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Everyone said,  “It never snows  much, in Eugene.” But they are not counting on “world climate change” to stack the deck, and rig the game. the weather in Eugene Oregon during my childhood, had plenty of freezing, black frosts, breaking pipes, and way laying the roads with frozen snow. In those days, a lot of people owned chains for their tires. And, they were prepared to shovel the snow off the sidewalk, and everywhere else, just to get out of the house.

But in these years, the present ones, Eugene has become more like California weather, mild and rainless; people laugh about it, and are grateful about how it’s so “mild” here, compared to where the Midwest  storms are roaring.

Those are the comparatively “new people”, who moved here somewhat recently, or at least over the last 10 years, and have no idea what original Oregon weather was like.so even Caroline,who’s  been here a long time, says “the snow here never sticks, it’s never very long, so why the heck do we have it already before Christmas? And it’s sticking like crazy and still coming down?”

And it’s also made the roads so dangerous, the authorities tell us to not get on them and drive.it’s also predicted to be about 8°F tonight, which is completely unusual.

I tried to avoid thinking about the homeless people out there, who still think also, that Oregon has mild weather, and there’s no chance they would ever get frozen to death. OUCH.  and that is why they are not huddled up in Florida right now.

Used to be, when homeless people first started camping out here, staying in the parks, the city and the county used their police and threw them all out.however, that was a long time ago when my mom was still alive, and nobody wanted yet to face the future of more and more homeless, especially from out-of-state.

And now our mayor and our city Council and our commissioners try to encourage the homeless from out-of-state, to not go away, not get out, and not go back where they came from.

but our local government is completely hypocritical about everything.they want to APPEAR friendly and liberal and sympathetic, and yet they don’t want to lose the taxpayer sympathy either.this results in neither side believing them at all.and, there’s no reason they should.

So that gives us a lot of extra problems; this state government, in Salem, is already so near broke, they could face the same future as Detroit just did; bankruptcy.

in fact a lot of the states are teetering on the edge, of the same thing; they are so financially bad off, they could go bankrupt, and then negate all the counties and states civil service contracts, and that would eliminate those workers pensions and benefits they had accrued.it doesn’t seem fair.

but it also doesn’t seem fair,that all the workers who worked in private industry, are also out of jobs and out of pensions and benefits also. So where do you draw the line? are city and state and federal workers supposed to be more secure than people in private industry?

Also, WHY should they be?isn’t it about time somebody said “okay, the buck stops passing here.” Meaning, if everybody else in the country has to take it in the jaw, why shouldn’t the civil service people also?

there really isn’t any difference between the two areas anymore. The country and the states apparently can’t afford all those wonderful civil service benefits either ,anymore than they can afford them for private industry.

so why do we have different standards for different kinds of workers? The answer is, we can’t afford that anymore.and we shouldn’t have them in the first place. 

private industry is the one that MAKES all the money that goes into taxes into government, and into civil service work. All that money has to come from somewhere! It doesn’t get made by the government. The government SPENDS it.Pvt. industry MAKES it.

Thus, the mild financial weather, that gave all those wonderful civil service benefits, has gone to snow and frost and freezing, just as much as the private sector jobs have all frozen up. If we can’t provide all that private industry money, there isn’t  going to be any money for GOVERNMENT EITHER. It’s only logical.

however, if you start talking about logic, nowadays, the liberals’ eyes glaze over, and they start accusing you of being un-empathetic, cold-blooded, ruthless, and also probably a Republican.I’m not even a Republican; I’m an independent. I don’t believe anymore in party loyalty.

so whenever I read the Eugene register guard newspaper, and I noticed their columnists ,they have plucked out of the New York Times, I have to listen to all this drivel about how cold-blooded and ruthless all of we people who tend towards financial conservatism are!

the truth is, the nation is becoming very very conservative generally, and I’m not alone. And a whole lot of we conservatives, are not rich, or upper-middle-class, we’ve often been working class or poor all our lives and we know the value of a buck or a penny.

That is WHY we’ve become so conservative.because the way a lot of us were raised, you didn’t spend money, unless you had it in your bank, in your checking account or your savings account.I suppose we were raised, the way that Germany has gone, and decided it would be better to be more frugal, then to be more and more broke all the time.

it’s infinitely wiser to put a little money  away, day by day, instead of spending a huge amount of money you don’t even have yet and maybe never will.you could end up like the United States federal government, which is now owned literally lock stock and barrel by China.

– – and of course, good old China could take possession anytime they liked, if they become rankled by us, for any particular reason.

Isn’t it great to be in such debt to someone, as if your business is in debt to the Mafia, and any explosions up and down that leadership chain, could reverberate on you in any specifically horrible manner?

