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Eugene Grapples with Orlando Massacre, decides to make everyone in Eugene gay!

“We thought it was the least we could do,” stated a LBGFPT gay member of “gay men who don’t want to be women, Local Union”. “It’s the only way we know, to make everyone non-homophobic, and have bigger, better party-bashes at the same time!! We party better than “breeders”, so why not share the fun, while protesting against violence?” The gay groups’ rep. did state to this reporter, that all the “breeders” in Eugene, who were to be transformed into either sex. did have a  choice of sexes..”We want everyone to have freedom of choice,” said their leader, proudly.”That’s what Eugene is about, freedom of the individual!!  We know that will stop any more terrorist homo-phobes from wreaking violence on any community.”



Granola is a munch-food, and a symbol of the organic food movement, and along with organically-made beer, wine,

beer-nuts,snacks and dips, Eugene businesses have made all this junk-food legitimate as REAL FOOD, and not just

something to give you a beer-belly. (ALL this junk is now good for you, even the carbs, because its all organic.)

325.jpg figsEven Oregon doctors agree,”Hey, man, this is happening food! You diabetics and food-allergy people can eat ANY &

ALL of the wonderful local organic food, and not have any bad effects, because its sanctified by the Goddess of

Naturalness and Compost-ability! That makes Lane COUNTY a “sanctified-organic-Holy-sustainabill Reighteous

Vindicated- Superior Expensive-Gentrified-Wowie-Pretencious PLACE!!” The doctors did say, that proof of rotten or

fungus-laden produce from organic farmers was a huge lie, dictated by mass-farming GMO-POO-POO-

Corporations, who make poisoned grain and food, and have killed thousands of people with GMO-POO-POO grains.

“ALL FOODS, other than organic,are bad for you,” stated the Eugene doctors, “You should STARVE unless you can get

organic food!!  YES, stop eating, if you have no money for ORGANIC!! IT’s so much better for you!!–your bones will

thank you!!!”

Completely messy oil- Canvas, Lets EX-NYC resident

Think Herself into a State of Artiness:



Terella Roosevelt Vanderbilt Howard-Hughes, a transplant from the upper-east side of NYC  a graduate of hi-toned art and music schools of the east coast, moved to paltry little town of Eugene, out of the goodness of her heart.”i had to find myself, express my anguish!!!” the renegade pacifist-vegan-radical-feminist-lesbian-organic-Marc Jacob-Neo-Liberal artist, who was surrounded by her art forms, paintings, and copies of WIN-Co grocery carts, transformed into miniatures, expansively  –er..–expanded herself in her chic, hippie-art-goache-coated liv. room. “Those upper-east side fiends of New York wouldn’t let me have my anguish.””__she paused. “But now, ” she giggled, “they all moved to PORTLAND, and took it over!! HEE HEE HEE!”

SALVAGE LOVE:  by Mikey Salvage

Dykes Redux

Dear Mikey: I’m a 21-year-old gay lesbian-nurtering-Trash Lover, who’s loved garbage and trash all her life. Now that I’m an adult,I am confused about the contemporary state of sex in the United States. Is this a gay nation? Or a pusedo-masochist society now? Where do I fit in? I mean, I go to lesbian bars, and illegal,black-market lesbian Sak’s 5th Avenue dept. store cocktail parties, (you’d be amazed at how many women who frequent Saks and Bergdorf’s, are just cruising for ladies rather than Dior dresses. But, often, we have to settle for Marc Jacobs, cause that’s all they have. I refuse to wear the requisite BEARD, however.).angels001_2
I just don’t get it, Mikey!! I have been with women,and men,and old cucumbers; I have tried animal-love and fish-love, and gotten sea-sick and a bad yeast infection. I went to orgies for men,orgies for women,and orgies for bi-sexuals, and those were REALLY CONFUSING!!Bi-sexual orgies are dull, they stand around for hours, trying to make up their minds.Everyone usually gives up, and just gets drunk!!What I can’t find is, another trash-lover who doesn’t “compact”, and feels the same way I do about TRASH.big_little_challenge_by_hsn2555
But I can only find “hoarders” who like to watch “Hoarder-Country” on t.v., and can’t clean out their closets. It’s just not the SAME as a trash-fetish. We Trash-lovers only want garbage and trash, and we don’t hoard; hoarders are a whole different disorder.
–one I just don’t want to get dragged into!  But real Trash-lovers are hard to find. THEY don’t jump in the garbage-piles with just ANYONE!!! Amazingly, there are no Trash & Garbage-Lovers websites, they don’t like them.—You can’t get that “smell & slime-feel” unless you meet someone in the flesh.emote_seasons_by_upsguy1997-d4rl2ks
I’m tired of being alone every night, sifting thru my cat’s kitty-litter, dreaming & hoping for “The One,” to show up.—-
sign me, “All Out of Litter”.









Here comes another wonderful day, living with junk.frustrated

I’m not talking about old junk I’m talking about new junk. The junk you have to use if you live in this civilized society every single day. And it’s even worse if you work with them and it’s your job.

it’s too far to the stupid hardware store to buy round up or crossbow blackberry weedkiller. So I try to order it ONLINE. Big mistake.

in the interest of not spraying our atmosphere and Eugene Oregon, with any more smog and carbon monoxide  gas and oil. You can smell it all the time. – – And having a car that is hideously expensive, also poisons everything  people use them constantly  in Eugene.

