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Eugene Grapples with Orlando Massacre, decides to make everyone in Eugene gay!

“We thought it was the least we could do,” stated a LBGFPT gay member of “gay men who don’t want to be women, Local Union”. “It’s the only way we know, to make everyone non-homophobic, and have bigger, better party-bashes at the same time!! We party better than “breeders”, so why not share the fun, while protesting against violence?” The gay groups’ rep. did state to this reporter, that all the “breeders” in Eugene, who were to be transformed into either sex. did have a  choice of sexes..”We want everyone to have freedom of choice,” said their leader, proudly.”That’s what Eugene is about, freedom of the individual!!  We know that will stop any more terrorist homo-phobes from wreaking violence on any community.”



Granola is a munch-food, and a symbol of the organic food movement, and along with organically-made beer, wine,

beer-nuts,snacks and dips, Eugene businesses have made all this junk-food legitimate as REAL FOOD, and not just

something to give you a beer-belly. (ALL this junk is now good for you, even the carbs, because its all organic.)

325.jpg figsEven Oregon doctors agree,”Hey, man, this is happening food! You diabetics and food-allergy people can eat ANY &

ALL of the wonderful local organic food, and not have any bad effects, because its sanctified by the Goddess of

Naturalness and Compost-ability! That makes Lane COUNTY a “sanctified-organic-Holy-sustainabill Reighteous

Vindicated- Superior Expensive-Gentrified-Wowie-Pretencious PLACE!!” The doctors did say, that proof of rotten or

fungus-laden produce from organic farmers was a huge lie, dictated by mass-farming GMO-POO-POO-

Corporations, who make poisoned grain and food, and have killed thousands of people with GMO-POO-POO grains.

“ALL FOODS, other than organic,are bad for you,” stated the Eugene doctors, “You should STARVE unless you can get

organic food!!  YES, stop eating, if you have no money for ORGANIC!! IT’s so much better for you!!–your bones will

thank you!!!”

Completely messy oil- Canvas, Lets EX-NYC resident

Think Herself into a State of Artiness:



Terella Roosevelt Vanderbilt Howard-Hughes, a transplant from the upper-east side of NYC  a graduate of hi-toned art and music schools of the east coast, moved to paltry little town of Eugene, out of the goodness of her heart.”i had to find myself, express my anguish!!!” the renegade pacifist-vegan-radical-feminist-lesbian-organic-Marc Jacob-Neo-Liberal artist, who was surrounded by her art forms, paintings, and copies of WIN-Co grocery carts, transformed into miniatures, expansively  –er..–expanded herself in her chic, hippie-art-goache-coated liv. room. “Those upper-east side fiends of New York wouldn’t let me have my anguish.””__she paused. “But now, ” she giggled, “they all moved to PORTLAND, and took it over!! HEE HEE HEE!”

SALVAGE LOVE:  by Mikey Salvage

Dykes Redux

Dear Mikey: I’m a 21-year-old gay lesbian-nurtering-Trash Lover, who’s loved garbage and trash all her life. Now that I’m an adult,I am confused about the contemporary state of sex in the United States. Is this a gay nation? Or a pusedo-masochist society now? Where do I fit in? I mean, I go to lesbian bars, and illegal,black-market lesbian Sak’s 5th Avenue dept. store cocktail parties, (you’d be amazed at how many women who frequent Saks and Bergdorf’s, are just cruising for ladies rather than Dior dresses. But, often, we have to settle for Marc Jacobs, cause that’s all they have. I refuse to wear the requisite BEARD, however.).angels001_2
I just don’t get it, Mikey!! I have been with women,and men,and old cucumbers; I have tried animal-love and fish-love, and gotten sea-sick and a bad yeast infection. I went to orgies for men,orgies for women,and orgies for bi-sexuals, and those were REALLY CONFUSING!!Bi-sexual orgies are dull, they stand around for hours, trying to make up their minds.Everyone usually gives up, and just gets drunk!!What I can’t find is, another trash-lover who doesn’t “compact”, and feels the same way I do about TRASH.big_little_challenge_by_hsn2555
But I can only find “hoarders” who like to watch “Hoarder-Country” on t.v., and can’t clean out their closets. It’s just not the SAME as a trash-fetish. We Trash-lovers only want garbage and trash, and we don’t hoard; hoarders are a whole different disorder.
–one I just don’t want to get dragged into!  But real Trash-lovers are hard to find. THEY don’t jump in the garbage-piles with just ANYONE!!! Amazingly, there are no Trash & Garbage-Lovers websites, they don’t like them.—You can’t get that “smell & slime-feel” unless you meet someone in the flesh.emote_seasons_by_upsguy1997-d4rl2ks
I’m tired of being alone every night, sifting thru my cat’s kitty-litter, dreaming & hoping for “The One,” to show up.—-
sign me, “All Out of Litter”.









(Cannot Write the Rest Now, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Will Not Work)

“why do you think TRUmp will become president?” Carol asked me as we went futilely through Safeway, and the organic produce was still too expensive by: “why do you think?” I said that Caroline, “all us white people  including Oregon cannot find any food anymore, especially fresh food or anything else. So yeah, I think tRUMP will become president    out of desperation.”#2maracasdance

“Latinos and Mexican get  food stamps, tons of them, we saw it. so, yes, angry white people will vote in TRUMP. AND TECHNOLOGY and science will not save us. we’re going to have FOOD WARS, and CLASS WARS, andI will have to go back to stealing food, and getting caught by cops police again.”killpikachusterb034

“this fucking dragon won’t work, i can’t type this blog,that’\s it,.technology is OVER. IT HAS FAILED. WHITE PEOPLE can’t buy food unless they are RICH; SENIORS ON SOC. SEC. ARE NOT RICH.” “SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?” “pROBABLY JOIN THEM WHEN ALL THE POOR INVADE sAFEWAY, AND STEAL FOOD,AND SET IT ON FIRE BEFORE THE COPS COME.”  “THEY don’t like cops here any way.” “That will get worse.”arwenpandora

