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it’s November and everybody is talking about what they want for Christmas; already and it’s not even turkey day. Well, what I want for Christmas is, what I want for all of Oregon, and especially for my area of Eugene. I want RAIN!


.when I look outdoors, nowadays, in Eugene, chances are it’s either not raining with overcast skies and no light, or else the sun shining, with very cold weather, and STILL no rain!

We are in a 10 year drought, and if I were in church right now I would pray to God, “God, forget about Noah’s Ark, and the covenant that you wouldn’t fill the whole world with water again; just forget that. because here in Oregon, we need Noah’s Ark and we need all that rain again! Cuz we’re turning into California and Arizona!

“God you have to understand there are still FARMERS of all kinds, here in Oregon and they don’t have any God damn WATER. We need WATER, and we need RAIN!

“If you have any Indians from any kinds of tribes, please send them here to do Indian rain dances, only the kind that are successful, because it’s worth the price of the legislature of Oregon, just to get our RAIN BACK!”

That was the prayer that I gave to God, today, (while I’m on the computer, I don’t think he has any particular prejudice against Bill Gates,) because quite frankly, Oregon is going to be in severe horrible trouble, if we don’t get a good constant supply of rain in this state.

Ask some of the farmers, even those cute little boutique organic farmers, whether there or not they need more and more rain to do any growing.do you think they’re going to be able to use paid for water, local and state water lines, if we don’t get any rain?

If we don’t get a snowpack very big, in the mountains we won’t get any regular water supplies either that come out of the hose.

so forget all those dreams of food processors, Black Friday’s, and trying to get a good price on your kid’s favorite toy or videogame; I advise that you go to your local church, or synagogue, or “semi-religious organization,” (that can even include AA, or a not very well known religious group,) and just pray like crazy, for God to send us some RAIN AGAIN, like it used to, that made this state green, and KEPT it green.

we started out very well, with a bunch of rain, but lately, we haven’t had any at all, and this is November. Even if all the people from California have moved here, they shouldn’t have brought their weather with them. If we don’t do something about this 10 year drought, of Oregon, we are literally going to turn into ARIZONA. NEW MEXICO.

Whether or not you believe in “world climate change,” you have to admit that the weather in Oregon has become severely bereft of RAIN. There is no arguing that over the years, Oregon’s weather has become so much more DRY, and increasingly DRYER and DRYER, that you might not even recognize this as Oregon anymore.this is supposed to be the GREEN STATE, not the OVERCAST, and DRY state!

All you liberals and yuppies, politically hip, and otherwise nonconservative, you will not like it here, if we turn into Arizona.we’ve already got only two types of people in Oregon now; the very super rich up at the top, and the rest of us very poor down at the bottom. Not a very good combination for paying your taxes.

in addition, if you add in tremendous DROUGHT, you will start seeing Oregon forests DIE, and all the greenery around you in Eugene and in other places, start to get very dry, brown, and increasingly die off.

Where the heck we’re going to get our water just for the rest of us to survive is anybody’s question.California for many years, has been getting their water from US. If we go to droughts constantly, we will have to start asking Washington state for water. And I don’t think they’re going to give it to us.

in the meantime, Oregon will have to start telling California, “no, no, no, no, we don’t have it no more!”and that’s the truth. All you have to do is look at all the stupid sunny days, cold and also overcast skies, all of these without any RAIN, and your not going to be able to deny reality.

So I suggest that all of you who live in Oregon, no matter who you are, rich and poor, conservative and liberal, hippie, yuppie, retired, and overworked, unemployed; please, forget about those stupid Christmas presents! Get down on your knees or however you pray, and pray very vociferously to God, for RAIN FOR OREGON. And PLENTY of it!

because I have no desire  to pull up stakes, and go all the way to Alaska to live, just to find some WATER from all the snow. That is my prayer for my gift, for Christmas, 2013, in Eugene Oregon. We need RAIN. We need a ton of it! And that’s what I want for Christmas.

(Signing off, Sandraminadotty, in Eugene Oregon, hoping for some kind of reaction to this. Also, thanks for all the support from our great new Eugene radio station, “the brick wall, all comedy 1450 AM” which has comedy almost 24 hours a day, and a talkshow and interview, at about 3 PM afternoons.to this new radio station: WELCOME!

(Boy did we need you! Keep going, keep yukking it up we really need it in this economic situation. And keep giving away all those wonderful free tickets, everybody appreciates it. Oh, and you’re also on Facebook aren’t you?yes, and if you go on their Facebook page, “all comedy 1450 the brick wall,” you can probably score some free tickets to the local comedy clubs)

(don’t tell me I can’t support local businesses. If I do anything else, I’ll do that.) 🙂bonklers.more2or3rdrocketmen.

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