Eugene is “Car City”.

so ordering some blackberry weedkiller online is a special present to the atmosphere. Less gasoline. I hasten my little computer Internet connection, and gets screwed up, every time by Mozilla Firefox browser. it freezes the screen. I can’t do anything everything is frozen on the screen.– –

– –here begins the morning of another society living with junk. Yes, the new junk. Having a little coffee, which is badly made with the grounds of the bottom, because once I broke the glass pitcher,, the whole coffee machine does not work anymore. And, as a special in addition and bonus, you can’t just buy the glass pitcher for the Mr. coffee maker; you have to buy a whole new Mr. coffee maker.

(I am amazed, in fact that might newly installed Dragon NaturallySpeaking number 11.5 program is actually working and I can dictate this. The computer repair guy said it DID NOT WORK. I reinstalled it myself. So much for computer repair man. It’s the only thing that’s really working today. I should call them up or send them a note of appreciation, before it starts to degrade,, and not be able to receive the updates, because that system is so screwed up you have to leave your computer on all the time just to get the updates for Dragon.

So the system degrades and doesn’t work anymore.  But at least, it is working right now.

– –but the Mozilla Firefox browser has frozen the whole screen. In desperation, I go to the computer itself, hold down and press the off button. It doesn’t go off. It won’t go off . (000-0000 this is the translation of dragons”Oh-Oh”) still not very human.

okay now the disaster that begins; everything will not turn it off and the screen is frozen, nothing works. So I do the disastrous disgusting computer just drawing action; I pull out the power plug.OH, HELL! SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT !

of course it comes back on with more power but it wants to load in safe mode, and by stupid keyboard is broken,, and the up arrow does not work to go into safe mode.) And I’m not a developer so , can’t use the keys, or special words like enchantments.

I am just a senior, computer user, not one of the wonderful developers. I take it that they would know what to do with stupid Mozilla Firefox which is now an evil browser. EVIL EVIL EVIL!

EVIL AS WITCHCRAFT! Witches! WITCHES WITCHES  WITCHES! (Here I have trouble with the Dragon because it doesn’t know how to say “WITCHES”. So I go crazy trying to get it to spell WITCHES! Oh here we go again! Much junk in the morning! (You have to speak perfectly.

(Pretend you are a robot)a WITCH (paste) ROBOT!!!

so just this morning I have destroyed my computer again by turning it all off and clobbering it with the feedback when it comes back on. Naughty naughty! – – And it doesn’t come back in safe mode. Oh boy.all this has happened in a very short space of time.

I am really getting into this pretending I speak like a robot. Well, IMA robot; I am programmed to operate in a society filled with junk. I also break down, my elbows and arms are in great pain, from over computer use and fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, they cannot fix me. I am not R2-D2..

I am probably part of the junk.

so once it comes back on her work, I go to Sears online, to get round up, and their software to buy, as a fleeting nonmember, does not work. Typical website, software doesn’t work to buy something. I get a hold of the phone number, 800, from the stupid chat Box. Some guy in Venezuela or the Philippines or India comes online, and can’t speak English. Sears! You’re not patriotic you dummies! Oregon needs those jobs!

I promised myself to make this blog entry short. But, the simple act of buying something online, and handling the menacing Mozilla Firefox monster, crucifying my computer, and it’s giving me a migraine least the Dragon works kind of, but I have to spell for it.

don’t you wish for a lot of HEXEN ?DAS HEXEN, YAH! Das hexen und Pilsner? HENRY ADAMS? YAH, ACH DA LIEBER!!

fursluginer (forsluginer?) fursluginer SEARS!!!  Fursluginer JUNK! ACH, DAS YIDISHA please!!

why isn’t there more Yiddish in the Pacific Northwest? I can’t even spell “furslurginer” anymore. Neither can the computer!

Maybe the  YIDDISH would scare away all the junk!! like the Yiddish Jewish ghost Golum? (spelling?)

this is the end of my blog entry; I have accomplished my goal for the morning, I have a massive headache due to stress. – – And mess and junk.

(Sandraminadotty, ouch, stress headache, and  other computer aches and pains–we seniors inevitably put up with. (Where is the Bi – Mart Acetaminophen extra strength 500 mg. each, Tylenol – extra strength – pain reliever – non-aspirin?)

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1803.png cat face blackwhite

(picture of a cat)

.here I am in Eugene, Oregon, on the phone to my bank (the names have been changed to protect the innocent bank) and I am trying to get a hold of an agent ,Dodge the telephone robot, but it doesn’t work. She wants to know all this information.eager

“What is your card number?” I tell her. “What is your checking account number?” I tell her again. What is your debit card number again?” I give it to her again.”what is your pin number?”I give that to her. “What is the last four numbers of your Social Security card?” I give that to her. “What is your phone number?” I give that to her and yawn.oofgleeye686

“What is your address?” I give that to her, verbally. “What is your name?” I give her my name and some local swearing..”what is your weight?” I really give her some local  swearing, and fudge the number on my weight. “How tall are you?”Eye_roll_by_Cinyke

At this point I’m getting really exasperated. “What was the last name of your mother’s maiden name, and the last maiden name of your grandmother by your mother?” She is very lucky. I happen to know the whole thing, and yes, there are some Jews in their, and other things I don’t want to talk about. FRENCH. Maybe some African-American; let’s see what else? They were in the Civil War.toexplodewithlaughter