“all the produce everywhere is rotten, or costs a fortune.organic.”  “They’ll put you in jail.” “Let em, it costs them money. i’ll sue em like that dead guy’s relatives did, when they let him die.” “why don’t you raise food?”  “have you seen me try it?”  “Yeah, it all died, or never grew.” “all the trees are dead or dying.”  “the WEATHER kills it all!”_escapingsuperllama__by_meninasuitcase




THE END—-Cryo_sleep_by_Droneguardthis blog will no longer be written–(OK, OK, I AM JUST IN PAIN_scared__by_MrM4tty SENIOR-GRUMPY;_powerwoot__by_sereneworx HOO-RAY FOR THE NRA!! emtc_july__vintage_by_cubicinsanity-d55vgxy  “i’LL BE BACK!!” SOMEHOW.kittylickingkitUsTApGa_seasons__v2_by_synfull      guns009_2    #2_knitting__by_otohime0394-d4v6go6






Here comes another wonderful day, living with junk.frustrated

I’m not talking about old junk I’m talking about new junk. The junk you have to use if you live in this civilized society every single day. And it’s even worse if you work with them and it’s your job.

it’s too far to the stupid hardware store to buy round up or crossbow blackberry weedkiller. So I try to order it ONLINE. Big mistake.

in the interest of not spraying our atmosphere and Eugene Oregon, with any more smog and carbon monoxide  gas and oil. You can smell it all the time. – – And having a car that is hideously expensive, also poisons everything  people use them constantly  in Eugene.

Eugene is “Car City”.

so ordering some blackberry weedkiller online is a special present to the atmosphere. Less gasoline. I hasten my little computer Internet connection, and gets screwed up, every time by Mozilla Firefox browser. it freezes the screen. I can’t do anything everything is frozen on the screen.– –

– –here begins the morning of another society living with junk. Yes, the new junk. Having a little coffee, which is badly made with the grounds of the bottom, because once I broke the glass pitcher,, the whole coffee machine does not work anymore. And, as a special in addition and bonus, you can’t just buy the glass pitcher for the Mr. coffee maker; you have to buy a whole new Mr. coffee maker.

(I am amazed, in fact that might newly installed Dragon NaturallySpeaking number 11.5 program is actually working and I can dictate this. The computer repair guy said it DID NOT WORK. I reinstalled it myself. So much for computer repair man. It’s the only thing that’s really working today. I should call them up or send them a note of appreciation, before it starts to degrade,, and not be able to receive the updates, because that system is so screwed up you have to leave your computer on all the time just to get the updates for Dragon.

So the system degrades and doesn’t work anymore.  But at least, it is working right now.

– –but the Mozilla Firefox browser has frozen the whole screen. In desperation, I go to the computer itself, hold down and press the off button. It doesn’t go off. It won’t go off . (000-0000 this is the translation of dragons”Oh-Oh”) still not very human.

okay now the disaster that begins; everything will not turn it off and the screen is frozen, nothing works. So I do the disastrous disgusting computer just drawing action; I pull out the power plug.OH, HELL! SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT !

of course it comes back on with more power but it wants to load in safe mode, and by stupid keyboard is broken,, and the up arrow does not work to go into safe mode.) And I’m not a developer so , can’t use the keys, or special words like enchantments.

I am just a senior, computer user, not one of the wonderful developers. I take it that they would know what to do with stupid Mozilla Firefox which is now an evil browser. EVIL EVIL EVIL!

EVIL AS WITCHCRAFT! Witches! WITCHES WITCHES  WITCHES! (Here I have trouble with the Dragon because it doesn’t know how to say “WITCHES”. So I go crazy trying to get it to spell WITCHES! Oh here we go again! Much junk in the morning! (You have to speak perfectly.

(Pretend you are a robot)a WITCH (paste) ROBOT!!!

so just this morning I have destroyed my computer again by turning it all off and clobbering it with the feedback when it comes back on. Naughty naughty! – – And it doesn’t come back in safe mode. Oh boy.all this has happened in a very short space of time.

I am really getting into this pretending I speak like a robot. Well, IMA robot; I am programmed to operate in a society filled with junk. I also break down, my elbows and arms are in great pain, from over computer use and fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, they cannot fix me. I am not R2-D2..

I am probably part of the junk.

so once it comes back on her work, I go to Sears online, to get round up, and their software to buy, as a fleeting nonmember, does not work. Typical website, software doesn’t work to buy something. I get a hold of the phone number, 800, from the stupid chat Box. Some guy in Venezuela or the Philippines or India comes online, and can’t speak English. Sears! You’re not patriotic you dummies! Oregon needs those jobs!

I promised myself to make this blog entry short. But, the simple act of buying something online, and handling the menacing Mozilla Firefox monster, crucifying my computer, and it’s giving me a migraine again.at least the Dragon works kind of, but I have to spell for it.

don’t you wish for a lot of HEXEN ?DAS HEXEN, YAH! Das hexen und Pilsner? HENRY ADAMS? YAH, ACH DA LIEBER!!

fursluginer (forsluginer?) fursluginer SEARS!!!  Fursluginer JUNK! ACH, DAS YIDISHA please!!

why isn’t there more Yiddish in the Pacific Northwest? I can’t even spell “furslurginer” anymore. Neither can the computer!

Maybe the  YIDDISH would scare away all the junk!! like the Yiddish Jewish ghost Golum? (spelling?)

this is the end of my blog entry; I have accomplished my goal for the morning, I have a massive headache due to stress. – – And mess and junk.

(Sandraminadotty, ouch, stress headache, and  other computer aches and pains–we seniors inevitably put up with. (Where is the Bi – Mart Acetaminophen extra strength 500 mg. each, Tylenol – extra strength – pain reliever – non-aspirin?)

