NO MORE BLOG–SOFTWARE TOO SCREWED UP”– (but everything is screwed up anyway, in Eugene Oregon)



(representational piece of modern art, trying to represent GO DUCKS – – bought from Oregon artists)

The reason I am bitching and moaning and saying that I’m dumping my word press blog , are the following raisins: (snicker snicker).confidentwalk (1)

In the first place,I can’t find any way to fix this stupid word press frame on my blog, which is way too wide now, and I can’t fix it so that I can type on it properly.

Plus, when you try to leave the page,the sticker comes on:”You don’t want to leave the page do you?DON’T GO!! You will erase any changes!(which is what I was trying to do.) NO!! do not leave the page!:” and when i hit the button”leave the page,”it REFUSES TO LEAVE THE PAGE!!act13.gifbumpcrazy

YEAH. it freezes my whole screen, so I cannot leave the page! I cannot turn off the computer,or close it!!HA HA. WORDPRESS, you really fixed it, so no one can leave the page–you’re so scared they will erase their changes—which is what we’re trying to do! If we leave the page,we can erase the wrong changes we made, you dumpkoffs!! But you think we’re the ones screwing up!! So you fixed the “do not leave the page or you’ll erase your changes” so we cannot LEAVE the page at all!! We cannot turn off the computer screen!! Wow, what power and knowledge you guys have!! You made up our minds for us.  You wankers. (more raisins for you, snicker.)  I finally had to force the computer to close. ha ha. No, I’m not mad–yet. But I’m going in that direction.  :)

That is a big bad Wolf of my WordPress,.org, totally un- read by anybody on the web blog. Which they did not warn me about, when they gave me a blog. They never told me, nobody would ever read it because it

So now I have the whole job literally of transferring the whole thing over to Which is still free supposedly. But, if you look up all your instructions for doing this, you may as well go out and get a degree in computer software. Which I don’t want to do right now I am too old and I would die before it was done. Plus, the arthritis in my hands would not hold up for that._boxer__by_jSepia

So let’s start complaining about WordPress right now.I think that would be a very good idea. In the first place, okay word press, why didn’t you tell me that if I, for WordPress nobody the hell would ever read it? And it’s definitely not getting read. It’s probably because it’s not a very good blog, but it’s also not in the mainstream of anyway that’s what somebody recently told me and gave me a message on the blog. Supposedly write from WordPress. “Dear lady, please transfer all of your blog over to Nobody is reading your blog at all because you’re stuck on! – You idiot.”

so if I’m that much of an idiot, why am I supposed to be able to transfer all of my blog through your witty and simple instructions, over to Of course that’s going to be very easy to do. Especially since I can’t even figure out how to fix my margins, so that I can see the updates sign anymore. Angry_Mob_by_Sinister_Starfeesh

HOW THE HELL DO I TRANSFER MY BLOG OVER TO WORDPRESS. COM? The good fairies are just going to come over and fly it over?…Fairy_Transformation_by_Zikes

And also that’s another thing; what happened to update? The little sign on your page that lets you update when you type? I mean, that’s supposed to be there, right? Or wrong? So how I update this stupid thing? When there’s no update? So you went and changed something else on this dumb thing and didn’t tell me, as usual.

That’s what I get for having a free blog on WordPress. It’s kind of like having only extended basic service on cable TV; you can watch all those channels, but believe me if you’ve watched TV lately, you know that there’s absolutely nothing on.’re not going to be able to get anything watchable, until you upgrade to a couple of movie channels. – And pay extra.

The last time they actually wrote any good TV shows, was when they had that huge flood of science fiction shows on all the channels. That was it. And I’m not going to count all the stupid “lost” episodes. Do you remember the way they ended that show? COP OUT!  That was an absolute copout. That’s the way you get out of not knowing what the fuck to do with your ending; kill everybody off. No, Shakespeare did not do that because he was a good writer, he did that because it was the fashion. You’re not getting away with that excuse.TV writers have no relationship whatsoever to Shakespeare.

and let’s not forget the latest fiasco of that wonderful series called “MAD MEN”. Did that sucker end or not? I can’t tell. They’re not making any more. But they did not say that! Or at least not when I was watching. So I don’t know whether it’s off or not. But it is off. Ended.and there wasn’t even any ENDING. Unless the ending was supposed to be, that the main madman went off into the sunset, drinking his little alcoholic butt to oblivion. That’s not much of an ending. And  that show was definitely not “days of Wine and roses”. It was all about very risqué old-fashioned underwear and women’s girdles, and nylons, and how women were supposed to be just sex objects in the office. and men really really liked it.

Aww, the good old days!! when men were men, and they drank lots of liquor and didn’t worry about their livers.

that’s been happening a lot on TV; TV series that end without a boom, or a notice that they’re ending. So you’re up in the air, and asking your neighbors, or your friends, “say, is that show over? Or are they just haggling about wages again? And they’re always late getting the episodes out say, about a whole year?  and is Dr. who over?cause I don’t see any new episodes of that either?

“Boy do I miss the TARDIS. It Looks just like that out- house we used to have in the back.”

now let’s keep complaining and not slack off. All right, I’m going to complain about something political;HEY THERE!MR..PRESIDENT!. PRESIDENT OBAMA! Do you have any excuse for THROWING ALL  THOSE PEOPLE  OFF  OF MEDICARE  PART D WHO TAKE PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION?    (DARLING? Sweetie?)

You think we’re all going to be very well supplied by our LOCAL mental health Department and state government?and that all those schizophrenic and psychotic people, including the ones who are dangerously criminal, criminals, on psychiatric medicine are just going to be taken care of by the local mental health department because they have plenty of funds ? And the state governments are going to be able to medicate all those dangerously psychotic, and often homeless, schizophrenics, because all the state governments have so much money?


you know that  one of them already got that Sen. in the head with a bullet. So does Pres. Obama think that he is completely protected and immune from getting one also from a very very crazy psychotic person off their medication? The medication that president Obama himself decided to stop? Because it cost too much money? And he wants to put all that money into Obama care, so you have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for your deductible or else you can’t use it? Isn’t that intelligent?

so let’s go on with our not slacking off complaint; if president Obama should get hit in the head by a bullet from a very crazy person or a very overly political person (not much difference),WHO IS he going to blame? Is he going to blame our local mental health Department, because they didn’t have to enough money to give the poor person medication? Is he going to complain about our state government because they didn’t have enough money for mental health?

No, president Obama from his sick bed, while his brain is embedded with a couple of bullets, is going to have to complain about his own program, where he decided to cut all of that psychiatric medicine out of Medicare part D. And that’s the truth.

WHY? There’s no reason a lot of our senior citizens are not particularly un – crazy themselves.after all, president Obama has really inflamed seniors in every corner of our country, by cutting $700 billion out of their Medicare. If that’s not enough to make somebody crazy, I don’t know what is.after all, my age is about 67, and I am actually riddled with neurological antidepressant medication, or else I go crazy, go down to the local gun store, buy a whole bunch of handguns and rifles, and ammunition, get a little training from the National Rifle Association, and jump on a bus to Washington DC.

who says the elderly are jovial and mature? I say they are not jovial and mature. You should see some of the people in Eugene Oregon – a lot less mature than perhaps Hades. I have known and talk to or tried to talk to, so the extremely monstrously extreme left-wing liberals, in Eugene, who have ranted and raved horrendously, so badly, that I think president Obama should start worrying now. And those were middle-aged or elderly people.

They still had a lot of steam left in them. I know that those people happen to be very angry about the extreme non-left-wing stances that president Obama has been taking, (according to them anyhow) and if you cut off their medication, they’re probably going to take the next flying saucer, gray rabbit bus, or volkswagen bus to Washington DC, and probably shoot your head off. – If you can manage to get away from one of your Hawaiian  vacations with your wife and kiddies, or failed foreign visits, and actually BE in Washington DC.minding the business.

(did you know that Hitler actually invented the Volkswagen bus? (The “People’s car”?)and I’m sure that he also approved of the Mercedes-Benz.)”that German engineering.”

I forgot, Obama; you don’t really mind the business, you actually REINVENT all the LAWS of the federal government in the country. That’s what your true job is. And you also REINVENT the Constitution of the United States. I guess that is a pretty big job. That’s why when people look on the map of the world, for the United States of America, they can’t find it anymore. It’s listed as OBAMAVILLE.

the funny thing is, I just looked up some history, of 1776. The basic reasons that the colonists revolted against Britain and went to war, were the following: Taxation without representation, by Britain.the British were taxing the colonists to death. Also, if you were a colonist, you had no rights, you could be hauled away, to prison or what ever, without any trial or jury. No phone call. It was legal.thank God that could never happen now.

(Raisins, snicker snicker.) Plenty of raisins.

it is true,that suddenly I feel lighthearted and light shouldered, because there are no burdens and worries and stress on my shoulders now that I have written this great and wonderful blog episode. It really does make you feel free and better, to get all those worries off your mind, and transfer them onto everybody else on the web.

that is, until I get plenty of visits from the FBI and CIA, if I can manage to get them to read this blog, because they now think that, as a senior citizen I am extremely dangerous. DARN. and the last time the FBI visited me, they sent really big, tall, heavy duty young guys, with scowls on their faces. all over some ranting and raving on the web, where people usually rant and rave and nobody takes it seriously.but somehow, these great agents missed out completely on all signs of the forthcoming Boston bombing. Tsk tsk. What a bad day to miss.