Oh,and the blueblood of the Revolutionary war, and also some Amish and Mennonite, to settle it, on my dad’s side..but I really don’t think that rumor about my dad’s family is true, and that there is Cherokee in it.maybe Little Sioux Indian. Not much.neinmann

“agent– agent –agent– agent – –” I start mollifying this machine, and give her own stuff back. And she picks up on it and says, “please hold while I get an agent for you.” (“And while you’re at it, why don’t you dip yourself in motor oil, and go back to the Middle East, sweetie!”)talkoncellphonesecuredownload

but the most embarrassing thing when I go to the bank, or when I call them up, (I hate doing online banking because I know a bunch of hackers, and really nasty criminals online, that exist, and they can hack into your account in two seconds, and find out every single thing and every number, and every piece of  info. and money you’ve got.if the federal government can’t hold off the hackers, how can I?) – – The most embarrassing thing when I talked to a banker, is saying this:ohmygod

“no, I would not like to talk about you giving me a loan. We don’t do that in my family.”there is a pause from the banker, and she asks,” what do you mean?” I answer, “we don’t do that in my family; we don’t take out LOANS. If we don’t have the money, to pay for it, We don’t buy it.”shakehead

there is an audible gasp from the other end of the line. Once again, I have terrified a bank agent, and surprised the hell out of them, that anything like that exists in America. I am embarrassed to death, and she can’t see me blushing and turning bright purple. This happens all the time. I guess I had better get used to it.xmen05wolverine

“What I mean is, my family was very old-fashioned and frugal, and they worked hard and saved all their money, and invested it, and they only bought things that they could pay for. We don’t believe in getting lots of loans and we don’t go around with lots of credit cards.” There was another audible gasp, and coughing, at the other end, I had gone over the line with this poor was true that my sister had a mortgage, on her nice little old, overpriced home in California, but that was unusual for my family.prayer

But I did not like to talk to bankers, or any kind of financial people, and admit this horrible truth about my nuclear family. We did not go around getting loans and borrowing money. We did not go around using credit cards unless we absolutely had to (I believe that my sister at one time had to have a credit card, just to buy stuff for identification or something? She was a lot more modern, and she had to put up with all that financial guff.) But the rest of my family, Just did not do that.sherlock

And I had been poor, A lot of my life, and the one time I had a Macy’s card, it took me a whole year to pay off $85 worth of makeup. It just was not worth it. It certainly was not. My sister had said, “go ahead and get a Macy’s card, so you can establish credit.” What credit? Poor people don’t have any credit! They want cash from us! Besides that, if I were middle class and made a lot of money, or just had some money, and they would give me credit cards,it would go against my family tradition.chopwoodsmiley-chores017

Very poor people and very poor families have this tradition; you can’t buy anything unless you have the dough. Nobody let us get away with inflating the economy, that’s for wealthy people to do. But the poor and the poor– working? No way, they don’t let us inflate the economy that’s only for the billionaires and the upper-middle-class, and especially for THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.clap2

So it was very embarressing, when people at parties or any social gatherings, found out that I didn’t use credit cards, I didn’t get loans, that my family actually owned the tiny house I lived in, and stuff like that, and there was never a mortgage on it, I would be embarrassed right into the next celestial world. people looked at me very oddly, when I said that our family built the house themselves.mwahaha

they looked at me, as if I were from another world. And they probably all thought I was a Mennonite.

Not true; also, I do not belong officially to the Lubavitcher Chabad, or the Amish. – – Although I do go on the Lubavitcher Chabad website, and read, and talk to, and discuss things with them, because I think they’re pretty smart, and I respect them.newelectronicdance

I don’t think they would let me in their organization. Too many weird things, too many weird people in my background.but then, who were they to Judge? One of those Chabad organizations, believes that in the future, technology and the metaphysics of the celestial world, and God, will merge together, and somehow work together.magicalkiss

Sounds logical. That’s okay. But to the rest of the world, it’s as weird as not using loans, and not using credit cards, and not using mortgages if we don’t have to..– and building your own house from scratch.teethyspoint09

(Take that, Jimmy Carter. I hope you feel a whole lot better, but you know how the big C is.)sadfrownlittlec.

I continued to the agent, “are you okay?” She stopped, coughing and gasping, and I could hear her drinking some water. “It’s all right, we bankers have to – – put up with a lot – –” and we ended our little financial session, and I apologized for shocking her so badly.”I really am sorry,” I continued, that happens to a lot of people, when I tell them.” She was a little standoffish, and very stolidly said, thank you very much, have a nice day.” – Like she couldn’t stand, to get off the phone, and I would infect her over the telephone wires.Practice_by_world_in_flames

oh well.flyingspaghettimonster

I’ll have to stop just telling people, cold like that, without giving them some kind of warning, and telling them that my family actually does that; avoids getting mortgages, mostly, doesn’t use credit cards, and doesn’t use loans. Not that we wouldn’t like to, but we’d rather not get into debt, along with the rest of the country and the government,it’s just very old-fashioned of us. And I like being that way. But it’s horrendously embarrassing, it shocks the hell out of everybody.shake_head_by_fire_kitty_666-d4id8eg

it’s the way that people used to be, if they found out you were gay; but now it’s wonderful to be gay, and it is NOT WONDERFUL, to be frugal, save your money, invest it, and not live beyond your income.newrighthandzombiechase

