(painting bought from destitute senior artist of Oregon)

I’m a senior in Eugene Oregon, and like anybody who’s 65, there’s medication I have to get. I also have numerous problems that have plagued me when I was a kid. Ear infections. And they came back to haunt me when I turn 60, which I find out, from a doctor is very common.

but on Medicare now, in Eugene Oregon, I have to watch out for myself. Medicare’s not going to do it for me anymore, like it did years ago. Now it is very restricted of medication, and you might not get your ear infection medicine for several days, while you are getting sicker. I know, that’s my experience. And the damn stuff costs $100, I can’t afford to buy it.

I go to the local pharmacy, where I get my refills and where I get my ear medication, and I can’t find out how to get it from Medicare. The pharmacy is too dumb to tell me. Since I couldn’t even get an appointment with my doctor when I got sick, I had to go, as usual to an urgent care near me. – – And wait hours because now nobody can get a primary care provider, a regular Dr., or you have a regular Dr., or you have a regular Dr., and he can’t see you for two weeks,so they go to the urgent care whenever they get sick.

Urgent care is now getting used to taking up the slack of the failing health system. Urgent care offices are springing  up all over, and they are privately financed by doctors, but they do take Medicare.(no Medicaid) in Oregon that means “no OHP”.if you want to use OHP you have to go to the big fat nonprofit hospital, way over in Springfield, peace health hospital.

I talked the other day, before I got so sick,to somebody who was urgently desiring “single-payer health program” from the federal government.

“Listen,” I said to the person. “You know what government insurance is like? It’s worse than an HMO now; now if you have Medicare, it’s not like it was in the past; you didn’t have to  fight with the Medicare Department itself, because it doesn’t want to pay for anything anymore any senior can tell you that.”

“oh you’re exaggerating, you just hate socialism and you hate liberal Democrats, so you’re just farting around! Single-payer and Obama care will solve all the horrible injustices, where people in the United States can’t get healthcare!” Said my younger companion. (Okay, just this really dumb person I know.)

But the next day when I had to go to the pharmacy, try and get my ear infection medication, my associate was there and I accidentally ran into him. “What are you here for?” He asked. “I’m here to fight for my ear medication that I have an infection with,” I answered heading for the pharmacy,” I’m sick, and I can’t get my medication under Medicare anymore.” He looked surprised. “Why is that?” He asked. “Come with me and I’ll tell you if you don’t believe me,” I answered, and he  followed me.

I had to go up to the pharmacist, and I had to call up the urgent care doctor who prescribed it, and they told me (I also had to call up the Medicare part D insurance company, and go over it with them and ask them what medication I could get on Medicare now for my ears, and they gave me the name of a generic one in stead.)

“Now,” I said to the very liberal person after all these phone calls, “the doctor will have to call the pharmacist and okay it or the pharmacist will have to call the doctor and okay it, and it will take me literally days to get that ear infection medication without paying $100. Welcome to Medicare!”

“what are you going to do in the meantime, about the ears?” He asked curiously. “Well, if I hadn’t lied to my doctor recently, when I went to see him, recently and told him I had a sinus infection, which he believed because I get them all the time, and I got a big pill bottle of really strong antibiotics, I would be pretty miserable and sick otherwise.. I get ear infections or sinus infection INSTANTLY, and if the stupid medication won’t go through Medicare right away, I have to keep an emergency supply on hand, just to save myself.”

he looked really shocked; “you lied to your doctor?” He said. “I lie to my Dr. all the time now, you want to know why? Because I can never get an appointment when I’m sick! I have to figure it out, I have to plan myself, to have extra antibiotics around, because I won’t get any medication for days while I’m really sick unless I do that!plus, you know how I always used to get sinus infections every spring? Guess what; I went against my doctor’s orders, I stopped using antihistamines most of the time, and I stopped using any prescription nasal spray at all.and those two stopped destroying my sinus tissue inside.”

I further told him, “I finally found a real ear nose and throat doctor who will take my insurance! It took me years! He’s an old guy I just hope he doesn’t die. he knows a lot more about your sinus then my regular internist does.

“I don’t blame my internist; he only knows what the medical pharmaceutical companies, and the standard medical practices tell him. He’s really a good doctor, he just gets misinformed completely.but I had to figure out myself, what was wrong with the medication the pharmaceutical company was pushing on me, to ruin my sinus.now I irrigate my sinuses, I make sure it never gets congested I use a bronchial steamer on it, and I don’t dry it out with antihistamines or thin it to nothing with prescription nasal spray.”

fortunately, a day later I got my ear drops, and I called up my “associate” which I now decided was my friend, and just didn’t know the way the government wind blows when it comes to how they handle stuff. He was young, he decided that Obama care or single-payer finance and run by the government was actually going to WORK. He didn’t have the experience of somebody who had already gone through all the government crap for years.I gently explained, trying not to bore him,because he was still interested.

“The health care system,of Medicare does not function anymore,” I said over the phone. “.the federal government doesn’t want to pay anymore, you have to jump through hoops 1 million times, phone up the insurance company, find out the generic they will pay for (this is under Medicare part D) and if you don’t make sure you have extra antibiotics on hand, you’re going to die! And Medicare is all CUT.both medication and treatment are RATIONED.”.