After all, nobody’s reading my blog!that’s what I get for Instead can never get any real terrorists on here, reading it, to make any comments.

but who cares, all that matters is, now I feel good. And relaxed. That must be the real secret of writing a blog it makes YOU feel better, never mind the people who read or don’t read it. They’re not the main purpose of it after all. :)    

(   :)   Signing off, Sandramina, in Whoville homeless village, Eugene, OR,  kicking homeless people in the shins, stepping on their dogs’ paws, and raiding their bottles of “Boone’s Farm Apple-Cherry Wine”. I am such a MEAN old lady, I still want my Medicare part D!!  Why should I let Obamacare have it?? He’s still getting bribes from insurance-companies to screw the public. And THAT is a lotta dough.  $$$$$$$$) …





I was on the telephone, with my friend Ronni, who lives in Portland, when I was reading a copy of “Northwest Boomer and senior newsletter”. My eyes lit on the meeting at the Eugene city library, February 23rd, 2 PM, that said “why are there few black people in Oregon? A secret history.” And that was what their meeting was about. “It looks like you’re not supposed to be here, and you don’t exist,” I said to my friend who  is black. “According to this, there aren’t any of you in Oregon. Only white people.”_ohdeargodno__by_Sinister_Starfeesh

“who the hell said that?” Replied my friend, very irritated;” so I don’t exist? And the rest of my friends don’t either? Who the hell do these people think they are? A secret history? What are they blabbing about?” “I know what they’re going to talk about,” I replied. “They’re going to tell about how the University of Oregon was founded by members of the Klu Klux Klan; and that Oregon was terribly racist and had lots of Klu Klux Klan members here, OH! – – And the reason why there are not huge numbers of black people here (the way they are supposed to be) is because we’re still very racist in Oregon, and the university is still really racist. I also saw these people’s video on YouTube, describing how segregated the very old university was.”creat08.gifdemon makefacesgy

my friends laughing, very loud, resounded in my ear; “oh my, that is absolutely hysterical! Like all those black organizations at the University, don’t exist? And all the black student body especially during the 60s, didn’t exist?  I guess that would leave out affirmative-action also;and all those African American political groups that were so active and involved in the University. And I guess the African-American PROFESSORS in the college don’t exist either?”lightninghitsterb231lightninghitsterb231

“Yes, and I guess the African-American studies programs don’t exist either.  Wow! I guess these people in this group are running on hallucinatory mushrooms or something. Gee,Ronni,I guess you don’t exist after all!how you feel about that? At least you don’t have to pay taxes I guess, ha ha ha ha ha!”we laughed for a couple of more was really a gas, what this “very discriminated against group” was agitating about.chasevulturestor17

What were they agitating about? THE PAST.the old and ancient past of Oregon, where there truly were Klu Klux Klan operating, and lots of members that were here. But, Oregon was typical among quite a few states in the United States that had very active Ku Klux Klan and segregation of black people.there was no mention in the propaganda of this meeting, about all the other states at that time in history who had even more active Klu Klux Klan, especially in the deep South.for some reason, this group had decided that little old OREGON, and the University of Oregon, were far worse than any of the other southern states, as far as discrimination of black people, and that’s why there were so few black people in Oregon. We were absolutely still racist to the edge.makefacesgy

I did call up this group, later on, to try and find out just exactly what its motives were, as to digging up the old past and skewering Oregon and the University with it. Just what were it’s motives anyway? I mean,  history is one thing and it’s a good thing to read up on it. But as far as saying that “there are so few black people in Oregon, because it has such a horrible racist past, and it’s still racist and bad bad bad!” – – And deliberately not mentioning how racist the other states were, except for this one.poophorskngt

And that title was really misleading; “why are there so few black people in Oregon?” – Because of the very racist and Ku Klux Klan past in this state? Except that, all of that was completely gone. Vanished into the past. Oregon was one of the most liberal and left-wing and Democrats, and pro-ethnic diversity states and universities in the whole United States. so it was a little odd that they were accusing a very liberal left wing and Democrat state, of being anti-black?buttmad209

I talked to the leader of the group, but I still couldn’t get any real answers. What was the reason for dredging all this up, and smearing Oregon with it? The only thing I could get out of them was, “Oregon is still completely racist, against black people, and all their disgusting past has to be dug up and exhibited to everybody.” I had to admit that it really did exist in history. But why, oh, why, was it to blame for tons of black people not coming here en masse, to enjoy the rain, freezing cold weather, snow, hail, and lots of GLOOM that they would absolutely just love instead of California or Miami?famlap97.gifkaostorm

so according to this group, the only thing that kept so many black people from flocking here, to enjoy all the snow and snow storms, frozen streets, broken pipes, rain, sleet, months of GLOOM without sunshine, was that nasty old Oregon and the also nasty University of Oregon, had such a bad nasty naughty anti-black person past. And that was still going on! Oh my oh my!lumineux.gifhairscared BOOM_chtiiik_booom_CHIIK_by_Pixelisto

I had never thought about that before; was it really obvious that African American people just love all that nasty lovely wet and cold weather,and it seemed they wanted to come here in large groups and settle?among all the hippies? And all the unemployed and homeless? With the very high jobless rate, unemployment, and complete lack of jobs?and all the white trash? And the huge abundant amount of working poor? And they really longed to pay high prices for food, never see the sunshine all winter, watch their gardens get destroyed by super slugs, never be able to raise tomatoes instead of accidentally raising lots of banana slugs instead?l gunsshootinglove ove13

You know Black people just LOVE BANANA SLUGS; better than corn-bread.I  had ignored  all these facts.icon_confused  makefacesgy

It just really never occurred to me before. I guess I had been blocking it out. And the fact that I had African American friends, here Kept me from realizing just how much all the other Black folk in California, and warmer climates were being kept  From moving here, and getting used to all that wonderful freezing weather we had. It just never occurred to me, DARN! I didn’t really want to think that they too, desired to get up in the morning, put on huge fluffy coats, and shovel out 6 feet of snow hindering their cars and blocking their, skidding  all over the icy black freezing highways, ending up in snowbanks, having to be pulled out by American automobile Association tow trucks.fuckyeahseakingplz

To think that we were somehow keeping them from this paradise. Tsk tsk.#2fridaythe13th

I suppose they were tiring of lovely and warm, exotic and special Louisiana and St. Louis by now; and that they wanted so much to dessert all their family, and move here to this strange wonderful and not exotic or lovely, but somewhat green, state.not to mention all the great restaurants and cooking and FOOD. After all, Oregon has such great restaurants, full of vegetarianism, raw food, odd food, fast food. The South just couldn’t hold a candle with its Paul Prudomme, Cajun and Creole cooking, crawfish and seafood. Sigh. Corn bread, fried chicken, and other yummy yummys of the South, well, they were getting so tired of that – – they wanted to rough it in Oregon and go to Carl’s Junior instead.glompunch

I talked to some of my other friends about this, and they thought I was crazy.”why in hell would African-Americans want to move to Oregon in large groups? What the heck for? There wasn’t any employment, the welfare was all gone as or no food stamps here either. The government saw to that.” I guess they were just itching to compete with all that lower white trash here, for welfare and stuff like that? Sure, I’m sure they were. It was just our terrible discriminating segregating anti-black person past that was holding them back.superduper2angry

“I don’t think that a lot of my friends would want to dessert meat,  barbecue, and go all vegan instead,” one of my African-American acquaintances,” sure, I like greens; but nothing but Greens, and no MEAT? In favor of “all organic vegetables”, macrobiotic diets, brown rice and veggie-burgers?? Your town is pretty low-down on food, if you ask me.”Gluten-free diets”?  No bread??” He did some colorful language here, and I had to chuckle.”Damn, your town is taken over by YUPPIES!! “he continued.”Those self-important, “save the world instead of the U.S.”-type, who think it makes them Queen of the May to save all of Africa?!! OH, YEAH, I’d just LOVE to live among those snot-noses!!  Not to mention–“he lowered his voice-“You got the whole population of GAY SAN FRANCISCO THERE!! SHIT, MAN. ”   “Not really your cup of tea,then?” I replied. “No, I’ll pass on that. heh heh.”  I had forgotten that he really liked WOMEN. And that did not include lesbian women. ghostgrabfood2!cid_FF78CA367CF44289B18E48B1FA797710@DorothyHP

It appeared that a few of my African-American friends had no desire to move to Eugene, or Lane County, or even visit here. “You got nothing there, honey. Those organic-range-chicken-eggs aren’t enough reason.”  “Not the small organic boutique farms either?”  “Boutique “organic” small farms, a good reason to not live there or go there. Not in my budget, Sandramina!”secretlaugh

 And I had to agree that the COOKING HERE could not hold up to the Southern parts of the United States. Eugene Oregon thought that CUP-CAKES or TOFU were the be all and end all of cuisine; did I mention they have cake made out of BEETS HERE? _slamhead__revamp_by_Synfull  makefacesgymore2leatherface

No wonder my diet was working so well; hm…”beet-cake” was not so alluring to the palate.dighole

“I am not surprised you’re losing some weight, “said Ronni, from Portland.”Yeah, cake made of beets just somehow misses out compared to black bottom pie. mud pie. or black-bottom cupcakes. Or even Oreos.  Sheet.” She then invited me to come up some time to Portland. cause she still knew old-time good cooking, and was pretty handy with an oven or a skillet. “Want me to bring anything?” I asked. “Just your appetite, sugar, “and she laughed that hearty laugh of hers. What was such a really good cook, doing in PORTLAND? The hipster city was lucky to have her. aanother1love02

What were the few black people doing in Oregon? Just unlucky I guess. They just were not aware of how racist Oregon and the university of Oregon was, nasty, segregationist, and heavily into that vanished KKK that used to be, and no longer was.  UH…that is, “Why Are there so few black people in Oregon?”-group was well into it , being obsessed by it. The rest of us could easily live without it. 

I was heavily into fried chicken myself.   :)  _piethrow__by_de_Motemakefacesgyfry

(Sincerely, Sandraminda, in racist and liberal-left–wing Democrat Eugene Oregon, home of “beet-cake” and other lovely organic tidbits. )  > :O    GAG!!!makefacesgy

“REUTERS’ WIRE SERVICE NAMES EUGENE OR, WORST HIGH-WAY, FREEWAY, TRAFFIC”:silly season of Legislature extends to this news report.”




