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(Oregon artist satire of “organic living” yuppie)

I looked at the local newspaper, with the article “20 year long figure drawing class, for Eugene community members, destroyed by U. of O.fine Art Department head”. But the reasons in the article, for stopping the 20 year long free, Saturday afternoon, nude figure drawing class, for members of the Eugene community, at the University of Oregon,were pretty ridiculous.the head of the fine Art department gave these excuses;One was that “the people who came to draw, might just be voyeurs, wanting to see nude figures.” DUH!  in a figure drawing class, how do you tell who is a voyeur, and who isn’t? If they draw very well, are they or are they not, voyeurs? Or are they there just to flirt with the model during her rest period?Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign..

the other reason that the head of the fine Art Department gave, for ending that free Saturday class, was;” it was not safe for the model, to be nude there, strange and violent and overly sexual people could burst into the class” and the art department could not afford to put a guard on the drawing room.however,in the article, the members of the free art class, were quoted as saying, that there was never any trouble with security there, they never got attacked or invaded on Saturday, and there have never been any kind of action there but very quiet drawing. – Which is how drawing is supposed to be, quiet.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

the newspaper article was trying to say, “why the heck did the University of Oregon fine Art Department head, end the class, for these ridiculous reasons that didn’t exist?”   Smiley pixeled by SmileydesignWell, there were a couple very possible reasons she did it. One, she was from the East Coast, and taught at very pricey (Yale) and expensive (fancy girl school) and was very FOREIGN to the Pacific Northwest. Smiley pixeled by SmileydesignShe was used to being among wealthy and well educated Easterners who went to school and who also taught.she apparently thought that all of Eugene’s residents, were “dangerous, primitive, out-of-control, and uncivilized villagers.” – And couldn’t be trusted on the University of Oregon campus. (And also, they weren’t registered and weren’t paying for their class.)Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

I mean, after all all the people in that class were COMMUNITY ARTISTS, and not really “certified – college-educated – middle-class and upper-middle-class, and wealthy –” students.some of them even had regular, low income jobs here.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

OH, MY GOD! Low income artists!Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign How God damn terrible!you know if you’re going to be an artist, you have to go to a very good,expensive school, and learn all the ways you’re supposed to be able to draw and paint, and all that bull shit.Heaven forbid you can’t afford it!– like all the present and future artists. Well, that was the way of the present and future; if you were low, or working-class, you were not going to be able to afford education, and if you are middle class or upper middle class, you had to borrow a lot of money.and then probably lose your house or everything you own, over it._shh__by_brokenboulevard

the head of the fine Art department, since she was used to teaching at Yale,, and from very structured ,socially and economically, back east, just took it for granted she can get rid of community artists, off her art campus, and they should go somewhere, for their level. LEVEL. Meaning, of course, “get thee to thy level!” But it was really discouraging to hear that the University of Oregon was getting more and more like a back east big time, discriminating and bigoted expensive University. Very discouraging.emote_artist_by_ecc500-d3fvzno 

.but that is a mark of our times; rigid, structured, social and financial classes. strictly research poll that I read, said that it was no longer possible for people to move from low financial classes, or working classes, to higher classes with more position and more money. It just wasn’t possible anymore..I can see why that is; everybody in your financial and social class, all support each other, even for careers and jobs, and to get into schools. If you’re outside your desired class, you’re not going to get in.nowadays you have to be born into it.shake_head_by_fire_kitty_666-d4id8eg

(a very attractive and sexual outsider, could marry, or sleep his way into it,but that’s something else.)Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

