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(ASIAN lion and tiger ritual dances)

there it was,right on the good old RG; “Eugene city Council decrees sick leave for all jobs!” And when they say decree, they really mean it.we citizens of Lane County and Eugene, Oregon, cannot vote on this; we have a dictatorship fully, for local government.  ballonanbasket2!cid_E0F2784AEF7F428B83A2BA1366A95181@DorothyHP

 now, our local government council, had decreed that all businesses in Eugene and this County have to give their employees sick leave. If they don’t, they will be thrown into a dark, underground dungeon, in chains, for the rest of their lives, and worst of all, they will get all their property taxes increased triple fold.  bettermichaelmyersstab

“I think you’re exaggerating about that, “said Caroline to me, “I don’t think they actually throw them in dungeons, until they send the police around to pick them up.”2facepalm “Well,” I said ,reading the paper, “it says here they also decided to declare world peace, among all the nations, end all wars, declare peace between Palestine and Israel, and stop all rockets automatically.” I looked at Caroline seriously; “I didn’t know that Eugene Oregon Council had drones! Isn’t that a little radical even for this town?”rocketmen

there seem to be a hubbub out on the streets; Caroline was looking out the window, at the street parade of officials and soldiers that were going to all the houses; “I read about this”, she said, “they’re going from house to house, making sure that there are no employees here who are not getting sick leave from their company now.” Somebody knocked on my door very loudly; “do you have any employees, people, in their who require sick leave?” Somebody yelled through the door in an official voice.”everybody here is a bum or a senior who’s retired on pennies.” I replied, yelling through the door in return. “There are no working people here!”the sound of clomping boots told us that they were going away to the next house.warjeepdiejeeplaser

despite all the  hubbub, we decided to go to that corner supermarket, that was kind of a discount, not so expensive but really expensive, food store outlet, and missed seeing our usual checkout person; “where is Marianne?” I asked the manager. He looked  bad tempered; “she insisted on taking two weeks of sick leave, on the new law, and I had to let her go!” He replied. “I can’t afford to give an employee a week or two weeks worth of sick leave and keep them here!”  _parachute__by_MenInASuitcase

Carolina helped me get my groceries that we left. I saw one of the usual cabs, taxis go by, and it made me think; “how the hell are the taxi companies going to give all those employees sick leave?”.Caroline and I looked at each other ;”they can’t possibly do that, and still keep the cab company running!” Gasped Caroline. “I know about those Companies, they barely run on a shoestring!_pillowfight__by_MenInASuitcase And the drivers keep long hours night in day, just to make a living. But how the hell is the cab company like that, that’s barely making it, going to give all their employees sick leave?” We still looked at each other.the milk was getting warm. “How do they do it now?” I asked her. “Well,” replied Carolyn pensively, “sometimes they can get insurance, well they work, and sometimes they can’t. But usually if they don’t work, they don’t get PAID.”Bots_by_daniesque (1).(just like everybody else who works in Oregon.)

 Caroline’s car broke down, and we had to take a cab ; on the ride, we noticed that the cab driver had some guy in a suit, very spiffy looking, sitting right next to him in the front seat. “Uh…” I  tried to talk to the cab driver,” is this your partner?” The cab driver looked kind of worried. “No,” he replied, “this is one of the attorneys that the cab companies have hired, who are going to sue Eugene Council and the County,for forcing unenforceable, legally,sick leave commandments on all the cab companies.” “this is only ONE of their attorneys?” “Yes, I’m getting him to his hotel, where all the rest of the attorneys from out of town, are being put up, before they have the big legal suit in court.” Replied the cab driver.  Bathtub_Wagon_Of_Doom_by_Soulnova

this was absolutely getting ridiculous; Lane County and the city of Eugene was now being commanded by the Council,to force all the businesses to give their employees sick leave. And all the businesses were getting together, apparently, to sue the council, the County and the city of Eugene! There was gonna be a lot of feathers flying!Caroline and I felt like we were in a Eugene Oregon World War III.auto_wos20.giftinycar

during the next couple days, Caroline got her car fixed again, and when we went out, for anything, to go to Dairy Queen and suck up ice cream, we noticed the huge amount of well dressed, men, in business suits,even Armani.they were everywhere. I tapped some kid on a bicycle, at her intersection, on the shoulder, and said “what’s with all the Armani suits in town? Is the state legislature vacationing here?” anotherflyingmombackand forth stor14

“No,” giggled the kid, “with all that expensive designer cloth,againsuperman (1) can’t you tell those are imported attorneys? they’re all here, issued by the Better Business Bureau of Eugene and County, to sue all of the government, including the Council, for everything they’ve got.” “Don’t tell me,” I sighed, “they’re suing over this stupid new commandment from Charlton Heston, that says all the businesses are forced to have sick leave, and also world peace. I’m a little doubtful about the world peace part; how many drones do they have any way parked in their garages? Is there a certain money allotment by the Council, for drones?” I knew they were around, I saw one whizzing through the air, on its little quest.  anotherflyingmombackand forth stor14

what was it little quest? During the next few days, we saw them, all through the hot summer air, flying everywhere,DRONES! Even the drones looked like they were wearing Armani!”oh, God,” I said to my next-door neighbor,” are those stupid things DANGEROUS?Bear_love_fish_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate What are they doing with them?” My next-door neighbor sighed,  tired of the situation already;” well, what I hear, is that all of those drones are being used by both sides,to wipe out the enemy;” I looked at her unevenly. “Yes, that means the attorneys have their drones, going after the city Council and the officials of the County, and the council has their own drones, going after all the attorneys! I guess we’re at war.”#2fridaythe13th

embattled and cornered, during the next week, everybody was huddled in their homes, trying to avoid getting hit by an accidental drone; and it happened, tooanotherflyingmombackand forth stor14even programmed drones are not perfect about what their target is. arhh

“This is so god damn dumb,” said Caroline grumbling,_ohdeargodno__by_Sinister_Starfeesh while we sat in front of the TV,_tunes__REVAMP_by_KimRaiFan with a couple bottles of vodka,tvon2!cid_CDA07B31CEE84B9F9E0FFC68CCE7886A@DorothyHP “here we are in World War III over, the city council declaring WORLD PEACE!happygreeceflag Plus, they’re forcing sick leave on all the businesses, and now we have troops of attorneys, clomping in here, suing the Council and the city and the county over it!” wowwowowwmonth0307Caroline looked really tired of it all; “and all the local employees, are all getting fired by their businesses; I don’t think it’s going to be that easy for Marianne to find another job.

“”yes,” I said in return, slurping down some vodka, and squishing a lemon in my mouth;” plus the UN representative, the  Dali Lama, mother Theresa’s representative,  and PEACE – WHALES,An_elegant_walrus_by_ichadoggi the whale saving organization, is here to make sure that nobody on the coast line, of Oregon, fools around With the local swimming mammals.” whale_buddy_by_silentdoveanotherflyingmombackand forth stor14“They better make sure there are no Japanese around, sharpening their sushi knives.” Grumbled Carolyn” I hear that whale can taste pretty good, if you know how to fix it.” That was a nauseating remark by itself.neither one of us liked sushi that much.chef

Of course, knowing the local government of Lane County, and the city of Eugene, our wonderful leaders had decided to ignore reality completely, and were completely convinced that they could control everything, and everyone, activate world peace, with lots of DRONES,anotherflyingmombackand forth stor14 and do anything they God damn blessed well wanted to!yakkkityyak2!cid_88AC88045F9D401695B4594887EE4568@DorothyHP

I knew their next project was to enable all the council members to walk on_ut3_hoverboard_blue__by_crula water, at the coastline in Florence_silversurfer__by_MenInASuitcase and it was going to be some kindheroesflyingthroughtheair!cid_20130424025215_13092maild0@gmx of stupid event.I made sure that I already had an appointment in my date book. walking on water was supposed to be reserved for Jesus Christ,_leosguard___edit__by_MrM4tty and to realize that the city Council and LANE COUNTY2ndflyingguyact08 had decided they could do the same thing, what word shall I use? – – Overwhelmingly nauseating and disgusting. I wondered who their drug dealer was anotherwonderfuldrugdeal stor01 who got them such good meth and superduper – grade heroin,b278100686fa02f8c779e2626006b33e for them to get in that condition.Rainbow_Happy__Or_Crazy_by_LemonARTs (1)

but, WORLD PEACE?rocketmen They can’t even get PEACE in this town! bonklersnor can they command on their Royal highness’s butts, to force requirements on any businesses that happen to be left in this County and city! Oh, By the Way,the businesses, they’re all MOVING AWAY!  BOOM_chtiiik_booom_CHIIK_by_Pixelisto

“situation normal; all fucked up!”– –(Sandraminadotty, in hot,droned Eugene, city of Fools.) 🙂






(Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Sign)

Everyone said,  “It never snows  much, in Eugene.” But they are not counting on “world climate change” to stack the deck, and rig the game. the weather in Eugene Oregon during my childhood, had plenty of freezing, black frosts, breaking pipes, and way laying the roads with frozen snow. In those days, a lot of people owned chains for their tires. And, they were prepared to shovel the snow off the sidewalk, and everywhere else, just to get out of the house.

