(artwork bought from Oregon artists)

The most beautiful time of the year in Oregon, and even in Eugene, is the fall;  everyone knows that, and the trees show off, turning into red, gold, green, orange, lime and yellow portraits up and down all the streets. Well, most of the streets.It is the only time when Eugene really looks gorgeous, and that’s due to nature. Too bad they don’t let nature handle the whole thing

I was trying to avoid the the national healthcare debacle,since I had already paid my taxes by getting my Medicare cut.so I didn’t really want to have anything else to deal with it.

I  had just watched a Jimmy Stewart movie, where he played a con man found a small town that was perfectly average for the whole country, so they could do all their advertising testing there, and find out what would sell to the whole country.

so poor Jimmy Stewart was a very smooth con man, over complimenting the leaders of this small town, telling them how perfect it was, how wonderful, and what a wonderful model it was for the rest of the country. In other words, this small town was perfect!

any time somebody comes up to you, and starts to give you a line like that, praising your qualities, or talent or intelligence, what ever you got, to the gods into the skies, be very suspicious. The chances are, the guy is trying to con you out of, usually, a lot of money.at least I was not naïve anymore. I suspected everyone.

even in Eugene, where our leaders often praise Eugene, praise the County, and tell everyone how fabulous it is to live here, the chances are, they’re going to run up a whole bunch of taxes .

So as I looked out at the beautiful fabulous fall gorgeously embraced trees and bushes, and sidewalks filled with wonderful riches of gold and red, it occurred to me that we were paying a  wonderful bunch of TAXES to get all that praise and energy out of our fearless leaders. And we weren’t getting much more than that!

it seems that the whole state of Oregon, come election day again, was going to throw hundreds of propositions and bills and new taxes at us, trying to pass them all!

“‘HEY, WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL RED AND GOLD FALL IN EUGENE, OREGON!”‘ I yelled out my front door, onto the 5-lane-highway that had almost taken out the front of my house,and now roared loudly day & night, shaking everyone’s house-front to pieces;  “GUESS WHAT??”


************************************************************Later on, at the police holding-cell, where they let me make one phone call, finally Caroline was allowed  to see me.”Knockin’ around the bare-bars again, eh, kiddo?What was it, hurling crockery at police cars again, cause their  sirens give you migraines all the time?  

“Tell me no cops have concussions this time; please tell me that!”she frowned worridly, shaking her head.

“No,” I replied, since she had also gotten me bail again, and I thumbed my nose at the tough female cop I hated,as we left the gorgeously-appointed, gold-trimmed jail house, past the commissioned bronze  lions  they’d just set up at the entrance  to the marble steps.”But I got to use a taser on a young fuzz-cop this time,cuz he was  too unfamiliar with it, and I was not.That was worth any amt. of fees and fines they use instead of jail time.   how liberating!”—

“I  am making use of my tax-welfare  resources; never quit paying the taxes so  using the resources we paid for!  ”    +++++++++


“‘You should relax more, “said Caroline,as I held an ice-pack    on my head, to relieve the  migraine due to local political-infighting  in Eugene govt; “get some wreck and roll!”  “What do you suggest?”

 “We should go to that annual Fall  Organic  Produce & Alternative Grain-bulk sale.”  “Wow,  its a big deal?Do  they sell lates?” “Its the biggest bulk    sale for tiny local organic farmers organization.And if yer a organic natural vegan, you always go.”  “Will Gloria Swanson be there? She was  really into health food.”  “Maybe her ghost, ” replied Caroline, grabbing my coat, throwing it at me.” Yes, we went to Springfield  OR!!.

(  where  we did NOT SEE  the  Simpson family; they were luxuriating in LA now.)..


..The Organic tiny Oregon farmers’ assoc.  bulk  wierd grain and produce sale was held in a hollowed-out,desecrated old church with  stained glass windows. In side, organic hucksters offered bite-size samples of faro grain, black popcorn, and “alternative healthy grains and produce.”

“Let me see…” Do I want to pay the mortgage this month, on my house, or do Ii want to buy  half a lb. of cuckkolded, ancient grain, that”s higher in protein than eggs?”  “Awww..miss, you gotta buy our grains and produce in HUGE BULK SIZES.”  “You think I’ll  ever NEED that much?”  I asked the young farmer.”No. ” he grinned  charmingly, “but we need to SELL the stuff!!”

 Just like that, organic  farmers become CAPITALISTS…ELITE capitalists.  This was not Big Bens’ Fast Rice!!And  this “pop-up store” was not Safeway.

 First  to  the grain salesman; “I wanta  see yer legal dieticians’ license!!”I growled.  “What license?” shrieked the  guy.”I’m a farmer!”  

“But you are giving out BULK  NUTRITION  ADVICE TO THE PUBLIC, AT A sale!!  How come you do not have a  real dietician’s license?  What nutritional school did you graduate from, Alice’s Restaurant?  Did  Woody Guthrie eat this stuff? NO?  I thought not; he ate  Wonder bread when he got food.”  “WHO’S Woody  Guthrie?”  Groan!  And these  guys were supposed to be HIP!!


“You didn’t buy anything either,”commented Caroline, as we drove off. “I didn’t  bring my Mac truck, and 2 big,strong guys with me, ”  I replied, casually.”You can only eat or cook with 100 lbs. of winter squash, or quinoa or faro grain, if you run your own vegan restauraant, downtown, that feeds  the homeless.”‘ “you’re wrong, “replied Caroline; “The homeless would never eat quinoa-squash stew!  “

“ha ha, ‘”  I replied, as we headed for a famous fast-food restaurant, so I could scarf down large chocolate Dairy Queen cones. Caroline liked their real food. We had had enough slumming amongst the “Elite-to-Eat” and our pocket books said “HAMBURGER” very loud.

“I guess they’ll sell lots of produce & grain,I said as Caroline slurped her milk shake” but   how cum burgers are so CHEAP  and hippie-yuppy-food costs so MUCH?  They ARE local farmers, right?  how come they don’t sell to Regular stores?  How come they don’t have  their own STORE?”

 Caroline pointed to the large family at the corner table; there was one mom, and 5 small kids of varying ages, all munching hungrily on burgers and fries; the mom looked tired and spent.– and broke. “That, ”  whispered Caroline, ” Is the REAL OREGON; not what we saw today.”

I decided to keep that in mind. We natives know the real world when we see it. It’s ugly sometimes but you gotta deal with it occasionally. Go with Peace.  🙂

( sincerely, Ssandraminadotty, in Eugene  Oregon, eating too much sugared grainola and avoiding my faro, oh my!!  🙂   )

(and to all the organic community farming associations, I have this to say: I’m not against you. It’s just that you really need to think about the food needs of ALL OREGONIANS, not just the very well off who can afford organic food. We are all in this together? Then we’re all in this together FARM and FOOD – WISE, also.

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