It was right before Xmas; I had sent no cards, except “E-cards” cause I no longer made them.And someone from the Lane County care-givers dept. had stolen  my old, expensive metal watercolor  set. Wow!!  She was introduced by a friend,I made her a cuppa coffee, and when I turned my back to use the bathroom, she was gone and so were all my expensive watercolors. 

It was an Oregon problem; theft, burglary, bad computer repair. Even hopped-up-on-drugs- computer repairman. It was an “Oregon-situational problem.” A nice way to say that Lane County and Eugene were full of low-bred, poor and itchy fingered denizens. You had to be very careful who you let in your house or apt.

And those were just the University students. The HOMELESS had their own currency; your bicycle, if you left it outside your house or in public. This I was told by an LTD bus driver.

“I wish you would say something positive about Eugene,” one person in the group complained.”OK, I positively wish I was living in Springfield,”I answered. “No one will give me a decent price for my place.”  “That bunch of tiny new houses next to you,” said Carolin,” are all sold except for one or two; and a tiny land plot is going for $75. They can’t sell em all, and they are cheap.” 

“You just named my problem,”I answered, swilling milk;”no one wants to live in Eugene now.They all are moving to Springfield.”  “Me for Nova Scotia!!” said one gin-drinker.”Its been upscaled-price wise,”  I  said.”Try a struggling cheaper state, maybe Southern.” “How about an island??” another one said, swilling fruit juice. “That, “I answered ” is hard cause the ocean being higher & the hurricaines, is drowning em all.  Islanders are fleeing.”

“South America is inundated by Europeans and Asians, where is there left to flee to, that’s not over-populated and expensive?” another fruit-drinker asked.”Nowhere; there’s no secret places on earth;  i’d live in a big desert if I could. Eugene is a main-fleeing-point.” I replied.—“And fled FROM, TOO, “commented fruit-drinker #1.”It’s this “brave new world”, all nations connected,by business,money,products, economies, and the Web.”I yawned. “There’s no place to leave it all behind; even Romania is gentrifying. the eastern-European nations are expensive and fled-to.”

Our little leisure group of Eugene women,. fruit-drinkers, milk, gin, and coconut milk grew quiet.But the planet was NOISY;TOO noisy. Unstable, and invading each other.The Russians invaded their neighbors. The Americans invaded the Middle-east; ISIS was invading Turkey, and trying to invade Europe; (and doing it,too) California  and NYC  invaded the Pacific Northwest; OR invaded Utah and the Chinese invaded Idaho, and dozens of other states, buying up all the land.

Foreign powers’ millions invaded the Clinton charity fund, and powerful Asian nations secretly invaded the US govt. and forced it into “deals.” ???  Don’t ask me,I’m not the fly on the wall!! Ask your local democrat-leader, and ask them How much they sold us out for.

Meanwhile, speaking of selling,  because of the forced gun control laws, Americans were buying weapons and ammo like crazy.Even moderate Liberals were buying hand-guns.  Obama was so impotent in leadership, everyone in the USA was SCARED. OBAMA was green-oriented, but not oriented to ACTION. He could dish it out, but he couldn’t take it, or DO IT, either.


Someone said that last remark, and we all started giggling. “Do you realize that Obama was the scrawny kid in school, all the ball-players beat up on? And no one would probably date him? — But he was probably the king of the Debating club, cause he was so good at it; TALKING? He could convince a rattle-snake not to bite him??—and them go behind the snake,and chop off it’s TAIL?”  one person said. HAH HAH HAH went the group. I choked on my milk.

“Yes,” I finally replied,”and we elected him PREZ?? of the country?”

That abruptly sobered us all up.

“Aren’t we going to discuss “God and the Creator” tonight?” one member asked. “Why” replied fruit-#2; “Who cares what’s doing it all? makes no diff!!” “We planned on talking about what God really is,” replied the other. “Better to just ACCEPT IT, ” replied #2,” admit life is bad, tragic, mean, and there are no happy endings. you die, its over.The End. And before you die, life stinks. NO happy endings  either.””Now that i’m old,” I replied, “The only reason for living is not to desert my poor cat. I’m her 2nd old owner.”

“But there  must be SOME REASON we’re here on the planet,” said the other-not-#2. “I know that one,” I raised my hand” to destroy it!” HAR DE HAR HAR!! “wELL, WE’RE ACCOMPLISHING THAT,” SNICKERED cAROLIN,”lOOK AT THE WORLD; LOOK AT eugene —!!!”  duh.  😦  “Don’t you want to belie4ve in a God?” continued our optimist.”Why?? He sure screwed over most folks on earth; and a lot of poor animals too!!! God is a cruel fucker!” replied our realist.”When you die, you’ll go badly, probably in horrid pain, or in a pile of yer shit,or without your brain!!!”

We stared at her;”I don’t wanta remember my mom’s death,” said one.”I gave her a ton of painkillers,and brandy to wash it down;she couldn’t do anything any more.She was suffering.” “That’s horrible,” said, the optimist”.”No,” replied the kind one,”We made a deal; Her kids would not let her  starve to death,in pain,in a rest home,alone.Rest homes have no mercy.   We both, my sister and I, took turns taking care of her.  She made us promise to help her,when time came.” “I have my yew tree all picked out,”I replied.”___if I can find a good nursery with one.”

They all looked the question at me. I just smiled. “Don’t worry,” I said,” We ARE discussing our subject.”

And with that, the whole group had a big shot of gin, even the tea-totalers. After all, we were all kinda OLD, we needed it.

“You think Oregon will win against Corvallis?” asked the optimist, suddenly. “Hah, now yer talkin’!!” said fruit-#2,”THAT is an IMPORTANT subject!!!” 

And that;s what we discussed, finally, the important things.–the real ones. Not God, not Heaven, not philosophy, but things right now; the only thing that DOES exist.


(Sandraminadotty, stuffed full of coconut milk, coconut-BUTTER–and hot ,dark chocolate—-for which I am thankful!!!   🙂     )


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