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Eugene,Oregon,home of the U. of Oregon,is a dissolute,gay,hippie,broke, jobless, crime and drug-ridden courupt little no-account town, bulging with fleeing Californicators, who have pushed the natives out,done to Oregon what they did to cali; trashed it. the horrible grid-lock traffic, smog,bad freeways full of accidents have turned it into decayed Detroit.Everyone is broke, there are no jobs,it's left-wing extreme-fanatic crazy, and there are constant political conflicts.Oppression and stifiling city hall crooks fleece the citizens of taxes, it;s the Macon Georgia of the pacific northwest.Anyone who can, leaves.Landowners can't sell, they're stuck.Even the Nazi party would call it Hell.Willamette Valley has the worst pollen,smog,allergies, in the world.Nature and Man are out to get you here, welcome to Oregon!The trash-heap of the United States!





I do not care if I have missed spelling, and  I spell things wrong or don’t get the typing okay; this is an important passage to all people who go to Costco in your Eugene Oregon, and have also bought a big expensive automatic garbage can,, that stops working after a while, and no longer work once you put a new battery in. It also other wise as the great qualities of leaking all over your kitchen floor, and having flies in the garbage bags (we are using glad garbage bag they leak like HELL) so that’s what were going to do here today:kurt_cobain__request_by_emotikonz

COMPLAIN about glad garbage bags, which leak like crazy, and Cost-Co expensive garbage cans which also leak like crazy and don’t work.drama_queen_sign___nano22_by_mirz123-d5msq1p

Since I found out that GLAD GARBAGE BAGS LEAK like a bunch of oil tankers, all over the damn kitchen, I’m not going to buy any more. I’m also not going to buy any fancy stuff from Costco’s store or online. I deliberately paid $70 for a very fancy garbage can, from Costco, it stopped working right away, the batteries didn’t work, it didn’t do any good to replace them, and now I have Clorox leaking all over my floor, just to get rid of all the flies._trash__by_mazka

It took me a while to figure this out. I don’t know why; I assumed that it was my fault they were leaking, and it’s not. So here goes the next rule  for you seniors who don’t want to catch bad diseases from flies and garbage:_trash__by_mazka

DO NOT BUY GLAD GARBAGE BAGS, they all LEAK._trash__by_mazka

DO NOT BUY ANY EXPENSIVE APPLIANCES OF ANY  KIND (especially fancy garbage cans) FROM COSTS –CO!yourocksonicplz

“Why did you buy that expensive garbage can from Cost-co, anyway?” Asked Caroline; I replied, “none of the cheap garbage cans actually close their lives so I resorted to an expensive one from Costco. It ended up leaking like hell through the bottom, and it stopped working, it was supposed to be automatic,  and once you got a new battery in, it didn’t function anymore.”_scared__by_mrm4tty

“Also,” I resumed, “it seems as if the expensive glad garbage bags also leak! Right through the can! Right onto the floor all the time! It wasn’t summer that was giving me all those flies in my FOOD and everywhere in the house, it was glad garbage bags and Costco garbage cans! It looks like now you have to go to consumer research, just to buy a garbage can and garbage bags!”the stupid garbage can originally cost $70. I never buy garbage cans that expensive but I figured it would hold up better than the cheapo plastic ones, they didn’t even close the lid._trash__by_mazka

Forget it; ALL GARBAGE CANS in the United States leak!_trash__by_mazka

(does that say something very clear about the current state of technology in the United States? Not only does Microsoft and Windows screw us,  but even our garbage cans and bags FUCK US  OVER! Not just the government, and the Corporations, the IRS, and the federal government and the state, and our political parties and everybody in power!274-gifpinkkitty

Even the garbage  FUCKS US UP!_trash__by_mazka

(If any of you readers find better garbage cans and better garbage bags, brands, please comment on this page I would be very appreciative. Glad is supposed to be the top brand isn’t it? I guess it’s garbage!)_trash__by_mazka

as for Costco, I’m not putting my little stupid feet in there store ever again!yes, happy readers, do not buy any appliances from Costco; if they can’t make a garbage can that even functions, I would hate to think about any of the other appliances!)Bee__Free_icon_by_TheDeathOfSen

“what if you can’t find a decent garbage can it doesn’t leak or doesn’t close its lid?” Asked Carolyn. “Why do you think I bought that expensive one?” I replied. It was supposed to  close completely lid, and not leak and it did all the opposite! I can see that $70 burning up in flames in hell!””why don’t you complain to them?” Asked Carolyn, surprised.5397-gifnusun

“I really tried to complain,” I said infuriated, “is like trying to complain to a huge corporation or to the federal government;  they don’t want to hear you, there is no way you can get to them unless you put a bomb under them that’s really big!” And I might add to you gentle readers, itis not worth it to put me in prison, just because of a bomb so, obviously I’m not going to do that. Other infuriated Americans might have to do it instead. I’m too old. Ha ha.122-gif-pandablah

and, this does not mean I encourage other people to set bombs. I also like ice cream bombes, in large globs,s made out of cake, covered with Italian meringue.that is the best BOMBE I can think of. Thank the French!Tout sweet!_crazyshit__by_a_kid_at_heart-d75zpvv

SO, what can you do, oh, frustrated consumer? Just what  all other frustrated consumers do:c_o__don__t_ever_glomp_owls_by_emotikonz

do not buy the product don’t go near the Corporation and buy anything that belongs to it. Don’t give them your$$$$..tell Costco to go to Hades.cubeneko_by_ramend00dle-d9bfoeg

Get out there on the web and BITCH LIKE CRAZY! Just bitch and bitch and bitch and bitch and bitch! And then keep doing it some more!let us all know about it! Come on the comments, here, and we’ll write it up for you!  etc.blue_ball_little_emotes_by_tvoltage

as usual Carolyn and I ended up at Dairy Queen,stuffing ice cream in our faces, and try to figure out what I was going to do without any garbage can in the house. “Put it out on the outside, one of those huge big metal ones with a real lid, and don’t bother keeping garbage in the house,” commented Carolyn, licking the ice cream. “I know, all the other cheap plastic garbage cans don’t actually close the lid either. That’s what I do; don’t even keep it in the house. use the one that the guys who clean up all the garbage, use. “Professional garbage cans”. The big ones. They don’t come in small.”5401-gifbluflr

all right, gentle reader if this is what we advise; if there’s no way to find something you can put the garbage in,that leaks or has no real lid, then just don’t have it in your house,. Let the federal government have it in theirs. They probably have special ones made just for White House, that have the stars and stripes painted on the side.

it is the only way you could ever get the garbage to get out of the White House.

