http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/a-chinese-group-plans-to-construct-a-200-acre-china-city-in-michigan http://www.thenewamerican.com/economy/economics/item/16154-china-cashes-in-on-bankrupt-detroit http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323998604578567842424911464.html 2344905a8enfa3xpy since there is a lot of buying and more buying of United States land by Russia and mainland China, everybody in Eugene Oregon is thinking “maybe this means we will finally have jobs here in this county..”after all, the other Nick name of Eugene is “the People’s Republic of Eugene”.securedownload.gifsunandcloudsemote How could our new owners of property in the USA, not come to Eugene Oregon, buy up all our devalued property and homes, and not give us fabulous prices for it?cookieteaseplz anybody who has ever seen Chinese buyers anywhere in any big city, out buying things, already has an idea of how the Chinese buy.they are always looking for a bargain, and they will not overpay you for something, if they can figure out how to underpay you. after all, we are talking about some of the most clever, brilliant, and sharp business people in the entire world. Yes, the Chinese. Many people have known this for hundreds of years, it is nothing new. so it is not unreasonable for those working people and middle-class people (who are still left in Oregon) to wonder how this new boom of Chinese investment and Chinese ownership of much land in the United States (also Russia has been doing the same thing) is going to effect employment of Americans (you know, those white people who were already born here? And also other minorities races who were already born in America?) eatflyingheartagain love062ndcandyman omfg betterchef (1) knitt2!cid_19_3218548504@web142503_mail_bf1_yahoo consider the following letters that were written to this blog, asking these questions:

“Dear “what to do while the planet dies blog”: anotherstove stor07

can you please tell me, what kind of employment in the future United States and the present, my daughters will run into, now that the Chinese are buying up the whole country? How are they with women as employers? – – Sincerely, “anxious mother in Eugene Oregon””

“dear “anxious mother in Eugene”: rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

well, you have to look at the culture of the Chinese male.if you listen and read young female Chinese writers in America, they say that the whole Chinese family is very antifeminist, and always wants boys. Also they only want to educate boys. They do not favor daughters, they discriminate against them and consider them inferior. “many young female Chinese writers are very bitter, about this.it looks like Chinese men are just as chauvinist, or even more so, than American men. In which case, female employment in the United States is going to get even worse than it used to be. It is very likely that the huge wave of Chinese coming into the United States is definitely going to affect women in a negative way. Especially in employment. “of course, I could always be wrong but I suggest you read a lot of young female Chinese writers, and get their opinions. Don’t just base your opinion on my advice alone.– – sincerely, “what to do while the planet dies blog” happygermanyflag

“dear “what to do while the planet dies blog”: rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

“how do the Chinese that are going to move into the United States and also own all the land here, treat their employees in their own country? Are they good employers? And do they pay very well? Sincerely, “wondering about wages and working conditions in Eugene


“dear wondering about wages:”  securedownload.gifverygoodemoteatcomputer

“it is strange but  the very rich Chinese who who are making the most money, often have other Chinese hired almost as slaves in their factories. This is not a good sign. Definitely. You have to remember that China is not a democracy or republic of any kind, it is a type of dictatorship, or multiple – dictatorship by a small group at the top. (Yes, that is called an oligarchy, and it is similar to ours.)

“However, the difference between the American oligarchy government, and the Chinese oligarchy government is quite big. “Americans still have a lot of freedom left (at the present moment) and the only reason is, is because our government federal is in huge turmoil, Congress hates Democrats, Democrats hate Republicans, and they are all engaged in selling us out to other countries.doing this is keeping them very busy for the time being.  amused “and so far, because of the NRA, and a lot of very suspicious Americans, most Americans in the United States are still allowed to own fire arms. (or rather, they absolutely insist on owning them despite what any Obama says or Democrats say or do.)With the advent of more Chinese rule, that would definitely change and if you wanted to own firearms you might have to do it underground.

“once the Chinese and the Russians have bought up all our land, many moved here, and firmly entrench themselves (if they haven’t already very quietly) our freedoms will be greatly affected.it is true that in Oregon, quite a few Oregonians own firearms, and know how to use them, even females,

“one of the reasons is, Oregon is still wildly patriotic about one of their main freedoms: the right to keep and bear arms. “the other reason is, Lane County, Eugene, and Oregon in general, have a lot of crime, property crime burglary murder, violence, and anything else criminal you can think of.so if you don’t own a firearm of some type here, at least at home to protect yourself from burglary, you are not a real Oregonian.

