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In past posts we have discussed the schizophrenia of Eugene Oregon. Now if you don’t mind, we will discuss mental health in Eugene Oregon. It does seem there are a lot of very crazy and mentally ill people here. Why is that? Well, Eugene Oregon puts up with it. Kind of like, if you go to France, it is said that the French don’t mind having very difficult personalities living there, among them. They put up with extreme eccentricity.and in Eugene, we are very liberal (you will excuse the word) about being tolerant to those people who are skating over the edge, frequently falling over it. crazy.gif hopy

I am not sure whether or not that is a criticism or complement. It’s true that all kinds of mental illness now, are more prevalent than ever probably because of our crazy and stressed-out society and nation– not to mention the world at large. For example, high up leaders in corporations, who decide who to fire, and not, and decide to get rid of 2000 workers at a time, because it’s financially wise, actually are psychotic because a lot of them don’t have any conscience. When they get rid of those 2000 workers, it doesn’t occur to them, mentally or emotionally, that those are real people. So some of the worse psychotic people are heads of a lot of the employment and business in the United States.  crazy

What we’re saying is, mental illness is extremely prevalent in the nation. We’re not sure about the rest of the world (probably even more so, look at the middle east and Russia!) Some oldsters in the Middle East, believe in magic, and transcendent magical spirits. They haven’t graduated to Western science yet.and they believe that these magical methods have an effect on their real world.  cutevampire

Now if that isn’t spaced out, I don’t know what is.it makes the mental illness of America look like NOTHING. Those people aren’t even in contact with reality yet. (Of course, the current president of the United States, is not either, but that’s a different case. Kind of. Well, maybe not ;maybe just the same.it’s very hard to judge when it’s that close).  crazy_mini

However, we have to get back to mental health treatment in Eugene Oregon. I am not against the mentally ill; then I would be against myself. I have a record of PTSD that makes a war veteran look like a pansy. I’ve been dealing with it all my life, and I even have to take neurological medication for my brain. Of all the treatment I’ve ever gotten, the neurological medication has helped more than anything!   ghostgrabfood2!cid_FF78CA367CF44289B18E48B1FA797710@DorothyHP

Ask my sister what I was like, before I got on it years ago, and she will say “you were absolutely insane and out-of-control. That medication made all the difference in you. Now you can actually function and not be a freak.”well, I’m still a freak but at least now this freak is more in control. lovewithoutyou

As far as how many people have mental or emotional problems, a statistic has been noted that 50% of the people who go to their medical Dr., with complaints, do not have physical illnesses.they were found to have either neuroses, emotional illness or mental illness that was bothering them, and they had no idea that it wasn’t physical.is your Dr. going to recognize this? It depends on your Dr. If you had mine, yes, he is extremely good, and he’s adopted the idea of “treating the whole patient”. .but it took years literally for me to find him. 2facepalm

however, we are not going to use the excuse that some doctors nowadays in HMOs use; if there’s a physical illness they can’t diagnose, and they don’t have the time and don’t want to do the diagnosis, very often they will use this excuse “there’s nothing physically wrong with you I’m going to send you to a psychiatrist.” However, it really depends on if your HMO insurance CAN financially pay for a psychiatrist. 2mummy

So let’s look frankly at the mental health treatment available in Eugene Oregon, because it’s very necessary. If we have lots of homeless, and a fair amount of them have extreme mental illness, along with a certain amount of the population who are CRIMINALLY insane, a lot of these people wind up going to Lane County mental health Department. I have to give them credit, for trying so hard to help the unhelpable, and trying to soak up the population that can’t even afford to put a roof over their heads. anothergreencry

I may bitch and complain about the huge amount of homeless, this County practically invites here, and insulates, which drives away a lot of middle-class not to mention business and industry, but I would be anotherrolleyesprobably in that condition myself, except for my family. Anybody who can’t work now, in this nation, whether you are disabled, retired, or just unable to find work, finds it very difficult to put a roof over their heads.

The amount of homeless people that were statistically noted to be mentally ill, is pretty high,and there was no more cheap available housing they could get into.America does not have the “flop houses” or very cheap low-grade rentals, tenements, of the past. Even though the real estate industry is pretty bad off, it still has gotten very expensive, and that lets out a lot of low income folks. Even if someone works, for a very low wage (which is now very common in the United States, low wages) he would have to have several jobs just to make enough money to keep himself housed.. Some of the greatest amount of homeless now are whole FAMILIES. Not just druggies or alcoholics or the mentally ill… lovestoryof couple love08

excuse me for dragging in the subject of homelessness, but that itself would very much drive you crazy, not having a place to live, living on the streets, or more likely, trying to live under a freeway overpass, under a bridge, or among some trees. I know what it would do to me; I’d be very unhinged and disorganized.(“oh my God, no TV! How am I going to watch Law and order? I’m autistic, I need to watch it every day at the same time! AUUUGH!!!”)  horribledarkattackingagain!cid_20130424022929_13096maild0@gmx

