THE NAKED BLOGGER–in Eugene Oregon!


okay,now that I’ve got your attention,this does not include a naked lunch. and also before we go any further, this blogger is slightly over 60 years old. That puts you off right away, doesn’t it? this blogger is over 60 and OVERWEIGHT.

So unless you like ladies over 60, who are nice and plump, and really out of shape, this is not your blog. But if you live in Eugene Oregon, you’re going to find a lot of those anyhow hanging out here. Trying to get lucky! Hee hee Hee.

this blogger  is only without vestments, because it is hideously hot, towards the end of the summer, in September, in the little burg of Eugene Oregon. The AC is toiling away, as the evening draws near, and I’m still hot. Plus, my back is out of whack, and even worse now that I’ve gone out all around my house and property, walking around trying to see if my trees and blackberry bushes,  are impinging too much on my neighbors again.

if they are, and they complained to the County, you could get in a lot of legal trouble. So it’s best to nip the little buggers in the bud, and try to keep your foliage from advancing like that famous forest in Macbeth, making war on the lady to the right, and the house seller on the left; and even the vacant land way way in the back, beyond the empty black berryied rest of the lot.

now, my back is killing me and my neck is helping it; together, they’re making war and winning the battle. I’m completely exhausted and ready to get hooked on some major narcotics. Unless the chiropractor gets to me pretty soon, I’ll be a pool of melted bones and glucosamine jelly.

at least  I found out the neighbor on my right is getting blackberries from me, creeping up to her back fence, and it’s time to call the tree and BlackBerry cutter. The arborist. Hopefully, he needs to work but I bet everybody is pruning and trimming, and getting ready for fall and winter, and that means keeping your flora  under some kind of control.Heaven forbid a limb, branch, breaks off and cracks up your roof in a storm.

But a friend of mine told me, that happened to him last winter anyhow! We had a bad storm at least one here, and a lot of people lost trees and some people lost their roofs. You can trim, and cut, and evaluate your trees, but a storm can always come along and make you miserable anyhow. And, it did. This is still the Pacific Northwest, even if we have had major “world climate change” over the years, and our weather has changed drastically. This used to be a great place for gardening, and now it’s NOT. You want to garden here, buy a greenhouse!

No matter what all those garden clubs say, and the Eugene register guard twitters about growing huge globs of tomatoes and veggies,the ants, carpenter ants, huge banana slugs (UGH!) And snails will make a beeline for your sweet little garden, and your strawberries plants, and eat them all up.not to mention the overcast skies, lack of sunshine, and pervading ROT.complete unpredictability of weather  and cold cold Springs..

And the worst thing of all is, if you have fruit trees already, in spring, after your blossoms have sprung out, we now get horrible rains and storms knocking them all off, leaving you without any fruit. And this happens every spring, so goodbye fruit!when I was a kid, I ate sour cherries right off the tree.

We had an orchard. So did other people, and you would see advertisements for whole fields of cherries, for you to come and pick yourself, and then pay . I do remember getting up on the long ladders, trying to pick cherries, while I was trying not to fall off. I still have fear of heights, but it’s not from picking those cherries.

Ditto they used to grow persimmons here, and lots of people had persimmon trees. Now, I can’t find them at all. I’m talking about the kind of persimmons shaped like a beautiful orange dome, very hard, you pick them, put them on the kitchen table, and let them ripen till they were soft as jelly. Then you either ate them, or baked with them. Soft and sweet and sticky. And even better in baking. Persimmon cookies, persimmon pudding. Yummy yummy. Persimmon pie! If you could resist eating them, long enough.

now, Eugene Oregon is no longer a rural community, full of fruit trees, numerous fields of produce, and a very busy canning factory. We’ve become URBAN. The canning factory is gone; all the fruit trees are gone. I think even the green bean fields are gone, and I’m pretty sure the commercial blackberry Farm is gone.You have to go  far out of Eugene,to Thistledown Farm, to find people who grow produce, and it’s expensive as hell. Just look at a squash, and you’ll get sticker shock. And this was several years ago. I’m not even talking about lately. (September 2012: the great expensive food calamity.)

but if you listen to the local garden clubs, and the Eugene register guard newspaper, we are the cornucopia of produce and food! Tomatoes grow out of our asses! (Fertilizer be damned, it’s included.) It’s funny because back in our Orchard that was, my dad used to use human fertilizer, pile on the lye, and never tell anybody it wasn’t from horses. Who cared, it worked fantastically well! Now I think I know why human beings are on the planet. And it’s not to produce cell phones.

Now what do we really grow in the Valley? Well, we have tons of GREENIES, vegetarians who don’t grow vegetables, hippies, liberal left-wing fanatics. Middle-class and upper-middle-class Californians and Midwesterners, and even New Yorkers who have all fled their own states. – And they have happily settled here, pushing all the native born Oregonians, further out, cause they can’t afford the high prices here anymore. Yes, all the prices in Eugene have gone up, and all the Oregonians have gone OUT. The ones that are left hanging on, are even poorer then they used to be.

it’s really crappy, no matter what that smarty Alec Friday columnist in the paper says, that everybody has tromped in here, urbanizing Eugene, making it cutesy pie yuppie, “politically correct”, (disgusting!) Extreme left wing liberal phony, with expensive supermarkets we can’t really afford, and deciding that the only important thing in Eugene is the sports at the University of Oregon.

And the crappiest thing of all, is, we are no longer rural and we’re no longer gardeners and farmers. All of the fruits gone, all of the produce is gone, and there’s nothing left to can.we buy all of our fruit from Mexico and South America, and Washington state.unless you count those cute little “organic farmers” here,who charge three dollars an apple. We are not counting them. They’re not farmers, they are boutique owners.

there’s only one thing that Eugene produces that’s homegrown, anymore, and you can guess  what that is. BULLSHIT. We’ve got a ton of if somebody would just bag (them) all, and haul it(them) away.that’s a true Oregonian’s wish list. > 🙂  

– – sincerely,Sandraminadotty, Eugene, Oregon  ( September 17, 2012)


About WhatToDoWhileThePlanetDies

Eugene,Oregon,home of the U. of Oregon,is a dissolute,gay,hippie,broke, jobless, crime and drug-ridden courupt little no-account town, bulging with fleeing Californicators, who have pushed the natives out,done to Oregon what they did to cali; trashed it. the horrible grid-lock traffic, smog,bad freeways full of accidents have turned it into decayed Detroit.Everyone is broke, there are no jobs,it's left-wing extreme-fanatic crazy, and there are constant political conflicts.Oppression and stifiling city hall crooks fleece the citizens of taxes, it;s the Macon Georgia of the pacific northwest.Anyone who can, leaves.Landowners can't sell, they're stuck.Even the Nazi party would call it Hell.Willamette Valley has the worst pollen,smog,allergies, in the world.Nature and Man are out to get you here, welcome to Oregon!The trash-heap of the United States!

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