if I said out loud that I was a lesbian, that would be great. But the way I am, in reality? I dare not speak the name of shame. FRUGAL. TIGHT. CHEAP. SAVING. That last one is really horrible.I’ve actually seen people faint in front of me._crying__rvmp_by_bad_blood

too bad there isn’t another country with people just like me that I could move to, and get out of this stupid fucking, financial ,CRAP, that I live in, called the United States of America; whose first religious indoctrination is in using credit, using loans, using mortgages, and not worrying about getting into debt.– – which of course is why we are now owned by China, and probably the World  Bank, if I remember rightly.bek047.gif chinese emoticon

and if the Chabad in any branch of it, are anything like me, I would probably join them right now, (except that I just can’t stand wearing that much black! It reminds me of New York City ) but I think even they are too modern to accept me, the way I am.ghostgomote

and forget the Amish, I really am too old and broken down physically, to start learning how to do everything by hand, again. As much as I like their quilting designs, they remind me of the ones from the Pennsylvania Dutch, back east where my dad’s family came from. knittingfda0c8fdffc0b3d280cc94dbb4ebb4cd-d684tte

I’ll just have to remain the anachronism that I am, but try not to blurt it out, too much, in public without warning, so I don’t give the next person a heart attack. Nobody probably suspects that there are any of us left, we Puritans of finances, creaky, cheap, frugal, and definitely watching our bottom line. jacktheripper

the worst thing of all is, I am definitely not supporting the federal government standards, and belief systems, and I am probably what’s known as a “radical terrorist” in that respect. It makes me sick when I watch old movies, and they talk about all the gold in Fort Knox, (that was a James Bond movie).I just almost get sick to my stomach, it just sounds so great. Sigh. cocoloveplz

(SANDRAMINADOTTY, THAT RADICAL FINANCIAL TERRORIST, going against every known principal of the known modern world, especially in America; where socialism is believed to be able to CREATE MONEY without any kind of BUSINESS or production of any kind, and Capitalism is a dirty word .  millitary_emotes_by_didakaforever_busy_by_kinnisonarc-d3cafuw

If anyone knows of the principled financial country, I have requested to find, above, please leave a comment below, and I may  definitely consider emigrating; or at least vacationing there. Who knows, maybe the left over cannibals of New Guinea are the only ones cause they build their own grass huts, and don’t have mortgages on em.)  😉    🙂    Laser_Gun_by_Argetlam_Br_01evil_woooooooOO__3_by_MenInASuitcasellamatrade_by_cookiemagikstrong_sniper__by_ser1x (1)death_ray_by_cookiemagikempllamakrasbotscaredemplllamahuntercan__t_swat_buggy_by_fear_the_brilliancespyedvsjarkkatanaflamedyoudamote37 (1)ak47 (1)USluxraison_by_cottonbby-d5arb2nThe_Evil_Black_Cursor_by_KimRaiFanCleaning_the_earth_by_hsn2555rotom_mow_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a493afirelite-photosuicide (1)_turret__by_ScreamingGerbil_rocketlauncher_by_ScreamingGerbilsniper_shoot_by_madb0y-d3eua66ninjabattleat_war_by_web5ter-d52dde3Get_Away_with_a_Tank_by_madb0yshooting-tankAddicted_to_weapons___part_2_by_hsn2555





that was me,after I got back from the doctor. I met Carolyn, at the restaurant, and she said, “how did it go?” I answered. “I don’t know,” and started to order something to eat. Carolyn looked at me puzzled; “what you mean you don’t know? What did he say?” Puzzled further Carolyn, at me. I puzzled back; “I don’t know. He never says anything anymore he just looks at me with his blank stare!”.

I was indeed the above jellyfish, quivering in the water, afraid and sure that a shark was going to come by and eat me up. Or, I was going to go to my doctor, and he would look at me with that fishy stare.– – which means, that after quite a few years of being his patient, he doesn’t know who I am, what I am, or anything about me, especially that I’m allergic to penicillin. He especially does not remember that when he writes out a prescription for an antibiotic.and this is a young doctor, not an old guy with burnout!

but at peace health Hospital Corporation, and all its clinics, it’s the young doctors who have burnout, and it’s the old doctors who have retired, so they don’t have to have anything to do with socialized medicine. it’s the young doctors, like Dr. Yah, my young Asian Dr.,who can’t remember my name or anything else about me, even though he’s seen me for years.

that’s what peace health Hospital Corporation clinics and systems do to them; the huge torturous schedule, they run them through, they burn out early, and you die, because they don’t even know what you’re allergic to any more.

I looked at Carolyn, and pondered (I do that really well); “maybe I should go to another clinic?” I said. She looked at me blankly, also; “it won’t do any good, they’re all the same. All the HMOs, and the Medicare clinics, and all the older people and us baby boomers, we all get the same Dr.s; they all graduated from the same specialty school, “idiots anonymous” and with a side specialty in “didn’t I see you last summer? –, or were you a patient? –. I don’t remember your name!–” it doesn’t do any good unless you’re very, very wealthy, with excellent insurance.

“We’re all stuck with the idiot new young doctors who couldn’t give a shit, send you to a psychiatrist because they don’t want to give you a diagnosis, it’s too much work; and they wouldn’t be able to remember what you’re allergic to, even if you had the biggest malpractice suit against them in the country.