It’s similar to, what us old seniors and baby boomers found out, when we tried to learn computers, late in life; all the youngsters were practically born into computer use, and education, and they were naturals with it.most of us would never catch up with them.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

now, it’s very almost impossible, to break up that rigid, very structured social and financial class, and do anything about it. Get out of it; and into a better one. And people who yell about the “NWO”, rather the “new world order”, don’t have to look any further than stuff like, monopolies of cable TV; monopolies of every single company you can think of. Even monopolies of FOOD in supermarkets. MONOPOLIES in every single area of commerce; clothing, electronics,phone companies, computers, leadership, the Internet,spirituality (Catholic Church, we hear you!) No where are the monopolies of life, even in the United States, worse than our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.members of Congress, and Senate, keep coming back like a bad virus. There’s no getting rid of them.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

so when you stop and think of the above subject, several paragraphs above, about the low income community artists, who can’t pay to go and register at the University of Oregon, for nice expensive education, and get into the “monopoly”, and the “in crowd”, it doesn’t do you any good to worry about this little thing everybody’s obsessive about, called the “NWO”.whatever shape the “new world order”, is in , it’s not really a hysterical conspiracy’s real. It’s all around you, you can’t miss it. emoticon_3000_by_ravenfire_1-d4qw0z8

in your area, there are only two ways to get on the Internet; Comcast and century link. Nothing else. There are dinky little,one person Internet servers, which hardly anybody uses if they can help it. And if you want to watch TV, you either have to get a satellite dish, or you have to get Comcast cable TV. And if your trees are too tall, or for some other reason you can’t get a satellite dish, you’re stuck with ONE cable TV company. The master! The monopoly master! and believe me, the PRICES they charge, are of a monopoly.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign I frankly, stopped watching all TV shows, they are so bad. The only thing I watch are MOVIES. And I refuse to get the higher up superduper, movie and TV channels, because I already did that, I got one or two secondary movie channels, and I’m still bored to tears most of the time. So getting higher up ones, and paying more and more and more and more, won’t do me any good. Most of the time, the only thing on TV is bad TV shows, and old TV movies they show over and over.those few extra movie channels, are mostly what I watch. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother with TV at all.

.AND, they are soon going to get rid of BROADCAST TV! EVERYTHING will be on cable or on the Internet._bored__by_royaba-d3307fk

Go  read a book.avelineofunderland_support_sign_by_sugarislife28-d59a9ed

 I’m not worrying very much about Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign“NWO” mysteries or conspiracies. I know who they all are anyway. I see them every day!Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign I have to deal with them every day, and get clobbered by them every day. And PAY TAXESSmiley pixeled by Smileydesign to them every day!and have to deal with MICROSOFT, MACINTOSH, et al.MONOPOLIES every day. You want to talk about a monopoly?Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign the AMA!one of the biggest baddest monopolies.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign One you can’t deny, and you can’t get around. If you want to be a doctor or a medical person, the only other thing is, “osteopath school, or chiropractic school.” (The latter one, I highly recommend and use myself.)Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

let’s suppose for a moment, before we end this article, that you have very very bad FEET. You’ve got very bad arthritis, you’ve got plantar fasciitis, your bones are bad off, your feet are old, but also there is no such thing in the United states, except for PODIATRISTS for bad feet. And you know what they do? Nothing. They cut toenails. That’s what they do! So if you have very bad feet, with a number of serious things wrong with them, in the United States, YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Unless you are fabulously wealthy, and can go to other countries, and very specialized expensive doctors, who actually treat really bad feet, and only accept CASH MONEY, you are SCREWED! that’s because no insurance you can get, for a regular normal person, even working,  has any kind of decent really good “expert feet Dr.s” who know how to treat very difficult, painful, FEET problems.noir

those are the results off our very socially and financially, structured classes, now. Monopolies; no medical treatment, unless you’re fabulously wealthy.(the rest of us get very bad HMOs, welfare charity clinics, and no treatment at all, on Medicare, Medicaid, Obama care. That’s because, as I mentioned above, you are out of luck. You’re not going to get it!)

