489.png simple dark ocean

(portrait of the Pacific Ocean and clouds, local Oregon artist)

here it was,a day or so after Memorial Day, at the end of May and lo and behold; it went and rained for several days. Wonderful! We sure need the water. Not joking. But anyhow there were Carolyn and I, sitting around not doing anything, when we saw the advertisements for the local movie festival, international shorts, and animated shorts, and the cost was about $10 for one afternoon, and $15 for one evening. That was a lot of money taoemo

“where the hell do they think we are, California?” Said Carolyn, nastily. “Everybody here is either very rich or very poor, nothing in between. But most of us can’t afford $15 for an evening of short movies.” “Yeah,” I replied, as we sat there and swilled our tea. Meanwhile, the huge development next-door of cheap little houses, next to me was still going on, although it had paused for the rain. I would soon be hunting up somebody to put up barbed wire fences on my side, right next to them to keep all the hordes of swarming new inhabitants on their side – – along with their kids and dogs.and problems. I had enough of my own._boxer__by_jSepia

“You know”, I said to Carolyn, musing,” I do need to buy a shotgun. I mean, one of those you don’t have to aim very well when they burglarize you, and several people come in; guys tell me, you don’t have to aim a shotgun, you just pointed in their direction and pull the trigger – several times. I know I know, it’s still not legal to saw it off, just don’t let them catch you with it.” “They used to have shotguns at Bi-Mart,” returned Carolyn, bored.2ndcandyman

“Yes,” I said, “but how is that going to look on my tombstone? “This person was armed by Bi-Mart”! That’s no kind of a eulogy! That’s like saying, everything you buy from the NRA was manufactured in China!”_kick__by_Mr_Jaunty

and the last thing you need, for protection, is a firearm that was made in China. I think that’s an oxymoron. Or some kind of moron!   anyhow, on to our vital subject of the day.chut.gifarguewithcop

“I picked up an old movie I bought, long time ago, and it was sitting in the dust of my closet,” said Carolyn, grabbing her purse,” because I knew we’d be bored today. It’s called “they shoot horses don’t they?” and it has Jane Fonda in Michael Sarazen in it.I don’t think I ever watched it.”cowboyshootsterb255

“okay,” I said, looking at the DVD; and turning to pop it into the viewer. “This is supposedly set in the 30s during the depression, and it’s the story of, from the book, people in a dance marathon; which then was a way of making a living, or winning some money; all these very famished and broke people, were in this dance contest, with a partner, to see who could last the longest; (they had an audience who paid to get into see them suffer) and a couple that lasted the longest, outlasted everyone else, they got $700 apiece. (According to the story.)”horber95.gifblackcritter

“You can take this story as the direct , straight story from the book. And you can analyze that, as I had parents myself who went through the depression, couldn’t find work, got really broke, and my mom dad lost his farm, could pay for the mortgage, and had a heart attack. It was really rough for ordinary people during the depression. A lot of people lost everything.arhh

Just like now!onemore2lovegun

(well, according to technicality, that was a “DEPRESSION”, where everything FELL – – including all the prices of everything, everything in the country FELL. The stock market FELL. There was NOTHING LEFT.bettermichaelmyersstab

“now, what we have now is a “RECESSION” which is very much like a DEPRESSION. Although technically it’s a recession, because there are still VERY HI PRICES, all the other characteristics of the depression hit this era. No jobs, no companies, no industry, everybody going broke, all the businesses going broke.lots of people are homeless (yes, during the depression, lots of people became homeless, “hobos”, people who rode the rails, looking for jobs in every state, and camped outdoors.)morechainedlove

“Yes, indeed they had homeless!people starved. a good example is the movie about the boy who became a jockey, and rode a famous horse; his family had given him up, they couldn’t even feed him or house him.)People who had saved, or invested, got a letter in the mail saying they had lost everything.(that is very similar to what economically has happened now. People’s investments failing completely.)ghostcomestogetyou horror03

“why are you getting into this economics explanation now?!” Moaned Carolyn. “This is a movie!” “Yes, but I have to give the background, because people who have never been through a real depression, don’t understand what it’s like. It’s like DEATH. There is no hope. In fact, the depression only lifted, when the United States went into World War II, produced lots of armaments, airplanes, bombs, firearms, soldiers, ships in the shipyards, and everything else that made the economy boom.

“That is how we got out of the depression. WAR.”swordfightpiratecost01.  t9307.gifromancandlefireworksnewrighthandzombiechase.submarinecomplexkillsterb037“it doesn’t seem to be doing much for us now,” groused Carolyn; “we go into  war after war after war, and it never ends, the economy just gets worse!” “I’m glad you mentioned that,” I said. this is a  different situation. World War II was temporary, it lasted quite a few years.firegunkillsterb082

“Now, we have endless war. Because, we are warring for all oil, as are all the other countries competing for the last  resources of oil! And that becomes an endless war.” “This is getting to be a history and economics lesson,” mentioned Carolyn. “Now can we get onto the movie, since we know what the depression was like?” “Of course, sorry for becoming a schoolteacher again.” I said._raincloud__rvmp_by_bad_blood.

BUT, here are the characters in “they shoot horses don’t they?” One of the couples is a man and his wife and she is very pregnant; the Jane Fonda character, who’s very broke and desperate, and Michael  Serrazin-character, who’s also young and broke, and a couple of other characters; imagine them all in a horrible carnivallike noise, and dance floor, with a dance band, and the manager yelling constantly “YOWZA, YOWZA!!”. And they are not allowed to stop dancing, except for a few breaks. They even have to eat standing up and dancing._spins__by_elicoronel16

Grueling, exhausting, painful, desperate; and being watched by an audience, who paid to get in to see them suffer. Everyone running, trying to keep from being eliminated, and being the last couple to win the huge prize. Jane Fonda’s character is our viewpoint, of a hopeless life, characterized by nothing but struggle, and, as she comments “I never win! I always lose!”_pottydance__by_psivamp  gangnam  dancetogether

Her efforts to get into the movies, are stymied by unapproachable casting department; in other words, she knows that life is rigged for her to lose – ahead of time. No matter what she does, it’s all planned out for her to fail, struggle desperately, and be miserable. And all these desperate couples, dancing as if their lives depended on it, have nothing else, no place to live, no jobs, even the three meals a day are better than nothing.eatburger200

That is a good picture of the Depression, but it’s also a picture of life itself.the Moody, dark, and maddening atmosphere of the dance contest, condemns everyone to die (red buttons character literally dies on the dance floor) lose and be thrown out of the dance contest, or, like the cute little British actress, get all her makeup, her belongings and all her dresses stolen– – and go mad. Even the boss himself, is cynical and dishonest, rigging the dance contest to fail even for the winners.  Don__t_be_angry_bunneh_by_Droneguard childplay  morelargeblindstor13

Michael Serrazin, who is Jane’s dancing partner, tries relentlessly to be optimistic; at one point, dancing alone, he struggles to stay in the sunshine coming from the open broken window onto the dance floor; but inevitably as the sun moves, the sunlight retreats. One of the Jane Fonda’s character’s biggest pains, is watching the pregnant woman refuse to quit the contest, insisting on having the baby eventually, and keeping it. Jane asks her “if you keep the baby how are you going to feed it?” And the husband growls at her, and looks threatening, but refuses to answer her question.and Jane sneers and growls back, “sure, bring another little sucker into this world!”  lovestoryof couple love08

the moviemakers, and the books author view the world in this way, and it is true; most of life is hard, miserable, struggling and desperate for most people in the world. You work and work hard, and in the end, you’re left with nothing. That indeed was the lesson of the depression; life is rigged for you to fail ahead of time, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So how you handle it, is up to you. You can optimistically view it as some day turning a corner in your favor. Or you can view it as something you want to stay with, despite the difficulty,because the alternative is to give up, and LEAVE.– and staying alive, is pretty much all you have. The alternative is final. Just as the end of the movie is. (And we will not give away the ending)”_jigglypuffattack__by_Edme   strip03.gif hulagirl animal02.gif blakkat

“wow,” side Carolyn, as the last credits roll at the end of the film; “that was really depressing and sad! But you’re right, it was a very good movie.” And she added, “thank you for not explaining and telling the whole story, and the ending, and just writing it down for your blog. Boy do I need a lot of really sweet ice cream with fudge on after that!” “You’re right, it’s a good movie,” I replied, looking in my coin purse; “which fast food outlets you want to hit? Where is that place over in Springfield? At midnight they have super fudge Sunday’s or something?” “I think that’s only on Saturday,” replied Carolyn. “Don’t worry, this is Eugene they’ve got plenty of fast food and bad food sugar oil and fat and carbs; this is not the fish  capital of the world anymore.” bierfass00.gif beer barrell

(Sandraminadotty, signing off from this Pacific North West Film Festival Classic, on the search for the Eugene Typical Food Palate– not organic vegetables and BEET-CAKE!! OR spirulina, black pop-corn and gluten-free bread!  Carl’s Junior, Taco Time, BEER, French Fries, and double-cheese-burger-whoppers!!deadwater.gif zombie







As usual, Caroline and I were wondering what food to buy for our bingo night; and despite the cold weather, we were sitting on my doorstep, watching the people go by all bundled up, walking their dogs, occasionally saying hi (despite the fact that I didn’t know any of them.)

