(strange art bought from street person in Oregon)

I was sitting there, watching the new X-Files movie at the same time I was writing this, because I had the sound turned down on the movie and it didn’t take any intelligence to watch it. And this is what had happened, when my sister, Mary Susan, told me that “Angie’s list was great, and they tell you reviews that are real about local companies.”  _typer__revamp_by_madb0y

since my sister is perfect, and never makes any mistakes, according to her, I decided to try Angie’s list, because I was having so much trouble in Eugene, trying to find any tradesmen or tiny companies that weren’t crooks, or thieves, or just lousy, and didn’t steal your gardening equipment when they did your stupid dumb landscaping(that is, cut all the blackberries and junk; to me that’s landscaping.). 5399.gifbluflowr

So I went to Angie’s list website, and called up their phone number, and said I wanted a month’s worth of membership to try it out. The young customer person,kept Trying to get me to sign up for a year. No way. I said I would try it out first and do that if I liked it; good thing I did. bot.gifguyinbottl

In the first place, Angie’s list screwed up my new account so badly, I couldn’t even login the first time. I kept sending them e-mails to their customer service, asking them to fix my new account. They never returned an e-mail except for advertising at me. I already had my answer about Angie’s list; they sucked. They couldn’t even get the login fixed, and they didn’t even try, they probably didn’t even answer their e-mail! mail.gifgoodmail

I also googled “Angie’s list complaints?” and they all rolled up in a big pile. In fact not only Angie’s list rolled up with huge complaints that it didn’t work, also yelp, Yahoo, and any other huge national company reviews that supposedly gave consumers their answers about local businesses. The main concept of all of them, was not to give you good reviews, it was to make a whole ton of money. They were huge corporations, none of them were small, really local, and that was it. The whole concept was rotten. deviation

so I decided, to comment, on some website called “small business concepts” or something like that, when they reviewed yelp and Yahoo and Angie’s list. They came to the same conclusion; they didn’t work for the consumer, they only worked at making a lot of money for the huge corporation.Amazon.com had decided to get into the fray and do it also, and so did Google. But those were very very big companies again! So were they going to function for the main purpose; give accurate reviews to the consumer? b2d0c2398d097199c3060de157090b5d-d4poqqdcutie

I doubted it. Their record for huge corporations, whose main point was to make a lot of money giving you reviews, was that they made a lot of money for the huge corporations. And they didn’t help the consumer get his reviews accurately. So I doubted that Amazon.com and Google were going to do any better. So what is the best way to get reviews so you know who to go to when your computer craps out?ad0a4255f26dafbf6903907f49c392c0-d4por3gapplegeek

I would say the only type of review company that really works, would be a local one, whose main concept is NOT to make a ton of money.for example, I think that Eugene weekly, that little slut rag, that yearly comes out with their list of the very best of different companies locally. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s close. And you don’t have to pay for it, and they’re probably not making that much money off of it. Much.they’re trying to get you to read their newspaper.730ea40da13ab19d21c95c18447bc01e.gifcoffeecup

Now, if you read all the reviews, try the subjects on, and come to the conclusion there bad reviewers, I would suggest that you not read their damn newspaper anymore either..as far as the Eugene register guard newspaper, they suck so much advertising into the paper, that when you buy it or get it delivered, the whole pile is weighed down with advertising. I don’t think I’d trust any of their reviews if the Pope gave it to them!and that’s the reason I don’t trust any of their news reporting or politics._shakenet__by_kath602-d3i6z1b

The bottom line is, if your reviewer makes a huge profit off of giving you reviews, don’t trust the stupid ass hole. His main point is not to review, it’s to make money off of you. And off the companys.if Eugene weekly reviews are not accurate, and they seem to make a lot of_fliptable__by_ledmaiden-d4o5qb0 hay out of giving them, forget the stupid newspaper too. Of course, they want to promote their paper, but the main point of reviewing, is to give an accurate review to the consumer! Otherwise the only point is to make money off of you! fantasy05.gif witcpum

