.”is that, that painting called “the potato eaters”?” Asked Carolyn, as she looked at my latest blog entry. “No,” I answered her, taking a lot of pain killer for my joints, “it’s called “very crazily colored painting by very crazily – colored artist”, why do you ask?” “Nothing,” she finally replied, giving it up.Smoking

I had just been trying to call the long-distance number for the post office, trying to get my package rerouted so it would be picked up at my local post office, instead of being delivered to me on a day when I couldn’t stay home to get it. It actually took me two hours, calling and calling, and calling and waiting on their wait line,before the long-distance post office said, “no, you have to call up your local post office to arrange for them to keep your package there so you can pick it up.”

Thanks so much, federal post office department!the next time any of the states decide to secede from the union, and become independents, countries, themselves, I’ll remember this, and support them.they couldn’t be any worse getting a hold of individual post offices, at individual tiny countries post offices, any worse than our own big federal post office. So what the hell?

Back to the pony express, YAHOO!llamaglomp

besides the fact that Trump was running for president on the Republican ticket of, “I am just so much better than Obama could possibly be, and I’ll probably get rid of Obama care –” there wasn’t much chance that Obama could one up him. Not that I like Republicans or believe them, it was just that, all my experience with Obama and Obama care, was pretty much similar to dealing with a autistic three-year-old boy, who didn’t realize the world was round, and usually spent most of his days holed up in a ball in a drain pipe.

there was no doubt at this point that ANYONE could do the presidency better than Obama, and maybe not lie so much as well. – – Plus, “INACTION” was Obama’s middle name. Who could do worse than that?Post_Nuclear_Project_Entry__D_by_Gnog


Caroline was saying, over a cold drink,while all this manure was being discussed, “I can’t find any REGULAR WATERMELON!” With a sob. “That’s because,” I replied, swigging down awhiskey and pineapple juice, “there IS NO REGULAR WATERMELON anymore! I found that out myself, I can’t find them either. There is nothing except seedless genetically manipulated watermelon!”

“AND,all the seedless watermelon taste like crap, like cardboard, no sweetness, no flavor, nothing that leads me to think it’s a piece of fruit. And NOBODY has any regular old-fashioned watermelon now! I never thought I would get so old, I would see the death of watermelon. But that’s what happened. “

“These things we are supposed to call watermelon, taste like flavorless turnips.”singinwatermelongraphics-fruit-249004

“I have lived too long,” I replied, sitting down very hard. “When a woman can run for president, and I refuse to vote for her; watermelon all tastes like-year-old turnips; the Republican might get into the White House, just because the present Commander-in-Chief was ALSO ACTING like a year-old turnip rotting away in a deathly bad old garden.

“–Any of our diplomats or officials overseas are no longer physically safe because our federal government refuses to send troops to rescue them, and China can just zonk right into all the federal employees’ records and all information, just by using a couple of XBOXES.– – because the federal government’s computers are no longer able to stop them or to encrypt all the information.”

“are you trying to call us a Third World, or fourth world, or even a fifth world country,now?” Asked Carolyn, slurping some more pineapple juice/Whiskey. “yes, I guess I am,” I said, yawning in the heat of the day. “Then,” replied Carolyn drowsily, “you’re absolutely correct. We’re more like some desert in Africa, then any United States I ever heard of. – – And I bet they’ve got better watermelon then we do now,also! “cupcake_yummy_by_apparate-d3ca410

talk about having the worst of both worlds, instead of the best. High tech watermelon, low-tech, Washington DC.nobody had their priorities straight.

not that Eugene, or Lane County had its priorities straight, either. The Oregon Legislature decided to ignore the Oregon drought, in favor of making all the guns in Oregon completely ill legal, or registered, or, if they passed another cute little anti-firearm bill, requiring you to take out federal insurance on your firearm, or face a $10,000 fine if you didn’t.

okay, that was another Obama – Bill against firearms. How was it supposed to help us keep from getting invaded eventually by ISIS,which was rushing its way through every country it encountered, heading eventually for our shores?so that any ISIS , secret agents hidden in America, would have a very tough time paying the insurance on their firearms, thus rendering them disabled?

Caroline looked out at my backyard, and all the huge amounts of overgrown blackberry bushes, high weeds, and high grass, and asked me “aren’t you ever going to get your junky yard cut, ever, this summer?” “Are you volunteering?” I replied, looking for the whiskey bottle, and the lemons, and a CD of “baby doll”. “NO,” replied Carolyn hissing at me, “I just want to know if you’re going to finally get declared totally ill legal by the County, and get your whole place condemned?! It would definitely happen!”

“yes,” I sighed, “I know it’s going to happen, I just don’t have the money to do it, and all my joints are in so much pain, I can’t make up a huge amount of oxbow, and go out and spray them all myself right now. And don’t tell me to hire high school kids, they refuse to do that work anymore! They all want white-collar jobs in offices tapping on keyboards, even for the summer!”and I turned and looked at her – – “and don’t say I should hire a bunch of Mexican or Latin American wet backs, ill –legally, because all I have to do, is hire some poor, unemployed schnook -adult who can’t get a job here to save his life!”

“so, continued Caroline, looking up at the sun with one hand over her eyes, tentatively, “I think you’re probably going to let all the bushes, weeds, grass, and even the blackberry bushes DIE in the heat of the sun, in July instead, are you? So you don’t have to kill them yourself? Like some third world or fourth world peasant who has no money, has gotten old, and still is required to kill the weeds on his place by his dictatorship?”

“YOU GOT IT!” I said happily, finding the whiskey bottle, and making myself a lemonade and whiskey sour. “Welcome to the new third and fourth and fifth world country!hi Tec watermelons, and low-tech people! Low money, low politics, low action, and most of all low ethics and morals!Brazil is sending all of its unwanted criminal-peones to Oregon, I hear, because that countries getting too high tech filled with middle-class jobs, and hard up Europeans! Oh, and also lots of Chinese.”

“EVERY COUNTRY has lots of Chinese now,” replied Caroline, finally remembering to put on her sun–hat, although her nose had already burnt to a crisp. “They’re everywhere except in China. The only Chinese in China, are the ones who can’t afford to get out, and the ones who were running the factories.” She looked at me quizzically. “Is it true you’re trying to make some business deal with Ali Baba, the Chinese business website? What the hell are you up to? You’re not going to get some little tiny factory to manufacture quilted checkbook covers for you, are you? And sell them on eBay? Are you that much of a copycat?”

“NO! NO!”I replied vehemently, throwing the whiskey bottle into large blackberry bush, now that it was empty. “I’m not doing that at all! It’s a completely new invention, it’ll make us wealthy!” And Carolyn looked at me with the sick look in her eye, as this, “he finally gone off her rocker for good!”

“it’s just this,” I said, picking up a knife and slicing off a long length of blackberries vine, and shredding off all the leaves and thorns, and showing it happily to Carolyn. “I’ve invented a way to make shepherds hooks, ear rings, out of the matter of Oregon blackberry vines, the don’t have any metal in them, and are completely allergenic! They’ll revolutionize the ear wire industry! I just have to get some factory in China, to take all the vines, and manufacture the ear rings out of them! You could hang anything you want from ORGANIC – BLACKBERRY – VINE – EAR – WIRES!” I can hear Caroline gasped behind me.

“Sandramina,”she said my name slowly, as if trying not to scare me or upset me. “Maybe we should take you on some kind of vacation, like an ocean cruise to Alaska? Maybe you’ve been thinking too hard lately?and all that cold would take down the inflammation of your brain? What do you think?” I didn’t pay any attention to her, I kept talking about my new invention, ORGANIC – EAR––WIRES!

For women who could not wear any kind of metal in their ears! And MEN!ANYBODY could wear organic ear wires, even little babies, because they were made out of any kind of metal anymore! Not even titanium! And whoever heard of an Oregon blackberry vine hurting somebody’s ears? No way!

“you can’t take me, Hillary will hear about this! HILLARY will save me! I’m a feminist, Hillary loves feminists!Hillary loves all working people, middle-class, and all the good people of America! She’s going to get into office and reward us all! She’s going to get rid of BenGhazi, she’s going to get rid of Isis, she’s the GOOD FAIRY! she should’ve gotten into office, instead of Obama, she would’ve fixed all the whole country by now!”

– – I yelled, as the guys in white jackets from the mental health department, dragged me away, while I was wearing a very nice, totally locked up white jacket myself. Carolyn got in the back of the ambulance, and held my hand. “Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay,” she said soothingly,”it’s just the heat of the summer in this drought,the strain of not having any good watermelon anymore,not being able to vote feminist, and having your country designated fifth -rate-below Africa and Canada and the Sahara Desert, and smelling all the high=potency pot blowing off your new neighbors’ porch next door”, finished Carolyn.

“OH,” added my friend, “also having your latest chiropractor leave the United States, for Australia, and not being able to find another one in the United States on Medicare. That could be a lot for ANY SENIOR with back problems, having to put up with, and wigging out on narcotic painkillers, and newly bought marijuana – derivative – pain products.” Carolyn nodded sadly, as they took me away. “Was she ever be okay again?” She asked, but they looked at her and replied, “WAS SHE EVER ALL right?”

that’s a hard question to answer, if you live in Oregon, home of the fifth rate, fifth world – country and state, and even the Sahara desert is starting to look a lot better for watermelon than here.

(Sandraminadotty, being written for by her best friend, Carolyn, who is noncompus-mentis-temporarily, probably in the slightly disturbed wing of peace health Hospital, as it’s way too hot and way too dried out, and way too “Third -World -country to the- max.” In Eugene, Oregon. no longer the home of summer fruits and vegetables; cuz we only get ours from Mexico, Chile,Latin  America, New Jersey, and Baltimore now.

Nobody DOES ANYTHING in Eugene, Oregon, or Lane County now, except steal transportation-grants from the fed. govt. and use them to land-blast-all the business and sidewalks on 7th Ave., take all the traffic off, and put a big green bus on 7th; so all the rush-hour traffiic will spill over onto 3 lanes, hit passengers, and conjur gridlock for 3 hrs. that is usually only ONE HOUR!!  

