I was watching South Park, and one of the characters started to hear the tween-music, that the kids liked, as BULL shit! Yes, all their music sounded like shit!one particular character ,the fat guy, was having his parents divorce. And he started seeing everything as shit..blahblah

sure, it was the effect of the divorce. But he talked to somebody and the guy said,, was an adult, “what you are seeing, is the real world without  illusions. Everybody goes around on this planet every day, full of illusions and delusions, about what this reality is. Actually, they don’t see the real reality most of the time! You want to know why?”dancinwoozieorjnfq

“Because the world is really full of SHIT! Most of the world and everyone in it and everything they do, is SHIT. And you have seen the real world for the first time without illusions!”dizzy_emote_by_mirz123-d4v6p1o

so the guy asked the little fat boy, if he wanted all his Illusions back.but the lLittle  fat boy said,” no, I don’t want all those illusions back.” – – For what ever reason I forget, the little boy kept  His illusions.and that was a very interesting and good episode of South Park.bonk

I had just watched a marathon, three-day binge of the old HBO series  “6 feet under.”I had seen some of it a long time ago but I wanted to see the whole thing, and especially the end, where one of the main characters dies.the family all live in a very big house and they ran a mortuary in the house in the basement. They did all the  enbalming in the basement.the son, who was in his early or late 30s, came home from wandering  and decided to join the business. His name was Natezombiegrave

the whole story is about how the characters handle, being around death all the time. Also, it shows that the parents of the grown-up children, two boys and a girl, were very effected by their parents SILENCE, never discussing anything, never talking about anything,, and pretty much isolation. The author was trying to say that, however your parents raised you,, that affected your life and whether you could love someone, without a lot of trauma.that’s exactly how the grown-up children felt._granny__rewamp_by_MenInASuitcase

the story was really about death and how out-of-control our deaths are. We have no control over how we go, when we go, etc. Everyone dies at some time.. Nobody gets out of this alive. And, you really do not have any choice about all the stuff about dying.you get ripped away from your loved one, and family, at the wrong time, of course and there’s nothing you can do about it. And boy, do they have all kinds of death at the beginning of the episode, all the time.childplay (1)

watching all these characters struggle, to have a love life,love09.gifsleepdreamlove and not being able to avoid the damage their parents had done to them, also told me that we can’t really change who we are. We are made that way. That’s how we are and we’re stuck with it.of course at the end, one of the main characters dies, after a successful brain surgery, and there was nothing they could do. He was still a pretty young man, with a pregnant wife, he couldn’t stay with.in fact, in tiny pictures, they showed at the end, how everyone in this series died..it was just like REAL LIFE.love08.giffamilystorylove

it got me thinking that, as I watched all the  characters struggle and try to love, and try to stay alive, and not having any control over their death or life, that that’s exactly the way it was. Life was hard; you had no control over what kind of person you were,, and what you are like insidecrutchesinv.that is the very worst of it; I am stuck with me. I can’t escape, or get out of ME.all the bad struggling, all the worry, ,having problems, just like the characters in 6 feet under. And all the unsuccessful love life,,it was true.xbox_time_by_nickplatypus

Basically, I do not want to be crazy_miniME.I hate it. But I can’t do very much about it even psychology will back that up.ask an alcoholic how he likes being that way; the only thing he could do to help himself is go to AA and stop drinking. But he could never stop being an alcoholic with an alcoholic personality.