(Reuters’ wire service, US NEWS:) “while Don Kahle, special for the register guard newspaper, reports that this is the Oregon Legislature’s “silly season”, in Salem, Oregon, because all of these bills passed by them,as it tends to be “silly” in the extreme, such as passing laws against criminals so that they can’t get any firearms, there are other silly things going on, that the legislature is determined to pass laws against; even though laws will not do anything, without enforcement, which Salem doesn’t worry about.I_LOVE_TO_SKIP_by_Gnog

“In the meantime, the routers wire service decided to vote Eugene Oregon highways and freeways the most cluttered and dangerous freeways in the United States, and hence the Pacific Northwest. While Los Angeles usually gets this honor, the masses of humanity who have moved to Eugene Oregon, from LA, have congregated to help make this area of Oregon one of the most famous in the Pacific Northwest for congested, slow, and propensity Of Left lane hoggers– congregation.  Excusing of course, all of the religious congregations that live here.”   auto_wos2.gif bouncing car

“It is to be admired, that that news service,can recognize the incredible disturbance in the minds of the Oregon Legislature, in that they have once again decided that by merely passing laws, magical things will come about, in Lane County, and other places in Oregon, so that drivers will magically appear to know what is expected of them, when they cannot remember any of the highway rules and driving rules.– –and that the Oregon Legislature has had too long a history of sniffing Angel – dust, and various other psychedelics, to know that just passing a law, does not guarantee enforcement of it. (Even though the august legislature members regularly get bribed, so that they know where their money’s coming from, which is the type of logic they cannot ignore.)” wosautos119.gifpurplpimpcar

“(oh my, why is my kitty getting the pooh-poohs so much? Did she get any of that broken glass from the broken bottle of coconut butter, in her paws? And is she trying to use the tube of “Sentry hairball relief, for cats, helps eliminate and prevent hairballs – fish flavor – net weight 4.4 ounces (125 g)”to get rid of it? How would Shakespeare put that? Did he own a cat? Would he then write “is this a hairball I see before me? Or is it just the Phantom or ghost of a hairball?” (All pardons to the Bard; there’s no way we can be as poetic as he was.).”xookami-kittenx

“Now, back to routers wire service incredible yielding, compromising, I mean non-compromising, report of Eugene Oregon and their outstanding melodious freeway smarts, on-ramp drivers, metered traffic lights, and blinking yellow left arrows at certain intersections, as well as a certain fantastically written and drawn out plan to cut up Williamette Street, and insert a large bowl full of peace health Hospital drugstores, in place of any type of commercial stores.  And we’re also including getting rid of any antique stores, and sending them out to as far away as Corvallis, to set up shop.”Emotepillar_01_by_TibodinJay (1)

“(who needs antique stores anyway, in Eugene, there only for tourists. Who needs TOURISTS in Eugene, we have plenty of industry and large Corporation companies here, and more to come!.)”Smoking_CardGame__by_MenInASuitcase

“However we digress; which is one of our favorite hobbies.  The fact is that routers wire service knows what they’re talking about, and that highway yielding, compromising, peaceful merging, and non-swearing traffic has decided to vanish in Eugene Oregon, never more to be seen, hastening the vanishing also of bicycle riders in that town. (I mean, major city.)This leads up to the encouragement of motorcycle gangs, to move here, make their club headquarters here, and, with the old ideas once again, of leveling miles of chain discouragingly at car traffic that gets in their way.” (Oh the woes of Marlon Brando and “silly method actors I have known!.”)drooling__by_nightwhisperer37-d58p7vz

Does this also mean that, giving your cat too many “treats”, can render your cat full of pooh-pooh woes, consecrating said cat to a set weekend of sandbox patrolling? Or, does that mean that she snuck into the refrigerator again, and slurped up all the yogurt?” would Shakespeare worry about something like this? Or, would he just worry that his crow quill pen was getting ink all over his script? and that he was only getting paid two cents on the dollar for writing plays?”reading_emote___13_nano__16_by_mirz123-d6ulfle

“We have to, in fact congratulate Don Kahle for recognizing an impenetrable human truism; “can’t we all just get along?” Answer: “no, we can’t.” Rodney King, go back to school, you haven’t paid attention to all of human history. Although that doesn’t have anything to do with Kitty pooh-pooh, or the agonies of “McBeth” when he figured out that it was only a page of script he saw before him, not a sword, not a ghost.”ghostscarfandwhateverrhymeswithscarf_by_undeniablefox-d8bmsqt

“And in fact, is routers wire service correct, in their statement that Eugene Oregon, and the County of Lane, has some of the very worst highway and freeway traffic in all of the United States including Washington DC, and Baltimore, and New York State and the city of New York?,is it possible that all the blinking yellow left arrows at certain intersections, have combined to render drivers insensible and overly selfish in right lane turning, and systemwide–safety– ignoring,, while drivers feel increasingly detached from external conditions, and only notice other drivers when they are leveling shotguns at them? Or, in the case of Oregon, a background gun –control– law wholly overreaching logic, and stretching to the far out reaches of beer drinking, beer boutiquing– Washington state upper-middle-class enrichment programs?Grandma_Angry_by_Momma__G

“The question and answer is moot.For those who don’t understand the word moot, it means “I don’t know, make it up anyway you like.”movingparticleslong943401p1pbjtvh8w

“yes, it is very possible that routers wire service is completely impenetrable and wholly correct in their assessment of this county and city and their massive war against intelligent driving and intelligent bicycling and pedestrian trafficing, on this side of the Allegheny. – Although we don’t know where the Allegheny is, or what it means, or if it’s in the English language are not. It just sounds good to us.

“Say it one more time; ALLEGHENY – ALLEGHENY! Now, can you remember what state the Allegheny is in? No, neither can I, so it must be in Oregon. Along with all the rest of the traffic in California.”Super_Footless_Waterskiing_by_Gnog

“Congratulations, to the register guard newspaper, and to Don Kahle and their wonderful channeling of drivers, traffic, the daily show, and state law, which states that drivers must not impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, unless they are stopping for a burrito with hot sauce.” The fact is, that they have to stop, is because this burrito has really good green chili sauce, and not red, which is very unusual in Eugene, considering how much it’s always into the Red. ” Brain_slug_by_Droneguard

“And all congratulations to the County of Lane, and the city of Eugene, for finally getting itself noticed and pinned to the map for something other than high unemployment rates and the magnitude of hippie to upper-middle-class Californian immigrant, and the hereto for complete absence of lumber and lumber mill processing jobs!. And it’s reputation as LA-LA LAND DROUGHT-CAPITAL of the Pacific Northwest.!as I congratulate my next-door neighbors, for constantly smoking pot on their porch, so heavily, that everybody who goes by can smell it wafting in the wind.”New_avi_emote_style_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate

“So goes River Road, so goes this county, so goes Eugene, as goes John Stewart from his anchor chair, while he decides whether or not to join the “silly season” of the Oregon Legislature, by moving here and running for it.and thus making it far more intelligent, than it used to be, while it passed laws against picking wildflowers, lying on meadows and crushing the grass, and reducing the amount of pesticide sprayed on all the bees, and hence getting rid of all of the little stingers that give us such a knock in the butt, while they try to inseminate all our fruit and flowers instead of dying the way they’re supposed to.”  Bee__Free_icon_by_TheDeathOfSen (1)

(oh my god is that a run-on sentence again? Excuse me while I run on.)  out_for_a_jog_by_scorpion81-d392wh8

“you really can’t blame routers wire service, for not adding the ratio of sprayed pesticide to bee, in Oregon overall, seeing that the Oregon Legislature has also passed a silly season law against bees because we don’t grow fruit here anymore, and we don’t really need the little buggers bothering us on our picnics. Don’t get on routers wire service for that, they can only do so much reporting about all the bad stuff in Oregon, there’s just too much for anybody to start counting.”_funnydance__by_cookiemagik-d31vcyh

(Sandraminadotty, microscopic newswire service of River Road, just collating the information we get, and spreading it all wet to the public at large. Or, at least in Eugene and in this county. Celebrate how sacred is “the silly season of the Oregon Legislature” because it actually spreads to the entire year long. HALLELUJAH!)  :)

special thanks to artist Axel,  “”,of Colorado, for rendering that very special view of fantastic phantasmagoric Eugene Oregon traffic pileup!”we salute you! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!” Keep on truckin’!”




Bad Portrait of Grandma Bucher,heck


Carolyn and I read about the new Oregon Legislature gun laws and background checks, and the fact that police can keep records of gun sales now, for as long as five years. “Looks like we have gun registration now, here in Oregon,” commented Caroline sipping her coffee in my living room. “Yes,” I replied, trying to find the sugar and giving it up; “why would I want the police and the Oregon State department to have records of me owning a gun? Forget it! Sometime we’ll have to go to Portland, and go to that guy you now, you know the one who sells lots of dope under the price of the marijuana stores? We should go have a latte with him.”.carrytreesmiley-chores018

“okay,” said Caroline. “I’d be happy to do that, and now that all those marijuana stores are open, and it’s legal, I found out from some local guys who sell it, under the table, they are really riled that their business is all shot up. Now that it is legal,all the drug dealers are pissed off as hell. They made a ton of money off of all that illlegal drugs, now that pot is open, where are they going to get all their business?” I looked at her, and said “what do you mean?”balloonhartwelikestor11

“Well,” Carolyn began to explain, “the fact that pot was so illlegal,made all those drug dealers filthy rich. I mean, they had a monopoly on the stuff and now they don’t! You had to go to drug dealers to get pot, and now they are not the only ones who sell it. The monopoly is gone, and all the exclusive sales are gone! The damn business is gone, is what they told me;so they’re probably definitely looking for some other very ILLEGAL business to go into, to make up for it.” “How do you know all this,” I asked. “You know, my brother was in the pen, and lots of his roommates were in the biz. He made some useful associations in there. If you want to call it “useful”.”5403.gifflowr

“Are you trying to tell me,” I began, “now that those background checks and gun laws in Oregon are so restrictive, that it would be worth their while, for drug dealers to go into the illegal gun sales business now?” “Absolutely, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you,” replied Carolyn going to get another cup of coffee. “(Where did you put the cream? You know the imitation cream?) fancydanceplz.gifteaThat’s what my brother said. He ought to know. Of course you know that drugs have been circulated all the way from Mexico way into Oregon, and we have pretty much a nice fat chain of drug dealers here, and they’re here to make money. Not for any other reason. So my brother said, some of them are definitely pissed off enough about losing exclusivity on pot sales, that any other illegal substance that people really want, could now very well make them lots of money again.”tardraveplz

“I guess you’re trying to tell me,” I finally got it through my head; “that new restrictive gun laws and registration of your gun with the police for at least five years, have created a new market for guns, for all those drug dealers? Is that what you mean?” “That’s exactly what I mean,”2ndcopygangnamdancesecuredownload Carolyn said, finally finding the cream (imitation) and closing the refrigerator door and coming back into the living room. “Who the hell wants to go through all that shit, more gun laws, more background checks, more restrictions, when you can go to your friendly neighborhood or city drug dealer, and avoid the whole thing? It certainly would be worth it to me.”ff21.gif drunk

she paused reflectively. “In fact, it would probably be very lucrative for people to go into the business now. Think about it; what is business about anyway? Find a need and fill if they make it really hard for you to get and own a gun, while some industrious, capitalistic, intelligent guys decide that people are going to want to AVOID any REGISTRATION   l gunsshootinglove ove13 of their guns, by buying it NOT LEGALLY. Okay, so I’m not very good at explaining it. Do you get it anyhow? I think there’s a real business opportunity here, starting up sooner or later because of the new gun laws.”Wizzard_enjoyes_the_spell_by_madb0y (1)