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30.png dangerous cat jungle


IN the first place, there’s no doctor (in my clinic) available in Peace Health medical clinics, at any time for at least a month here. That’s why my friend Caroline TRIES TO GO TO SALEM, TO GET THE REAL GOOD MEDICAL CORPORATION. (SHE TRIES.) i, being a regular senior on medicare and social security, am stuck in the Valley Willamette, of the LA traffic, freeways, and SMOG . (So much for the pretty pictures painted by “Oregon” and “Eugene” magazines, which I won’t go into. )_leosguard___edit__by_MrM4tty

Years ago, I’d have been going to UCMED CENTER ON PARNASSUS AVE, in San Francisco,and I would have gotten rid of the constant yellow drip of the goo in my left eye’s corner. It’s been going on for over a MONTH, and they still can’t get rid of it.It came with a sinus infection,(which is gone, courtesy of “Eugene Urgent Care, 1800 Coburg rd. Eugene, OR”, and that’s probably where I am headed again. popepoke8f53fc709437ce7f

The  Medical Peace Health eye-doctor not only can’t get rid of it, he doesn’t have time to see me; hah hah (and i don’t wanta see him at least not in my left eye, joke) but my regular medical doc refuses to see me cause this  eye doctor started the care.–evileye blindstor13

and doctors stick together here; if one screws you up, the others also won’t help you. lavi-n

 TRUE. Eugene Urgent Care started it, and obviously, after Peace Health eye-doctors can’t get rid of it, and now REFUSE to see me, who am I left with?abandon_all_hope_sign_by_sanguineepitaph-d36w8mi

That’s, right, a hike off to good old Eugene Urgent Care, cause they at least WILL SEE ME, (unlike my medical Dr, or even his cohort Doc, at good old Peace Health medical clinic —,and then you don’t have to wonder WHY I get asthma, bronchitus, and sinus infections with infected eyes. blindstor13

Eugene has SMOG. cries (1)   VERY SERIOUS-L.A.-SMOG.

(Officially, I don’t have the CHRONIC asthma, and bronchitus yet, the  TRAFFIC pollution hasn’t killed me that excessively yet. but it’s been predicted.)  _ILIKEFEEDINGBATS__by_crula


(with at least the right eye.) dirtysexsqueezeagainact03

“Why is it taking you so long to blog?” asks Caroline,looking over my shoulder.”There’s a couple reasons for that,”I replied, hen-pecking=away.”I no longer have any dictation-program, they all crashed out.I have to type, and i’m in CONSTANT PAIN.–i GAVE UP ON DUMB, LOCAL COMPUTER HELP; AND–Dr. SAYS,”leave me alone, go take what you already got,for pain.”His whole clinic said that.chopwoodsmiley-chores017

“GO AWAY!!! OBAMACARE SWAMPED US, there’s no doctors in the USA any more unless yer rich!!and medicare is GONE!!  UNFUNDED!!”  Obviously, i’m nor rich. rich people don’t blog about THESE PROBLEMS. The Met Costume Institute Gala Annual, that’s their blog!!css_fairy_glitter_glomp_by_pica_ae-d5r8zw0 tangodanpineappletardplzgui_tard_by_kinnisonarc-d4de732Spin_it_good_by_Droneguard (1) gangnam (1)  _dancing_queen__by_Sneffy2ndmoondanceact21

“So you’re really going back to Urgent Care on Coburg>” said Caroline, reading my future. “Yes,”i reply,”I am now one of the great unwashed ill masses, who have govt. insurance, and ain’t rich!!And I missed marrying into the Bush-Oil family!” (any old rich codgers out there? I still like men, somewhat–especially rich ones.)_love__by_cookiemagik-d35xgjx

“Well, my hard-working contractor hubby dumped me,”sighed Caroline.”Welcome to the other great poverty bunch; women alone with kids.” (Double-groan) In Oregon, its double-diget,or triple-numbers cause Oregon women HAVE TO HAVE KIDS!!!  it is required!!  even while single!! (??) Don’t ask me why, ask them. _fuckthis__by_crakaemotes (1)

As I make ready for my very important trip(s) to Eugene Urgent Care, I remember what Canada and Britain said to America, and our uninsured people; “You need to get socialist-govt. medical insurance, like us!!You capitalist idiots!!” Avi_mini_cow_MMC_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate

And they are correct; now our fed. govt. and insurance companies are fat and happy, and we’re entrenched in the dirty,filthy ERs of London, waiting for 8 hrs. with a broken hand, which gets tied together finally with a popsicle stick.(No doctors avail. in London.)–or, we WILL BE.

And, like Canadians, we have to go over the borders, to other countries next door, to get medical care, with money—OH, YES, THAT’S STILL our fabulous future!! angel_with_harp_by_benediktxvii-d5qy9ma

“What are you going to do, if they can’t fix it?” says Caroline, while I queue up to wait, at the drop-in.”I(f they can’t  fix it, I eventually do this”, I reply, yellow goo min my left corner of eye again, ouch. “OK, the only people getting real medical care will be the rich, right?”  “Yeah, so what?”  444heartattack (1)

“So I get a gun,or two, partners, and we set out to kidnap and hold hostage for a billion, very rich KIDS of wealthy people!!”  Caroline looks dismayed. “And we either get all the money, retire to a healthy part of South America, and pay MONEY TO DOCTORS, which is what they really WANT AND DEMAND!!–NOT this worthless govt. shit!!–either way, I either get my left eye well, or—I get probably all of me dead!!” which is a fair trade off. _sniper__by_ser1x

I either get my left eye well, or I have a terrific gun-battle with police, & FBI, and finally get out of pain and infection!!–and I get outta this grim, horrible life!!!(No way I am going to fucking prison, kiddos, unless it’s got full medical care!!!)

Does it? Who cares? Not me. smiley-rolling-joint(an you imagine, me getting CANCER? FORGEDDABOUTIT.)