So,, stop worrying about “the new world order”. Smiley pixeled by SmileydesignIt’s just the same old, “everyone is a PEON, poor person, on the bottom, which includes most of us, and our masters are that small, little, rich and financially angelic upper-class.”– – except that it’s worldwide.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign yes, it’s the same old ballgame; unless you’re one of the lucky rich and wealthy and powerful people, you’re  POOR. Not much middle class.. Stop pretending that socialism is going to get you what you want and need. IT IS NOTSmiley pixeled by Smileydesign.Socialism is pretty much a FAKE.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign And whatever they used to call, DEMOCRACY, that’s over, too. It was a short, one time situation, and now it’s gone.

 there’s your “NWO”; if you want to watch old movies, they are all owned by Ted Turner, and you have to pay for his channel on TV, to get them. And if you want cable TV at all, there’s only one choice, Comcast. There, in a nutshell, is our NWO. It’s not invisible, it’s seething around you every day, and you’re stuck in it. So stop worrying and obsessing over it. It’s just the same old bull shit, it’s always been for thousands of’s just under a new name.b27d3f316e57b0c08fa253e9f156f6a2-d598vp3

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, OR, wondering whether or not I should run for Congress, or Senate, by issuing a huge campaign of BULL-SHIT, mucking-up to every powerful, political group, raising millions of bucks, and doing it all THE AMERICAN WAY!!  “THANK YOU, MRS. CLINTON, FOR BEING MY INSPIRATION!!!” (worship, worship)  🙂   Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign



(photograph of little black bear, homeless, because of vast Oregon forest fires)


One day,well I was fooling around on the Internet, trying to find “alternative news” and finding nothing but liberal extreme left-wing claptrap and bull shit, I came across this strange website, and a strange letter on it, presumably to an editor, but it looked like it was trying to be communicated to the rest of the Internet public. I showed it to Carolyn, and she said “sounds like a really crazy person”, but I said “crazy like a Fox; some of this could definitely happen, I happen to know that California is in rather bad water situation now. And my sister is there!” “Come on,” replied Carolyn, dis-interested,” I have family there too. Somehow, they’re going to fix it I’m sure.”


“Why do you assume SOMEONE is going to fix it?” I replied irritatingly. “So far, our government doesn’t say b00; Obama doesn’t bother to think about anything, he’s too busy fighting with his wife and the Congress.” “Yeah, but maybe all these droughts are just, you know, “El Niño” weather again..” Said Carolyn. “that’s all very easy to say, I replied, but El Niño never never did anything like this before. And when has Oregon imitated the Mohave Desert like this? Ever? No, never!”


“Well, I don’t know what to say,” replied Carolyn, thumbing her nose at the letter on the screen. “I’m sure somebody, will do something, for all those people in California. They’ve got plenty of money there! You think they’re just going to leave them to rot?” “I don’t know,” I replied, “money is one thing, what are you going to do for RAIN you never have? Or WATER you don’t have?” “Nancy Pelosi lives in California,” replied Carolyn, once again thumbing her nose at Nancy Pelosi. “She has enough money she can BUY water for the whole stupid state!”


“WHERE is she going to get it from?” I replied again. “You’re going to have to extract all the salt from the Pacific Ocean! And they haven’t been doing that yet!” “one thing is right about that letter, the federal government isn’t talking about it. They’re pretending it doesn’t even exist.” “Yes,” I replied again. “EVERYBODY is acting like it doesn’t exist, once again, it is true, it’s the elephant in the room.” “I bet that the federal government has secret meetings, behind closed doors, and they’re figuring it out right now.”said Carolyn.