“They don’t care! That’s because they are all either BURNED OUT, or they really just don’t give a SHIT! They don’t like the insurance, so they don’t want to work anymore!” I nodded at her, she was right. Unless we were super wealthy,,we were all in the same boat.

I too, was in the brave new world of medicine, where you have Medicare or Medicaid, or both, and they suck it all up.these hospitals and clinics just love that money!

But if you get sick seriously, you’re in a lot of trouble; your Dr. won’t diagnose you, he won’t remember your name, and he’ll think that your “tennis elbows” are a sign of rheumatoid arthritis without testing.– – yeah, if you really get seriously sick, you better call the funeral home, make out your will, and prepare to be inundated with morphine (hopefully.)

– – you’re in Eugene, Oregon, and you are stuck with the insurance that has no health ASSURANCE, and you’re going to die!

“hey,now,” I said to Carolyn as we ate lunch, “maybe I’ll never get disastrously ill or ever get anything seriously wrong with me again; maybe I’ll be lucky.” “Yes,” she answered, swallowing a noodle, “and pigs will fly over Eugene tonight, and I’ll be there with a shotgun to bring home the bacon!” She looked at me grimly; “what you mean you’re never going to get something serious? All of us get something SERIOUS!!  wE ARE OLD!it’s just that, when you finally get something SERUOUS, you need a good enough medical team to get you well from it!”

I looked at her silently, mouthing silently. “What the hell am I supposed to do about it?” She answered me just this silently mouthing out the words “get some good life insurance on you, and then leave a message to your sister. after you die from malpractice,SUE the bloody hell out of the doctor and the hospital Corporation!  At least you can get some type of revenge.”

we both decided not to have any dessert, it was too unhealthy. I had had enough UNHEALTH  that  day.I tried again, “well, if he misdiagnosis me, can I just sue him for malpractice, then get plenty of money so I can get well?” She looked at me again, wistfully wiping her mouth with a napkin, “you know that nobody can SUE that fucking–hospital–clinic–corporation, for malpractice and ever  win!!”

I remembered,, when I had to go to Dr. Chapman, they used to call her “Dr. Chapman the Sadistic,” in the other peacehealthfamily clinic, and she decided,(once again,) that what was wrong with me, was not physical, and she sent me to a psychiatrist – – for BAD FEET! There was no such thing as a bone doctor, and the only foot specialist who was an orthopedist, in all of Lane County, refused to take me because he didn’t like Medicare.

Well, WHO DID LIKE MEDICARE? Not when it’s been cut to shreds!HELL, I didn’t like it either!

Carolyn and I sat there, chewing our cud,while we finished our coffee.”I decided I’m not going to vote Republican, next election, not any Republicans, I’ve decided,” I finally said stirring my coffee. “I finally found out that they’re going to cut Social Security at least 20%, get rid of Medicare and make us get insurance,instead, and get rid of all seniors health benefits.

“. I can handle having Hitler in the presidential office, or HILLARY in it, but I can’t face having myself lying in bed at home, slitting my wrists because I’m dying of something, and I have no insurance of any kind. Not even this stuff!I don’t think patriotism is as important as, “PERSONAL POLITICS.” Meaning, whatever politics keeps you well, healthy and alive, that’s the one you should vote for.” Caroline just smiled at me.

“now you’re getting the spirit of the saying, now you understand!” She said. “Now you get the way this world and this country, runs!! “what’s in it for me?!” That’s the name of the game.” I looked at her mysteriously, and mentioned “but what am I going to do with my doctor, Dr.Yah? if he doesn’t care when I’m sick or when I’m well, how is he going to notice when I’m terribly, terribly ill?” She looked at me grimly.

“HE’S NOT.” She finished shaking her head. “You’re in the same boat with all the rest of us, you’re going to have to go out and find a doctor, and pay him CASH to get you’re going to have to dump Dr. Yah, and send him back to mainland China, where he came from.”

but I looked at Caroline, just as sadly, “but Caroline, that’s what my parents did, years ago when my dad had cancer!PAY MONEY! It cost so much, we had to sell our house and our land, and we didn’t have anywhere to live for a long time! It cost us everything, we lost it all, trying to pay the doctor bills!”I kept looking at her; “isn’t that all supposed to change now? Aren’t you supposed to NOT LOSE EVERYTHING, when you get sick now, since we have insurance?!”.

Carolyn smiled, with that wisdom that only she could possess, with the wisdom of the ages in her eyes, making her look much older, unfortunately. She said gently, “Sandramina, just because you have health insurance, doesn’t mean you have HEALTH ASSURANCE! honey, it just ain’t the same thing at all!”

_escapingsuperllama__by_meninasuitcasehappynewyear7f5b5fe097a10255d0f544b1b9a942e6-d38qh52_boom__by_PpAtRyKkindianajonesflamedyoudamote37 (1)totoro__s_gardening_lesson_by_ekurepu-d5rwuxwwhipschain_crying__rvmp_by_bad_bloodotter_bounce_by_jeanawei1234-d53jru2

(Sandraminadotty, just a jellyfish, in a bowl, getting flushed right down the hole! In Eugene, Oregon).

let_s_swing_into_spring_by_tantetabata-d62ddhs.Emote_skatePark_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate..go_canoeing_by_marty_iceangel-d2xttwu.ani08.gif livewheelchrcat_without_glitter_by_amazinadrielle-d549gvv

“UO proposes new ways to handle rape cases” – –IN EUGENE, OREGON


“UO proposes new ways to handle rape cases” – –

(These solutions were proposed by the University of Oregon. Faculty, administration, and male frat houses of University, in the daily Emerald reported)

– –(1.) ” Extend the rapes into murder. Rape cases solved!”