But in these years, the present ones, Eugene has become more like California weather, mild and rainless; people laugh about it, and are grateful about how it’s so “mild” here, compared to where the Midwest  storms are roaring.

Those are the comparatively “new people”, who moved here somewhat recently, or at least over the last 10 years, and have no idea what original Oregon weather was even Caroline,who’s  been here a long time, says “the snow here never sticks, it’s never very long, so why the heck do we have it already before Christmas? And it’s sticking like crazy and still coming down?”

And it’s also made the roads so dangerous, the authorities tell us to not get on them and’s also predicted to be about 8°F tonight, which is completely unusual.

I tried to avoid thinking about the homeless people out there, who still think also, that Oregon has mild weather, and there’s no chance they would ever get frozen to death. OUCH.  and that is why they are not huddled up in Florida right now.

Used to be, when homeless people first started camping out here, staying in the parks, the city and the county used their police and threw them all out.however, that was a long time ago when my mom was still alive, and nobody wanted yet to face the future of more and more homeless, especially from out-of-state.

And now our mayor and our city Council and our commissioners try to encourage the homeless from out-of-state, to not go away, not get out, and not go back where they came from.

but our local government is completely hypocritical about everything.they want to APPEAR friendly and liberal and sympathetic, and yet they don’t want to lose the taxpayer sympathy either.this results in neither side believing them at all.and, there’s no reason they should.

So that gives us a lot of extra problems; this state government, in Salem, is already so near broke, they could face the same future as Detroit just did; bankruptcy.

in fact a lot of the states are teetering on the edge, of the same thing; they are so financially bad off, they could go bankrupt, and then negate all the counties and states civil service contracts, and that would eliminate those workers pensions and benefits they had doesn’t seem fair.

but it also doesn’t seem fair,that all the workers who worked in private industry, are also out of jobs and out of pensions and benefits also. So where do you draw the line? are city and state and federal workers supposed to be more secure than people in private industry?

Also, WHY should they be?isn’t it about time somebody said “okay, the buck stops passing here.” Meaning, if everybody else in the country has to take it in the jaw, why shouldn’t the civil service people also?

there really isn’t any difference between the two areas anymore. The country and the states apparently can’t afford all those wonderful civil service benefits either ,anymore than they can afford them for private industry.

so why do we have different standards for different kinds of workers? The answer is, we can’t afford that anymore.and we shouldn’t have them in the first place. 

private industry is the one that MAKES all the money that goes into taxes into government, and into civil service work. All that money has to come from somewhere! It doesn’t get made by the government. The government SPENDS it.Pvt. industry MAKES it.

Thus, the mild financial weather, that gave all those wonderful civil service benefits, has gone to snow and frost and freezing, just as much as the private sector jobs have all frozen up. If we can’t provide all that private industry money, there isn’t  going to be any money for GOVERNMENT EITHER. It’s only logical.

however, if you start talking about logic, nowadays, the liberals’ eyes glaze over, and they start accusing you of being un-empathetic, cold-blooded, ruthless, and also probably a Republican.I’m not even a Republican; I’m an independent. I don’t believe anymore in party loyalty.

so whenever I read the Eugene register guard newspaper, and I noticed their columnists ,they have plucked out of the New York Times, I have to listen to all this drivel about how cold-blooded and ruthless all of we people who tend towards financial conservatism are!

the truth is, the nation is becoming very very conservative generally, and I’m not alone. And a whole lot of we conservatives, are not rich, or upper-middle-class, we’ve often been working class or poor all our lives and we know the value of a buck or a penny.

That is WHY we’ve become so conservative.because the way a lot of us were raised, you didn’t spend money, unless you had it in your bank, in your checking account or your savings account.I suppose we were raised, the way that Germany has gone, and decided it would be better to be more frugal, then to be more and more broke all the time.

it’s infinitely wiser to put a little money  away, day by day, instead of spending a huge amount of money you don’t even have yet and maybe never could end up like the United States federal government, which is now owned literally lock stock and barrel by China.

– – and of course, good old China could take possession anytime they liked, if they become rankled by us, for any particular reason.

Isn’t it great to be in such debt to someone, as if your business is in debt to the Mafia, and any explosions up and down that leadership chain, could reverberate on you in any specifically horrible manner?

NO, it’s not. It’s not great at all. It’s pretty damn disgusting.and it’s pretty damn STUPID and DANGEROUS. And it’s also specifically a LIBERAL contention, that those explosions well NEVER HAPPEN, and that “everything will be alright, and nothing bad will ever happen to us.”

I’m explaining why I am no longer liberal politically, as I once was; that’s because I’m not as dumb as I used to be. Once you get older, the cold feels colder, the snowbanks are higher, and the roadways are frozen over more all the time.

you have to admit finally, that world climate change is happening and you can’t stick your head in the sand anymore to avoid it.all that “CHANGE” is sitting right outside your window, in  a huge frozen pile of snow.

and you also have to admit that the liberal concept isn’t working. There isn’t enough money to go around to everybody. The world hasn’t changed at all; the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer and there’s still no utopia,and they’re probably never will be.

snow blizzards and horrible storms can easily come back to Oregon, Just the Way, Hurricane Katrina could come back to haunt New can be as optimistic as you like, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But ignoring all the snow and ice, and frozen roads, and pretending that you’re in Australia on a nice warm beach, is only going to get you in trouble with reality.

Oregon is only going to be  Oregon, and it’s never going to be  Australia.and those world climate change scientists are correct, anytime Oregon weather could go back to becoming a frozen wasteland, with either lots of snow, or tons of rain, and we can’t predict it.

So, PLEASE, OREGON, and Salem and the Oregon Legislature;  PLEASE FACE UP TO REALITY!!

Some Oregon counties so object to being discounted in opinion in Salem, like Jefferson county, they are legally seceeding from the state!!Jefferson county will become a separate STATE, and has decided to become “Jefferson State”!  They may, its reported, take a couple California counties WITH THEM, who are getting pissed off at the royal rule of Sacramento!!  They can legally do this.

IGNORING the will of voters and tax payers is actually resulting in counties LEAVING OREGON.Don’t you see the handwriting on the wall yet??If Salem only pays heed to the city of Portland, and no one else, we could lose more tax payers.

And unless Portland wants to pay the taxes for the WHOLE STATE, this will continue; the snow will get deeper, and the weather colder until we can’t feel anything anymore.

Until Oregon isn’t a STATE anymore, just a bunch of frozen mud.  We’re already out of industry, business and jobs; you want all the COUNTIES to leave also??  And Oregon consists only of Salem, Lane county, and Portland??WHOSE GOING TO PAY ALL THE BILLS??  the colleges and college students, and people on minimum wages??

So while Salem is drawling,”It never snows much in Oregon, only in Washington state!!”–the temperature in Eugene is 8 degrees F, the roads are frozen, the snow keeping snowing. and snowing…and the icicles get longer and sharper, and the homeless have less libraries or churches to hide in.

And other counties also consider leaving the state legally, cause they have no power in Salem, and the legislators still refuse to listen. “HEY, Salem, just WHAT’S GOING TO GET YOU TO LISTEN?   The state finally going bankrupt?  All the police, social services, all state depts coming to a grinding halt?? 

The snow-drifting covering us all, until we can’t breathe??  The fed. govt. coming in, taking over completely, and declaring us to be in a state of emergency, and helming the govt., as if we can’t rule it ourselves anymore, like a bunch of howling babies??  

“BOO-HOO, MY STATE WON’T WORK ANYMORE, MOMMY, ITS BROKEN!!!   WAWWW!!”  “aww, POOR Oregon, don’t cry!!  Mommy will annex you into WA DC, and their city, and you can go play in all the black ghettoes, and learn to be like THEM!!!”

–Something that a lot of people fled to Oregon to AVOID.Face it, people go to the pacific north west to avoid Oakland and Los Angeles.

But, hey!!  it’s OUR WEATHER, OREGON!! Maybe we should remember that, and start handling, shoveling it, and being responsible for it ourselves, instead of begging the fed. govt. for help,( Yes, Mayor Kitty, they are not going to save you,)

–because we’re poor little Liberal BABIES, who can’t handle life, or bad weather, or financial storms, and still bawl to GOVT. TO SAVE US–AGAIN–cause we;re too weak to do it ourselves!!

” We can’t handle the cold, or ice, cuz we never responsible for fucking up the state and counties with our rotten decisions, and hatred of capitalism. “OH, its all the fault of REPUBLICANS!!they’re all to blame for Oregon cracking up!!—” even though this is a democrat liberal-run state.

It’s snowing a lot in  Eugene, and Lane county, though, the airs’ freezing, and the roads are frozen slick..And the fed. govt., and the state govt., is not going to save Lane, or Eugene, it’s going to have to shovel outta this big snowdrift itself.  Or it’ll freeze to death, and not have anyone else to blame for it.Cause that’s LIFE.     🙂

(Sandraminadotty, warm and dry, out of the snow-fall, in Eugene OR)

#2frankenstein   blindstor13 _blizzard__by_darkmoon3636  _silversurfer__by_MenInASuitcasechristmastimeplz batmanBad_Magician__by_Sinister_Starfeesh




(artwork bought from Oregon artists)

The most beautiful time of the year in Oregon, and even in Eugene, is the fall;  everyone knows that, and the trees show off, turning into red, gold, green, orange, lime and yellow portraits up and down all the streets. Well, most of the streets.It is the only time when Eugene really looks gorgeous, and that’s due to nature. Too bad they don’t let nature handle the whole thing

I was trying to avoid the the national healthcare debacle,since I had already paid my taxes by getting my Medicare I didn’t really want to have anything else to deal with it.

