(artwork bought from local Oregon artist)


I was just saying, to a male friend of mine, “you men are so aggressive, in all life situations; when we gave you a foot, you take a mile.” And I wasn’t exaggerating this time – unfortunately.calavera666BIGGUY

there’s been a lot of new building, new contracting in Eugene, building new homes. Probably with the hope that people will move into them and buy them. And right next door to me, on my right side, where there used to be a small couple of buildings in the back, that was all gone. Several developers had bought the whole lot, and now the city and county said that they could actually build 13 family homes on that small piece, right next to me. Wonderful. (Sarcasm).acid

the unwonderful about all this developing in Eugene is, when they develop right next door to you, they do take a foot more than they’re supposed to legally. What they do is, when they build a house right next to you on their land, they shove themselves afoot over across your border onto your land.a nice fat big wooden fence.befuddled

And then you have to send them a notice, legally,that you had to have a surveyor come out, pay him and have him legally survey your border, and find out that your big fat fence is a foot over on my land. Great. (Even more sarcasm.)

The legal way you do this is, you send the person a letter saying, you know, certified mail, “if you don’t get your big fat fence off of my property, where you stuck it a foot over on my land, you have a whole year take it off; or I can legally come over and chop your stupid fucking fence down.” Nice and polite. At this point, it’s been quite a few months in the person’s not doing anything. Well, they’re from Canada, so they think they can just glob right over your border.

I’m looking in hardware stores, to find out what kind of axe or chainsaw to rent or buy.

 behind this lady’s house, there are more houses being developed right next to my borderline of land.  WONDERFUL, FUCKING, people ! Who do these Canadians think they are?) – – The borderline has moved over, once again, onto my property by at least a foot.(My neighbor on my left hand side, a couple doors down, who’s the Oregonian, John and his wife, came over and warned me that those developers were slopping  all over onto our land, while  building. He was right. Thank you, John.)

we’re talking about the DEVELOPERS, even from Canada, who come to Eugene and Oregon, and take over the property,  develop and develop and develop. they are developing  over the surveyors legal line of your property, and right onto yours.  😦

 developers in Eugene and Oregon; they don’t know where any of the borderlines are! And they don’t care. They’re waiting for you, to call  your attorney and force them back onto their property .

in the South,  they are called CARPETBAGGERS( yes, we’ve covered carpet-baggers before)and you know what they thought of carpetbaggers in the South. Oink oink oink.

since this lady from Canada, has decided she doesn’t have to obey the law, and get her stupid fucking fence back onto her property, she’s going to force me to rent a nice sweet little chainsaw, and cut her fucking fence down.what the hell is wrong with these people? Have they ever obeyed the law of the land in their life?–and decided long ago not to obey the law,  move onto your space, knock you off it any time they like? Are these the people on the highways,who  bump you off the road violently?

when you go over there politely to tell them this, they are  nasty , act like you are the bad guy. Wouldn’t you love neighbors like that? these people also tore down all of our  barbed wire fences, that we had on our property right next to them, without asking us!  people On River Rd., Eugene, OR. They think they can do whatever they want. And they’re leaving it to you, to force them to do what’s legal.

I have to call up the other part of my family, that owns this property, and tell them ” we have to get the surveyor, to come out and look at that line, those guys who want to build their houses next  to us, are also getting on our property.AGAIN.

(You know much it costs to rent a chainsaw?)I think I might hire somebody to do it and just sit by and grin.

What I can’t understand, is the absolute fucking sheer gall,  God damn ass hole (okay, going to swear ) of these people, who were developing  homes, junk in Eugene, and they think they can  wallow  on to your place, and take a hunk out of your land ! What is going on in their beady little minds? Do they have beady little minds? Or do they have Canadian honkers in there?–that goes for the American ones too

I had already called up those guys, about their building line, in the back for their new houses, going over and they just ignored me. I think that’s exactly what’s wrong with this country now. And Oregon and Eugene. You should see the people drive their cars in Eugene;  there are no laws or rules about traffic, in Eugene, and you could do anything you like hit anyone you like, go as fast as you like, or break any traffic law .

we’re going to mention  MAYOR SHITTY Mayor of Eugene!  (and fellow politiicos) — a trend that’s really getting around, Oregon and this County of Lane,,Stomping all over your property, wrecking your neighborhood with the EMX bus line,too.