(Sandraminadotty, without any can, without any garbage, thank God I am free at last!)   🙂







if there is one thing that the very great African-American race excels at, it is this: not rock ‘n roll, soul, and all that wonderful music that black people are able to write and sing and play. Instead, they have taken up a different creative hobby. Feeling sorry for themselves 24 hours a day.day38___what__llama_is_evolving__by_blobicons-d8sr5rx

it would be kind to say that the music they make and have made, is what African-Americans in the United States will always be remembered for. Unfortunately, that might not be true. Because, in stead of recognizing just all the talent, and good stuff they have got, we’re getting a whole bunch of  “Redux of Burning up WA DC,under Lyndon Johnson” which you might remember.happened  while Lyndon Johnson was trying to pass the whole socialization thing in government called “the great Society” which meant that a lot of social programs would be thrown at black people, their neighborhood, and their family, to hopefully give them plenty of money and care, to get them up higher in the world like everybody else.headbang

unfortunately, while Lyndon Johnson was making all these great plans, and showing them to America, an unfortunate thing happened; Black protests, riots, extreme violence, and burning of buildings in all of downtown in other areas of Washington DC were also happening. And with all this being done by the black population. In retaliation, the rest of white America, looked at all riots and burning buildings, and said to  Johnson “why the hell are we supposed to give kind of money for social programs for black populations, while they are burning down Washington DC? No, we don’t want all those big fat social programs for black people! forget it! NO MORE “great Society!”—-and it petered out.kurt_cobain__request_by_emotikonz

I have decided that along with all the other races of mankind, black races have definitely, in America, not learned from any of their mistakes, or learned what white reactions were, when they started rioting, killing police, taking over neighborhood (killing lots of cops, and innocent people)  and yelling “only black lives matter!” And then defending that statement, even killing off black policeman as well.— And then daring us to be racist against them. “Oh no, you better not be racist against us, even though we kill all the police, riot, burn buildings, kill other people, and generally act like ass holes!” -pause – – “if you get against us now, after we get all this stuff, that means you’re racist!”chaosangel1111

it’s become a big fat double standard – – white people can’t say anything against black people  nor can Asian people either,or, that means everybody who doesn’t like what criminal black people do, is  “racist!” RACIST RACIST RACIST!yourocksonicplz

so now, in Oregon we have this big fat question,that  lots of black people who don’t live here, bring out, “why are there so few people in Oregon  who are black?” ohmygodLong ago, it was that, there weren’t any other black people here, so lots of black populations stayed away. Also, it rained night and day at least 10 months out of the year; if I were black I wouldn’t want to live in Oregon was never WARM, except maybe one month out of the year. Most of the time it was freezing, frosted, black frosts, and tons of rain,_blizzard__by_darkmoon3636 mud, low wages, bad breathing in the Williamette Valley, because of the mill pollution of the Valley, making tons of smog. There were no good paying jobs here. There wasn’t much here except logging. That would be what black people would have had to do here. Also, I don’t know that many black people like to do logging. – – Which means hanging out in lots of very wet weather all the time.—-Black_and_White_by_FreeStyledLove

OK, let’s also ask this question: “why have so many white liberals, Democrats, from California, New York City, back east, Midwest, and San Francisco all move here? –since this was a known part of the country which had NO  ETHNIC–CICITY?  HUH?  MEANING, NO OTHER ETHNIC RACES but  WHITES?   WHY? I would expect, non-liberals, right-wingers, and Republicans to move to Oregon, en mass, because right wing whites hate blacks.—THERE WERE FEW BLACKS HERE.”nanoemo_2013___venting_by_cubicinsanity-d6u7gxz

IT has become just the opposite; instead of fleeing Republicans and right wing-whites, we got just about WHOLE ENCLAVES of whites from New York City, California, San Francisco(really very liberal)Back  East,L.A. and other large cities; and the mass of the whites who moved here,to Lane county,Eugene, & Oregon are almost wholly Liberal and Democrats? we have ALL LIBERAL,DEMOCRAT STATE GOVT., Lane County, * Eugene govts., that are EXTREMELY LIBERAL AND DEMOCRAT-whites.wut__by_sahina_waya-d4guzpa

There are VERY FEW REPUBLICAN OR RIGHT   WING VOTERS HERE.YEAH!  black02.gif inluvwitghost It didn’t used to be  that way.We figure an entire layer or 2 of middle-class and work class whites MOVED AWAY from Oregon, mostly to find good jobs elsewhere. (very good reason for an ethnic group to not come here; very low paying jobs, mostly.)We LOST a great deal of the Oregon middle class.(Now.I read, doctors, & psychiatrists are all leaving Oregon.NO MONEY HERE. hoolahoopwhite-msn-buddy-emoticons-18–Nothing but Medicare, and Medicaid—no CASH.)   WHAT all those liberal whites are working at here, is mostly the  University of Oregon, and other “hired-big-wages-jobs-gotten-long-distance” which avoided the general job population of low wages.Well to do whites retire here. –Many of them liberals. —sheepdog-2.gifhappydancing

YES, MOSTLY LIBERAL WHITES AND LIBERAL DEMOCRATS MOVED HERE—where there are few black people.Also, many Latinos have moved here. ???–they all did it, knowing there is a very light population of blacks.In fact, other states in the Union, tell me, white people move to the Pacific Northwest  cause there are no big black populations.devart11.gifsunbrn–like its a well-known fact. WHY WOULD inhabitants of San Francisco move here?_favbomb__by_cmotes-d5inzwy

GUYS, ITS WHITE-BREAD-ALLEY HERE!zombie19.gif eyefalout it”s BORING WHITE. ORGANIC,_piranha_plant__by_darkmoon3636FARM-LOVING,VEGETARIANS-NUDISTSarwenpandora all here!  There are hardly any Asian communities, rendering Eugene triple-deluxe-boring. White  Liberals! —espousing all their white liberal bullshit!  These are some of the most UNCOOL people known to man!  They all go to the BACH FESTIVAL. (he’s ok, but not so cool.) They have rejected eating meat!  They are totally GREEN! They never heard of FUNK, or they ignored it; they use mayonaise. Most of them don’t care about GOOD FOOD,& they don’t even fry chicken!(bad for you.)–They don’t realize that being cooL, has to mean you don’t TRY REALLY HARD to be cool!  THAT KILLS COOL!gangnam_style_by_soulnova-d5jjg0v

I am an old white lady, and if I think white liberals and their populace are UNCOOL, and BORING, what must African-Americans think of them?bill_cipher_emoticon_by_krackat_emoticon-d9azjfo DOUBLEY–UNCOOL and phony, man!  BAD FOOD. ugh. UNCOOLespurr_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a444i politics and liberal white–idiocy everywhere. asnine conformism. Hey, man, that turns me off white-liberal bullshit any day!  “Political Correctness.”oh, shit, MAKES ME  sing the blues!  You really think black  people want to live in Oregon, with honky, crazy mutherfucker-white liberals? I DON’T EVEN LIKE people that white!!woohoo.gifwalkingyelling

And my skin is so white, its blue! I only moved back here, cause I had to; I miss big cities with different people in them..I miss decent cooking! i miss my half-Mexican, half-Japanese room mate! I miss my best-friend-forever who was a Jewish gay man! Like a sister!  I am BORED living among PC, phony-environmentalists, phony-liberal-dumb-ass-politics, phony HIPPIES, and espec. PHONY-WHITE LIBERALS!  –cute-as-pie

WHY DID THE LIBERALS all move to a totally white-bread state?Do they REALLY DISLIKE black-rye bread   that much?–and chitlins, great fried chicken with greens so much?And they only want MAYONAISE (?) on their bread? And a little Mexican food once in a while?(hopefully, with our new Latino population, that food will get better.)seedot_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a491y

Cause I think you Oregon-haters should ask all yer liberals, from everywhere, WHY ALL THOSE TONS OF WHITE LIBERALS  deliberately moved to an all-white bread state, with few black people.--if they’re so darned liberal.Pikachu_Thunder_Emote_by_FlameBunny700

