OK, here is a straight information. A long time ago, there used to be really, real,  free movie websites on the web._drunkbummy__by_meninasuitcase

– – that means, “there USED TO BE.” There no longer are. They have either all been taken down, or they exist in this kind of situation;checking_the_recipe_by_ravenswd

there are torrents, which are pretty risky at best because you are asked to download them all without knowing what is on and then it gets into your computer. That is why torrents are very, very risky. And if you are lucky enough to find a site of torrents that are really honest, they do not last for very long. And there’s no way you’re going to get any free new movies.also, torrents are very tricky and you have to get the right software to download torrents and then to find the website that actually have real torrents and are not a bunch of jerk mall ware or viruses.otter_bounce_by_jeanawei1234-d53jru2

also, there are websites that Seem to be free; they are fakes. You always have to give them your credit card, before you can watch anything. This is absolutely 100% necessary. And you should not do it. You are going to get conned! So all of those very modern and even the on modern websites that tell you, you can get free movies, are all LIES. Absolutely LIES. Especially the ones you find on Google, they’re all lies. And that even includes YOUTUBE, especially! There used to be free movies on YouTube but, no more. Now all you will get is advertisements.gravity___stamp_by_mdkofdoom

You will also findwebsites that have collections of so-called “best free websites” and then when you go to those websites. They tell you about, they are NOT FREE. Those are sponsors that are telling you, they are free websites and they are, once again, NOT FREE. There are NO FREE MOVIES anywhere, even on project TV. That’s over with. Also.flyinglove

I can also add that there wants WAS, or WERE, quite a few real genuine free movie websites and they are either over with, or they are impossible to find anything on, because there whole database is hidden from all sides, so that the Fed cannot take them off. However, what happens to this is, YOU cannot find any movies on there either! There are no film or movie indexes! Two of these are; stage vu, and Veehd.com. Neither one of these have any index, or anyway of finding movies inside their databases.EmoTeV_by_Sinister_Starfeesh

They are all HIDDEN._secretlaugh_by_sml_e – – IF there actually are any watchable movies on their. That is debatable. So you would have to be an extreme techie, , to invade those sites databases, just to find out what is on their.you would probably need extra special hacker tools. And you would have to be extra special hackerKill_em_all just to get in there and see what movies are in their. I sure cannot do it, and I am very familiar with both of these websites.there is also “project TV”arhh, 1161.gif Ontvwhich no longer has anything on, and is also riddled by block up ad blocking everything. Also, “Alluc.com”llama which also used to be a good movie website.the other old time religion pirate website is, “pirate Bay.com”pirateattack or “pirate Bay.org”panlong-dragonand it also has a nonnegotiable, completely hidden database,free_avi___sleepingmoon_by_seiorai-d2ahcwv and is questionable whether there is actually anything on their anyhow.there is also one that used to be very prolific and obviously it is called “putlocker.,com”shifty however, the only one left, has practically nothing on it, and it also has very aggressive mall where and blocking ads.Cream_and_Racoongirl_emoticon_by_zimpy222.

Google search engine will not tell you of any actually free movie websites anymore. They are blocking all of them, if there are any left. Which I doubt.confuse

The only thing left is, CHINA. rainbowflowerzChina has their own free movie websites most of it is in Chinese. Not all of it;Tudoc or Tudo, or Tudou, (that last one is correct) does have movies but how are you going to find them.omg If they are in Chinese? Yes, the people who have free movie websites left are probably China and India.Fella_Go_Boom_by_de_Mote Good luck. Most of it’s not in English or American made.

so, I am sorry to burst your bubble, but if I cannot go on.shakefist(1) There, on the web and find free movie sites anymore, which actually have support, websites with real movies on them, they don’t have mall where that’s going to kill your computer,_intardnet__by_leoleonardo then there aren’t any. Believe me I am pretty certain, and I have just about ground everything to a fine mush, looking all over the web for hours. There may be a few very tiny_escapingsuperllama__by_meninasuitcase little sites which brag about having movies, but even that is debatable. They are mostly fan sites– – which means they are talking about and celebrating the movies, but they don’t have any real links to them and they don’t have any real copies of them.omfg___emote_by_mdkofdoom

there are also a few free “private movie club websites.”78b5e0709fbf12841b76049293b3a2d6-d6hdnrj Which still claim, to have free movies on them or links to them, but if they don’t have the actual movies on the site, there are not any links left to other sites which really have the movies._filmaddict__by_vanmall

Mostly missing now, are any actual websites that actually CONTAIN the movies THEMSELVES. ahhThey have all been shut down or they have been surrounded with mall ware and viruses and FBI and Corporation roadblocks.however, you can find a few of these; “antique movies websites with a few antique movies on them.” stamp_collection_by_krissi001-d671pp5 There are couple of them, but they are very limited and you are going to have to like black and white very old, rather badly filmed often, old movies. That’s it. There are very, very old movies available, a few, which are out of copyright. There are a few archives, but they are very limited. I could probably count them on one hand, or half of one hand.you would be much better off getting a subscription on cable TV to Turner classic movies.signsorry

these are all the situations of free movies or very2unsure free torrents, that I know about, and they are extremely slim, even those few. Watch out for “solar movie”,Smiley PC you can get your computer and trapped and not be able to do anything about it but close down your computer and hope for non-injury.hyper_glomp_by_soulnova

Most of us have got used to the idea that online and on the web, shithappens   walk_by_sackofsquan-d5w8ix7there are no free lunches anymore. There are also no free movies, aside from something that you would want to watch anyway, or is completely unwatchable noir in form. We suggest that you get familiar with your local movie theaters,hardrockangel and Netflix,Mac_Love_by_Furatix and especially cable TV movie03  happycry or satellite TV.

Let’s face it, you’re going to have to PAY sob TO WATCH MOVIES NOW.this is not the  movie01.gif spaceman sml world 60s and the 70s  suneye.gif beatnik or even the 80sfeelingfreeplz anymore. All of that is over.needpillsplz – – – The managementknittingfda0c8fdffc0b3d280cc94dbb4ebb4cd-d684tte

Emote_in_an_other_world__Candy_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate (1)play_time_by_cookiemagik (1)i_haz_found_a_treasureee_by_seiorai-d30dknmemote_forces___king_vs_specz_by_madb0y-d2yfji9Birds_____hate_them_by_Furatix


About WhatToDoWhileThePlanetDies

Eugene,Oregon,home of the U. of Oregon,is a dissolute,gay,hippie,broke, jobless, crime and drug-ridden courupt little no-account town, bulging with fleeing Californicators, who have pushed the natives out,done to Oregon what they did to cali; trashed it. the horrible grid-lock traffic, smog,bad freeways full of accidents have turned it into decayed Detroit.Everyone is broke, there are no jobs,it's left-wing extreme-fanatic crazy, and there are constant political conflicts.Oppression and stifiling city hall crooks fleece the citizens of taxes, it;s the Macon Georgia of the pacific northwest.Anyone who can, leaves.Landowners can't sell, they're stuck.Even the Nazi party would call it Hell.Willamette Valley has the worst pollen,smog,allergies, in the world.Nature and Man are out to get you here, welcome to Oregon!The trash-heap of the United States!

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