NO, it’s not. It’s not great at all. It’s pretty damn disgusting.and it’s pretty damn STUPID and DANGEROUS. And it’s also specifically a LIBERAL contention, that those explosions well NEVER HAPPEN, and that “everything will be alright, and nothing bad will ever happen to us.”

I’m explaining why I am no longer liberal politically, as I once was; that’s because I’m not as dumb as I used to be. Once you get older, the cold feels colder, the snowbanks are higher, and the roadways are frozen over more all the time.

you have to admit finally, that world climate change is happening and you can’t stick your head in the sand anymore to avoid it.all that “CHANGE” is sitting right outside your window, in  a huge frozen pile of snow.

and you also have to admit that the liberal concept isn’t working. There isn’t enough money to go around to everybody. The world hasn’t changed at all; the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer and there’s still no utopia,and they’re probably never will be.

snow blizzards and horrible storms can easily come back to Oregon, Just the Way, Hurricane Katrina could come back to haunt New Orleans.you can be as optimistic as you like, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But ignoring all the snow and ice, and frozen roads, and pretending that you’re in Australia on a nice warm beach, is only going to get you in trouble with reality.

Oregon is only going to be  Oregon, and it’s never going to be  Australia.and those world climate change scientists are correct, anytime Oregon weather could go back to becoming a frozen wasteland, with either lots of snow, or tons of rain, and we can’t predict it.

So, PLEASE, OREGON, and Salem and the Oregon Legislature;  PLEASE FACE UP TO REALITY!!

Some Oregon counties so object to being discounted in opinion in Salem, like Jefferson county, they are legally seceeding from the state!!Jefferson county will become a separate STATE, and has decided to become “Jefferson State”!  They may, its reported, take a couple California counties WITH THEM, who are getting pissed off at the royal rule of Sacramento!!  They can legally do this.

IGNORING the will of voters and tax payers is actually resulting in counties LEAVING OREGON.Don’t you see the handwriting on the wall yet??If Salem only pays heed to the city of Portland, and no one else, we could lose more tax payers.

And unless Portland wants to pay the taxes for the WHOLE STATE, this will continue; the snow will get deeper, and the weather colder until we can’t feel anything anymore.

Until Oregon isn’t a STATE anymore, just a bunch of frozen mud.  We’re already out of industry, business and jobs; you want all the COUNTIES to leave also??  And Oregon consists only of Salem, Lane county, and Portland??WHOSE GOING TO PAY ALL THE BILLS??  the colleges and college students, and people on minimum wages??

So while Salem is drawling,”It never snows much in Oregon, only in Washington state!!”–the temperature in Eugene is 8 degrees F, the roads are frozen, the snow keeping snowing. and snowing…and the icicles get longer and sharper, and the homeless have less libraries or churches to hide in.

And other counties also consider leaving the state legally, cause they have no power in Salem, and the legislators still refuse to listen. “HEY, Salem, just WHAT’S GOING TO GET YOU TO LISTEN?   The state finally going bankrupt?  All the police, social services, all state depts coming to a grinding halt?? 

The snow-drifting covering us all, until we can’t breathe??  The fed. govt. coming in, taking over completely, and declaring us to be in a state of emergency, and helming the govt., as if we can’t rule it ourselves anymore, like a bunch of howling babies??  

“BOO-HOO, MY STATE WON’T WORK ANYMORE, MOMMY, ITS BROKEN!!!   WAWWW!!”  “aww, POOR Oregon, don’t cry!!  Mommy will annex you into WA DC, and their city, and you can go play in all the black ghettoes, and learn to be like THEM!!!”

–Something that a lot of people fled to Oregon to AVOID.Face it, people go to the pacific north west to avoid Oakland and Los Angeles.

But, hey!!  it’s OUR WEATHER, OREGON!! Maybe we should remember that, and start handling, shoveling it, and being responsible for it ourselves, instead of begging the fed. govt. for help,( Yes, Mayor Kitty, they are not going to save you,)

–because we’re poor little Liberal BABIES, who can’t handle life, or bad weather, or financial storms, and still bawl to GOVT. TO SAVE US–AGAIN–cause we;re too weak to do it ourselves!!

” We can’t handle the cold, or ice, cuz we never responsible for fucking up the state and counties with our rotten decisions, and hatred of capitalism. “OH, its all the fault of REPUBLICANS!!they’re all to blame for Oregon cracking up!!—” even though this is a democrat liberal-run state.

It’s snowing a lot in  Eugene, and Lane county, though, the airs’ freezing, and the roads are frozen slick..And the fed. govt., and the state govt., is not going to save Lane, or Eugene, it’s going to have to shovel outta this big snowdrift itself.  Or it’ll freeze to death, and not have anyone else to blame for it.Cause that’s LIFE.     🙂

(Sandraminadotty, warm and dry, out of the snow-fall, in Eugene OR)

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