“WHY DID MY TAXES GO UP 100 %?!!”True Stories of Universal MED.CARE Nations:”(blog)Eugene,OR




It started with my friend Carolyne bitching about her tax return;”@!!&#!&*_+#%$*??!”she swore,looking at it;”They cut my tax-return 75 %!!My taxes went way up! Why?!”

I said,”Did you read the online-details of the affordableCareAct–I mean, TAX?””NO, why would I?”  “It says, right in there, everyone’s taxes will go up,a big percentage, attached to the Act, to pay for it.” “He never said that! I make 9 bucks an hr.!”

“Got news for you;”I returned,”My friend’s husband in Michigan?Who only gets free-lance,part-time work? Who’s pay is so low, he’s eligible for welfare  & food-stamps?l

“Their taxes are a $5,000. so high, IRS is taking it outta his pay &  her disability check.They are LOW-INCOME, and the new taxes are huge on THEM.They have to get  permission now,from the IRS to keep any cash to live on.These are people who run out of food before the end of the month!

“They have to go to a food pantry, and  THOSE only let you come a couple times now. She goes  to a clinic in the black-ghetto, no one else will take her Medicare! –where all the welfare-blacks go.They both have college educations.–and he can’t get a job! So he gets piece-work.  YOU DON’T even have a college degree, they have less than YOU.”

That shut Carolyne up; the news that college grads were on food stamps, and now THEY were paying big taxes on tiny salaries.”Obama had no control over the IRS,” SHE mumbled.

“Hey, WHO WILL PAY FOR THE BIG NEW TAX?” i asked her.”There is no middle-class to take the brunt of it. THERE IS NO middle-class;  there’s no middle-class JOBS!  ALL THE WORKING AND LOW INCOME get taxed more now too!”




“You think the 1 % will pay for this? They have tax-shelters, tax attorneys, and they are TOO  BIG for the IRS TO CATCH.THEY OWN the fed. govt.! WHY would they pay for this? People who WORK are  paying for ALL of this! And old people on Medicare! Hospitals; clinics, ect. THEY are getting cut!!–to pay for some stranger’s Obamacare!”

“You don’t have to get upset,” said Carolyne.”Oh yeah? Cause there won’t be any MONEY LEFT in Medicare for us on social security?No one will give ME a job, at my age!! I’m going to end up at the clinic where all the welfare indigent and illegal aliens go, there  will be no hospital clinics! The hospital is busted, it has to fire 500 employees! The -money is going to Obamacare instead!” I paused, in my swami-routine

;”I see…I will be paying cash, in the future “I mumbled.”My magic senses see the future,,shit on tthe future.”

I got heated; “They already have so few DOCTORS, we have to wait MONTHS, and go to drop in clinics instead! At least you have KAISER, from work, you lucky dog! I wish I had it!I’d sweep streets to get it!” “But you got Medicare!!”  “Which is like saying, “but you have scraps off the table! Why are you whining?” ” Most doctors REFUSE TO TAKE MEDICARE.”

We were already getting into a “quality of care” argument; I started with, “In northern California, only the county health dept. clinic will take Medicare, no other doctors.You go to the same place illegal aliens, bums, and indigent go to.If you need psychiatric, forget it, they GOT RID of it! unless yer rich.”

“At least you HAD some place to go.” said Carolynne. “My 90 yr. old mom didn’t  like getting dragged there, while we listened to Mexicans in the waiting room, brag they had been in prison, and killed people!”

“Ugh,”moaned Carolyne,  “Your husband always made good money,I said.”You got spoiled.” “Well, he sure dumped me”, said she, depressed.”Welcome to the working world of dumped wives w/kids.”I said. “How do you like making so much less money than men?”  “I don’t like it,” she grumped.”I tried to get into the same blue-collar trade, they don’t hire women.”   “Yeah, the pink-collar ghetto,”I snickered.”Its not going away.”


“WHAT middle-class?? duh?”  ***


“How come your disabled college friend couldn’t get better jobs?”asked Carolyne finally,”While she was still working?”  “She was over 6 ft., and kept gaining weight up to 400 lbs; she was finally diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease,out of control,and diabetes,and COPD;she ccouldn’t get any jobs that big–except those dangerous  jobswith criminal kids.”  “Oh, crap,”sighed Carolyne.”At least her husband stuck by her.”