–I am sitting here, typing,_lag__by_Link3Kokiri and I have no illusions or delusions about life and the world anymore. All the nations and peoples are crazy, making war easily, battling, destroying, terrorizing  Europe, and with the United States worrying that Isis will get over here eventually.– –  not to mention that the two people running for president in 2016, are probably both LYING  and only regular, rotten, criminal politicians. Neither one of them is going to try and save the country, or get Americans jobs.millitary_emotes_by_didaka

Most of all, I now have no illusions about  GOD, HEAVEN, REINCARNATION,popepoke8f53fc709437ce7f or any kind of that   tripe. There is no proof  that any of that exists. Yes, people hold onto all those illusions because the world is so hard and insecure. I don’t blame them. But I can’t do it anymore. I also don’t have any illusions about that Orthodox Jewish organization, Chabad; I have always been good about religions. Well,I’ve given them up.Chabad iits not any different from any other Jewish organization; they say that they want converts,, but they really don’t.converts are shunned.– –by all of them.I suppose the only way you could get into a Jewish family is to marry one.then, they figure they have to convert you.easy_emote_love_by_MenInASuitcase

there is also something hard I have learned, which is  “do not listen to what anyone SAYS.  When they talk, they are just lying. Watch what they DO, not they SAY.  What they actually  do, is the truth..”hypocrisy is pretty much ingrained into society. Without lies, delusions, and deliberate evil, society could not survive.(ask me how many times I’ve seen the movie  “FIGHT CLUB”. In which they make fun of and satirize  exactly how modern society screws up men. great movie.)death_ray_by_cookiemagik

in ending, I would say that, yes, I don’t have any illusions about the world anymore, or people;.about the only thing I could get excited about, is a large dairy queen “twist” soft ice cream cone.— THAT’S IT.icecreamcone

that is all I believe in. Money, power, hypocrisy,lies, evil and just about any  vile thing you can think of. That’s exactly what the world and all people are made up of. Please, all you greens, and “environmentalists” give up now. people are going to destroy everything. And the world is probably going to kill  PEOPLE, the species, – – along with the rest.— hopefullyguns008_2HKhellokitty07cringscreaming

(Sandramina says, “I haven’t seen a pineapplefar_but_friends_by_kath602-d3kz0kd for several years! All of the summer fruit is MISSING,fruitcutbtknifegraphics-fruit-977803 lousy, or holy expensive.”cakelickplzHere comes the global warming-effect on FOOD– IT’S VANISHING. hey, anyone want to go,to South America,  eat a lot of pineapple, bananas, avocados, and other exotic fruit?Aichi Wawa!AII, CHIUAUA!!!   YUMMY! exquisitechef  go ahead and enjoy whatever you like, there is no “big meaning to life” or secret of existence. It’s a bunch of rotten pineapple. Hee hee_vulcan__REVISED_by_GreenStarrySkies (1).)   🙂



About WhatToDoWhileThePlanetDies

Eugene,Oregon,home of the U. of Oregon,is a dissolute,gay,hippie,broke, jobless, crime and drug-ridden courupt little no-account town, bulging with fleeing Californicators, who have pushed the natives out,done to Oregon what they did to cali; trashed it. the horrible grid-lock traffic, smog,bad freeways full of accidents have turned it into decayed Detroit.Everyone is broke, there are no jobs,it's left-wing extreme-fanatic crazy, and there are constant political conflicts.Oppression and stifiling city hall crooks fleece the citizens of taxes, it;s the Macon Georgia of the pacific northwest.Anyone who can, leaves.Landowners can't sell, they're stuck.Even the Nazi party would call it Hell.Willamette Valley has the worst pollen,smog,allergies, in the world.Nature and Man are out to get you here, welcome to Oregon!The trash-heap of the United States!

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  1. Seeing the world without all the delusions can be scary. Next that kid may learn how much of society is based on lies. It can be a scary process. He may even ask questions about 9-11 and economic system and why millennials can’t even afford an apartment and why is this okay? They tell young people how great things will be and really it sets them up for false expectations and broken dreams, and MORE depression.


  2. Hi, peep, thanks for the comment.Yes, seeing the world without delusions is really depressing.I know, I got set up for false dreams, and steered early to TEACH ART .—BUT I hate teaching that.I went, and got a job teaching COOKING. ART is a bad field to go into and fine art is just a BUSINESS, NOTHING MORE. I should have gone into business. teaching cooking was good, i was lucky I did that.;


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