( I just read that where the new EMX line is going, that bus line and the car line are going to have to share the exact same straight Street.! I’ll be over there with a camera, watching the buses crash into the cars, cracking peoples fenders and doors.  because our wonderful counsel, commissioners,  & Mayor Shitty  decided to shove the cars off   the road.,in a very busy area of downtown, 

why do they have Disneyland, carnivals  dangerous rides, when they already have Eugene?except, when you go on the wild ride, you’re not supposed to “accidentally” crash ,onto the other ride? I guess Eugene is setting  an example.

“Nevermind somebody else’s property There is no private land! Everything belongs to anybody, in Eugene!”

that’s the liberal,ultra liberal way. Nobody has, private property or anything else! We’re so  liberal here, what anybody has, belongs to everyone .. the homeless deciding to sleep everywhere, camp downtown, or on your property, everywhere , & our politicos  decided it’s okay.

they  decided to throw them off federal property and state property, I don’t think they get the message.

 “hey guys! It’s not the 60s anymore! You’re not entitled!  There actually is private property and private items, in Eugene Oregon. You can’t go camping . building onto your neighbor’s land, and get away with it.even if you’re from Canada.  even if you’re Mayor Shitty, you can’t take –over all the driving streets, and shove monster busses on them and take it over!”



.we’re hoping to die before then,but.women in my family live to 80.

It’s the trend of things. Tons of Chinese, come into your country, buy up all your land.-All the fleeing Californicators , New Yorkers, Canadians, rush into your devalued state and country,  buy up the land.–come into your state,  buy the land, build their crappy,cracker-boxes next to you, shove their junk onto your land.

everybody in Eugene, thinks they can break all the rules and all the laws. nobody tells him to fucking stop it. Cars drive right over your foot,  into your door,  there’s no traffic cops to stop them.NO traffic laws.

. In Eugene, at least there isn’t any anymore! 

tonight I have to call up the other member of my family, and tell them, ” those ass hole carpet bag developers next-door, are still going to put their line right over onto our property, just like that dumb bitch from Canada, stuck her fence over onto it, and has decided not to move it. So you might have to get another private surveyor, to go over there, report back to you, and we have to send those guys a little letter also, saying that if they build their fucking houses, onto our land, we have the right to go over with an axe  or a chainsaw, and remove it.”

I am very aware that the rest of the world, is now casually and easily stepping over all of our borders, and we’re letting them with great haste. That’s what this is part of. It is the new trend,the rules are gone, the laws, just like in the White House lately; there’s no constitution, and there’s no amendments. “You’re imagining that, Americans!” ha ha.

Which Is making me very happy,I  rejoined the NRA, and  gave some of my friends a membership.I donated extra money to themI embrace their politics.. Thank God I’m not so god damn stupid. 

 I have to call up, finally and say, once again “that stupid fucking Canadian neighbors, developers, yes, they did actually stick their stupid building line over our back property line.and if you don’t call your attorney on them,  &  your surveyor, they’re going to build their houses over on our line.”

Wouldn’t it be nice, if all my next-door neighbors were like John and his wife, the 80-year-old Oregonian who’s so polite and helpful, and neighborly and just a really great bunch of people?  really solidly good? instead of these new crumbs, stomping on everybody,crushing all the rules?  deciding they don’t have to obey any laws ?as the Chinese would say, “foreign devils”.

I can’t think of a more appropriate title..

That’s life now every day, in Eugene Oregon. I sure miss a lot of our old friends here, like the Norwegian family on Wilkes drive, who were such wonderful people. Like John and his wife. The old Oregonians.

(Sandramina, measuring my dumb border-line, getting ready to rent that chain saw, and maybe even setting fire to that ticky-tacky if it gets built over onto my land.  FUN!!!  FUN IN EUGENE, -OREGON, the New Carpet-Baggers’ town, county and state!!   Thank you, Mayor Shitty, for bringing back the Civil War!!)   🙂   —


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