“HOW SMART IS AN OREGONIAN? – The question in Eugene Oregon”



There is a joke in Eugene Oregon,”how many Oregonians does it take to put in a lightbulb?” ANSWER: “DUH… What is a lightbulb?”

now you may think I’m being cruel, but as far as native Oregonians go, if you are an intelligent one, that’s what you do; YOU GO! You leave the bloody state. And you don’t come back until you have to.

there are good reasons for this; if you graduate from college, usually you can’t go any further in this state, unless you work for peace health Hospital Corporation, or you work for the county or the city or the state as a civil servant. Or, you work at the University of Oregon. Otherwise, there is no other work here, that makes more than nine dollars an hour.

I remember trying to go through a fast food outlet, in the middle of the night, asking the waitperson to let me buy something without being in a car, so that I could go through the drive through; the person who was serving the cars, was absolutely scared to death that she would lose her “fast food job”, and she was emphatic that nobody was going to make her lose her very very valuable low paid job! – As if it were a million-dollar job, that she could never get again in 1 million years.

I ended up, not being able to convince this girl, that she wasn’t going to get fired, and that her job wasn’t the highest moneymaker in the United States. I gave it up; if she wanted to live with the illusion that “Burger Queen” was the top moneymaking job she would ever have in her life, I wasn’t going to tell her otherwise. Let her wallow in her wonderful illusion; she could damn well have it.

So don’t believe it. I don’t care if you do.you don’t have to be a native, and be born here, and have to handle your fellow Oregonians’ intelligence quotient; there are natives here, who are very intelligent, but your family also has to recognize that, and give you plenty of chance to get an education, and then LEAVE. Unless you’re a civil servant here, you’re not going to have any job security or make much money. The days of very well paid lumber jobs is over.(SEE: “Dairy Queen”)

The lumber workers were sold out, by who knows who, either the leaders of our state or the big lumber companies or both.it doesn’t really matter WHO; “knowledge is not power, you can know something but not be able to do anything about it.” I know that goes against the well-known axiom, but let’s face it, you can know as much as a Masters degree, but if you don’t actually HAVE their degree, it won’t do you any good in getting a job.

And you can be very intelligent, but if you live in a state that hates intelligent people, and discourages them as much as possible, you have to get the hell out.it’s also true that the United States of America dislikes intelligent people; well ,that’s a democracy for you! You have the right to be as stupid as everybody else, or else you better go to another country.

Remember how Americans used to laugh and make fun of scientific nerds and scientists? After the huge computer revolution, they’re not laughing so much anymore.

That’s because all those computer nerds and scientists make a lot more money than the guys who were laughing so loud.the only jobs available in the United States now, are jobs that take “very special skills”, and there’s no room for low education, low training, and low smarts.

Now, everybody is cramming the universities and the vocational schools and community colleges, trying to find a career that actually exists. Where there is WORK.now, you need a college degree to be a waitress.

there is still plenty of hatred and contempt for intelligent people though; it just comes out through different routes. For example, discrimination and hatred for Jewish people is cropping up again, in universities, in America, and in the rest of the world.

WHY? Well, for one reason, they are good scapegoats. They are a minority, there are only a few of them, they stick together and support each other, and my last one, they are extremely INTELLIGENT. We are back to that one again; all the Neanderthals who hate Homo sapiens.

So it’s getting chic again, to hate Israel and hate Jews.they don’t ask for welfare from anyone, they don’t ask for a break from anyone, they do it themselves. That’s enough to make anybody in America hate them!

Ask anybody who’s black. They will tell you “Jewish people are stuck up, and snooty, and think they’re smarter than everybody else! They’re a bunch of blankety-blank blank blanks!.”

Well let’s look at that statement; black people are one of the races that DO ASK for help all the time, and DO ASK for special treatment, and DO USE the excuse that “we are always being discriminated against because were black” for any failing of theirs. No matter what black people get accused of, you can be sure that “the person is just saying that because we are black!”

if white people did that, used the excuse that “we didn’t do anything wrong, you’re just discriminating against us because we’re WHITE”, do you think it would wash? Not very much. We white people are waiting until we are completely a real MINORITY to start using that excuse.

All you black people already used it, so once we get to be a minority also, we’re going to use it too. Who says you can’t get equal rights in America? At the speed that the white population is becoming more and more minority here, it won’t be very long before there will be some kind of civil rights organizations for WHITE PEOPLE; and we’ll use it until the cows come home!

it’s just amazing that so far, Jewish people in the United States DON’T MUCH use that excuse, that they’re just getting discriminated against. After all, they don’t really care what you think! They are a lot smarter, they do work a lot harder, and they do stick together a lot more than other people do. What’s not to like?