Don’t ask native Oregonians WHY there are no black people here; they really hated the WEATHER,RAIN, FREEZES, and low-wage, dead-end jobs. NO INDUSTRY-NO MANUFACTURING; very few well paying companies.—-and in the Willamette Valley, FOUL  AIR from grass-seed burning, allergies, and we seem to have had lumber mills here, polluting the air,(now we only have SMOG, car-exhaust, and grass seed burning. All the auto-exhaust makes the air even MORE potent. at–choo.nidoran_f_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a4998

So you answer me; if they could avoid it, why would black  people MOVE HERE? For all the great low-wage-junk jobs? To enjoy the company of real honkey-white-liberals?  For all the GREAT JAZZ AND GOOD FOOD?lavi-n(haw haw) To make pals of all the white-beer-guzzling-idiot low-wage guys here?Oh, yeah, to celebrate all their Gayness in the LBG?T– Community?  Hah. So they could work for private-logging companies who pay so well?  -and are so safe to work for? For the magnificent Caribbean weather and atmosphere?victini_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a48rm

yeah, sure.Eugene is the height of coolness, man.(sarcasm)Emoticon_oo1_by_QueenOfElves

MAYBE BLACK PEOPLE ARE MORE CRAZY ABOUT TREES THAN WHITES, that’s why more blacks would come here? You think we Oregonians have been keeping all those black folk from their extreme love of PINE TREES?wiggltree27b195315183942646a5bd110c4de94e-and mud,and very big slugs? Then I guess I better tell all those liberal democrats to move over ,cause black people would all just LOVE TO MOVE TO OREGON!_free__rainy_day_icon_by_toxic_fox_girl-d6kpkrk—IT’S SO COOL, MAN. (snicker) B.S.!  >:)happy_happy_joy_joy__by_icexdragon-d4u585i

(Sandraminadotty, missing a good radio station of R & B inconfidentwalk (2) Eugene; naaah, of COURSE there’s no R & B  HERE! __pyro___by_Tobasko sigh,–just mafiososmokeCountry-BOOM_chtiiik_booom_CHIIK_by_PixelistoWesternAngry_Mob_by_Sinister_Starfeesh 😦 )   and   Muzak.vote05052.gif cowboy



706.jpg landscape river rd


I was unpleasantly reminded of something every Oregonian now knows,, the other day, when this nice kid called Tony went out and bought me some popcorn because I was out.of it. I told him “that’s my Saturday night,  popcorn and olive oil with coconut butter on it, and lots of kosher salt.” Tony replied that, he was going to go camping, finally. But he said also “it’s really hard to find camping places anymore,, all the land has become privately owned, so all the campsites have been sold off.” That was the first I’d heard about that; “they even got rid of all the camping grounds? What are they doing with them?” “I don’t know, but they’re all disappearing, there aren’t any left. All of the land now in Oregon is PRIVATELY OWNED, and you can’t go and camp on that.”._treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206

Of course I had heard the open rumor, that was true, that the Oregon legislature and the governor, had been busily selling off all of public forest land to private log cutters, just to pay for the stupid schools. And,  all my other sources said, yes it was true. How could that possibly be? These were Democrats in office, right? Democrats rule Oregon state government? So how come they’re acting like Republicans? There doesn’t seem to be any difference anymore. You may as well vote in Republicans Democrats are doing exactly the same thing. – – Selling off the public forest lands so there would be nothing left eventually for anyone to camp on, unless he was camping in his own backyard.emote_seasons_by_upsguy1997-d4rl2ks

“That is so stupid of the Oregon State people, I mean the guys at the top,  they’re going to sell off all the public land and forest land, to support the schools, and then it will all be used up and all the forests will be gone.– – and knowing Oregon schools, those kids won’t be any smarter than they were when they started.” (I had only gone to school in Oregon, in Eugene, in the Santa Clara elementary school, which also no longer existed. But, since there were never any jobs in Oregon, my family had decamped to Sacramento California, so our dad could work in the missile industry for just about nine or 10 years, until we came back here.)I_love_play_with_fire_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate

Needless to say, at those times, in those years, (I’m 69 years old, so that was about during the early and mid-60s.) Sacramento California schools of that time were excellent, very very good. I remember that Bella Vista high school had two swimming pools, art classes, and athletic program for boys and girls, music classes, extracurricular activities after school. And the teachers were really good too. It was one of the main reasons Oregonians decamped to California with their kids, was to get better schools for them.schoole5d66285df9dd41bee005a48de62ae72-d49qq89

that tells you something about how Oregon schools have always been.and I don’t think it was only the money either.moneygif3c61d38d617e7e24f45c7ed92473b0da (1)

“say, Tony are there any wilderness areas left anymore, you can go out and do your own camping in that?” I asked him, mystified. “Well,” he replied, in a frustrated manner, “that’s if you can find any wilderness areas anymore, to camp in. Everybody owns it privately, they won’t let you camp on that! I’m sure they wouldn’t.” I thank him for giving me the popcorn, and thought about the good old days, at least in one manner of speaking, the good old days were when we actually had PUBLIC FORESTS, and lots of very big public parks.campingfa1f1655c91a3028bd82ba495fc81d3b-d4ubu03

I sure remember those!  They were wonderful, they didn’t cost you money either. Neither did it cost you money to go to the beaches.–but now, there were no longer any PUBLICLLY OWNED beaches, and PUBLICLY  OWNED forest land in camping and parks. I remembered all the picnics; I remembered all the cold weather picnics at the beach where you went bundled up in coats and scarves, but the god damn beach was free.beach_life_by_cubicinsanity-d53vwvn

but of course now the public didn’t own a god damn thing. Since a lot of people had also lost their homes, in the declining years of Oregon, Democrats in the legislature had made very sure that no real business or manufacturing came here, but then there was no money for schools,  so they decided to start selling off all the public forest land to private lumber companies to support the schools.that was really good thinking for Democrats wasn’t it?1303945328_comiss__blue_tiger_by_kath602-d3eoj3z

Weren’t they supposed to be the “environmental, carbon- foot conscious, GREEN, organic, and save– the whales–  and save -the- land – bunch”?

so,WHERE ARE  THEY, and what are they doing about this?bounce_by_krissi001-d6oakez

I asked Caroline when she came over, exactly the same question.”you’re supposed to know so much about this crowd, Carolyn, what the hell are the environmental activists doing? What are they doing about this?” She replied, “oh they’re just in the Eugene weekly newspaper, writing about junk, and doing a column called “activists” where they describe what the currently popular social – responsible activities are.. Like now, they’re very fixated on getting everybody to go to the Saturday farmershappygomoteflowermarket, and the regular farmers market, and getting them to spend all their food stamps, even if they just amount to $15, on all the yummy , highly expensive farmers produce here, from small farms.that’s what they’re doing.”_youtalktoomuch__by_waluigi_prower-d5wd2h1

“so there aren’t really a lot of environmental people  hopping on this,  and actually doing anything to stop this?” I asked. “Aren’t they protesting against what the Legislature is doing?”_shakenet__by_kath602-d3i6z1b “Well, I think one bunch,” said Carolyn sadly, “were all hooked into a huge net over the Portland bridge, deciding to stay up on a huge net on the bridge, and stay there for days and days to demonstrate  Cream_and_Racoongirl_emoticon_by_zimpy222 (1)– – you know, against everything.” Somehow that didn’t sound very PRACTICAL or EFFECTIVE to me. Hoisting yourself into a net over the bridge for a bunch of days, trying to impress the legislature with how masochistic you are, doesn’t sound very liable to change their minds.”not anything more useful than that?” I queried.a_thanksgiving_survivor_by_radonthewolf