We seniors spent our whole lives, paying huge soc.sec. taxes and income taxes to the fed, govt. and now, they tell us”Forget it, Obumacare (!!!) comes first!!  And govt. employees, and political representatives, and the RICH get medical treatment!!  You dumb taxpayers can go SHIT IN A FILTHY CLOSET TO GET A DOCTOR!!!—OR GO KIDNAP THE KID OF A RICH BUSH!!” (Eventually, some day, very likely.)  3c61d38d617e7e24f45c7ed92473b0da


And another reason why, I just paid another donation to the NRA, National Rifle Assoc., and it was worth every penny. _drone__by_ScreamingGerbil

WHY THE HELL didn’t I pay all those taxes to THEM INSTEAD? gangster

Something for you young tax-payers to think about, in Eugene, OR. OUCH, my eye really hurts!!!  fuck!! b;ackfridayf26dcce1b00abec246a8136b4ea8f1c9-d34s9fc

(Sandraminadotty, going out to shoot tin-cans off, in a woodland setting, but one-eyed shootists have to practice, too.)   🙂


.You__re_so_SWEET_by_spring_sky chat73.gifcatyarn     drugs _iconclapthanksplz__by_hecklerink-d4rs2ld



16451 lake kinneret


AHEM: hi, and welcome to my stupid blog again. If you read the previous installment, about my old senior artist friend, who often does volunteer art for my blog here, you know that she recently got hacked on an international website called Veehd.com, which is pretty much a fan website for movie lovers to discuss movies. And they have a FORUM, called “chit chat” that’s very tempting to chat and socialize on.

There a lot of very nice people to talk to, on this website, my friend says. Which is the problem; there are also hackers on this website, who illegally hack other websites, she says,and are members of “pirate Bay.com” which is reputed to be a bunch of Internet hackers.

So that the problem; you have no idea online , WHO is a nice guy chatting online, and WHO is a hacker,WHO is going to hack your whole website art, off “2draw.net”, illegally, which is supposed to be a software protected site, for artists. And according to my friend, ALL of her account and artwork, was hacked off,on “2draw.net” by this guy called”Pompoy” (she relates) and posted on to the website “Veehd.com”, right in front of her, to everyone else.

how did he get into her software protected account, on “2draw.net” which is protected from that, and protected by the password?

Easily.she related that, in 2 seconds, he was into her Internet isp, via Comcast,AND had everything out, and that was the end of it. She had to go on to the art site and delete all of her account and her name and everything and exit the site permanently. She also had to get off the website called Veehd.com, get rid of that account completely, and get off their permanently never to return.

Even though there were other nice people on there, they never did anything about the BAD people on their or ever got rid of them. apparently there were two groups of people on that site; very nice people, and another group called THE HACKERS who were VERY NASTY PEOPLE, who often destroyed members of the nice group, and dump them off the site completely.

so there is one thing that is obvious;I have never been a member of a website, that had two groups of people who attacked and destroyed each other, without ultimately destroying the whole website.  It is not possible.

Every single website I have ever seen, that had horrible conflict, and fighting, destroyed its self.

and another thing is very obvious about Americans who go online; we are vastly stupid about the rest of the world and its people.

PR of social media are constantly trying to brainwash us, telling us to go online and meet our fellow man, even if they’re from other countries, get to know them and make friends. And, after you’ve done this you find out, other countries hate our guts. people in the SAME COUNTRY hate our guts.

if you’re an American, you’ve been brainwashed to think that everybody in the rest of the world is the same, like you, and you should feel sorry for them. And our government does that! It gives billions of dollars to the rest of the world, shamelessly while people here starve.

 I had explain to my artist friend who’s beginning to discover this. “Dear, you are a very nice person, but the rest of the world is not like you. Even on your funny little website,there are people who hate your guts,because of your politics,OR they hate you because you ARE a nice person!

” they would actually hack into the same account, of another member,& they don’t think like you. They don’t think “if you are another member, I would not violate your personal art site, and hack into a private art website like “3draw.net”.”


“dear,you cannot go online, and tell anyone anything about yourself. Don’t do it.don’t go onto one of those dumb friend making websites, and fill out a profile, tell them what you like, what country you’re living in, and even what state you’re living in. Bull shit.

“DON’T MAKE FRIENDS ONLINE. No matter what social media tell you, DON’T DO IT.

“people in the rest of the world do not have your morals. Not even on the same website! Supposedly, you’re supposed to be nice to the other people .

“but The way they think is, they can do absolutely anything they want, to anybody on the rest of the website. And there’s no body, like the owner of the website to stop them. There is no moderator there is no law and order.from what you’ve told me, it’s a completely hostile website and dangerous to go on.”– just like the WORLD is.

“it’s like all the traffic driving on the freeways and highways in Eugene Oregon; no law and order, no traffic cops, anybody can do anything and break the laws, and no one does anything about it.so driving here is infinitely dangerous. People do it because they’re very anonymous inside their cars, just like the INTERNET, and they can get away with it.”

that is the problem with Americans in the global community.they just don’t get it. They don’t understand the rest of the world,online,  they think they can get along with a few of them, on a dumb website, just by being a nice guy.

speaking of being a nice guy, there is a big myth that “good people have good things happen to them.” That is a huge lie perpetuated by some stupid book called “chicken soup”.


In fact, the truth has always been that good people are more vulnerable to evil, because they’re nice people.that is the PRICE of being a good person. It is the BAD, truly EVIL PEOPLE who are not  vulnerable. They are  cautious,they are more suspicious, and they’re ready to blow you away.they know, that the world is very dangerous  and they are a lot more careful. That’s why the world is mostly ruled by evil and bad people. (Including the United States now.)

it is a lot more difficult to destroy a  bad evil person, then it is a good person. Look at Isis. Look at all the really horrible despicable ,evil people in the world. Look at how hard it was to get rid of them. Very  hard. Usually, it was their own problems that got them killed off. – Not the efforts of the good.

often, it was other,  powerful evil people, who got rid of them! – you had to be just as powerful as they were.example, people in the Amish community, are so nice and good, it’s very easy to go, and kill a bunch of them.they are very vulnerable and they don’t retaliate.

