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bought from very cheap desperate Eugene Oregon artist)

Here I was, your humble writer and teller of Oregon tales,trying to get over a very bad sinus infection brought on by huge forest fires’ smoke, all over the Williamette Valley, and the rest of Oregon. I said to Caroline “at least I didn’t get bronchitis or pneumonia like the others did I?” She was coughing and hacking, and tried to reply; Carolyn had stopped smoking, but the atmosphere was still doing it! EVERYONE in the Valley was sick, or about to get sick, or had already been sick, or with ongoingly-sick.

I couldn’t get in to see the ear nose and throat doctor, his schedule was packed high for months, with people even worse off than me. The rumors were, everybody old, or even slightly fragile, or who had asthma, or even wheezed a little, was endingup in the hospital. But the hospitals were too crowded they didn’t have any room anymore!all this sick desperate humanity, trying to breathe, filled the doors wide, of the urgent care offices all over the county, and probably the rest of the state (from what I’ve heard.) It did one good thing:

it encouraged a lot of people who smoked, to stop. Why buy cigarettes, or cigars or a pipe,when the state itself was doing the smoking for you?

in the meantime, I was huddled over my bronchial steamer, and telling Carolyn she ought to get one;”I know,” she replied, slipping her hot chocolate drearily, “I tried, they’re all out, they have to reorder them they’re selling like barbecued chicken, or local brew!” “Well,” I commented, as we got ready to go out, facemasks in hand, “it’ll only be a short time until we probably switch over to oxygen tanks and those masks.”her dreary moan was very predictable.

as we slipped on our nose and mouth mask, trying to keep out some of the disreputable junk flying through the air, from all the forest fires, I tried to think back; didn’t people used to say that forest fires were predictable? Especially if we had huge drought, for many years, and then ended up with all whole spring and summer of 96° weather, and no water? And no rain? NEVER any rain, anymore, in a state that used to be reputable FOR RAIN! “THE RAIN STATE”.

I have been talking to some arborists, and they shook their heads; “yes, forest fires are predictable, and the state and the County and the federal government has screwed us over by ignoring and neglecting all the obvious signs. Having huge droughts for years, over all that forest land, which has been getting as dry as the fire tender, and then having all that hot weather, yes,= that does equal FOREST FIRES.” There’s no two ways about it, the state government has been ignoring it all, in hopes that it would just go away and disintegrate like fairy dust.

“maybe the government didn’t have money for it,” I asked the guys, the tree guys. “Also,” said one of the arborists, “environmentalists do not want any monkeying with public forest lands, not even to thin them out. And if the state doesn’t have any money, the environmentalists are not going to volunteer to do it either! Hey, we don’t get hired to do it! You’ve got trees yourself, you know if you don’t take care of them, they go to hell! Well, that’s what happened to all these forest fire lands; they definitely went to hell, nobody took any responsibility for them especially our state government!” There were nods of heads all around, they pretty much agreeed with that.

“one thing I don’t know about,” I said to Carolyn, back again to the present moment. “Are the lumber companies losing all their forest land also? Are there trees getting burned down like this?” “Gee,” she said, trying to drink some water, “I really don’t know. Didn’t ask those guys?” “No, I forgot to.” I said, trying to drink a cup of coffee for my nerves. “I completely forgot to ask, is this only the public forest land and parks and all those wonderful trees that we supposedly own, that are burning down? Are the lumber companies doing it also? Or did they take care of their forest land?”

we in our white breathing masks, carefully got into Carolyn’s old car, (her mother-in-law is probably going to buy her a new one, she just died, or something hopefully;) headed out to get something to eat. It sure seemed funny, trying to breathe, and eat at the same time.

Hopefully that would not be the way of the future, but the way the state was getting run, and the County, and the federal government, it looks like we would be investing in oxygen tanks and those facemasks, in the very near future. So maybe I should start looking into that equipment, and how much this junk will cost me..I mean, I don’t have to have a car, because I’m already getting enough gasoline right in my face from everybody else’s in Eugene, but I definitely have to be able to BREATHE.

And I don’t reckon on catching anymore diseases, they could put me in the hospital anytime soon, me being a senior and all, on all this cut and massacred Medicare I get.everybody in the newspaper would write in and say, “wow, why don’t you put us all on Medicare, we all deserve it.” there are the entitled, even though we seniors worked for many years, toiling day after day on the job, these guys come along and say “give us your Medicare! We don’t care if you earned it, we wanted it TOO.”.

well, I guess Obama care did give them our Medicare, directly. They have it now, and we seniors practically DON’T HAVE MEDICARE anymore!

that is just a side subject, but doesn’t it get you riled up? You work for years and years, put all those billions of dollars into the government, just to get a little Medicare out when you fall over and retire, and all these other people come along, crowd into your insurance, and yell at you, “HEY! Move over! We want your Medicare too!” And you feel like shoving them in front of a train in a crowded subway.

show me a politician who can enable me to do that, and I will vote for him next election.

in the meantime, I’m going to concentrate on trying to breathe, amid the smoky oxygen, from forest fires that should have been prevented, and weren’t, and swearing under my breath about who should’ve done it. – And didn’t give a rats ass.

But, it is it REALLY TRUE? Can this huge tide of forest fires, which will obviously get worse every year, because of our overly burning weather, can it be ALTERED? Can it be changed at all? Can any of it be prevented by human beings in Oregon? So far, the state of Washington can’t stop it, there fires, and good old California who’s got monstrous huge forest fires, haven’t been able to stop them either or prevent any of them. So then, are those people correct who say that, we in Oregon can prevent SOME of our forest fires? I really didn’t know.

I was getting such conflicting opinions, without any evidence to back them, that I felt split in half; some of the opinion said, yes we should’ve been able to prevent some of it, and on the other side they said, NO, we can’t prevent our horrible Oregon forest fires. It is the price of “world climate change”.WAS California able to stop any of theirs? it didn’t look like it.add to that, we weren’t getting any honest reactions from the state government, or from the federal government about this. And all the states with huge forest fires were running out of money to fight them!

As to information about this, we were getting censorship, as usual from the media and the government’s definitely weren’t going to tell you anything. It would have to be individual experts who would chime in, and give some kind of evidence to back their opinions. That’s why I’m posting this, on this blog; we sure would like to hear from you all, no matter what your opinion is, about these Oregon forest fire danger now. Is there anything we can do to lessen it, or avoid any of it? Is it just a case of MONEY again? Or is it a case of politics, private industry, and lies and whispers?

(Sandraminadotty, cough cough, in Eugene Oregon; don’t forget to vote wisely, in the next election, because we absolutely need somebody running this state, who knows the fucking hell what they are doing.) 🙂


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