I  had just watched a Jimmy Stewart movie, where he played a con man found a small town that was perfectly average for the whole country, so they could do all their advertising testing there, and find out what would sell to the whole country.

so poor Jimmy Stewart was a very smooth con man, over complimenting the leaders of this small town, telling them how perfect it was, how wonderful, and what a wonderful model it was for the rest of the country. In other words, this small town was perfect!

any time somebody comes up to you, and starts to give you a line like that, praising your qualities, or talent or intelligence, what ever you got, to the gods into the skies, be very suspicious. The chances are, the guy is trying to con you out of, usually, a lot of least I was not naïve anymore. I suspected everyone.

even in Eugene, where our leaders often praise Eugene, praise the County, and tell everyone how fabulous it is to live here, the chances are, they’re going to run up a whole bunch of taxes .

So as I looked out at the beautiful fabulous fall gorgeously embraced trees and bushes, and sidewalks filled with wonderful riches of gold and red, it occurred to me that we were paying a  wonderful bunch of TAXES to get all that praise and energy out of our fearless leaders. And we weren’t getting much more than that!

it seems that the whole state of Oregon, come election day again, was going to throw hundreds of propositions and bills and new taxes at us, trying to pass them all!

“‘HEY, WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL RED AND GOLD FALL IN EUGENE, OREGON!”‘ I yelled out my front door, onto the 5-lane-highway that had almost taken out the front of my house,and now roared loudly day & night, shaking everyone’s house-front to pieces;  “GUESS WHAT??”


************************************************************Later on, at the police holding-cell, where they let me make one phone call, finally Caroline was allowed  to see me.”Knockin’ around the bare-bars again, eh, kiddo?What was it, hurling crockery at police cars again, cause their  sirens give you migraines all the time?  

“Tell me no cops have concussions this time; please tell me that!”she frowned worridly, shaking her head.

“No,” I replied, since she had also gotten me bail again, and I thumbed my nose at the tough female cop I hated,as we left the gorgeously-appointed, gold-trimmed jail house, past the commissioned bronze  lions  they’d just set up at the entrance  to the marble steps.”But I got to use a taser on a young fuzz-cop this time,cuz he was  too unfamiliar with it, and I was not.That was worth any amt. of fees and fines they use instead of jail time.   how liberating!”—

“I  am making use of my tax-welfare  resources; never quit paying the taxes so  using the resources we paid for!  ”    +++++++++


“‘You should relax more, “said Caroline,as I held an ice-pack    on my head, to relieve the  migraine due to local political-infighting  in Eugene govt; “get some wreck and roll!”  “What do you suggest?”

 “We should go to that annual Fall  Organic  Produce & Alternative Grain-bulk sale.”  “Wow,  its a big deal?Do  they sell lates?” “Its the biggest bulk    sale for tiny local organic farmers organization.And if yer a organic natural vegan, you always go.”  “Will Gloria Swanson be there? She was  really into health food.”  “Maybe her ghost, ” replied Caroline, grabbing my coat, throwing it at me.” Yes, we went to Springfield  OR!!.

(  where  we did NOT SEE  the  Simpson family; they were luxuriating in LA now.)..


..The Organic tiny Oregon farmers’ assoc.  bulk  wierd grain and produce sale was held in a hollowed-out,desecrated old church with  stained glass windows. In side, organic hucksters offered bite-size samples of faro grain, black popcorn, and “alternative healthy grains and produce.”

“Let me see…” Do I want to pay the mortgage this month, on my house, or do Ii want to buy  half a lb. of cuckkolded, ancient grain, that”s higher in protein than eggs?”  “Awww..miss, you gotta buy our grains and produce in HUGE BULK SIZES.”  “You think I’ll  ever NEED that much?”  I asked the young farmer.”No. ” he grinned  charmingly, “but we need to SELL the stuff!!”

 Just like that, organic  farmers become CAPITALISTS…ELITE capitalists.  This was not Big Bens’ Fast Rice!!And  this “pop-up store” was not Safeway.

 First  to  the grain salesman; “I wanta  see yer legal dieticians’ license!!”I growled.  “What license?” shrieked the  guy.”I’m a farmer!”  

“But you are giving out BULK  NUTRITION  ADVICE TO THE PUBLIC, AT A sale!!  How come you do not have a  real dietician’s license?  What nutritional school did you graduate from, Alice’s Restaurant?  Did  Woody Guthrie eat this stuff? NO?  I thought not; he ate  Wonder bread when he got food.”  “WHO’S Woody  Guthrie?”  Groan!  And these  guys were supposed to be HIP!!


“You didn’t buy anything either,”commented Caroline, as we drove off. “I didn’t  bring my Mac truck, and 2 big,strong guys with me, ”  I replied, casually.”You can only eat or cook with 100 lbs. of winter squash, or quinoa or faro grain, if you run your own vegan restauraant, downtown, that feeds  the homeless.”‘ “you’re wrong, “replied Caroline; “The homeless would never eat quinoa-squash stew!  “

“ha ha, ‘”  I replied, as we headed for a famous fast-food restaurant, so I could scarf down large chocolate Dairy Queen cones. Caroline liked their real food. We had had enough slumming amongst the “Elite-to-Eat” and our pocket books said “HAMBURGER” very loud.

“I guess they’ll sell lots of produce & grain,I said as Caroline slurped her milk shake” but   how cum burgers are so CHEAP  and hippie-yuppy-food costs so MUCH?  They ARE local farmers, right?  how come they don’t sell to Regular stores?  How come they don’t have  their own STORE?”

 Caroline pointed to the large family at the corner table; there was one mom, and 5 small kids of varying ages, all munching hungrily on burgers and fries; the mom looked tired and spent.– and broke. “That, ”  whispered Caroline, ” Is the REAL OREGON; not what we saw today.”

I decided to keep that in mind. We natives know the real world when we see it. It’s ugly sometimes but you gotta deal with it occasionally. Go with Peace.  🙂

( sincerely, Ssandraminadotty, in Eugene  Oregon, eating too much sugared grainola and avoiding my faro, oh my!!  🙂   )

(and to all the organic community farming associations, I have this to say: I’m not against you. It’s just that you really need to think about the food needs of ALL OREGONIANS, not just the very well off who can afford organic food. We are all in this together? Then we’re all in this together FARM and FOOD – WISE, also.

knitt2!cid_19_3218548504@web142503_mail_bf1_yahoodancingreemfruitcrazygraphics-fruit-894165  bonklers  golf_cart_by_MenInASuitcasecookieloveplz   badday




protivusolon_by_ace0fredspades-d50q6cn     n3D_pepperMany_veggies

I didn’t truly understand the whole Willamettte Valley debacle, until Carolyn and I went out to one of the farms, out of Eugene out of the city, way to Junction city and beyond. It was time to eat the vegetables that the smaller local farmers were growing.

That was good enough excuse, we took off, heading for pumpkins, apples, winter squash, in hopes that all our bad weather hadn’t hurt harvesting.the wide open fields met our eyes, and soon we ran into one of the little farms 

Carolyn was trying to tell me, and explain that I had gotten the local problem of “DNA modified foods” and local organic farms and farmers, all wrong.

She said that” the big companies here, like Monsanto that had big vegetable farms, got pissed off when a bumblebee or a lot of wind cross pollinated their tomatoes, onto the organic farmers produce.

and then the Monsanto big company SUED THE SMALL FARMERS, because – –get this! – Because they had taken the DNA from their DNA modified produce, and given it to the ORGANIC FARMERS PRODUCE!

they were suing the small farmers, when it was the bumblebees or the wind that had taken the DNA modified pollen, and given it to the small organic farmer!.WHAT TRASH!  

Monsanto farms went all the way to the Supreme Court, blaming the organic farms for STEALING their POLLEN and their DNA MODIFIED PRODUCE!.

“I don’t get it, does that mean that it’s YOUR FAULT, if the wind or bumblebees take your neighbors pollen, and put it on your crops! Are we supposed to SUE THE BUMBLEBEES INSTEAD? Go over to their little homes, shoo them out, and stuff them into court, and sue the little pollen right out of them! “Buzz buzz buzz!

“I just don’t believe that those big farms, are trying to SUE MOTHER NATURE, and THE WIND, and fuzzy little fat BUMBLEBEES, for stealing their stupid DNA modified pollen! Just because they live next door!”

I continued ranting and raving “this is so ridiculous it should be on TV as a sitcom!”they should make a Adam Sandler movie out of it, it stinks that bad!”

meantime, Carolyn and I were trying to pick out winter squash, noting that everything was incredibly expensive.

