I was trying to do a jig-saw-puzzle, while CAROLINE had been navigating the incredibly messy, twisted, and choked street and highway system of EUGENE, but  it was rush-hours. During rush hours, nothing moves, so no one bothers to navigate. you just sit in crowds of cars for hours.I always bring a book,and now I was trying jig-saw-puzzles. They were hard!emo21.gif bakstab

“ok. WHAT’S A four letter word for “town”??” I asked.”SHIT,” answered  Caroline, yawning. “AWW, ” I said, “Yer just pissed off cause the city and county is cutting my front of my place off, for a 5-lane highway(again) especially since Lane County did the same thing to my parents, many years ago, and turned it all into shit.” “Yeah, “replied Caroline, breathing in more carbon monoxide then was good for her.”The answer is still shit.”10608.gifredhotrod

“I know,I know,”I replied, “That’s why my doctor had to write a prescription for temporary pain-killer,cause of my massive migraines.” “You haven’t had such migraines, since your dad murdered someone,” she answered, coughing. “I wish you wouldn’t say that outloud,”I mumbled,looking around,”I don’t want anyone to hear that.No one but me probably, knows about that.”  “Too bad he’s not alive,”she hissed,” just to get the Mayor,and city and county govt. members,” –“–and THEN what would we do with him?” I replied, POed.” “Let him loose on the Oregon legislature,” she chuckled.d9ba9003292ee54c1b40c7f989413d67-d4o5ol2badthinkinggif

“You’re irrepressible,” I said, “Don’t you know, you can’t settle all  problems with violence?” “You are right,” she returned, solemly,”It’s only MOST PROBLEMS that get settled with violence.You wanta know how many wars are going on, right now,over the world?” “Too many,” I agreed.”I even got some studying on statistics the other day,” she replied further,”it was about, How are most conflicting arguments in the world decided?” “And?” “It came out a low percentage by laws, and a huge percentage, most, by violence or war.”0014

“Not only that,” she continued,” the higher the population, of any area, the more likely any problem would get analprobe wars will be.–at this point, the predictions say, we’re due for a huge whopping WW3 that will make WW2 look like a cake-walk.” “SHIT.”guns009_2

“‘Yes,” Caroline went on,”And for some reason, LOCAL VIOLENCE gets worse, too.” “That poor guy that killed someone, the other day,” I said,”He was a soldier with bad PTSD.”  “All that happened, was, someone confronted him over a minor thing, & he went ballistic. Shot people.” “UGH, I guess, I better not confront Mayor Pussy, she might be like Hillary.–a past with murder. Women can do it, too, and she gets manic sometimes.” “I wouldn’t call it manic,how bout “maniacal”? “OK, ok, but every time you emailed her, she got hysterical kind of nuts, returning an answer!!”gangster

“I know,” returned Caroline,” so I never asked her a question about the govt,. or anything to do with “public policy,” she bit my head off, like I was attacking her!”  “Like paranoid?” “Absolutely!!I would be afraid to run against her, she digs up tons of dirt about you, in your past, so you have to be PURE to run for office!”1238.gif Tinkerbelle

“I don’t think we should talk about her,”I said, looking around.”Somehow, everything gets “around” in this town.EVERYTHING!” I glanced around, to see what other vehicles were doing; “I don’t feel SAFE saying anything any more!!” I looked closely, at the car in front of us; was he fiddling with his radio, or was that a tape-recorder?”You say the word “bomb” and a big machine, that hears every single thing, in the USA, (I saw a whole science article on it) ,suddenly listens, when it picks up “sensitive words,” like “terrorism,”bomb, ect. and suddenly, you’re on Govt, Candid-Camera-Phone!”google_is_your_friend_sign_by_mirz123-d6m8j22

“That was on old “Outer Limits,”” she corrected me.”NO,” I answered her, “I read it, long ago, its real!! It was in a real. factual article, as truth!!!” “What happened to it?” asked  Caroline, curious.”I don’t know; no one ever said, and the article just vanished. No one talked about it anymore.”I finished.panicatthediscoplz

“Like the cure for Herpes vanished,”said Caroline. “Yes, and the report on what caused breast cancer,”I replied. “And like the info. and witness statements that AZT never worked.” she continued.”–and the cure for cancer vanished, too.” “I only know that YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT, ” I ventured, “and you got no evidence now.” “I never could GET EVIDENCE, “huffed Caroline.”(Is that traffic ahead, finally moving?This is how L.A. used to be, when we visited!”) “IT is L.A.!!!” I growled,”everyone from CALIFORNICATOR MOVED  HERE!!” “yeah, don’t remind me!”super_smash_emotes_by_ville10-d38ms5r

We continued to wait, for traffic to move,.and one of us said,”I HATE THIS FUCKIN’ TOWN!” but the other one said,”We can’t sell our places, in Lane county, for enough money to move somewhere else–” “cause the value of real estate here is so low.”–“AND now the value of any place on RIVER road, will be  even lower.” “–but the value of real estate in Lane county,and EUGENE keeps sinking lower–” “__so we’re not going any where, unless some foreign fool comes along, and mistakenly pays more.” “Aint gonna happen, we’re stuck–” ” –unless we abandon it, and the govt. takes it over, so THEY HAVE TO PAY THE TAXES ON IT.””Absol_la_by_GoldFlareon

we sat silently, trying not to breathe in the floating gasoline;”How low do you think it will go??”one of us asked,”I think there’s no bottom,” the other one said,”But, supposidly everyone is supposed to be moving here??!”  “Well, les see, the Chinese bought up a lot of Detroit, in hopes someday the value would rise.  THAT COULD BE IT!!!OR—everyone moving here is drunk, or on acid.”  “Everyone who moves here, is on SOMETHING; organic vegetables, tofu, environmental-illusions, you name it. We got at least 12 different delusions people here, have, about stuff in Oregon.””–or about life in general.” “That covers just the university of Oregon professors and staff.”_llamaworship__by_caitievoss

“I know what they’re on,” one of us replied; “What?” asked the other.”You’re breathing  it now,”they replied, “GASOLINE INTOXICATION. its like alcohol, only more like LSD, or peyote!! You keep breathing it, everything looks rosy!!!–until it kills you. ” “Hmm..yer right.”auto_wos6.giftwocars

–but traffic ahead was moving, finally, we had to go home, get on oxygon-machines, and remind ourselves, we were so lucky to live here. (cough-cough–…if we didn’t mind the chronic asthma, bronchitis, and cancer, until we two could find SOME WAY to find a place in the USA, that still had AIR.black-car-emoticons-12.giffastcar

–that’s what we USED TO HAVE here. hah hah. 😦    zombie17.gif cloudrain

((SANDRAMINADOTTY, (COUGH-COUGH-COUGH–WHEEZE–in Eugene, Oregon–(WHEEEEEZE!!)  😦    wosautos118.gifpimpgreencarlearner_driver_by_gnogwosautos124.gifoldhumpcarwosautos119.gifpurplpimpcarwosautos127.gifpimpcar


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