“you’re trying to tell me,” said my friend over the phone, “that is also going to happen to Obama care and single-payer government insurance; it’s going to start out really good, and then run out of money and get very RATIONED. how can you be sure that can happen? I know it happened and Medicare but maybe universal would be different.”

I had to laugh, haw Haw Haw because everybody thinks the bad stuff is NOT going to happen to them. Only us older people or people on disability who get Medicare will get rationed, because we’re not that worthwhile to the production and the economic basis of the United States. Do you want me to repeat that? Because that is hellishly funny!I could laugh myself to death.

“Listen,” I said to my friend wearily on the phone. “Why don’t you go ask a ton of Canadians like I have, how their socialized medicine from the government, is running now? Go do it, ask a whole lot of Canadians like I did, and do a whole survey.” “okay, I will that’s good idea,” said my new friend, and I didn’t hear from him for a long time after that or run into him.

it was a couple of months later, when I accidentally ran into him at the local Dairy Queen, where I was getting a chocolate and vanilla twist cone. (I don’t do it very often, and I try to keep the calories down.) “Hey, how are you?” he said,in a friendly manner. “I’m better, considering everything. Everything changes when you get older.” My friend continued “you know, I did follow up doing a survey of every single Canadian I could get my hands on, or online, or locally, which was a lot of them. A lot of them come over here to work. I have to admit, the majority of them said their healthcare system is collapsed. They have to pay several thousand dollars every year for it, but a lot of them don’t get any service at all. They have to go to private clinics if they can get in.”

He paused.”they didn’t have enough money in their government for it. So it just kind of lays there and doesn’t function.” “So what have you decided?” I asked, licking my come. “What you think our government, considering how nonfunctioning it is with everything else, is going to handle Obama care or single-payer?” he hesitated but Continued; “I would hate to think that after a while, ours is going to start rationing everything;I mean, isn’t the federal government much more wealthy than Canada?”

“That depends on who you ask,” I said, slurping away.” Their economy is much better now.but of course, maybe everything will blissfully turn out okay here. Sorry, I shouldn’t be so sarcastic.”  “no, I got kind of disolusioned, the more I found out about Canada. Oh, and one big thing really surprised me.” He continued.

“What’s that?” I asked. “NO DOCTORS in Canada,” he replied. “That really surprised me.a huge shortage of doctors! They don’t want to be doctors they don’t think they make enough money, somebody told me.” “Well, they pay a lot for education,” I said. “I don’t really blame them.”

My friend looked glum.”don’t worry,” I said trying to cheer him up. “You’re still young, you can go to work, get a good job (maybe if you can find one) and if you’re still young, you’re not going to get sick very much. And you can still refuse to TAKE medical insurance and then you just pay a fee .”(I didn;t  say, “but you still won’t have any medical insurance,”) “But I think I found out too much,” he continued glumly, “what the hell is going to happen? I thought it was all supposed to work out so neatly if the government handled it for everybody. And now I don’t know!”

“don’t give up your liberal attitudes of politics that easily,” I said. “Some of it works. or it did.” And then I added, “people and countries,never seem to learn very easily. They usually repeat the same mistakes all their other countries made.

“I don’t know what to tell you; maybe the human being will actually survive through socialized medicine,, and get to the other side, (the few left that are healthy)and then go back to using money again. but now you know why Tevya the poor Jewish dairy man, wanted to be rich so badly.there was no middle-class; everybody was either poor or rich and most people were poor. Having a middle-class, was so unusual in history, that America got really spoiled and didn’t realize, it doesn’t always last forever. Not if you don’t protect it.

“I hate to tell you this, we can’t survive without a whole lot of middle-class. Everybody will end up being mostly poor, with a few rich people. Anyhow, don’t worry about it, do you want some ice cream?I’m buying. What if you try one of those very exotic blizzards? Oh, in the hot whether they now have lemonade and strawberry lemonade! They look great.”

He smiled at me, he was not really a bad kid. Not at all. I really didn’t care if he was liberal and really wanted his single-payer, and thought it was going to WORK.I have learned from experience, you can’t tell people what they don’t want to hear, and expect them to believe it. And in the case of the federal government, everybodys   so used to milking every single thing out of it, until it’s dry and dying, they won’t be convinced unless it falls apart literally into tiny little sharp pieces.

and maybe I was wrong after all! Made it was all going to work perfectly, be financed, somehow, by one of our foreign powers, (again?) And it would all come out okay. Yeah, and pigs fly, don’t they?big fat pink plump greasy and sweating porkers, with tiny little paper wings,powered by the magic of paper money.

(Sandraminadotty,in the expensive and environmentally conscious, organic, little tiny local organic farm – happy, town of Eugene Oregon.you used to be able to afford to live here, but that’s gone too now the yuppies have moved in, and the poor people have moved all out away, mostly. Eugene has become “gentrified” and that’s not saying anything good.not even in this nice June weather.)     😦   🙂   2ndflyingguyact08 …


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