“well,” said Carolyn,  looking at me; “what would you do to be more effective?” “Well,” I replied, I think some more legal and political activities would be a lot more pointed in the right direction. For example, why don’t they get some legal help and sue the hell out of the legislature for selling off all the public forests? Nobody’s trying to do that! There must be plenty of legal things,,death_ray_by_cookiemagik they could do because they’re breaking the law! They probably are! But nobody’s paying attention to it?” “Nobody except people like us, who were worried about it,” said Carolyn gently, “I think they’d rather demonstrate by hanging themselves up for days without eating, looking like Gandhi, and not actually doing anything effective to stop them.”blue_ball_project__entry_2_by_emotikonz “also, they could look into  legally throwing those people out of office, you know, kind of like Nixon, or what they tried to do to Clinton, for all his scandalous activities.”—“no, that would be too effective and straightforward for them, and it would not require any colorful demonstrating.”writing_by_mirz123-d4nnlfu

I guess these  are not considered scandalous activities.fbf_project_entry_by_i_is_smart-d52vf6zI guess they’re just considered as “the right of the Oregon Legislature to do anything they damn well please, as usual.” BOY, would I like to get those guys alone late at night, somewhere where they didn’t have all their guards around them, and we had already sorted out a bunch of hostile angry extreme environmental people, so they could have a little party together. Nobody ever thinks of that,, whatever happened to riding people out of town tarred and feathered on a rail?”big_little_challenge_by_hsn2555

“I think it’s considered very antisocial and politically naïve,” returned Caroline. “Righteous anger doesn’t seem to be THERE in the environmentally correct public anymore. If there ever was any..I think it’s all diverted into making small farmers feel loved and cared for by the buying know, come in and use your food stamps on our LETTUCE,happygomoteflower PLEASE, we’re “locally-grown.”,

“but I’m sure they all know about this,”I continued. There does seem to be a lack of ACTION  in the ENVIRONMENTALLY AWARE public. They like to demonstrate, they like to go to big fat conventions every year,  at the University of Oregon, with all the other environmental chums; but they don’t actually do anything.blahblah..they twiddle their environmental thumbs,blahblah and make themselves feel very righteous.”blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah

“speaking of that big fat environmental conference, that goes on every year,, at the University of Oregon? – – Just exactly what do they do anyway?” “Carolyn replied that they usually got together in big meetings, and had fun talking about stuff, and they had environmentalists from Canada, and other places all meet up, and I guess they also had wonderful lunches they planned.and even the FBI  thought it was a good time, so they came secretly.”dizzy_emote_by_mirz123-d4v6p1o_bgflag__by_pinkburst-d7y4y50#2maracasdance2nd5sec.hugse63ba5f9275fc79cwelcome_back_sign_by_mirz123-d6m8jv3vuvuzela_by_sml_ehappycroatiaflag1phonecall2

I guess it’s lots of fun to go secretly somewhere, and pretend nobody knows who you are.– – like anybody would actually care..hitler

“what is this all got to do with trying to keep the Oregon legislature from selling off all the public forest lands to private logging companies?” I finally demanded. “Well,” replied Carolyn mystified also, “I guess they talk a really good game at those conventions, but when it comes to doing anything practical andchainsaw stopping lots of people in Oregon from chopping down all our trees,_blowing_tree__by_luckylinx that’s not something they want to do in their know, it’s, kind of very “civil disobedience”, and nowadays nobody does that. At least not very effectively.”she paused for effect;

  “I guess being an environmentalist socially,, and getting your name all over letterheads and websites,, is a lot more fun than going out with a couple of shotguns late at night, so you know you won’t be caught.. That’s too dangerous!” I replied, “yes, I can see how young people now and people in the environmentally conscious game,  kind of want to play it COOL – –Rainbow_Happy__Or_Crazy_by_LemonARTs (1) and not go against the legislature or the state. Pity! Real civil disobedience can be a lot of fun and very satisfying sometimes.– – but then you have to take some kind of chances,  and I guess, that’s too much to ask now. It might hurt your reputation actually doing anything about things.– –cheerleder217 and they probably don’t want to sue them either, too time-consuming.”

“the trouble with you,” said Carolyn, smiling, “is that you came from a different generation. killyousterb134People in your generation actually did get into trouble, burned their bras, and did even worse civil disobedience, you know, and now days people just aren’t like that anymore.they’re too worried about their credit rating, with their credit card company.besides, all those wonderful  environmental conferences at the University of Oregon law school, are just a lot more fun to_youtalktoomuch__by_waluigi_prower-d5wd2h1 TALK TALK TALK and have nice lunches_cooking__by_cmotes-d5k6ib7 and then_teaparty__by_leoleonardo TALK a lot more._gesundheit__by_Tesslar. Sounds like a lot more fun to me and easier.”

YEAH, EASIER.I was very disappointed, and I felt mysteriously incredibly old.053.gif Old Guy em. Out of it, not COOL anymore. Now, it was a lot cooler to be a small  Oregon farmer, and get everybody to use their food stamps on you. Never mind what happened to the public forests. I guess that was not  considered COOL anymore to be concerned about them.after all, if all the forests were gone, people would still have their cars, and their freeways, and their highways,popcorn_tv_by_MixedMilkChOcOlateand all their smog, and all their crap. _filmaddict__by_vanmall Especially all their electronic crap.auto_wos6.giftwocars

Face it, its not OREGON ANY MORE._ponder__by_Taimotive All the natives have mostly moved away, and foreignerspirate_arrr_by_mirz123-d6mw3jo have invaded the land, trashed the public forests,sold them to lumber companies, and all the “environmentalists” are busy in socially-active talking-groups, where reality has been reduced to THEORY and conferences; and lynchings,animeds!cid_135_2726780312@web161806_mail_bf1_yahoo barn–burnings, neck-tie parties, and KLU KLUX KLAN activities have been reduced to YAK YAK YAK,arguing and Democrat politicians, legislature  illegal acts (and others)beacha207feb9ab1dcdcba9d3a260e530b938 are ignored and disregarded by young people.

–And Old Oregon and its forestsknitt2!cid_19_3218548504@web142503_mail_bf1_yahoo have been delegated to an old person’s MIND,_free__rainy_day_icon_by_toxic_fox_girl-d6kpkrkthe only place they will eventually  exist.—In the memory of natives.act11.gifsympathyToo bad. It  really did used to be a BEAUTIFUL STATE._gray__by_darkmoon3636.gifpaintworld I could disregard the present shape of things too; as much as all those legal pot-smokers5397.gifnusun and pot-shopSmoking-owners in Oregon.I still think MINEloveeyes (1) was a more beautiful memory any how.At least at one time, it was real.

(Sandraminadotty, learning to  ignore  how Oregon gets sold off, piece by piece, until we look like the great salt flats. I am not young now, so MY civil disobedience would amt. to throwing banana peels at the Salem court-house, which just aint very effective, you-all!)   😦








IT  is hot summer in Eugene and Lane county; the Willamette Valley mixes grass seed burning, SMOG  from all traffic, and allergies. I fight the allergy attack and lose. I gotta go to drop in clinic  with bloody nose, pain,,headaches, dizzeness, and gooey infected ear. Summer in the Valley of Sickness really hates me.Finally, I admit I am sick, (crap)Ugh!  Is it worth it to live in the Valley? but if you live here, just TRY to sell a house or land  on River Road. You might sell it for pennies. –or possibly rent it out to U. of O. students who compete  foe cheaper housing here; its expensive in Eugene.The drop in clinic knows me by sight, I am a favorite client of damns sinus. This time, there’s “something going around.”