– – extra solutions to problem – –jump_jump_by_kitlightning-d6vl5rn

(2.) “ban women from all campuses!”– – – –auto_wos2.gif bouncing car
(3.) “Change the law so that rape is no longer a crime!”(way best solution of all!)—–Swing_by_CookiemagiK
(4.) “only allow lesbian women at the University of Oregon;YUCK!!”—wosautos113.gif wild cars
(5.) “women not ALLOWED to go to colleges or universities anymore! switch to Muslim law.”—-Driving_school_by_Kath602
(6.) “propose an Annual OPEN Hunting season, for females,at University, so that rapists get a EQUAL CHANCE, and the rest of the kahsdad_by_jerikuto-d7f7w70year, females are illlegal for sport. Also, propose “hunting licenses.”sales would benefit the University.”– Bench_it___remake_by_CookiemagiK
(7..) “Force all those nasty uppity women, to transfer to women’s colleges.” —-  _blowing_tree__by_luckylinx
(8.) “make law that all University women, cut hair very short, wear men’s clothing, no perfume, no makeup, no high heels, and only tweed jackets; conduct themselves exactly like men, and finally, get sex change operations. Problem solved!”
a5ee15274743b6a8a91cc6c16227cae9-d54lhjq (1)glameow_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a49l1
(9.) “Get Pres. Obama, to declare women second-class citizens, and thus, no longer protected by any law.” (He’ll understand.)
Spin_it_good_by_Droneguard (1)
(10.) “Elect Hillary Clinton for president, women  all get so humiliated, they will quit all public life, education, and trying to become attorneys. No more female students.”  ——-Cupid__Bookend_by_Momma__G
(11.) “bring back the military draft, but only for young WOMEN, and no exceptions for college students.”—
“We, the male members of the University of Oregon, propose that these solutions to rape at the University of Oregon, are absolutely justifiable and very, very workable.besides, WHO IS IT, who plays  football, anyhow?!  WE DO!!!”
(Sandraminadotty, for education and universities everywhere, I guess those guys have finally solved the problem of rape on campus!)
🙂  – – in Eugene, Oregon, home of the University of Oregon, that liberal bastion of equality!)



37.png fall in oregon

(Mighty tree painted by my old, volunteer artist in Oregon, Eugene)

As much as we would like to believe that Eugene Oregon,loves trees and the environment, we old residents here, (and new residents also,)  are beginning to doubt that. For all the yelling and screaming, and “cheerleading” of all the ecology and environmental bunch here, there doesn’t seem to be much appearance of them in a crisis. They just seem to disappear deep into the woods, and don’t make a peep.crazy.gif hopy

could they be RATS instead of ducks?or maybe WEASELS? very likely.tongue.gif hoppy

Or maybe they don’t really like trees are all, they just like to “MOUTH – OFF” environmentalism and ecology stuff, and when it comes to showing up for the hard work, they disappear like cute little mice into the underbrush, and don’t make a peep._treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206

I guess that makes them CHICKENS instead of  DUCKS, DOESN’T IT? Yes it certainly does.shiftyeyess

Carolyn and I were at the local meeting of the “River Road residents against EMX tree removals” which was a very recent group, meeting in somebody’s home in the River Road region. Surprisingly, there almost wasn’t enough room in the living room of the house, it was stuffed full of very angry people. Not all of them were seniors, enough of them were youngsters, and even new arrivals.”I was not against the EMX,” said one lady, angrily,” but now I am! This is ridiculous! We came to Eugene and this county, particularly because of all the gorgeous TREES, and the environment,, and it was such a nice town. But now it’s being ripped apart!”conflict_resolution_by_a_kid_at_heart-d7jklcv

Carolyn and I looked at each other, because we were longtime residents here. “I hate to tell you this,” I said to the lady, calmly, “but you’re going to have a hard time KEEPING it that way, you have a very rotten local government, and it’s only going to get worse.Lane County and the city of Eugene, are being bribed by big developers, and paid off, and they’re doing anything they like. And, they don’t like trees. You should probably speak to our wonderful local commissioners, our wonderful Mayor, and the rest of our wonderful local government. If you can get an appointment with them, in their new City Hall.”_graveyard__by_PpAtRyKk

“What about all these environmentalists that are supposed to be here?” Asked another person. “What are they doing? Isn’t the University of Oregon legal school, don’t they have a annual environmentalists conference here? Aren’t they SUPPOSED to be big at that? But they let their own town get torn into shreds? I don’t get this! What is up with this stupid dumb town?”__pyro___by_Tobasko

“well,” I answered the person,” you are right about one thing; it is a stupid dumb town._Fishing__by_DEVlANT“I didn’t add that it was similar to living in a small town in the deep South, like Georgia, or Mississippi, it was a one horse town, and nobody else could ride it, and the voters all had to walk. Of course, similar to the deep South, it was overwhelmed by Democrats ,_fart__by_Servial but these here were liberals, and somehow that seemed to fit. Maybe Republicans were just as bad, but boy, those liberals, I guess they were pretty much the same. No diff!_fart__rvmp2_by_bad_blood

