, mandatory level of fat and gut busting weight, we are all required to upkeep.b2d0c2398d097199c3060de157090b5d-d4poqqdcutie

It was bad enough, I never bought huge hamburgers filled with fat, anymore, and I didn’t get deep dish pizza (a staple of Eugene and Oregon, along with beer) with everything on it, and the crust  stuffed with cheese. I was a traitor, and a turncoat, almost to the point of (OH, HIDEOUS KINKY!) eating yogurt and having fruit for dessert. Naturally, I didn’t tell many people I knew, about that.

we walked down the highway,to the nearby Dairy Queen, trying to avoid the huge massive pileups, of traffic, traffic jams, and all the accidents. I decided that I had been very diplomatic with the kid, told him the truth, but not really advised him to go out, and loot the world, and not give a shit.  mangapunksai

I had just been trying to help him make the best of Eugene Oregon, and the real world, and not try to get burned out, cynical, and bitter about it (like I was.) After all, he was so young, too young to get discouraged yet, cynical, bitter, and disillusioned completely.

There was plenty enough time for that yet. popcorn2   waving_sparks_by_nice_spice-d4o2e7r

“I want one of those big twisty, chocolate and vanilla, ice cream cones, without any coating of fudge; the kid will tell you what he wants and I’ll pay for it”.reserve the time for sweetness, enjoyment, and the pleasures of Eugene Oregon. There was no telling how long he was going to have them. Or, Eugene Oregon.or, the United States of America. Amen.  nice-spice  fantasy04.gif witchstirpot     7850giffridgedonut  chococherry_cupcake_free_avvie_by_r0se_designs-d4915x3gif

(Sandraminadotty,, Eugene, Oregon, near a Dairy Queen location, the best of all possible yummy ice cream and fast food. Now, can I get kick-back??  Like the city govt.?  😉 appareilphoto

this is the REAL WORLD, after all!  Mayor Kitty does it all the time (more about that later) and she runs everything!  Am I any less smart than she is?? Dang– Try and make the best of living in Eugene, Oregon, since no one buys our real estate, and you can’t leave here anyhow. Colorado is out of my price range. crazy

(signing off; go ahead and comment, we count on your feedback. At least more than Microsoft.  HAW HAW HAW!! and if you can’t talk to your kid, to explain all about everything, send them to me, and I’ll give him an earful. At least I won’t lie. And that’s an advantage.)…….

………library……………………._iconfurryglompplz__by_Sleath           dropping_with_the_gems___gemdrop_by_bekey-d4pm2vb….. http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign






It’s a simple question, it deserves a simple answer. After all, I am a female, I like to think that this small town has still got some men left with some BALLS.http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

you don’t think this is an urgent question, and to you start looking at the way the County and the city of Eugene is run (that is, run into the ground) and WHERE ALL THE MONEY IN THE GOVERNMENT WENT!?2heo124.gifpigcar

WHERE DID it go?here we are in Eugene, this poor little drug ridden and no account town, that used to have something, and now has nothing but HIPPIES.

And you can’t eat hippies. Some of us have tried and they’re too tough. And soaking them in alcohol doesn’t help; they’re too used to it.ahoy

as for all those homeless people, they might be a little more edible, depending on how long they’ve been homeless and out in the elements developing thick skins.

I saw a very interesting recipe in the Eugene register guard, in the LADIES SECTION, called “stew made out of homeless road kill”.it was next to the recipe for stuffed caviar, and goldleaf petits fours.

(the RG likes to cater to the upper crust here, and it gives them really cute homey Sweet recipes made out of caviar a lot.)a2c82cff6f1a0ed4fada9afd25329287.pngtinyfigures

it was just at this point that I was calling up a lot of guys who live here, in the community, who did all kinds of charitable work, were in politics, used to be commissioners, or were commissioners, or just sat around looking puffed up with importance.

“hey, guys I was just wondering,do you all know WHERE THE TAXES LOCALLY IN THE GOVERNMENT WENT?” There was always a silence after my question, in every call. They either knew where all the money went and didn’t want to say, or they didn’t know where the money went and they didn’t want to do anything about it.

One was as bad as the other;I figured there was a horrible crisis going on in Eugene, Oregon, and our little town had been beset by a terrible disease:ambulance ambulance ambulance ambulance

all the guys had lost their BALLS. They had all withered and fallen off, and nobody had any, in the entire town. It was as bad as swine flu, “mad cow disease,” or that rumored epidemic going underground all over the nation, called AIDS.

.I didn’t actually believe there was any such thing as AIDS; how could there be an epidemic in a whole nation, and even the white people, the upper class, all the white women, and even the families were catching it? It sounded like a bunch of was a conservative right-wing plot. hunter

but back to the crisis in Eugene Oregon, that had withered away every mature and immature, and insecure pair of balls on every man, and semi-man, in the whole town!