Besides, all the horrific pre-election parade of horror is really rattling me; I hear people say, they hate both candidates, and they really hate and no longer trust either party. –All of it is just abuse and conning of the public and tax-payers. I understand that.I read and hear so many complaints that people hate the govt/. and hate their politicians.None trusts them any more.Wow—all the under current  of anger, frustration, hate and bad feelings of extreme kinds. Some are sure the election will be RIGGED—AND its happened before.

Why vote when voting no longer has power?

We avoid whats going on,and pursue our daily lives, but  the  ghost of ISIS gives us insecurity at night.


In the mean time, before the real war gets here, we run into the myth about “the Utopia of the 50’s.”To tell the truth,not everyone was able to live in a swanky, suburban home—have a good job and do what people tried to  do,then,”Keep Up With the Jones.”If the Jones, neighbor, buys a new car,you have to keep up by buying one too.If they have their kitchen remodeled, you have to spend the money to remodel yours too.Keeping Up with the Jones was an important activity.Being middle-class was important.

The CONFORMITY  of the 50’s was so pervasive MAD MAGAZINE was born to make fun of it.–Various good artists and cartoonists satirized Madison Avenue Ad Men,and advertising. The 50’s were a matter of “dress alike ” LATER)in the same, current fashion; do grilling in the back yard like your neighbors do; have the popular food everyone makes, do the same hobbies that fashion tells your friends to do;THINK LIKE your neighbors and friends do; and most of all, THINK, TALK, AND ACT, BEHAVE, and have the same VALUES EVERYONE ELSE DOES.”

DON’T BE DIFFERENT.”  Very different people could become outcasts, say, if your family was poor, and not in the same financial, social class. –or they were scientists and “readers, people who read a lot.instead of watching tv, and are brainy,” were too darn different. Even Disney made fun of scientists and inventors by making “The Absent-minded Inventor” and “The shaggy Dog.”Inventors and scientists were made to LAUGH AT, and not take seriously. They were  FREAKS.–Their kids were too smart–and being too smart in school, as a kid made you a “freak” to laugh at.—not a socially-ok person at all.Girls or women who were SMART, BRAINY, ect. were not popular or date  material.. It was BAD to be the smart one in school. You were an OUTCAST.  –A freak.Unless you hung out with other brainy kids, you were alone.

This anti-intellegence thing of the conformist 50’s was serious.Smart people  were considered BEATNIKS,often, and they had their own social group.Even if some  qualities of the beatnik were ahead of their time, like writing very different books, espousing different society morals, expression, and thinking and discovering things ahead of their time, which can be a good thing for society, it was still not deemed Ok” by the general conformist community.

Gay people really had to hide it.—or go way underground to be among like persons.DIVERSITY was NOT OK. If you immigrated to America, you were expected to “homoganize yerself.”–become like real Americans.Stop being Yugoslavian! —learn to cook and eat American dishes. Don’t be SO ITALIAN! Go to baseball games, cheer for a team, enjoy football games, and enjoy AMERICAN SPORTS. Ditto MONEY AND MATERIALISM.Being financially successful was an absolute, necessary quality. It was REALLY AMERICAN to make MONEY.–being poor was  considered your fault, and morally wrong. And ANTI-MATERIALISTIC

STILL, life was young in the 50’s; many people had jobs—not like now.We we were not subject to terrorism yet; so what if  the 50’s were moneygrubbing? NOBODY likes being poor.Don’t blame the 50’s in America, blame the human race.We want security from hunger, a roof over our heads,and medicine when we’re sick. Even the poor hate the poor,its no way to live. In this savage dimension, survive and don’t die is the last word, and we most of our lives follow  that.Make money, eat,work, congratulate ourselves on being only an animal after all. How much truth or beauty, or thought can an animal find, when he’s too busy grubbing in the forest for his next meal?

(Sandraminadotty, sick again in Eugene OR in the Valley of Sickness. –but God and my genes will heal it,until I get too old to mend..  🙂








It is a very hot summer day, and, as usual at my place, since I live in Eugene, Oregon, I live in one of the WORST AIR, and clouded compressed valley in all the Pacific Northwest. Even my cat won’t go out the back door to eat grass, the air is so FOUL. CACKLE CACKLE!  But I have all the windows and doors closed tightly and the air-conditioner on, cause of our 80 and 89 degree weather  lately.—Willamette Valley always had BAD AIR  from the local lumber mills.–and summer grass-seed field  burning.old_hat_by_jamal1-d18kb4a_blowing_tree__by_luckylinx

To put it frankly, the MOON has better air quality than Lane County.unknown-animators


Since we also have the worst allergy stuff in the valley, people who CAN, flee to the coast and stay there as long as summer hits we Eugenians in the head and lungs. The lumber-mills are gone, but there’s still grass-seed burning altho this is largely a RESIDENTIAL REGION NOW, not an agricultural one.weedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweedweed

Too bad!  The orchards here (we had one) used to be ripe with fruit; we even had our own grapes.My parents made WINE on the local “home-wine-making permit” and I remember big jugs of fruit wine set all over the  main hallway(they had to stay SOMEWHERE)  and our dad’s wine potion came up with delicious plum wine, or grape wine, which had a big KICK at the end of a sip.laffhamster2!cid_902A727DD71F4F31AD9712B85DCA7B38@DorothyHP

This was long before all the winemakers came here. We had the first wine-exhibt in  Lane County Fair( which was a much better fair then) and we all entered art, jam, and pie in the fair contests.My sister’s pie crust got an award. She invented one of her own.My mom’s canning was great then,& we had plenty to can.I thought I was a painter, then, way before I realized that only art teachers make money, not painters or even commercial art people.  it was BEFORE the valley lost all it’s rain, and we got our perpetual drought, and stopped having rain 10 months of the year.—stopped having almost ANY RAIN.anotherstove stor07

It was before we traded horrible lumber-mill smoke and miserable  grass-seed smoke, for the auto SMOG and allergies, & massive pollen that gives us all breast cancer, asthma, and lung diseases now. Some trade off! My dad’s sinus was always bleeding, but once we caught all the tremendous SMOG FROM L.A. AND CALIFORNIA, that thousands of CA outsiders brought here with their thousands of autos, we were now set up for worse lung & sinus problems.AND the weather changed to bad-gardening weather. DARN.wosautos124.gifoldhumpcarwosautos127.gifpimpcarauto_wos6.giftwocarswosautos1300.gifwhitepimpcarauto_wos20.giftinycarwosautos140.gifblupimpsedanblack-car-emoticons-12.giffastcar

WHAT A VALLEY!happygomoteflower Touted as the “now-gentrified” Organic,GREEN, “Sustainable.” ENVIRONMENTALISTS, Carbon-Foot-Step-Aware, and NATURAL FOODIE VALLEY OF Chi-Chi-Rich-Hippie-Yuppieshappygomoteflowerwho loved the very expensive produce at the Lane County Farmer’s Market, Trader Joe’s, (for sweet goodies) and ahappygomoteflowervery  now-expensive Organic-Safeway Produce, the FOOD came in two different qualities;securedownload.gifmorebadteethemote very cheap, bad,Win-Cos’ and Wal-marts, for we down-trodden natives(read, “not much money”) and fantasy_bloom_by_radiantcomet-d6g63rrSafeway,Farmer’s Market, and cute happygomoteflowerlittle organic farms that sold you a broccoli or kale for more than $10. a piece(EEEEK!)  , for all our new Gentrified-Royal Gentry who owned all of the Valley and Oregon now.fruitcutbtknifegraphics-fruit-977803happygomoteflower

