Copy of Image1 easter hoppy card


5396.gifyeloflorAWW, SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!!!!5401.gifbluflr

What that means in the Willamette Valley, is gardening shows, lots of rain,(fortunately) Greenies popping up and declaring we should “dump all oil companies, divest ourselves,” refuse coal, and all polluting sources of energy.Eugene and Lane county, should do this, like a real tiny kingdom!! And the University of Oregon wants this, “divest ourselves of coal,oil, ” ect, and use the powerful energy of—????1238.gif Tinkerbelle

Uh–???–Windmills; solar-power-panels;(in a county that has cloud-cover all year long?  Fun!!!); power from ocean waves;(maybe the whales would contribute, by flapping their tails together, to the tune of “Oh,Oregon!!”?) and of course we could squeeze more electricity out our DAMS (where-ever they are??  WHERE are they?) and we could try to generate electricity by floating thousands of yellow rubber-duckies down the Willamette River, attached to hi-tech connections like they use for long distance communications under the ocean.ducksauce-splashducksauce-splashducksauce-splashducksauce-splashducksauce-splashducksauce-splashducksauce-splashducksauce-splashducksauce-splashducksauce-splashducksauce-splash

“This way,” a nice Greenie lady is explaining to me, at the garden show,”No one needs coal or oil any more!!!No more air pollution!!” I ponder this, while she stands so confidently in her Berkinstocks( the new Prada collection) and her hand-made Eileen Fisher organic clothing. WHO is going to tell this to the mammoth oil barons?? eh??I guess they’re just gonna give up, take their marbles, and go home? Oh, sure.I can see that ; when cats fly, and pigs sing opera, I guess.5heo12.gifpigkimono

“Cosi Fan Tutti” or “Lucia Di Lammormor”? (spelling?) My favorite is still “Carmen”, I’m a sucker for unhappy endings.herz.gif jumping heart

“WHO’S going to tell China, to stop using coal?” I ask. Without a pause, this lady smiles,”Everyone will eventually divest themselves of coal, and use SUNLIGHT,as energy!! Of course China will, too!!” “”YOU tell them,” I comment, “I still wanta finish out my few years of crabby-age! I’m not telling that  slave-using bunch, they CAN’T do something they want to do!”‘ But my Greenie friend just smiles, and says, “Oh, dear, you still think so badly of people! People are basically good at heart.”shoot2

“I suppose, “I tell Caroline, as we try to imagine her growing radishes in her back yard, at this same fancy garden show, in Eugene, “that means ISIS is also basically GOOD AT HEARTherz.gif jumping heart, and they didn’t  really  mean to slaughter all those innocent people. Do you ‘spose?” “I would ask  the remaining relatives of those slaughtered innocents , ” she answers, kicking an errant tomatillo, that’s escaped some happy organic grower.”Ask the murdered victims’ left -over family how they feel about the goodness of ISIS. “krasbotkrasbotkrasbotkrasbotkrasbotkrasbotkrasbotkrasbotkrasbotkrasbot

“You think the murdered ghosts would forgive??” I pondered. “Forgive? OH, YEAH, SURE !!” she spat out. Two gardeners turned around, to stare; how dare we mention wars at the garden show? It was minor terrorism; even Obama said that. Bombing Brussels was NO BIG DEAL.  Spring was spronging!  Sprung? Easter and gardens were important.childplay (1)5399.gifbluflowr

Hobbits in the Shire never paid attention to the outside world. Legalizing and growing pot was our main concern! We had to consider Oregon’s  organic, agricultural future, and pot-industry now!   ignore  global forces, and keep contentment in the Shire! “AWWW,”  another greenie chuckled,” Yer paranoid!” I suppose people  who saw Hitler emerging, said something similar. airbornechainsaw

If you ignore war, it’ll go away.eekIMOattack horror04

 ISIS is only a small bunch of crazy terrorists, they could never get us over here.Europe was always stupid, taking in thousands of middle-eastern immigrants to do all their low-paid jobs, and disregarding them,the way southerners disregarded their negro slaves; as if they were chimpanzees trained for lowly jobs & not PEOPLE.Kinda the way China treats THEIR slave-labor now, even chaining some to their work-stations, &  making billions for the New Chinese Economy. bdc61e83aa20d8569dae555c7472a4b2

Considering how much trouble those “Chimps” have brought to the South, AND to the North, you’d think nations would learn this lesson by now.IMPORT WORKERS/SLAVES, and They always bring their problems with them, and THEIRS become YOURS.

Russia, remember Chechnya!serial_killer_by_hsn2555

But the Greenies at this garden show, chatted about how” the fed.govt. still owed  thousands to Oregon and Lane county’s homeless programs! We need that money, what ELSE could you possibly  use all those taxes for? It’s NOT LIKE WE NEED IT FOR WAR!! THERE’S NO THREAT. Stop giving billions to war! “0004

—“ISIS WILL JUST GO AWAY,!”–SAYS PREZ. OBAMA.”GO TO A BASEBALL GAME! GO TO THE GARDEN SHOW! Brussels and Europe is too far away, to worry! “–our Greenie Eugene friends say, who are giving their money to Africa.Africa needs all their money! Not the US.gangstergangstergangstergangstergangstergangstergangstergangstergangstergangstergangstergangstergangstergangstergangstergangstergangstergangstergangster


“Americans can beDesintigrate_Ninja_by_de_Mote so damn dumb, sometimes, ” I mumble to Caroline, disgusted.guns009_2 “Not any more than really dumb Europeans, ” returned Caroline, chuckling.guns008_2“”HOW MANY wars has Europe gone thru? WW1? WW2?  WW3 looming? ” analprobestare “Do you ‘spose elephants and whales could rule  the planet better?” I mused.zombie09.gifhitzom “Only if the whales stayeddeath_ray_by_cookiemagik where they are,” returned Caroline.Cleaning_the_earth_by_hsn2555 “Elephants might compete for LAND,otherwise.” “Do they NEED lots of land?” I asked. “If there were no humans, elephants would gradually multiply,” she answered.”Come to think of it, everything wouldarchery_by_cookiemagik-d4nv7g8 multiply if there were no humans, or only a couple.”discussed she.  We looked at each other; was extinction of humans the answer?paladin.gifknight

Meanwhile,_foosl__falloffofstemlaughing_by_helen_baq gardeners puttered everywhere,5401.gifbluflr disregarding election polls,_allmymoney__by_cmotes-d5l17kq as who ruled the country was of no concern; after all, as Caroline ‘sposed, “ISIS is not6b4e96a2a1e0b15514a77bbf10d071ea-d6u6vwcwalkdog being regarded as an important _fairylove__by_ayelie_stuffthreat, the election games,and players,5397.gifnusun are much more FUN.” “—don’t tell me, the Greenies ignore threats,too.”–That is now the Oregon Way, here in the Shire._free__rainy_day_icon_by_toxic_fox_girl-d6kpkrk

But—My name is NOT FRODO.      😦


(Sandraminadottie, as allergies bloom, and the Shire welcomes Spring; SPRING being THE important thing! “Peace in our time.” said Chamberlin. “Let Hitler have Czechoslovakia, he’ll be satisfiedemotes_cookies_tresure_by_mixedmilkchocolate Not bloody likely, silly Brit!  17724.gifeggpaint     >:O       )………


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