“I hope they’re not figuring it out like they did Obama care,” I replied again nastily. “If they figure it out like they did that, everybody will die of thirst in that stupid state.” – And I said once again, “and my sister is in that state!” “A lot of people have relatives in California, who live in Oregon,” yawned Carolyn, losing interest. “And you think they can all just move here, AGAIN? You think all of California can just move here? We have our own droughts! About as bad as California is getting.” “why don’t you just post the stupid letter on your blog, and let people read it for themselves?” Said Carolyn. “Then you don’t have to worry about it.” “Okay,”I said, trying to get it copied. “I don’t want to think about it either, I’m not any more responsible than the rest of the damn public.” – – And here is that stupid letter, off of that stupid website:
I am going to give you either a prediction of the near future or the far future. The government, federal, and state governments, have all been ignoring the fact of “global warming”. And there are a lot of deniers also.
However, it’s happening anyway. You can look at California, Oregon, and Washington state, and see all the horrible droughts. – And getting faster and faster at changing, also. So I’m going to predict to you what’s going to happen. Since all these governments are ignoring what’s going on, California is almost in a state of emergency because of lack of water and rain, and it could possibly hit Oregon also.the forest fires alone, have become a catastrophe, in California and Oregon and Washington, filling the air with smoke and making everyone sick. And burning down all our forests. This will probably happen even worse next summer.(no, it’s not going to turn around and suddenly get better.)
Now, you’re saying, what’s going to happen next? Where is California going to get their water from, just to drink, just to stay alive? The answer to that is: they don’t know. The government federal is doing their best to ignore the whole situation hoping it will go away and get stuck on the next White House inhabitant. And it might.
 However it’s happening very very fast. I happen to know that a lot of people in California are very scared at this time. Global warming, and severe droughts, in many states like this, are only going to get worse. Not going to stop. 
Nor, can it  BE STOPPED. It is too late to stop it. You cannot just stop and go with nature and weather.sooner or later, the states will all ask for emergency help from the federal government; they won’t get it. It will be the same as Hurricane Katrina. they will either not give any help, or it will come so late that a lot of people will die, or have to leave their states and homes.
The federal government could call out the National Guard; but, will they? President Obama does not like to do presidential acts or take any responsibility. The military heads in the government might have to declare a disaster and take over. That would bring us under martial law. That’s entirely possible. However, I can also predict that Obama won’t know what to do, and they might either assassinate him or just shove him out of the way. The military can do that.when it’s a case of much of the United States being in danger, they could legally do it.
Now, you have to imagine that many of the states have such catastrophic weather, such as the Pacific Northwest and California, that people can’t survive without getting any water or rain help. If they don’t get any help at all from the federal government this could very well happen: everybody who owes responsibilities to the federal government, or even the states, will stop doing it. Some of them will do it voluntarily, some of them won’t be able to avoid doing it. What I mean is, not paying taxes, not paying income taxes, not paying fees, or violations, not declaring their income, and not obeying federal and state laws anymore. The laws and rules of the government and the state will go right down the drain.
Reciprocity of course works both ways; if the government refuses to help its citizens in severe times of emergency, the citizens will stop regarding the federal government or even states, as their government and leaders. They will all try to watch out for each other and themselves. All the cults of religion, or cults of high financial billionaires, will all get together to protect themselves. For example, the Mormons, and various Jewish cults,and other “survivalist” cults that already have gotten together. There are a few of them even in Oregon. All these groups are going to start looking out for their own members.
That leaves out a majority of the people in the United States California is a very big state, with a lot of food productivity responsibility..if they don’t have water, how can they farm? Ditto for Oregon, our farming is already being limited by water and rain. I don’t know about Washington, but I suspect very much the same. At least three food producing states like this, and very likely others who can’t do it, will stop feeding people in the United States. Where will they get the food? The military would have to haul out government food that they have, and they would have to do something about the WATER..