I had to explain to my artist friend, “Being nice to someone else is no guarantee, that they are going to act the same way to you. “There is no good deed that goes unpunished.”

that is the big problem of we Americans online in the global community; we still think that the rest of the world thinks like us.”we are all basically the same,everywhere, and everybody is basically good.”

We are brainwashed into thinking, we should go over to west Africa, and Dr. there Ebola. We should go over to Africa, and feed them, and fix all their problems.we should go over to Haiti,  fix all of their unfixable problems. 

 But if you’re an American, who really has a head on his shoulders, you know that it’s just as bad to be poor here, as it is over there. It’s just as bad to be in poverty, and be a poor people over here, as it is in Africa.



that is a big fat liberal lie. Liberalism is fast going out of style in the United States, because basically it doesn’t work.and one of the worst things that could happen to United States, is all this online globalism, that makes us think that we could communicate easily with everybody everywhere.

But the Internet is NOT SAFE. Trying to make friends with people you don’t know online  is not SAFE.you get lulled into a nice cozy perception, that it’s safe and then you get HACKED.

I had to tell my artist friend,”dear, go to the local senior citizens depository, I mean, senior center, and try to make friends with them. At least, if they’re unfriendly, since this is Eugene Oregon, at least sit there and pretend you’re a friend.try to be OLD the American way; a lot poorer, and segregated from younger people, and trying to make decimated Medicare keep you alive.and, be isolated, and put up with it.

“You’re old, it won’t take you long before you’re on the other side. And you’ll really be glad you are! This is a dangerous,painful world, and once you’re old it’s a lot worse.so cheer up!

“You won’t have to worry about ASS – HOLES on the Internet.if they ask you for a friend profile, tell them you’re the queen of Sheba. They won’t know the difference anyway. And don’t go back to that stupid ASS – HOLE website.t’ll probably vanish in the conflict of their in–fighting.” and I told her, “if you stay at home so much, just go get Netflix.” She needs to cuddle up to her cat more.

being philosophical about life, is because you can’t do anything about it.and most of us can’t. But, you CAN refrain from telling the jerks of the online community, just exactly who you are, and you can refrain from talking to them or trying to make friends with them. Make friends with your cat.you know WHO owns the claws.

(Sabdraminadotty, in Eugene, OR., a friend of America, not the rest of the world)  🙂   😦




(represents,NEW HOUSING, of 2 hundred, million, new housing developments coming in Eugene Oregon, only next Spring,, with 2 million, or 75 million later


I was trying to avoid the local news I had dug up, concerning the above, 2 million new housing units in Eugene alone, and the increasing all those 75 million home units in the future. I was trying to figure out if, they were talking about the state of Wisconsin.?? All of those houses and new developments in Eugene and Lane, County? WHERE were they going to put all that “housing density”?Emoticon_oo1_by_QueenOfElves

This type of housing development was called “Los Angeles”.– NOT “housing density”! 712f24aead05a0bb893ad150758cf23a

oh,yes, and also, all the huge developments companies, did not like all those nasty little safety federally supported, “train horns” for the trains, they got in their way. Yes, the darn things were too loud, and they told everybody “your development is going to be right by a railroad, and a rail yard, so you’ll be hearing those regularly when you buy one of our houses.”begging_emote_by_mirz123-d599cqk

and everybody in this County and Eugene knows, “what the major housing developers want, the major housing developers get.”Skipping_rope_by_brgtt

welcome to the near future, and “Eugene –Los Angeles –housing–development– city.”!!_trash__by_mazka

I was just about ready, to type the whole news item up, and try and get somebody here to publish it, so the public would know what was happening.in the meantime,my Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation software, pooped out on me completely, and when I called up the support services of nuance, they told me the wrong thing. I found out later, they’re support services were for ASS HOLES_blowing_tree__by_luckylinx. That’s what they decided we were, their customers; because they got everything wrong, and told me to do the wrong thing to fix Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Wonderful! And now I had to go to RadioShack, and get a new “USB hub outlet,” to make it work which turned out to be completely WRONG. And naturally, Nuance has no “feedback” or “complaint department of any kind”. What they do is they just IGNORE COMPLAINTS.fancydanceplz.giftea

Radio Shack has been in a state of delusion every since they were born; their delusion is, their stuff works. ha ha. I would laugh, but the pain in my arms. elbows, fingers, whole arms is really bad. thank you Radio Shack. And THANK YOU NUANCE AND DRAGON NATURALLY SPEAKING.ff39.gif sick

BECAUSE of all of you, my last night “electronic rage”, trying to install something that does not solve the problem, has no power outlets, is full of snakey twisting cables, all aiming to screw with your head(where is the usb port in the back?NOTHING IS LABELED.) HEY, NUANCE, GIVE IT UP! I have to also shop for new dictation ware from a different company now.  I am in a state of:firelite-photom1605.gifhorsekik

ELECTRONIC RAGE:gangstershotguncost02

.THERE, I SAID IT. everyone in the world except for a few lucky primitive people some where(and that involves the middle east also_) is having electronic rage; now I have NO PHONE; it got unplugged, from electricity and I finally realize WHY PEOPLE USE CELL PHONES.118.gif pandaseestv

Just look at your computer, with tons of back wall twisting cables, lines, you have no idea what to do with; and if we non-techies mess with it, trying to just install a usb port, hug,. our masses of twisted, messy, and non-labeled cables rise upbettermichaelmyersstab as cobras biting us everywhere—and disconnecting the fucking cheap phone,with not a chance of figuring out how to reconnect it. There is no place to connect it, all my house is massed with computer cables, wires, tv, computer. you name it!!2ndcandymanarhh