I looked at Carolyn; was she thinking of going into some kind of little sideline business of her own?”I know what you’re thinking,” she replied. “It’s really my brother. Now that he’s out of the pen, he has to do something for a living, and all these low paid jobs in Oregon, won’t really make it. And there’s nothing I can do about it, if he wants to do it under the table on his own.Lasergun_hoax_by_Furatix Well, not exactly on his own, he made some buddies on the way out.” “Yes,” I said “but is that how your brother knows drug dealers?” “Practically a social organization, the pen,” Carolyn said calmly. “Not to mention all those gangs in Portland, and all around the area. I found out, gangs are actually good for something after all!” “Apparently so did your brother,” I commented. She nodded in answer.super_smash_emotes_by_ville10-d38ms5r

Carolyn and I decided that, it probably was going to take a while for the new business of illegal firearms underground, to take effect. But if they had been expecting that the Oregon Legislature was going to pass those laws, against everyone’s wishes, maybe they had already been getting prepared.”also, now”, said Carolyn, “the law makes it illegal for you to have private gun sales anymore. I guess they’re going to enforce that by getting all the pixies and fairies to come out of the bog,  and enforce that. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Ha hah! OF COURSE I’m going to go to a damn law– enforcement person, to make a private gun sale or gun buy! “_FireStaff__by_DEVlANT

“in fact,” continued Caroline nastily, “I’m going to make a Girl Scout pledge promise, that I will never buy a firearm against the new gun control laws made by the Oregon Legislature. OF COURSE! ” “Are you still a Girl Scout?” I asked her. “Of course I’m still a gun – –_dontpushme__by_5P_emotes I mean, I’m still a Girl Scout! I still obey all the Girl Scout laws, and one of the Girl Scout laws is, you never break the rules that the Oregon Legislature passes! They are  HOLY and SACRED!”

“Of course, the Oregon Legislature knows more than its citizens, and can make all of their choices, for them! I think that’s one of the Girl Scout laws; never go against the Oregon Legislature, because they know more than you do and they are always right!” She finally explained. “And if you believe that, I have a two–  ton  FLYING PIGLET I’m going to SELL you._treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206YOU OREGON – MORONS – LEGISLATORS, up in SALEM!! she finished, grumpily.

“WHO THE HELL DIED and made the OREGON LEGISLATURE, GOD? They think THEY can tell Oregonians what they can do, and what they CAN’T DO?? Those guys are a MAJOR JOKE in this country, trying to outlaw the 2nd amendment of the Constitution. HAH HAH,” Carolyn paused for breath.2heo124.gifpigcar

“. WHAT a bunch of CLOWNS in Armani suits!!They get bribed regularly, how can THEY make any laws? They are all bought off by the huge private logging companies, WHY should we obey anything they say??” she paused for another breath and looked at me. “No Girl Scout is ever going to listen to anything they say, there are a bunch of crooks anyhow!” I had to agree with her, everything she said was true even though she was very angry. She had plenty of reason. And she was right.d8f34b8990d87270

I really had to think about this, as I decided to go troll the Internet, for gun sales and gun websites. I wondered if it was going be hard to find them, now that it was more lucrative to avoid all the legal sales routes, and just go get a cute little cheap website, and let all your friends know  where to get the stuff.firegunkillsterb082

after all, has it ever been hard to get the STUFF? Crazy_Dancing_by_ColorcatcherNo, it hasn’t. It’s always there everywhere, if you don’t know where to go to get it, just ask somebody you know, until you find it.what about that cabdriver, I had chatted with, that time, who very socially commented that, he knew where to get drugs or guns, and entertaining stuff if I wanted it? Not very hard to find..onrainbowfire_by_Zaku_ManI wonder what UBER is like? Oh, that’s right, UBER got outlawed by Eugene and this county, so they couldn’t operate here. And of course they were going to police the whole County, so nobody could do independent CABBING without their permission.

_jigglypuffattack__by_Edmebring out the pixies and fairies, on the Web, SO THEY CAN ENFORCE ALL THE RULES. YOU’RE GOING TO NEED THEM.star_full  noir

“well,” I said, as Carolyn cooled down,”when do you want to make a plan to go to Portland, sometime, and look around? Have a latte? Got any idea?” _rainbowvomit2plz__by_8_bitcoffee-d4gq8sk“I guess I can ask my brother, he’s getting very snug with his new friends, and I guess we can meet him in Portland somewhere, and have a latte together.” she looked at me inquiringly, ” They still have those brownies? No, the brownies without anything in it. Just lots of know, that little place, the bakery? Those things were fantastic!” “Yes,” I replied, “that sounds nice, just a little latte, and a brownie, and a Smith & Wesson 38 and a little ammunition. Maybe a little something to smoke? Well, you don’t have to. But it sounds very nice and relaxing.”_dontpushme__by_5P_emotes _dontpushme__by_5P_emotes

I thought, we may as well get used to the situation, and get in the swing of things, and don’t look at it as if we were breaking any laws.katanathe second amendment of the Constitution of the United States was still there, and no matter how many states or presidents decided to break it, as far as we were concerned, it was still the law of the land. And THAT was the law to obey, & nothing else. Amen.spin_by_MenInASuitcase

(Signing off, Sandraminadotty,__pyro___by_Tobasko in sunny, drought-ridden dried out Eugene, where you can toke,_eatingicecubes__by_snowshi-d4tpyqs smoke, inject heroin,Swing_by_CookiemagiK sniff coke, or drink boutiqe beer_headbang__revamp_by_CookiemagiK until you pASS OUT,_juggle__revamp_by_CookiemagiK BUT you should NEVER break the laws of the Oregon legislature, cause   emo21.gif bakstab  THEY always know more than we do, and they are the sleep_well_by_MenInASuitcasebiggest crooks in the state!!cookiemagik And if you obey them you are just as big a fool and crook as they are!!   :)    )    :D  HAH HAH!!  _FireStaff__by_DEVlANT 





.”Do you have any idea,” _throwknifes__by_Caeser1993I asked Caroline, looking at the newspapers auto accident accounts for the last two weeks in Eugene, and noticing that they kept getting more all the time; “WHY Eugene Oregon has some of the worst drivers in the whole country? WHY they refuse to obey any of the laws, break them all the time, flip everyone off, refuse to give the right-of-way, try to run into pedestrians, and other cars, and are the worst snotty spoiled brats you’ve ever seen on four wheels?” I looked at Caroline, quizzically._angry__by_CookiemagiK (1)

“well,” drawled Carolyn, her attention taken by the luridly illustrated brochure, she was folding back and forth in an agitated manner; “maybe  because they are extremely ultraliberal here, they’ve decided that Eugene and Lane County doesn’t NEED any driving or traffic rules,even though they’re constantly foisting extreme “nanny –cluelessgovernment” rules on everyone else, but drivers are very PRIVILEGED liberals, so they don’t need to obey the laws.

“You know how it is here; they make laws for everybody else, but they don’t need to obey the laws that are already here, THEMSELVES!  you know !”  yes, I did know how  Eugene was, and how local government was also. Lots and lots of rules and laws to dictate all the behavior of its citizens, but no traffic rules or any enforcement._chucknorris__by_Chimpantalones

It made sense. Well, in EUGENE it made sense, but not anywhere else._rainbowvomit2plz__by_8_bitcoffee-d4gq8sk

Smash ups and traffic accidents, were okay even if they killed people, but it was not okay to use plastic bags!_dontpushme__by_5P_emotes

80- mile- an- hour- corner turns were okay, but for God’s sake, don’t eat unorganic food!– –onrainbowfire_by_Zaku_Man

– unorganic food might actually HURT YOU! :OCrazy_Dancing_by_Colorcatcher

you also had to watch out for your “carbon- footprints”, but letting your “rubber- tire- footprints” run over somebody and kill them, was still a SUSTAINABLE situation.Yin_n_Yang_by_UzumakiSlumpBallZ

“yes,” I said to Carolyn, sourly;ninjastar “I guess killing somebody with your car IS SUSTAINABLE to the environment, because if you’re in the car, you’re not the one getting killed by it. Really makes sense, at least to Eugene drivers.” “you got that right!” Returned Carolyn; 717a5eeb3e6a3ebf304bd3a43565ee27-d52y8jm“it’s not like, the government’s going to take away your car, HERE, where they’re so worried about huge monopolies of oil companies, and want to devest all their oil investments. I guess there’ll always be enough left over oil, to keep running their cars,  keep running over pedestrianseagerand keep running into other drivers and killing them.” awwWe nodded to each other, totally in agreement.763da82d1099f6b96689267382659492

That was the problem with living in Eugene after a while; you started to think like them, and then you realized that, according to real logic,deathpokeplz that thinking was totally schizoid and insane.crazy (1)– – and actually dangerous to your health!

“Say, Caroline,” I began again; “did you know that there is a movement starting, in Oregon, to split Oregon in half? I’m not kidding._kick__by_Mr_Jaunty Everybody who was NOT ultra – extreme liberal would move out of the Willamette Valley, Lane County, and Eugene,  & everybody who WAS LIBERAL, would stay there.”botherplz

 “Would that include the killer who’s going back to prison,the old freak who–ugh–murdered his wife, and THEN had sex with her—and when he got outta prison, sexually molested those 2 little girls?? Would HE STAY IN EUGENE,confidentwalk (1) when he got out again?”2ndcopygangnamdancesecuredownload Carolyn looked pale. I nodded. He was a perfect Eugene denizen, he belonged here. “He might be a little old, next time he gets out,” I added. “Pedophiles never get too old, ” she replied. “They just become “pillars of the community” of Lane County.”betterruserious (1)

Maybe the old creep would run for Mayor, when he got out; “Isn’t he an old friend of Kitty’s ?”I puzzled. “Seems to me, he was on the Eugene Council once.”  NO, you’re thinking of the burglar who recently got caught by the pet-surveillance-camera, in Fairmount, HE was a member of the Council. The old Pedophile was a high school principal, a while back.” she replied, pursing her lips._papaphobia__by_crakaemotes

“OH, yeah, I know who you mean!!” I remembered, slapping myself in the head.  “He never got thrown off the Council, until they caught his ass on camera; he’d been making regular burglaries, to steal_mindblow__by_Waluigi_Prower POT PLANTS!! But the Council hushed it up, till now.”  Carolyn nodded; “Kind of hard to keep him on the govt. pay-roll, while he’s in jail. Especially when the photos hit the paper finally; just too embarrassing, even for this city govt.!!”  “Yeaaaaah.”_sick__currently_me_by_de_Mote

