I am in a  lot of physical pain,I have strong pain killers in me,which still don’t touch it. I have got 2 ear infections , again.. Chances are, the powerful pill-antibiotic, since sunday, is finally kicking in, (I hope) and the NERVES INSIDE are coming back to life.

so, I fight a lot with Medicare, and my insurance company, because they don’t want to pay for anything while I’m sick; they want to get a lot of very young healthy people on the insurance company, so they don’t have to put up with old unhealthy farts like me. 

– – – it is a couple weeks later, and I’m finally well, but when I look at my grocery bill my friend helped with, this time, I get sticker shock!

Three dollars for an avocado?

Am I in New York City? No I am in Eugene Oregon one of the most expensive places in the world to live.

“Carolyn,” I said, as she was getting all the fruit into my refrigerator with me, “did you really think that an avocado for 299 each, was cheap? What was in your brain?” (I would have to do my own avocado shopping obviously.) “I didn’t know how much they’re supposed to be,” said Carolyn, sadly. “How much do you think they’re supposed to be?”

“I used to get then in the city in San Francisco, for two avocado for a dollar.” I answered equally sad. “And that was in a big city that’s supposed to be more expensive!” “How long has it been since you bought an avocado?” She asked me curiously. “Probably a long time, but why aren’t they even just a dollar apiece, or even two dollars? Three dollars apiece for avocado? And that is that huge bargain store, in Eugene, where everybody poor goes, and middle-class, and rich, yuppies everybody, as big as an Air Force Base,Win-Co. They’re supposed to have the lowest prices! I can’t believe this!

I was having a freak out, because I had only bought a bunch of fruit and, a jar of peanut butter, and those two avocados, and it all costed $94. Amazing! No wonder I was losing weight rapidly! I was using my old diet;

STARVATION. And it really works believe me.

“is there any way to take these avocados back, and tell them, I don’t eat gold and silver with my lunch?” I said. “Maybe we should go other places,” said Carolyn. “Besides all those tiny little farms, in the Willamette Farm coalition, what the hell is there?” I replied, ” Grocery stores really expensive ones! Looks like I’ll never see an avocado again after this; not unless I visit another state.”

or, if I visited my sister in Richmond California, who lived near enough to “Berkeley bowl” where all the freshest and best vegetables and fruit hid out.my sister, who is in a plushy neighborhood, in Richmond just on the corner of a very expensive County, would be horrified.

Is there any such thing as a care package, from California, to starving Oregonians who don’t have any money to buy fruits and vegetables in their own state?.

“maybe we should try one of those tiny little farms way out in the other counties or in Lane County, or somewhere and see what their prices are – – again.” I said, curiously. “I don’t think they’re going to be any different, considering they’re so small, and they’re not mass-producing them, they’re raising them like little babies for boutiques, they are always much more expensive.” Said Carolyn. “You’re right”, I sighed.

I e-mailed to the  Willamette Valley Farmers’ coalition,(or whatever they’re complicated little title was,) and asked if there was any way they would post any of their prices even round them off, online for any of the farms? I got back a nice polite letter saying “NO. Go drive there.” Wonderful! I had to spend a whole lot of gasoline money, to drive around all these little farms, just to find out what their prices are!

I decided how do I fix this; call up a lot of the restaurants, and find out how much their guacamole is. And just EAT OUT to get my avocado.Or try safeways.$94. for a bunch of fruit and some peanut better??my living in Beverly Hills California?

No,I’m living in Eugene Oregon, where you have two choices for food; go to all the little farms in this County, Lane, or the little farms in the neighboring counties, and take your chance on what their prices are for fruits and vegetables even during the summer– – spend a lot of gas money driving around. Or, you could go to the big huge bargain aircraft carrier supermarket, called Win-Co, and also get expensive fruits and vegetables.

Or you could try the third alternative which I had done to a greater extent; stopped eating very much.I could just see my advertisements now, for the new weight loss plan, I could sell to other people;

“it’s not only a diet, it’s a way of life! the new weight loss-miracle – diet; STARVATION! It’s here, it’s dear, it’s right now, and it’s going to be the new food plan for the United States, especially Oregon.!

“Try it now! We dare you to try it! We dare you to not try it! Chances are, you are GOING TO HAVE TO TRY IT!!!!”(this is not a VEGAN diet, it is a weight loss, bad health, less food, and always less food, diet. Vegans do not have to go through this. Only the 99% in the United States, who have  become very poor in a very expensive country..)

“this is an Obama care diet; guess who’s paying for Obama care? Guess who’s paying for all those government taxes? You are going to get a lot thinner than this. – – While paying a lot more!even you stupid old farts on Medicare! And Social Security!”

but in the end, I didn’t really care. It would last forever, but hopefully the government would actually crash until I was dead. HOPEFULLY. As of now, they were just going to starve the population here in Oregon especially, while the 1% upstairs got a lot fatter. FATwas going to be a lot more attractive in the future.

“okay, Carolyn,” I said, sighing, “I’m ready to try the junk food diet, just to stay alive here. I mean, I’ll gain weight or maybe not, but at least I’ll pay less.and I’ll get a lot less healthy! And that way, the government can get rid of me a lot earlier! All of us old farts will die off.” “Now you know why I have trouble going on any kind of healthy diet,” said Carolyn sarcastically, “actual good food costs 1 million bucks now.”

As for me, I’m not going to complain anymore because it’s going to happen anyway. Nobody will read this I’m sure, but at least I got it off my chest. Thank you United States government, and Oregon, and Lane County, Eugene,for the three dollar avocado! Thank you, president Obama! I want to dedicate this blog post to you, since you have put all of us in this situation. Of course the Republicans won’t do any better, but you have done so much worse than they have. And you’re a Democrat! Aren’t you guys supposed to be for the people? Guess that is out of date.

(Sandraminadotty, trying not to get hungry.)……


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