..Now you realize why people have cell phones; it is not to be safe, call for help, or do anything else; socialize, look chic. 3or4thhitler

It is because your computer power, cables, out lets, you name it. rearing up as menacing killing cobras, will never let you hook up a wall or desk phone again. they have taken over completely._IDidntSayIdFightFairISaidId___by_MenInASuitcase

THAT IS THE REAL REASON, people use cell phones, even the poor. Computers. cable,. all this has taken over your houses power outlets,and every wall in the house. You just cannot have a hook up to wall, power or anything else, stupid phone anymore.another2crazy

And ever since 4 am in the morning, you have been in electronic rage; nothing works!!it is disconnected phone,and Nuance dragon does not work,and will never work. You got the real reason for electronic rage; electronics. the electronics companies. Yes!!NO, it’s not you who are insane, it is THEM. THEY. WHATEVER. The huge mass of black phone line, cable line, power line computerdeskwrk2!cid_06A2C7D86B554AA8A93E46F83F0C6E36@DorothyHP mouse attachment(which is not unconnected with the phone) does not work for you. You are an ordinary person,and not an electronics expert. Nor are you even a computer expert on YOUR COMPUTER.

AND it is not you who are insane cause you cannot figure out where the usb port in the back is, this is planned by electronics people, to make you use repairmen. Relax!! it is not you; it is the whole fucking industry.  anotherflyingmombackand forth stor14

Fuck you, Bill Gates. .Fuck you,. computer and electronics industry. thanks a whole ton for fucking up my life!!againjasonkills

But if you are like me, that average person, you are now very dependent on a computer, in your home,and you can’t just get rid of it. Never!!swordfightpiratecost01

We are all addicted, as is every company govt. dept. and anything you have to connect to. it’s all on the stupid ‘puter. In case your computer or the web went down? We would all huddle into little balls,and not eat or drink, or breathe until it was all connected again; we are in the  state  of COMPUTER COMPLETE-DEPENDENCE. IF THE WEB WENT DOWN?? EVERY THING in life would crash!!Can you imagine making a system like this?and not having a back up “web” or carrier pigeons, or message services ?Bring out the Harry Potter owls, we will need them. 2mummy

ISIS is missing the whole thing to kill us all off with; hey, buddy, shut down the web!! we would all instantly die!! every govt. dept. company,bank, stock exchange, wall st., news,  you  name it;the modern world has an Achilles Hell the size of Wisconsin. (moo moo!)_mooseskii__by_moosebots-d4pnwr7

Yes, you Neanderthal idiots with big swords;bigflyingbatall you have to do is KILL THE WEB. CUT IT TO PIECES. 2or3rdxmennightcrawlerYou would take over the whole world, Jihad!! And they are a lot more vulnerable than they think. Try to think like a modern idiot,and not a back-water continent Oakie.  If you hired an illegal hacker or too, you would take over the world.BoogaBoogaBooga_by_Droneguard

OH MY GOSH, HERE COMES THE FBI AGAIN.  I spilled the beans again. Sorry, FBI, I really like you and Muldar and that cute little redhead agent.But every computer jockey anywhere, knows if your major power sources that run the web, were cut, or even messed up, all the western world would be in electronic rage and hysteria. You would rule!! ugh.  2ndspitefullaugh

They would all only have their cute little cell phones left,and that is nothing.firedevil

(to be continued when I heal up; new stuff about how electronic rage, and the ISIS idiots who don’t get this, will be talked about. thank you.—Sandraminadotty in Eugene Oregon  🙂    )    🙂   go_canoeing_by_marty_iceangel-d2xttwu          ..


after an initial investigation, of the town (major city) of Eugene, Oregon, which used to be a town, in the County of Lane, my investigations have discovered that one of the best towns to live in the United States, in the future, and present time, will NOT BE Eugene Oregon or this County. This research was developed, in accordance with extensive web-based and underground secret affiliated organizations, news departments, major affiliated associated news,off the beaten track, and by Bugging the Lane, County and Eugene offices of the mayor, the Council,, and local government agencies. since all major political and government departments and agencies, and offices of Lane County, and Eugene Oregon, have all been secretly bribed by huge housing developers, this whole area will be a major huge development very similar to Los Angeles California. – – Complete with all the disadvantages, crime, gangs, drugs, only not as culturally sophisticated. That means, we are going to inherit every single bit of Los Angeles California’s problems, and we’re going to add our own. This will not be a good place to live. It will be a good place to AVOID. _blowing_tree__by_luckylinx

Sincerely, the author of “what to do while the planet dies. Word press.org” _trash__by_mazka





While my old friend, Carolyne,. is having her own problems, I was going today, to tell everyone why getting old is so HARD. Well, if you are old, and that includes people turning 50, because major arthritus kicks in about that time.–you already know why.Black_and_White_by_FreeStyledLove

This dimension has saddled us with very physical, gross,and brutal reality. We are basically animals with large brains,and that’s all. If we have a spirit, or soul, it seems to be repressed by the bare harsh facts of being in a body like a real animal, subject to all those gross, real animals parts,and organs, ect. Indecently, even though we seem to be very smart and scientific, we cannot change this body for a NEW or different type of one. We are stuck with it. It sets the whole stage for life, where you have to have and make enough money, wealth, to take care of this body and your family’s bodies, so they do not become injured, hurt and die.Happy_New_Animated_Year_by_KimRaiFan

.It transforms the whole world of man into a race, job, and competition to make enough wealth,. see a good enough doctor, to take care of your physical body. And,. when you get old, you find science is more interested in going to Mars, than trying to cure or help very bad arthritus in old people. Why? you ask? Well, there is more MONEY in going to Mars, and there is little money in curing or helping arthritus.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