It was so hard to keep track of WHO  d8f34b8990d87270 the pot burglars were, in local govt. positions, and WHO the pedophiles were, in those jobs. “I have a terrible memory for people and felonies, “I mused. “I mean, they get outta prison, become Mayors of Eugene, murder their wives, and work as high-school principals; or they run for office, get elected, and THEN have to go BACK_Identitytheft__by_de_Moteto prison sometimes for selling kids for prostitution.chaplin I am just NOT GOOD with names, angryswear1018faces, and criminal cases! Tsk tsk! Some people just have good memories for that kinda thing. Me, I remember Xmas cards.”   “Yeah, me too; and parties at Easter for Egg-Hunts! Always remember those.” carrytreesmiley-chores018remembered Caroline._eatingicecubes__by_snowshi-d4tpyqs

but back to the matter at hand, which was,2ndcopygangnamdancesecuredownload WHY was there extreme lawbreaking of traffic rules and driving in Eugene? What was going on? “I DID find out a few things by going on the net, hiring some detectives, those web detectives you have to pay to find out hidden information,” I mumbled to Carolyn, sitting down and having a cup of tea. She sat down and had another b278100686fa02f8c779e2626006b33e cup of whatever she was having.gmao_by_Cinyke “What did you find out?” She asked.”I got a record of illegal driving, during the last two weeks, that was recorded on secret cameras all over Lane County in Eugene, (don’t ask me who did it for me, because I won’t tell) and beginning to think that it was worth it. WHY this is going on! WHO is doing it!”jumping_emote_by_hiroto_chan-d5a61dd

Caroline peered over my shoulder, and gasped at the computer3evil870– printed information; “oh my God! Is that true?” I replied, “YES, it looks like most of the lawbreakers of current traffic laws, especially the most dangerous drivers, people having the most accidents, and driving 80 or 90 miles an hour, seem to be – – mostly government officials and local political figures,bonk in Lane County and city of Eugene positions.a5ee15274743b6a8a91cc6c16227cae9-d54lhjq (1) Also, the people who are most likely to smash into you, (and probably have smashed into someone, recently) are high up on the local government infrastructure.OR, they are bigwigs in this town, who have a lot of money.”balloonhartwelikestor11

“No wonderangryargu249they don’t care whether they break all the traffic rules or kill somebody,” replied Caroline, with an angry look on her face. “Those are all the high up officials in the government locally, who could pay off or bribe anyone, and get out of traffic accidents or criminal – driving2heo124.gifpigcar – cases!” “And where do you think they’re all going in such a hurry? I asked, but I already knew that too.”Does it have anything to do with this lurid, brochure I found on your table?” Asked Caroline, handing it over. It was the brochure for the local”Sex Addicts Anonymous of Eugene Oregon” organization. Of course it was illustrated. why not? Such a sober subject, you had to pretty it up a little.bustheartowwsecuredownload

I looked at the secret camera photo records, of illlegal _fart__rvmp_by_bad_blood driving in Eugene for the last two weeks, and compared those records to the “certain secret movements of local government officials”, and how that related to getting to a Sex Addicts Anonymous Meeting, here,in Eugene and in Lane County, and their schedule of meetings recently. I didn’t really need a supercomputer to compare them, and figure it out. I suppose I thought I was pretty super myself. Maybe.Pirate_w00t_by_Masna0 At least I didn’t need one of those meetings, ha ha ha. Leave that to Al Gore._zombies__by_Stupidfryman

“SO,” mused Caroline,  “that means all those big high up officials and local government of the County and the city, are all breaking the traffic rules super_smash_emotes_by_ville10-d38ms5rto get to their meetings on time, of Melt_Glomp_by_BurgerBunnySEX ADDICTS ANONYMOUS of OREGON ! Locally. especially – “here Kitty Kitty! Meow meow!” But they were still telling us, we couldn’t use plastic bags for our groceries. Amazing! Or, that “Brokeback Mountain” was actually a Disney film! And didn’t need an R rating._needsanameglomp__by_Waluigi_Prower

“what are we going to do with our information?” Asked Caroline happily. “Can we blackmail all of them, into letting us use plastic bags for our groceries again? Like a normal community?” “Unhappily,” I replied, “I don’t think so. That organization, is pretty much legal. Breaking all the traffic rules isn’t, but then, all of Eugene ISN’T LEGAL EXACTLY, anyhow. MOST of it.”_motorcycleflomp__by_Waluigi_Prower

I shook my head. “There isn’t anything we can do. HOW would we enforce it?_sickle__or__scythe__by_Waluigi_ProwerCall in the National Guard? All of them are over in Iraq! And as for trying to nab the mayor, for cutting all those trees down, and stealing all the  EMX bus line money, we can’t get the federal government to come in and investigate. They’re having enough trouble with the IRS and Obama! They have their hands full! Full of shit! they’re not going to bother with the SHIT we have here!”_molotovcocktail__by_Waluigi_Prower

Caroline looked grim, and mumbled_ninja__by_Waluigi_Prower “I know some guys in Vegas, and some guys in New York, and some guys in Chicago; guys with very large fiddle cases! guys who know how to play them!” it was a dream devoutly to be wished; to sleep, to dream, to try and exist in Eugene! Where there were no traffic laws, _disembowel__by_Waluigi_Prowerno pedophiles (wink wink!) And no illlegal goings-on in local government (double – wink wink!) and anything goes, unless you want to take your freedom, and use plastic bags for your groceries.happybounce

AWWW, SHIT! Multiplication_and_division_by_ScreamingGerbilsplit Oregon in  half, and you goonie, gangster,Dancing_with_Maracas_by_BurgerBunny ultra – liberals can HAVE “Allergic Valley”beethoven_by_angelratdesigns and “Hayfever– POT – city”;_disembowel__by_Waluigi_Prower you can HAVE the University of Organic! and you can HAVE the “Mighty Donald Fucks” and DAFFY GOOSE , too! it would be worth it, just to get rid of this bloody “Insane County” and the Shitty of BadDreams! Not “Eugene”, just “Ory-Gun No. 2 !! “lavi-n

We would DUMP the _fart__by_Servial PROGRESSIVE-DEGENERATE  _fart__remake_by_arrioch SOCIALIST PEOPLES’ REPUBLIC_fart__rvmp2_by_bad_blood  OF OBSCENE-EUGENE! Discard the official photos of Lenin and Hitler, and never GOOSE-STEP again! Yahh-vole!  If only we could._soreloser_by_Narfmaster

(Sandraminadotty, in AprilOhnoesimfalling_by_Twilir wet Eugene where weather records report a WORSE DROUGHT THIS YEAR, with at  least only HALF the normal amt. of water, NO SNOW-PAKNasty_fish_by_Droneguard in the mountains for farmers’ crops’ water; and Oregon has turned into DEATH VALLEY. Nice to know that at Easter & Passover, God hasn’t forgotten the _fly__by_KimRaiFan“Goddammit Valley”_happyslap__by_tornadobeast and is turning his biblical wrath on us, maybe for being lying Democrats. Or, just cause He is a son-of-a-bitch,Wot_emotes_by_Droneguard and will never change. Gung Hay Fat Choy!  :)  ..  )  2heo124.gifpigcarx_y_mega_lucario_cursor_by_mid0456-d79sxqb….



 (video of how Sarah Jessica Parker Made millions, killing womens’ feet)

the above video, shows the Queen of Manolo Blahnik killer high-heels, Sarah Jessica Parker of “sex and the city”,who personally made millions off of getting women to murder their feet in damaging high-heels, and never gave it a second thought, being told by her doctor she also damaged her own feet.dancedanceplz

well, maybe there is justice in the world after all! Let’s just hope the balls of her feet, and her hammer toes, and her bunions give her as much PAIN, so she can’t sleep nights, or walk, or eventually haul out the electric wheelchair, or the power chair  (which cost thousands of dollars a piece,) just like the rest of us have had to do!_crying__rvmp_by_bad_blood

hey, Sarah Jessica! FEEL THE BURN! And FEEL THE EXCRUCIATING PAIN!againjasonkills

– – you BIMBO!anotherheartattackagainover!cid_20130424020556_13094maild0@gmx

the problem is, women with damaged feet go all the way back to the 50s and 60s, and 70s. Because MALE shoe manufacturers, and MALE shoe designers, go all the way back to the 50s, at least. When I was tromping around in baby high heels, in the 60s, they were already bad, it was like wearing a torture chamber by a Chinese sadist, who decided that American women were ALSO going to have their feet bound and destroyed!screamingzombie3

you can ask a lot of baby boomer women, who grew up wearing more moderate heeled high heels, but already knew that the shape, construction of those high heels were already so convoluted, that simple pumps pushed and shoved the feet bones and flesh into box– like, constricted and warped contraptions, simply because “your feet will be pretty.”lovepowerplz

And we all fell for it, because, in the United States, women are supposed to be PRETTYwowwowowwmonth0307 and SEXY, in able to survive, and look sexy and pretty enough to get a husband. Or just a man. But did men have to do that to their feet?The_Magician_by_Eres_Graph

NO, men did not have to torture and mutilate their feet, to attract women. Men merely INVENTED and MANUFACTURED torture chambers for women’s feet, and they also loved to make very cute, pretty, and also damaging CHEAP FLATS for us to wear.flats were also pretty and feet –destroying, and we girls graduated into women wearing women’s pumps and higher heeled shoes eventually.Cupid__Bookend_by_Momma__G

I knew one girl, who grew into a woman, who actually saved her feet. My sister.she rejected high heels or cute cheap pretty flats for girls and women, and instead wore sneakers and huarache other words, she took care of her feet a lot better than the rest of us, by being a nonconformist, because she wasn’t all that fanatical about nailing a guy or a husband, and it saved her.miserable

But not me; I was the favorite of our dad, and I wanted to please guys.I wanted to look PRETTY. Even though my parents wanted me to wear sneakers also, and those saddle oxfords, that were very stylish but not very pretty, I wanted to start wearing PRETTY SHOES.when my whole eighth grade class went to the capital of California, Sacramento, and toured the whole legislature, and made a big day of it, I did the same thing as the other girls, I wore some very cute little high heels.269.gif asianladyumbrella 

The truth was, it did not make me any more attractive to all the guys around me.nobody jumped on my bandwagon, because my long skinny feet were trussed up in  square boxes with heels on just didn’t work. At that stage of my life, I was very unpopular, I was too smart, I made too good grades, and I just hung out with my girlfriends during all that.shoe-designers’, MadMen advertising,7193hearts and greedy shoe manufacturers’evil_smile.gif hoppy spiel never worked anyway.