It was one thing to be poor in Oregon before,anotherblueguy stor19but now we had nothing but the very rich & chi-chi-organic invaders, who had money, leaving the majority of us even poorer than we used to be!  The middle-class left the state, to get work elsewhere, and the only Oregonians here were some old guys, and low-paid working class. I forgot to mention the thousands of HOMELESScrazy_mini who migrated here,love09.gifsleepdreamlove or were natives, who clobbered the poorohhnofood stamp-and-social-services depts. to death. Plus, all the well-to-do seniors retired here, cause  their money was more than the local worker. (You DON’T want to work here, you can’t survive on the pennies-wages.)–and all these well-to-do-mwahaha new seniors made it more expensive for the local worker.blindstor13

Hispanics have discovered Eugene and Oregon; their Spanish flies#2maracasdance all over my chiro-office, and every where else here. As long as they came here LEGALLY, I don’t care. But illegal aliens I do NOT WANT. We already have thousands of homeless_hideunderabox__by_kath602-d42915o everywhere–who are citizens, and we have no jobs or economy for THEM. –Nor do we have extra social-services money; the grapevine says that Oregon schools are broke—_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206the state is secretly selling all_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206 public forests_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206 to _treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206private_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206 logging companies,_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206 just for school money.._treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206 The state of Oregon is BROKE—cause there is no business or capitalism here. No more lumber-mill jobs.

To put it  bluntly—feelingfreeplz.California-well-to-do0008 and East-Coast invaders just brought_lovelybigwheel__by_meninasuitcase-d2zfcub all L.A. AND CALI, PLUS SMOG, down to Oregon!–and pushed out all the natives!  The cost-of-living is way UP;the rent is HIGH–and the food is unaffordable. And some of us got STUCK HERE,on low-value homes or real estate ,and we can’t sell our houses on DESTROYED RIVER ROAD.lol__emotes_by_5penguinsYEAH, DESTROYED-  RIVER ROAD!  The county destroyed our homes & real estate, and now our land is worth SHIT.scared

   I can’t even sell my destroyed,omfg de-valued homepainedand land, to leave, cause the county and city destroyed all our land-value! _crying__rvmp_by_bad_blood THANK YOU, LANE COUNTY, AND CITY, FOR destroying my land-valueflamedyoudamote37and ruining everything on River Road! arguing  You fuckers! Don’t any of you govt. leaders go out, late at night, alone, you would be mighty tempting targets to the residents and home-owners you ruined, on River Road! shakezombie4679b62b12c944ee37d0c963de42560d You’re lucky I am very bad at rifle-shooting and making bombs.vote05052.gif cowboyBut I can’t vouch for any of my neighbors. –their homes and land are ruined too, cause you turned River Road into a mass-freeway.665cebc4ddc6c4b0946aa83b1a56afee

(Why the Hell we didn’t all sued you for millions I will never know. –People here have no guts, and the local govt. is just a Gestapo-copy. Berlin and SS  all over again, you assholes.)_cuttothechase__by_Mrichston

I love Gentrification—as long as its not HERE. And, boy,zombie_grabin___pumpkin_man_by_de_mote I do wish I were not here NOW. This town is one big STINKER—LITERALLY.

But I was going to complain about Word Press fouling up our software to log into the blog; its now “so advanced and improved” I get stuck in the new mess, and the only way I can get into my own blog, is an aged bookmark on my computer. Otherwise, without that, I could not get into my own blog.0026

THERE’S my major, senior, non-techie bitch today. OVER-COMPLEX-SOFTWARE AGAIN!arhh  HEY, that used to be fun, but there’s too much of it everywhere now!  I  still can”t draw on PENCIL MADNESS website, cause I can’t log in so I can draw.(I only scribble. “Oekaki” that is.)___I_am_an_Artist____by_fl00fy

“OH, LORD, JUST ANOTHER RUSTYknitt2!cid_19_3218548504@web142503_mail_bf1_yahooOLD SENIOR WHO CAN’T FIDDLE HIS SOFTWARE OR OPEN A CAN OF BEANS ANYMORE! ”  WHY does the Universe have us hanging around like rotten grapes on the vine, sold at Win-Co?!”Grandma_Angry_by_Momma__G

WE CONGRATULATE GOP NOMINEE MR. TRUMP!heart_dance___nano28_by_mirz123-d5msr62

BUT—we forgot to celebrate Mr. Trump, who gave such a spirited and forth-right GOP nomination speech, ending with, “I love you people”.—and talked about every issue that’s bothering we voters everywhere._llamaworship__by_caitievoss–and was HONEST about all the govt. corruption and dying America. Mr. Trump was the only person to HONESTLY ADMIT  how screwed-over our country has become–and wants to do something about it.This is a man who knows business, and wants to apply his success to fix our economy too. And this is not some poor hick from low-class poverty in Georgia, who just wants to make his fortune from eating up all the govt. money he can get—a “professional-politician”who’s main goal is money and power. This gentleman is already successful, and wants to help our country become that way again. Everything he said made complete sense.  “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  And finally, “Don’t send a boy, to do a man’s job!”–I think we finally got a MAN in the house again. —it feels good! 🙂  _congrats__by_MenInASuitcase_iconflyingheartsplz__by_dreamon_mpak-d4x67f9

(Sandraminadotty, this late, hot, summer in July, who is looking into doing some campaign-support locally for Mr. Trump the GOP’S REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE  FOR THE WHITE HOUSE 2016   🙂   )      🙂seniority_rulez_by_de_mote

summer_time_by_soulnova-d7xh11m    chasing_butterflies_by_a_kid_at_heart-d6glz4q  argghh____by_scorpion81-d4akurq




(summer as expressed by local artist)

Carolyn is watching me fiddle around on the computer, trying to find those pirates I used to associate with. “Why are you trying to find those pirates now?” Said Carolyn, doubtfully. “I’m going to try and find them, to ask them especially to loose hideous computer viruses on all the websites of Frigidaire company.” “Don’t do that, you’ll just get in trouble!” Replied Carolyn. “I’m not going to do it myself,” I answered, “I’m going to ask them to do it for me. Do you know that you can even find ads that say, hackers will hack anything you want to hack into,, if you pay them?”_moneyshower__by_ledmaiden-d2yeadp

“HOW was I to know, you can no longer buy ANY APPLIANCE now, without consulting consumer research? and Consumer Reports?And online reviews? Cause otherwise, you get ROTTEN-DUD-AMERICAN?”7850giffridge

“Can’t they fix your new fridge?”asked Carolyn. Said I, “Well, they don’t WANT TO FIX IT.   I am never paying the entire cost for a new fridge again; next time, slow monthly payments.AT the same time, my expensive $70. garbage can from Cost-co, is leaking all over my kitchen floor; it failed to open its lid,and now its sprung a leak, and can’t even hold a plastic bag without leaking.WHY DO  ALL THE EXPENSIVE  APPLIANCES FAIL, JUST LIKE THE CHEAP ONES? ARE THEY all made exactly the same?” I yelled.  “WHY DO I BOTHER   EVEN BUYING A NEW FRIDGE NOW? The old ones are just as good  as the new ones, maybe better!”icecreamcone

