OK, where should I begin? Let’s begin at the stupid fucked up beginning. It’s Friday, and I admit that I mess up a lot myself. My friend Carolyn knows this; she herself has thrown her back out so badly, she had to go to urgent care, and neither of us know how bad it will be. Considering that bad backs are one of the worst human ailments, let’s start there.  watexcitedplz

Our spines are fucked up. And our technology is fucked up. Today, for example, I can’t get my pest control people to answer the phone, or call me up, because I’m trying to get information, or get them to eradicate clothing moths I have, eating my sweaters – – as we speak! HORRORS!ak47

since I cannot get my pest-control people to work, and I’m paid up, I decide to go to look for new pest control people to handle this. Since I cannot trust the Yellow Pages to do that, I decide to go join Angie’s list for a month. I phone them up, once I get their phone number, and join for a month and pay for it. Then I try  to login to their website to begin.  fry

Lo and behold! They will not take my new account e-mail! They are only putting on the old one I had years ago! So, in trying to investigate good companies, I am finding that Angie’s list is not one either. So I cannot log in and try to find a reliable computer repair guy; a reliable pest-control guy. And next all have to be looking for, a reliable substitute for Angie’s list.

Boy this is a bitch! MAJOR BITCH FRIDAY! moon_1_16_by_ridley126-d67jqur

so I am inviting everyone who can actually find my website, in any part of the world or United States or Oregon, to come to my site (I mean my blog) on WordPress,.org. I hope that is the God damned correct address finally! Nobody can ever find this blog! And I don’t know how to transfer it over to the.com address! Word press is too fucking complicated! Even the free one!

I guess this is really the first official (besides the ones above) bitch of the day; (1.)word press it self. I’m going to stop counting bitches.

okay, the way I am writing this blog is, using version number 11 Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. Which I have to correct all the time constantly. So, since I already saw online the review for number 12, read that review, and the experts said it was a piece of junk, I can no longer count on Dragon NaturallySpeaking whenever I upgrade my computer. Version number nine was fine; version number 11 was terrible but I’m using it because I have to. (Arthritis in my hands.)disco_fever_by_kath602-d3gsalr

But now I have to find another dictation Ware software completely, company, and I’m not looking forward to it. I wish I could stick with version number nine. But apparently, nuance has decided that all their new stuff is going to be JUNK. (It took several tries just to get the word junk.)

in the meantime, and Angie’s list is no help, their website login doesn’t even work. My pest control people won’t even call me up, when I questioned them, I’m looking for new pest control company especially for clothing moths.(it could not,right the word”moth” or “moths”. how does somebody without hands do this? I think they go crazy, and their psychiatrist does it for them.)devart11.gifsunbrn

the other thing is, all of our computer hardware is damaging to our hands arms and joints and tendons. But you cannot sue Microsoft, or Macintosh, or any of those big computer hardware companies. You also can’t sue the software! . you have to stay off the computer a lot, and manage your own physical health, with ill legally damaging instruments as computers and, keyboards, and mouses.  damote42.gifloveyeyes

Everything is HARD, and ROCK – HARD to touch and work on. So what gives finally? Not the keyboard, not the mouse; your BODY gets the damage.your tendons and bones and muscles and joints all give in and get damage. And they’re not going to change it. Not anymore can you sue the oil and gasoline companies, for giving all your wives and girlfriends and sisters BREAST CANCER. 5396.gifyeloflor

(I found that out from the following research company: UC medical center, on Parnassus, in San Francisco, their research department discovered that. They did not announce it; they didn’t want to be sued by the oil companies. So all that Susan Komen for the cure? BIG FAKE.  5395.gifredflor

Don’t buy any pink ribbons, baby! You can give your money and your pink ribbons to our wonderful oil companies and internal combustion engines; they’re doing it to you. And they already know this.