We old people, even in the USA, work hard all our lives,and put huge amts. of taxes into the govt. and health insurance, and when we get old, we get  SHAFTED. The fed. govt. does not want to return those taxes we worked so hard to put into Soc. Sec. Medicare and such, for our old age. Now that we are old, we cannot give them MORE MONEY,. MORE TAXES, so we get FUCKED. Sorry to use harsh language. it’s a harsh subject.Obama of course, since he has not problems with getting old, sucked all the Medicare billions into Obamacare.Emoticon by Gomotes

I really need to take those hand-gun lessons I’ve been meaning to take. You never know what the future holds..Especially if you are getting very OLD.//Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign 

Let this be a lesson to YOUNG PEOPLE; save all your money, avoid putting it into the fed. govt. taxes,or any other taxes. SAVE IT ALL FOR YOUR OLD AGE, you are going to need it. You are going to be the only one looking out for you, and Soc. sec. and Medicare will not be there, by that time.It’s already vanishing; take our damn advice and don’;t throw all your money into the govt. or local govt.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Fancy schools ?Forgettaboutit. When you get older, no kids or local govt. will help you; you know who helps all the charity work? CHURCHES. that’s who; and low income and mid. income people give ALL the money to charity, NOT the rich. SCREW THE RICH. They give their money to Africa!! And the opera and the art museums!!You rich jerks in NYC, and back east, art and music is more important than PEOPLE, to you.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Well, at least we know where your heads are. I remember what happened to old lady Astor, and how badly her son took care of her; she was rich, and her kids neglected and took lousy care of her. “Abusive,” the court said.Oh, yeah, it’s so nice to devote your life to kids, and you are lucky if they take care of YOU,  when you get old. (some of them do, Jewish people are very nice to their elders, and other cultures too. Not WASPS so much.) That is a modern American problem; young people divorce their elders, and the elders have to look out for themselves. I guess we have to anyhow, so let that be a lesson to us; we elders still have to try and take care of ourselves,and it’s better for us. 

ANOTHER WORST PART ABOUT GETTING OLD://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign 

What is the worst part of getting old? there are many worst parts. For the first worst, your body breaks down.My arthritus in my hands swells the knuckles up so bad, and my wrist, I cannot type; I have been dependent on a Dragon Naturally speaking dictation ware,and it has broken down today.I spent at least an hour on the phone, trying to phone customer service, to find out “why won’t it open?”_lag__by_Link3Kokiri

After a number of false tries, a nice lady tells me “Dragon is not compatible with your sound card; it never was. You have to get a USB port plug into for your mic-headphone set.” I call up Radio Shack, they got it. But first I thank the nice lady, and apologize for being so bad tempered, cause the pain is bothering me a lot. She’s very understanding; she says her grandma can’t eat BEANS. BEANS make the arthritus worse!!  Wow. Those vegetarians don’t want to tell us elders about that, I guess. (no beans, thank you.)I apologize for being so cranky, cause my arthritus hurts; but tell her, “if her grandma uses DMSO (dimethol sulfoxide)on her arthritic joints, it helps.” (Doctors won’t tell you this–or much else.).all_aboard_by_seapuppy-d3k0hzx

Yes, a vegetarian does not wanta tell you that. hee hee,. So much for Dr. Oz, too, that egotistical, business-medicine mega-mouth. Disgusting guy, tells you to abstain from ALL GOOD FOOD AND DRINK.FOREVER. Just so you can live longer,and get cancer, arthritus,. pain and pain,and die of old age without having any fun. Screw Dr. Oz. “Dr. Perfect.” haw haw.Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign I wonder if he has any notion of how rediculous he is? I may sound nasty,but why does he thinks he is ALL KNOWING,ALL-SEEING, and can tell you to eat a PERFECT diet? ALL the time? I already don’t smoke, stopped drinking long ago.I have few  enough vices!

HOWEVER, it’s a good idea  to eat  healthily,  keep your weight down, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much,and exercise. while you are YOUNG; because the abuse and neglect of your body comes back  to haunt you in old age. The people I knew, who ate like pigs, smoked, or drank like alcoholics are either DEAD now, even at 60. Or, they have COPD on an oxygon tank; lost their liver (alcoholics who are YOUNG do that, too); have major heart attacks, diabetes and strokes, and even get cancer or “renal-end-stage” dysfunction and are on dialysis. Ewww!!!  😦  bigger_is_not_better_stamp_by_maxiswhat-d4br1n4

I,  who practiced mostly a healthy life-style, still have normal blood pressure, cholesterol, kidneys, I just got my heart-sonar-tests  back, most of my heart is ok. But my bad FEET crippled me up,  so I can’t run around too well..Age and non-existent  medical  resources when you get injured, still get you in the end.I bet ex-Pres. Bush’s feet got spectacular treatment. No lousy podiatrists for the Oil-heir! shake_head_by_fire_kitty_666-d4id8eg“If I were a rich man,” sung by a poor Jewish peasant, takes on a whole different importance. Imagine if Tevya got horrible, bad feet, and could’t walk around and work!! He’d get MUCH POORER. Like, his family might starve. 

Until Obama’s Obamacare doctor, who wants to refuse all medical treatment to persons 75 or over,  gets complete power over Medicare, (he may,if Obama has his way) we oldsters  still gotta take care of ourselves. And this “doctor” disapproves of 75+ seniors who keep on living!! Say, Hitler did that!! He gassed all the old, sick, disabled, mentally ill, even “Academics”, (???!!!)Kill_em_all ,the intellectuals, and anyone he decided was “a drain on society.” –like we seniors.