It was all a big,  greedy, female- shoe manufacturing CON-GAME.blanksexplz

what it really did was, made all the madmen,_shakenet__by_kath602-d3i6z1b male shoe designers, ani07.gif wizardand shoe manufacturers filthy rich. And it eventually led me as an adult, to be very addicted to superhigh heels, high heels with platforms, and imported “Spanish Passion” sexy stilettos that I wandered around San Francisco streets in, beginning the damage to my feet, that would haunt me already during my 40s. It probably actually started even in my 30s.b2d0c2398d097199c3060de157090b5d-d4poqqdcutie

I wore high heels with miniskirts, I wore them with hot pants to stupid singles dances, and I wore them to work, where I walked quite a few blocks, all the way, thinking that it was good for my health. AND, that I finally looked sexy.37.gif whitekitty

But, to tell the bloody truth, it never did me any good during my whole life. It didn’t change the trajectory of mydygel love life, or my success with men,heartbreaker nor did it actually make me any sexier.yes, guys looked at my legs, because I had great legs then. But as early as my 40s, my feet were already going into the graveyard of bone pain, hammer-toes, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and early arthritis in the balls of my feet, and the whole length of my sole.emo23.gifrolleyes

never mind looking sexy or cute! Already, I could NOT WALK!125.gifpandatree

it’s so hard to admit just how stupid _grievingly_by_sml_eand fucking idiotic, you are when you’re a young woman,5401.gifbluflr and all the male shoe designers,2heo124.gifpigcar male shoe manufacturers, and madmen encouraged you to be that way.women’s Lib came, but it never mentioned our feet. OUR FEET, which would cost a lot of money, with really good doctors, to treat and fix, and if you didn’t have all that good insurance and plenty of money and support, you could not get it!

I really became a LAME DUCK. one point it first, I sat in my apartment, for six months at a time, in a wheelchair just so I could get around the flat, just to survive.I did not have the money and support, and a well-to-do husband, to get me special shoes, and treatment, and that’s what really counted if you got hurt._jigglypuffattack__by_Edme

So to all you girls out there, who intend to wear high heels, and constricting women’s pumps, and cheap flats,  until you’re 40 and 50, you better have plenty of MONEY5397.gifnusun and good MEDICAL INSURANCE. You’re going to need it!ambulance

because if you’re just an average girl or woman, and you’re not really rich, those damaged feet are going to STAY DAMAGED.ff39.gif sick And believe me, your feet will HURT like HELL. It’s the most sensitive part of a woman’s body, and if she damages her feet, she may as well commit suicide right then and there. You’re going to be in hellfire!onfire

 Every day I see young women, starting to do the same thing. In fact, I tell them, when they see me using a cane, ani08.gif livewheelchr limping along, sometimes having to use an old power chair, because I cannot walk very long distances anymore, or dance,love09.gifghostsad or go out hiking,fool109.gifcryfoolgirl

“Honey, do you really want to be stuck like this, at my age? And I’m only in my 60s! You really want to wear all those wonderful fashionable high heels that make you look sexy, or would you rather just be able to WALK?fancydanceplz.giftea

“because you’re going to have to make that choice NOW! Yes, it starts when your feet are young, and it doesn’t get any better if you keep wearing those rotten, fucking high-heels and lousy women’s shoes!OH,, and also those stupid fucking shoes DON’T really make yourff49.gif littlkiss LOVE LIFE all that much better! LIES!emplllama

“in your 40s and 50s, and 60s you still might want to go out dancing, or walking, or hiking, and similar athletic pursuits. And you won’t be ABLE TO, because you wrecked your son of a bitchin’ God damn FEET!”ban

” when you’re 40 or 50 or 60, you’ll look back at your life and say, animal07.gifcutebear“why the hell did I ruin my feet, so I can’t walk now,without killing pain, just cause I wanted to look SEXY and PRETTY for a bunch of idiot guys I probably didn’t care about anyway!?”(maybe my feet were a lot more important than I thought, after all.)__Is_that____candy____by_Nayelianne

and now, you find out that the American Medical Association, doesn’t care that much about your feet, you damaged them, and you’re not filthy rich so you can get good medical treatment. Medicare doesn’t get you anywhere. Neither does most medical insurance.maybe if you are blahblahMrs. Bush. Or fool96.giffoolheartsMrs. Kennedy. Or even invisible Mrs. Gore! And definitelybounce Mrs. Obama. The art and skill of podiatry is mostly a big fake. You end up having to go to a orthopedist, and assorted medical personnel, and they want MONEY, and plenty of it._fliptable__by_ledmaiden-d4o5qb0

I suggest that all you girls take good care of your feet, because America does not have very Advanced medical treatment for feet. You can’t even get real RUBBER PADDING10550b711df1c92774cc72449b4b2b25.gifdoggieto put in your shoes to absorb the  shock of walking. The most you can get, is to buy “air – support athletic shoes” and Dr. Scholl gel sole inserts, and that still doesn’t do anything for the damage.Hello Kitty Smileys ~ Smileydesignevi

American doctors don’t like women’s feet; 0115_by_Adserothey don’t really like ANY FEET. They consider it below them. pretty  far below! Like, in Hades.emo21.gif bakstab and they don’t often come out, and tell women NOT to wear high heels and bad women’s shoes. So much for honesty among men!at least not for WOMEN.fool28.gif poiintblame

 And podiatrists only cut-toenails and watch them’re better off with a Haitian witch Dr.brazensix

face it, in the scheme of attraction of the opposite sex, your feet are just not important.ff21.gif drunk

–unless you want to keep them in good enough shape so you can WALK!!smiley-chores016.gifwalk

(Sandraminadotty,_cooking__ in Eugene, Oregon, planning my _cannon_trip to Haiti, along with 6103.gifhelokittyDonna Karen and 5heo12.gifpigkimonoBill Clinton, to raise money & save brazensixHaiti from itself. We all plan to wear YSL gladiator-sandels or Manolo Blanik “Flatties-Not-For-Fatties” cute_robot___free_avvie_by_r0se_designs-d4ki7adgifnew super-skinny calf leather flip-flops, (with diamond-details)5403.gifflowr cause they are SO COMFYact10.gifhug for wandering thru burning collapsed buildings_angry__by_CookiemagiK (1) and huts.)  :)   blowkissDARLING!_love__by_cookiemagik-d35xgjx  KISS-KISS! _granny__rewamp_by_MenInASuitcase act13.gifbumpcrazy….

” NO CREDIT-CARD RESPONSIBILITY! PLUS, your 20-year-old kid lives with you forever? MODERN PROBLEMS of SOCIETY, in Eugene Oregon”



(lighthouse over ocean, generalized photo)

I am one of the few people I know, female,who never had any kids sometimes I miss that, most of the time I don’t. I read too many stories in dear Abby, about people having trouble with their kids, grown-up, or kids who never move out once they turn 20. That’s when I really don’t miss not  having kids.happygreeceflag

in the old days, even before I was born, there were reasons to have kids. They took care of you in your old age, just like you took care of them when they were kids. They worked alongside you, if you had a farm or a business, and they were great help. In those days, FAMILY meant a great deal more than it does now. Kids were considered a great ADVANTAGE. They were necessary to help support the family, to get it through bad times, to keep each other together financially and otherwise.most of all, they gave love and affection and support emotionally – – if you were very lucky.love2

now, it’s completely the other way around; if you can’t afford to have kids, which is most of the people now in the United States, it is a great disadvantage to have kids. Now during this huge financial debacle, a huge percentage of women are deciding not to have kids at all. Naturally, if you can’t feed them, you shouldn’t have them._cooking__

Of course that hasn’t stopped the large majority of Oregonians,and other very poor people in the United States,of a certain class, especially women, from having kids they can’t pay for.– – and it’s especially tempting to them, to have children if they’re not married and have no man.love08

WOW, I wouldn’t want to be those women’s kids, taking responsibility for what the husband is supposed to be! You can’t get a man, you can’t get a husband, so instead, you have kids so they HAVE to love you!smooch

it’s a whole epidemic in the society of “single moms.” My sister and I talked over the phone, and said to each other, “what is this thing about SINGLE MOMS? What is going on?” And we couldn’t figure it out. It was hard enough to take care of yourself, and make enough money for that, but then having a child without a big breadwinner  and you can’t really pay for it!?_love__by_cookiemagik-d35xgjx

So they’re absolutely WERE NOT ANY MEN to marry them?they just weren’t available anymore? I still think that two parents is preferable, especially economically, and otherwise to raising kids. You know how difficult it is raising a child all by yourself specially if you’re a woman?_AccidentallyInLove__by_MenInASuitcase (1)

It’s terrible! I have known all these women, and they all did that, plenty of them couldn’t manage it and lost their kids to foster care.even the ones who kept their kids, had a horrible time financially . Not to mention just RAISING them.the other epidemic that was going on, was divorce, where the wife gets stuck with the kids, and they fight over child support, or the husband runs off and dumps child support completely.shakefist

when I was a young woman, I saw all this happening, and I decided just not to have kids if I couldn’t do it properly.even years later, I realized it was a really hard decision to make. But I’m glad I made it. Marriages were too unstable, divorces were hell, and raising kids alone was definitely HELL.steal_your_hart_by_Furatix

then of course, I saw my friend Marie; her kid, who was 20 years old, was still living at home, not working, and not going to college. This wasn’t the first time; other women I knew, also had 20 or 21 or 22-year-old kids, living at home not working, usually not going to school, and getting their mothers very bad tempered. It also happens with two parents a lot now.go ahead, read dear Abby for a while and you’ll definitely see it.arguing

“did Anthony lose his job again?” I asked Marie over the phone, quietly. ” They fired him?” It was none of my business, but she was babbling about it.ho-hum; now I did know that it was extremely hard,for young people to FIND any jobs, that were not working for McDonald’s hamburgers, or a car wash or a supermarket.(no, most supermarket jobs paid pretty well, leave that out.not all of them.)_crying__rvmp_by_bad_blood

but I  hit the ceiling, when Marie came over, and really started wailing; it seems that she had helped out a friend, an old friend who used to drug and drink a lot, wound up homeless, and she helped him get his social security disability, and his work pension, and he was supposed to pay her back for legal fees, $7000.she put it all on her credit card, as usual. She always does that, credit card mania.cryingalake2imotion29

