(Volunteer artist work locally)

It was a new year, and I went to my local,volunteer artist, who’s a retired 80- yr-old artist, does free artwork for my free blog on here.She draws online,on a big well-known site called “2draw.net”. But when I asked her if she had any new,free volunteer art to post on my blog.She got out a hanky and started to cry.dancingplz.giffigure

“My art portfolio on 2draw.net got hacked,” she said.”These idiot hackers on a movie site, were some kind of hacker-arab-terrorists, I had no idea, and suddenly all my art work is hacked!!I had to inform the head of “2draw.net” that his site was hacked,and the security lock was broken.they stole most of my artwork, and I had to delete the whole account on “2draw.net”.”fantasy01.gif ghost

“where did this happen?”andcryingohhno I asked her.”I was on some  chat room  on a movie– discussion fan site called,”Veehd.com”. I didn’t know they had professional hackers,a “Pompoy” and “running man” who broke into private websites, stole money and anything they could get their hands on, credit cards, etc. and this website,”Veehd.com” is also a rendezvous point for Internet terrorists, and members of “pirate Bay.com”._crying__rvmp_by_bad_blood_crying__rvmp_by_bad_bloodCRAP! If I had known that I never would’ve gone on there!.” “Was this only an American website?” I asked. “That was the problem,” she replied.”it was a big international site, which I found out, is a terrible idea to go on.”_blowing_tree__by_luckylinx.

I was very surprised; “why is that such a horrible idea, to go on her international website?” I asked. “Would’nt  you meet lots of nice interesting people that way from all over the world?” “Yeah,” she said bitterly. “That’s the problem you meet people who are TOO INTERESTING, people who are professional hackers, and you don’t even know it! You don’t know who any of these people are! They’re complete strangers!”.#2fridaythe13th.

.eekIMOattack horror04.”– – especially, don’t ever discuss POLITICS!” She continued, “you could be talking to an Arab terrorist, and he doesn’t like your antiterrorist viewpoint, suddenly, your financial account is HACKED INTO! BINGO! Very very FAST!”_granny__rewamp_by_MenInASuitcase

“I already ran into that, one time,” I replied. “That’s why I don’t go on any chat rooms anymore, everybody from all over the globe is in it. So we had this French guy, chatting, and suddenly we find out, he’s a very discontented Muslim, in France, in Paris; and one of the other guys on the chat, is an American who hates radical Muslims, and the two get into a big fight!”firedevil

I thought about it. “But the worst one was, several of us were on another international chat room, and we found out the other person online was in communist Russia, I suddenly went ballistic, with another guy, and started yelling at him, “dirty commie!”   l gunsshootinglove ove13And we both got kicked off the chat room permanently. Ha ha!I regret that I lost my temper, but that’s what happens online; you hate Arab terrorists,pounceglompplz or communists, and suddenly you’re confronted with them IN PERSON, live, talking to them, and they hate you and you hate them! Courtesy of the Internet.arguing The world is no longer a big place between the two of you. That was the only thing that was keeping you guys from killing each other off or yelling at each other. And now, the Internet gets rid of all OCEANS and CONTINENTS between you!”_GiveMeYourCandy__by_MenInASuitcase.


“come to think of it,” computerdeskwrk2!cid_06A2C7D86B554AA8A93E46F83F0C6E36@DorothyHPI said, trying to think, “isn’t that the problem lately? The world is too close together now? For example, North Korea is banning us from showing the movie “the interview”, because it makes fun of their North Korean leader. And suddenly, we are so close to North Korea,  they clobber us on the INTERNET! They can clobber their movie COMPANY ONLINE! And they do! Supposedly.” (Unless it’s all just a big publicity stunt, but who wants to find out the hard way?)Shootin_ma_layzor_at_yous_by_Droneguard.

“yes,”_fuckthis__by_crakaemotes I further started to remember; “here in Eugene, in Lane County, the school system and the teachers take in children of illegal aliens, and spend the taxpayers money educating them, while their parents still work here illegally. Really great! Liberals, what can you do with them?vote them out?”confidentwalk (1).”not possible here in Oregon, in Eugene,” snickered my friend.”bawl106 It is illegal to vote out liberals here; there’s plenty of laws against it.”

.”Did they do away with tarring and feathering and chikajaune10.gifflappingangelkaoriding people out on a rail, out-of-town, here?” I asked again. “I think they did, but only because there’s no police actually here. If you have a crime, everybody just puts up with it.” Answered my friend.”well, that would explain the local government all right.” I said sadly. – – Noticing my pocketbook was completely empty again.444heartattack (1).