It would be a complete blow to all of my self-esteem. And there have been times during my life, when I was on the edge of becoming homeless, if I didn’t figure out how not to be that way… Even when I worked full-time, I didn’t make very much money either.and all the housing became more and more expensive.SINKINLUV2sinkin

I don’t want to go into how, years ago my roommates and I had to watch an entire black family, living in the building next to us get evicted onto the streets of San Francisco, and we couldn’t do anything about it. They begged us to take them in, but believe me our landlord would not have permitted it. We would’ve become homeless also.

“there but for fortune and God, go I.” another2crazy

.as I said before, I have to give kudos to Lane County mental health; they really really try to help the mentally ill, who can’t pay to go to a regular psychiatrist. I believe they also have a pharmacy, for medication. I myself have gone there to see a therapist.  hysterical

The Problem of Lane County mental health, at least for myself,.is that it’s very hard to get an expert there who treats PTSD. I have heard that there is some kind of project, in Eugene, that’s trying to put together a clinic especially for PTSD.   miserable  ohmygoddmonth0807

Having complex PTSD is a pain in the everywhere.watch how many veterans of war abroad, come back with extreme PTSD, because of horrible war experiences. I once met a war veteran of Vietnam, a young man, who was in a mental health system. Just because during the war, a large bomb landed very near him, and the concussion from the explosion, gave him permanent brain damage. He practically couldn’t sleep at night; in his mind, the huge,black impact interfered with his sleep.it was really serious .  yes2ndjasonkills

I wondered that he was in the MENTAL health section, because it was physical damage! on the other hand, it was his BRAIN. And supposedly that was what the mental health department covers; your gray mass.where does anybody’s mental illness,come  from? Yes, your gray mass! Where else do you think it comes from your spleen? I suspect that neurology was also trying to treat him.   redface

my main complaint, with Lane County mental health, has been that they may be rather limited in being able to give you an expert on PTSD. If you look around at all the therapists available, on your insurance,in the County and outside if you have Medicare, the most you’re going to find is social workers.very few psychologists are going to treat you on Medicare or Medicaid, and you’re definitely not going to find a real psychiatrist. The only thing that psychiatrists do now, at least in the west, is dole out medication.

.(I hear that back east, even in New York and around, they still have psychiatric analysts. Imagine going to a ANALYST. Five times a week, you pay a tremendous amount of money, to lay on their couch, and get yourself analyzed!and this goes on for years. No wonder those guys don’t want to take Medicare or Medicaid! If you are a analyst, and people back East value this so much for treatment, you would be an absolute FOOL not to take their money instead of insurance!)

Why the hell did I not go into that field myself? Not only could I get myself analyzed fully by my fellow workers, I could’ve made such a lot of money, I would never have had to face homelessness again in my lifetime. Unless of course, my building went condo..but then I’d be able to buy it.of course, if I wanted to be an analyst I’d have to stay back east. Then I could finally go visit my relatives, who were from Pennsylvania, and North Virginia, who I’ve been ignoring my whole life.

I COULD finally get to know some real New York JEWS,who I have heard are blunt, painfully honest,(although often disdainful of Westerners,)and schmooze with literary, fashion, financial, and interesting people. The Jewish people I’ve met in Lane County, especially older people were some of the nicest people in the world I ever met. Down-to-earth, humorous, and easy to get to know.and talk about FOOD.

You have not lived, unless you have eaten real Jewish food. Boy do I miss it! Right now, my sister who I talked to on the phone, has been making “rendered chicken fat”, and making chopped liver for her club. I think she calls it SCMALTZ? the woman is such a divine cook she’s got me dreaming of lox and cream cheese on a bagel. (my favorite food of all time.)Brisket. Macaroons. Honey cake. Sauerkraut. Gefilte fish. My own version of noodle kugel! That version knocked everybody on their ear, and they all wanted the recipe!

what the hell am I doing retiring in the Pacific Northwest, and not making noodle kugel for years?no wonder I’m depressed, and have PTSD. Becoming so DEPRIVED does that to you.so why don’t they have some kind of RABBI working in Lane County mental health? What’s not to like? At least a Rabbi might have you studying the Tanya, and the Talmud, taking responsibility for your own problems, and working them out.

That’s a very Chabad way of looking at it. Don’t pray to God to solve all your problems, you need to do it yourself! Boy are those Kabbalists practical. So how come they call them mystics, if they’re so down to earth?Ach, there is a paradox for you! Haw Haw.while your head is in the clouds, keep your feet on the ground.and to add to that, they also believe in quantum physics, science and technology.