CELEBRATE EUGENE!!shocked  WE GOT THE DUMBEST COUNTY,Jumpin___On_the_Bed_by_AutumnOwl THE MOST RUTHLESS MAYOR,candy-pumpkin101 AND THE MOST_crying__rvmp_by_bad_blood CHICKEN-SHIT VOTERS AND TAX-PAYERS IN THESE HERE CRUMBLING U.S. STATES!! OH_SHI__by_KimRaiFan  and no watermelon,singinwatermelongraphics-fruit-249004 fruit, produce, or MAIL!!!agua-turtle677893


NO MORE BLOG–SOFTWARE TOO SCREWED UP”– (but everything is screwed up anyway, in Eugene Oregon)



(representational piece of modern art, trying to represent GO DUCKS – – bought from Oregon artists)

The reason I am bitching and moaning and saying that I’m dumping my word press blog , are the following raisins: (snicker snicker).confidentwalk (1)

In the first place,I can’t find any way to fix this stupid word press frame on my blog, which is way too wide now, and I can’t fix it so that I can type on it properly.

Plus, when you try to leave the page,the sticker comes on:”You don’t want to leave the page do you?DON’T GO!! You will erase any changes!(which is what I was trying to do.) NO!! do not leave the page!:” and when i hit the button”leave the page,”it REFUSES TO LEAVE THE PAGE!!act13.gifbumpcrazy

YEAH. it freezes my whole screen, so I cannot leave the page! I cannot turn off the computer,or close it!!HA HA. WORDPRESS, you really fixed it, so no one can leave the page–you’re so scared they will erase their changes—which is what we’re trying to do! If we leave the page,we can erase the wrong changes we made, you dumpkoffs!! But you think we’re the ones screwing up!! So you fixed the “do not leave the page or you’ll erase your changes” so we cannot LEAVE the page at all!! We cannot turn off the computer screen!! Wow, what power and knowledge you guys have!! You made up our minds for us.  You wankers. (more raisins for you, snicker.)  I finally had to force the computer to close. ha ha. No, I’m not mad–yet. But I’m going in that direction.  :)

That is a big bad Wolf of my WordPress,.org, totally un- read by anybody on the web blog. Which they did not warn me about, when they gave me a WordPress.org blog. They never told me, nobody would ever read it because it was.org._ohdeargodno__by_Sinister_Starfeesh

So now I have the whole job literally of transferring the whole thing over to WordPress.com. Which is still free supposedly. But, if you look up all your instructions for doing this, you may as well go out and get a degree in computer software. Which I don’t want to do right now I am too old and I would die before it was done. Plus, the arthritis in my hands would not hold up for that._boxer__by_jSepia

So let’s start complaining about WordPress right now.I think that would be a very good idea. In the first place, okay word press, why didn’t you tell me that if I use.org, for WordPress nobody the hell would ever read it? And it’s definitely not getting read. It’s probably because it’s not a very good blog, but it’s also not in the mainstream of WordPress.com anyway that’s what somebody recently told me and gave me a message on the blog. Supposedly write from WordPress. “Dear lady, please transfer all of your blog over to WordPress.com. Nobody is reading your blog at all because you’re stuck on WordPress.org! – You idiot.”

so if I’m that much of an idiot, why am I supposed to be able to transfer all of my blog through your witty and simple instructions, over to WordPress.com? Of course that’s going to be very easy to do. Especially since I can’t even figure out how to fix my margins, so that I can see the updates sign anymore. Angry_Mob_by_Sinister_Starfeesh

HOW THE HELL DO I TRANSFER MY BLOG OVER TO WORDPRESS. COM? The good fairies are just going to come over and fly it over?…Fairy_Transformation_by_Zikes

And also that’s another thing; what happened to update? The little sign on your page that lets you update when you type? I mean, that’s supposed to be there, right? Or wrong? So how I update this stupid thing? When there’s no update? So you went and changed something else on this dumb thing and didn’t tell me, as usual.

That’s what I get for having a free blog on WordPress. It’s kind of like having only extended basic service on cable TV; you can watch all those channels, but believe me if you’ve watched TV lately, you know that there’s absolutely nothing on. NOTHING.you’re not going to be able to get anything watchable, until you upgrade to a couple of movie channels. – And pay extra.

The last time they actually wrote any good TV shows, was when they had that huge flood of science fiction shows on all the channels. That was it. And I’m not going to count all the stupid “lost” episodes. Do you remember the way they ended that show? COP OUT!  That was an absolute copout. That’s the way you get out of not knowing what the fuck to do with your ending; kill everybody off. No, Shakespeare did not do that because he was a good writer, he did that because it was the fashion. You’re not getting away with that excuse.TV writers have no relationship whatsoever to Shakespeare.

and let’s not forget the latest fiasco of that wonderful series called “MAD MEN”. Did that sucker end or not? I can’t tell. They’re not making any more. But they did not say that! Or at least not when I was watching. So I don’t know whether it’s off or not. But it is off. Ended.and there wasn’t even any ENDING. Unless the ending was supposed to be, that the main madman went off into the sunset, drinking his little alcoholic butt to oblivion. That’s not much of an ending. And  that show was definitely not “days of Wine and roses”. It was all about very risqué old-fashioned underwear and women’s girdles, and nylons, and how women were supposed to be just sex objects in the office. and men really really liked it.

Aww, the good old days!! when men were men, and they drank lots of liquor and didn’t worry about their livers.

that’s been happening a lot on TV; TV series that end without a boom, or a notice that they’re ending. So you’re up in the air, and asking your neighbors, or your friends, “say, is that show over? Or are they just haggling about wages again? And they’re always late getting the episodes out say, about a whole year?  and is Dr. who over?cause I don’t see any new episodes of that either?

“Boy do I miss the TARDIS. It Looks just like that out- house we used to have in the back.”

now let’s keep complaining and not slack off. All right, I’m going to complain about something political;HEY THERE!MR..PRESIDENT!. PRESIDENT OBAMA! Do you have any excuse for THROWING ALL  THOSE PEOPLE  OFF  OF MEDICARE  PART D WHO TAKE PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION?    (DARLING? Sweetie?)

You think we’re all going to be very well supplied by our LOCAL mental health Department and state government?and that all those schizophrenic and psychotic people, including the ones who are dangerously criminal, criminals, on psychiatric medicine are just going to be taken care of by the local mental health department because they have plenty of funds ? And the state governments are going to be able to medicate all those dangerously psychotic, and often homeless, schizophrenics, because all the state governments have so much money?


you know that  one of them already got that Sen. in the head with a bullet. So does Pres. Obama think that he is completely protected and immune from getting one also from a very very crazy psychotic person off their medication? The medication that president Obama himself decided to stop? Because it cost too much money? And he wants to put all that money into Obama care, so you have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for your deductible or else you can’t use it? Isn’t that intelligent?

so let’s go on with our not slacking off complaint; if president Obama should get hit in the head by a bullet from a very crazy person or a very overly political person (not much difference),WHO IS he going to blame? Is he going to blame our local mental health Department, because they didn’t have to enough money to give the poor person medication? Is he going to complain about our state government because they didn’t have enough money for mental health?

No, president Obama from his sick bed, while his brain is embedded with a couple of bullets, is going to have to complain about his own program, where he decided to cut all of that psychiatric medicine out of Medicare part D. And that’s the truth.

WHY? There’s no reason a lot of our senior citizens are not particularly un – crazy themselves.after all, president Obama has really inflamed seniors in every corner of our country, by cutting $700 billion out of their Medicare. If that’s not enough to make somebody crazy, I don’t know what is.after all, my age is about 67, and I am actually riddled with neurological antidepressant medication, or else I go crazy, go down to the local gun store, buy a whole bunch of handguns and rifles, and ammunition, get a little training from the National Rifle Association, and jump on a bus to Washington DC.

who says the elderly are jovial and mature? I say they are not jovial and mature. You should see some of the people in Eugene Oregon – a lot less mature than perhaps Hades. I have known and talk to or tried to talk to, so the extremely monstrously extreme left-wing liberals, in Eugene, who have ranted and raved horrendously, so badly, that I think president Obama should start worrying now. And those were middle-aged or elderly people.

They still had a lot of steam left in them. I know that those people happen to be very angry about the extreme non-left-wing stances that president Obama has been taking, (according to them anyhow) and if you cut off their medication, they’re probably going to take the next flying saucer, gray rabbit bus, or volkswagen bus to Washington DC, and probably shoot your head off. – If you can manage to get away from one of your Hawaiian  vacations with your wife and kiddies, or failed foreign visits, and actually BE in Washington DC.minding the business.

(did you know that Hitler actually invented the Volkswagen bus? (The “People’s car”?)and I’m sure that he also approved of the Mercedes-Benz.)”that German engineering.”

I forgot, Obama; you don’t really mind the business, you actually REINVENT all the LAWS of the federal government in the country. That’s what your true job is. And you also REINVENT the Constitution of the United States. I guess that is a pretty big job. That’s why when people look on the map of the world, for the United States of America, they can’t find it anymore. It’s listed as OBAMAVILLE.

the funny thing is, I just looked up some history, of 1776. The basic reasons that the colonists revolted against Britain and went to war, were the following: Taxation without representation, by Britain.the British were taxing the colonists to death. Also, if you were a colonist, you had no rights, you could be hauled away, to prison or what ever, without any trial or jury. No phone call. It was legal.thank God that could never happen now.