 I don’t even have good medical insurance. X me out, Obama and federal government. If I get cancer I’m gone in a second.I already can’t walk hardly.thank you AMA, thank you doctors, thank you all those feet people who don’t exist. However, my chiropractor is the only one who’s helped it. _tinyrainbowsheep__army_plz_by_meninasuitcase-d39ymrk

Blessed are the chiropractors, for they shall fix your back without surgery.Jesus would have approved.emo23.gifrolleyes

These are major bitches,I want to get into the rest of them I never bitch about. Or, I do and we’re just going to have fun today.let’s bitch locally. We have tons  of really crooked repair men, tradesmen, and small and big companies here, in Lane County and Eugene.   creat08.gifdemon

Why do you think I attempted to go on and join Angie’s list? Besides the fact that I had a major bug company here, cheat me ,tell me I had termites when I didn’t, now the one I have, doesn’t want to answer my phone calls, even though I am paid up. dryxice.giftwoguys

Yes, they think little old ladies who live alone are really stupid and rich. I am none of those.I’m going to mention veryexpensive arborists. and,the last landscaper, that I found on Craig’s list, who cut all of my yard front and back inside, stole my very expensive hedge clippers.  drv.gifchopwood

if you think I sound very paranoid, then why the heck do you think Angie’s list was invented in the first place?  the rest of us are not paranoid. I wish we just were. This County and Oregon, seem to be a disaster area of very crooked and dishonest tradesmen and service people and companies small and big, and bad property crime..

this makes it very hard for anybody who has a little or medium company, or big who is very honest here. Everybody else has such a bad reputation it blackens the whole area.on the plus side, I would say that most of the churches here are pretty good, charitable, and they do a lot of work for the poor and needy and old. And they don’t get paid for it! Take that, federal government!  emot-suicide

I am beginning to think we need to leave in that clause that says “in God we trust”, and take out the one that says “in federal government of the United States we trust.” Oh, yes I forgot we don’t have a Constitution anymore either!thank you, Obama!  _karma__by_darkmoon3636

While we’re at it, thank you for taking out all the armies out of Iraq, in Baghdad, and having the whole country and city cave into civil war.the experts warned this would happen. However, we did manage to spend billions and billions of dollars over there, just like Vietnam. That’s an accomplishment right there! — padding  those private companies bankrolls.  emo21.gif bakstab

I blame the Republicans, Democrats, all those politicians and officials of the federal government including all their employees.  both the Congress and the Senate.if anybody needs to bitch about this, it’s the American  people!and can we bitch now about our 300% increased TAXES?  fantasy04.gif witchstirpot

Yes let’s bitch now about TAXES.thank you, Obamacare, for decimating Medicare.We old people really appreciate it; we’re trying to vote you out of the White House, Hillary too! the Republicans are not any better,  they screwed over the tea party, but there isn’t another party left..  fart2

Ok,so let’s bitch about the whole God damn federal government NOW.United States of America is OVER. some experts say that the states will peel away, from the government, when there’s a big enough crisis, so the government can’t stop them..  crash

 Factually,it’s  is no longer a democracy of the people.. It’s only the 1% at the top people who own it.betterversionhorrorhorror08

 one of my biggest peeves? GLOBALIZATION. “NEW WORLD ORDER.” One government over the world,  of huge corporations making us into slaves.  But China got there first.they won’t even let  their people research or talk about or try to find out about Tiananmen Square. That’s communism , no history.  analprobe

WHEW!!!I’ll leave it to you Europeans, to bitch roundly about the European Union, that will be financially crack up just like our states will crack up. I just don’t want to tire myself out..  employ04.gif gangstermachgun

I did get off the subject of “bitching locally”–the town of Eugene,  their government ,  leaders,– Lane  County, the stinking green Dragon, the EMX; the fact that Eugene is going to have very very HARD, SOLID, DENSITY. just everything jammed together so badly, nothing can move.  that’s our traffic in Eugene now When it moves,, it causes freeway and highway accidents every day. Wow.  fuishgif