At the same time I am trying to relate my appliance woes, the city of Eugene tore down the City Hall while building a new one  that costs millions the city does not have.Democrats, aren’t you ashamed to be part of this Oregon liberal money-wasting county,Lane, and city, Eugene, when you purport to be “the friend of the working man”?stupid

If these are friends, we don’t need enemies! (CUE  LARGE BROWN-RECLUSE SPIDER hanging in the wings.)spidey

And, Mrs. Clinton is giving me tons of robot-phonephonecall2phonecall2phonecall2phonecall2phonecall2phonecall2phonecall2phonecall2calls several times a day;(yeah, me too) why not,she’s got the millions of China, Arabia, and any other country she can sell us out to. Before you shake your head in disbelief , remind yourself that Mrs. Clinton is VERY AMBITIOUS; she wants to be president like most of us just want to breathe air every day. NECESSARY .Why not? She only sold out her country for it. Anyone ever wonder why these people don’t ever have a bullet with their name on?PHOTOHILLARYMTE4MDAzNDEwMDU4NTc3NDIyphonecall2

Sometimes they do. –Unless they kill all of their enemies FIRST. Just remember that in the insect world, the female is often more deadly. Nobody remembers Mrs. McBeth, I suppose.—Another great Black Widow spider of history. Just cause we females don’t use guns and ammo to kill, doesn’t mean we don’t murder too. We just remember to smile and wear0008 lipstick while we do it.awfullotofrunningplz

“‘Now I know WHY everyone is eitherweed puffing pot,smokingor snorting (??) meth.amazing_by_bgai-d98e0gfIt’s the “Moscow Syndrome”; your country,services, safety nets, even food and products are on a swift slide into Hell.bill_cipher_emoticon_by_krackat_emoticon-d9azjfo You NEED TO PUT UP WITH IT, cause you cannot escape it.drunkDrugs,drinking booze,ect.—anything that gets out OUT OF REALITY.”

Generally, we’re describing the descent of a large society into Chaos also. It’s not just me;1303945328_comiss__blue_tiger_by_kath602-d3eoj3z its not just Oregon,it is the whole damn stupid jerk country. I saw a documentary recently,118.gif pandaseestv by the English  group against Britain remaining in the EU; basically, their country and Europe is like the USA. The voters and taxpayers have completely lost control over their govts. and their functions. Everything is gone out of their control! The EU even has control over Britain’s military.–Not the Brits. No wonder they wantthe_pride_to_be_part_of_something_bigger_by_tantetabata-d61j8k1 out, it’s not even their nation any more.crazy_emotes_by_etalocohcklimdexim Remind you of any Northamerican country?   YAAASSS?.Glomp_Avalanche_by_Jeddy_X

But, still at a Liliputian level, my damn fridge and kitchen garbage- can, STILL should shuffle along, working, just so we citizenscubiclessmiley-chores015 don’t slide into jungle-anarchy_disembowel__by_Waluigi_Prower before the govt.s. collapse. Or, according to sociology, maybe it ALL happens  at once.hysterical (shudder.) Probably.

Basically, my fridge is junk; my garbage can  leaks!bounce_by_krissi001-d6oakez I am OLD, and for once, I am GLAD to be old.burnyouupstor02 Our govt. is a joke, everyone is BANKRUPT except the  rich and powerful( (both political party heads, and the jerk in the Once-White House (once- Oval- Office now “free-form”.)


ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER, NOT ANYONE  ELSE’S, SUCH AS THE POLICE WHO PROTECT US.” (would you want to be young again, and put up with this crap?!)_talkingtowall__by_darkmoon3636

Not me! I am going to leave not too long hence,_granny__rewamp_by_MenInASuitcase & I refuse to come back to this planet, and this species. I don’t care how good the fridges are,I am not being “homo sapiens” again. It sucks on a creature-level even disgusts  black widow spiders.guns008_2vote05052.gif cowboy

Flies for dinner, heroesflyingthroughtheair!cid_20130424025215_13092maild0@gmxcompared to rotten fridge-food, leaking garbage, and rioting-garbage?pounceglompplz Hey, I’ll take THAT next time! YOU BETCHA!  I would much rather SPIN TO CATCH FRESH DINNER, super_smash_emotes_by_ville10-d38ms5rthan eat bad, defrosted  gook!happycroatiaflag1warjeepdiejeeplaser

(Sandraminadotty, blackest of black widows,02a1e0d2b2fc64a0bf486b44aa1577d8-d53aqht and watch out for my BITE! 🙂 getting-stoned  )   🙂





“OK, “says Caroline to me, after I made us both big lemonaides, and then de-camped to DairyQueen for that great soft-serve ice cream. Caroline likes the chocolate  cover they dip OVER the softserve cone) but I just love the two-in-one-chocolate/vanilla swirl. Summer couldn’t be any better than this. (“Are you doing those ad–spots for  Dairy-Queen again?” asks Caroline.NO, its just my personal note on summer.Melon.watermelon, fruit, ice-cubes, lemons or limes, cold water, and a freezing diet-drink mixed in. You can DRINK your way to losing a few lbs. and stay   cool  at the same time.Let the cat into the  back-yard, to eat grass and enjoy the over-weed-back yard summer day. NICE!—And, yeah, like other homes in Eugene, I have MONSTER-GODZILLA BLACK BERRY BUSHES I have to “poison” until  next season when they all grow back.__pyro___by_Tobasko


“Plus, Windows won’t Show the Art I Bought Off Sketchpad  4.0 Artists , PHOOEY.”_revenge___tard_Mona_Lisa_by_KimRaiFan

<p style=”text-align: left;0026“”>”YUMMY, ” I SAID between huge gulps and slobbers,and licks of ice cream I had waited all winter for. Well, okay, maybe not all winter. It’s just that now the weather has given me a better excuse.

, violent035_2“.But I had to fiddle with my software, myself It worked! The stupidest things work on computers. You know that my keyboard is so badly damaged, because it’s too heavy and it keeps falling through the table desk hole, and the number three keeps getting stuck; it keeps going 333-3333, until I take a matte knife and use the sharp end to dig up the number three Key back up again?”_intardnet__by_leoleonardo

Carolyn looked at me, “please pretend you never said any of those ridiculous things about your computer again.” “Okay, I promise,” I answered, “it’s time for me to get a new keyboard, or get this  really expensive big yellow thing repaired by that guy named Ken Check” at CHECK-RITE SENIOR REPAIR.Mac_Love_by_Furatix But I hear he’s hiding out at Peterson’s barn on Wednesdays, and if you want him to repair something you have to get an appointment with him on Wednesday. I think it’s only once a month. He used to be a very fantastic computer repair guy, especially for seniors,, but I haven’t been able to hunt him down until now.whipschainNOW,THAT’S a  SENIOR! He used to be a computer engineer for Hewlett-Packard.he’s really smart! Even fixed my tape deck on my big big big radio, CD player. AMAZING!”computerdeskwrk2!cid_06A2C7D86B554AA8A93E46F83F0C6E36@DorothyHP

,”well,” said Carolyn, “I hope he appreciates the ad you just gave him online.” “Oh shut up,” I said to Carolyn, “you know nobody reads this blog anyway!” “Yes,” said Carolyn thoughtfully,” that really is true.”_grumpcat__by_synfull-d4uph2m