“my friend,” _throwknifes__by_Caeser1993I said to my friend, sagely.” I have the cure for you; don’t go on any websites and make friends with anyone or socialize with anyone  online,anymore. _angry__by_CookiemagiKYou don’t know WHO you’re talking to, they could be a murderer like they had on match.com, who went around murdering women and dating them at the same time!””you’re right of course,”_AccidentallyInLove__by_MenInASuitcase (1) groaned my friend, returning my sage advice – sagely. “All those websites that socialize, all those people are usually CRAZY, ANGRY, full of HATRED, not able to get along with people in regular life, so they take it out on people online.I have noticed that!” “Then why do you try to make friends on those crazy websites full of demented people?” I asked, mysteriously.

my friend answered me,_dancing_queen__by_Sneffy“because Eugene has huge snobby CLIQUES, who hate out-siders, or anybody different, than they are.

“they’re the biggest bunch of BIGOTS, without even having black people around!” “…”oh no, you can’t say that they’re bigoted against gay people here?” I said, and she answered:_backpacking__by_stuck_in_suburbia-d3jhg38

“no, they’re extreme bigots against REPUBLICANS, CONSERVATIVES, anybody MIDDLE-CLASS, anybody who’s not a hippie,_OverInternetGlomp__by_MenInASuitcase or nonorganic, or carbon footprint aware, or anything like that. In other words, anybody from Texas or Wisconsin would  be vaporized by screaming._kick__by_Mr_Jaunty Or, anybody who’s the least bit NOT LIBERAL.or,does not like to fight over politics constantly; they don’t want those people either.or, anybody who has a JOB and doesn’t work for the government.”Animal_cruelty_by_CookiemagiK

_clueless__remake_by_arriochshe added: “I forgot, they don’t like HETEROSEXUALS much either.”_brainstorm__by_de_Mote“that doesn’t leave much,” I answered gloomily. “Now you know why I tried to make friends online on those dumb websites,” she answered just as gloomily.” On the other hand, and you ever tried to exist on a website with all lesbians? And you’re not a lesbian?””you can’t really blame them,” I answered,” they have to put up with you as a completely different species.”batman

“Yeah,borgsmile people just aren’t TOLERANT of each other anymore! Isn’t modern life wonderful?”An_old_practise_of_torture_by_magistycalI said wittily. “Now that we have the Internet, people can attack and crucify and hate each other online also! I just love technology!” I took out some champagne and toasted it.”glug glug – better living through electricity!”drinking

My friend did solve her problem, of not being able to make friends on line, and not being able to make friends in EUGENE, that weren’t super snobs and phonies. She found out that CATS and DOGS were too dumb to be bigots, and they followed anyone around, who had BACON in their purse!!catrubpoint_cat_by_angelishi-d5xqm3d_dogwalk__by_bapity88 (1)angel26.gifcatkaodaisies2ndcopygangnamdancesecuredownload_grumpcat__by_synfull-d4uph2m_iconfurryglompplz__by_Sleath_iconfurrydanceplz__by_Sleath_mooseskii__by_moosebots-d4pnwr78774.gifcatwalking37.gif whitekitty176.gifblackkitty6103.gifhelokitty274.gifpinkkitty

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, Oregon, the Alaska-Black-Out of the Pacific Northwest, addicted to thousands of IUs of Vitamin-D, with a side of Fish Oil. )


_granny__rewamp_by_MenInASuitcase“Maybe it’s because yer a OLD PERSON, you don’t got friends? After all, Old People aren’t really “Official-People” any more. They have to be locked up in “Old Peoples’ Homes,”taken away from the rest of society for fear of polluting it with OLD-FASHIONED IDEAS!!knitt2!cid_19_3218548504@web142503_mail_bf1_yahoo

” LIKE, morals, saving-money, “living within your means,” getting married to HAVE KIDS, NOT sucking your living off welfare & the govt., “BEING TOLERANT,granny and allowing other people to have their own opinions, too”,and not using technology as a complete basis of your LIFE; being respectful to your elders, and not stealing all their Medicare into OBAMA-CARE!!knitt2!cid_19_3218548504@web142503_mail_bf1_yahooOH, yes, and Taking Your Fed. Govt. Back, by Hook or by Crook!!-love Angel!cid_20130424020056_13093maild0@gmxand NOT PAYING IT ANYMORE TAXES, TO DO IT!!—NOR paying anymore huge local fucking taxes we have no money for!!–Plus, kicking out Local Govt. Crooks, so we can get some Business & Industry back into Lane County!!”

“Call it OLD-FASHIONED, WE LIKE IT!!!”—OLD PEOPLES’ LOCAL UNION.yetanotherphotographysession stor08.


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