(video of how Sarah Jessica Parker Made millions, killing womens’ feet)

the above video, shows the Queen of Manolo Blahnik killer high-heels, Sarah Jessica Parker of “sex and the city”,who personally made millions off of getting women to murder their feet in damaging high-heels, and never gave it a second thought, being told by her doctor she also damaged her own feet.dancedanceplz

well, maybe there is justice in the world after all! Let’s just hope the balls of her feet, and her hammer toes, and her bunions give her as much PAIN, so she can’t sleep nights, or walk, or eventually haul out the electric wheelchair, or the power chair  (which cost thousands of dollars a piece,) just like the rest of us have had to do!_crying__rvmp_by_bad_blood

hey, Sarah Jessica! FEEL THE BURN! And FEEL THE EXCRUCIATING PAIN!againjasonkills

– – you BIMBO!anotherheartattackagainover!cid_20130424020556_13094maild0@gmx

the problem is, women with damaged feet go all the way back to the 50s and 60s, and 70s. Because MALE shoe manufacturers, and MALE shoe designers, go all the way back to the 50s, at least. When I was tromping around in baby high heels, in the 60s, they were already bad, it was like wearing a torture chamber by a Chinese sadist, who decided that American women were ALSO going to have their feet bound and destroyed!screamingzombie3

you can ask a lot of baby boomer women, who grew up wearing more moderate heeled high heels, but already knew that the shape, construction of those high heels were already so convoluted, that simple pumps pushed and shoved the feet bones and flesh into box– like, constricted and warped contraptions, simply because “your feet will be pretty.”lovepowerplz

And we all fell for it, because, in the United States, women are supposed to be PRETTYwowwowowwmonth0307 and SEXY, in able to survive, and look sexy and pretty enough to get a husband. Or just a man. But did men have to do that to their feet?The_Magician_by_Eres_Graph

NO, men did not have to torture and mutilate their feet, to attract women. Men merely INVENTED and MANUFACTURED torture chambers for women’s feet, and they also loved to make very cute, pretty, and also damaging CHEAP FLATS for us to wear.flats were also pretty and feet –destroying, and we girls graduated into women wearing women’s pumps and higher heeled shoes eventually.Cupid__Bookend_by_Momma__G

I knew one girl, who grew into a woman, who actually saved her feet. My sister.she rejected high heels or cute cheap pretty flats for girls and women, and instead wore sneakers and huarache sandals.in other words, she took care of her feet a lot better than the rest of us, by being a nonconformist, because she wasn’t all that fanatical about nailing a guy or a husband, and it saved her.miserable

But not me; I was the favorite of our dad, and I wanted to please guys.I wanted to look PRETTY. Even though my parents wanted me to wear sneakers also, and those saddle oxfords, that were very stylish but not very pretty, I wanted to start wearing PRETTY SHOES.when my whole eighth grade class went to the capital of California, Sacramento, and toured the whole legislature, and made a big day of it, I did the same thing as the other girls, I wore some very cute little high heels.269.gif asianladyumbrella 

The truth was, it did not make me any more attractive to all the guys around me.nobody jumped on my bandwagon, because my long skinny feet were trussed up in  square boxes with heels on them.it just didn’t work. At that stage of my life, I was very unpopular, I was too smart, I made too good grades, and I just hung out with my girlfriends during lunchtime.so all that.shoe-designers’, MadMen advertising,7193hearts and greedy shoe manufacturers’evil_smile.gif hoppy spiel never worked anyway.

It was all a big,  greedy, female- shoe manufacturing CON-GAME.blanksexplz

what it really did was, made all the madmen,_shakenet__by_kath602-d3i6z1b male shoe designers, ani07.gif wizardand shoe manufacturers filthy rich. And it eventually led me as an adult, to be very addicted to superhigh heels, high heels with platforms, and imported “Spanish Passion” sexy stilettos that I wandered around San Francisco streets in, beginning the damage to my feet, that would haunt me already during my 40s. It probably actually started even in my 30s.b2d0c2398d097199c3060de157090b5d-d4poqqdcutie

I wore high heels with miniskirts, I wore them with hot pants to stupid singles dances, and I wore them to work, where I walked quite a few blocks, all the way, thinking that it was good for my health. AND, that I finally looked sexy.37.gif whitekitty

But, to tell the bloody truth, it never did me any good during my whole life. It didn’t change the trajectory of mydygel love life, or my success with men,heartbreaker nor did it actually make me any sexier.yes, guys looked at my legs, because I had great legs then. But as early as my 40s, my feet were already going into the graveyard of bone pain, hammer-toes, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and early arthritis in the balls of my feet, and the whole length of my sole.emo23.gifrolleyes

never mind looking sexy or cute! Already, I could NOT WALK!125.gifpandatree

it’s so hard to admit just how stupid _grievingly_by_sml_eand fucking idiotic, you are when you’re a young woman,5401.gifbluflr and all the male shoe designers,2heo124.gifpigcar male shoe manufacturers, and madmen encouraged you to be that way.women’s Lib came, but it never mentioned our feet. OUR FEET, which would cost a lot of money, with really good doctors, to treat and fix, and if you didn’t have all that good insurance and plenty of money and support, you could not get it!

I really became a LAME DUCK. noirLiterally.at one point it first, I sat in my apartment, for six months at a time, in a wheelchair just so I could get around the flat, just to survive.I did not have the money and support, and a well-to-do husband, to get me special shoes, and treatment, and that’s what really counted if you got hurt._jigglypuffattack__by_Edme

So to all you girls out there, who intend to wear high heels, and constricting women’s pumps, and cheap flats,  until you’re 40 and 50, you better have plenty of MONEY5397.gifnusun and good MEDICAL INSURANCE. You’re going to need it!ambulance

because if you’re just an average girl or woman, and you’re not really rich, those damaged feet are going to STAY DAMAGED.ff39.gif sick And believe me, your feet will HURT like HELL. It’s the most sensitive part of a woman’s body, and if she damages her feet, she may as well commit suicide right then and there. You’re going to be in hellfire!onfire

 Every day I see young women, starting to do the same thing. In fact, I tell them, when they see me using a cane, ani08.gif livewheelchr limping along, sometimes having to use an old power chair, because I cannot walk very long distances anymore, or dance,love09.gifghostsad or go out hiking,fool109.gifcryfoolgirl

“Honey, do you really want to be stuck like this, at my age? And I’m only in my 60s! You really want to wear all those wonderful fashionable high heels that make you look sexy, or would you rather just be able to WALK?fancydanceplz.giftea

“because you’re going to have to make that choice NOW! Yes, it starts when your feet are young, and it doesn’t get any better if you keep wearing those rotten, fucking high-heels and lousy women’s shoes!OH,, and also those stupid fucking shoes DON’T really make yourff49.gif littlkiss LOVE LIFE all that much better! LIES!emplllama

“in your 40s and 50s, and 60s you still might want to go out dancing, or walking, or hiking, and similar athletic pursuits. And you won’t be ABLE TO, because you wrecked your son of a bitchin’ God damn FEET!”ban

” when you’re 40 or 50 or 60, you’ll look back at your life and say, animal07.gifcutebear“why the hell did I ruin my feet, so I can’t walk now,without killing pain, just cause I wanted to look SEXY and PRETTY for a bunch of idiot guys I probably didn’t care about anyway!?”(maybe my feet were a lot more important than I thought, after all.)__Is_that____candy____by_Nayelianne

and now, you find out that the American Medical Association, doesn’t care that much about your feet, you damaged them, and you’re not filthy rich so you can get good medical treatment. Medicare doesn’t get you anywhere. Neither does most medical insurance.maybe if you are blahblahMrs. Bush. Or fool96.giffoolheartsMrs. Kennedy. Or even invisible Mrs. Gore! And definitelybounce Mrs. Obama. The art and skill of podiatry is mostly a big fake. You end up having to go to a orthopedist, and assorted medical personnel, and they want MONEY, and plenty of it._fliptable__by_ledmaiden-d4o5qb0

I suggest that all you girls take good care of your feet, because America does not have very Advanced medical treatment for feet. You can’t even get real RUBBER PADDING10550b711df1c92774cc72449b4b2b25.gifdoggieto put in your shoes to absorb the  shock of walking. The most you can get, is to buy “air – support athletic shoes” and Dr. Scholl gel sole inserts, and that still doesn’t do anything for the damage.Hello Kitty Smileys ~ Smileydesignevi

American doctors don’t like women’s feet; 0115_by_Adserothey don’t really like ANY FEET. They consider it below them. pretty  far below! Like, in Hades.emo21.gif bakstab and they don’t often come out, and tell women NOT to wear high heels and bad women’s shoes. So much for honesty among men!at least not for WOMEN.fool28.gif poiintblame

 And podiatrists only cut-toenails and watch them grow.you’re better off with a Haitian witch Dr.brazensix

face it, in the scheme of attraction of the opposite sex, your feet are just not important.ff21.gif drunk

–unless you want to keep them in good enough shape so you can WALK!!smiley-chores016.gifwalk

(Sandraminadotty,_cooking__ in Eugene, Oregon, planning my _cannon_trip to Haiti, along with 6103.gifhelokittyDonna Karen and 5heo12.gifpigkimonoBill Clinton, to raise money & save brazensixHaiti from itself. We all plan to wear YSL gladiator-sandels or Manolo Blanik “Flatties-Not-For-Fatties” cute_robot___free_avvie_by_r0se_designs-d4ki7adgifnew super-skinny calf leather flip-flops, (with diamond-details)5403.gifflowr cause they are SO COMFYact10.gifhug for wandering thru burning collapsed buildings_angry__by_CookiemagiK (1) and huts.)  🙂   blowkissDARLING!_love__by_cookiemagik-d35xgjx  KISS-KISS! _granny__rewamp_by_MenInASuitcase act13.gifbumpcrazy….


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