(Raisins, snicker snicker.) Plenty of raisins.

it is true,that suddenly I feel lighthearted and light shouldered, because there are no burdens and worries and stress on my shoulders now that I have written this great and wonderful blog episode. It really does make you feel free and better, to get all those worries off your mind, and transfer them onto everybody else on the web.

that is, until I get plenty of visits from the FBI and CIA, if I can manage to get them to read this blog, because they now think that, as a senior citizen I am extremely dangerous. DARN. and the last time the FBI visited me, they sent really big, tall, heavy duty young guys, with scowls on their faces. all over some ranting and raving on the web, where people usually rant and rave and nobody takes it seriously.but somehow, these great agents missed out completely on all signs of the forthcoming Boston bombing. Tsk tsk. What a bad day to miss.

After all, nobody’s reading my blog!that’s what I get for being.org. Instead of.com.I can never get any real terrorists on here, reading it, to make any comments.

but who cares, all that matters is, now I feel good. And relaxed. That must be the real secret of writing a blog it makes YOU feel better, never mind the people who read or don’t read it. They’re not the main purpose of it after all. :)    

(   :)   Signing off, Sandramina, in Whoville homeless village, Eugene, OR,  kicking homeless people in the shins, stepping on their dogs’ paws, and raiding their bottles of “Boone’s Farm Apple-Cherry Wine”. I am such a MEAN old lady, I still want my Medicare part D!!  Why should I let Obamacare have it?? He’s still getting bribes from insurance-companies to screw the public. And THAT is a lotta dough.  $$$$$$$$) …





I was on the telephone, with my friend Ronni, who lives in Portland, when I was reading a copy of “Northwest Boomer and senior newsletter”. My eyes lit on the meeting at the Eugene city library, February 23rd, 2 PM, that said “why are there few black people in Oregon? A secret history.” And that was what their meeting was about. “It looks like you’re not supposed to be here, and you don’t exist,” I said to my friend who  is black. “According to this, there aren’t any of you in Oregon. Only white people.”_ohdeargodno__by_Sinister_Starfeesh

“who the hell said that?” Replied my friend, very irritated;” so I don’t exist? And the rest of my friends don’t either? Who the hell do these people think they are? A secret history? What are they blabbing about?” “I know what they’re going to talk about,” I replied. “They’re going to tell about how the University of Oregon was founded by members of the Klu Klux Klan; and that Oregon was terribly racist and had lots of Klu Klux Klan members here, OH! – – And the reason why there are not huge numbers of black people here (the way they are supposed to be) is because we’re still very racist in Oregon, and the university is still really racist. I also saw these people’s video on YouTube, describing how segregated the very old university was.”creat08.gifdemon makefacesgy

my friends laughing, very loud, resounded in my ear; “oh my, that is absolutely hysterical! Like all those black organizations at the University, don’t exist? And all the black student body especially during the 60s, didn’t exist?  I guess that would leave out affirmative-action also;and all those African American political groups that were so active and involved in the University. And I guess the African-American PROFESSORS in the college don’t exist either?”lightninghitsterb231lightninghitsterb231

“Yes, and I guess the African-American studies programs don’t exist either.  Wow! I guess these people in this group are running on hallucinatory mushrooms or something. Gee,Ronni,I guess you don’t exist after all!how you feel about that? At least you don’t have to pay taxes I guess, ha ha ha ha ha!”we laughed for a couple of more minutes.it was really a gas, what this “very discriminated against group” was agitating about.chasevulturestor17

What were they agitating about? THE PAST.the old and ancient past of Oregon, where there truly were Klu Klux Klan operating, and lots of members that were here. But, Oregon was typical among quite a few states in the United States that had very active Ku Klux Klan and segregation of black people.there was no mention in the propaganda of this meeting, about all the other states at that time in history who had even more active Klu Klux Klan, especially in the deep South.for some reason, this group had decided that little old OREGON, and the University of Oregon, were far worse than any of the other southern states, as far as discrimination of black people, and that’s why there were so few black people in Oregon. We were absolutely still racist to the edge.makefacesgy

I did call up this group, later on, to try and find out just exactly what its motives were, as to digging up the old past and skewering Oregon and the University with it. Just what were it’s motives anyway? I mean,  history is one thing and it’s a good thing to read up on it. But as far as saying that “there are so few black people in Oregon, because it has such a horrible racist past, and it’s still racist and bad bad bad!” – – And deliberately not mentioning how racist the other states were, except for this one.poophorskngt

And that title was really misleading; “why are there so few black people in Oregon?” – Because of the very racist and Ku Klux Klan past in this state? Except that, all of that was completely gone. Vanished into the past. Oregon was one of the most liberal and left-wing and Democrats, and pro-ethnic diversity states and universities in the whole United States. so it was a little odd that they were accusing a very liberal left wing and Democrat state, of being anti-black?buttmad209

I talked to the leader of the group, but I still couldn’t get any real answers. What was the reason for dredging all this up, and smearing Oregon with it? The only thing I could get out of them was, “Oregon is still completely racist, against black people, and all their disgusting past has to be dug up and exhibited to everybody.” I had to admit that it really did exist in history. But why, oh, why, was it to blame for tons of black people not coming here en masse, to enjoy the rain, freezing cold weather, snow, hail, and lots of GLOOM that they would absolutely just love instead of California or Miami?famlap97.gifkaostorm

so according to this group, the only thing that kept so many black people from flocking here, to enjoy all the snow and snow storms, frozen streets, broken pipes, rain, sleet, months of GLOOM without sunshine, was that nasty old Oregon and the also nasty University of Oregon, had such a bad nasty naughty anti-black person past. And that was still going on! Oh my oh my!lumineux.gifhairscared BOOM_chtiiik_booom_CHIIK_by_Pixelisto

I had never thought about that before; was it really obvious that African American people just love all that nasty lovely wet and cold weather,and it seemed they wanted to come here in large groups and settle?among all the hippies? And all the unemployed and homeless? With the very high jobless rate, unemployment, and complete lack of jobs?and all the white trash? And the huge abundant amount of working poor? And they really longed to pay high prices for food, never see the sunshine all winter, watch their gardens get destroyed by super slugs, never be able to raise tomatoes instead of accidentally raising lots of banana slugs instead?l gunsshootinglove ove13

You know Black people just LOVE BANANA SLUGS; better than corn-bread.I  had ignored  all these facts.icon_confused  makefacesgy

It just really never occurred to me before. I guess I had been blocking it out. And the fact that I had African American friends, here Kept me from realizing just how much all the other Black folk in California, and warmer climates were being kept  From moving here, and getting used to all that wonderful freezing weather we had. It just never occurred to me, DARN! I didn’t really want to think that they too, desired to get up in the morning, put on huge fluffy coats, and shovel out 6 feet of snow hindering their cars and blocking their driveways.plus, skidding  all over the icy black freezing highways, ending up in snowbanks, having to be pulled out by American automobile Association tow trucks.fuckyeahseakingplz

To think that we were somehow keeping them from this paradise. Tsk tsk.#2fridaythe13th

I suppose they were tiring of lovely and warm, exotic and special Louisiana and St. Louis by now; and that they wanted so much to dessert all their family, and move here to this strange wonderful and not exotic or lovely, but somewhat green, state.not to mention all the great restaurants and cooking and FOOD. After all, Oregon has such great restaurants, full of vegetarianism, raw food, odd food, fast food. The South just couldn’t hold a candle with its Paul Prudomme, Cajun and Creole cooking, crawfish and seafood. Sigh. Corn bread, fried chicken, and other yummy yummys of the South, well, they were getting so tired of that – – they wanted to rough it in Oregon and go to Carl’s Junior instead.glompunch

I talked to some of my other friends about this, and they thought I was crazy.”why in hell would African-Americans want to move to Oregon in large groups? What the heck for? There wasn’t any employment, the welfare was all gone as or no food stamps here either. The government saw to that.” I guess they were just itching to compete with all that lower white trash here, for welfare and stuff like that? Sure, I’m sure they were. It was just our terrible discriminating segregating anti-black person past that was holding them back.superduper2angry

“I don’t think that a lot of my friends would want to dessert meat,  barbecue, and go all vegan instead,” one of my African-American acquaintances,” sure, I like greens; but nothing but Greens, and no MEAT? In favor of “all organic vegetables”, macrobiotic diets, brown rice and veggie-burgers?? Your town is pretty low-down on food, if you ask me.”Gluten-free diets”?  No bread??” He did some colorful language here, and I had to chuckle.”Damn, your town is taken over by YUPPIES!! “he continued.”Those self-important, “save the world instead of the U.S.”-type, who think it makes them Queen of the May to save all of Africa?!! OH, YEAH, I’d just LOVE to live among those snot-noses!!  Not to mention–“he lowered his voice-“You got the whole population of GAY SAN FRANCISCO THERE!! SHIT, MAN. ”   “Not really your cup of tea,then?” I replied. “No, I’ll pass on that. heh heh.”  I had forgotten that he really liked WOMEN. And that did not include lesbian women. ghostgrabfood2!cid_FF78CA367CF44289B18E48B1FA797710@DorothyHP

It appeared that a few of my African-American friends had no desire to move to Eugene, or Lane County, or even visit here. “You got nothing there, honey. Those organic-range-chicken-eggs aren’t enough reason.”  “Not the small organic boutique farms either?”  “Boutique “organic” small farms, a good reason to not live there or go there. Not in my budget, Sandramina!”secretlaugh

 And I had to agree that the COOKING HERE could not hold up to the Southern parts of the United States. Eugene Oregon thought that CUP-CAKES or TOFU were the be all and end all of cuisine; did I mention they have cake made out of BEETS HERE? _slamhead__revamp_by_Synfull  makefacesgymore2leatherface

No wonder my diet was working so well; hm…”beet-cake” was not so alluring to the palate.dighole

“I am not surprised you’re losing some weight, “said Ronni, from Portland.”Yeah, cake made of beets just somehow misses out compared to black bottom pie. mud pie. or black-bottom cupcakes. Or even Oreos.  Sheet.” She then invited me to come up some time to Portland. cause she still knew old-time good cooking, and was pretty handy with an oven or a skillet. “Want me to bring anything?” I asked. “Just your appetite, sugar, “and she laughed that hearty laugh of hers. What was such a really good cook, doing in PORTLAND? The hipster city was lucky to have her. aanother1love02

What were the few black people doing in Oregon? Just unlucky I guess. They just were not aware of how racist Oregon and the university of Oregon was, nasty, segregationist, and heavily into that vanished KKK that used to be, and no longer was.  UH…that is, “Why Are there so few black people in Oregon?”-group was well into it , being obsessed by it. The rest of us could easily live without it. 