Now, if the military does not proclaim martial law, then the population that has no food or water will be even more desperate. And the above, of deciding to completely ignore the federal government, and its rules and laws, and maybe even the states, will happen. If there’s no water and food help, directly from the military, all these people will be on their own. It’s called “chaos”.of course lots of crime, criminals, and huge amounts of criminal and desperate activities will be going on. Even ordinary people will get that way.very likely, a great deal of people who live in California, will LEAVE the state. WHERE they will go, is not certain, because at least several of the states have these major droughts now. Texas does not look good.
I can leave you to imagine what the lack of food and water, will do to millions of desperate people; like I said above, they will stop obeying all laws, particularly federal, and they will stop paying taxes or obeying any federal laws anymore. You would have to get out a severe militia, to make them just pay their taxes. And they might not even have the money. I don’t know what’s going to happen to the billionaires, they have their own club they could easily get out of this, and just go to place outside the US,, or a place in the country that still has a lot of water. Michigan apparently is doing okay with that and it’s a very empty state.
My bet is that the federal government, will continue to ignore the whole thing. The answer is, because they are rotten leaders. And they are rotten people. They only care about themselves. So they’re not going to do anything, unless the military does it. Even the Pentagon is still connected to the people, and that’s why I give my bit about martial law. Of course it might come out differently, and nobody will do anything to help the people of the United States. They haven’t yet.
another thing that could happen, is that the federal government itself could be overthrown, either by the Pentagon, or by another uprising, political group, who are very violent and active. This also is entirely possible..why? Because I don’t know what other underground political groups, are planning for this. They are not telling me. I don’t even know if they exist. And also we have to think about other countries, who will be affected by us, including the Chinese, who are planning on coming over here to live, in hordes or already are,they definitely do not want to get stuck in anarchy, with desperate Americans who don’t have any water or food. They also could, become active and take over the federal government, themselves (like they haven’t already done it in secret?) And bring order to the country. But they probably won’t help all those millions of people, they also could bring martial law.and when they bring martial law, it’s a lot more severe than any form our Pentagon could take. They do it in China, they will do it over here.
Whichever of these possibilities happens, there is still a big probability ratio, that one of them or something like them, will occur in the future. We do know that global warming is upon us, and the danger of no water, and no food is looming greater and greater. And we’re talking about huge populations, not just one state.I don’t like to think about it myself.of course, we actually could even have some type of Civil War take over here; war between the military of the Pentagon, (if they can get any military over here) opposite, say, a foreign country that has its soldiers here. Or it could be Civil War between United States factions. Or it could just be complete chaos.
You are supposed to be journalists, you probably have already thought a lot about this. Or, you’re like the federal government, you’ve just been ignoring the idea. The idea itself isn’t going to stop just because you ignore it, or because the federal government ignores it. It’s going to happen anyway. Some type of scenario, similar to one of these is going to happen.but global warming, or what ever it is that’s making this faster and faster weather extremes, is not going to be stopped by anyone, or anything. We know that it’s true, we can see it right here in Oregon.and of course a lot of my predictions could be off, but that last one definitely is not..
– – –thank you.”

Of course, the person did not sign their name.who the hell would? This person was pretending to be some kind of swami, or guru, or psychic, predicting stuff. Or else it was somebody who was a mole in the federal government. Or a mole in the CIA, or just some stupid member of Congress, who couldn’t get paid attention to. Very likely. Tell us what you think of that yourself, or if you think it’s so stupid, you don’t even think there’s any chance any of it will happen. Haw Haw. Have fun! You in California, try to stay wet!   🙂

(Sandraminadotty, in warm and hot Eugene, sloughing off the warning, trying to keep cool myself, and I don’t give a shit about California, unless they all try to come here, AGAIN. “No more room guys! Try another state! No more water here either! Try the coast! You can take the salt out afterwords! Ha ha ha!” (ironic laughter.)  🙂    raining_day_by_MenInASuitcase free_icon___twirling_flower_by_crazdude-d4sn06t (1)happy_sun_icon_by_angelishi-d65cs09 (1) cherubi_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a4385fluctuating_temperatures_by_converse_kidd-d3vrwyoSpiky_icon___O_O_by_chiyukolet_s_swing_into_spring_by_tantetabata-d62ddhsagua-turtle677893Don__t_Waste_Water_by_caranette