I was confused about that part; Eugene was never an easily friendly town, long ago, you had to join a  church to make friends or else nobody touched you with a 10 foot pole. So, you just got religious.or, you chatted about gardening a lot. (Which we did here because the weather was great for it.).Let’s just say this was always a “cold” town;we had a few very nice friends,but generally Eugene was CHILLY.

Now it was crazy and wierd, and very “PC”; not an improvement.We often compensated by choosing our friends with “great discrimination”,carefully, and older Oregon natives had the inside track  cuz they were pretty nice usually.–lots of ex-working class, and past lumber careers.

Ok, we discriminated!Don’t tell me people don’t it every day, in every single way, and they don’t feel bad about it, either; they go deaf when they get hit up for “one more needy person, with one more poor dog “asking for one more hand-out, and that’s the millionth this week. 

There ARE limits! “I have an old bus pass, would that help? No?”

speaking of the good old days I’d love to return to NO GLOBALIZATION; NO world economy. NO “Envision Eugene”. Countries would be  FAR APART, again,no communication, limited travel, and you stuck to your own country, bought your tv from–Motorola. uh..General Electric.  You probably drove an old Chevy or a Ford.

Carolyn and I were reminiscing, because even the weather had changed. Now, this year 2013 (whoops, 2014 sorry!) We had another dry, no rain, very bad drought year in Eugene Oregon, and that would’ve been unthinkable 30 years ago or even 25. But now we were dry as a bone; everybody would have to start eventually rationing water just like California.

“say, do you remember that ice cream place downtown, no just at the end of River road, where you went downtown? You know the little ice cream place that had really good pumpkin ice cream in season?” Said Caroline. “Yes, I remember that and that was the best ice cream in town, sigh.” I said. “And of course, that’s been gone up quite a long time. Now the only place you could get ice cream is something like Baskin-Robbins, or Dairy Queen, only BIG. Businesses.

.”and you remember the Safeway store we had here?” Said Caroline who lived near me. “Yes, wasn’t that great? And now it’s gone, and we have cut rate canned food outlets.” Another thing that disappeared; even Safeway.

“Yes, weren’t those the good old days? Eugene was completely boring, depressing, with a cute little downtown, a real theater, and a couple of real stores to shop in; a real active functioning downtown!we had ONE health food store, that was really weird,called Porter’s.that was the whole extent of health food them.” I reminisced.

“and Oregon was filled with lots of rain 10 months out of the year, pouring down like cold monsoons, and we had plenty of water. Too much water. California sucked all our water off us. And now we don’t have ENOUGH water. It’s like Alaska completely melting and running into the ocean; impossible..” I said, mournfully.Caroline shook her head in agreement.”everybody got cabin fever and got divorced a lot.  So what?”

“and did you know, Caroline,” I further said,” did you know that the only weird thing in town was the Unitarian church? That was it. Okay, we had hippies in the 60s. But the Unitarian church was so weird, they refused to let a lit up cross be on Skinners Butte, during the holidays, because it was on public land.THAT was the extent of anti-religion here. Only that.”

“That’s not really true, Sandra,” replied Caroline, musing; “the University of Oregon and its professors, in the 60s were really weird here. Remember all the clothes?neon colored miniskirts? Transparent see-through blouses? Oh, yes and the introduction of POT to the community, which was a huge shock, and completely ill legal. And only one person was doing that. Some student reporter for the daily Emerald, ha ha ha.” I laughed, “oh yes that was a really big deal here! ILL legal POT SMOKING. The police force got really really upset.”

I continued onward remembering, at least 30 years ago; “nobody came here to Oregon, except weird people who wanted to hide from the rest of the world. Did you know that? I don’t think they were hardly any Californians or fleeing New Yorkers; we were way too depressing and boring a town.and everybody here was almost WORKING CLASS, and worked in the lumber industry and in Mills.”

“yes, and now there were NO NATIVE OREGONIANS left here; they were rarer as orchids in the outdoors.they left to get real jobs in other states.” I continued; ” There’s also were no mills now, no stinking smell in the Valley, there’s NO tons and tons of grass seed burning every summer, God. Everybody did agricultural work and there were lots and lot of orchards and gardens. Boy, did you remember that Orchard where you could go and pick your own cherries?”

Caroline chimed in, “and there was plenty of agricultural work for kids, all summer long. Green beans, and the canning factory downtown.I remember.”

we both got very sad, sitting there, not nursing a beer.”so what do we have here now?” Said Carolyn out loud. “Well, we no longer have the stink from the Mills, we have the stink from huge amounts of gasoline in the air from the traffic; we no longer have agricultural businesses, no canning  factory, and no summer agricultural work. We also don’t have any lumber industry work.”

I looked at Carolyn, trying to remember the good old days; “so what do we have now to replace that?” I asked. “We’ve got lots and lots of yuppies, greenies, hippies, retirees, refugees from California and New York and the rest of the country, and we’ve got lots of “political correctness–ees”, plus overwhelming liberal Democrats – gay – fascist, Chinese Communist? Socialist – progressive – dictator– government, and tons and tons of TAXES. Boy, do we have taxes.” We both shook our heads.

“that’s quite a trade-off,” I continued.” So now we’ve got the modern world, technology, tons of traffic, and no jobs so we’ve got plenty of hippies and drugs and meth addicts? So what’s that supposed to be anyway?” “That’s supposed to be, San Francisco and Los Angeles,” said Caroline, nastily. “Welcome to LA.” “DANG .” I replied.

“I guess those were the good old days but boy we sure didn’t know it.hey,” I was thinking,, “do you know that my dad got sick one time, and we just called up his doctor at night, and he came right to his own office and met us there and treated my dad? So the doctor did nighttime office treatment? I forgot that.””wow, “said Caroline opening her mouth really wide. “That’s incredible. What did your dad pay the doctor anyhow?”.

“Uh…MONEY.We were  poor,we just paid the doctor MONEY. We couldn’t afford any insurance so,yeah the doctors were good  and numerous,and they worked late hours.Often a catastrophic illness ruined you; but nothing   else worked with doctors but money, even time-payments.” “Like now,” said Caroline,” if  you’re super-rich, you can ALWAYS  get expert doctors.””Unless  they  all retire.”I replied. “What country could we go to, to get  doctors    then?Who would have them?”

“The undiscovered  country, from whose bourne no traveler returns,”quoted Caroline.”Your Pioneer cemetary has the old  doctors you need.”  (Android-doctors ,anyone?  Asimov had them.)  “Too bad,  they wear out, and no one wants to live on HMO  insurance now.”  “WHAT HMO  INSURANCE?”  i replied “It’s all been cancelled.”  “Oh, yeah,, even my kid has no insurance now. sigh.”she sighed,”Emergency rooms, here I go.”

“Be sure  to get a nap, while you wait   for 8  hours in the ER,while   you compete with medicaid and medicare patients, and  uninsured, and everyone else.Ugh.No one has a real private doctor now–oh,yeah, billionaires. THEY got em.”   “They do have  the best.”

We were both quiet, trying not inhale the near-by high-ways cancerous gas-fumes, which had replaced the evergreens’  perfume that we used to smell everywhere in the county..New-comers had no idea how nice it had been; quieter, little technology.Maybe a neighbors’ new fridge was regarded as ” technology”.Oh, and “party-lines” on the telephone; SO radical.  HAW HAW.

“TECHNOLOGY” was when someone got complex t.v. antennas on their roof.

‘-and there was no such thing as “world economic system”; “world communication”, and very little “world trade”. You probably drove an old Chevy or an old Ford, and you probably bought a TV from Motorola or General Electric.  Everybody thought “Toyota”was a city in Japan.-(and did you ever see anyone from Japan or very far away? Probably only a rare exchange student. Wow, ALIENS.)

Yes, the world was very very BIG, everything was far far away, and hard to get to or communicate with. The way it’s supposed to be.

I remembered when “technology stress” was when your typewriter ribbon got tangled, and you had to fool around with it, and get your fingers purple..and did anybody know then, what a “satellite” was?

I looked at Carolyn; “that was when there was actually a difference between the Democrats and Republicans, and that’s what you really thought. Or you believed it anyway.

“and there was no way any government agency or police could come after a private citizen, and take him away, and not give him a trial or an attorney or one phone call; not in America. That was unthinkable.”