“That perhaps is one of the main reasons why  trying to take over the United States militarily, instead of economically, might be a little touchy. Even I would not want to try going up against very angry and ballistic Oregonians, who get as angry as the first colonists over taxes and freedom, and take to their firearms.  hunter

“But to answer your question, no, I doubt that there are any unions of employees in China. Honest. There seems to be huge discrimination between the very rich Chinese employers, and the majority of the very poor Chinese employees.

“I hope this answers your question. Good luck.

“sincerely, “what to do while the planet dies – blog”.

“dear “what to do while the planet dies – blog: rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

“can you tell me how the Chinese feel about vegetarians, vegans, organic food, environmentalism, “greenness”, conservation, and the ecology of the land? Do they do this in their own country? How is China now, as far as its ecology and environment?


sincerely, “big on organic vegans and the environment”, in Eugene Oregon”

“dear “big on organic”:rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

“I had to take an hour or so to quit laughing, before I could answer your letter. choclatehyper

“If you haven’t been watching any news either here on the web, or anywhere else, or been reading about the ecology presently of China, then I don’t know if I can really inform you fully. You would probably have to see photographs of it, and first-person witnesses who write about it. burnyouupstor02

“Or, you could start reading lots of horror and watch monster movies, and watching particularly those movies about the end of the world. Does the few words “Brown AIR” mean anything to you? If it doesn’t, you should probably get hip to the news about China’s environment on the web. There’s plenty of it to go around.

“I am just glad that my father, who was born and raised in China, as a boy, and was bilingual with Mandarin and English, cannot see China as it exists now. It would depress him even more than he usually was. – If dead people can get any more depressed. China was very very different in his day. Much CLEANER.”

“good luck with your environment, here’s hoping it holds out.” michaelmyersstab

“Sincerely, writer of “what to do while the planet dies – blog” in Eugene Oregon”

“Dear “what to do while the planet dies – blog:rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

can you tell me, is there a huge difference or not between the cultures of the United States and mainland China? Is there going to be a big “cultural revolution” here, and affect the usual American cultures? Do the Chinese like pizza? Do they like beer? And all the other things about the differences between our two cultures?”

“Sincerely, “open to new and exotic cooking cultures”, in Eugene Oregon”happygomoteflower

“dear “new and exotic cooking cultures”:rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

“I think that the biggest difference you will be aware of, between American culture and mainland Chinese culture, is our observance towards authority and authority figures. Over in China, you do not go against authority; you do not speak against it. If you do, there are severe consequences if you speak out against the government or anything having to do with the government, or its laws or rules, or do any protesting openly. eekIMOattack horror04

“I don’t think you have to worry about the cooking. If you can afford to eat, here, in the future, that’s the biggest thing you have to worry  about food.if you can make enough money to still afford to eat. That’s already a problem here.since the majority of the Chinese coming here, will be fanatically rich, and able to buy anything they want here, I expect the prices of food and other consumer goods might go way up. miserable

“The only other thing I can say about the differences between mainland China culture, and United States, is that the Chinese are very private people, and do not usually show their feelings or emotions in public. It is considered uncivilized. In the old world of China, you would lose face. #2frankenstein

“In fact, one of the biggest concerns of Chinese culture, is to not allow yourself, or your family, to get in the position of “losing face.” Rather, being humiliated,embarrassed, or somehow losing your reputation, or in any way being made a fool of in public.as far as traditional China went, that was a horrible bad thing, to “lose face”. I am not sure how it is in modern China, but I don’t think they have completely lost that tradition. coverface2ignore

“I suppose you could compare the Chinese “losing face” to the loss of reputation of major politicians, when they are caught in sex scandals of some kind. it’s kind of similar.both of them are considered very bad for the individual or family. And, it could ruin you. newbeatingheartfiredevil

“Although, in the United States, now,it is starting to be almost “hip” to be a politician or leader, who has been caught in huge sex scandals in public, and if you can survive it, it really makes a name for you. What we used to say “there is no such thing as bad publicity in the US.”I doubt that this is the same as China. Over there, if you get very bad face,you might also lose your head. Physically.”talkoncellphonesecuredownloadlicking supergirl2flirt walkinginlovewithaghost!cid_20130424022231_7854maild0@gmx  signideaaniideaemote _jigglypuffattack__by_Edme

“I hope this gives you a little information on the difference in our cultures. Maybe modern China is a little bit more like ours, but I sincerely doubt it.”wub.giflovegif

– Yours, very sincerely, the writer of “what to do while the planet dies – blog” in Eugene Oregon

“dear “what to do while the planet dies– blog”:rainumbrella3!cid_655BB05323E1408489E8EA45B03253ED@DorothyHP

“how do the Chinese feel about sex, do they approve of it, or are they very puritanical? Also, how do they feel about religion?”