Watch out, Catholics, you have finally met your match and been out –done.continuing to cling to medieval rules and beliefs, including dumping on WOMEN, is going to get you in the end. Your only good strengths is that you’re fantastically wealthy, and you’ve got your finger in every single pie in the United States and the rest of the world.while the Chabad are said to be, by witnesses, extremely kind, helpful, all over the world, to the wounded inhabitants of this globe, the Catholic Church is busy collecting lots of money, and making sure they’re billionaires at the end of the day.

You judge for yourself, which of these is a religion, and which of these is a BUSINESS ENTERPRISE.

however, once again I have strayed from my subject.But  religion and belief systems do have a big effect on  your mental and emotional state. If you are an alcoholic,  and you go to AA, and meet some really good people, you will be in contact with  what is known as a “quasi-religious” organization. Through their support, and the belief that you can “give it up to God”, many people receive almost spiritual enlightenment, enabling them to stop drinking, and start living. I’ve seen it for myself. I am a witness .they do have alcoholics anonymous in Lane County. That is a plus to a community.

I do know that Lane County Mental Health Dept,. like many parts of Oregon, is very deficient in money.Funding. Oregon has become a broke state, with few jobs,and smaller amts. of funding even for the mental health system. It is true that many other states have NO MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM at all! Los Angeles county JAIL is called something like”LA Mental  Health Dept.” That is where any one with severe problems winds up.In jail! Similar situations occur in other states; one state  picks up their young, mental homeless, and keeps them in jail, and gives them medication. They are treated as “patients” not inmates. That is the best that region can do, since there’s no other mental health care.One young patient wistfully said,”Maybe some day I could get THERAPY.”

WHERE is the bleedin’ Catholic church money, when you need it? lsn’t that what the un-holy sect is FOR? In centuries past, Catholicism sent it’s religious leaders into war,on horseback and armor,to defeat rival religions or countries. They paid brilliant artists to paint the Sistine Chapel. (OK, they supported great art!! So did the wealthy merchant class!)   But what about the rabble of humanity? Today, I’d like to know where the wealth of Rome is flowing to. The Catholic church must be aware, as other faiths are, that the state  of mental health of the people is decidedly shot, maybe more than the physical health.

Where’s the BEEF? We have a country-wide recession on our hands, and THAT & high unemployment, usually makes everybody depressed. Very depressed! Mental health in  most states, & federal, is usually last on the list to get funded. Anybody can wind up, cracked up. And private mental health practioners usually want money, a lot. Plus, the last time I looked for PTSD counseling in any clinics, I was told to get on a waiting list to get in line, for months, to possibly get an opening. There were NO  experts in PTSD who had room, who would take my insurance..  

Therein lies the rub; availability everywhere to mental heath experts who take your insurance. HOW GOOD is govt. insurance, if no one will accept it? If PTSD experts have tons of patients with MONEY, why should they have any spaces for any govt. insurance patients? If they do have a space, you can wait for months or years to get in.Go buy a couple of books on PTSD, ( I did that,) and start treating yourself. Take 5 capsules of Nuerontin, at 300 mg. apiece, instead. I guarantee your PTSD will be well-treated temporarily.  It’s the substitute for expert treatment I can’t get.    

  Go, mediocre nit-wit, and treat yourself!! Use the books, do the excercises!  This is the era of “self-help” treatments and support groups!  You’re not going to get a real PTSD  doc with credentials of any type. Maybe a STUDENT.  STUDENTS who work in the field,  freak out, & call the police on you! Students who don’t know what PTSD IS!! STUDENTS who are just using you to get their grad degree!   STUDENTS, who’s one year olds always come first!  Mental health STUDENTS who don’t know as much as your books do!

Would you let a student- surgeon take out your gall bladder? So why are you letting a STUDENT psycho-anallze you, and treat you for PTSD?  Why not just teach your DOG to do it, read him all the PTSD books, and let Fido treat your subconsious?  The price is right, and the pooch is meditating on your case. Chances are,  he’ll  do  a better job than the student , and if HE has puppies, unlike the grad student, his kids can frisk about without much super-vision.  MAN’S BEST FRIEND may be the best cure of all, woofwoof!!

I would have to say, the mental heath dept. is more or less not too bad. OK, at least it exists. It’s got that. It takes care of the dangerous people, & the homeless. It is flakey and undependable. It sometimes has therapists who dump all their patients, leave and the patients get lost for months, while Lane County Mental Health loses track of them, & does not even know who they are. (Witness.) Too bad private psychologists don’t want Medicare. I imagine the glut of OBAMACARE people, thrown onto a mal-functioning health system, is going to comparatively make Obamacare look worse than the Canadian system, or worse. Or just the same. 

