II am over at Carolyns’ house, one night, when she gets this wierd telephone call(as soon as its clear, its from Eugene and Lane county, I got on the adjacent extension, pointing at her, motioning, I wanted to listen in. She nodded “OK”.).

.”Hello,” sa8d a high-pitched voice,”This is a town-hall meeting, inviting you to call in, and ask a question to board member Faye Stewart. Would you like to join in, listen to community members ask Mr. Stewart questions?.”   “OK.” said Carolyn doubtfully.”Great, “said the high-pitched voice, “while you listen, we’ll put you in line, to as a question.It might be a little wait, there are a few folks ahead of you.”neutral.gif pandatao

I motioned to Carolyn, mouthing,” town-hall phone-bank; BLAAAAH” with a Joan Rivers-puke-mime. We knew what Faye the Blahh, would say; nothing!  And the council board & commissioners didn’t care what the public wanted; not this state, Eugene, or Lane County Godzilla-politicians. They  held FAKE CITY-TOWN-HALL MEETINGS, and then they raised taxes, raised utilities and waste-water  costs.

-Our fabulous liberal, Democrat straw-men did   exactly what they wanted to do, Mostly, spend money, sock it in private accts. and get really  dumb hippies, Greenies, yuppies, organic-numb-heads, and ultra-liberal Democrat residents to keep voting for them.We had a South-Eugene mansion-bunch, who ruled the city & county.Worse than California?morechainedlove

Since Calli  all moved here, the same. Except most of Oregon was poor,unemployed, servant-class, & liberals liked it that way. A large middle-class was too hard to push around, and they recognized signs of insanity.  And they tried to vote out big spenders.  But the poor? hippies?greenies, snotty liberal  voters?  They were already into denial of reality. And if you manage an area so that small,  & medium-size industry and business  flourish economically, you have to be in a state of reality.againjasonkills

.That DEFINITELY lets out  Eugene & Lane.People here cheerfully said Eugene was “wild,crazy,different, and irreverant,” but it  really meant DELUSIONAL.That is not the same as “different.” .Delusional is a town that hates business, industry, “straight-world”,capitalism,( or anyone with different opinions.Different politics were not allowed; don’t HAVE moderate, conservative, or “non-conformist” opinions.You must think,act, vote like the  Liberal Elite.hysterical

“You WILL LIKE broke, dysfunctional, Eugene and Lane county the way it is!”_parachute__by_MenInASuitcase

And don’t forget to click your heels and salute!shooter3cost02

But back to the “pseudo–town-hall-meeting-on-the-phone.”yakkkityyak2!cid_88AC88045F9D401695B4594887EE4568@DorothyHP

Faye Stewart was droning city or county rules,laws, statutes, and dry excuses in ponderous politic-speak,  like a wind-up doll.Any moment he would dry up completely, fall apart, like a mummy. I think he could have found excuses for Hitler taking over Europe, and explained WHY the Nazis legitimately murdered 6 million Jews, and say” it’s their fault, not ours!” –and try to make it stick. Whatever the question was, he had an excuse, or promised the caller to find one. He was adamant that nothing was the ruling bunch’s fault!  The dominant rulers were doing everything right!’arguing

“What are you going to ask?” I whispered, as poor Carolyn waited for her turn, an hour, maybe more,and we drank beer and slopped exhausted over the sofa. “Drone, drone…” droned Stewart, on and on.”I’ve got a real nice question for mr. Perfect,”  she whispered back, with a sly grin, drinking more beer.barman

But she wasn’t losing her cool, or acting soused; when the announcer finally called her name, she asked, “Can you tell me, why, mr. Stewart, although Lane county,Eugene, and this state have been under the capable rule of the liberal Democrats in office,for many years, this area has no jobs,no industry, no business, and no middle-class now? Besides the lumber-industry? And I don’t mean just the lumber industry. Why have all my friends & their families had to move to right-wing states, for decent jobs?”_hitwithbat__by_ledmaiden-d2zk8ru

We waited; but the droning excuse was, of course it was the fed. govts’ fault, cause of fed. environmental acts!!  It was the lumber absence!   Yeah, it was everyone elses’ fault, Oregon had  no other industry or business either, here!  Oh, and all the high Fees & taxes over every outtdoor recreation!  Beaches!  Camping!Every “free” gift of nature was NECESSARY to tax!  blahblah

TAXES, TAXES, TAXES!  “The best things in life weren’t free!”  Row-boats, all recreation!  But the small hordes of bike-riders, took over the roads, had bike-paths, and the car drivers were taxed to pay for all that extra bike-road-work,. (Someone else had asked that.) The nail got hit on the head. The MAJORITY OF VOTERS and tax-payers were made to pay for the MINORITY.angrywifesmiley-angry024

.Yeah, that’s Eugene!  The minority rules, and the majority has to pay for it. I was surprised someone else had mentioned that, too..Carolyn and I were not the only ones bugged by “the dictate of the few, over the many.”  A hunter called in, & said the state recreation dept. was charging hundreds of dollars for shooting one large  animal during hunting ssason. Even the hunters were angry at the state..The Oregon govt. really  exploited it’s citizens AND it’s tourists. At least they complained.  3or4thhitler

While Faye Stewart droned on, that it was “never liberal policies that were de-funding Lane county & Eugene,” or Oregon economy, Carolyn tried to reply, finally got fed up, and hung up, before droning-man was finished defending the status quo.”I can’t stand this, ” exasperated Carolyn. “Nothing is ever politicians’ fault!!” “”You did really well, you can’t really talk to these guys and not get bullshit in return.”‘7046e8a635ccab7f43cff1164ce6b68e

We celebrated the end of the call by raiding the fridge, and got carrot-cake and left-over chocolate bunnies, and had some very chilled Coke.(The Drink.)-it hit the spot.Piggy_the_bigest_eater_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate

“Do other states act like this?” asked Carolyn, dazedly. “Uh, my friend is in Michigan, and it just turned down that Affirmative Action. You know, that ruling from the 60’s? ” I answered, munching on bunny-ears..” it also blocked acceptance of Medicaid-money-improved Obamacare. The state’ govt. can block it.” “Well, the state ends up paying for all the extra future money anyhow, on that, ” said Carolyn, looking tired._AccidentallyInLove__by_MenInASuitcase

And I had to admit, Carolyn had not yelled or gotten angry; but it  was a pointed question; if the current politics and party-rule was so great, WHY was every segment of Oregon, and local especially, economy so BAD, and in  2nd place as the worst economy in the U.S.?  Whew, only one state was ahead of Oregon in bad times. We were honored’ and it wasn”t all the fault of the Recession.Nor was it all the lumber industry; there were other industries possible here.emo23.gifconfusedemote

But the management of everything STANK. Right up to high Heaven. Not that every right-wing or moderate state was perfect. Nobody was perfect. It was just that Oregon’s rule was so morbidly BAD. A tiny piece of delusional Red China. I just hope its not the wave of the future.  _pacfella__by_zacthetoad

(Sandramina, in delusional Eugene, where the Minority is King, and the Majority pay for it.)   🙂


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