“all talk – squawk squawk!”and CHICKEN to the core.chickendanceplz

“what are we going to do about this?” Asked another person, to the meeting. “I’d love to sue the ass holes, but I’d have to get my attorneys in California, none of the Oregon legalese would take the case. Not locally. Or I’d have to go up to Seattle to get some.”constipated The other members nodded in accord.”if we did do it should be altogether, in a big fat class action case. Those are the most successful.” said somebody else, who looks slightly attorney-ish.angered

there was plenty of gossiping and mumbling, and further talk, and the meeting took a long time, until it disbanded.nothing concrete absolutely was planned, except that our attorney-ish friend was going to check with the University of Oregon law school, and see why they always kept their noses out of this.library

Here they were, in Eugene, and the only trees they really cared about, were the ones that were carefully manicured on the campus itself.the rest of the town could pretty much go to hell, what the heck? It’s not like the University of Oregon was actually PART of Eugene. It just happened to BE THERE, on that particular soil._dancing_queen__by_Sneffy

oh, and yes, the good old LTD had decided to plant NEW TREES,_blowkiss__by_Stupidfryman and then wait 30 or 50 years to see if they actually grew up.considering that we had a permanent drought here, and new trees were going to have to be watered by hand constantly, maybe all the churches should get together and pray like HECK for rain rain rain! Of course, they could’ve avoided cutting all the OLD trees, that were easily 30 to 50 years old, and were “historical remnants” of a bygone Eugene, that actually appreciated trees, and made its living off of them.Spiky_icon___O_O_by_chiyuko

Carolyn and I decided to go off to old_hat_by_jamal1-d18kb4aindulge ourselves in our sorrow, because we could SEE Eugene Oregon and this County getting so much like California, and ruining itself right into the all those areas of very old trees, that always gave us new oxygen to breathe, would be gone, and we’d get as polluted as Los Angeles, with tons and tons of concrete and asphalt, and paved over ground.and if it did rain,lickitung__la__plz_by_litecrush-d3c6hfait would all turn into FLOODS just like California was doing._shower__by_MenInASuitcase (1)

OH, SHIT, how come we had to get like paved over areas of good old Calli? The very WORST areas of Calli?_lick__by_CookiemagiK

only in Eugene, Oregon, the HIP,dance ECOLOGICAL, “TRADER-VICS’ CUSTOMERS,shakefist HIPPIES, LIBERAL-smokingDEMOCRATS,eager(1) -ORGANIC-FARMERS REGION, could you find such WEENIES and cowards, who refuse to go against the LTD EMX  TREE REMOVALS!!  Lasergun_hoax_by_Furatix

WHY? The_Apple_by_phillyzero Cause liberals here are SO RIGHTEOUS, there’s no room for TREES in their philosophy; to them, trees are symbolic, like images on the computer, but fighting to keep them in Lane county is “too un-hip a thing to do,” and “not politically fashionable.” WOW. “ORGANIC PRODUCE! biggrin THAT is “fashionable.”

“You wanta go out to the forest, this weekend, and shoot empty-tin-cans?” said Caroline, while we slurped ice cream.”Yeah,” I answered.”I need the practice too. You never know, some LTD Administrator might get in my way some time, and I wanta be able to shoot straight. Law of the Old West. If it looks like a rat, acts like a rat,and squeaks like a rat, you treat it like a rat!  And I hate rats.” Angry_Mob_by_Sinister_Starfeesh 

Caroline’s big fat yukking-laugh made me feel a lot better. At least one person in Eugene Oregon got  my respect.

(Sandraminadotty, in chicken-shit, tree-less Mississippi-bound Eugene, OR   🙂 )… ..   🙂



16451 lake kinneret


AHEM: hi, and welcome to my stupid blog again. If you read the previous installment, about my old senior artist friend, who often does volunteer art for my blog here, you know that she recently got hacked on an international website called, which is pretty much a fan website for movie lovers to discuss movies. And they have a FORUM, called “chit chat” that’s very tempting to chat and socialize on.

There a lot of very nice people to talk to, on this website, my friend says. Which is the problem; there are also hackers on this website, who illegally hack other websites, she says,and are members of “pirate” which is reputed to be a bunch of Internet hackers.

So that the problem; you have no idea online , WHO is a nice guy chatting online, and WHO is a hacker,WHO is going to hack your whole website art, off “”, illegally, which is supposed to be a software protected site, for artists. And according to my friend, ALL of her account and artwork, was hacked off,on “” by this guy called”Pompoy” (she relates) and posted on to the website “”, right in front of her, to everyone else.

how did he get into her software protected account, on “” which is protected from that, and protected by the password?

Easily.she related that, in 2 seconds, he was into her Internet isp, via Comcast,AND had everything out, and that was the end of it. She had to go on to the art site and delete all of her account and her name and everything and exit the site permanently. She also had to get off the website called, get rid of that account completely, and get off their permanently never to return.

Even though there were other nice people on there, they never did anything about the BAD people on their or ever got rid of them. apparently there were two groups of people on that site; very nice people, and another group called THE HACKERS who were VERY NASTY PEOPLE, who often destroyed members of the nice group, and dump them off the site completely.

so there is one thing that is obvious;I have never been a member of a website, that had two groups of people who attacked and destroyed each other, without ultimately destroying the whole website.  It is not possible.

