“Among  the many beautiful   and healthy places in Eugene, Oregon, is the downtown Plaza, affectionately known as the Wayne Morse Memorial statue– Plaza. This picturesque and beautiful downtown area, is one of the most modern downtowns in all Oregon; featured with designer stores, a Barney’s, and many other upscale, department stores and unique gift centers, and tourist shops, only to be compared with the most illustrious areas of downtown San Francisco California, and Manhattan in New York City.”.

“since the Valley of Williamette, a pollen free and wonderful playground of organic, green,-carbon footprint – free niches, is such a healthy place to live, people flock here to compete for the real estate and the few houses that are on sale. Living in Eugene is considered only equal to living in Beverly Hills California, or the upper West side of New York City. Add to that, a beautiful vacation home on Lake Como, Italy, and you have some idea of the Williamette Valley, only it is still a small town, quiet and smog free, with no freeway or traffic jams,one of the healthiest and most upscale places in the United States, or even the world, to live or to vacation in.”

“the political and equal opportunity atmosphere of Eugene, is so Democratic, fair, and equalized to every political and cultural taste, that you could find any kind of person here. Mostly, the upper-middle-class, the middle class, and the very well-paid working people live here, in some of the most modern and well-equipped homes rivaling only the type that Bill Gates lives in. We are talking MODERN! We are talking INNOVATIVE!”

“Plans to build a whole light rail system, through the whole valley, are on the books and are approved by the voters, who have voted in one of the most unbiased and  democratic governments in all of Oregon, or even the United States. Similar to the very democratic voting system of Switzerland, voters have every opportunity, to have discussion and free choice on every subject and problem, any free ranging system of voter planning groups, meet every month, to decide how to pursue any subject or situation that comes up in the Valley”.

“One of the most free minded mayors, Mayor Kitty, is a delight and a refreshing change from the usual male demagogue;this very open and free spirited person, who is adored and loved by every voter in the Valley, for keeping taxes down, having built a wonderful school system, with every luxury and advantage, is a whiz and a wizard at financial planning, and works so well with all the many businesses and all the many industries all through the County, that many job seekers come here, because this area is so well equipped with industry, large businesses, many small and medium-sized businesses and industries, and a huge roster of jobs and employment opportunities, that makes Silicon Valley look pale in comparison.”

“in addition to industry and business, the fantastic GREEN and organically-grown farms of Lane County, keep the area filled with nutritious and very reasonably priced, healthy, foods. Lane County is a model of modern organic farming, and one of the most nutritious and delicious rosters of foods in the whole world.” “

There are no GMOs or unnaturally bred types of vegetables or fruit, or any type of produce in the whole valley. In addition to this, the air is so clean and pollen free, because this green and organic wonderland does not produce pollen or allergies to hassle the Oregon nose or sinuses. Bronchitis and pneumonia are virtually unknown here, and the huge spate of world renowned doctors, physicians , and nurse practitioners, are exceptional, and Microsoft employees from Seattle often come to this Valley, to seek some of the most advanced and easily obtained medical treatments known in the United States or even the rest of the world. ”

“Not that anyone needs a doctor here! People are too busy filling their happy hours with golf, tennis, every outdoor sport imaginable, hunting, fishing, river rafting, learning any possible craft or educational skill, literature or art, or cultural endeavor. Senior citizens have been known to set up housekeeping here, and wonder why they never came here in the first place. The area boasts no typical low class, or homeless population, as the high real estate values and love of industry, rule out any places for the underemployed, or those on the mercy of the state and social services. This valley is beloved by University of Oregon students, most of which are natives of Oregon, as the University of Oregon admission prices and rates for class have all been down by the wonderful management staff.,and the long-standing and adored president of the University.” – –

“Haven’t you gotten that thing done yet?” Asked Carolyn, as I labored over a cold computer, with hot and asthmatic breathing system, and I looked at the clock. “It’s not time yet for me to go to the doctor,” I said,. “This is a horrible sinus infection, I was hoping to miss it this time.” “Well, all my friends are getting bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infections, and every infection you can think of this summer,” returned Carolyn, taking off her face mask, as she had just come in the door. I wondered if those things really work, and keep all the pollen out of your face and your lungs.. Probably not; years ago it used to be grass seed burning,  and all the pollution from the lumber mill, now it was the very worst bunch of allergies, to out do California.

“you still have a fever?” Asked Carolyn, putting her hand on my  forehead.”no, I think it’s come down a little,” I answered, trying to finish up the advertising that the city and County was hiring me to come up with, that would probably be put in national magazines, as an advertising section.”but my head still feels like a big bass drum, I have so much pain medication in me I can’t feel anything – no, that’s a lie I can feel all of it.”

Carolyn looked over my shoulder, at the text I was putting into the processor; she whistled loudly, right in my ear. Ouch! “Wow the city is really paying you to write all this garbage? Aren’t you afraid you’ll get caught by the FBI or the CIA, for terrorism in print? These are some of the biggest lies I’ve ever seen, and that’s even for Oregon! “No pollution, no pollen, no homeless, high rates of employment with big wages;” girl, you are one of the biggest shit – swappers I have ever seen in my life! You need to be working for the federal government, you’re so good! Are you sure you didn’t write Obama’s last and first election speeches? “Hope and change”?”

I grinned, proudly; “this is my favorite part; democratic and free, and equal exchange of political and cultural views ever seen in the US, and that is our Valley.” Oh and get this; “taxpayers have a choice about everything in the government, including the schools.” Don’t you think I’m some kind of wunderkind of bull shit?”

“I’m so surprised that you acquiesced to writing this stuff, for the local government,” said Carolyn puzzled, “I know that you hate their guts, just like all the rest of us. What made you decide to go over?”

“I didn’t really,” I said, deciding to quit and close up the processor for now; I was feeling nauseated and even the pain medication wasn’t staving off the sinus pain.as usual, when I got sick, I had to go through a drop-in clinic, because my regular doctors clinic was to full up; even the drop-in clinic was filled with new Obama care patients, who would never be able to get a full-time regular GP; there weren’t enough doctors to go around, but it didn’t matter. I expected to die very miserable, in this Valley, someday, probably on morphine.”I just didn’t have enough money, and I was desperate. It’s not like there’s any other jobs around here, that pay anything over eight dollars an hour. – Unless you are a doctor.or, one of the out of state or foreign University of Oregon students, the little wealthy buggers!”

“Or, you have to work for the local government,” finished Carolyn. “Maybe you should stick your head under a cold faucet. Oh, I found out there’s this new American wonder drug – aspirin! Isn’t that really advanced and miraculous of them?ASPIRIN! Who would’ve figured? that’s their great new wonder drug! you suppose it cures cancer too?”  “I wish it would cure asthma, I wish it would cure all the smog on River road,” I muttered, putting on my face mask, as we were preparing to go out into the open atmosphere.I wondered when we were going to have to start using oxygen tanks to go outside. Soon enough.maybe I wouldn’t get my annual, summer miserable sinus infection, if I started using oxygen tanks.

(Sandramina, rushing to the bathroom to throw up, and have diarrhea at the same time, in Lane County, Eugene, Oregon, during the summer infection – rush, trying to get a doctor, and wishing I were in the old frozen Alaska that used to be. Hooray for the Arctic! The old Arctic! May we have a fifth ice age, and not a new pollen – encrusted, smog – wholesome Valley of Willamette, Eugene, OE!)    🙂          : (         


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