That’s because it’s actual GOOD FOOD, and not a dollar hamburger! Pity the poor idiot who tries to go on a diet in Oregon!so how much extra did all the other ORGANIC FARMS price their food? Did it cost even more?

“I still don’t understand”, I said pinching a cauliflower, or maybe it was a “combined – cauliflower/broccoli”; it was definitely lovely. Who would want to even eat something so beautiful? I would probably just put it on a pedestal and look at it.

“what don’t you understand?” said Caroline, trying to fill her bag up. “The law goes now, if your next-door neighbors pollen gets carried over to you by bees or the wind and you pick up their wonderful expensive DNA modified crop, then IT’S YOUR FAULT!”

I was absolutely flabbergasted. Of course Oregon in Eugene did that to me regularly, but this was overly OVERLY RIDICULOUS!so if you live next to a big farm, they can sue you because their DNA pollen drifted over to your place; you were STEALING THEIR PATENTED DNA products!  

“I think probably those apples are the best,” I said, as we were heading for the check stand; “you know, that sets a horrible precedent. Can’t you imagine it? If you apply that law, that somebody’s stuff drifts over to you, by way of mother nature, then you can get sued because YOUR STEALING IT?!”

we headed for the car, and it was a nice day, surprisingly the sun was out, but I was really pissed off as hell. Really really really!REALLY. I continued babbling on, as we started to drive off; “so if you’re wearing perfume, and some of it drifts over to a guy near you, you can sue him for stealing your scent?”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha it ain’t funny anymore.this was a whole new ballgame, with lots of dirty rules.”let’s see, if I’m in California with some of my sunshine, and some of it starts to shine on Oregon, California would be able to sue Oregon for taking it’s sunshine ill legally!

“That would affect a lot of grape and wine growers. They’d all get drunk trying to figure it out.” I continued fascinated with this twisted and bizarre feat of fascism.

“you can’t grow your own crops out in the open, in the open air, because you could get SUED for picking up your next door neighbors’ POLLEN! Aargh!” here come the greenhouses, no more growing your organic stuff openly,,

“you have to protect yourself FROM your neighbors produce!– – and it would be your fault because his stuff didn’t stay in his garden!”

Carolyn looked at me shaking her head; “come on, you know this is out right corruption and jerk offs wielding their power.they got the Supreme Court wrapped around their little DNA modified finger!

“If this is really true, it’s back to medieval times, when the serfs could be blamed for all the problems of the royalty!if something went wrong, the royalty could always BLAME all the SERFS, AND get them for WITCHCRAFT, WIZARDRY, and various and sundry little old ladies who babbled and mumbled and told your fortune!”

I nodded sadly. Yes, it was back to those damn wicked witches in Salem, who caused everybody else’s problems!

“speaking of Salem, do we have a dirty nasty little legislature, in Oregon, that lets them get away with this? Just how fabricated and bribed is our cute little Oregon Legislature, doing this? You know they’re not doing it for free!” said Carolyn very grumpily, as she drove faster.

“I think we better forget about our legislature trying to serve or help the people who pay all their taxes.” I said examining my apples in the paper bag.”now I have to be careful, if I breathe on someone accidentally, when I have the flu, and they get it, that means it’s their fault they picked up my bacteria and germs! I could sue them for catching my virus!”

(Should I start practicing my comedy monologue now, and go on the road? It was getting that ludicrous.)

we made a big salad, when we got back to my house, and I looked at the apples and the lettuce, and some of the cabbage, trying to detect nasty spy -wind- whipped DNA, muddeling into my food.but I was coming up with an answer and an idea:

I put my idea into action, and I went to a local farmer’s community meeting, and told them all just what they could do to avoid getting sued for picking up somebody else’s pollen.”forget about being completely pure inorganic, that day is over;” I said to everyone, ” think of it as a very big POTLUCK, and you’re going to mess with the very molecular level of produce itself – – just to save yourselves legally.” 

“what are you saying?” Exclaimed some of the farmers, confused and angry;”do you mean that none of our produce is going to be strictly ORGANIC? We can’t do that! And we can’t sue the big farms, for infecting all our organic food with their junk DNA!”

I answered, reluctantly, “yes, I think you’re going to have to sell your food on the open market now, not as organic . Not if you’re next-door to an ass hole!but when we’re done with our meddling at the molecular level with food, they’re not going to be able to sue you!”

Since I have had some experience with gardening and farming, with my own family,I did have to polish up my skills when we tried to figure out how we would alter the next harvest. That was long ago, when my family farmed here.

but next spring, when everything started to bloom and come out, and some of the fruit and produce, from all the little farms, was starting to show its little buds and poke its faces out of the dirt, we were ready for it.

Some of the farmers had taken agriculture college, and advanced physics, messed with DNA studies,and it started to show.(we also hired some people from MIT, to give us a heads up.)

Once again, Monsanto tried to get a hold of the little farmers produce, to prove that Monsanto’s pollen had drifted over to them, and they were thieves again. Just to get them in court and sue them for nastiness! But it didn’t work out that way.

the new produce tested STRANGE and UNUSUAL, because we had messed with all of the DNA, and imported in teeny tiny amounts, other micro-DNA, and our best farmers had actually invented new combinations!

There was no way you could track Monsanto produce DNA, they had been MUTATED with small amounts of RADIOACTIVE ISOTOPE, and anything that had ever been a Monsanto DNA, was completely DESTROYED..of course, all the produce was not “natural”, but it was even better, when we advertised that this was the PRODUCE OF THE FUTURE! Science fiction mutation! Really really EXCITING vegetables!.

anything that had ever been a Monsanto big farm tomato, was now mutated, twisted and perverted into a purple-half-tomato, half CUCUMBER!

Of course it was strange and unusual, but hell, this was Eugene that was right on track! They hell with natural, since when has Eugene Oregon ever been NATURAL, and not WEIRD!?

Carolyn was very impressed, when many of the small farmers had their celebratory dinner together, and I had the responsibility correcting some of the dishes; you couldn’t use the same recipes exactly anymore.

“isn’t that tofu?” Said Carolyn, looking at a very delicious pot of stuff. “No, that’s the okra, garlic, purple carrots, and mashed up green sweet potatoes.” She tasted some of it. “Say, that’s not too bad! If I close my eyes and don’t look while I eat it’ll be fine.”

“how do you like the delicious new flavors? How do you like the fact that when the Monsanto pollen floats over to the small farms, they take it and mutate the hell out of it so it’s unrecognizable?! Okay, it’s not “organic” anymore, but they’re selling the stuff like crazy to SCIENCE FICTION fans, Star Trek enthusiasts, and very curious agriculturists who just want to figure it out.”

“and you for sure can’t find any Monsanto farm modified DNA in any of their stuff? I mean, their produce?are you sure this stuff is safe to eat?” Said Carolyn, who was picking up a dish and several utensils as she talked.

“Not only is it good ad good for you to taste good, it’s absolutely NOT ANYTHING like the old produce! I dare you to find out whether something is half egg plant, and half potato, or two thirds celery, with a hint of spinach!”

Carolyn groaned heavily. “Boy, that is way too much are you sure this isn’t perverted food growing? Isn’t everybody going to get radioactive shards in their gourmet dish?I mean, WHAT WOULD JESUS SAY? If he were here. Or, even if he weren’t?”

“Jesus would say, “shut up and eat!” “

I headed for the very delicious and cheesy eggplant Parmesan dishes, which were very popular now, now that you didn’t have to add garlic, or other spices, because they were grown right in the eggplant itself.

call us insane! Call us CRAZY! But you can still call us FULLY LEGAL, and make sure you CALL US TO DINNER!

like I said above, WHY any farmers in Eugene or this County, would ever tried to grow NATURAL and NORMAL PRODUCE? If you wanted to grow something normal, go to Massachusetts! Or Connecticut!

Eugene Oregon, and Lane and all these little farmers around had nothing to do with NATURAL!Eugene itself had nothing to do with NATURAL and NORMAL.

So it makes sense that, growing stuff and food here, should go to the SUPERNATURAL, and NONNORMAL side of the culture. I mean, who goes to Oregon to be NORMAL? I state my case.

Boris Karloff – broccoli, here we come! 🙂

(Sandraminadotty, screwing up IN  🙂  the kitchen, again, and twisting QUARKS into PRETZELS!!!.  🙂      )chaplin



OP_308.png jpg.

“I was in a trance….or I was asleep. I was asleep and dreaming, having a vision of the future of the Willamette Valley…. It was so clear, I could see all the details, every single green blade of  allergies; it was the future it was Utopia..but why was everything so real, if it was just a vision? Where was I? Was I asleep?Que es el sueno? El sueno es…/Y todo ia vida es sueno, y los suenos, suenos son.”.

(my Spanish teacher was going to kill me, if she found out I couldn’t remember the whole thing– much less understand it all.)