And now her “supposed old friend”, went out and bought a van to travel around in,and left her with $7000 debt on her cute little credit card, left his rented room, and just VANISHED.he took it on the lam. He took everything he owned with him, any information she could trace him with, and just went back to his old lifestyle.– – not telling anybody where he was, and leaving ALL of his debts behind.I suspected that his ex-wife was never going to get anymore child support either, even though he could now afford it.anotherstove stor07

so there I have Marie crying like crazy in my kitchen, while I try to make her some tea to calm her down, and I can’t help but say out loud, “Marie, what in hell were you thinking, when you saw your disreputable old friend from the past who ruined his life, and you helped him and racked up your credit card? Why didn’t you just send him off to the mission, or tell him to go to homeless help? You already don’t make enough money! You have a 20-year-old kid, who can’t hold down a job, you have to support, and then you take on this other responsibility?! What in-HELLS name were you thinking?!” I  had to be honest, I was too exasperated.eviltrn2!cid_27ADD891B5454CA9BDFB4B43825D8623@DorothyHP

the Credit Card; that national “put– every – single – expense – we – don’t –  have – any – money – for, – and – don’t – expect – to – have – money – for, – because – we – just – DON’T – HAVE – MONEY – ANYMORE! –” Lifesaver. Everybody’s using it that way. Slap everything on the credit card, the groceries, the dentist, the car repair, (the taxes?) anything you have to pay for. Main reason, NO REAL MONEY ANYMORE! But since we have a credit card, that doesn’t matter! We can buy it anyway! We can pay for it anyway!happydayplz

We don’t have to do without, as if we were poor people! People in the past did that, but we don’t have to, we have a perpetual, rotating– money–machine, that we never have to pay off or deal with,at any time!pigchange2!cid_5B9099202DEF4004AB47A4995D6518DA@DorothyHP

just like the federal government! Ha  hah Hah!they NEVER have to pay for everything, EITHER!wowwowowwmonth0307

 those of us who have read the novel “Mme. Bovary”, and took it especially to heart,figured out what that Dr.’s wife in France, eons ago, did wrong. She longed for the elegant lifestyle they had no money for, and a  sly businessman came to her, and showed her how she could buy all these wonderful things,if she just put it on CREDIT! Never have to pay it off. Which, of course was not true, and led to her swallowing a whole lot of  bitter poison, literally, and dying in horrible pain.her doctor husband and her child, lost their home and everything in it, and unfortunately the heartbroken doctor died, leaving the child orphaned.very2unsure

our whole nation, our government, and ourselves privately had become that orphaned child.we used to call it “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. It’s also called a “Ponzi scheme,” or a “house of  cards” along with other names. Maybe financially it’s not EXACTLY built the same as the Ponzi, but pretty close. It’s literal interpretation is, that you can steal and steal and steal and steal money, and never have to pay it back or get caught and sent to debtors prison–wtfboomplz

– or lose everything you have, a roof over your head, your car, or lose your COUNTRY in debt. to CHINA, and secretly sell it all off to the Chinese, without telling your countrymen.whereupon, China internally controls your government,your military, and moves all its people into America, in vast amounts.if I were the government, doing this I’d keep it very very quiet and hush-hush, so not to alarm those citizens who still own firearms.shooter3cost02

Not that they’re getting fooled anyway.they PRETEND everything is okay.we ALL look at the hideous dangerous news every day, and pretend everything is okay.heroin addicts do just don’t feel a thing, so you keep doing ANYTHING, to get that stuff pumped into your veins.ANYTHING!tardraveplz

however, since Marie was sitting in my kitchen, bothering me with this, I decided I was going to do SOMETHING about it. I took her purse, went through it, until I found her credit card; I got a pair of very sharp scissors from my sewing box, and cut it into very tiny pieces, and threw them in the kitchen garbage.omfg

I also took all the information off of it, and I called up her credit card company, and canceled her card legitimately, pretending to be Marie.. Marie didn’t notice, she was too busy sniffling and feeling sorry for self. democracy sure didn’t work for her; she needed responsible people to tell her what to do, and make her do it. “go tell your dumb kid, Anthony, he’s a big strong young person, go live somewhere else with other young people, and start paying for himself”. I commanded her,in a frugile-Germanic, tone.shakingshaking act19

“You WILL cut up your credit-card!! You WILL start paying for everything in cash!!”poorohhno

“You WILL say NO when old broke drug– pals, start hitting you up for money! NO! NO!”_GiveMeYourCandy__by_MenInASuitcase

I took the cash out of her purse, and stuck it in her hand. “THIS is your money,” I said firmly to Marie. It is not floating up somewhere in a cyber cloud ! THIS is it!see, it’s  lousy paper bills, and worthless metal coins. But it’s still considered MONEY,even if it is a bad substitute.and,” I looked at her firmly and angrily, ” THAT is all the money you’ve got!!get that into your head, now, or you’ll end up losing even the roof over your head eventually.” Marie looked at me sadly,but it was my kitchen, my rules._granny__rewamp_by_MenInASuitcase

Marie left finally, and I decided to start up my own “credit – fixer – upper – company”, because, why waste all this valuable advice, and not have people pay for it? The first who should come around, and pay me to advise them, would be the state of Oregon, and the federal government.Heck, even I could run it better at this point !DUMP the whole Federal Reserve! Just get rid of the stupid ass hole! take all those fabulously wealthy, billionaires, way up at the top, who own everything,and run it, and their politicians,  and put them in front of a  firing squad.yes2ndjasonkills

if we were going to turn into a Banana Republic we might as well take advantage of it. Heh heh.l gunsshootinglove ove13

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, Oregon, owner and operator of “Sandramina’s Debt-Counseling and Adult-Child Job-Placement Agency”, all rights reserved. Special rates for Banana-Republics-Govts. included. )  :)  Spin_it_good_by_Droneguard (1)



37.png fall in oregon

(Mighty tree painted by my old, volunteer artist in Oregon, Eugene)

As much as we would like to believe that Eugene Oregon,loves trees and the environment, we old residents here, (and new residents also,)  are beginning to doubt that. For all the yelling and screaming, and “cheerleading” of all the ecology and environmental bunch here, there doesn’t seem to be much appearance of them in a crisis. They just seem to disappear deep into the woods, and don’t make a peep.crazy.gif hopy

could they be RATS instead of ducks?or maybe WEASELS? very likely.tongue.gif hoppy

Or maybe they don’t really like trees are all, they just like to “MOUTH – OFF” environmentalism and ecology stuff, and when it comes to showing up for the hard work, they disappear like cute little mice into the underbrush, and don’t make a peep._treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206

I guess that makes them CHICKENS instead of  DUCKS, DOESN’T IT? Yes it certainly does.shiftyeyess

Carolyn and I were at the local meeting of the “River Road residents against EMX tree removals” which was a very recent group, meeting in somebody’s home in the River Road region. Surprisingly, there almost wasn’t enough room in the living room of the house, it was stuffed full of very angry people. Not all of them were seniors, enough of them were youngsters, and even new arrivals.”I was not against the EMX,” said one lady, angrily,” but now I am! This is ridiculous! We came to Eugene and this county, particularly because of all the gorgeous TREES, and the environment,, and it was such a nice town. But now it’s being ripped apart!”conflict_resolution_by_a_kid_at_heart-d7jklcv

Carolyn and I looked at each other, because we were longtime residents here. “I hate to tell you this,” I said to the lady, calmly, “but you’re going to have a hard time KEEPING it that way, you have a very rotten local government, and it’s only going to get worse.Lane County and the city of Eugene, are being bribed by big developers, and paid off, and they’re doing anything they like. And, they don’t like trees. You should probably speak to our wonderful local commissioners, our wonderful Mayor, and the rest of our wonderful local government. If you can get an appointment with them, in their new City Hall.”_graveyard__by_PpAtRyKk

“What about all these environmentalists that are supposed to be here?” Asked another person. “What are they doing? Isn’t the University of Oregon legal school, don’t they have a annual environmentalists conference here? Aren’t they SUPPOSED to be big at that? But they let their own town get torn into shreds? I don’t get this! What is up with this stupid dumb town?”__pyro___by_Tobasko

“well,” I answered the person,” you are right about one thing; it is a stupid dumb town._Fishing__by_DEVlANT“I didn’t add that it was similar to living in a small town in the deep South, like Georgia, or Mississippi, it was a one horse town, and nobody else could ride it, and the voters all had to walk. Of course, similar to the deep South, it was overwhelmed by Democrats ,_fart__by_Servial but these here were liberals, and somehow that seemed to fit. Maybe Republicans were just as bad, but boy, those liberals, I guess they were pretty much the same. No diff!_fart__rvmp2_by_bad_blood

“all talk – squawk squawk!”and CHICKEN to the core.chickendanceplz

“what are we going to do about this?” Asked another person, to the meeting. “I’d love to sue the ass holes, but I’d have to get my attorneys in California, none of the Oregon legalese would take the case. Not locally. Or I’d have to go up to Seattle to get some.”constipated The other members nodded in accord.”if we did do it should be altogether, in a big fat class action case. Those are the most successful.” said somebody else, who looks slightly attorney-ish.angered

there was plenty of gossiping and mumbling, and further talk, and the meeting took a long time, until it disbanded.nothing concrete absolutely was planned, except that our attorney-ish friend was going to check with the University of Oregon law school, and see why they always kept their noses out of this.library

Here they were, in Eugene, and the only trees they really cared about, were the ones that were carefully manicured on the campus itself.the rest of the town could pretty much go to hell, what the heck? It’s not like the University of Oregon was actually PART of Eugene. It just happened to BE THERE, on that particular soil._dancing_queen__by_Sneffy

oh, and yes, the good old LTD had decided to plant NEW TREES,_blowkiss__by_Stupidfryman and then wait 30 or 50 years to see if they actually grew up.considering that we had a permanent drought here, and new trees were going to have to be watered by hand constantly, maybe all the churches should get together and pray like HECK for rain rain rain! Of course, they could’ve avoided cutting all the OLD trees, that were easily 30 to 50 years old, and were “historical remnants” of a bygone Eugene, that actually appreciated trees, and made its living off of them.Spiky_icon___O_O_by_chiyuko

Carolyn and I decided to go off to old_hat_by_jamal1-d18kb4aindulge ourselves in our sorrow, because we could SEE Eugene Oregon and this County getting so much like California, and ruining itself right into the all those areas of very old trees, that always gave us new oxygen to breathe, would be gone, and we’d get as polluted as Los Angeles, with tons and tons of concrete and asphalt, and paved over ground.and if it did rain,lickitung__la__plz_by_litecrush-d3c6hfait would all turn into FLOODS just like California was doing._shower__by_MenInASuitcase (1)

OH, SHIT, how come we had to get like paved over areas of good old Calli? The very WORST areas of Calli?_lick__by_CookiemagiK

only in Eugene, Oregon, the HIP,dance ECOLOGICAL, “TRADER-VICS’ CUSTOMERS,shakefist HIPPIES, LIBERAL-smokingDEMOCRATS,eager(1) -ORGANIC-FARMERS REGION, could you find such WEENIES and cowards, who refuse to go against the LTD EMX  TREE REMOVALS!!  Lasergun_hoax_by_Furatix

WHY? The_Apple_by_phillyzero Cause liberals here are SO RIGHTEOUS, there’s no room for TREES in their philosophy; to them, trees are symbolic, like images on the computer, but fighting to keep them in Lane county is “too un-hip a thing to do,” and “not politically fashionable.” WOW. “ORGANIC PRODUCE! biggrin THAT is “fashionable.”