–YOU STOP GIVING THEM ANY  MORE MONEY.”The_Evil_Black_Cursor_by_KimRaiFan

“”Why are you so bitter about huge beauracracies?” Asked Caroline between slurps of ice cream.”I tried to get info. on St. Joseph MI gun laws for a friend who lives there; because they live next to Benton Harbor, a big dangerous slum.I TRIED TO FIND OUT about MI gun laws there.My friend is very disabled, if she ever got attacked,espec. at home, she could not run. The govt. websites, police, and finally NRA were so UNAVAILABLE. They ignore their citizens needs or requests. So I cannot find out this info., except for a link the NRA finally gave me. THEY at least gave me help.” “you really think that stopping the flow of money to any despotism, huge mucked up federal government, or huge big corporation that won’t listen to you, is really the way to finally get their attention?” Asked Carolyn curiously.kanto___038___ninetails___animation_by_pkmn_pro-d5a649y “I don’t know.The problem is now,” I answered, “all of the things that we need, a government, a police station, any kind of company that makes something or does something, all of these INSTITUTIONS are too big to listen to any of us. They don’t really need US, we need THEM. The only way that they need us is in huge quantities, like whole country or whole state. If the whole country or state stops giving them money, successfully, THEN they have to start paying attention to you. – – You the consumer or you the citizen. OR,  you yourself have a ton of money, really , and lots of power, then they also have to pay attention to you.But, yeah ,I don’t see Americans doing any effective action.”kanto___015___beedrill___animation_by_pkmn_pro-d5a3px7

“But the everyday citizen, who just wants to talk to the NRA?or the federal government? Or St. Joseph Michigan government websites? Or their police department of the state of Michigan?just to get information they need?all of these big BLOATED, nonfunctional bureaucracies already have your money, so they don’t actually have to produce any work any information or do anything at all. a nonfunctional BUREAUCRACY will not change. It will only get worse. So the only thing you can do to a bureaucracy, is to completely destroy it. ALL of it. You cannot repair it. Believe me, I’ve tried a number of times  on a number of bureaucracys they won’t even listen to you. they REFUSE to listen to people. It can’t be done.”betterabduction

I stopped for a moment to think. “Have you ever tried to get a hold of Adobe software company online,_bgflag__by_pinkburst-d7y4y50 the big company, about some kind of product you bought from them? Well I have, and I never got any kind of customer service  or even any acknowledgment that they SOLD me the software. I stopped buying anything from Adobe. Really!_filmaddict__by_vanmall No more  art programs.same with Roaman’s department store online, that makes large clothing for women. They got bought out by Lane Bryant, and now they are really shitty. they keep sending me sale catalogs, and I keep NOT BUYING  anything from them anymore. They used to be a very good company. But they dissolved into one of those buyouts, where the massive huge Lane Bryant Corporation got them, and now they’re crappy. But it hasn’t hit them yet, and probably won’t, that since they are now Crappy _slamhead__revamp_by_Synfull Lane Bryant, a lot of us won’t buy anything from their stores online anymore.besides, I don’t need any more clothing! And the stuff they sell now is so LOW QUALITY. I can’t even take a chance of buying anything from them on a sale!”


“GEE,” said Carolyn, numbly. “I thought we were not going to talk about anything seriously when we had ice cream.” “Yes,” I replied, unhappily, “I didn’t mean to get into this. I just started because I tried to get hold of “the NRA – St. Joseph Michigan government departments of firearm law; and the Police Department of the state of Michigan. I went to all of their websites and e-mailed them, to find out vital information, and the only people who finally e-mailed me back, saying they would try to get it, or they gave me a link to it, was the NRA because I donate money to them. For once, they need me a little bit. – – Because of the money. And that’s the only thing that works, with these over-bloated bureaucracy  – –TONS OF MONEY that you threaten to cut off from them. And, they have to know that you mean it. its not a threat, it’s a warning.”fantasy_bloom_by_radiantcomet-d6g63rr

“but I also thought about “global CLIMATE CHANGE.flameangry434  That’s also a huge big bureaucracy that you can’t stop! WHY? All these companies and governments like China, that are producing all this foul shit in the air, and the oceans, are not going to stop doing it.all the environmentalists on the planet are not going to be able to stop them.crazy (1)  We are not stopping all the money going to them, so they will continue  destroying the planet–they have no monetary or power-reason to motivate them to stop.  And that’s the awful truth. THEY DON’T CARE. They have not motivated them to stop.–and they won’t change until–you take away their money–power–physical safety of the leaders and their families-“& until you bomb them out of existance?, “asked Carolyn. “You saw how la bomba  got the nation of Japan to surrender in WW2. ”  “THAT is a little extreme,” said Caroline. “Yeah,”I said,”it worked didn’t it?”

I could see the wheels going around in Carolyn’s head,and she said,”I think I have found a motivation to discourage ISIS.  “”YEAH?”  “Which countries,towns, ect. do all the real FAMILIES OF ISIS LIVE IN? You know where they are?” “No,” I chuckled, “You wanta start WW3 ? WHY don’t you tell the Pentagon?HAW!  WOW,I never should have started this on “how to motivate the human being.You been reading Machiavelli?” “Mach-ee-a-WHO? ”  Groan. Now the song from Cabaret “Money Makes The World Go Round!”–was filtering thru my ice cream. “You are REALLY getting the hang of this!”I chuckled.

“And YOU really have thought about this,” said Carolyn, looking at me mysteriously.” Is it time for you to go to a psychiatrist again? Just for a little checkup?” “no,” I replied,”Someone in this state has to actually think! Too many universities, county govt. and  city govts!— SOMEONE HAS TO BREAK THE DEADLOCK–AND THINK!” Carolyn sighed–she was probably thinking of the RG  TOO. “

“You can educate a fool, but you cannot make him think.” 

“Besides, no one reads this blog, and no one here in Oregon thinks.most of the psychiatrists in Oregon have moved out of the state.” “Yeah, I heard that. Why do you think that is?legal marijuana now? Or, all the Californians who moved here, because they’re so crazy they are stressing out all the psychiatrists?” “They may have run out of–ONCE AGAIN–MONEY–as Oregon govt. and people are so broke.No money, no shrinks.”

But, it was summer in Eugene, the blackberry bushes were climbing all over, & we ‘re getting out our DDT, Crossbow, and every other deadly poison we could find,  and the state was air-helicopter- spraying summer pesticides ON us..All the Hispanics were visiting my chiropractor,  it was Mexico City in Eugene. We’ll soon be “La Gentricafacion de Eugene Poquito”–filled  everywhere with Hispanics,  Spanish, freeways, SMOG, crime, bumper-to-bumper noise,traffic,, and homeless on Meth. ..  I always wanted to visit L.A. but I never wanted LA to move here… (IRONY.)

And you don’t care, you’re not reading this blog! Nobody likes complaining, and REALITY is even worse. Guess what I don’t care either! “I don’t care–I don’t care–what you may think of me!”(sings)The theme song of the Oregon Country Fair, which is more like the Musical “HAIR” without talent, good music, no decent singers or dancers, and too many “weekend” fake hippies-come-Exhibitionists. –and no good wardrobes. SKIP IT. GO WATCH “HAIR” THE MUSICAL,which has no plot or meaning, but is far cheaper and thankfully shorter. .


(Sandraminadotty, licking DairyQueen,, and staying out of the 78 degree dried-out summer, and not getting a nice tan, thank you!)  🙂    ..