But what were all those tents? Where was I again? Oh yes downtown. again in Eugene, County of Lane, on the gray, moldering concrete sidewalk; it was it’s usual overcast,, smoggy,  damp atmosphere….and there were other people all ASLEEP on the sidewalks next to my shoe.the shoe with all the dog- shit   on it

also, somehow there was a tent city up here.I looked around; activists were activating, the homeless were  hibernating, , and their dogs were masturbating. Somehow the scent of no bathrooms reeked in  the air. Were they occupying? Of course! This was the way of the future!…..


and no, it wasn’t the Chinese that were buying up all the land in the United States; it was the HOMELESS who were occupying all the land in the United States, and especially this Valley.  On concrete, and next to people’s homes in tents, very intense. 

there was the mayor, (oh my God, Mayor Kitty was still MAYOR of Eugene? That woman just could not be gotten rid of! She wouldn’t even die off by herself!)  distributing flowers and bran– muffins and toilet paper, to all the grateful homeless , who had nowhere to go except next to stores, concrete sidewalks, in downtown Eugene.

YES, all the homeless were now occupying downtown Eugene, County &  Lane, Oregon; we were the central homeless CAMP of the entire United States now!

what a future.what a vision!  

From everywhere, they came,by train,, hiding under trucks, riding the rails, hiding in cargo holds of airplanes, and hitchhiking on the backs of camels. (!??!) they camped here, and most of all, they looked for bathrooms here.

 unfortunately,  recently someone had taken a dump on the sacred statue of Wayne Morse, in the  beautiful plaza, where they also had  people shopping, and the regular produce market.(can you say PEW?)in vain, they were dumped off Civic land. They were Super-Glued.  

 our extremely liberal, ultraliberal, super liberal,  Democrats were voters,so  they were still coming, by train, bus,underneath trucks; they were being ENCOURAGED to come and SQUAT.

I looked around, there was one of my friends,who had a store down town, waving a white flag, and screaming out loud “I surrender, I surrender, you can come into my shop and use the bathroom! Just don’t crap on the sidewalks anymore! The tourists are getting it on their shoes too much!”he paused for breath –” slipping on the sidewalk and suing us!”  

(WHAT tourists? They had gotten the hint long ago, and here in our future vision of the Valley, there were no more tourists to be had; they had already been HAD..)  

my friend came up to me , “hi, did you know ,in Portland, Pearl street,   they have tons of tent cities,  next to expensive houses and apartments? Why don’t they just give them the keys to the city while they’re at it?”  I replied, “I think they already did that; that’s why the burglary is going on without anybody breaking in they already have all the keys.”  

we talked about it,; “why don’t they send all the homeless to the island of Haiti, or to areas of Africa that are getting all the CHARITY?” said my friend; ” All the rich social elite are doing charity work there, if we  sent our homeless there, they’d finally get  good,  monied HELP!rich New Yorkers don’t even know that Oregon EXISTS; they think the only poor people are in Africa!”

“what are you going to do?” I replied, trying not to step on a very underfed, over drugged  yellow dog. (Was there a rehab for DOGS?) “They are Americans!”  

so are we,” said my friend, exasperated;” what are we supposed to do,  care for all homeless in the USA ? We can’t even take care of the homeless in Oregon!”he paused; “you realize, I don’t have any business downtown anymore? I have to either go out-of – business, move out of the state or move to a big mall!”  

(Suddenly,a  very drunk homeless person, not to infer that all homeless are drunks, looked at my friend, and threw up on his shoes. . Maybe he just had an upset stomach. it does wash off.come on, the guy is a human being! I mean, the shopkeeper! How many pairs of shoes does he have to buy,to keep up?) 

” This very liberal Eugene, is willing to trash its city, and county to take care of every single homeless person they can get their lily white hands on.” I said in their friends spat on the sidewalk, just missing the yellow dog

“I and the other store-owners have STOPPED PAYING OUR TAXES!”My friend said.”THAT’S our reply to this “govt.”!And you  know also,  about the “impure”farmers, and what the LAWS decided??”

“You mean the farmers growing”modified-DNA-crops & wheat here?”I answered. “It’s ILLEGAL to grow any but ORGANICALLY PURE CROPS IN THE WILLAMETTE VALLEY NOW!  

” The Law was made, NO DNA-MODIFIED SEED can be grown in the WHOLE VALLEY!  ONLY PURE ORGANIC FARMS HERE!” Even Nature was dictated to, here, and told what it could, and could not, grow.

Our PURE,ORGANIC, CLEAN reputation was at stake!!-(if you ignored the SMOG,auto-fumes, and multiple-L.A.-style-free-way systems).People even raised CHICKENS downtown,back-yards,to prove how “green” they were here.      

But how did you let the wind and Nature know, you wouldn’t put up w/any nasty cross-pollinating?was that a little egotistical?

My friend and I regarded each other;”Too much BULL-SHIT in this dumb town, “…he mumbled.”Even more than the FED.GOVT!!” “HEY, MAN, that’s saying a lot” I replied.”You’re RIGHT. I can see a monster-corupt-megalith-size govt. full of CRAP; but a dumb, lil ONE-HORSE BURG like EUGENE?!   What  MOXIE!!”  

 We both mumbled assent; expensive University of Oregon sports, gold-gilded ducks,  drunken-rich, tail-gate  fan-parties, how much MERDE could a no-account little hick-town take?  Before it turned into San Mateo or San Francisco?  

Would they ARREST all the DNA-Modified seeds and crops,  burn them along with copies of science-books, in huge bon-fires, and banish those farmers to the Okeefennokee Swamps? Along with Nature, and THE WIND, captured in a wind-sock?  

If anyone could do it, it’d be EUGENE OREGON! ”  GO DUCKS! GO-GEESE!  AND GO- CHICKENS!  GO-GO-GO-S—  YERSELF!! “

******   ****************************************************

…..”I was caught in a huge monster tail-wind, that was illegally pollinating whole-wheat, Man-Modified-DNA-ALL OVER THE ENTIRE WILLAMETTE VALLEY PURE, ORGANIC- FARM -FIELDS!!  The GREEN-POLICE-WITCHES were flying after me, on “organically-made” broom-sticks, and furious righteous anger turned them all GHASTLY GREEN!!   Oh No! They would bury me whole under a pile of RADIOACTIVE-ISOTOPES, AT OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY!!  


*************************************************************Suddenly, I was home, on my own over-stuffed, shabby-chic sofa, awake, and screaming; Carolyn was throwing ice water on me, to wake me out of my nightmare.There was Lisa,  and Debby, and the Bug-Guy who did my exterminating,the post-man, the Computer-repair-guy, the plumber, and the UPS man, all standing around me, concerned.Everyone I knew.  

 “What hoppened?”I gasped, drenched, and freezing;”Where are the GREEN ORGANIC-WITCHES on “naturally-grown” broomsticks??! Trying to send me to a radio-active grave??”I looked around.

“You had a horrible-sinus headache, and fever,” said Carolyn, trying to wipe up the water.”There no witches just a bad dream.”

“OH GREAT, “I said, completely relieved; “all those horrible things were just bad dreams; the swelling huge crowds of homeless camps downtown; the piles of smelly POOP! Those terrible TAIL- GATE PARTIES! the glass buildings on the University campus!”

I sighed heavily. “And that ridiculous law about banning all farms that tried to grow DNA modified crops in the Valley! That was all just a nightmare!”my friends looked uneasily at each other.  

“Well,” said Carolyn carefully, handing me a paper towel.”not exactly ALL. There is some, news in the wind, about trying to ban all DNA modified crops from this Valley, and even the rest of Oregon.” But she smiled; “you’re not a farmer you don’t have to worry about it!”.

“but that was just a nightmare, about all the tent citys downtown of all the homeless?and all the lack of latrines? And the starving dogs wandering around all over? And the starving people wandering around all over?and the misbegotten goo on the statue of Wayne Morse? that WAS just a bad dream wasn’t it?” I asked hopefully.

all my friends and fellow mail carriers, all looked at each other and at me hesitantly.(what happened to the Federal Express delivery guy? Why wasn’t he here?)”we are in a very bad RECESSION,” said the UPS guy gently.

“I know that,” I said, getting excited; “but what about all that other crap? I can’t believe that it’s a nightmare, it can’t be – it is not a true vision of the future of Eugene!”  

I looked around at the pale faces. “That’s not really true? How the hell are you going to stop the wind from cross pollinating crops? Even God can’t do that! So you think organic liberals are going to be able to? Although I wouldn’t put it past them to try.

“Where’s mother nature when you need her, to distribute lots of fatal auto accidents?!.” somebody else in the room murmured, “especially with the horrible driving in this town,it’s a rare day, when there’s not crack up on the belt line.”  

everybody else murmured agreement. There was too much murmuring and too much mumbling, and I couldn’t believe my NIGHTMARE was REAL!  

“don’t worry honey, I’ve got some hot milk with cocoa in it for you, and your Kitty is here she’s worried about you.” Said Carolyn kindly.( Meow meow meow!) “, honey it doesn’t do any good to worry about what’s going on in this Valley, or downtown, or in Oregon. There’s just no way to beat City Hall.” 

The others all agreed; “ain’t no way, to go and cross the Mayor;” said the mailman tersely.” That woman will never get out of office, no matter who votes WHO in. You just can’t get rid of her!”.– “short of shooting her in the head some dark night,yuck yuck yuck!” Chuckled the bug guy.