I knew there was some way I had to find out what it was, and how many people, I mean men, sometimes they are people, had been affected.

the next day,I had gotten an appointment with the head of the health department of the city and the county, of Eugene, and Lane Co. His name was Mr. macelhony,(who was a direct cousin of the mayor, although her last name was “masturbatory”. But she went by the name of KITTY.) 37.gif whitekitty    http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

I pretended to be a reporter for the RG; the Eugene weekly was too classy to hire somebody like me, but the RG didn’t mind, even if they found out. Their best reporters were a little more pitiful than I was. So even if I got found out, I would be considered an improvement. CaptureDisco!

the director got right down to business;”Sir,” I began, “the public has a right to know just what this disease crisis is, that has made all the men in Eugene and this County, about as fertile as steers, and just about as responsible and intelligent. What kind of horrible disease is going on here, and how many of the “men” have been affected?”

“the disease you’re talking about,” he began, “is something that has been creeping slowly into the environment, along with the freeways, the smog, the huge crowds immigrating from California, and back East, and it also might have something to do with the extreme explosion of boutique breweries that have popped up in Oregon recently.”analprobestare

“that’s horrible,” I exclaimed, scribbling down my notes.” Is that why we have no leadership anymore, in this government in town, and all the men have shrunk down to the size of mice in Russia?

“And instead of actually doing something about their corrupt and filthy government, they hang out in computer coffee houses, sending angry and bitchy e-mails the newspapers, instead of actually doing something?_mooseskii__by_moosebots-d4pnwr7

“and they get really liberal, and sanctimonious, and get involved in politics?so that’s why these guys have turned into turnips who have been castrated too many times by the gardener?” the director nodded at me solemnly.chainsaw

“that’s it, exactly” he answered.” It’s a horrible creeping disease, and it enters their bloodstream from too much beer and bad fast food, and the pollution from the smog,from the immense amount of traffic jams of the symptoms is, they crave lots of very cheap bad pizza.<img src=”; alt=”Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign” />

“Oh, and they tend to buy a lot of pickup trucks from Ford. It’s a way to hide their horrible change, so nobody will notice and they still look really macho.” emoticon-transport-001.gifwobbltaxi

“so that explains it,” I said, grimly. “That accounts for the change in the local government from worse, to much much much much much much WORSE. Where none of the money from taxes is accounted for, there’s no jail, rapists and murderers flit happily down Willamette Street, and none of the men in this town CARE, or do anything about it!”  _zombiepoke__by_darkmoon3636

“Yes,” the director continued; “they barely notice it at first; they think it’s a rash. Then, they think it’s a worse skin condition because they’ve been around fast women too much. Then when they go to the doctor, it can’t get diagnosed, and eventually it disintegrates, falls off, and the guys have to buy sports protective gear, in their place to fool everyone.except, of course, any women..”

“but it sounds like the worst symptom of all,” I said, “is that they get very involved verbally in politics, and bitch and scream, but the sum is, they let the government do whatever it wants, and they don’t do anything about it. I mean, they don’t even throw up beer on them! At least they used to do that. That’s how you could always tell, they were REAL MEN in this town. Lots of beer!black02.gif inluvwitghost

“And it used to be really good cheap commercial beer, not this gay, fancy overpriced BOUTIQUE BEER.,.!” “Also, unfortunately one of the worst symptoms is, a tendency to shop heavily at Trader Joe’s, and buy lots of guacamole mixes.oh, and ORGANIC FOOD; they switch over to organic food, and even try to go VEGAN.”drunk

We both shook our heads at the same time and that was why, every guy in town, wore those bristly, gay, prickly, unshaved faces, that were beards, and were not anything else. They were just UNSHAVED. And very BRISTLY. It was their way of covering up! It was their way of COMPENSATING for the loss of their balls!http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

“director”, I continued,”just how many men in this town has been hit by this plague? What are the numbers? What are the percentages? How come their wives havn’t noticed? That’s really the big question.”b2d0c2398d097199c3060de157090b5d-d4poqqdcutie b2d0c2398d097199c3060de157090b5d-d4poqqdcutie b2d0c2398d097199c3060de157090b5d-d4poqqdcutie

“Oh,” said the director once again grim, “they’ve noticed all right. They really have. But they don’t know what to do about it, I’ve talked to some of them. Some of the think it is a good time to go lesbian themselves, but I’m trying to talk them out of it. There’s an overpopulation of lesbian couples in this town, and I don’t think the marriage license department could keep up with it.there already greatly stressed”.– “but back to the percentages and how many have been affected:”  ad0a4255f26dafbf6903907f49c392c0-d4por3gapplegeek

I paused, and held my breath; what were the numbers? How many balls had disintegrated into the ash of the atmosphere, along with all the ashes from Mount Saint Helens?just how many guys were now able to sing soprano in church, very easily? 6412

