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I realized this was a complicated subject.many years ago, before the so-called,” cure” came out for AIDS, the FDA must of been a bunch of money hungry, AMA controlled heterosexuals, who figured that giving all that AZT to dying gay people was okay because the big pharmaceutical companies made a lot of money off of it.

.probably the FDA was making a lot of money off of it too.

All I know is, I had really good friends who were gay, with AIDS, who’s doctors gave them AZT,and my friends said “AZT doesn’t work! It doesn’t get rid of the symptoms!” I never thought about it back then, I was too busy watching them die.

the FDA and the AMA back then all said that there was no cure for AIDS, and there wasn’t even a good bunch of drugs to help the symptoms – except for AZT. Which didn’t work! But boy did it make them money!

so it kind of makes sense now, that a lot of gay political groups hate straight people to death. They really do; whenever some idiot goes on TV and says that he doesn’t approve of gay people, and his religion is against it, they go after him and he never works on TV again.

or if a bakery in Portland Oregon, refuses to make the wedding cake for a lesbian couple, and says “we do not approve of gays, because of our Christian religion”, it makes sense that the lesbian couple go after the bakery; and run them out of business.boycott them; call them up and threaten their children with death.

people, try to take their home and property away from them, (successfully), and even get the federal law about no sexual discrimination to possibly send the former bakery owners to prison because of that federal law.

go ahead read it; “No sexual discrimination”.; and those bakery owners were so stupid., in a sophisticated city like Portland, with tons of gay people everywhere, they had to say to this lesbian couple out right, “we won’t bake your cake because you’re gay.” Is that dumb? Does that take the dumb Christian cake for dumbness?

Whatever happened to POLITE, businesslike, diplomatic behavior in business? What ever happened to Little white lies, to protect yourself and to protect the feelings of the people you lie to? Like “we can’t bake your cake, we are too backed up with orders.”?

at first, you feel kind of sympathetic towards the bakery people; all this horrible terror and punishment, just over a stupid cake!

And then you realize, it’s not just over a stupid cake.it’s over a stupid PAST. It’s about the stupid plot, and the stupid real story that goes on in the new movie “Dallas buyers club” with Matthew McConnaughy.way before there was that “so-called cure” with a little ongoing multiple cocktail fix of drugs we have nowadays.

– –(Which of course the FDA finally approved, because all the big pharmaceutical companies that we have can make a lot of money off of it.now I really get it! It’s okay to sell a drug, as long as you can make a lot of money off of it! And your buddies can and you share it.)

.the FDA has nothing to do with saving lives with drugs; it all has to do with MAKING BIG MONEY off of drugs. Who cares about the God damn people?  

which brings me back to this movie, “Dallas buyers club”, and maybe one of the reasons political gay groups hate straight people so badly, and want extreme power so much, so they can kick them right in the balls

cause after all, where did gay people learn all about power and what you need to do with it? They learned it from straight people. They saw straight people wielding it like Thor’s lightning bolts,or maybe Schwarzenegger’s fists, and they figured out that if they didn’t do the same thing that straight people did to them, then they were stupid.and they were going to be mashed.

so when you watch the new movie “Dallas buyers club,” and you finally realize that all those years behind, all those gay people didn’t need to suffer from horrible symptoms and die so soon, you realize maybe there were treatments that helped! They just were not AZT . the treatments that did help symptoms and helped to prolong your life, were illegal, somewhere off in Mexico.

and if you were gay in the United States, you were not allowed to have them by your doctor or the law or the pharmaceutical companies or by the United States or by straight people.big  moneymaking Straight people didn’t have to worry about all this stuff yet. Yet.so they just didn’t worry about it

(it also makes you wonder,what other cures and treatments is the AMA and the FDA holding out on us? Refusing to tell us about or letting us have? Because, for some reason or other they don’t want us to have it?like Carolyn said to me, “I believe there is a cure for cancer, and they’re not going to let anybody have it.”

“Why not?” I asked. “Because,” she explained, “there are so many people with cancer  who are dying with it, they don’t want to save too many people. They figure, who needs the extra population? there are too many people for jobs, or food or anything else now.just more mouths to feed. forget it!” I had to admit, she was probably right.)

so I suppose that gay political groups eventually learned from this, that they were the only ones who were going to watch out for each other and stick together. Straight people never learned that. (Unless they were very  huge pharmaceutical companies and big FDA, and AMA.)

and I suppose that gay groups realized that if they were going to become legitimate, legally, and finally not have to fear so much, that they would have to become just like straight people; angry,ruthless, aggressive, power-hungry, political, self centered,and very well organized.

at least we finally realize who they learned it from! US.

so I guess if you watch this movie,you can finally realize why all that builtup hatred of straight people is motivating gay political groups today. Because in this movie, you can see all your past best gay friends, who died, still taking AZT, and why that happened. Why the damn AZT never worked. Why their lives were never prolonged.why the symptoms didn’t go away.

It was because nobody cared about gay lives, they only cared about money. So now the turnaround is, gay people only care about themselves, and nobody else.I can’t say we didn’t teach them well.and I can’t say that I didn’t get angry, remembering how my best friend Ron died, really horribly, painfully, and ugly. Even then, Ron said, “AZT isn’t working, it doesn’t get rid of my symptoms!” And he was correct.

but if anybody thinks that all is forgiven, now that they have a so-called “cure”, and that gay people have forgotten all of the stuff that happens in this movie, they’re not being realistic.if you have to sit there and watch a lot of your friends die, you don’t forget it.

And you do stay angry.

if most of this movies information and plot is accurate, the FDA and AMA saw gay people as a good deal to make a lot of money off of, but not to help.It is excellently acted; very well directed, and it definitely makes its point.

And it sure was a big surprise to me, that maybe something could’ve helped Ron, he never had the money for it and he never even found out about it.his doctors were mum.don’t you hate it when doctors keep their mouth shut and lie to you?

don’t you hate the FDA, when it’s just a right arm for big pharmaceutical, and not for its citizens?  there isn’t a whole lot of confidence towards the federal government, political parties,  agencies and its leaders, going on between straight people either these days!

maybe we straight people and gay people do have something in common after all. Too bad we don’t realize that.instead of making war on each other, we could both together look towards Washington DC.

There sure is enough shared hatred of overly big tyrannical government to go around.it’s not straight, and it’s not gay, it’s American.


do yourselves a favor, and go see “Dallas buyers club”, and if you’re a member of the Academy, please vote for it.(CLAP  CLAP CLAP!!!!)

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“I may disagree  with your opinion,

>but I will fight to the death for your right to  have it!” , —

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(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, Oregon 🙂  )  🙂      )


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  1. Why are most gays Obamabots? Isn’t Obamacare going to rip them off too? I am Christian and do not support homosexuality though I figure what they do is their own business and something they need to fix between them and God. Why do they want to enforce what the rest of us believe, say and do? What is weird is for all their hatred of freedom, they are hypocrites, because if they take freedom of speech away that one could fall back on them one day. Are there homosexuals who actually have read and studied about the Constitution? Maybe a few are out there who didn’t flunk government class.


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