I was heavily into fried chicken myself.   :)  _piethrow__by_de_Motemakefacesgyfry

(Sincerely, Sandraminda, in racist and liberal-left–wing Democrat Eugene Oregon, home of “beet-cake” and other lovely organic tidbits. )  > :O    GAG!!!makefacesgy





HAVE PITY on the poor-out-of-towner, who comes to Eugene, OR, on Civil War Day (the Ducks of the university of Oregon, play the Beavers of Corvallis State College) when they are having the once-a-year game at Autzen  Stadium; if you have to drive ANYWHERE near Autzen Stadium, in Eugene, you’ll either get caught in monumental traffic, and have to go all the way to Springfield, just to turn around, avoid the whole area, and go home, OR if you are going TO THE GAME, I suggest you get picked up both ways in a helicopter, or a DRONE.

ANY VEHICLES that try to park anywhere near the Stadium, have to pay as high as $30. for a parking space, —the scalpers are really out there!!We suggest “stay home, and watch it on tv.”

BUT who tells the sorry out-of-towner, that on “Civil War Day at Autzen Stadium,” that this happens? The Eugene Register-Guard? the local tv news? The county or Eugene puts out warning? Your FRIENDS the poor out-of-towner has come to Eugene to see? The Radio stations? The Eugene-Weekly newspaper? ANY EMERGENCY NOTICES ON TV??  ANY NOTICES the county or City of Eugene puts out, ahead of time, to notify the public?

NO, Out-Of-Towner, you poor lamb, no dept. or media will warn you of this. NOBODY in Eugene, or Lane County tells you this. MAYBE a local person who takes pity on you, tells you this.(A friend of mine who goes to –what’s the name, “Pathways” or Laurel Hill, said that Pathways does not tell THEIR clients , either, and Pathways, a county building, does not tell it’s clients either.  The staff goes “ho-hum, let it be a challenge to you,” one person reported, which translates to “I don’t care, why should I have to warn you?”)

You may have seen something similar in that movie about New York City, called “The Out-of-Towners” who were interviewing for a job in NYC, and when they went there, had no idea of the nightmare that was NYC. When they got to NYC airport, , they had been thrust onto a train in the opposite direction, , mugged,ripped off, gone without a hotel room or food,(although  they had made reservations,) and been doubly-assaulted. In the end, naturally, the poor out-of-staters decided that no big job elevation, or money promotion, could possibly induce that family to want to move there.

YES, JUST LIKE Eugene Oregon, which makes great pains to destroy down town rush-hour traffic lanes, by turning them into the EMX bus lane, whereby making rush-hours so bad, everyone decides to move out of Eugene or Lane County. –maybe even out of Oregon itself. (Yes, outsiders, Oregon is getting as broke as Ohio, or Illinois, or other states and their govts, that are closing down cause of no money any more. If you want to work at a job that does not pay more than $8. or $10. an hour, do come to Eugene, OR, you’ll end up living in welfare housing, or just on the street. The rest of the nation is here before you, nothing is left. OH, and, they’ll throw homeless folk off any county, state, or fed. land. )

I know you’ve hear that Michigan is tops of the nation in joblessness? Oregon is a very close 2nd. –and catching up fast.Where would I suggest there is industry? I heard, South America, Central America, and Canada. But since  Canada is fiscally much better off than us, they probably will not take Americans any more.

This sounds suspiciously like a sci-fi book I was trying to write, about how all foreign countries came here, and bought it all up. And well-skilled Americans fled the country; unfortunately, the fiction was caught up by reality, and I decided it was too late.  NAAAAH!!   WHO in the globe wants to ever read about reality? The news media even avoids it!!

WHY does your fearless blogger point out this little truthie to you? Just to prove this:

Many books and Bibles have been written about all the sins of mankind, but this one is seldom mentioned often enough; the absence of truth, and LIES that the human being perpetuates. No science, technology, or any kind of medical improvements have helped with this; very advanced intelligence in Man has not helped this. Psychology and psychiatry have not improved or gotten rid of this problem. Indeed, mankind builds even bigger lies and illusions for itself, perhaps stretched even larger due to technology.

Everyone still tells you, you’ll go to Heaven when you die, even though no one has come back to tell of it!!  THEY DON’T REALLY KNOW what really goes on!!!The closest they’ve gotten, is finding out what part of MATTER ITSELF is made of!! You want a truth? Quantum physics!!—not the New Testament.

And if you want the closet thing we have, to information, read some true tales of people who’ve physically died, and been medically revived. THEY got the closest thing to truth.Other than that, I’d stick to science, and any “personal experiences” you’ve encountered yourself. Notice that even the Bard says, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women in it, merely actors…” A few of us are “hinted” (including King Solomon) that this may not be the real, low-down, ultimate reality, and its always going to be within a hair’s breadth away. –which is kind of a comfy thought.

But ask anyone in Eugene, Oregon, to warn you not to go NEAR AUTZEN STADIUM the same day as a “Civil War game”? 

NO WAY JOSE!!  That’s just too over-whelmingly honest for this very Liberal, gentrified. yuppie town to handle!! Eugene is  just too darn in love with being shallow and “hip.” The real deal would just never occur to them. Portland has “hipsters” and we in Eugene have “no-tipsters”, so if you wanta really know something about Eugene…

…..ask somebody in Springfield.


(Sandraminadotty, holing up far away from Eugene, OR, getting ready to stick a large turkey in red wine, into the oven. Watch out, I love garlic and onions!!  :)   )





Caroline and I were nervously wondering how Americans will act,in at least, (no, 3rd) –national war, in the USA. Counting the Civil War, WW2, Revolutionary War, and the 3rd WW, which will be, again, fought in America. 4 or 3??OK, plenty of major wars!!! THiS generation, and younger, have not necessarily been in the army during the Vietnam War.cooking_dance___13_nanoemo__17_by_mirz123-d6ulgib

Unfortunately, this one will get OVER HERE, instead of overseas; so, looking like we won’t have troops on our side here, and Obama cut the FBI and Pentagon to shreds,WHEN ISIS gets over here, YOU ALL CITIZENS will be fighting them yourselves.chainsaw

YESSIREE, BOB!!!dancenaoplz

SO—where are you gonna be, when ISIS invades us??bummy_by_unkn0wnart1st-d2y6tp3 aids_wave_by_dbestarchitect Me, I will be somewhere practicing with my handgun, getting my nerves up, as I am not going to accept ISLAM AS MY RELIGION.

AND, if this old lady has to get murdered, and raped first, i’d like to put a few bullets in the guys who do it.cartoonmankid700a8dec73016322d41015c624ac703b-d97yick free_shrugs____plz_by_sparklydest-d4qm3si You do NOT WANT TO BE FEMALE when your country gets invaded. Sure, they kill the men, but they destroy we woman first, and THEN kill us. Sarajevo, anyone??

“But we’ll have the National Guard, ” said Caroline, watching me miss the target completely, over at Springfield’s Emerald Empire Gun Club. (I missed the whole  target again, and the club members were starting to duck, way behind the club building.)zombie09.gifhitzom

“God, this revolver has such a kick,”I groaned, re-loading. “It’ll take me years to hit anything!!” I aimed at a sparrow, over head, and thankfully missed, but may have glanced off a way-overhead private plane.”I don’t know,” I replied, ” All the National Guard, the Army Reserve, uh–?? every single guy who is or has been a soldier, is in Iraq, Afghanistan, um…a dozen other countries; Germany. Would you believe I think we still got very poor troops in GERMANY?? I think so. Everywhere but HERE.” Caroline looked uncomfortable; she was a Christian, and hated large sabers or big execution-swords.granny  ak47 (1)

“I don’t know that we HAVE TROOPS FOR THE USA any more!!” I said, “Maybe the Chinese, still have their OWN, HERE, But do I look Chinese?”I asked. Caroline was sweating on a cold rainy day.”Maybe the Chinese do have fabulous troops in mainland China, but would they send em here, to protect “their property”? ” “You’d think they’d wanta protect their assets, “sighed Caroline.(I grimaced at her; were we an “asset”, or rather, our LAND was an asset, if you took care of it for them?  Like we Americans had all become “grounds-keepers” for the Masters’ golf-fields?  Watch out, maybe we’d be allowed to catch and eat the gophers.)hi

You think all those spoiled Americans, or poor ones, ever thought they’d be reduced to “grounds-keepers, “servants, “slaves,” and “the Help” for another nation? Over HERE?? OH, HOW the Mighty have fallen!!!_crying__rvmp_by_bad_blood WHERE OH WHERE, did the 80’s go??!! Right back into the 30’s.shoutbox

I kept on hammering away, and Caroline finally commented, “Your shots are getting NEARER to the target, I think.” Oh, well, my dad always replied on shot-guns, and rifles, any how, you don’t gotta AIM a sawed off shot gun. THAT was liable to be my home defense; plenty of shot at one bang, so I’d miss no one. NOT rock-salt. (How do you make Molotav Cocktails again? WHY  are they Russian? OH, yeah, no guns for citizens there!!–in fact, (support your NRA!!)xookami-kittenx–IF WE GOT Hillary , bless HER ROTTEN HEART, in as President, we’d be allowed to have Bhenghazi over here, also!!–all the time! “I need to buy a shot-gun,”I said, finally.”This is getting me broke for ammo.”mwahaha