“some people were actually still optimistic about the idea of getting a woman to run for president, and actually voting one in. But they were considered radical, also.maybe next year; maybe in 100 years. Or maybe for sure in 200 years!”

“Who cares it wasn’t important.– because America was always improving.OTHER countries were going down the tubes.”

“we need a time machine, and I don’t mean a hot tub connected to it.” I said to Carolyn, getting depressed. “Wouldn’t you miss the cable TV, and the Internet, and the microwave and – let’s see – international trade? ” she asked;” You can travel all over the world (if you can avoid getting bombed or into another war). Would you want to give all that up? all the wonderful new medical science and treatments?all the great new kitchen appliances?”

she whispered, in my ear”, “contraception? You can’t get pregnant anymore if you don’t want to? If you’re smart enough to not do it?” And stared at me.

“what do you think that I’d choose?”I returned her question. “Huh?” she sighed; “yeah, me too I’d love to get in and fly right back – and stay there.”I laughed, ha ha ha ha. Right in her ear.

“wouldn’t you miss no microwave ovens?”I said, smiling. Carolyn shook her head. “No wonderful cell phones and I -Pads, and IMAX theatre, hand-held computers?? instant communication?” She kept shaking her head. “Would you really go back to cooking the old-fashioned way, for dinner in the kitchen?” “Maybe at least I could afford the food then. right now, I’m stuck on casseroles. Microwaves are only as good as the food you can BUY for them.”

but then I remembered something else; “what if it meant going back to the atomic bomb scary- times? Everybody was afraid there would be nuclear war. Would you go back to that? what if we got into the 60s, and the Vietnam War, scary upset society,, and everybody got shock over the sexual revolution?” Carolyn thought for a minute.

“yes. but we were all so young then, and we all thought we were going to have great exciting lives, great experiences, falling in love, all that garbage.” she said in reply. ” We had everything to look forward to then, and we KNEW we would be happy in the end.” Her face looked very sour. “Boy ,were we dumb. I bet young people are always dumb.”

“I still think it would be a good idea,” I said, “it was a much better time to be dumb in, then now. I think everybody believed their parents when they said, “we live in America, everything will come out okay.” No matter how poor you were or your family or how you got brought up everybody believed that.”.

“even if you had to pay your doctor money?” she asked, mysteriously.” You guys never had any insurance, you had to sell your house to pay your doctors bills when your dad had cancer.” “Yes I thought about that. But we built another little house, and my dad had really good doctors, and he got well; I don’t know that nowadays he’d be able to GET good doctors, so he could get well.”

“yeah,now your insurance probably wouldn’t pay for them. And they probably wouldn’t take time payments or wait until you sold your house. I don’t know what would happen to him now. Come to think of it, they don’t diagnose very well now do they?”

“No, they don’t.– if you can get in to see them at all. I guess my money is on the past, still, and not the present.” “wait a minute, what about all those wonderful federal government programs, and all that assistance; maybe you’d have to do without a lot of it. What would you do then?” Questioned Carolyn seriously. 

“you remember back then, girl.” I said to Carolyn Just as seriously. “Yeah, we were always poor, but do you know, we had some pretty good friends back then, and my dad worked really hard, and so did my mom and even my sister and I did.  

“The way it was then, if you worked hard, saved your pennies and invested it, you finally wound up with something.I think we actually got somewhere doing that. Not super rich, just okay.” I looked off into the distance morosely. “I don’t think we’d be able to do the same thing today.I mean, we actually did HAVE really good doctors, and we were able to pay them. Can you say the same thing today?”

“No, I can’t honestly say that,” Carolyn finally replied.”my kid just lost his medical insurance, because it  now has a $5000 deductible I can’t pay, so he can’t use it. I can’t honestly say that there’s any better difference now.”she looked down the road, far away.

“The future was supposed to be a lot better, wasn ‘t  it? Everything was supposed to IMPROVE  life. weren’t we supposed to be a lot poorer back then , with less benefits and less opportunities then now?isn’t science supposed to be getting better? Isn’t EVERYTHING supposed to be better now?”she finished.

“Well,everything was supposed to be ADVANCED, more modern, improved, and even perfect.and it is more modern; but as far as being perfect, it was probably perfect BACK THEN; we didn’t realize that. ” I paused “And I never would have said in Oregon, ever, “PLEASE RAIN! Please please RAIN, RAIN, RAIN!POUR DOWN TONS and TONS of RAIN!” We always thought we had TOO much RAIN.”

“The hell with HP Packard, I’d give my computer for RAIN; I’D  give  all of Google for rain.10 months out of the damn year! You could do without Google but how are you going to do without rain?how are you going to use Google or computers to  make  rain fall from the skies on all the crops, and water the trees again?”

“CRAP, technology improvement, my eye!” I looked around, at the dry world that was now Oregon. “I’d probably pay several thousand dollars just for one year just like the old wet ones.but it won’t work you know why?

“You still can’t bribe mother nature with can destroy nature with it, but you still can’t fix it.”

“You is right as usual,” finished Carolyn grinning.” I’ll  go to look for our time travel machine, and you pack your bags, cause we’re going back there, and  we’re were not coming back.”

“that’s okay, I returned, getting up from the stoop,” I don’t want to come back here anyway. I miss the rain too much.”

(sincerely Sandraminadotty, in dried out Eugene ,.Oregon,with only a trifling bit of showers,and lots and lots of DRY DRY DRY. We have a drought. and the calendar predictions say, it will only intensify; who cares, we’re getting in our time machine, smokin some dope,,and never coming back!! TOO-DA-LOO!!)   🙂

act17.gifdiscodancingemotesyoo-hoo1 rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHPraincloud  anotherMichael ackson stor15stor21.gifmod2cheerdancefancydanceplz.gifteaanothermoondanceguyact21badday(HEY,WE FINALLY GOT A LITTLE RAIN, MOST OF THE WEEK,BUT THE WEATHER EXPERTS SAY,  “TOO LITTLE TOO LATE.” IT’S ONLY A “LIGHT SPRINKLE” and to even be “normal” we need  HUGE LONG DOWNPOURS!  WE ARE STILL IN A MAJOR “INTENSIFYING  DROUGHT”.   SHIT!!  GOD FORGOT TO WATER HIS KITCHEN GARDEN. (IF YOU BELIEVE IN A GOD LIKE THAT.)——SANDRAMINA )   🙂





(Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Sign)

Everyone said,  “It never snows  much, in Eugene.” But they are not counting on “world climate change” to stack the deck, and rig the game. the weather in Eugene Oregon during my childhood, had plenty of freezing, black frosts, breaking pipes, and way laying the roads with frozen snow. In those days, a lot of people owned chains for their tires. And, they were prepared to shovel the snow off the sidewalk, and everywhere else, just to get out of the house.

But in these years, the present ones, Eugene has become more like California weather, mild and rainless; people laugh about it, and are grateful about how it’s so “mild” here, compared to where the Midwest  storms are roaring.

Those are the comparatively “new people”, who moved here somewhat recently, or at least over the last 10 years, and have no idea what original Oregon weather was even Caroline,who’s  been here a long time, says “the snow here never sticks, it’s never very long, so why the heck do we have it already before Christmas? And it’s sticking like crazy and still coming down?”

And it’s also made the roads so dangerous, the authorities tell us to not get on them and’s also predicted to be about 8°F tonight, which is completely unusual.

I tried to avoid thinking about the homeless people out there, who still think also, that Oregon has mild weather, and there’s no chance they would ever get frozen to death. OUCH.  and that is why they are not huddled up in Florida right now.

Used to be, when homeless people first started camping out here, staying in the parks, the city and the county used their police and threw them all out.however, that was a long time ago when my mom was still alive, and nobody wanted yet to face the future of more and more homeless, especially from out-of-state.

And now our mayor and our city Council and our commissioners try to encourage the homeless from out-of-state, to not go away, not get out, and not go back where they came from.

but our local government is completely hypocritical about everything.they want to APPEAR friendly and liberal and sympathetic, and yet they don’t want to lose the taxpayer sympathy either.this results in neither side believing them at all.and, there’s no reason they should.

So that gives us a lot of extra problems; this state government, in Salem, is already so near broke, they could face the same future as Detroit just did; bankruptcy.

in fact a lot of the states are teetering on the edge, of the same thing; they are so financially bad off, they could go bankrupt, and then negate all the counties and states civil service contracts, and that would eliminate those workers pensions and benefits they had doesn’t seem fair.

but it also doesn’t seem fair,that all the workers who worked in private industry, are also out of jobs and out of pensions and benefits also. So where do you draw the line? are city and state and federal workers supposed to be more secure than people in private industry?