And unfortunately that’s what this whole country has gotten to be; a big fat bunch of corporations trying to make a lot of money off of their citizens. Not to provide them with good products, in the first place, but only to make a lot of money off of them. But you get really tired of that after a while. The public is not really stupid; it takes them a while to catch on, as to whether or not their products are any good.ban

Lately, every single product made in the United States, and imported into it, just about, has been lousy rotten. Their main point has been to mass produce, make a lot of money, as cheaply as they can, and sell them to you forasmuch as they can.they don’t care if the thing is too small, too junky, they don’t care if their product actually functions for you.892cb4cce9a34201bc4790d5e2d9cb0d-d4oqu3othevalentinegif

They have forgotten the whole point of business! “Make a better mouse trap.” Not – make a ton of mouse traps that don’t work, or barely, and screw you for huge amounts of customer money.notice that I am not going to try to use Angie’s list again, or yelp reviews, or yahoo reviews or even try Google reviews. I have given it up.fool11.gifpuzzledtrnhead

At this point there are no small local companies that are going to give you accurate reviews, whether they’re free or paid for. Maybe Eugene weekly, if there best of the “restaurant, bar, what ever” of the year is really true.

being paid to review products of any kind is a slippery slope. I used to be able to depend on Siskel and Ebert, and then later on, I wasn’t able to depend on them. They got very very successful, they got very intellectual and snobby, they reviewed strange or popular movies, because they knew the authors, or because that was their strange intellectual opinion – and they were not very good reviews anymore. I stopped listening to them after I went to some of their movies, and realized they didn’t know what they were talking about.confuse

In other words, they had a bias towards certain styles, that I didn’t agree with. And that only happened once they got very very popular. It sure went to their heads. Whenever you review something, you have to remember who your reviewing it for; the public who’s going to read about it. Not really yourself! If you’re not sure if other people would like it or not, tell them exactly what it is about, how it works, and let them decide for themselves. Simple, eh? “Just tell me the facts, ma’am”.126.gif pandahi

Any type of reviews, usually reflect the reviewer. If it’s a case of “Consumer Reports”, the consumers are paying for the report, and it better be in their favor to be accurate. Otherwise they don’t buy them anymore, the reports. So that magazine has to be accurate in favor of their consumers. They know what their consumers want; and what they don’t want. Once again, simple. But you’d be surprised how many huge companies screw that up. 17724.gifeggpaint

Thus, we consumers have to look at the reviewer in the first place, and say to ourselves, “is this company trying to make a ton of money? Or, do they really depend on their customers demanding accurate report, or they don’t listen to them anymore?or are they biased in some way, very subjective, or just stupid and that’s what they like?” In the case of Siskel and Ebert, I definitely stopped listening to them.ashamed2

By that time, they’ve got so famous probably nobody else did. But if it was a lot of people like me that stopped, it sure would have an effect on them. I doubt that Angie’s list, yelp, Yahoo, and Google are going to get a lot of effects from the feedback of their consumers on reviews, right away. But in the long run, people stop using the service if it’s not accurate.of course it’s too late by then. act10.gifhugkiss

That’s why I suggest that we probably only should listen to reviewers who are local  and smaller, and the consumers feedback really affects them.otherwise, places like Angie’s list will just keep on growing making lots of money, and not listen to us at all – – and not give us accurate reviews anyhow.  funsupermarketcart

so much for my review of reviewers, and how to review them. Be sure to let me know if you like my review. I’m not getting paid for it.  love Angel!cid_20130424020056_13093maild0@gmx

(Sandraminadotty, who still can’t get accurate reviews on products, companies and services, again, in Eugene Oregon – – unless it’s who is the best hangover breakfast in Eugene.) 🙂ballonanbasket2!cid_E0F2784AEF7F428B83A2BA1366A95181@DorothyHP



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