Billions of bucks pumped into Obamacare, when our local Mental Health dept. staggers and all but falls. Goes without specialized staff at all. Has to refer you to out side clinics, who have long waiting lists to get in. Has no PTSD experts, so you  buy books on it, and  do-it-your-self. The private guys don’t take govt. insurance, WHAT THE FUCKING GOOD IS IT? NO, it seems that the govt. should just give us OUR MONEY BACK,IN CASH, A LOT OF IT, so we can go find real professionals and PAY THEM!! 

Are you getting it yet, everyone? all govt. also? WE NEED MONEY TO PAY FOR MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT, not ass-hole worthless, govt, insurance!  MONEY TALKS AND INSURANCE JUST SQWACKS!!


NO WONDER Lane County Mental Health has the homeless, the criminally-insane-court-cases, and not much else. All the dough is sucked into “Cover Oregon,” Obamacare, and every single worthless fed. and state dept. 

I need to stop trying to get any real treatment for PTSD, and just study books on it. Call up SASS, in town, & go see them. Stop trying so hard to do the impossible; trying to get Lane County Mental Health Dept. to treat PTSD with experts on it; stop trying to wait on endless lists, to see a scarce expert;

stop trying so hard!!  Just accept trauma as unhealable, and talk to war vets, who have it, online; stop praying for miracles. Stop Trying to get Lane County Mental Health dept. to FUNCTION. GIVE IT UP. BYE, BYE, MENTAL HEALTH DEPT.!!!  Get your “grad students” some other nuts to work on!! Give up on trying to get PTSD to get ANY  BETTER!  Stop trying to get govt. health insurance to WORK!!  VOTE REPUBLICAN next time!  (In revenge, not because they will make it any better.)

Go learn to speak Mandarin, like I always wanted to. That sounds a lot better.And stop tryiing to do things I can’t do, and someday just get a brain-operation instead, so nuerologists can cut out all the damaged, trauma-brain tissue  I’ve got, or cauterize it, and heal up my warped brain from the inside out;(that includes the Amygdala.) They could always plant”standard-normal-happy-sane-ordinary-family-past-&-context-memory-patterns” in viable brain tissue,  and get rid of my miserable history. A little like the movie where the guy buys memories of a trip to Mars, even if he didn’t go. But in this case, they surgically remove all the trauma-damaged areas, and replace a happy history in the rest of the grey matter. Heck knows, I have plenty of grey matter up there. 

So how would that be, since medication also works, to have physical, bad, brain matter removed, and not have all the bad past and problems any more?Replace the gray stuff with much healthier stuff? Like pulling out all the weeds in a garden? Stop using worthless “talk-therapy” which never works?

Go in there, and GET THE ROTT OUT, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!?   It would be great. Like getting out a sick gall bladder. They do that all the time!!Why not surgically cut out all the brain area that’s sick, and can’t get healed up any other way? They do “electro-shock” therapy all the time now. They SHOCK the brain. Why not specifically analyze the PHYSICAL BRAIN DAMAGE, and trauma, and carefully cut it out?  It is possible to find WHERE it”s located.

I wonder if they are already do that, somewhere, and I should volunteer as a test subject.?   I’m not even sure if I’m serious. But I do know, when my sister had a stroke, they had to do brain surgery, and she’s mostly fine now. She functions great! I do believe the real future of mental health therapy, is to remove somehow the smallest traumatizd area of the brain, that is debilitating the patient ‘s life. .Because, THAT is the real future of mental  health.  Directly delete the damaged part of the brain causing the pain & dysfunction, replace the memory with  new, happy patterns of the past, and let neurology finally solve the problems of the sick brain that can’t be healed up any other way.





(Sandraminadotty, lumbering around the house, waiting to get unstuck some day, by a brisk brain-surgery appt., just like you get your hair cut and dyed.–removing all the bad ends, maybe replacing my feet with better prothesis or plastic feet, instead of the painful crap I have to walk on now. Even a new android body looks good to me!!Hoo-ray for the future, dump the sick past!   We have had it too long.)   🙂   😦  😉 


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  1. Eugene does not even have a crisis line that I can find. It has something called, for no reason they can explain to me, “White Bird”, which apparently has volunteers using fake “Indian” names. It seems really over the top 50’s summer camp asinine and could be really off putting to anyone who needs help. They also act like your call interrupted their texting.


    • yes, get online, get the national crisis hotline, white bird is often a no-show for suicide or crisis. :(–stead, we are installing downtown,a huge EMX BUSLINE, and it will take car lanes off,during rush hour; bus drivers tell me”we will have many auto accidents, and traffic jams, downtown will be extinct later”


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