Also, WHY should they be?isn’t it about time somebody said “okay, the buck stops passing here.” Meaning, if everybody else in the country has to take it in the jaw, why shouldn’t the civil service people also?

there really isn’t any difference between the two areas anymore. The country and the states apparently can’t afford all those wonderful civil service benefits either ,anymore than they can afford them for private industry.

so why do we have different standards for different kinds of workers? The answer is, we can’t afford that anymore.and we shouldn’t have them in the first place. 

private industry is the one that MAKES all the money that goes into taxes into government, and into civil service work. All that money has to come from somewhere! It doesn’t get made by the government. The government SPENDS it.Pvt. industry MAKES it.

Thus, the mild financial weather, that gave all those wonderful civil service benefits, has gone to snow and frost and freezing, just as much as the private sector jobs have all frozen up. If we can’t provide all that private industry money, there isn’t  going to be any money for GOVERNMENT EITHER. It’s only logical.

however, if you start talking about logic, nowadays, the liberals’ eyes glaze over, and they start accusing you of being un-empathetic, cold-blooded, ruthless, and also probably a Republican.I’m not even a Republican; I’m an independent. I don’t believe anymore in party loyalty.

so whenever I read the Eugene register guard newspaper, and I noticed their columnists ,they have plucked out of the New York Times, I have to listen to all this drivel about how cold-blooded and ruthless all of we people who tend towards financial conservatism are!

the truth is, the nation is becoming very very conservative generally, and I’m not alone. And a whole lot of we conservatives, are not rich, or upper-middle-class, we’ve often been working class or poor all our lives and we know the value of a buck or a penny.

That is WHY we’ve become so conservative.because the way a lot of us were raised, you didn’t spend money, unless you had it in your bank, in your checking account or your savings account.I suppose we were raised, the way that Germany has gone, and decided it would be better to be more frugal, then to be more and more broke all the time.

it’s infinitely wiser to put a little money  away, day by day, instead of spending a huge amount of money you don’t even have yet and maybe never could end up like the United States federal government, which is now owned literally lock stock and barrel by China.

– – and of course, good old China could take possession anytime they liked, if they become rankled by us, for any particular reason.

Isn’t it great to be in such debt to someone, as if your business is in debt to the Mafia, and any explosions up and down that leadership chain, could reverberate on you in any specifically horrible manner?

NO, it’s not. It’s not great at all. It’s pretty damn disgusting.and it’s pretty damn STUPID and DANGEROUS. And it’s also specifically a LIBERAL contention, that those explosions well NEVER HAPPEN, and that “everything will be alright, and nothing bad will ever happen to us.”

I’m explaining why I am no longer liberal politically, as I once was; that’s because I’m not as dumb as I used to be. Once you get older, the cold feels colder, the snowbanks are higher, and the roadways are frozen over more all the time.

you have to admit finally, that world climate change is happening and you can’t stick your head in the sand anymore to avoid it.all that “CHANGE” is sitting right outside your window, in  a huge frozen pile of snow.

and you also have to admit that the liberal concept isn’t working. There isn’t enough money to go around to everybody. The world hasn’t changed at all; the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer and there’s still no utopia,and they’re probably never will be.

snow blizzards and horrible storms can easily come back to Oregon, Just the Way, Hurricane Katrina could come back to haunt New can be as optimistic as you like, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But ignoring all the snow and ice, and frozen roads, and pretending that you’re in Australia on a nice warm beach, is only going to get you in trouble with reality.

Oregon is only going to be  Oregon, and it’s never going to be  Australia.and those world climate change scientists are correct, anytime Oregon weather could go back to becoming a frozen wasteland, with either lots of snow, or tons of rain, and we can’t predict it.

So, PLEASE, OREGON, and Salem and the Oregon Legislature;  PLEASE FACE UP TO REALITY!!

Some Oregon counties so object to being discounted in opinion in Salem, like Jefferson county, they are legally seceeding from the state!!Jefferson county will become a separate STATE, and has decided to become “Jefferson State”!  They may, its reported, take a couple California counties WITH THEM, who are getting pissed off at the royal rule of Sacramento!!  They can legally do this.

IGNORING the will of voters and tax payers is actually resulting in counties LEAVING OREGON.Don’t you see the handwriting on the wall yet??If Salem only pays heed to the city of Portland, and no one else, we could lose more tax payers.

And unless Portland wants to pay the taxes for the WHOLE STATE, this will continue; the snow will get deeper, and the weather colder until we can’t feel anything anymore.

Until Oregon isn’t a STATE anymore, just a bunch of frozen mud.  We’re already out of industry, business and jobs; you want all the COUNTIES to leave also??  And Oregon consists only of Salem, Lane county, and Portland??WHOSE GOING TO PAY ALL THE BILLS??  the colleges and college students, and people on minimum wages??

So while Salem is drawling,”It never snows much in Oregon, only in Washington state!!”–the temperature in Eugene is 8 degrees F, the roads are frozen, the snow keeping snowing. and snowing…and the icicles get longer and sharper, and the homeless have less libraries or churches to hide in.

And other counties also consider leaving the state legally, cause they have no power in Salem, and the legislators still refuse to listen. “HEY, Salem, just WHAT’S GOING TO GET YOU TO LISTEN?   The state finally going bankrupt?  All the police, social services, all state depts coming to a grinding halt?? 

The snow-drifting covering us all, until we can’t breathe??  The fed. govt. coming in, taking over completely, and declaring us to be in a state of emergency, and helming the govt., as if we can’t rule it ourselves anymore, like a bunch of howling babies??  

“BOO-HOO, MY STATE WON’T WORK ANYMORE, MOMMY, ITS BROKEN!!!   WAWWW!!”  “aww, POOR Oregon, don’t cry!!  Mommy will annex you into WA DC, and their city, and you can go play in all the black ghettoes, and learn to be like THEM!!!”

–Something that a lot of people fled to Oregon to AVOID.Face it, people go to the pacific north west to avoid Oakland and Los Angeles.

But, hey!!  it’s OUR WEATHER, OREGON!! Maybe we should remember that, and start handling, shoveling it, and being responsible for it ourselves, instead of begging the fed. govt. for help,( Yes, Mayor Kitty, they are not going to save you,)

–because we’re poor little Liberal BABIES, who can’t handle life, or bad weather, or financial storms, and still bawl to GOVT. TO SAVE US–AGAIN–cause we;re too weak to do it ourselves!!

” We can’t handle the cold, or ice, cuz we never responsible for fucking up the state and counties with our rotten decisions, and hatred of capitalism. “OH, its all the fault of REPUBLICANS!!they’re all to blame for Oregon cracking up!!—” even though this is a democrat liberal-run state.

It’s snowing a lot in  Eugene, and Lane county, though, the airs’ freezing, and the roads are frozen slick..And the fed. govt., and the state govt., is not going to save Lane, or Eugene, it’s going to have to shovel outta this big snowdrift itself.  Or it’ll freeze to death, and not have anyone else to blame for it.Cause that’s LIFE.     🙂

(Sandraminadotty, warm and dry, out of the snow-fall, in Eugene OR)

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    walkgrapefruithalfgraphics-fruit-458159         emote_forces___king_vs_specz_by_madb0y-d2yfji9

Caroline came over, right after Thanksgiving, and saw me reading the workbook “how to fix your PTSD”, with the sideboard having the extra book “if you were born and grew up in Lane County, Oregon: a handbook for abused children”.

“I wish you wouldn’t keep reading that book”, she said, taking off her coat. And grabbing a beer out of the refrigerator.” It just makes you more depressed remembering about the past.”

“It’s not like I could forget it, anyway”, I replied closing the book, and folding the page.” “you know my sister’s partners’ brothers’ wife? She was a child in foster care here, in this County, and she’s scared to death of ever having her kids fall into welfare and the foster child system; because she got continually raped by her foster parent when she was a kid.”. “but that’s only one case,” returned Caroline, trying to ease me out of it.

“Yeah,” I replied, ” but look at all our friends who grew up as kids in Eugene Oregon; my sister and her partner stayed about 300 or 400 pounds all their lives, had really self-destructive bad habits, my sister wound up an alcoholic and had to quit at AA.her partner smoked herself to death, has COPD on oxygen tanks, and renal failure.I could name all the others who had the same things happen to them, who were born here in this county.”

“About the alcoholism ;so did I.” I continued. “You know, lots of people drink or drug to FORGET, and to handle bad stuff from their childhood.and this County according to statistics and research, has the highest child abuse and child sexual abuse in all of Oregon.” I paused. “I think that’s because my family lived here, as for the percentages of the County! We could’ve put it in that percentage all by ourselves!”

“why do you think I go to this place?” I said, picking up the purple and white business card, that said “SASS: sexual assault and incest survivors Association” (or something like that, but I know the “SASS” is correct, and I know their phone number by heart – “541 – 343-7277 – or is it “7177?” Anyhow, I can dial it blindfolded.)

“Yes,” admitted Caroline, “I know that you’re crazy – I mean, you’re fucked up.but so am I.” I had to chuckle; “Caroline, you have all the signs of being a Lane County Oregonian, born here and bred here.” we both started laughing not humorously.