Caroline and I went out for ice cream, to the local Dairy Queen,Surprise_Buttsecks_by_world_in_flames and as we sat there, a lady and her kids walked by, and Caroline stared;”That woman has a gun-belt on!! I’m sure of it!! Under her sweat pants !!” I looked, sure enough, the familiar bulge.”She’s thinking about her KIDS,”i whispered back, licking my cone.”Don’t you think, you’d start carrying, if YOU had little kids??  now??!! The bottom line is, your family, and your kids!! Girl_and_Panda_Avatar_by_xXMandy20Xx ISIS does not discriminate against kids!!” “I read some of those stories,” groaned Caroline; “I can’t believe they kill their own peoples’ KIDS!!”  “Yeah, well, they don’t care about WOMEN, EITHER,” i HISSED BACK.2angrymuchredpissed

“You non-NRA members can sit there, and just be victims; but I have a say-so on how I leave the planet!!”I whispered to Caroline, while she looked worried; she had a 21-yr. old.”What did you say to your kid??” dinyctis “He’s asking his dad about it,” said Caroline,”HIs dad used to go hunting; he can get him one.”She looked back over the large cone,(mine) at me;”I can’t believe we’re talking about it!!”Jump_test_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate

“I bet the Colonists were having tea,, and one says,vuvuzela (1)“I can’t believe we’re considering revolting against the Crown!! We are civilized human beings here!!! We are NOT wild Indians!!”I replied. But,” they learned how to fight from the Indians, you know that? They copied Indian-style fighting. THAT is how they did it. The British all lined up, in a line, all fired in unison, the European method. The colonists hid behind trees, rocks, forests, ambushed the British, we do owe the Indians that.” “I think their casinos are doing ok too,” said Caroline. schmirk!!_seniordance__by_joannastar

“You can’t say, the shits not ever gonna hit the fan,” I continued.suddenhorrorhorror08 “I heard Obama greatly reduced the FBI, and the Pentagon; so, don’t hold yer breath, waiting for the troops to arrive, and save us.” “I heard, the soldiers are afraid of getting stuck over in middle east, while we have a war over here. they’re afraid they’ll be abandoned over there!!” said Caroline.fork_in_plug_by_Phoenix667

I kept licking my cone;”I’m just an old lady,”I sighed,to Caroline,”.I am old,getting-stoned I can’t really do a damn thing!! They’ll just MASH ME, I won’t have time to run!! FUCK IT ALL; ” I got more militant:going_up_a_speaker_by_l1ght_n1ng-d999gt2

“You know WHO i’ll use these bullets on, if I get the chance?? The guys who kept Obama and Hillary in office, and sit there, letting us go to Hell.All those voting liberals!!!  Even the ones in Eugene, especially. Humph!!  they’ll probably all lie down, and convert to ISLAM. IN HUGE NUMBERS!!!  All those yuppie-organic-vegetarian-liberal twerps!!  You bet theyll just neel down, and praise ALLAH!!   5 TIMES A DAY.”  “yes,” sighed Caroline,” you might, too. ” “They won’t keep old ladies, Caroline; I’ll end up in a firing squad. oh, Hell, i was looking forward to dying in bed!!”I grunted.pineappletardplzgun.giffoolguns

“Remember to go buy a yew tree, and plant it, before then,” said Caroline..”Yeah,”I replied,”I’m gonna try to find one in a nursery; I forgot. They used to have em on Wilke’s drive. Our neighbors.” “Never too late or too soon, to get a Yew tree, very nice trees. Useful, too.” “Better a yew tree, than a birch.Oh, hey, birches are handy, too!!  very handy!!! nice trees, especially in groves.” We just sat there, licking, and feeling impotent. “I’d still like to take out a Liberal before I go,” I replied. “I gotta get some satisfaction!!” “One gets very little control over life, and very little satisfaction.”  “I know, you get old, you realize, we DON’T HAVE CONTROL over life, maybe what toothpaste; but nothing big.” I snickered. “A Cable tv WITH COMMERCIALS ANY WAY!!”_granny__rewamp_by_MenInASuitcase

“Maybe the only satisfaction in life, is destruction.”I said, finally.”which is why everyone uses it; all we can do, finally,krasbot is destroy!! _granny__rewamp_by_MenInASuitcase blowemawaysterb310 DESTROY THE ENEMY.” “i Think i need to buy one,” said Caroline.”You know where?” “MM..Over in Santa Clara Center, nice little newish gun shop;”I replied, smiling” Oakgrove Gun shop. Nice guys, really, honest.” smoking “I just was thinking about Anthony, “sighed Caroline.”I can’t do NOTHING!!”  “I know, AND ITS NOT MUCH. BUT it worked for our ancestors, didn’t it? got them killed, they lost everything, but it was something. and that’s not nothing.”#2frankenstein

(Sandraminadotty, at Oakgrove Gun Shop, in Santa Clara Center, Eugene, OR, and that ain’t hay!! ducksauce-splash ducksauce-splashducksauce-splashducksauce-splashducksauce-splashducksauce-splash;)  :)  )





“You are in such a bad mood, “said, Carolin, looking at me swigging cocoa, hot milk, pain-meds, and watching the tv, computer,and my screeching cat, all at one time.”Don’t tell me; HEADACHE AND FIBROMYALGIA AGAIN.”412.gif 2 headed bird

As usual, my head was throbbing, i could not get enough pain killer in me, the meds might be giving the right side of my head a problem, and the fibromyalgia had my nerves screaming like the 4th of July.1161.gif Ontv

It also has a tendency to make you use run on sentences; like THESE.insane02

“i AM STILL GOING THRU MY TEEN-AGE TRAUMA, AND PENT-UP ANGER FOR ABOUT 520 OR 25 YEARS, AT LEAST.”, I said, using all the capital letters.”I am trying to journal, and force myself to do my errands at the same time.” And I collapsed on the keyboard.insane07

Carolin did my blog entry for me; i was too busy boffing covered-aspirin(I never get enough excercise, so, in my case, heart attack or stroke was eminent. Chasing the cat was deemed “excercise” but baking cookies was NOT.historcial03.gif kitchenstov

“i–UH– like yer picture,” said, Carolin, diplomaticallt, as I chased the cat around the house, AND baked butter-nut squash at the same time.”””Golden China”?” She mentioned the title._carbonatom__by_waluigi_prower-d33c8ie

“That is some Eugene artists’ hair-brained idea of how China owns the world, like the white race used to? America? The British Empire? you know, and now it’s China buying up land in USA,Austrailia, even Europe, and all the (chinks) moving there.”I replied.”Hey,”said Carolin,” that’s a derogatory term, “chinks!!” “I know,”I sighed, “you want me to use “yellow-skinned, slant-eyed demons”? “NO, “said Carolin, hotly, “Just cause they own the US, are all moving here(and other nations) you have no call to call them names!!”the_emotes_happening_by_tonyle414

I did not want to tell Caroline, at this very moment, abek047.gif chinese emoticon Chinese person was telling their daughter,bek047.gif chinese emoticonbek047.gif chinese emoticon “NO, you cannot marry a (potent-swearing)- Korean!!!no way!!” or a very genteel bek047.gif chinese emoticonChinese person might also be saying, “NO, you cannot go to that American college!!bek047.gif chinese emoticonbek047.gif chinese emoticonThey have tons of (Potent-swearing) NEGROID people there!!”_ninjastar__ravamp_by_CookiemagiK –Or, a Chinesebek047.gif chinese emoticonbek047.gif chinese emoticondiplomat might be saying, to another,”Thank God, that reception with the US president is over!!WHY DID those people elect a (Potent-swearing) black person as their president?!arhh.gif crazy smilie Can you imagine our state doing that?? The thought makes me sick!!!”bek047.gif chinese emoticon=–and other similar remarks around the planet.But, I did.

(ALSO, on City-Data.com, if you tell the truth about Eugene, you are deemed a TROLL.)hdr11.gif hippie ful

“You’re trying to tell me, “said Caroline, hotly, “that the Chinese are often very racist? and won’t marry into other races?” “I used to know families in San Francisco, CA, “movie03 I replied.” They were very nice, but one girl really got ostracized for going out with a Korean guy; she finally married a nice Chinese man.”bek047.gif chinese emoticonbek047.gif chinese emoticon “That makes them sound a little like WHITE PEOPLE, at their worst.”, mused Caroline. “You got it.” I replied. “Its not just WHITE PEOPLE who get racist, yah know.”edditn1.gif turkeyfool

“but,” continued Caroline,” isn’t this episode of yer blog titled “Gentrified Eugene”> why is Eugene gentrified?” “Name some of the stores we have here,I replied; “Whole Foods”,strip03.gif hulagirl “Trader Vics’,” “Safeway,” “Albertsons,” lots of malls around here. We got major-brand SPORTS SHOPS. wE HAVE LOTS OF CHAIN-HUGE-HARDWARE STORES, WE GOT  all the fast-food places, and we got upper-brands apparel in malls. We have all the stores that gentrified towns and counties have!!  We have “small boutique farmers” and expensive organic foods.  “clemenstn1.gif thakgiv

“You are saying, Eugene is not a “wierd” town, its a gentrified town?” said Caroline, slowly. idjpanda“We have “Nordstroms’ Rack” and are soon getting “H&M” here. ” I replied. “A truly weird town does not have those stores!! GENTRIFIED, EXPENSIVE areas get those stores!! _recycle__by_a_kid_at_heart-d6p6y1a How do your taxes in Eugene look?” “Mine looked so bad here,” said Caroline, “I moved to Springfield.” “Yes,and yet the Register-guard stamp_collection_by_krissi001-d671pp5 and the Eugene Weekly are still saying Eugene is WEIRD.”  “it’s only as weird as it’s expensive and organic here, “I said,” sighing, “People keep moving to Springfield, Salem, Corvallis, any where but here. “zombie_grabin___pumpkin_man_by_de_mote