Just ask the guy who writes the TV show “family Guy”. Every chance he can, he makes some kind of snarky remark about Jewish people. I highly suspect that he has Jewish relatives somewhere, and he’s feeling guilty for hiding it.

Or else, he’s just a NAZI. WHO CARES WHY?

The fashion designer Galliano, who was the head of Dior, a really big fat job, got canned from it, because he spouted off in public and got recorded, screaming and ranting about Jewish people. Why the hell he did it, will never know; probably too much liquor, but that’s no excuse. You drink too much, you make the house of fashion look bad, you get canned. He should’ve known better.

so that’s when we enter that other set of “stupidness”; when people who are supposed to be very intelligent, do dumb-ass stupid things! Take for example very liberal socialist Democrats. A lot of them are not intellectually stupid; they just are ingrained with tons of DENIAL. Cleopatra was not the only one.

When a liberal Democrat, decides that “Obama care” or “single-payer medical insurance” is going to work for America, he decides to ignore the medical system of Canada, and the medical system of Britain.

He decides to ignore all the stories he hears and reads, that are true, that come from Canadians and British, who tell about the horrors of those medical systems, and how they don’t work. Waiting for years for a necessary operation, and dying before you get one. Paying hundreds of dollars every month, to Great Britain’s government, for medical insurance, and then when you have to go to emergency, waiting for eight hours just to be told that there are no specialists available for at least six weeks.

now,it is not true that all those liberal socialist Democrats, the “progressives”, are intellectually stupid; it’s just that they are POLITICALLY dumb. They have decided that they will ignore all the facts that don’t support their political theories. In fact, they’ve decided to ignore ALL FACTS completely!

Just like Republicans like to ignore certain facts, and insist on their own truthfulness of denial, so socialist liberal Democrats overwhelmingly decide to ignore any facts that dispute they are correct and they are politically right all the time.this is called “wanting to be stupid for political reasons”.– so that you can prove you’re right.

What do Republicans use this for?they use denial, for the idea that they can get rid of Social Security, and get rid of Medicare, or cut them down to nothing, and avoid or ignore completely the fact that those programs were already paid for by billions of taxes; and that those people who have those programs, already paid for them. Republicans have their OWN states of denial. And they are just as bad. (Well, maybe not quite as bad but just as stupid.)

NO, they’re just as bad. They’re just DIFFERENT.

So while Republicans insist on their denial, that everybody who paid for Social Security and Medicare, will easily just give them up, liberal socialist Democrats like to insist that “socialism will make money on its own; you don’t need business and industry or capitalism.”

that is kind of like insisting that there are actually agricultural forests in Oregon called “money trees”; and that the state of Oregon can run completely on socialism, not have any business or industry, and manufacture its own currency, and not go bankrupt.and, that there doesn’t need to be any well-paying lumber jobs in Oregon, for all the Oregonians, they can just eat propaganda instead.

They are avoiding the fact that it didn’t work in California.

There also ignoring the fact that it didn’t work in Russia, and it’s not working in mainland China. SLAVERY is working in mainland China. Not socialism or communism. That good old-fashioned moneymaker, SLAVERY. What we Americans used to be accused of long ago. Everybody still likes slavery, because, no matter how you dress it down, it still makes money.for the people who run the slavery.

in fact, big business and big corporation, and big government in the United States, also likes the idea of slavery, and they like the idea of paying a few pennies to a working person, and making them work like hell for it.they’ve decided “if it’s good enough for the rest of the world, it’s good enough for us!”

What has this got to do with the intelligence of native Oregonians? Not very much; however it does have to do with every day intelligence, what they used to call “common sense” – which is usually not very common. And the fact that you can be as intelligent as Einstein, and still be trained very well to live in denial of any truth or facts that you run into in life.

so those Oregonians really may know that there is something called “electricity”, and can figure out how to screw in a lightbulb, but they don’t want to admit it to other Oregonians; it would make them look bad among their peers, being smart.

After all, the social and economic class in Oregon, of most “native Oregonians,” has the rules that, you don’t act smart, you don’t get any education, and you don’t make a lot more money because of the last two reasons.you stay in your “social and economic class”, and you don’t try to get out of it.

other Oregonians would hate you, ostracize you, and run you out of town on a rail tarred and feathered. And you don’t want that worst of all worse things, SOCIAL REJECTION.

it’s one of the biggest reasons that otherwise intelligent people, deliberately grasp denial, and hang onto it, and use it as much as they have to.even in modern contemporary bodies, SOCIAL REJECTION is a killer; in very primitive societies, if you were socially rejected, that means you were thrown out of the tribe or band that you lived in, you would be isolated all alone, and eventually die.

how do very intelligent native Oregonians handle this? Well, they don’t let on to hardly anyone, that they are very intelligent, until they get their degree, or their doctorate, or what ever they need, so they can leave the state and go work somewhere else where it doesn’t matter if they’re the smartest person in the room.