An even more important, WHAT were we women going to do, because our men could not stand up to the local government and politics anymore?   blackice

they were not men enough to keep the town jail open; they were very WILLING to pay extra fees, extra taxes, extra property taxes, and extra money to the local government, for everything, and watch it all twiddle away into private bank accounts of politicos.

they got on their little computers, and got angry and mad, and they went to their little community meetings, and got angry and mad, and they puff themselves up very important, and got very angry and mad, but they never actually DID ANYTHING about the problem.118.gif pandaseestv

I was beginning to think maybe they were turning into TEA PARTY MEMBERS.– except they wanted to pay more taxes, pay more fees, pay more money to the mayor and her government, and pay and pay and pay and pay and willingly pay themselves broke! 126.gif pandahi

“it’s fantastic,” I said to the director sadly, “this used to be a town of native Oregonians who were proud, independent, Hardy, hard-working, and they stood up for themselves and didn’t let anybody walk all over them! I mean, they used to be MEN!” The director put up a couple of x-rays, showing a few of the cases that had disintegrated beyond hope, and even couldn’t comfortably excrete large amounts of beer anymore.

It was HORRIFYING; think of the bubonic plague, only in very uncomfortable areas.  1303945328_comiss__blue_tiger_by_kath602-d3eoj3z

“Sir,” I said, “I begin to see the reason that a mere slip of a Mayor, a petite little kitty,is able to lead them all around by the nose, and can get any amount of money she wants out of them. I mean, they’re castrated!”  alienjar

the director nodded unhappily. He finally told me the exact percentage in numbers, of all the cases in Eugene and the County; I was absolutely floored. I probably knew a lot of these guys, and I never suspected, that they were politically IMPOTENT.! 274.gifpinkkitty

I mean,they wrote for newspapers, they wrote against newspapers, they were angry taxpaying citizens, and yet they just didn’t have any balls left, to actually do anything about it. They had a very crooked and corrupt local government that stole all their money, but the  big thing they had really lost, was there balls.  batty

I left the director’s office sadly, thinking in terms of doom and gloom.if all the men, in Eugene, and Lane County, no longer had any balls, and anybody could walk all over them, and make them do anything (especially their local government) it was no good trying to get a date in this town either.  chara01.gif tossbear

the town budget was in a shambles, the jail was nonexistent, and the town was dangerous and inhabited by murderers and  burglars,and  fiends.and there was no way these poor,ball-less “men”would ever take back their own local government, and fix this stupid dumpkoff!!.   zombie17.gif cloudrain

I shuddered, as I looked closely at the taxi driver I took to get home; he looked normal. He seemed normal. Of course, he had a six pack of beer next to him stuffed under the seat in the front. Come to think of it, I wondered how he – – got rid of it? A-Hem. The x-rays of those particular health department cases, has shown that EVERYTHING had fallen off.   animated_icon___cutey_hamster_by_keigenx-d4tyep3

come to think of it, TV advertisements were always advertising now, those catheters; tons and tons of catheter advertisements, even portable ones, when you went out of the house. Superb new revolutionary CATHETERS you could take anywhere, and no one would see them!  dalove

my girlfriend called me up that evening, with the usual chatting, and also wanted to know if I wanted to go with her to the Friday night dance at the local saloon, to meet some guys.I was still in shock, from seeing the numbers the director of health had given me.  shocked

“no, Millie, I don’t think so,” I replied. “I don’t think the pickings of men in Eugene are all that great anymore. I think maybe I’m going to immigrate to Alaska, and even the Okefenokee swamp; maybe Antarctica, or maybe the Sudan. Or even EGYPT.”dygel

She looked at me puzzled. “What’s up with you,” she mumbled, quizzically,” you never used to look down your nose, at the guys in Eugene before. They even have professors and old graduate students running around.what’s wrong with that? You got a better resource?”  liquify

“It’s not the NOSE that they have trouble with,” I replied. “And it doesn’t really matter if their professors, or Dean’s, or old graduate students, or dentists, or orthopedists;they all are sorry victims, of a terrible calamity that has struck our poor town. I do feel sorry for all of them, and apparently there’s no cure for this disease.”noir

“Once a man has lost his balls, they’re gone forever! Pity we poor women, who have to take over their jobs, become ambitious, strong, and combative, in other words, we have to become AMAZONS!ost2life

“It is WE who have to force the council and the mayor, to shell out all that money they’ve stolen out of the budget, and twittered away, in cute little frivolous projects! It is WE WOMEN who have to become the MEN in Eugene, and take over, and rule with justice, faith, tranquility, freedom, and above all, real BALLS!    date

“I wonder if the men in TEXAS still have any left?” Sigh.

(signing off, in gloom and doom, sexual gloom and imslowdoom,Sandraminadotty, in the most infertile of little towns, Eugene Oregon, USA)  >:)   flirtyhttp://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign