37.png fall in oregon

(Mighty tree painted by my old, volunteer artist in Oregon, Eugene)

As much as we would like to believe that Eugene Oregon,loves trees and the environment, we old residents here, (and new residents also,)  are beginning to doubt that. For all the yelling and screaming, and “cheerleading” of all the ecology and environmental bunch here, there doesn’t seem to be much appearance of them in a crisis. They just seem to disappear deep into the woods, and don’t make a peep.crazy.gif hopy

could they be RATS instead of ducks?or maybe WEASELS? very likely.tongue.gif hoppy

Or maybe they don’t really like trees are all, they just like to “MOUTH – OFF” environmentalism and ecology stuff, and when it comes to showing up for the hard work, they disappear like cute little mice into the underbrush, and don’t make a peep._treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206_treehugger___reupload_by_Rebel2206

I guess that makes them CHICKENS instead of  DUCKS, DOESN’T IT? Yes it certainly does.shiftyeyess

Carolyn and I were at the local meeting of the “River Road residents against EMX tree removals” which was a very recent group, meeting in somebody’s home in the River Road region. Surprisingly, there almost wasn’t enough room in the living room of the house, it was stuffed full of very angry people. Not all of them were seniors, enough of them were youngsters, and even new arrivals.”I was not against the EMX,” said one lady, angrily,” but now I am! This is ridiculous! We came to Eugene and this county, particularly because of all the gorgeous TREES, and the environment,, and it was such a nice town. But now it’s being ripped apart!”conflict_resolution_by_a_kid_at_heart-d7jklcv

Carolyn and I looked at each other, because we were longtime residents here. “I hate to tell you this,” I said to the lady, calmly, “but you’re going to have a hard time KEEPING it that way, you have a very rotten local government, and it’s only going to get worse.Lane County and the city of Eugene, are being bribed by big developers, and paid off, and they’re doing anything they like. And, they don’t like trees. You should probably speak to our wonderful local commissioners, our wonderful Mayor, and the rest of our wonderful local government. If you can get an appointment with them, in their new City Hall.”_graveyard__by_PpAtRyKk

“What about all these environmentalists that are supposed to be here?” Asked another person. “What are they doing? Isn’t the University of Oregon legal school, don’t they have a annual environmentalists conference here? Aren’t they SUPPOSED to be big at that? But they let their own town get torn into shreds? I don’t get this! What is up with this stupid dumb town?”__pyro___by_Tobasko

“well,” I answered the person,” you are right about one thing; it is a stupid dumb town._Fishing__by_DEVlANT“I didn’t add that it was similar to living in a small town in the deep South, like Georgia, or Mississippi, it was a one horse town, and nobody else could ride it, and the voters all had to walk. Of course, similar to the deep South, it was overwhelmed by Democrats ,_fart__by_Servial but these here were liberals, and somehow that seemed to fit. Maybe Republicans were just as bad, but boy, those liberals, I guess they were pretty much the same. No diff!_fart__rvmp2_by_bad_blood

“all talk – squawk squawk!”and CHICKEN to the core.chickendanceplz

“what are we going to do about this?” Asked another person, to the meeting. “I’d love to sue the ass holes, but I’d have to get my attorneys in California, none of the Oregon legalese would take the case. Not locally. Or I’d have to go up to Seattle to get some.”constipated The other members nodded in accord.”if we did do it should be altogether, in a big fat class action case. Those are the most successful.” said somebody else, who looks slightly attorney-ish.angered

there was plenty of gossiping and mumbling, and further talk, and the meeting took a long time, until it disbanded.nothing concrete absolutely was planned, except that our attorney-ish friend was going to check with the University of Oregon law school, and see why they always kept their noses out of this.library

Here they were, in Eugene, and the only trees they really cared about, were the ones that were carefully manicured on the campus itself.the rest of the town could pretty much go to hell, what the heck? It’s not like the University of Oregon was actually PART of Eugene. It just happened to BE THERE, on that particular soil._dancing_queen__by_Sneffy

oh, and yes, the good old LTD had decided to plant NEW TREES,_blowkiss__by_Stupidfryman and then wait 30 or 50 years to see if they actually grew up.considering that we had a permanent drought here, and new trees were going to have to be watered by hand constantly, maybe all the churches should get together and pray like HECK for rain rain rain! Of course, they could’ve avoided cutting all the OLD trees, that were easily 30 to 50 years old, and were “historical remnants” of a bygone Eugene, that actually appreciated trees, and made its living off of them.Spiky_icon___O_O_by_chiyuko

Carolyn and I decided to go off to old_hat_by_jamal1-d18kb4aindulge ourselves in our sorrow, because we could SEE Eugene Oregon and this County getting so much like California, and ruining itself right into the pits.now all those areas of very old trees, that always gave us new oxygen to breathe, would be gone, and we’d get as polluted as Los Angeles, with tons and tons of concrete and asphalt, and paved over ground.and if it did rain,lickitung__la__plz_by_litecrush-d3c6hfait would all turn into FLOODS just like California was doing._shower__by_MenInASuitcase (1)

OH, SHIT, how come we had to get like paved over areas of good old Calli? The very WORST areas of Calli?_lick__by_CookiemagiK

only in Eugene, Oregon, the HIP,dance ECOLOGICAL, “TRADER-VICS’ CUSTOMERS,shakefist HIPPIES, LIBERAL-smokingDEMOCRATS,eager(1) -ORGANIC-FARMERS REGION, could you find such WEENIES and cowards, who refuse to go against the LTD EMX  TREE REMOVALS!!  Lasergun_hoax_by_Furatix

WHY? The_Apple_by_phillyzero Cause liberals here are SO RIGHTEOUS, there’s no room for TREES in their philosophy; to them, trees are symbolic, like images on the computer, but fighting to keep them in Lane county is “too un-hip a thing to do,” and “not politically fashionable.” WOW. “ORGANIC PRODUCE! biggrin THAT is “fashionable.”

“You wanta go out to the forest, this weekend, and shoot empty-tin-cans?” said Caroline, while we slurped ice cream.”Yeah,” I answered.”I need the practice too. You never know, some LTD Administrator might get in my way some time, and I wanta be able to shoot straight. Law of the Old West. If it looks like a rat, acts like a rat,and squeaks like a rat, you treat it like a rat!  And I hate rats.” Angry_Mob_by_Sinister_Starfeesh 

Caroline’s big fat yukking-laugh made me feel a lot better. At least one person in Eugene Oregon got  my respect.

(Sandraminadotty, in chicken-shit, tree-less Mississippi-bound Eugene, OR   🙂 )… ..   🙂


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