That’s how it is for most of the people in society, who are very intelligent and live among the rest of the rabble, who insist on dumbing down everything and every piece of their life they have to handle. They just don’t let anyone KNOW how smart they are. They don’t want to get torn to pieces, at midnight, while the local witch doctors stick pins in dolls that look like them.and that’s how it is, in much of Oregon AND the United States.

The exceptions even here are, if you’re Asian or Jewish, you don’t care if your family knows, or your friends know that you’re smart, for Asians or Jewish people it’s perfectly okay to be brilliant.they accept you anyway.in fact, they even ADMIRE you for it.those two ethnicities realize it’s an advantage to be smart.

so whether or not you’re an Oregonian, a native,or just someone in the United States who’s stuck in a social and economic class, where you’re not supposed to be smart, keep it to yourself. – Until you get to a point where you’re making enough money, that you don’t care who accuses you of being a smart Alec – you’re a smart Alec laughing all the way to the bank!!

AHOY, BILL GATES! “How much wood, could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck, could chuck, wood?” maybe about 1 billion bucks! Ha ha ha ha! – – Intelligently smart Alec, in Eugene Oregon!

(Sandraminadotty,trying to pick money off the trees, in Eugene Oregon; GREENBACKS!) 🙂 


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  1. America is an idiocracy now, they are starting to discriminate against people who are too smart. Some of these people are so dumbed down, I guess they make better obedient blind droids!


  2. You definitely must be from Oregon, because you sound so ignorant. Especially the things you said about black people…. You obviously have not been out of Eugene and you have no understanding about the systematic racism and oppression in America. Go to these black neighborhoods in major cities and you’ll see the injustice. Equal my ass. Not only that, do you know how much black people spend a year? Fuck welfare, black people keep this economy afloat. White would be completely lost without blacks in this country. Whose inventions would they still? What billions would they make off of the athletes….. etc. Not only that but these Jews, Israel as you call it are not even actually the original Jews. They are white people who converted. Israel was and still is black. You need to read and learn real history, but I’m sure you were taught in a Eugene school so like I said, your ignorance doesn’t surprise me. Simple minded fool.


  3. Hello, “‘youdon’tknowme”; This is amazing, I guess YOUR ignorance does that reveal to you,the fact that I spent most of my adult life working in San Francisco, CA, and I was around plenty of black people.In fact, anywhere I went,because I am a very WHITE woman,I was constantly getting hit on by agressive black guys.Not that I’m gorgeous,just cause black guys abandon their own race & constantly hit on WHITE WOMEN & GIRLS every where.In fact,we had our own club, for safety, called “White women’s and white girls Association for the rejection of black guys”. In our club, we taught members how to use mace, fake telephone numbers, nasty rejection replies, and just about anything else we could think of, to get rid of overly aggressive black guys who constantly hit on all we white women in San Francisco.

    I’ve got to say one thing for black guys there, if they put all their energy into working, capitalism, business, and making money, that they put into chasing white girls all over the city, they’d all be rich by now! Of course we also had to put up with all the black guys in San Francisco, constantly moaning and groaning and complaining about all the injustice and racism, because we wouldn’t sleep with them.as for all the Jews in Israel, a lot of you black guys had gone over and become MUSLIMS, and decided to support radical Islam, which is against Israel.and the fact that you think Israel originally was and is black, just means that you don’t know any geography at all,

    you think that Africa is in the Middle East. Wow! You just made yourself look so darn stupid, I don’t have to comment any further. You pretty much summed it up yourself. Thanks for commenting, but don’t use the usual moaning and groaning about how black people are discriminated against, and all white people are racist. I’ve listened to all that junk in San Francisco, which was just an excuse for trying to get into some white girls pants. I suggest, all you black guys go fuck black women!(if they will put up with you.)I have been to black neighborhood, they are pretty dangerous, even for other black people. Did you know that Chris rock, the comedienne, grew up in white neighborhood and went to an all white high school? His mom decided that all those guys in the ghetto trying to hit you over the head and take what you work for, was not worth it, and she worked really hard and got her kid out of a black neighborhood, into a white high school. NOW THAT I understand, and I commend her for it. And, she probably had all those guys in the black neighborhood hit on her too,when she didn’t want them to. Talk about SEXUAL AGGRESSION!—- Sandraminadotty, in Eugene OR


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