“Yes,”I said, “her poor worn out husband who can’t get a real job.”We had gotten no where, trying to prove who had the least, and came to the the conclusion, 1. govt politicians got it; 2. the IRS got it; 3. the 1 percent got it; 4.the Obamas really got it! 5, all the big politicians got it; 6. the big corporations all got it; and 7. all the rest of US DON’T GOT NOTHING.We got stuck w/the BILL

. Which kind of said, if money for Obamacare would depend on all of us broke ones, the future of ..Obamacare would run out of MONEY.

You can’t wring Obama-taxes out of dead-broke corpses.They proved that, in concentration camps in WW2 Germany.The Nazis even knew that! They didn’t tax them to live in pograms.(sorry rabbi, bad joke.)

  That was SO DEAD, it KILLED the audience! (groan.)

It was a good thing I didn’t belong to a temple now, so they couldn’t throw me out.”Look,” I said to Carolyne;”This is research I got, from experts; I wanta publish it on a blog”Well, if it helps, do it,”she replied.”Friends?” “Sure”,we made up..::)

(Here is research–info. given to this blog, from a professional researcher about true accts. with universal health-care nations, and how those medical systems are doing now; I have reduced the info. to Canada and Britain, and very short brief report, for space.thank you—Sandraminadotty, in Eugene OR.USA.

“Dear Sir; I have talked to many people online and phone,and in person who live in Canada, Britain, and other countries that have “‘universal healthcare insurance.” these are the brief results generally from my findings.

“In Toronto, Canada, its possible SOMETIMES to get health treatment,surgery,you need, but you must wait MANY MONTHS OR EVEN YEARS because there are VERY FEW DOCTORS.(they are all in private clinics that take cash.)You can DIE WAITING for necessary surgery,or vital treatment.DITTO all Canada areas.

“Wealthy people all go to private clinics,or go to the USA.Most people DO NOT GET TREATMENTS THEY NEED. Or, if they do, it is DONE INCORRECTLY,and some doc in the US has to correct it.( from true stories.)

” Generally,In both Canada and Britain most expensive MEDICAL EQUIPMENT is worn out,old,does not often work.There is not enough money to replace them.People who need them,are shipped across the border  to US HOSPITALS for that..Lots of Canadians go to Bellingham WA, to see doctors,and pay cash.(true stories)

” Canadians working in the US, told me,”Everyone jumped on national health care system when it began, it was over-whelmed, and it COLLAPSED;there was NOT ENOUGH MONEY.And there were NEVER ENOUGH DOCTORS ANYMORE.everyone goes to the US,who has money.Rich people always get care,cuz they are rich; not everyone else(from true incidents)

“An American student going to college in Canada,broke her ankle,and they SET IT WRONG;she had to go home,US, get on her dad’s insurance,and they had to reset it over,here.(yes, I knew them; true incident.)”

“In Britain, if you fracture your finger, you could wait 8 hrs. in the ER, AND then,there is no specialist-doc to fix it–a 3 to 6 week wait.they tie yer finger to a popsicle stick.(taken from many true incidents) and they PAY MONEY FOR THIS. Everyone pays thousands of dollars a year to the govt.

“These and many others are all TRUE STORIES from patients-research  in Canada and Britain, on universal healthcare. notably, they have FEW DOCTORS ANYMORE.–ESPECIALLY SPECIALISTS. i am sorry I cannot give you the complete, huge mass of my research, but you do not have enough space.I have to boil it down to over-all generalities .

I have found that much RICHER PEOPLE ALMOST ALWAYS GET GOOD PRIVATE CARE. NO ONE ELSE HAS ANY CHANCE, OF GETTING THE SAME,WHO IS NOT RICH OR IMPORTANT even in nations with national health-care… The  GOVT. does makes you pay,even if you get no services. “

–Independent  researchers)

Yes, I know, how come I can’t give the NAMES OF THE  PEOPLE RESEARCHING? It has to do with LIABILITY.

I was informed that when large university research-centers come up with results from many medically-related studies, they cannot publically come out and give it to the NEWS MEDIA, they can get SERIOUSLY SUED –and the universities can’t  afford the huge insurance to protect themselves, Just like DOCTORS!!  

You have to have enough MONEY. IF you are only university-research centers, even if  yer BRILLIANT, you are VULNERABLE.

 Big fat corporations or ect. BIG FAT pharmaceuticals might get BUGGED AT YOU.–OR Liberal-left-wing-govt. agencies,OR politcally-powerful parties ect ect.  

You just can’t come out and tell truths or research results–you might be stepping on someone’s big fat TOES.

Face it, people hate the truth, it’s so UNPLEASANT.