“, sincerely, “likes sex a lot in Eugene Oregon”anotheranotherlovemakingwithcondom act07

“dear “likes sex a lot”:

“as you can tell, the Chinese like sex quite a lot; look at their population. However, public display, or public content that has a lot of sex in it, is probably very forbidden. I do believe that it is still considered a decadent instrument of capitalism and the United States.

“We do know that the Japanese like sex quite a bit, and there is a lot of paying for sex, and getting it that goes on. I suspect the same thing happens in China, however, more underground.they might seem very puritanical on the surface, but that’s just the surface.

“As for religion, did you know that that is a communist country? Religion is not okay in a communist country. ALL RELIGION.the communist state is considered the only legal religion in China.

“If you thought that the Romans were cruel to Christians, then I suppose China’s opinion about religion is pretty close to that.I would start preparing to have UNDERGROUND RELIGION now, just in case.

 “Sincerely,shaking my head in sympathy, the writer of “what to do while the planet dies – blog”

“Dear “Planet–ect:” “How do you advise we Americans born here,now,and our kids, to best adapt to the huge new changes going on in the USA now?What would you do?”

—sincerely,”American parents in Eugene, Oregon,Really Confused”

“Dear Really Confused:

“It is natural for you as parents to be alarmed as huge amts. of Chinese and rich Russians literally buy up property,land,in the USA.I should say”don’t panic and move out of the country fast,to Romania”.

“Anyhow, you probably can’t; getting any citizenship or green card to live in a far,better-off country would be hard, unless you are very wealthy.Even Canada does not want Americans now.

“Maybe in South America, an American family could get lost. Not a great place, or stable,even  for wealthy Americans.Average Americans?Sigh!!

” Maybe you could work for a drug cartel,or join a Contra,or rebel-against-govt,-junta, and live a dangerous life.Move to most primative  areas of Alaska, or some areas of the Deep South that has few people,or civilization. Marry one of their cousins, and make illegal liquor; blend in.Stop being middle-class. Adopt a new accent. See tight jeans as formal wear.

“Whatever it takes to SURVIVE,when you  are a citizen of Ancient Rome,the slaves have all revolted, and the Goths and Visi-Goths are poring over the borders, ready to kill, loot, and rape.–or just buy all of Rome,and move in by the HORDES.

“You might read up on how peoples of conquered nations survived individually,and as small groups,families. How they survived psychologically. Study Mandarin.

“I do know that China itself for ages, was invaded and taken over, and it is said, the country and peoples survived by ABSORBING ITS ENEMIES. Surviving WW2 under the Japanese, left China with hatred eternally for Japan, to this day.

“Absorbing the enemy rather than openly repulsing them, is similar to a tree bending in a storm rather than being rigid, breaking. But you must be realistic about what this involves;your invader has weaknesses,and imperfections too,and they are still human beings.

“Reading about old China, and how it survived, and how the Jewish race survived, even without a country,is very instructive,Books on India and Ghandi are also good.

“This is not the first huge civilization to be  taken over, with it’s govt. castrated and it’s peoples left in dire straits;Learn from HISTORY!! History is a great teacher.  Talk to, or read accts. of exiles,and immigrants forced thru massive changes.

“Much of the world is also upset by “World Climate Change”and that also affects the balances of nations and peoples.There are no sure answers for Americans, and I advise all to stick together, and take care of each other.Find your basic community strength as well as you can.

“. Forget GLOBAL, keep to LOCAL. ” Try to remember that all human beings are alike at the core, and this can enable you..

“And “When the going gets tough, the TOUGH get going.” They exist, even in Eugene, Oregon. Don’t believe it, ask an old-timer, or a Native!!  Many of THEM survived eons of ENDLESS RAIN.”

—SINCERELY, “what-to-do-while-the-planet-dies-Blog”, Trying to hang together in one piece. (Sandraminadotty in Eugene Oregon)


(Art-work on this blog has been purchased from Oregon artists, and most of the emoticons have been made by “Smileydesign.net” and   Deviantart.com  ) 🙂


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