“but,” she replied, all of the rest of my family is in California.” “Well, my family lived in Sacramento for nine years, when I was a kid and in high school,” I said. “My dad worked for the missile industry in Sacramento, as an engineer,during the 60s, and he had this weird friend who worked in the same place, and he had a secret “sex club” on his property, that they shoved me into. And I was only about 15 or 16.

“Don’t tell me California and Oregon don’t have anything in common;” I continued, in an angry manner. “You could call them Sodom and Gomorrah;the Twin Cities of perversion.Sacramento, and Lane County.

“But you would never know it to look at them from the outside.” I kept talking; “Sacramento in California has all those aerospace engineers with excellent reputations; and in this County, Lane, in Oregon, we have all these dozens of churches and religious organizations!”I paused. “But my parents did go to church once in a while, and my dad was an engineer. So those wonderful harbingers of good reputation, don’t mean a damn thing in hell!”

Caroline looked at that paperback book, in my bookcase, called “Sybil” about the woman with the multi-personalities. “What was her problem?” She asked, pointing. “Well, there was extreme perverse sexual stuff that went on with her parents, and also her mother had schizophrenia,” I replied, “and was cruel and crazy, and her dad didn’t give a shit even though he knew.her parents had excellent reputation as pillars of the community! So you can see what people hide behind.”

“but nobody ever punishes,” I continued, going for a Coca-Cola in the refrigerator;”the people who do all that stuff to you, ruin your life! You know, the people who really get away with everything? ADULTS who have kids! They can do anything they want to, to kids and claim that it’s in their family, it’s private. Kids don’t have any rights at all.”

I pointed to my medicine bag, with all my pills and bottles and it; “You can’t get away with all that trauma early, and not get your brain warped into silly putty. It explains all the neurological medicine I have to take, that I couldn’t function without.on my birthday, I send my neurologist a happy Mother’s Day card.”

“I know about the recent murder of that girl, by her mother, who starved her to death,” said Caroline, sipping her beer. “And there’s other cases like that all the time in this County. I just don’t understand WHY it’s that way here.”

“for one thing,” I replied, “the 60s were a very LIBERAL period of time, when everybody thought they could get away with anything no matter what it was. And they did. And Take Lane County and Eugene; it has always been very very LIBERAL. Politically and morally and ethically.

“They all make the excuse here, that ANYTHING GOES, and it’s only gotten MORE extreme here, we have oodles and oodles of drugs, of the worst kind, we have theft and burglary and violence, shootings and murders every single day. Meth heads who freak out downtown in broad daylight. And everybody hides behind pretending to be EXTREMELY RIGHTEOUS, one way or the other and denies they’re doing anything evil, to anybody. That was how my dad was; he was a religious leader’s son, raised in a strict religion, and yet he thought he could do anything he wanted. SPOILED rotten.”

I paused. “So you don’t have to come from a bad family or low-quality low down family, to be extremely perverse and evil.all you have to do is RATIONALIZE everything you do to your kids; just to be in TOTAL DENIAL, and refuse to see them as people in their own right.”

“I guess it’s easier, to be that way”, said Caroline feelingly, “if you list yourself as extremely HIP, liberal and, all that bull shit. I know people down in California still, one woman is letting her 16-year-old daughter have sex with her own 42-year-old boyfriend. And she refuses to stop letting it happen.

“You know my relatives, found out about that, and they went to the police and social services in California? And you know what they said? Oh no, it’s fine, they have the mother’s permission, so you can’t go against the mother’s desires, even if the 16-year-old girl gets sucked 16, in California then, a girl is perfectly in her rights to live with and have sex with a 40-year-old guy, and it’s considered fine and okay.apparently California has no laws against it anymore!” Caroline sounded angry herself.”legally, it was always supposed to be a type of illlegal rape, to do that to a minor. I don’t know what happened to the laws!”

“I know,” I said, continuing; “in my day and age, when I was 15 or 16, it was considered illegal. Even in California! So I guess since Obama has taken over, and some of those other wonderful liberal presidents and governors, we don’t have those laws anymore.I guess any 12-year-old girls can go around having sex, and probably nobody does anything about it.maybe there isn’t anything called “rape” especially of a minor, anymore!”

We both looked at each other; this was an extremely depressing subject, but we had to face it, because so many of our female friends had had sexual assault or incest happen to them, when they were kids or teens, especially by a family member, it was kind of an epidemic.

(do YOU have an uncle, or brother or sister or father in law or stepfather, you’d like to talk about in the comments? No, don’t leave your name, just tell us, if those percentages are correct, and this is so widespread.)

” I know it not only happens among women,” I continued talking to Caroline, ” it happens to BOYS also, just not as often.I happened to know a couple of guys, really young guys, one was gay, and one was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and their mothers were both that way.”

(happily continued later, after I’ve eaten dinner, or thrown up a while, or gotten rid of a migraine, and take in plenty of brain medication.)

britishglompfair_fight_by_CookiemagiK  gun.giffoolgunsreallysuoer2or3rdsuspicious    devart12.gif eatgitsik     gangstershotguncost02  horriblerunningawayanxiety act09   lovestoryof couple love08

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—goes the headline topic at the Brick Wall Comedy Wall,1450 AM . ALL-COMEDY RADIO STATION   (yes, a comedy radio station in Eugene!  How did this schmucky town of Eugene deserve a funny radio station?  A hippie, PC-organic, liberal mess like Eugene?)

We just got lucky, but as soon the comedians get tired of the high prices, and the oligarchy-govt. finds out the radio station is not liberal democrat-conformist, the All-Comedy station will move to Springfield; like so many of residents of Eugene have.

Springfield Oregon is getting very crowded, while in Eugene, you can’t give away your house much less sell it. Hey, if all the cost-of-living in Eugene and Lane county is so high, Springfield is getting all its business.

Guess lotsa people just want their plastic bags.

But I had to comment to Caroline, “That Brick Wall All-Comedy 1450 radio station is fun!”  “We could use a sense of humour in Eugene, its not exactly a ho-ho town,” returned Caroline, as we sat around in my kitchen,at the table, not avoiding calories as we should.

“Want some more chocolate milk?”I asked her.  “MMMM,,,,are you sure that apple-cake is low fat?”  “I made it myself ,its mostly applesauce and little bit canola oil making the fat quotant; and not much real white sugar;Splenda is cutting the sugar to half.”

“Yeah, I’m surprised about low-fat cake, its great, not phony tasting at all.” she replied, looking for another piece. “Yummy.”

“You know what the radio statistics reported for the sign-up for Obamacare “Cover Oregon” website? They actually had a little over 200 people total–and it cost millions of tax dollars for those failing websites..” I said, thru chocolate milk;

“How can they copy all the Obama websites, and make websites so BAD , even college kids could do them more functional sites. ”  “They shoulda hired the nerds from “social Network””, mumbled Caroline.

We made our pleasant way, leisurely, thru apple-cake, listening to the funny KLZS 1450 am afternoon comedy and talk show on my radio on the  kitchen table. 

“And guess what, Senator Krause of Roseburg, his newsletter said about Obamacare?” I continued, going on with more news. “What?” said, Caroline, curiouser & curiouser.

“He said in his newsletter, everyone in the Oregon govt. KNEW that getting “Cover Oregon” and other Obamacare” would result in everyone getting their insurance plans  cancelled.  They KNEW all that would happen!!  And they did it anyway!!” I continued, sighing heavily. “AUGGH!  What the Hell!?? Are you kidding ?”

“No, and this Sen.Krause was right on,”I said;”I never read a politician’s newsletter, who tells where he gets his income, and about his family business , and is “–what’s the term?–“translucent” as far as all his activities.”

“What does he do, besides  being a senator?”He runs a family farm, & bakes tons of PIES; he works like hell!”  I paused for effect;”He’s a republican,”  “Oh,ok, I understand.”  We looked at each other;”What does DeFazio do?”She asked. “Pumps up Nancy Pelosi, I guess ,”I replied. “Yeah, it figures, why even ask?. bah!!”looking cross.

After the first part of this “episode,” the afternoon talk-comedy show was so much more blue-collar comedy down to earth, and the guys were FUNNY. They even had a caller from as far as Kentucky,cuz their radio station ‘s website connects to the web, and they get all around the country. 

It’s was so relaxing, after the stressful Eugene culture-politics-war, to zonk down, eat apple-cake and chocolate milk, relax with a good friend , & listen  to KLZS All-Comedy Eugene Radio high-jinks; along with mucho jokes, and weird news,  plus lotsa commercials.

“They got so many ads, cuz they’re getting so popular, ” said Caroline.  “That website must attract other states, too. They’ve been in Eugene a whole year already”  “I just got tired of classical one day, and discovered them.”