“now, dear,” said Carolyn, tucking me in with a nice warm quilt, “it’s all not as bad as you think. Forcing organic crop growing on people, and our farmers ain’t really so bad.after all, it’s good for them!” She continued.” And all those thousands of homeless, they have to have some place to go don’t they? Even if it’s downtown Eugene..”

“but can’t you guys see,” I tried to tell them, anxiously, “everybody has the right to grow the type of crops they want, despite the fact that the wind doesn’t give  a shit who and what it cross- pollinates, on anybody or anything; and there’s no way to remain AGRICULTURALLY PURE no matter what you do! and as for welcoming the entire population of homeless, to go camp downtown in Portlands expensive neighborhood, well that’s just STUPID!”

Everybody else laughed and chuckled,because they already knew; STUPID was Oregon’s middle name! How could I go against that?  🙂

(sincerely, waking up to the nightmare in Eugene, Oregon,Sandraminadotty, a relative of Sicilian natives and old Venetian family, casting my fate to the wind!” OOOH-HA–GO-DUCKS–SUCK!!” “BEAVERS BE DAMNED!” )  🙂

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 AND TO MARY, AT “San Francisco Gem and Mineral Society”, beading teacher, and knitting teacher!! and her partner Sandi!!WHO ALL HAVE GIVEN ME NECESSARY SUPPORT!  AND MY CAT, BELLA!  SWEETIE!   🙂  WHO IS MY WONDERFUL KITTY!!   (i FORGOT TO MENTION, CHABAD.COM  ONLINE   AND “GOD”  )

“WHY DID MY TAXES GO UP 100 %?!!”True Stories of Universal MED.CARE Nations:”(blog)Eugene,OR




It started with my friend Carolyne bitching about her tax return;”@!!&#!&*_+#%$*??!”she swore,looking at it;”They cut my tax-return 75 %!!My taxes went way up! Why?!”

I said,”Did you read the online-details of the affordableCareAct–I mean, TAX?””NO, why would I?”  “It says, right in there, everyone’s taxes will go up,a big percentage, attached to the Act, to pay for it.” “He never said that! I make 9 bucks an hr.!”

“Got news for you;”I returned,”My friend’s husband in Michigan?Who only gets free-lance,part-time work? Who’s pay is so low, he’s eligible for welfare  & food-stamps?l

“Their taxes are a $5,000. so high, IRS is taking it outta his pay &  her disability check.They are LOW-INCOME, and the new taxes are huge on THEM.They have to get  permission now,from the IRS to keep any cash to live on.These are people who run out of food before the end of the month!

“They have to go to a food pantry, and  THOSE only let you come a couple times now. She goes  to a clinic in the black-ghetto, no one else will take her Medicare! –where all the welfare-blacks go.They both have college educations.–and he can’t get a job! So he gets piece-work.  YOU DON’T even have a college degree, they have less than YOU.”

That shut Carolyne up; the news that college grads were on food stamps, and now THEY were paying big taxes on tiny salaries.”Obama had no control over the IRS,” SHE mumbled.

“Hey, WHO WILL PAY FOR THE BIG NEW TAX?” i asked her.”There is no middle-class to take the brunt of it. THERE IS NO middle-class;  there’s no middle-class JOBS!  ALL THE WORKING AND LOW INCOME get taxed more now too!”




“You think the 1 % will pay for this? They have tax-shelters, tax attorneys, and they are TOO  BIG for the IRS TO CATCH.THEY OWN the fed. govt.! WHY would they pay for this? People who WORK are  paying for ALL of this! And old people on Medicare! Hospitals; clinics, ect. THEY are getting cut!!–to pay for some stranger’s Obamacare!”

“You don’t have to get upset,” said Carolyne.”Oh yeah? Cause there won’t be any MONEY LEFT in Medicare for us on social security?No one will give ME a job, at my age!! I’m going to end up at the clinic where all the welfare indigent and illegal aliens go, there  will be no hospital clinics! The hospital is busted, it has to fire 500 employees! The -money is going to Obamacare instead!” I paused, in my swami-routine

;”I see…I will be paying cash, in the future “I mumbled.”My magic senses see the future,,shit on tthe future.”

I got heated; “They already have so few DOCTORS, we have to wait MONTHS, and go to drop in clinics instead! At least you have KAISER, from work, you lucky dog! I wish I had it!I’d sweep streets to get it!” “But you got Medicare!!”  “Which is like saying, “but you have scraps off the table! Why are you whining?” ” Most doctors REFUSE TO TAKE MEDICARE.”

We were already getting into a “quality of care” argument; I started with, “In northern California, only the county health dept. clinic will take Medicare, no other doctors.You go to the same place illegal aliens, bums, and indigent go to.If you need psychiatric, forget it, they GOT RID of it! unless yer rich.”

“At least you HAD some place to go.” said Carolynne. “My 90 yr. old mom didn’t  like getting dragged there, while we listened to Mexicans in the waiting room, brag they had been in prison, and killed people!”

“Ugh,”moaned Carolyne,  “Your husband always made good money,I said.”You got spoiled.” “Well, he sure dumped me”, said she, depressed.”Welcome to the working world of dumped wives w/kids.”I said. “How do you like making so much less money than men?”  “I don’t like it,” she grumped.”I tried to get into the same blue-collar trade, they don’t hire women.”   “Yeah, the pink-collar ghetto,”I snickered.”Its not going away.”


“WHAT middle-class?? duh?”  ***


“How come your disabled college friend couldn’t get better jobs?”asked Carolyne finally,”While she was still working?”  “She was over 6 ft., and kept gaining weight up to 400 lbs; she was finally diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease,out of control,and diabetes,and COPD;she ccouldn’t get any jobs that big–except those dangerous  jobswith criminal kids.”  “Oh, crap,”sighed Carolyne.”At least her husband stuck by her.”

“Yes,”I said, “her poor worn out husband who can’t get a real job.”We had gotten no where, trying to prove who had the least, and came to the the conclusion, 1. govt politicians got it; 2. the IRS got it; 3. the 1 percent got it; 4.the Obamas really got it! 5, all the big politicians got it; 6. the big corporations all got it; and 7. all the rest of US DON’T GOT NOTHING.We got stuck w/the BILL

. Which kind of said, if money for Obamacare would depend on all of us broke ones, the future of ..Obamacare would run out of MONEY.

You can’t wring Obama-taxes out of dead-broke corpses.They proved that, in concentration camps in WW2 Germany.The Nazis even knew that! They didn’t tax them to live in pograms.(sorry rabbi, bad joke.)

  That was SO DEAD, it KILLED the audience! (groan.)

It was a good thing I didn’t belong to a temple now, so they couldn’t throw me out.”Look,” I said to Carolyne;”This is research I got, from experts; I wanta publish it on a blog”Well, if it helps, do it,”she replied.”Friends?” “Sure”,we made up..::)

(Here is research–info. given to this blog, from a professional researcher about true accts. with universal health-care nations, and how those medical systems are doing now; I have reduced the info. to Canada and Britain, and very short brief report, for space.thank you—Sandraminadotty, in Eugene OR.USA.

“Dear Sir; I have talked to many people online and phone,and in person who live in Canada, Britain, and other countries that have “‘universal healthcare insurance.” these are the brief results generally from my findings.

“In Toronto, Canada, its possible SOMETIMES to get health treatment,surgery,you need, but you must wait MANY MONTHS OR EVEN YEARS because there are VERY FEW DOCTORS.(they are all in private clinics that take cash.)You can DIE WAITING for necessary surgery,or vital treatment.DITTO all Canada areas.

“Wealthy people all go to private clinics,or go to the USA.Most people DO NOT GET TREATMENTS THEY NEED. Or, if they do, it is DONE INCORRECTLY,and some doc in the US has to correct it.( from true stories.)

” Generally,In both Canada and Britain most expensive MEDICAL EQUIPMENT is worn out,old,does not often work.There is not enough money to replace them.People who need them,are shipped across the border  to US HOSPITALS for that..Lots of Canadians go to Bellingham WA, to see doctors,and pay cash.(true stories)

” Canadians working in the US, told me,”Everyone jumped on national health care system when it began, it was over-whelmed, and it COLLAPSED;there was NOT ENOUGH MONEY.And there were NEVER ENOUGH DOCTORS ANYMORE.everyone goes to the US,who has money.Rich people always get care,cuz they are rich; not everyone else(from true incidents)

“An American student going to college in Canada,broke her ankle,and they SET IT WRONG;she had to go home,US, get on her dad’s insurance,and they had to reset it over,here.(yes, I knew them; true incident.)”

“In Britain, if you fracture your finger, you could wait 8 hrs. in the ER, AND then,there is no specialist-doc to fix it–a 3 to 6 week wait.they tie yer finger to a popsicle stick.(taken from many true incidents) and they PAY MONEY FOR THIS. Everyone pays thousands of dollars a year to the govt.

“These and many others are all TRUE STORIES from patients-research  in Canada and Britain, on universal healthcare. notably, they have FEW DOCTORS ANYMORE.–ESPECIALLY SPECIALISTS. i am sorry I cannot give you the complete, huge mass of my research, but you do not have enough space.I have to boil it down to over-all generalities .