Whoa, Obama, now I realize you reading “mein Kampf”and that liberal best seller, “How To Become A Nazi,,While Pretending To Be A Democrat”.!!Refuse medical care to Americans 75 and older, and this is Obama’s FAVORITE DOCTOR! _blowing_tree__by_luckylinx Yow!!  I know the fed.govt. hates we “worn-out, use-less, ex-workers” cause we already gave taxes,and they can’t get any more blood out of us. But now Obama’s best friends want us to GET LOST, cause they can’t get blood out of ancient stones any more?_granny__rewamp_by_MenInASuitcase


Yes, the country and govt. that throws billions at Africa, imports thousandspounceglompplz of them over here, lets all illegal aliens right on in,and takes Liberians right into our help, just does not like AMERICANS,. who get OLD. I’ll remember the next time I get Botox,and laser-cosmetic-Fraxel-skin and cologen-production-treatment; “”Maybe this will fool Obama,and “Logan”s Run” movie won’t become reality!!(??)” Forget it it already has.shooter3cost02 “60 is the new 90.” 😦5_second_hug_by_Droneguard


OK,. we boomers  got FIRED!! Smiley pixeled by SmileydesignMost all of us!!And I mean at 50!! Not “retired,.” not “part-time”; FIRED!! GOTTEN RID OF!!” They assumed the same philosophy as the fed. govt. “Get rid of those fucking old turds!!: We don’t need them!! Besides, we have tons of young idiots, who work for cheap!!”And they do. But us? We struggle to get into soc. sec., because there is nothing else. Work?Maybe if you own yer own business–or are Trump. But don’t ask a 3rd party for a job; maybe if we work for Burger King. We have to pretend we have no education except for high school-drop out.  I know people with 3 Masters, or PHDs. and they’re clerking for bargain–mart-grocery. And at my age, I’m not hot enough to seduce some rich old guy. ( “I let my oportunities pass me by.”*(Sings in old regret.)

EVEN WORSE THINGS ABOUT GETTING OLD: DEATH. Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Of course, I should have started with this; death is a big deal. In this society we try to avoid it completely; we mask it, fix it up, and pretend it does not exist. –Just like old people don’t exist,and you young people will NEVER get old too. Yes, you young people can hate all we elders, for wasting your resources; cause we still are not dead yet. Even at 50, your best friends have died, or are dying; at 60, a lot of them have gone; and at 66., you’re so far away from them, you don’t want to stay here anymore. Going to 70, and 75, since most of MY friends and close people have already left, I have no incentive to hang on here. People in the US no longer live to a ripe old age, they’re already dying at 50. heartsalloverEarth stor20

The world is not what keeps you alive; your close friends and loved ones do that. When they exit the stupid world, you have the drag on you, to follow. For most of us, once we’re all gone, the survivors only suffer trying to find meaning left in the world. Why should you stay?lovewithoutyou Everybody is GONE. Your time of life is gone; there’s no things to get accomplished, no time to do them,and not any physical strength left to persue them.

The next generation is angry that you are alive, overstaying your time; “Get out!!Why aren’t you all gone yet??”–but how you treat your elders, tells how the next generation after you, will also treat YOU. They have watched your behavior, and are itching to like-wise push you out. The work world has squeezed you dry, and you’re no use to them now.Paahh!!andcryingohhno

Who cares about those vultures? If you were smart, you got an honest broker, invested in stuff that was safe,and now you’re mostly living on that, because people who work, are not the ones who make money anymore./Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign    The FINANCE and WALL ST. and BANKs make money; China makes money. Work? Work does not make money now. Soc. sec. pays nothing; and Medicare is getting sucked dry. So if you were smart,and figured out WHO and WHAT still makes money, you are a little bit safer. (Unless the whole fucking govt. falls,and everything crashes; no one will be safe then.) Furslorgner world anyhow!

But in old age, it’s time to start ignoring and neglecting the outside world, just like it does it to you. Stop following the mad pace; avoid all the crap, and trash,. and wars,and horrific govts. and their horrific Facist paths of glory; they will repeat the same holocausts, murder, war, destroy, mame, and kill the innocent; take over the world, and decide to get rid of we olders. We are of no use to them, and they are disgusting in the extreme. The weather changes to drought, and there is no water; no rain, and no crops; too many taxes and assholesbettermichaelmyersstab running the country into the ground. “World Climate Change” will eventually cause the US and the world to fall to their knees;/Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign   starve,and invade the US borders; destroy the so-called fed. govt. TRASH TRASH CRAP.

I am old and I care nothing about the world and the nation anymore; I return your dislike and negligance/Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign  . I’m going to try to figure out where I am going, when I return to HOME, where we all spring from, and which I sense thru the atmosphere. I sense the blazing white light, and the real home to which I shall return, and get rid of this hokey, cardboard stage and props, and get rid of this abysmal,. painful husk of a worn-out animal, and go where light dances,and blazes, and we all go to become one. I have seen this somehow all my life,and had one foot in another dimension,and known it was there. Now I am relieved that I will return to it, and remember when I was a kid, my parents, and being young. Because we all sprang from our HOME,. we were kids; and now we are going home, where the REAL WORLD IS.silent_night_by_fireflyexposed-d4koq96

 And there you have the good thing about getting old; we finally get to go HOME,walkinginlovewithaghost!cid_20130424022231_7854maild0@gmx and see everyone who died (probably) or go to where they are now.I always knew, I would follow, see them again. Or at least rid myself of this hokey, prop, identity, and this hokey, prop, stage world, which whirls around being rediculous; when the real world, HOME,bonklers  is where we came from, and always return to. 🙂 Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign THERE you have the good thing about getting old; we get to return to the REAL WORLD, HOME, for which there is no substitute here, or elsewhere_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206. I’ll miss the green trees,Bliss_by_NaturallyPerfectand plants,_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206 and grass,and rainkanto___012___buterfree__f____animation_by_pkmn_pro-d59xto2. I miss the livingrainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP things the most. love Angel!cid_20130424020056_13093maild0@gmxBut all the hectic bullshit? All the constant struggle?Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign The hideous animal named Man? And all his notorious crap? Not for a moment.   🙂

(Sandraminadottycutepig.gifwatrgardn, in Eugene Oregon, hoping for rain rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHPagain,and green trees72.gif rainumbrella,and every living thing that grows.Those most important things of life. 🙂  ) ……