“Oh, yes,” said Caroline,”I forgot to tell you; your attorney says, if you keep refusing to pay yer home taxes,boxes_by_i_is_smart-d5mbh80 the county will put LIENS on yer place.” “How many years can I keep up the liens, till they take it?” I asked. She told me; “Hmm.. not bad,” i replied.”I can keep it tied up in court, with appeals, and suing the county, until I die.” “Why not just pay it?”  “I don’t have the money,” I hissed. “I either can eat, or pay the taxes, I can’t do both.” “Can you economise?”  “I already did that!!I’m sick of BEANS!!!”  “oH, WELL, ” after you die, who cares about the house?” “Not me.”Cherry_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate

“Maybe you could go back to work, full time,” said Caroline,: and I spent the next 2 hrs. laughing hysterically. Caroline!!  You are such a JOKER!!_blowing_tree__by_luckylinx“Maybe I could live in Hong Kong, or Guang-Dong provence, teaching them English. They’re going to need it.” “This is not a very funny blog episode,” sighed Caroline,” and “ISIS just hit France,” I replied, “and we’re waiting for Xmas time, for them to hit HERE. it’s not a very funny world.”againjasonkills

(Sandramonadotty, running out of money in very gentrified, expensive Eugene, OR, while I go over to Springfield to shop, get my teeth done, and hair cut, ect. ect. )  :) whatthefuck-wtf  the_biggest_eater_by_MenInASuitcase (1) Give_me_a_bass_by_Droneguard  _granny__rewamp_by_MenInASuitcase





(portrait of blog author)



“, as link above, you all in Europe probably see these headlines. All the refugees from Syria and Afghan wars are too many for Europe to absorb, because they are coming in by the thousands and swampiing Europe–.and Europe is over-whelmed and in financial bad times itselff. HOW could Germany and other countries in the EU possibley absorb increasing thousands? Europe is already in bad fin. shape,—vuvuzelasouthafrica

and AMERICA (except for the 1 % at the top,which includes our prez, senators, fed. big wigs and the Clintons who`s “charity” has taken millions from foriegn countries, so the Clintons could sell out Americans. )pirate_flag_by_mirz123-d6mw33p

AWW, FACE IT, everyone in fed. govt. has sold out American citizens~!!! ALL OF THEM. you wanta know how many thous. of acres of USA the Chinese have all bought up?? Idaho, plenty other states; big towns in California are all Chinese now.bek047.gif chinese emoticon—don`t feel bad, Europeans, maybe at least your country wasn`t sold out by your govts. right under neath you. haw haw.Robot_Walk___Free_Avatar___Plz_by_BlissfullySarcastic

and it does not matter which political party anyone votes for, in the USA, they are all screwing us any how. –they both plan to cut or delete soc. sec. and get rid of Medicare; why keep all those old people who paid in billions in taxes, to the fed.?? “WE ALREADY HAVE ALL THEIR MONEY, THROW THOSE OLD FARTS OUT!!!” _trash__by_mazkasays our fed. govt. haw haw _trash__by_mazka

I bet young people who work,fifaprotesterwon`t make the same mistake of paying tons of taxes to the fed., all their lives, so they wind up with nothing. –i wouldn`t if i were a young work person now. stop working, have kids, and go on welfare. people who work hard now in the USA are punished for it. there`s no way you can be middle class if you work._cookietease__by_Chimpantalones

I don`t believe the democrat liberals are any better than republicans,going_up_a_speaker_by_l1ght_n1ng-d999gt2 they both are owned by the 1 % at the top. even Obama. ALL OF THEM. forget “democracy”, there is none. its over. A lot of the world is now owned and run by the few at the top anyhow. –the rest of us are all scrambling and fighting over the crumbs. those thousands of new refugees are just the obvious ones.omfg

I hope you in Europe, members here, are not having a tough time; everyone in America is hugely-taxed, broke, and earning pennies. You better be “well-connected” if you even want to work. try making 8 or 9 bucks an hr., at part time jobs. —no benefits._talkingtowall__by_darkmoon3636

I would advise (employment counseling) copy the guy on “Breaking Bad” and make good Meth,or deal it, AND OTHER DRUGS, smoking OR DEAL IN GUNS AND AMMUNITION./ BIG MARKET IN firearms,. all over USA. —They can`t catch illegal dealing, there`s no police force, spread too thin; no money to do back ground checks. everyone in Oregon breaks all driving laws, there`s no cops!!!skelt03.gif skul bonz

they can`t enforce new gun-laws, there`s no money to do it!!!ak47 (1)


—even then, it`ll take them a long time. we have counties in Oregon thatgangnam (1) LITERALLY HAVE NO POLICE FORCE OR DEPT.caterpillars_transformation_by_tantetabata-d7b13ub NOTHING. the state tried to send “emergency police, ” but its laughable. often, there`s no “911” emergency phone no.!!!

–maybe if there`s one in Mandarin!!! stor01.gifwowdrugdealingemotes chuckle WHAT a fiasco!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN,i_love_pumpkins_sign___prize_by_mirz123-d3845hq AMERICA!!

wtfboomplz gung-hai-fat-choy!!!”






There I was in the center of world-wide communication systems, contacting corporations, companies business, and all the people in my world and around the world–

—AND THEN I WOKE UP. DUH!!.  ashamed2

—To the real world. The real world of robot-phones, digital everything,. connections, wires forever,and answering machines that don’t answer.falling_in_sparkles_by_stickfigures123-d5ui6av

“where is Caroline?| I asked my phone company. of where my old friend was; “You don’t have long distance anymore,” the operator drawled. ‘”why DIDN’T anyone tell me?” “:They don’t have to tell you, “she gave me a smart, giggling answer. I was screwed; Caroline’s no./ was also disconnected.It was not even long-distance no.bookworm

And the computer repairman never showed up to his appt. today with me. So I hadda type using my old fingers, arthritic or not. “Typing was my job in the 70’s,.” I said, to no one but the cat; she ignored me. cubeneko_by_ramend00dle-d9bfoeg

Which leads me to my subject, ofvivillon_polar_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a48qaWHY MY SISTER in CA also had her phone disconnected, does not use email. And the only way you can get ahold of her, would be WESTERN UNION, (do they still have that?) or connecting with her club, online, :“San francisco Gem & Mineral Club” and  leave the web people a message. saying “I would like to talk to my member-sister about becoming a long distance member, and WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PHONE NO. NOW?–please forward this to Mary, B, and tell her she has a repentant (?) new member long distance, please phone me,. or send a carrier pidgeon, or a big,. fat OWL. Grandma_Angry_by_Momma__G

But when I do get ahold of my sister, at her club,I__ll_give_you_my_heart_by_5P_emotes I finally get the whole story; her phone co., the only one she could get there, was AT&T; THEY had screwed up her  service, so badly,in Richmond, CA, that they cut off her land-line service.They had faithfully paid her bill,every month, and their service was SO BAD they could not figure out,WHO SHE WAS, and even how to manage their own equipment!My_Handy_Dandy_Chainsaw_by_5P_emotes “All this technology is too complicated, AT&A CANNOT even do a simple land-line any more! ” She complained._bombingescape__by_meninasuitcase

All her richer friends had cell-phones, but my sister, a retired senior, living on social security, could not afford the pricey cell-phone companies.And AT&T was IT.All the many cell-phone users had managed to do this; make every single phone service SO EXPENSIVE, she could no longer afford much phone service.gangnam (1)  gangnam (1)gangnam (1)gangnam (1)gangnam (1)gangnam (1)gangnam (1)gangnam (1)gangnam (1)gangnam (1)gangnam (1)

seniority_rulez_by_de_mote The AT&T land-line in the Richmond Cou. was the bottom of the barrel; when they advanced cell-phones to such heights,so complex,and SO EXPENSIVE, the phone co.s dumped all land-lines and any plain,economical phone services!!  DON’T BE POOR OR A SENIOR. You won’t be able to afford a phone!! HAW HAW~!!!

fifaprotesterTHANKS SO MUCH, AT&T for ringing my bell!! But tell me, now, that all comm__for_cartoon_artist_comic_by_klaus92-d2yk7xjcell-phones are so expensive, what are us poor folk, like seniors, going to do? Talk about “class-warfare”. with a capital A!! Maybe all those homies dealing dope, can afford cell-phones, fancy, ect, cause the drug-business is booming; shall I tell my poor,old retired little sister, “Go out,and push coke, and meth, so you can afford their nice cell-phones–just the only way!!”?? smiley-killing-himself (1)

AHEM–WHERE IS my sisters’ president, Mr. Obama, when an old lady on dead medicare can’t even afford a stupid PHONE?? AND WHERE IS AT&T?? (OK, I GET IT,” hey, sis, I got your meth all done, get on a load, and help me deliver!!We still gotta cover the phone bill!!”)getting-stoned



That briefly, is it. We can talk to some idiot in france,interview (1) who you don’t know, except he’s a misplaced, unhappy Arab-Muslim. Or, some communist-learning lady who does art work of her “Asian Wars fought for freedom,” wow, duh!!Or, I can use the computer to go to Alibaba.com, and get customer service the best I’ have ever had in my life. onrainbowfire_by_Zaku_Man

WHY?Gimme_kiss_by_Droneguard  cause they are Chinese, not Americans. Americans all do lousy customer service. They like it that way.

