THE WORLD IS OYSTERuntitled paint

(childrens’ painting in 1rst grade)

“I got hacked,”I said to my good buddy, Caroline. “How do you know?” good buddy asked. “They very  politely told me so,”I   replied.sparklysueplz killpikachusterb034

.”THEY TOLD YOU, THEY HACKED YOU?”  horror04.gifmorehorribleharrasshorror Caroline replied..”Yes,”i said, throwing my phone thru the air, barely missing the cat.”‘And since the guy sent me an email, with his email address,.I tried to phone the  cyber-terrorist line, in WA DC, where they  hog all your taxes,WA  DC, HEE HEE!–Get_Away_with_a_Tank_by_madb0y AND when I gave them the guy’s email, the website, and told them the guy got all my personal ID, THE WOMAN ON THE CYBER-TIP-LINE KEEPS HANGING UP ON ME!”_madtyper__by_X_wing9

“Sounds to me,” replied Caroline, looking at the cold rain,”like they aren’t interested in cyber-terrorism. are they?”_lick__by_CookiemagiK

“No, “I said,”do you think I can get comcast to help me?” “They don’t really care,do they”??  “NAHHHH—” I replied glumly..”I think I’ll dump comcast, and go get cheaper Centurylink internet.” “Good idea!!” said Caroline._papaphobia__by_crakaemotes

“–But what about the BOMBS?” i Complained further. “WHAT bombs?” asked my good buddy.BOOM_chtiiik_booom_CHIIK_by_Pixelisto

“The bombs that the cyber-terrorists on Veehd.com, are talking about exploding in the USA?”happycry

“BOMBS going off in the USA?” “Yes, soon,in the future,” I whined. _fuckthis__by_crakaemotes

“didn’t you tell them that?” asked a disturbed Caroline.  angryhedbombedboese020

“I told them, the veehd.com cyber-terrorists stole all my id!!!” i whined some more. “Why should they care” “Hey, I pay their taxes!!” Caroline said,”Stop doing that!!”  ohhhh.gifscareeyes

“Stop doing what? calling the cyber-crime hot line?” piano_mote_by_indigojelly

.”No, stop paying them taxes!!!!” replied Caroline.  girl-says-no-no-smiley-emoticon

“Good idea, my ID got ripped off, my bank acct. got stolen, i don’t have taxes -money now!!” “They’ll throw you in prison,” said Caroline.” “Well, can’t get water outta a stone,” I whined.chopwoodsmiley-chores017

“It’s ok, everything is going to get bombed, remember?”  “Oh, yeah, guess they don’t wanta know,”I whined. “Especially since, aren’t they—?”  “Yeah, bombs on the rose garden, too, forgot to tell em that.” “Its ok, guess someone will notice that.Maybe so.why tell em??”free_shrugs____plz_by_sparklydest-d4qm3si

“Yeah, i can’t report a bad terrorist crime to WA DC, not like they’re listening!!”  “No, NOT like they listen, why tell them anything?” 125.gifpandatree

“Ok, when the bombs go pop, can I say,”I tried to tell you so”??”  “Yes, give em a razzz!!!”candy_store_freak_out_by_rythemguy-d3a69fh

“Why do you suppose that Boston marathon bombing happened anyway?”  “Someone tried to tell em about that one, too. blah!! they’ll find out any how.”  bill_cipher_emoticon_by_krackat_emoticon-d9azjfo

“Don’t you hate having a huge big govt.?”  “I do, and i hate paying for it, i’m going to hang up on the IRS!!!   BYE, IRS!!!”assassins_creed_by_kath602-d6jcp01

(BYE, WA DC!!!  STOP hanging up on us all, you assholes!!!)  we’re hanging up on you. >:) m1605.gifhorsekik.

(sandraminadotty stops phoning in any more terrorist tip lines, you too?)klink_by_creepyjellyfish-d7a49fu

at_war_by_web5ter-d52dde3..killthatwithfire.whipschain angrytv338   _throwknifes__by_Caeser1993  Unusual_Flying_Objects___UFO_by_madb0y (1)   borg_assimilation_faces


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