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AHEM: hi, and welcome to my stupid blog again. If you read the previous installment, about my old senior artist friend, who often does volunteer art for my blog here, you know that she recently got hacked on an international website called Veehd.com, which is pretty much a fan website for movie lovers to discuss movies. And they have a FORUM, called “chit chat” that’s very tempting to chat and socialize on.

There a lot of very nice people to talk to, on this website, my friend says. Which is the problem; there are also hackers on this website, who illegally hack other websites, she says,and are members of “pirate Bay.com” which is reputed to be a bunch of Internet hackers.

So that the problem; you have no idea online , WHO is a nice guy chatting online, and WHO is a hacker,WHO is going to hack your whole website art, off “2draw.net”, illegally, which is supposed to be a software protected site, for artists. And according to my friend, ALL of her account and artwork, was hacked off,on “2draw.net” by this guy called”Pompoy” (she relates) and posted on to the website “Veehd.com”, right in front of her, to everyone else.

how did he get into her software protected account, on “2draw.net” which is protected from that, and protected by the password?

Easily.she related that, in 2 seconds, he was into her Internet isp, via Comcast,AND had everything out, and that was the end of it. She had to go on to the art site and delete all of her account and her name and everything and exit the site permanently. She also had to get off the website called Veehd.com, get rid of that account completely, and get off their permanently never to return.

Even though there were other nice people on there, they never did anything about the BAD people on their or ever got rid of them. apparently there were two groups of people on that site; very nice people, and another group called THE HACKERS who were VERY NASTY PEOPLE, who often destroyed members of the nice group, and dump them off the site completely.

so there is one thing that is obvious;I have never been a member of a website, that had two groups of people who attacked and destroyed each other, without ultimately destroying the whole website.  It is not possible.

Every single website I have ever seen, that had horrible conflict, and fighting, destroyed its self.

and another thing is very obvious about Americans who go online; we are vastly stupid about the rest of the world and its people.

PR of social media are constantly trying to brainwash us, telling us to go online and meet our fellow man, even if they’re from other countries, get to know them and make friends. And, after you’ve done this you find out, other countries hate our guts. people in the SAME COUNTRY hate our guts.

if you’re an American, you’ve been brainwashed to think that everybody in the rest of the world is the same, like you, and you should feel sorry for them. And our government does that! It gives billions of dollars to the rest of the world, shamelessly while people here starve.

 I had explain to my artist friend who’s beginning to discover this. “Dear, you are a very nice person, but the rest of the world is not like you. Even on your funny little website,there are people who hate your guts,because of your politics,OR they hate you because you ARE a nice person!

” they would actually hack into the same account, of another member,& they don’t think like you. They don’t think “if you are another member, I would not violate your personal art site, and hack into a private art website like “3draw.net”.”


“dear,you cannot go online, and tell anyone anything about yourself. Don’t do it.don’t go onto one of those dumb friend making websites, and fill out a profile, tell them what you like, what country you’re living in, and even what state you’re living in. Bull shit.

“DON’T MAKE FRIENDS ONLINE. No matter what social media tell you, DON’T DO IT.

“people in the rest of the world do not have your morals. Not even on the same website! Supposedly, you’re supposed to be nice to the other people .

“but The way they think is, they can do absolutely anything they want, to anybody on the rest of the website. And there’s no body, like the owner of the website to stop them. There is no moderator there is no law and order.from what you’ve told me, it’s a completely hostile website and dangerous to go on.”– just like the WORLD is.

“it’s like all the traffic driving on the freeways and highways in Eugene Oregon; no law and order, no traffic cops, anybody can do anything and break the laws, and no one does anything about it.so driving here is infinitely dangerous. People do it because they’re very anonymous inside their cars, just like the INTERNET, and they can get away with it.”

that is the problem with Americans in the global community.they just don’t get it. They don’t understand the rest of the world,online,  they think they can get along with a few of them, on a dumb website, just by being a nice guy.

speaking of being a nice guy, there is a big myth that “good people have good things happen to them.” That is a huge lie perpetuated by some stupid book called “chicken soup”.


In fact, the truth has always been that good people are more vulnerable to evil, because they’re nice people.that is the PRICE of being a good person. It is the BAD, truly EVIL PEOPLE who are not  vulnerable. They are  cautious,they are more suspicious, and they’re ready to blow you away.they know, that the world is very dangerous  and they are a lot more careful. That’s why the world is mostly ruled by evil and bad people. (Including the United States now.)

it is a lot more difficult to destroy a  bad evil person, then it is a good person. Look at Isis. Look at all the really horrible despicable ,evil people in the world. Look at how hard it was to get rid of them. Very  hard. Usually, it was their own problems that got them killed off. – Not the efforts of the good.

often, it was other,  powerful evil people, who got rid of them! – you had to be just as powerful as they were.example, people in the Amish community, are so nice and good, it’s very easy to go, and kill a bunch of them.they are very vulnerable and they don’t retaliate.

I had to explain to my artist friend, “Being nice to someone else is no guarantee, that they are going to act the same way to you. “There is no good deed that goes unpunished.”

that is the big problem of we Americans online in the global community; we still think that the rest of the world thinks like us.”we are all basically the same,everywhere, and everybody is basically good.”

We are brainwashed into thinking, we should go over to west Africa, and Dr. there Ebola. We should go over to Africa, and feed them, and fix all their problems.we should go over to Haiti,  fix all of their unfixable problems. 

 But if you’re an American, who really has a head on his shoulders, you know that it’s just as bad to be poor here, as it is over there. It’s just as bad to be in poverty, and be a poor people over here, as it is in Africa.



that is a big fat liberal lie. Liberalism is fast going out of style in the United States, because basically it doesn’t work.and one of the worst things that could happen to United States, is all this online globalism, that makes us think that we could communicate easily with everybody everywhere.

But the Internet is NOT SAFE. Trying to make friends with people you don’t know online  is not SAFE.you get lulled into a nice cozy perception, that it’s safe and then you get HACKED.

I had to tell my artist friend,”dear, go to the local senior citizens depository, I mean, senior center, and try to make friends with them. At least, if they’re unfriendly, since this is Eugene Oregon, at least sit there and pretend you’re a friend.try to be OLD the American way; a lot poorer, and segregated from younger people, and trying to make decimated Medicare keep you alive.and, be isolated, and put up with it.

“You’re old, it won’t take you long before you’re on the other side. And you’ll really be glad you are! This is a dangerous,painful world, and once you’re old it’s a lot worse.so cheer up!

“You won’t have to worry about ASS – HOLES on the Internet.if they ask you for a friend profile, tell them you’re the queen of Sheba. They won’t know the difference anyway. And don’t go back to that stupid ASS – HOLE website.t’ll probably vanish in the conflict of their in–fighting.” and I told her, “if you stay at home so much, just go get Netflix.” She needs to cuddle up to her cat more.

being philosophical about life, is because you can’t do anything about it.and most of us can’t. But, you CAN refrain from telling the jerks of the online community, just exactly who you are, and you can refrain from talking to them or trying to make friends with them. Make friends with your cat.you know WHO owns the claws.

(Sabdraminadotty, in Eugene, OR., a friend of America, not the rest of the world)  🙂   😦


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