Oh yes, I forgot our great Williamette Valley, this Bastian of liberality and Democrats, gay people and extreme fascist one-sided,”do- not- have- an- opposite–opinion-,or- we-attack – and – kill –you”town.that definitely is Eugene now. Conservative or moderates are not allowed to live here or speak their minds.eyeeye

Definitely, if you don’t like gayness, you can’t think that, our thought police will ferret you out. You are not allowed to dislike the movie “broke back Mountain,”– especially if you are a heterosexual male. YOU WILL ACCEPT ALL HOMOSEXUALITY, in Eugene, of all forms!  You will not say anything against it, or have an opposite opinion! Sieg heil!  dancenaoplz

now we are really getting to one of my biggest bitches of the day. there is no freedom of opinion, in this County, or Eugene or in the state of Oregon. We do not have freedom here. We are very liberal, extreme, and Democrat and everybody else who doesn’t like that we drive you out, on a rail, covered with tar and feathers. Even figuratively. jackdirt

if you have any opposite opinions, don’t think them don’t say them don’t have them.that goes for the rest of the federal government and this country also. Moderates and conservatives will be killed on contact and view. ASK Massachusetts. It’s the same here in Oregon and this County and the city of Eugene. Hippies are okay here, the middle class is not. Neither is business or industry.  _talkingtowall__by_darkmoon3636

There you have one of my biggest gripes for the year and eternity. We do not have FREEDOM HERE.onfire

if you don’t like Palestinian terrorists, get out of town! If you support Israel, move of town now! Now!!!devart12.gif eatgitsik

It kind of makes socializing a little difficult, when the only  people you can socialize with, unless they’re very old Oregonians, are yuppies and extreme fascist officers of the Nazi  police of opinion.whatever happened to “you are allowed to have your opinion and I am allowed to have mine”?  german01

That does not happen here.there is only ONE OPINION allowed here in Eugene and this County.sigh, I really hate it when the United States of America and the Constitution doesn’t exist anymore.especially in Lane County, and the town of Eugene. SHIT.  gun.giffoolguns

(The next thing they’ll try to get rid of,  are the old outhouses.)  groups

, I see that I’m getting too big a list of bitches, so you’re absolutely entitled to add any comments of your own and any bitches of your own.but I really hate living in a county and in a town where there is absolutely no FREEDOM anymore. That really cuts it. Why don’t we all just move to Moscow?  puke

DITTO– – bitch-out our federal government, which most of us know is now owned by foreign countries, and controlled by them. Boy, is that a bitch and a half! Of course, I forgot to complain of, one of our biggest bitches, the state of the economy, which is permanent and will just get worse. emo11.gifpopoff

so if I have one major bitch, of the whole Friday, and probably the rest of the year, it will be that this town, Eugene and this County, no longer have any freedom. Neither does the United Statesor, the states. or the govt. of Oregon.You can put up with a lot, but you can’t put up with that. black04.gif chainlov

most immigrants came over to this country, for a better material life. Some of our ancestors actually came over here for a better FREE LIFE however, it has now been proved that you can’t have both,  great  financial success and excess, and also freedom. “No man can serve two masters.” I now believe that is true.if I had to choose now, I would choose the latter. Call me a Puritan call me a Quaker, you can make up your own mind.date

MONEY is tough to do without; living without freedom is tougher..All the money in Eugene, does not make up for it, I was always used to being poor, but being  a Chinese peasant, afraid to speak? A Russian, who can’t worship God? — not allowed in China either; their religion now is MONEY and the STATE. This means even your MIND is enslaved!!  faq      pigchange2!cid_5B9099202DEF4004AB47A4995D6518DA@DorothyHP

When and if, it completely happens here, (already a big part there) I want to be dead by then. I would not wanta  live in that. And that is my biggest bitch of Friday, and the rest of my life. Thank you, fellow-kavetchers, you have the FREEDOM to bitch here now!!! Let’s use it as long as we can.  🙂  Water_Ski_by_madb0y

(Sandraminadotty, wrung out of bitches for the day, and beyond, in Eugene, Oregon)  lovestoryof couple love08..


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