(teeny tiny representation of cute little emoticons faking the moon landing)

all week long,I have been trying to get rid of this minor ear infection in my right ear; I thought I had gotten rid of it, by stuffing lots of “triple antibiotic cream” into my ear. But after I ran out of that stuff, and couldn’t get anymore, and used Neosporin instead, it didn’t work. The ear infection was getting worse

of course, my ENT Dr. was too busy to see me, and I would have to wait until next Wednesday. In the meantime, I was supposed to just tough it out.

And I tried. But that Friday night, all night long I had a fever and excruciating pain; so next day, I had to take the cab to the local urgent care drop-in clinic. GREAT! Not only painful, just the way I want to spend my Saturday. Having a badly infected ear, and letting some dumb nurse practitioner stick her sharp little tool way inside. And then tell me, she would only give me ear drops, and if it didn’t get well, I would have to COME BACK AGAIN! All because, there was no way any of my regular doctors could see me for it..

so, I have to write to that guy named “Dr.Oz”, and ask him what to do about ear wax, because that’s the way it works now. You look it up yourself on the web, and diagnose yourself, or you write to some TV personality Dr., because you’re own doesn’t even know your name.it’s so much more important to get that stupid flag on the stupid moon, or for president Obama to memorialize himself down in history,then it is to solve the problems here on Earth.and

it’s so much more necessary, for EVERYBODY to get medical treatment, of a very mediocre quality, instead of having to pay money for it and actually get what you paid for.

all the doctors are getting revenge, for having to work in HMOs; they’re forcing us to diagnose OURSELVES, and do our own medical work!”hey, you don’t want to pay us for it? Then go do it yourselves!” Yes, go figure out yourself what to do about ear wax.

personally, I’m waiting until they come out with those very economical and accurate ANDROID DOCTORS, who can’t care whether you get well or not, unless it’s tied up in their programming. or, you have to write to some TV personality Dr., like Dr. Oz,. And only the rich will see or get treated by LIVE human beings.

remind me to get out my bank book, when I get home, and see how I’m really situated. Can I afford to get a real doctor, and pay real money, when I get sick?who is actually going to do the job correctly? Is my life really worth it? Is having a good and accurate Dr. worth it? Somebody you can call up, when you get sick, instead of going to a drop-in clinic or emergency?

well, let’s put it this way; I don’t need a fancy car. I don’t need a fancy house in a fancy neighborhood. I don’t have to send my kids to private school. And I don’t have to buy designer clothing or get fancy computer equipment. But my health? That’s worth a lot to me. Even if eventually I have to pay MONEY, again, for it.


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