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Ahem – – – let me put it straight.I have had a bad life; I have had a rotten life that was a complete waste, not of my own fault. I had a lot of “PROBLEMS” that ate up my entire life, namely, lots of mental illness, alcoholism, and simply being sick. So I know what really bad trouble is. The really bad trouble is getting old, like I am now, and remembering all of it constantly in PTSD form; also being haunted by it in old age.

so I don’t like to have people screw me around.and if they try it, I let them know in screaming yelling and rampaging until they get it. Got it?

I’m like anybody I want to save money on my Internet bill; so I signed up for this Comcast internet for, basically, $111 for Internet , and the cable TV package I have now. All for about hundred and $11 a month, for 12 months! Sounds good doesn’t it?  tvon2!cid_CDA07B31CEE84B9F9E0FFC68CCE7886A@DorothyHP

It became drastic in no time at all. They came they set it up, they charge me $35 for it, and then they also sent me the box for the self installation in charge me $15. (I have to send back the $15 do-it-yourself box.)

About this time, they tell me what my new Comcast e-mail is; and it’s wrong. Then they change it and tell me a different one. But when I try to login with it, to my e-mail on the Comcast site, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for a whole week! act13.gifbumpcrazy

A WEEK! I call them up and e-mail them and chat with them, and call them and call them and get dumped off the line by them.and they tell me it’s my fault, MY FAULT, I can’t get the e-mail open. I even reset my chrome browser and screw up my DI VX viewer. The extensions won’t work anymore! Great. All because the e-mail is screwed up, they never installed it in the first place when I got the new account!

I ended up calling this guy, one of the usual idiots, and I started to scream and scream and yell at him, and tell him I was going to do dump the whole Comcast! ALL OF IT! Even the TV package!

That seem to get through to them. A really angry customer threatening to cut them off and not pay for it! Why should I pay for it, they fucked it up so much, they didn’t manage to ever set up the e-mail! And they lied to me and lied to me about it!  rant

believe me, I spent an entire week, e-mailing them, chatting with them, e-mailing them again, calling them up over 20 times and having them tell me I’m wrong, and constantly hang up on me!

Hey Comcast! If I have any choice about it I would rather pay a high price for Internet, that ever had anything to do with you again! Even if it was FREE! I would dump my cable TV, and although I can’t get satellite TV, I would seriously consider putting up a big fat antenna, IF they manage to keep broadcast TV.

I am so sick of BAD, ROTTEN, WASTEFUL, idiotic, and expensive, ROTTEN TECHNOLOGY! exploding2!cid_ECC3C28C17584121AEC5639837D26800@DorothyHP

While I am sitting here waiting for those geniuses to figure out that I don’t have any e-mail and they never set it up, and they  are still lying to me all this time, I’m finally deciding that it won’t be a bad thing for all of us to run out of oil. Run out of electricity, gas, and lots of that energy. In fact, I’m waiting for it! I can hardly wait.

WHY? Because, all of the huge gasoline, and technology, and Internet, and computer, and all of that, companies and corporations, are already so corrupt and nonfunctional filled with junk, why the hell should we keep them?

WHY? GIVE ME a good reason we should keep it all.  fierystor02

In the first place like I said above it doesn’t work anymore! All of the gasoline is giving women, breast cancer! And that comment from somebody in the newspaper, who drove all over Oregon and the coast, for a lot of miles everywhere, and did not see any BIRDS. NO BIRDS. What does that tell you? NO BEES.bigflyingbat Zaphy_RAWR_by_ManiacalMuffinanimated_icon___cute_lizard_by_keigenx-d4tyer6

Do you think nature is trying to tell you something? That all the sensitive creatures are dying off first, and we’re going to be next? I know you don’t care about it but, get ready to expect it.do you really think you can’t live without your cell phone, or your mobile computer, or your hand job computer, or all of that stuff?wowwowowwmonth0307 freakoutstor18

I’m sitting here waiting for my e-mail to get fixed by Comcast; which there probably never going to do or they’re going to blame it on me. I could do without the Internet, after that. And if I need a wheelchair ever, because my feet keep getting bad, I can develop my arm muscles, instead of my electric muscles.eekIMOattack horror04

I’m an old person, and I take a lot of medicine, and I probably would not be able to live, in the case that all of that got.cut off. But I’ll tell you something, it might be a lot better for all you young people. And the rest of the world, just for your peace and quiet. – –

If all of the so-called technology, just came to a dead STOP. harlemshake

especially you, Comcast, you are really rotten to the core.

(Sandraminadotty, using a dictation program, which means I’m not even typing that much. But I suppose I’d have to wouldn’t I? Oh wait there wouldn’t be any computers to type on! I would have to go back to a manual typewriter! Boy, I used to use one of those when I was very young, those big old ones made out of steel or iron. But they were beautiful. But now I’ve got arthritis, I don’t give a shit I’m going to die anyway. Grumble grumble grumble.) In Eugene Oregon!  ) 🙂  .Driving_school_by_Kath602.auto_wos6.giftwocarsemoticon-transport-001.gifwobbltaxi2heo124.gifpigcarsmferrari.giflilredcar10608.gifredhotrod auto_wos20.giftinycar BOOM_chtiiik_booom_CHIIK_by_Pixelisto_ut3_hoverboard_blue__by_crula  wosautos132.gifredblupimpracecar  ghostrider ambulance wosautos111.gifredpimpvolks wosautos118.gifpimpgreencar wosautos119.gifpurplpimpcar wosautos121.gifredpimptruck wosautos124.gifoldhumpcar


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