But, unless your’e buying pearls in bulk, from Alibaba, in China, at night time,. no one is going to connect to you, and talk to you otherwise. We are in a world,. community,. town, state, and especially with our CORPORATIONS, A black-out of comunication. Corporations don’t WANT TO TALK TO YOU, so they don’t. POLAROID hates talking to ,. or being human to it’s customers. So, it floats on the web, like a big fat powerful cloud of electricity, and you can'[t talk to it.SmileyFactory_by_Miamoto

Unless you want to talk to a robot on the phone, NO ONE IS AT HOME, EVERYONE IS GONE. Make_the_World_Spin_by_elicoronel16

i COULD NOT get ahold of my computer repairman; I had no new phone no. for either my sister, long distance, or my friend Caroline, here. shit; shit shit shit!!!!Computer_addict__by_Sinister_Starfeesh

That’s it in a nutshell ;in our big wide world of super=communications, we just cant talk to a single real soul. THAT’S OUR FATE.drugs

YEAH, MAN.aLL our wonderful cell-phone-computers, tiny miniature screens, and GPS in our cars, we have managed to disconnect from our friends, workers, companies and people we are supposed to be close to. Unless you want to talk to a robot, or an emply answering machine with no answer, you are ALONE with your problems.noir

Unless you are one of the running young Turks running this mess, you are more disconnected from anyone, any business, or any county, town, group or individual. It is worse than it was 40 or 30 or 20 years ago. At least then, you could get someone on the fucking phone. People actutally TALKED TO EACH OTHER IN PERSON._happyslap__by_tornadobeast Yes, that was the great old substitute for Texting; you saw them face to face, and you TALKED TO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING.Yin_n_Yang_by_UzumakiSlumpBallZ

THIS is the price we pay, for all this wonderful technology, the web, super=phones like Dick Tracy, ect. ect. Most of us are CUT OFF FROM PEOPLE. the future where robots do everything, to talk to, is here. And, it sucks.livius

In spite of this wonderful blog,. I can’t talk to a single soul; my friends and loved ones get cut off; no corporation will talk to me, if its’\ American, (like AT&T,) with customer service, or anything else. I should start learning Mandarin Chinese, online so I have someone HUMAN to talk to. ducksauce-splash

(The Alibaba customer service ladies are very nice,and they all have Christian first names.You would really like them. The only catch is, she’s a sales person, not your friend,and it ends after you bought the thing you were looking for. Too bad; if looks like some of the Chinese still talk to us, or each other. In other words, they really sound and act like HUMAN BEINGS for a change.)294.gif kimonocutie

I want it all to go BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS, at least 30 or 40 years ago;grog__grog__grog_by_tantetabata-d6vgb30no huge massive world communication. And, in that case, we could all start talking to HUMAN BEINGS AGAIN. Let’s hear it for the Catastrophe-Apocolypse!!! All tech stuff goes DEAD. (Speaking of the dead, when they rise, they’ll be glad all the web-tech-monster is gone out of their lives(???) too.rolleyes  crying-sad-waving-bye-smiley-emoticon

How would you like to be happily dead, resting so great, and suddenly God wakes you up to give you a Lecture—and it’s not even Sunday!!? Pooh to that!! Once you are dead, out of all the worlds’s troubles and pain, why the Hell would you like to wake up again??stretcher

But I will be brief; there are several ways that the wholes world communcation system could go straight to Hell; ak47 (1)war could get more global than ever, and the major powers could all get in each other’s faces. Or, we could just keep reproducing like bunnies,and run out of fooddoughnut_by_poisontouch and water completely;(this probably will happen.that would really cause war.)We could also run out of OIL, and have to start using electricity, and go back to primative power sources(not likely>? or yes? Let me know)fuck

One of the most likely things, the epidimeologistsmichaelmyers (1) say, with more and more people living right on the ocean. for a home, we are sooner or later going to have big fat world epidemics. (They still have bad stuff stuck away in the Arab world, and of course someone is now carrying it out here to us. )How would you like to face thehorrormovieemotesf9494cdafadf6a7c03e2c9a22bc5fba6-d31srt6 BLACK PLAGUE. just like the good old days???(spelling but you know what I mean._)Polio is starting to come back. (????) 

A lot of the towering civilizationsMac_Love_by_Furatix of corporations might wiggle, get unstable, and fall to topple over.Goverments would be in disarray;(you really believe all that stuff about “the govt. FEMA is prepared for all disasters now.”Cause I sure don;t believe it.)If any of this collapse happens , either small or large.zombie_grabin___pumpkin_man_by_de_mote we will probably at some point, have to start talking to each other again.,omfg___emote_by_mdkofdoom  You will find out who your next door neighbor is, cause it’s collapsing on her, AND you.

You’ll find out who is a member of the NRA, who goes shooting practice regularly, and who just keeps a firearm for protection from burglars.—and who hates firearms completely,thedon and who knows how to use them, and has gone hunting. DUH!!!In Oregon, dispite the fact that the Fish and Wildlife Dept. is killing off all our cougars for their pelts, against the law,and you will find out who owns the shot guns, or rifles, and use to go hunting for deer, forchaosangel1111“very tough deer-meat.” (Yes, I’ve had it. You really have to do a tenderizing trip on it. or don’t bother eating it. I have a metal meat mallet,and I know the chemistry of tenderizers of meat. You CAN EAT THE STUFF, if you cook it right. )

–Which a lot of hunters don’t do. arwenpandora

But. I digress; that would be a big blow to our world of robots,gothicguitarist internet, web, tons of oil to run it. and dams to make electricity and our mindless communication systems that don;’t really communicate. CATASTROPHE HAPPENS. when the world gets out of balance.Hologram_Emote_by_MixedMilkChOcOlateOther experts do say that the world is very unstable, violent,millitary_emotes_by_didaka and unpredictable now, and anything BAd could eventually happen.survival_contest_entry_by_magistycal Let’s put it this way, it is GOING TO HAPPEN at some point.

—Unless we break down all our electronic barriers, start talking to each other again, and try to communicate like human beings, not peripheral-devices. I will finally be able to talk to Caroline, and in person. My sister may wind up in the hospital, in Cali, or only phone from  her club. The poor woman has no phone, her next stroke might lay her out flat,on her kitchen floor, & no way to call 911. —712f24aead05a0bb893ad150758cf23a

Talk to people who are here,around you, and WANT to talk andPump_it_by_Droneguard be with other human beings. Form tight little cults or religious groups, and all support each other.Cream_and_Racoongirl_emoticon_by_zimpy222The_Playful_Threes_by_KimRaiFan Bliss_by_NaturallyPerfect

–And yell since there won;’t be power, there won;’t be a single bloody-fucking answering machine alive.AAAAAH, TOO BAD. HAW HAW!!spitefullaugh (1)

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene OR, communing with the big trees outside, near me, and envying their quiet, placid and gentle lives. I haVE heard that trees and plants talk to each other! I sure hope they don’t get into TEXTING.)  :)

  Opening_simpsons_emote_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate    emoticonist_secret_santa_entry_2011_by_vveste-d4jk1nf   .emotyeantree1c9f089c18a9d77fc3adf8aacc69f1eb..  bandplayin123






It seemed to be a simple thing to do; write a letter to the paper TIME Magazine, to answer about the article,”DOCTORS GET DEPRESSED, WITH BURN-OUT” and let the idiot writer know that, “HEY, YOU DOCTORS ARE DEPRESSED? LISTEN TO HOW YER PATIENTS GET DEPRESSED?”

“Dear Time Mag.: We patients are more depressed than you doctors; instead of diagnosing our illness, you shove us out the door, send us to a shrink for a medical problem!!( thank you, Dr. Chaplin) –because you are too lazy to diagnose any more! Patients have to study medical info., and get their own diagnoses;everyone does this now!! We patients have to make all the medical decisions,doctors don’t do that.

“We get..doctors who can’t figure out what meds they put you on; cannot help any feet-problems. If you have a very bad HAND PROBLEM,there is surgery,therapy, ect, for it.But FEET> FEET ARE THE LOST body part,that no one cares about.(Podiatrists just cut toe-nails.)  FEET go to hell,and doctors tell you,”I can’t do anything. I’d rather do masectomies, more money in surgery.”

“So if you think DOCTORS are depressed?–we medicare patients had all our insurance SLASHED to nothing!  THANK YOU, OBAMA! –WE’RE depressed! try getting old, un-footed, and BROKE.you doctors can organize, unite, and fight the AMA, but asking we patients, to help you? DOCTOR, HEAL THYSELF! YOU ALL have the united power to change things, and we’d support you; no more medical liability insurance, you can’t afford it, and suing a doctor is futile, it does not work.NO malpractice suits ever win. SO WHY have malpractice insurance? GET RID OF IT.

“You docs need to tackle the horrible teaching of interns, endless hours, ect.  You guys have more influence. How about .”Co-alitions between  doctors & patients’ groups,” so we can help each other, and TALK? (YOU DO talk in non-medical language, don”t you?) –So we can fight against bad teaching, the AMA & their power-leaders, to change the system? Instead of never TALKING TO patients, hiding your problems, try being human beings, not just doctors.”

Here I had written this great letter to TIME  MAGAZINE, & then reality hits me; google can’t find an email to reach TIME MAG.,cause I’m just another lost soul online, trying to talk to a huge corporation (again) which really does not wanta hear from me.The same old modern situation. Corporation announces, yaks, gives opinions, tells you what’s right, and if you yell back,forget it.The Corporation never wants to talk to you, except with “machine-language-form letters.” thanks you for contacting us.–but just shut up, we’re not listening.

Think about it–all this social-media is a computer-trick, to  make we idiot users think  we’re connecting, to show what  our opinions are; we write back to Fox News, (which ignores us) we TWITTER,and the other birds go CAW-CAW, LISTEN TO ME CHEEP! –(and every bird ignores each other)–and the big Corporation just makes money off advertising and keeps ignoring you. Hey, they make money off you social-media users, why listen to you? And you read TIME MAGAZINE, write them a letter, online, and realize, again, WHY are you trying to contact a Corporation? To a Corporation, you’re a slug from Oregon, they don”t listen to slugs.

 If you think I’m being cynical, consider this; Did Katherine the Great ever listen to her peasants? Did the Royalty of Britain ever accept notes or letters from their peasants? Did  the Russian Czars ever listen to THEIR peasants? Did Napolean ever take letters from HIS soldiers? HAW HAW. NO, just cause we have mobile-phones, cars, votes, computers, and jobs (or unemployment, or are homeless) you think our mammoth Corporations ever LISTEN to us? They do SURVEYS of what we buy, eat, consume, but they never LISTEN to the peasants. Microsoft doesn’t CARE what you think,, it’s going to force  Windows 10 into our lives any how..–whether you like it or not.  You are the peasant, and Microsoft is your only king; unless you decide to go with little Apple.