“You wanta go out to the forest, this weekend, and shoot empty-tin-cans?” said Caroline, while we slurped ice cream.”Yeah,” I answered.”I need the practice too. You never know, some LTD Administrator might get in my way some time, and I wanta be able to shoot straight. Law of the Old West. If it looks like a rat, acts like a rat,and squeaks like a rat, you treat it like a rat!  And I hate rats.” Angry_Mob_by_Sinister_Starfeesh 

Caroline’s big fat yukking-laugh made me feel a lot better. At least one person in Eugene Oregon got  my respect.

(Sandraminadotty, in chicken-shit, tree-less Mississippi-bound Eugene, OR   :) )… ..   :)




(Gov. Kulongoski, Former, Of Oregon, Before The Present Liberal-Crook-Governor of OR, 2015″

it had been a difficult week; I helped a friend go over to “all med medical supplies and power chair repair” company, which was on River Road, and somewhat near her.her old power chair was falling apart, and as she was the lady artist who contributed pictures to my blog, and a friend, I wanted to help her get it repaired.ani08.gif livewheelchr

We sat for an hour while the repair man in the shop, gave it a once over, and fixed the right arm that held all the power buttons, which was ready to fall off. He charged the lady $80, for one hour of repair, and was supposed to give her an estimate of total repairs she needed to do for the chair, and how much it would come to., The parts cost, etc.ad0a4255f26dafbf6903907f49c392c0-d4por3gapplegeek

 by the end of the hour, supposedly the arm had been fixed, but they still had NOT estimated the cost of the rest of the repairs and how much they would need. There seemed to be a lot of people working there, but not much work getting done. Anyhow, we finally took her chair down to the street, and we headed on the sidewalk in the direction of her house in a street off River Road.IMing__Digital_Piracy_by_Emotikonz

the chair seem to be working fine, until, suddenly, as she was powering ahead, the whole right arm fell off the chair, with only the electrical lines still attached.insane10.gifstabbing

AMAZING! She had just paid $80 to have “all Med” fix the arm, and the darn thing fell right off! Right in traffic, and she swerved in front of an oncoming car on River Road; attracting a nearby cop, almost getting us arrested or taken in.2headbird412

I called up Carolyn on my cell, because her friend had a pickup truck, that was big enough, and we hauled the chair into the back of it, and tried to patch up my poor friend, from the spill. “Oh my God,” said Carolyn, as we tried to get everything squared away, and off the street, and out of traffic. “Why didn’t you go to that medical equipment place over in Golden Gateway, over in Springfield?”Spiky_icon___O_O_by_chiyuko

“because,” I replied exasperated, “this was about the only medical equipment place that was near me, in Eugene, so I took it.”SmileyFactory_by_Miamoto

That was true; there were lots of other businesses in Springfield, that we didn’t have in Eugene, and I got really tired of having to track out of the county and Eugene, all the way over to Springfield or other counties, just to do some kind of business._fart__rvmp_by_bad_blood

after we found out our friend was going to be okay, and we got on the phone, to make an appointment to have her chair fixed at a place in Springfield, Caroline said to me, “I’m getting sick of this; if I want to get a grocery store that actually has shopping bags, I have to go over to Springfield or someplace else out of Eugene! Not to name other businesses here that have since disappeared out of the county!”Making_Emotes_by_Mr_Jaunty_lag__by_Link3KokiriFalling_in_love_by_spring_sky

I noted that, all the large hardware stores were way way out, nothing was downtown in Eugene, it was frustrating.”I can find plenty of fancy and expensive grocery stores, all over the place,” I noted, “but I don’t have the money for that, and there isn’t anything  else! ROFL_T_SPAZZ_by_CzatheroWhen was the last time that huge bookstore chain, broke up, dissolved, and left? “Relax_by_Droneguard

“do you know that the only fabric and yardage store, in the whole county, has moved way over to Springfield? There isn’t any other one in Eugene!”Catching_Butterflies_by_spring_sky Complained Caroline.

I  noted to Carolyn that there were plenty of tiny little boutiques, fancy little stores, free_avi___sleepingmoon_by_seiorai-d2ahcwvexpensive little restaurants, and ultra–expensive craft and knitting places all over Eugene.”and,” I closed with, “you can still get plenty of drugs and POT in Eugene, that you can’t get in Springfield.”f64e19464e98a3f7ba1dbc71e348fff8 (That had to be worth something, at least for dopers.)

“That is SOUTH Eugene,” mumbled Carolyn.” Everything has left and gone to either South Eugene, where all the monied- people are, or over to Springfield!”saxophone_by_roblnhood-d2yi8cc

Springfield didn’t have all the huge fees and taxes and huge property tax that Eugene had for business.FAMILIES all moved to Springfield, away from Eugene._mooseskii__by_moosebots-d4pnwr7 Old people moved to Corvallis, away from Eugene.people moved away from Eugene, to get cheaper rent in Salem, Oregon.hug

suddenly I had a great thought; _shakenet__by_kath602-d3i6z1bWAS all the business moving OUT of EUGENE? OUT of this County?every time I needed to buy something, I couldn’t get it in Eugene or in Lane County, I had to get on the computer and order it online from far away. Even electronics, TVs, microwaves, all kinds of computer Sigh!

people always told me, “you can’t get that here, go to Portland.”as in the case of dried tart cherries, I had to order them from Michigan. Ha ha! Unless I went to a very expensive Eugene store, for organic, I couldn’t get them here.that was really something, for a whole County that used to produce fruit and vegetables, and feed everybody.2ndcopygangnamdancesecuredownload

Carolyn looked at me, “now that everything is in order, you want to go over to that JoAnn’s fabrics and crafts store over in Springfield sometime? I need to get some stuff over there.”pixel-dorks

I remembered that I had to go buy some pattern drafting paper, and a French plastic drafting tool. “Okay,” I said resignedly, “I wouldn’t mind looking at fabric again, I haven’t seen it in so darn long, in person. It’s either that, or go online to, and I’m tired of doing that.””were’nt you going to look into getting a cheaper cell phone, sometime?” She continued to ask. “Yes, I think I’m going to go – – where should I go? – – Oh okay I was even thinking of maybe the Walmart – – “spammer

“– – the one over in Springfield.”super_original_hand_crank_by_twoohten-d599zqs

as I resigned myself to that thought, I pondered on, trying to puzzle it out; what was in Eugene and what was in lane County? Okay, University of Oregon students;super_smash_emotes_by_ville10-d38ms5r hippies, lots of homeless, lots of drugs, uh???–The_Evil_Black_Cursor_by_KimRaiFan lots of fast food places. Oh, and lots of FREEWAYS, HIGHWAYS,Yin_n_Yang_by_UzumakiSlumpBallZ tons of automobiles, trucks, and SMOG.10608.gifredhotrodDriving_school_by_Kath602wosautos113.gif wild cars

Okay at least we had that. People lived over here naturally, so we got to have our own smog!  and now we had lots of housing developments, even some that sat next to my place, reassuringly empty and going  unsold and uninhabited.strip01.gif fight

oh, and the DUCKS!!Happy_Birthday_Grin_by_Momma__GWE HAD THE DUCKS, _powerslide__by_MenInASuitcasecuz some rich guys _fly__by_KimRaiFan (1)BOUGHT THEM for us_beercontest__by_MenInASuitcase!!PIZZA; plenty and plenty oflaplayplz PIZZA, to watch the ducks live on TV._ILIKEHOTGIRLS__by_crula (1) In fact, we were saturated with PIZZA,_bored__by_royaba-d3307fk more PIZZA, more DUCKS, and lots of_eatingicecubes__by_snowshi-d4tpyqs rich people to have tailgate party_piethrow__by_de_Mote for them – – and invest money in them!emplllamadon__t_eat_meh_by_ridley126-d45rno8

Finally,2pulpfictiondance I realized exactly what Eugenebonklers and LANE COUNTY really had! anotherstove stor07Ducks, PIZZA,BEER, BEER, PIZZA, BEER, SMOG,happygreeceflag PIZZA, and more DUCKS!!blackice FAST – FOOD, FAST TRAFFICtinysmokin575, CARS, CARS,road_trip_by_MenInASuitcase (1) CARS, PIZZA, more PIZZA. BEER, PIZZA, DRUGS, conflict_resolution_by_a_kid_at_heart-d7jklcvPOT, MORE POT, AND SMOG!! wow we also had lots of taxes and lots of high prices but I won’t mention that. PIZZA is the most important,Wizzard_enjoyes_the_spell_by_madb0y (1) BEER is even more important! DUCKS!cute-as-pie  DUCKS, DUCKS,_tunes__REVAMP_by_KimRaiFan DUCKS, & $$$$$$  watexcitedplz for DUCKS!!!Super_Footless_Waterskiing_by_Gnog

in spite of all these wonderful things that benefit Oregon, Caroline and I finally headed over to Springfield, to JoAnn fabrics and arts and crafts supplies, and later on I would dutifully once again order my dried sour cherries from Michigan._motorcycleflomp__by_Waluigi_Prower

Gotta have the essentials of life_bungee__by_Caeser1993Somehow all the Who_Wants_Cookies__by_caranetteBEER, FAST-FOOD,Sticky_Situation_by_de_Mote PIZZA and the_biggest_eater_by_MenInASuitcase (1)expensive DUCKS is not part of mine.Not enough vitamins I guess.   :)    



(Sandraminadotty, not always in Eugene, Oregon, 2015 )  :)…