I have found that much RICHER PEOPLE ALMOST ALWAYS GET GOOD PRIVATE CARE. NO ONE ELSE HAS ANY CHANCE, OF GETTING THE SAME,WHO IS NOT RICH OR IMPORTANT even in nations with national health-care… The  GOVT. does makes you pay,even if you get no services. “

–Independent  researchers)

Yes, I know, how come I can’t give the NAMES OF THE  PEOPLE RESEARCHING? It has to do with LIABILITY.

I was informed that when large university research-centers come up with results from many medically-related studies, they cannot publically come out and give it to the NEWS MEDIA, they can get SERIOUSLY SUED –and the universities can’t  afford the huge insurance to protect themselves, Just like DOCTORS!!  

You have to have enough MONEY. IF you are only university-research centers, even if  yer BRILLIANT, you are VULNERABLE.

 Big fat corporations or ect. BIG FAT pharmaceuticals might get BUGGED AT YOU.–OR Liberal-left-wing-govt. agencies,OR politcally-powerful parties ect ect.  

You just can’t come out and tell truths or research results–you might be stepping on someone’s big fat TOES.

Face it, people hate the truth, it’s so UNPLEASANT.

For example, if I had come out, and testified that UC MEDICAL CENTER, RESEARCH,on Parnassus Ave, in San Francisco, had come up with the following two discoveries–

–The main reason for the huge epidemic of breast cancer in women, in the USA, is the activity of gasoline in the air, where the molecules of it react to the hormones in women’s breasts, and the combo of the 2 likely will give that female human breast cancer, you’d probably say to me,–

–“I  don’t believe it, cause if it did, or was going on, that Susan-whatchamacallit-women’s breast cancer research center would have discovered it by now!! –the one getting all those MILLIONS OF BUCKS TO RESEARCH BREAST CANCER–and they would STOP ASKING FOR MORE AND MORE MILLIONS TO GIVE TO THEM!! CUZ they would TELL EVERYONE to STOP DRIVING CARS!!”

  SURE they would. SURE!!  YOU betcha, ladies.

And if I had told you that the same research center had studies of mental patients on Lithium, had revealed that the patients who had HERPES, had completely gotten rid of them, and the symptoms, with time. and further tests showed that Herpes can be cured with Lithium, over time, and Big Pharma should look into this, (instead of putting people on life-time herpes-symptoms meds,which is making Big Pharma rich,)—you’d say to me,

–“They wouldn’t lie about that, they are responsible Pharma-corporations! If its so true, how come Wiki-leaks hasn’t Wiki-leaked those 2 things to the world??! They are NOT afraid of consequences, like getting “hit” or anything!!  They’re not afraid of Ninjas sneaking in, some dark night!  That’s silly!!  Nah!  You are full of BS, Sandramina!!” 

Yes, dear reader, all the big oil companies and huge car companies would all start making ELECTRIC  CARS, cause WOMENS’ LIVES are so important to them!  

So none of that could be true!And Susan WHATCHAMACALIT-“pink ribbon “-multi-million dollar foundation would halt THEIR research, and stop accepting all that dough!! They’d be glad to!!-

And no one would call their attorneys, and start suing any university-research-centers for LIABLE!

 (of course not.)


When they sang, “Money makes the world go round/world go round/world go round/Money makes the world go round!” in Berlin, they were KIDDING.

The Germans then were such BIG KIDDERS! HA HA. WW2  was just a PRACTICAL JOKE that got OUTTA HAND. YA.

So, because those Germans then and Japanese were ALL such Big KIDDERS, you  know that I’M KIDDING; and nothing I have and others have, spilled, on this site, could possibly be TRUE. NO WAY!! 

We know that all  people are NICE GUYS, they all HATE  WAR, they DO NOT CARE ABOUT MONEY, they ALWAYS tell you the TRUTH, and you can TRUST all yer nations’ govts. to NEVER LIE TO YOU.

You can go to beddy-bye tonight,with yer teddy-bear,  feel safe and secure, know that NWO (New World Order) is a silly urban legend, and all the huge rich corporations STAY OUT of govt. politics, never BRIBE or DO EVIL THINGS; and  the media in the US NEVER CENSORS or  DISTORTS the NEWS.

-and that ALL PRESIDENTS are GODS.They are Saints!! THOSE are nasty gossip, just the way EVERYTHING on this site is.

You CANNOT TAKE FOR TRUTH anything that you read here, it is all just a BIG JOKE.

Eugene Oregon has sun, light, heat, and cloudless blue-sky, and even cantloupe grow here!  It is JUST LIKE CALIFORNIA!!

Excuse  me while I go pick a ripe peach, some ripe cherries, and have it with NANCY’S HOME-MADE YOGURT.  YUMM!!   🙂

(Sandraminadotty picking that warm, juicy peach, in my back-yard, in Eugene, Oregon, the HEALTHIEST PLACE ON EARTH! )  :

(“Don’t you think that was all a little harsh o yer readers?”said Carolyne to me, reading the research results up above.” “Yeah, I expect it was,” I replied.”Prepare em for the worst, due to the facts; but hope for the BEST. ALWAYS HOPE. But still be prepared for the possible worst.I do not have my brain buried in the sand; that’s dangerous.” Carolyne and  I both agreed on that. Adieu! )  🙂






AND “ASK OUR BLOG” QUESTIONS-AND-ANSWERS ABOUT HOW THE NEW INVESTORS  COULD AFFECT CONDITIONS IN EUGENE,OREGON, U.S.A. BY THE WRITERS OF “WHAT-TO-DO-WHILE-THE-PLANET-DIES”-BLOG”waving_sparks_by_nice_spice-d4o2e7r 2344905a8enfa3xpy since there is a lot of buying and more buying of United States land by Russia and mainland China, everybody in Eugene Oregon is thinking “maybe this means we will finally have jobs here in this county..”after all, the other Nick name of Eugene is “the People’s Republic of Eugene”.securedownload.gifsunandcloudsemote How could our new owners of property in the USA, not come to Eugene Oregon, buy up all our devalued property and homes, and not give us fabulous prices for it?cookieteaseplz anybody who has ever seen Chinese buyers anywhere in any big city, out buying things, already has an idea of how the Chinese buy.they are always looking for a bargain, and they will not overpay you for something, if they can figure out how to underpay you. after all, we are talking about some of the most clever, brilliant, and sharp business people in the entire world. Yes, the Chinese. Many people have known this for hundreds of years, it is nothing new. so it is not unreasonable for those working people and middle-class people (who are still left in Oregon) to wonder how this new boom of Chinese investment and Chinese ownership of much land in the United States (also Russia has been doing the same thing) is going to effect employment of Americans (you know, those white people who were already born here? And also other minorities races who were already born in America?) eatflyingheartagain love062ndcandyman omfg betterchef (1) knitt2!cid_19_3218548504@web142503_mail_bf1_yahoo consider the following letters that were written to this blog, asking these questions:

“Dear “what to do while the planet dies blog”: anotherstove stor07

can you please tell me, what kind of employment in the future United States and the present, my daughters will run into, now that the Chinese are buying up the whole country? How are they with women as employers? – – Sincerely, “anxious mother in Eugene Oregon””

“dear “anxious mother in Eugene”: rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

well, you have to look at the culture of the Chinese male.if you listen and read young female Chinese writers in America, they say that the whole Chinese family is very antifeminist, and always wants boys. Also they only want to educate boys. They do not favor daughters, they discriminate against them and consider them inferior. “many young female Chinese writers are very bitter, about looks like Chinese men are just as chauvinist, or even more so, than American men. In which case, female employment in the United States is going to get even worse than it used to be. It is very likely that the huge wave of Chinese coming into the United States is definitely going to affect women in a negative way. Especially in employment. “of course, I could always be wrong but I suggest you read a lot of young female Chinese writers, and get their opinions. Don’t just base your opinion on my advice alone.– – sincerely, “what to do while the planet dies blog” happygermanyflag

“dear “what to do while the planet dies blog”: rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

“how do the Chinese that are going to move into the United States and also own all the land here, treat their employees in their own country? Are they good employers? And do they pay very well? Sincerely, “wondering about wages and working conditions in Eugene


“dear wondering about wages:”  securedownload.gifverygoodemoteatcomputer

“it is strange but  the very rich Chinese who who are making the most money, often have other Chinese hired almost as slaves in their factories. This is not a good sign. Definitely. You have to remember that China is not a democracy or republic of any kind, it is a type of dictatorship, or multiple – dictatorship by a small group at the top. (Yes, that is called an oligarchy, and it is similar to ours.)

“However, the difference between the American oligarchy government, and the Chinese oligarchy government is quite big. “Americans still have a lot of freedom left (at the present moment) and the only reason is, is because our government federal is in huge turmoil, Congress hates Democrats, Democrats hate Republicans, and they are all engaged in selling us out to other countries.doing this is keeping them very busy for the time being.  amused “and so far, because of the NRA, and a lot of very suspicious Americans, most Americans in the United States are still allowed to own fire arms. (or rather, they absolutely insist on owning them despite what any Obama says or Democrats say or do.)With the advent of more Chinese rule, that would definitely change and if you wanted to own firearms you might have to do it underground.