But, LISTEN to a dumb-magazine reader? No, inevitably being a little micro-chip in a huge machine, isn’t much different from being the age-old peasant, again.Paying lots  of taxes you have no control over; to a massive govt. you have little control over; in a rather-pre-determined life path you didn’t have too much control over (should you become a secretary or a dental-hygenist?) while you finally give up on the illusion that “everyone is listening to me on FACEBOOK! Or on Instagram!”–and “I can do anything in life I really want to!”–   If your family is very rich and powerful, in the world, why not? Or maybe if you’re ambitious, and sleep with the right people, huh? —as you compete with the other 6 billion people who also want to make  an income from a creative career, and want control over their work lives.

.Giving the vast,bathed public, the illusion that “social-media is listening to you, people hear  you, and if you follow Steven Colbert on Twitter, he’s going to be so impressed by your tweets he might even return one, (how great would that be?A real Celebrity!)  and you’d finally BE SOMEONE ,and people would really KNOW WHO YOU ARE”,–must be one of the biggest cons of this century. When people have huge govts. and Corporations that make the decisions in a society, or even over the entire world, watching a movie  like “Fight Club” makes you feel a little better; at least the fight-club members got all their frustrations out, and Brad Pitt really kicked ass.You could imagine yourself bombing all the big credit-card companies!  You could imagine yourself finally being powerful, too!

Or, you could  stop paying attention to articles in Time magazine telling you just how BAD OFF DOCTORS WERE! POOR DOCTORS GETTING BURN OUT! Probably the very doctors who shove you out the door, and tell you,”its in your imagination, go see a shrink!”–and also won’t accept your Medicare. You could realize the Corporation of TIME, HEARST, LANE BRYANT, and THE FED. GOVT. OF THE UNITED STATES does not want your feedback; you are a modern peasant, you are REQUIRED to keep paying fed.govt. huge taxes, or you wind up in debtor’s prison.–or worse.

There is a good reason there’s no “email the Corporation” with real feedback; they know  what your feedback is, & they don’t  really  want to hear it.

Unless its one of their “consumer surveys.”

You yourself, are the one who decides your ideas count.Lane County and Mayor Katty sure don’t listen, or care.  It is a truism of life, our opinions are ours alone, unless some of our friends agree.The chances of your becoming a “new Hitler”, and leading your broke country into success again, or becoming a “new Napolean” and founding an  Empire are nil, probably. But, hold on to that opinion,oh, TIME Magazine reader! You can use it to successfully stop reading the magazine, stop buying it, or just stop regarding it as important.And just realize it as a bunch of writers’ way to keep making money,while they  try to convince  you that THEIR opinions are so important.

Here, YOU are the one with important opinions.This is YOUR blog! haw haw. :)

(Sandraminadotty, trying to vanquish her  ego, & stop writing letters to the editor. Who the Bloody Hell cares?)



23.png sickhamster


.One evening Caroline and I are over at our friend’s house, River Road neighborhood, and we get a little hungry.”I sure wish I had real bar-be-que, ” I say, and our friend says; “I think there’s supposed to be a good bar-b-que place around here, let me look it up.”yakkkityyak2!cid_88AC88045F9D401695B4594887EE4568@DorothyHP

Which is how I found a place locally called “the hole in the wall bar-be-que”, and we read all the comments about the food, on their website. “All these commendations, it must be good,” says my friend, and all 3 of us are in favor of a late-night snack. Our friend calls up, gets it ordered, and we wait,salivating. cute-as-pie

We decide to order a “meat special, hot links, smoked brisket, and a  side of fresh-that-day-french fries, green beans.I have been dieting, and I need some REAL BAR-BE-QUE I haven’t had for years. Bar-be-que sauce  comes with the order.I can’t wait, remembering other places I have eaten long ago.–that thick,rich sauce; luscious beef,moist,smoked; hot links. —and everything flavorful and Southern. bottle_llama_badge_by_yuikoheartless-d486pib

But you realize you are so  in OREGON, way up NORTH, when you try to eat bar-be-que in the land of cheap beer-guzzlers.

We got our order, packed in a styrofoam-package;  exquisitechef “Are those FRESH french fries?” queries Caroline, holding up a limp,soft,greasy, not even hot, mushy frie. “It looks and tastes like so much worse than Carls’ Junior or the worst Emotes_like_MacDonalds_too_by_jennifuhMcDonalds!”  “They must have kept it since yesterday, in motor-oil!” I  say. “I never saw or ate such old, greasy,  unflavorful french-fries! Are these really sardines packed in oil and brine?”  “I am so disappointed,” says our friend, sadly.”This place was recommended to me. ”  “Must have been someone who never ATE bar-be-que before,” I reply, trying to eat the dry, “un-smoked”-smoked brisket, which tasted like cardboard.doughnut_by_poisontouch

Besides the TRUE smoked flavor of the meat, (which didn’t seem to be in this meat,) the other test of real bar-be-que is in the bar-be-que sauce. The best ones are thick,rich, even tomatoey,or molasses, and not too HOT–just delicious. Our litle plastic container held; very watery catsup, with little flavor and a ton of dissolved jalapeno seeds. Too spicy, off the charts, to hide the  fact that it WAS watered-down catsup with tabasco sauce in it. “Crap!” said our friend, getting out a bottle of commercial bar-be-que sauce, and using it instead;”this bottled super-market sauce is even better!”  “The dinner- order’s  stuff burns  my mouth,” complained  Caroline. “Is  real bar-b-que sauce supposed to be so HOT? I didn’t know the South was full of Mexicans “‘.checking_the_recipe_by_ravenswd

I could see why the place was called the hole in the wall; they cooked all their meat in a CLOSET instead of a smoker or real bar-e-que oven. YUCK. I had eaten real bar-be–que in a different state; Southerners were right when they claimed that real bar–be-que did not exist north off the Mason-Dixon Line. And here in Eugene, uninformed Eugenians thought that “bar-be-que” meant literaly “dissolved jalapeno seeds in water.”  “French fries” translated into “greasy, mushy,soft, slimey thin potato-peelings fried in a skillet.” Cherry_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate

Did Eugenians know what bar–be-que really tasted like, except for something soft to mop up and absorb all the beer?  Had anyone in Eugene ever seen a real bar-be-que sauce recipe? Did “the Hole in the Wall Bar-be-que ” even know what a “recipe” was? Or what bar-be-que ovens were? So far, from the feel of their food, I surmised they just FRIED EVERYTHING in a  large skillet with plenty of beef-fat  or corn-oil. –or soy-oil. Oh, crap! I  keep forgetting. that Eugene’s view of the big, wide, amazing outside world was at the bottom of an empty pitcher of Bud-Weizer. Enough of that, and you can’t TASTE anything any how.drunk

No wonder the South still hated the North; it wasn’t about the Civil War. They hated us because we took the words “bar-be-que” and slapped it onto the side of a package of corn chips! And now I sure didn’t blame them for their hate. Even this northerner would not call a wet tub of  beef-soup with jalapenos “BAR-BE-QUE SAUCE!”  ff21.gif drunk

I realized, we were trying to make a silk purse out of a pulled-porker’s ear.Piggy_the_bigest_eater_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate

(more to come later….) ;)

(Sandraminadotty reserves the right to subjectively review anyone.  If your restaurant got tarred and feathered by her, we would like your comments and feedback; or if you’ve EATEN AT Hole-In-The-Wall-BBQ, in Eugene, and want to comment about your own eating experience, please leave any comments or swear words. —no matter who the swear words are aimed at.If you know of EXCELLENT bar-be-que anywhere near, or far from Lane County, please tell us about it here. We would sure like to know, partner. tea_and_cake_by_ridley126-d5ktgpu

It’s true, we’re not in the South of the USA; and its true there even restaurants here that are “a spin on Jewish and Kosher traditional food, and Israeli food” in Lane County. So far, Sandramina has not been brave enough to to try a “spin on Jewish food” this far away from a great Jewish Restaurant in Northern California, which shall go unnamed, or a good east-coast Jewish restaurant owned by real Jews. That’s not even counting the delicatessen in San Francisco that was in the theatre district named “Davids'” (or perhaps “Solomon’s”) which had fantastic traditional goodies.Plus, a downtown bakery with CHOCOLATE MACAROONS; and “The Bagel House” out on Geary blvd. near 15th ave, which HAD real Jewish bagels(baked correctly) and even good challah, and onion pastries to die for. Plus, they regularly sold day-old bagels and baked goods,in large plastic bags, bulk. (You have never eaten unless you have had a good SALT BAGEL; or at least a good onion, or the stupendous GARLIC BAGEL. _Dohla__by_MixedMilkChOcOlate

Rabbis often theorize if you have been a good Jew,(i.e. studied the Torah and the Talmud, worked hard, and “did deeds of loving kindness ” during your lifetime, you may, when you die, go to a Heaven exactly like a very good old fashioned New York delicatessan, and not have to pay anything to eat there. It beats out kanoodling with 72 Muslim virgins in Paradise. And the chopped liver is really DIVINE. c39947bb2efc9d69  -and yes, they will have noodle-kugel. We won’t discuss the excellent smoked salmon here, we don’t want any nice Jews resorting to suicide. There is probably still enough lox left on earth.–we hope. There used to be plenty of lox, even at the Jewish San Francisco teaching hospital, which is now teamed up with UC MED CENTER AT PARNASSUS,  because of the shared financial problems ALL “not-for-profit” community hospitals are  facing from fed.govt. cuts under our great national leaders. (All those great waspy officials don’t have to worry about shortages of lox; they still munching on tenderloin of pork with a side of white bread and mayonaise. )Emotes_like_MacDonalds_too_by_jennifuh

–except maybe Obama? So much for cultural, racial, regional, national and religious origins of COOKING, RECIPES AND FOOD PREFERENCES!  “THE EYES OF TEXAS ARE UPON YOU….”( MUSIC)  :) gui_tard_by_kinnisonarc-d4de732