“So you can also connect to them on the web, thru their website? stream it?”  “Yeah, who is that guy’s tape?? From the tv show about the alcoholic fireman in NYC? They got all kinds of recordings of popular comics, even heard Seinfeld and Johnathon Winters. Dangerfield too.”

“They do repeat the same recordings a lot, you think?”  “I know, must be a limited amt. But they go thru so many; guys and girls I never heard of, too, must be Oregon comics too. HA HA–“i’D RATHER DRIVE WITH A DEATH ROW INMATE IN THE CAR, THAN DRIVE WITH MY MOM!!  HA HA!!”

 “The radio interviews with popular comics is nice, they talk about what its like to tour as a comedian, nice. Those hosts of the show got some sense of humour!”

 “And I like how they talk about how funny Obamacare is, satirize it, make fun of the fed. govt. spending yer money, sarcasm.  I like it.”  “Great irony, I miss that in Eugene, everyones’ so “You WILL BE LIBERAL!–OR SHUT UP!”-Eugene culture. About time someone laughed at it.”

“You forgot–they even give away free comedy club tickets!!on their facebook page. Man!Since when does the internet have freebies??”  “I know, we should try one of the local comedy clubs they mention, that would be fun.”

  “That would get me thru these miserable cold holidays.”   “Isn’t  it wierd the Pacific Northwest has all this comedy talent, and clubs here now?”

 “Face it, we NEED THE LAUGHS!!   This state is BEYOND DEPRESSION, its into zero-existance. Laughing is medically good for you.  Plus, who else would honestly poke fun at Portland, Eugene, and hippies?   No one here in media has the guts to bounce against our “Peoples’ republic of Eugene”?  Muslims and terrorism?  Satirize everybody and everything?”

 “They do get kinda raunchy, and jokes about bodily functions. I turn them off, when that one idiot jokes about shaving a heart into his pubic-hair!  TOO MANY DUMB PENIS JOKES!!.I never did like gross sex humour, or toilet jokes, CRAP!  Keep the crap in the Eugene City Mayor’s office where it belongs!”

 “I wonder why so many young comics resort to penis, sex, and gross-humour?I don’t think it is funny anyway.  What happened to the intellectual comics?  The real joke-makers?  I miss  that.””would you say Milton Berle was high art?”  “Not in an evening gown he wasn’t!!”  “Well, at least they censor cussing, thank you,  FCC.”  “YES, FUCK IT.”  (this blog is not censored.)

 ” But  too many comics rely on penis, sex,toilets, and nipples and gross-iosities.”  “Just MAKE FUN OF, AND SATIRIZE EVERYTHING!!  GIVE OBAMA THE  RAZZ, AND THE TAXING IRS!!   KILL EM WITH JOKES!!”  “iS the FBI funny?”  “It’s rediculous; hysterical!!  They don’t know where their under-pants are, let alone bombers!! After  Boston marathon, I stay out of big crowds!”   “They should razz the irony out of J.Edger’s ghost haunting WA DC IN A DRESS!  A SLIP-DRESS!”   “He had absolutely NO figure at all, tsk tsk.”

“But I think over-all, KLZS AM ALL COMEDY RADIO 1450 is varied and funny. I would cut the penis,toilet,gross-body-jokes. Or not so many.” “I like their official news reports—very good. “”How else could you find out is starting to use DRONES to deliver packages?”   “What happened to Fed. Express?Sheesh!” “It still might be safer than the postal service,”  “THAT is true.”

“Did anyone   tell these radio show guys the “Eugene joke”?  “They must know it.”  “Why did all the hippies go to live in Eugene ?–They heard there are no jobs there.”  “How about the other one?” “What other one? ” ” “How can you tell you’ve moved to the USA?—Even the trip itself  is so taxing.”—–“AAAH!   Not funny!”  “—but true.”

 “What is Pres. Obama’s secret craft hobby?”–He practices taxodermy. ” “(Spelling!!”)— but he uses us instead of water fowl!!”   ‘(“GROAN!!” )”I like the pun-jokes a LOT.I love puns!!” “Do you know who wrote–long ago–“What would happen if you painted all the cars in the US, pink?”–A pink car nation.”  –My dad wrote it, it went viral, before the web, so far, it got right back to us eventually, all over Sacramento, CA!!”  🙂

(Sandraminadottty, in Eugene, OR, where the laughs keep on keeping on!!  🙂   

cookieteaseplz_flove__by_stuck_in_suburbia-d4sxhnn gangstershotguncost02flyinghearttomelove06 loveangel   chainedlove    fart2 (1)   _pottydance__by_psivamp   _seniordance__by_joannastar   chococat_sanrio_06




(artwork bought from Oregon artist)

it’s November and everybody is talking about what they want for Christmas; already and it’s not even turkey day. Well, what I want for Christmas is, what I want for all of Oregon, and especially for my area of Eugene. I want RAIN!


.when I look outdoors, nowadays, in Eugene, chances are it’s either not raining with overcast skies and no light, or else the sun shining, with very cold weather, and STILL no rain!

We are in a 10 year drought, and if I were in church right now I would pray to God, “God, forget about Noah’s Ark, and the covenant that you wouldn’t fill the whole world with water again; just forget that. because here in Oregon, we need Noah’s Ark and we need all that rain again! Cuz we’re turning into California and Arizona!

“God you have to understand there are still FARMERS of all kinds, here in Oregon and they don’t have any God damn WATER. We need WATER, and we need RAIN!

“If you have any Indians from any kinds of tribes, please send them here to do Indian rain dances, only the kind that are successful, because it’s worth the price of the legislature of Oregon, just to get our RAIN BACK!”

That was the prayer that I gave to God, today, (while I’m on the computer, I don’t think he has any particular prejudice against Bill Gates,) because quite frankly, Oregon is going to be in severe horrible trouble, if we don’t get a good constant supply of rain in this state.

Ask some of the farmers, even those cute little boutique organic farmers, whether there or not they need more and more rain to do any you think they’re going to be able to use paid for water, local and state water lines, if we don’t get any rain?

If we don’t get a snowpack very big, in the mountains we won’t get any regular water supplies either that come out of the hose.

so forget all those dreams of food processors, Black Friday’s, and trying to get a good price on your kid’s favorite toy or videogame; I advise that you go to your local church, or synagogue, or “semi-religious organization,” (that can even include AA, or a not very well known religious group,) and just pray like crazy, for God to send us some RAIN AGAIN, like it used to, that made this state green, and KEPT it green.

we started out very well, with a bunch of rain, but lately, we haven’t had any at all, and this is November. Even if all the people from California have moved here, they shouldn’t have brought their weather with them. If we don’t do something about this 10 year drought, of Oregon, we are literally going to turn into ARIZONA. NEW MEXICO.

Whether or not you believe in “world climate change,” you have to admit that the weather in Oregon has become severely bereft of RAIN. There is no arguing that over the years, Oregon’s weather has become so much more DRY, and increasingly DRYER and DRYER, that you might not even recognize this as Oregon anymore.this is supposed to be the GREEN STATE, not the OVERCAST, and DRY state!

All you liberals and yuppies, politically hip, and otherwise nonconservative, you will not like it here, if we turn into Arizona.we’ve already got only two types of people in Oregon now; the very super rich up at the top, and the rest of us very poor down at the bottom. Not a very good combination for paying your taxes.

in addition, if you add in tremendous DROUGHT, you will start seeing Oregon forests DIE, and all the greenery around you in Eugene and in other places, start to get very dry, brown, and increasingly die off.

Where the heck we’re going to get our water just for the rest of us to survive is anybody’s question.California for many years, has been getting their water from US. If we go to droughts constantly, we will have to start asking Washington state for water. And I don’t think they’re going to give it to us.

in the meantime, Oregon will have to start telling California, “no, no, no, no, we don’t have it no more!”and that’s the truth. All you have to do is look at all the stupid sunny days, cold and also overcast skies, all of these without any RAIN, and your not going to be able to deny reality.

So I suggest that all of you who live in Oregon, no matter who you are, rich and poor, conservative and liberal, hippie, yuppie, retired, and overworked, unemployed; please, forget about those stupid Christmas presents! Get down on your knees or however you pray, and pray very vociferously to God, for RAIN FOR OREGON. And PLENTY of it!

because I have no desire  to pull up stakes, and go all the way to Alaska to live, just to find some WATER from all the snow. That is my prayer for my gift, for Christmas, 2013, in Eugene Oregon. We need RAIN. We need a ton of it! And that’s what I want for Christmas.

(Signing off, Sandraminadotty, in Eugene Oregon, hoping for some kind of reaction to this. Also, thanks for all the support from our great new Eugene radio station, “the brick wall, all comedy 1450 AM” which has comedy almost 24 hours a day, and a talkshow and interview, at about 3 PM this new radio station: WELCOME!