“once the Chinese and the Russians have bought up all our land, many moved here, and firmly entrench themselves (if they haven’t already very quietly) our freedoms will be greatly is true that in Oregon, quite a few Oregonians own firearms, and know how to use them, even females,

“one of the reasons is, Oregon is still wildly patriotic about one of their main freedoms: the right to keep and bear arms. “the other reason is, Lane County, Eugene, and Oregon in general, have a lot of crime, property crime burglary murder, violence, and anything else criminal you can think if you don’t own a firearm of some type here, at least at home to protect yourself from burglary, you are not a real Oregonian.

“That perhaps is one of the main reasons why  trying to take over the United States militarily, instead of economically, might be a little touchy. Even I would not want to try going up against very angry and ballistic Oregonians, who get as angry as the first colonists over taxes and freedom, and take to their firearms.  hunter

“But to answer your question, no, I doubt that there are any unions of employees in China. Honest. There seems to be huge discrimination between the very rich Chinese employers, and the majority of the very poor Chinese employees.

“I hope this answers your question. Good luck.

“sincerely, “what to do while the planet dies – blog”.

“dear “what to do while the planet dies – blog: rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

“can you tell me how the Chinese feel about vegetarians, vegans, organic food, environmentalism, “greenness”, conservation, and the ecology of the land? Do they do this in their own country? How is China now, as far as its ecology and environment?


sincerely, “big on organic vegans and the environment”, in Eugene Oregon”

“dear “big on organic”:rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

“I had to take an hour or so to quit laughing, before I could answer your letter. choclatehyper

“If you haven’t been watching any news either here on the web, or anywhere else, or been reading about the ecology presently of China, then I don’t know if I can really inform you fully. You would probably have to see photographs of it, and first-person witnesses who write about it. burnyouupstor02

“Or, you could start reading lots of horror and watch monster movies, and watching particularly those movies about the end of the world. Does the few words “Brown AIR” mean anything to you? If it doesn’t, you should probably get hip to the news about China’s environment on the web. There’s plenty of it to go around.

“I am just glad that my father, who was born and raised in China, as a boy, and was bilingual with Mandarin and English, cannot see China as it exists now. It would depress him even more than he usually was. – If dead people can get any more depressed. China was very very different in his day. Much CLEANER.”

“good luck with your environment, here’s hoping it holds out.” michaelmyersstab

“Sincerely, writer of “what to do while the planet dies – blog” in Eugene Oregon”

“Dear “what to do while the planet dies – blog:rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

can you tell me, is there a huge difference or not between the cultures of the United States and mainland China? Is there going to be a big “cultural revolution” here, and affect the usual American cultures? Do the Chinese like pizza? Do they like beer? And all the other things about the differences between our two cultures?”

“Sincerely, “open to new and exotic cooking cultures”, in Eugene Oregon”happygomoteflower

“dear “new and exotic cooking cultures”:rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

“I think that the biggest difference you will be aware of, between American culture and mainland Chinese culture, is our observance towards authority and authority figures. Over in China, you do not go against authority; you do not speak against it. If you do, there are severe consequences if you speak out against the government or anything having to do with the government, or its laws or rules, or do any protesting openly. eekIMOattack horror04

“I don’t think you have to worry about the cooking. If you can afford to eat, here, in the future, that’s the biggest thing you have to worry  about food.if you can make enough money to still afford to eat. That’s already a problem here.since the majority of the Chinese coming here, will be fanatically rich, and able to buy anything they want here, I expect the prices of food and other consumer goods might go way up. miserable

“The only other thing I can say about the differences between mainland China culture, and United States, is that the Chinese are very private people, and do not usually show their feelings or emotions in public. It is considered uncivilized. In the old world of China, you would lose face. #2frankenstein

“In fact, one of the biggest concerns of Chinese culture, is to not allow yourself, or your family, to get in the position of “losing face.” Rather, being humiliated,embarrassed, or somehow losing your reputation, or in any way being made a fool of in far as traditional China went, that was a horrible bad thing, to “lose face”. I am not sure how it is in modern China, but I don’t think they have completely lost that tradition. coverface2ignore

“I suppose you could compare the Chinese “losing face” to the loss of reputation of major politicians, when they are caught in sex scandals of some kind. it’s kind of similar.both of them are considered very bad for the individual or family. And, it could ruin you. newbeatingheartfiredevil

“Although, in the United States, now,it is starting to be almost “hip” to be a politician or leader, who has been caught in huge sex scandals in public, and if you can survive it, it really makes a name for you. What we used to say “there is no such thing as bad publicity in the US.”I doubt that this is the same as China. Over there, if you get very bad face,you might also lose your head. Physically.”talkoncellphonesecuredownloadlicking supergirl2flirt walkinginlovewithaghost!cid_20130424022231_7854maild0@gmx  signideaaniideaemote _jigglypuffattack__by_Edme

“I hope this gives you a little information on the difference in our cultures. Maybe modern China is a little bit more like ours, but I sincerely doubt it.”wub.giflovegif

– Yours, very sincerely, the writer of “what to do while the planet dies – blog” in Eugene Oregon

“dear “what to do while the planet dies– blog”:rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

“how do the Chinese feel about sex, do they approve of it, or are they very puritanical? Also, how do they feel about religion?”

“, sincerely, “likes sex a lot in Eugene Oregon”anotheranotherlovemakingwithcondom act07

“dear “likes sex a lot”:

“as you can tell, the Chinese like sex quite a lot; look at their population. However, public display, or public content that has a lot of sex in it, is probably very forbidden. I do believe that it is still considered a decadent instrument of capitalism and the United States.

“We do know that the Japanese like sex quite a bit, and there is a lot of paying for sex, and getting it that goes on. I suspect the same thing happens in China, however, more underground.they might seem very puritanical on the surface, but that’s just the surface.

“As for religion, did you know that that is a communist country? Religion is not okay in a communist country. ALL RELIGION.the communist state is considered the only legal religion in China.

“If you thought that the Romans were cruel to Christians, then I suppose China’s opinion about religion is pretty close to that.I would start preparing to have UNDERGROUND RELIGION now, just in case.

 “Sincerely,shaking my head in sympathy, the writer of “what to do while the planet dies – blog”

“Dear “Planet–ect:” “How do you advise we Americans born here,now,and our kids, to best adapt to the huge new changes going on in the USA now?What would you do?”

—sincerely,”American parents in Eugene, Oregon,Really Confused”

“Dear Really Confused:

“It is natural for you as parents to be alarmed as huge amts. of Chinese and rich Russians literally buy up property,land,in the USA.I should say”don’t panic and move out of the country fast,to Romania”.

“Anyhow, you probably can’t; getting any citizenship or green card to live in a far,better-off country would be hard, unless you are very wealthy.Even Canada does not want Americans now.

“Maybe in South America, an American family could get lost. Not a great place, or stable,even  for wealthy Americans.Average Americans?Sigh!!

” Maybe you could work for a drug cartel,or join a Contra,or rebel-against-govt,-junta, and live a dangerous life.Move to most primative  areas of Alaska, or some areas of the Deep South that has few people,or civilization. Marry one of their cousins, and make illegal liquor; blend in.Stop being middle-class. Adopt a new accent. See tight jeans as formal wear.

“Whatever it takes to SURVIVE,when you  are a citizen of Ancient Rome,the slaves have all revolted, and the Goths and Visi-Goths are poring over the borders, ready to kill, loot, and rape.–or just buy all of Rome,and move in by the HORDES.

“You might read up on how peoples of conquered nations survived individually,and as small groups,families. How they survived psychologically. Study Mandarin.

“I do know that China itself for ages, was invaded and taken over, and it is said, the country and peoples survived by ABSORBING ITS ENEMIES. Surviving WW2 under the Japanese, left China with hatred eternally for Japan, to this day.

“Absorbing the enemy rather than openly repulsing them, is similar to a tree bending in a storm rather than being rigid, breaking. But you must be realistic about what this involves;your invader has weaknesses,and imperfections too,and they are still human beings.

“Reading about old China, and how it survived, and how the Jewish race survived, even without a country,is very instructive,Books on India and Ghandi are also good.

“This is not the first huge civilization to be  taken over, with it’s govt. castrated and it’s peoples left in dire straits;Learn from HISTORY!! History is a great teacher.  Talk to, or read accts. of exiles,and immigrants forced thru massive changes.

“Much of the world is also upset by “World Climate Change”and that also affects the balances of nations and peoples.There are no sure answers for Americans, and I advise all to stick together, and take care of each other.Find your basic community strength as well as you can.

“. Forget GLOBAL, keep to LOCAL. ” Try to remember that all human beings are alike at the core, and this can enable you..

“And “When the going gets tough, the TOUGH get going.” They exist, even in Eugene, Oregon. Don’t believe it, ask an old-timer, or a Native!!  Many of THEM survived eons of ENDLESS RAIN.”

—SINCERELY, “what-to-do-while-the-planet-dies-Blog”, Trying to hang together in one piece. (Sandraminadotty in Eugene Oregon)


(Art-work on this blog has been purchased from Oregon artists, and most of the emoticons have been made by “” and  ) 🙂