Every single website I have ever seen, that had horrible conflict, and fighting, destroyed its self.

and another thing is very obvious about Americans who go online; we are vastly stupid about the rest of the world and its people.

PR of social media are constantly trying to brainwash us, telling us to go online and meet our fellow man, even if they’re from other countries, get to know them and make friends. And, after you’ve done this you find out, other countries hate our guts. people in the SAME COUNTRY hate our guts.

if you’re an American, you’ve been brainwashed to think that everybody in the rest of the world is the same, like you, and you should feel sorry for them. And our government does that! It gives billions of dollars to the rest of the world, shamelessly while people here starve.

 I had explain to my artist friend who’s beginning to discover this. “Dear, you are a very nice person, but the rest of the world is not like you. Even on your funny little website,there are people who hate your guts,because of your politics,OR they hate you because you ARE a nice person!

” they would actually hack into the same account, of another member,& they don’t think like you. They don’t think “if you are another member, I would not violate your personal art site, and hack into a private art website like “”.”


“dear,you cannot go online, and tell anyone anything about yourself. Don’t do it.don’t go onto one of those dumb friend making websites, and fill out a profile, tell them what you like, what country you’re living in, and even what state you’re living in. Bull shit.

“DON’T MAKE FRIENDS ONLINE. No matter what social media tell you, DON’T DO IT.

“people in the rest of the world do not have your morals. Not even on the same website! Supposedly, you’re supposed to be nice to the other people .

“but The way they think is, they can do absolutely anything they want, to anybody on the rest of the website. And there’s no body, like the owner of the website to stop them. There is no moderator there is no law and order.from what you’ve told me, it’s a completely hostile website and dangerous to go on.”– just like the WORLD is.

“it’s like all the traffic driving on the freeways and highways in Eugene Oregon; no law and order, no traffic cops, anybody can do anything and break the laws, and no one does anything about driving here is infinitely dangerous. People do it because they’re very anonymous inside their cars, just like the INTERNET, and they can get away with it.”

that is the problem with Americans in the global community.they just don’t get it. They don’t understand the rest of the world,online,  they think they can get along with a few of them, on a dumb website, just by being a nice guy.

speaking of being a nice guy, there is a big myth that “good people have good things happen to them.” That is a huge lie perpetuated by some stupid book called “chicken soup”.


In fact, the truth has always been that good people are more vulnerable to evil, because they’re nice people.that is the PRICE of being a good person. It is the BAD, truly EVIL PEOPLE who are not  vulnerable. They are  cautious,they are more suspicious, and they’re ready to blow you away.they know, that the world is very dangerous  and they are a lot more careful. That’s why the world is mostly ruled by evil and bad people. (Including the United States now.)

it is a lot more difficult to destroy a  bad evil person, then it is a good person. Look at Isis. Look at all the really horrible despicable ,evil people in the world. Look at how hard it was to get rid of them. Very  hard. Usually, it was their own problems that got them killed off. – Not the efforts of the good.

often, it was other,  powerful evil people, who got rid of them! – you had to be just as powerful as they were.example, people in the Amish community, are so nice and good, it’s very easy to go, and kill a bunch of them.they are very vulnerable and they don’t retaliate.

I had to explain to my artist friend, “Being nice to someone else is no guarantee, that they are going to act the same way to you. “There is no good deed that goes unpunished.”

that is the big problem of we Americans online in the global community; we still think that the rest of the world thinks like us.”we are all basically the same,everywhere, and everybody is basically good.”

We are brainwashed into thinking, we should go over to west Africa, and Dr. there Ebola. We should go over to Africa, and feed them, and fix all their problems.we should go over to Haiti,  fix all of their unfixable problems. 

 But if you’re an American, who really has a head on his shoulders, you know that it’s just as bad to be poor here, as it is over there. It’s just as bad to be in poverty, and be a poor people over here, as it is in Africa.



that is a big fat liberal lie. Liberalism is fast going out of style in the United States, because basically it doesn’t work.and one of the worst things that could happen to United States, is all this online globalism, that makes us think that we could communicate easily with everybody everywhere.

But the Internet is NOT SAFE. Trying to make friends with people you don’t know online  is not get lulled into a nice cozy perception, that it’s safe and then you get HACKED.

I had to tell my artist friend,”dear, go to the local senior citizens depository, I mean, senior center, and try to make friends with them. At least, if they’re unfriendly, since this is Eugene Oregon, at least sit there and pretend you’re a friend.try to be OLD the American way; a lot poorer, and segregated from younger people, and trying to make decimated Medicare keep you alive.and, be isolated, and put up with it.

“You’re old, it won’t take you long before you’re on the other side. And you’ll really be glad you are! This is a dangerous,painful world, and once you’re old it’s a lot cheer up!

“You won’t have to worry about ASS – HOLES on the Internet.if they ask you for a friend profile, tell them you’re the queen of Sheba. They won’t know the difference anyway. And don’t go back to that stupid ASS – HOLE website.t’ll probably vanish in the conflict of their in–fighting.” and I told her, “if you stay at home so much, just go get Netflix.” She needs to cuddle up to her cat more.

being philosophical about life, is because you can’t do anything about it.and most of us can’t. But, you CAN refrain from telling the jerks of the online community, just exactly who you are, and you can refrain from talking to them or trying to make friends with them. Make friends with your know WHO owns the claws.

(Sabdraminadotty, in Eugene, OR., a friend of America, not the rest of the world)  🙂   😦