(Boy did we need you! Keep going, keep yukking it up we really need it in this economic situation. And keep giving away all those wonderful free tickets, everybody appreciates it. Oh, and you’re also on Facebook aren’t you?yes, and if you go on their Facebook page, “all comedy 1450 the brick wall,” you can probably score some free tickets to the local comedy clubs)

(don’t tell me I can’t support local businesses. If I do anything else, I’ll do that.) 🙂bonklers.more2or3rdrocketmen.

blackice.battydygel liquify    ost2life    dance  karontamofam10  crowd                                 stereo




(artwork bought from Oregon artists)

The most beautiful time of the year in Oregon, and even in Eugene, is the fall;  everyone knows that, and the trees show off, turning into red, gold, green, orange, lime and yellow portraits up and down all the streets. Well, most of the streets.It is the only time when Eugene really looks gorgeous, and that’s due to nature. Too bad they don’t let nature handle the whole thing

I was trying to avoid the the national healthcare debacle,since I had already paid my taxes by getting my Medicare I didn’t really want to have anything else to deal with it.

I  had just watched a Jimmy Stewart movie, where he played a con man found a small town that was perfectly average for the whole country, so they could do all their advertising testing there, and find out what would sell to the whole country.

so poor Jimmy Stewart was a very smooth con man, over complimenting the leaders of this small town, telling them how perfect it was, how wonderful, and what a wonderful model it was for the rest of the country. In other words, this small town was perfect!

any time somebody comes up to you, and starts to give you a line like that, praising your qualities, or talent or intelligence, what ever you got, to the gods into the skies, be very suspicious. The chances are, the guy is trying to con you out of, usually, a lot of least I was not naïve anymore. I suspected everyone.

even in Eugene, where our leaders often praise Eugene, praise the County, and tell everyone how fabulous it is to live here, the chances are, they’re going to run up a whole bunch of taxes .

So as I looked out at the beautiful fabulous fall gorgeously embraced trees and bushes, and sidewalks filled with wonderful riches of gold and red, it occurred to me that we were paying a  wonderful bunch of TAXES to get all that praise and energy out of our fearless leaders. And we weren’t getting much more than that!

it seems that the whole state of Oregon, come election day again, was going to throw hundreds of propositions and bills and new taxes at us, trying to pass them all!

“‘HEY, WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL RED AND GOLD FALL IN EUGENE, OREGON!”‘ I yelled out my front door, onto the 5-lane-highway that had almost taken out the front of my house,and now roared loudly day & night, shaking everyone’s house-front to pieces;  “GUESS WHAT??”


************************************************************Later on, at the police holding-cell, where they let me make one phone call, finally Caroline was allowed  to see me.”Knockin’ around the bare-bars again, eh, kiddo?What was it, hurling crockery at police cars again, cause their  sirens give you migraines all the time?  

“Tell me no cops have concussions this time; please tell me that!”she frowned worridly, shaking her head.

“No,” I replied, since she had also gotten me bail again, and I thumbed my nose at the tough female cop I hated,as we left the gorgeously-appointed, gold-trimmed jail house, past the commissioned bronze  lions  they’d just set up at the entrance  to the marble steps.”But I got to use a taser on a young fuzz-cop this time,cuz he was  too unfamiliar with it, and I was not.That was worth any amt. of fees and fines they use instead of jail time.   how liberating!”—

“I  am making use of my tax-welfare  resources; never quit paying the taxes so  using the resources we paid for!  ”    +++++++++


“‘You should relax more, “said Caroline,as I held an ice-pack    on my head, to relieve the  migraine due to local political-infighting  in Eugene govt; “get some wreck and roll!”  “What do you suggest?”

 “We should go to that annual Fall  Organic  Produce & Alternative Grain-bulk sale.”  “Wow,  its a big deal?Do  they sell lates?” “Its the biggest bulk    sale for tiny local organic farmers organization.And if yer a organic natural vegan, you always go.”  “Will Gloria Swanson be there? She was  really into health food.”  “Maybe her ghost, ” replied Caroline, grabbing my coat, throwing it at me.” Yes, we went to Springfield  OR!!.

(  where  we did NOT SEE  the  Simpson family; they were luxuriating in LA now.)..


..The Organic tiny Oregon farmers’ assoc.  bulk  wierd grain and produce sale was held in a hollowed-out,desecrated old church with  stained glass windows. In side, organic hucksters offered bite-size samples of faro grain, black popcorn, and “alternative healthy grains and produce.”

“Let me see…” Do I want to pay the mortgage this month, on my house, or do Ii want to buy  half a lb. of cuckkolded, ancient grain, that”s higher in protein than eggs?”  “Awww..miss, you gotta buy our grains and produce in HUGE BULK SIZES.”  “You think I’ll  ever NEED that much?”  I asked the young farmer.”No. ” he grinned  charmingly, “but we need to SELL the stuff!!”

 Just like that, organic  farmers become CAPITALISTS…ELITE capitalists.  This was not Big Bens’ Fast Rice!!And  this “pop-up store” was not Safeway.

 First  to  the grain salesman; “I wanta  see yer legal dieticians’ license!!”I growled.  “What license?” shrieked the  guy.”I’m a farmer!”  

“But you are giving out BULK  NUTRITION  ADVICE TO THE PUBLIC, AT A sale!!  How come you do not have a  real dietician’s license?  What nutritional school did you graduate from, Alice’s Restaurant?  Did  Woody Guthrie eat this stuff? NO?  I thought not; he ate  Wonder bread when he got food.”  “WHO’S Woody  Guthrie?”  Groan!  And these  guys were supposed to be HIP!!


“You didn’t buy anything either,”commented Caroline, as we drove off. “I didn’t  bring my Mac truck, and 2 big,strong guys with me, ”  I replied, casually.”You can only eat or cook with 100 lbs. of winter squash, or quinoa or faro grain, if you run your own vegan restauraant, downtown, that feeds  the homeless.”‘ “you’re wrong, “replied Caroline; “The homeless would never eat quinoa-squash stew!  “

“ha ha, ‘”  I replied, as we headed for a famous fast-food restaurant, so I could scarf down large chocolate Dairy Queen cones. Caroline liked their real food. We had had enough slumming amongst the “Elite-to-Eat” and our pocket books said “HAMBURGER” very loud.

“I guess they’ll sell lots of produce & grain,I said as Caroline slurped her milk shake” but   how cum burgers are so CHEAP  and hippie-yuppy-food costs so MUCH?  They ARE local farmers, right?  how come they don’t sell to Regular stores?  How come they don’t have  their own STORE?”

 Caroline pointed to the large family at the corner table; there was one mom, and 5 small kids of varying ages, all munching hungrily on burgers and fries; the mom looked tired and spent.– and broke. “That, ”  whispered Caroline, ” Is the REAL OREGON; not what we saw today.”

I decided to keep that in mind. We natives know the real world when we see it. It’s ugly sometimes but you gotta deal with it occasionally. Go with Peace.  🙂

( sincerely, Ssandraminadotty, in Eugene  Oregon, eating too much sugared grainola and avoiding my faro, oh my!!  🙂   )

(and to all the organic community farming associations, I have this to say: I’m not against you. It’s just that you really need to think about the food needs of ALL OREGONIANS, not just the very well off who can afford organic food. We are all in this together? Then we’re all in this together FARM and FOOD – WISE, also.

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I didn’t truly understand the whole Willamettte Valley debacle, until Carolyn and I went out to one of the farms, out of Eugene out of the city, way to Junction city and beyond. It was time to eat the vegetables that the smaller local farmers were growing.

That was good enough excuse, we took off, heading for pumpkins, apples, winter squash, in hopes that all our bad weather hadn’t hurt harvesting.the wide open fields met our eyes, and soon we ran into one of the little farms 

Carolyn was trying to tell me, and explain that I had gotten the local problem of “DNA modified foods” and local organic farms and farmers, all wrong.

She said that” the big companies here, like Monsanto that had big vegetable farms, got pissed off when a bumblebee or a lot of wind cross pollinated their tomatoes, onto the organic farmers produce.

and then the Monsanto big company SUED THE SMALL FARMERS, because – –get this! – Because they had taken the DNA from their DNA modified produce, and given it to the ORGANIC FARMERS PRODUCE!

they were suing the small farmers, when it was the bumblebees or the wind that had taken the DNA modified pollen, and given it to the small organic farmer!.WHAT TRASH!  

Monsanto farms went all the way to the Supreme Court, blaming the organic farms for STEALING their POLLEN and their DNA MODIFIED PRODUCE!.

“I don’t get it, does that mean that it’s YOUR FAULT, if the wind or bumblebees take your neighbors pollen, and put it on your crops! Are we supposed to SUE THE BUMBLEBEES INSTEAD? Go over to their little homes, shoo them out, and stuff them into court, and sue the little pollen right out of them! “Buzz buzz buzz!