For example, if I had come out, and testified that UC MEDICAL CENTER, RESEARCH,on Parnassus Ave, in San Francisco, had come up with the following two discoveries–

–The main reason for the huge epidemic of breast cancer in women, in the USA, is the activity of gasoline in the air, where the molecules of it react to the hormones in women’s breasts, and the combo of the 2 likely will give that female human breast cancer, you’d probably say to me,–

–“I  don’t believe it, cause if it did, or was going on, that Susan-whatchamacallit-women’s breast cancer research center would have discovered it by now!! –the one getting all those MILLIONS OF BUCKS TO RESEARCH BREAST CANCER–and they would STOP ASKING FOR MORE AND MORE MILLIONS TO GIVE TO THEM!! CUZ they would TELL EVERYONE to STOP DRIVING CARS!!”

  SURE they would. SURE!!  YOU betcha, ladies.

And if I had told you that the same research center had studies of mental patients on Lithium, had revealed that the patients who had HERPES, had completely gotten rid of them, and the symptoms, with time. and further tests showed that Herpes can be cured with Lithium, over time, and Big Pharma should look into this, (instead of putting people on life-time herpes-symptoms meds,which is making Big Pharma rich,)—you’d say to me,

–“They wouldn’t lie about that, they are responsible Pharma-corporations! If its so true, how come Wiki-leaks hasn’t Wiki-leaked those 2 things to the world??! They are NOT afraid of consequences, like getting “hit” or anything!!  They’re not afraid of Ninjas sneaking in, some dark night!  That’s silly!!  Nah!  You are full of BS, Sandramina!!” 

Yes, dear reader, all the big oil companies and huge car companies would all start making ELECTRIC  CARS, cause WOMENS’ LIVES are so important to them!  

So none of that could be true!And Susan WHATCHAMACALIT-“pink ribbon “-multi-million dollar foundation would halt THEIR research, and stop accepting all that dough!! They’d be glad to!!-

And no one would call their attorneys, and start suing any university-research-centers for LIABLE!

 (of course not.)


When they sang, “Money makes the world go round/world go round/world go round/Money makes the world go round!” in Berlin, they were KIDDING.

The Germans then were such BIG KIDDERS! HA HA. WW2  was just a PRACTICAL JOKE that got OUTTA HAND. YA.

So, because those Germans then and Japanese were ALL such Big KIDDERS, you  know that I’M KIDDING; and nothing I have and others have, spilled, on this site, could possibly be TRUE. NO WAY!! 

We know that all  people are NICE GUYS, they all HATE  WAR, they DO NOT CARE ABOUT MONEY, they ALWAYS tell you the TRUTH, and you can TRUST all yer nations’ govts. to NEVER LIE TO YOU.

You can go to beddy-bye tonight,with yer teddy-bear,  feel safe and secure, know that NWO (New World Order) is a silly urban legend, and all the huge rich corporations STAY OUT of govt. politics, never BRIBE or DO EVIL THINGS; and  the media in the US NEVER CENSORS or  DISTORTS the NEWS.

-and that ALL PRESIDENTS are GODS.They are Saints!! THOSE are nasty gossip, just the way EVERYTHING on this site is.

You CANNOT TAKE FOR TRUTH anything that you read here, it is all just a BIG JOKE.

Eugene Oregon has sun, light, heat, and cloudless blue-sky, and even cantloupe grow here!  It is JUST LIKE CALIFORNIA!!

Excuse  me while I go pick a ripe peach, some ripe cherries, and have it with NANCY’S HOME-MADE YOGURT.  YUMM!!   🙂

(Sandraminadotty picking that warm, juicy peach, in my back-yard, in Eugene, Oregon, the HEALTHIEST PLACE ON EARTH! )  :

(“Don’t you think that was all a little harsh o yer readers?”said Carolyne to me, reading the research results up above.” “Yeah, I expect it was,” I replied.”Prepare em for the worst, due to the facts; but hope for the BEST. ALWAYS HOPE. But still be prepared for the possible worst.I do not have my brain buried in the sand; that’s dangerous.” Carolyne and  I both agreed on that. Adieu! )  🙂


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  1. It’s scary, there are no jobs and now no medical insurance. What are people going to do? I am sick of this stuff. Most of the middle class are old and retired. I barely know anyone with middle class jobs. Obamacare is taking advantage of the fact no one can get a job that provides real insurance anymore. The bankers and the rest of them want to crush us under costs. How do you stay healthy in a system where they are poisoning you with GMO food on one end and then piling on the bills and stress?


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