“I just don’t believe that those big farms, are trying to SUE MOTHER NATURE, and THE WIND, and fuzzy little fat BUMBLEBEES, for stealing their stupid DNA modified pollen! Just because they live next door!”

I continued ranting and raving “this is so ridiculous it should be on TV as a sitcom!”they should make a Adam Sandler movie out of it, it stinks that bad!”

meantime, Carolyn and I were trying to pick out winter squash, noting that everything was incredibly expensive.

That’s because it’s actual GOOD FOOD, and not a dollar hamburger! Pity the poor idiot who tries to go on a diet in Oregon!so how much extra did all the other ORGANIC FARMS price their food? Did it cost even more?

“I still don’t understand”, I said pinching a cauliflower, or maybe it was a “combined – cauliflower/broccoli”; it was definitely lovely. Who would want to even eat something so beautiful? I would probably just put it on a pedestal and look at it.

“what don’t you understand?” said Caroline, trying to fill her bag up. “The law goes now, if your next-door neighbors pollen gets carried over to you by bees or the wind and you pick up their wonderful expensive DNA modified crop, then IT’S YOUR FAULT!”

I was absolutely flabbergasted. Of course Oregon in Eugene did that to me regularly, but this was overly OVERLY RIDICULOUS!so if you live next to a big farm, they can sue you because their DNA pollen drifted over to your place; you were STEALING THEIR PATENTED DNA products!  

“I think probably those apples are the best,” I said, as we were heading for the check stand; “you know, that sets a horrible precedent. Can’t you imagine it? If you apply that law, that somebody’s stuff drifts over to you, by way of mother nature, then you can get sued because YOUR STEALING IT?!”

we headed for the car, and it was a nice day, surprisingly the sun was out, but I was really pissed off as hell. Really really really!REALLY. I continued babbling on, as we started to drive off; “so if you’re wearing perfume, and some of it drifts over to a guy near you, you can sue him for stealing your scent?”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha it ain’t funny anymore.this was a whole new ballgame, with lots of dirty rules.”let’s see, if I’m in California with some of my sunshine, and some of it starts to shine on Oregon, California would be able to sue Oregon for taking it’s sunshine ill legally!

“That would affect a lot of grape and wine growers. They’d all get drunk trying to figure it out.” I continued fascinated with this twisted and bizarre feat of fascism.

“you can’t grow your own crops out in the open, in the open air, because you could get SUED for picking up your next door neighbors’ POLLEN! Aargh!” here come the greenhouses, no more growing your organic stuff openly,,

“you have to protect yourself FROM your neighbors produce!– – and it would be your fault because his stuff didn’t stay in his garden!”

Carolyn looked at me shaking her head; “come on, you know this is out right corruption and jerk offs wielding their power.they got the Supreme Court wrapped around their little DNA modified finger!

“If this is really true, it’s back to medieval times, when the serfs could be blamed for all the problems of the royalty!if something went wrong, the royalty could always BLAME all the SERFS, AND get them for WITCHCRAFT, WIZARDRY, and various and sundry little old ladies who babbled and mumbled and told your fortune!”

I nodded sadly. Yes, it was back to those damn wicked witches in Salem, who caused everybody else’s problems!

“speaking of Salem, do we have a dirty nasty little legislature, in Oregon, that lets them get away with this? Just how fabricated and bribed is our cute little Oregon Legislature, doing this? You know they’re not doing it for free!” said Carolyn very grumpily, as she drove faster.

“I think we better forget about our legislature trying to serve or help the people who pay all their taxes.” I said examining my apples in the paper bag.”now I have to be careful, if I breathe on someone accidentally, when I have the flu, and they get it, that means it’s their fault they picked up my bacteria and germs! I could sue them for catching my virus!”

(Should I start practicing my comedy monologue now, and go on the road? It was getting that ludicrous.)

we made a big salad, when we got back to my house, and I looked at the apples and the lettuce, and some of the cabbage, trying to detect nasty spy -wind- whipped DNA, muddeling into my food.but I was coming up with an answer and an idea:

I put my idea into action, and I went to a local farmer’s community meeting, and told them all just what they could do to avoid getting sued for picking up somebody else’s pollen.”forget about being completely pure inorganic, that day is over;” I said to everyone, ” think of it as a very big POTLUCK, and you’re going to mess with the very molecular level of produce itself – – just to save yourselves legally.” 

“what are you saying?” Exclaimed some of the farmers, confused and angry;”do you mean that none of our produce is going to be strictly ORGANIC? We can’t do that! And we can’t sue the big farms, for infecting all our organic food with their junk DNA!”

I answered, reluctantly, “yes, I think you’re going to have to sell your food on the open market now, not as organic . Not if you’re next-door to an ass hole!but when we’re done with our meddling at the molecular level with food, they’re not going to be able to sue you!”

Since I have had some experience with gardening and farming, with my own family,I did have to polish up my skills when we tried to figure out how we would alter the next harvest. That was long ago, when my family farmed here.

but next spring, when everything started to bloom and come out, and some of the fruit and produce, from all the little farms, was starting to show its little buds and poke its faces out of the dirt, we were ready for it.

Some of the farmers had taken agriculture college, and advanced physics, messed with DNA studies,and it started to show.(we also hired some people from MIT, to give us a heads up.)

Once again, Monsanto tried to get a hold of the little farmers produce, to prove that Monsanto’s pollen had drifted over to them, and they were thieves again. Just to get them in court and sue them for nastiness! But it didn’t work out that way.

the new produce tested STRANGE and UNUSUAL, because we had messed with all of the DNA, and imported in teeny tiny amounts, other micro-DNA, and our best farmers had actually invented new combinations!

There was no way you could track Monsanto produce DNA, they had been MUTATED with small amounts of RADIOACTIVE ISOTOPE, and anything that had ever been a Monsanto DNA, was completely DESTROYED..of course, all the produce was not “natural”, but it was even better, when we advertised that this was the PRODUCE OF THE FUTURE! Science fiction mutation! Really really EXCITING vegetables!.

anything that had ever been a Monsanto big farm tomato, was now mutated, twisted and perverted into a purple-half-tomato, half CUCUMBER!

Of course it was strange and unusual, but hell, this was Eugene that was right on track! They hell with natural, since when has Eugene Oregon ever been NATURAL, and not WEIRD!?

Carolyn was very impressed, when many of the small farmers had their celebratory dinner together, and I had the responsibility correcting some of the dishes; you couldn’t use the same recipes exactly anymore.

“isn’t that tofu?” Said Carolyn, looking at a very delicious pot of stuff. “No, that’s the okra, garlic, purple carrots, and mashed up green sweet potatoes.” She tasted some of it. “Say, that’s not too bad! If I close my eyes and don’t look while I eat it’ll be fine.”

“how do you like the delicious new flavors? How do you like the fact that when the Monsanto pollen floats over to the small farms, they take it and mutate the hell out of it so it’s unrecognizable?! Okay, it’s not “organic” anymore, but they’re selling the stuff like crazy to SCIENCE FICTION fans, Star Trek enthusiasts, and very curious agriculturists who just want to figure it out.”

“and you for sure can’t find any Monsanto farm modified DNA in any of their stuff? I mean, their produce?are you sure this stuff is safe to eat?” Said Carolyn, who was picking up a dish and several utensils as she talked.

“Not only is it good ad good for you to taste good, it’s absolutely NOT ANYTHING like the old produce! I dare you to find out whether something is half egg plant, and half potato, or two thirds celery, with a hint of spinach!”

Carolyn groaned heavily. “Boy, that is way too much are you sure this isn’t perverted food growing? Isn’t everybody going to get radioactive shards in their gourmet dish?I mean, WHAT WOULD JESUS SAY? If he were here. Or, even if he weren’t?”

“Jesus would say, “shut up and eat!” “

I headed for the very delicious and cheesy eggplant Parmesan dishes, which were very popular now, now that you didn’t have to add garlic, or other spices, because they were grown right in the eggplant itself.

call us insane! Call us CRAZY! But you can still call us FULLY LEGAL, and make sure you CALL US TO DINNER!

like I said above, WHY any farmers in Eugene or this County, would ever tried to grow NATURAL and NORMAL PRODUCE? If you wanted to grow something normal, go to Massachusetts! Or Connecticut!

Eugene Oregon, and Lane and all these little farmers around had nothing to do with NATURAL!Eugene itself had nothing to do with NATURAL and NORMAL.

So it makes sense that, growing stuff and food here, should go to the SUPERNATURAL, and NONNORMAL side of the culture. I mean, who goes to Oregon to be NORMAL? I state my case.

Boris Karloff – broccoli, here we come! 🙂

(Sandraminadotty, screwing up IN  🙂  the kitchen, again, and twisting QUARKS into PRETZELS!!!.  🙂      )chaplin