I have to admit, that this is a touchy in sensitive, complicated subject.so I asked an expert, an old friend of somebody else who’s lived here, in Oregon, a long time. This is what he said:

“For some reason,,Oregon has lots of logging, but it doesn’t have very many logging JOBS. In fact, most of the logging jobs, and the mills, have all but disappeared from Oregon. WHAT are the reasons for this?.” (I shook my head, because I had no idea.) I said:

“I talked to my friend Carol, and I talk to other friends and anybody I could find, and the upshot of it, was, THEY didn’t know WHY we now no longer have unions, and we no longer have blue-collar jobs in the lumber industry, in Oregon. Now, all the huge lumber companies log like crazy, taking out lots of lumber from Oregon, but they don’t give us the JOBS anymore. They give the jobs to CHINA.so why is this? We have a strong liberal Democrat government, so how are they letting this happen?” That’s what I asked.

The expert smiled a little, and he reiterated my question:(“WHO, in the Oregon government, and possibly in the federal government, is getting paid off either by the Chinese government, or the big tree companies,to let all these big tree companies off the hook, as far as letting Oregonians have those jobs?could you possibly be asking this?” And he laughed and chuckled nastily.)

He continued; “Because as sure as a tree makes noise when it falls, in the forest, somebody in the Oregon government and possibly the federal government, is getting BRIBED to let the forest industry DENY all Oregonians to have those lumber jobs! And don’t tell me I’m imagining it. Because I’m not!!”He continued:

“Either we have in the Oregon government upstairs, a bunch of really bad crooks, in the legislature or in the Gov.’s office, getting bribed very well by China or/and the big tree cutting companies, to let this go on, or I’m a bird. And I know I’m not a bird.I can’t fly that well.”

“you all need to  find out what your friend Carol doesn’t know,and your other friends and ordinary people don’t know, and that is, HOW this is happening. For example, what about the Oregon Legislature?and what about the governor? And what about the federal government?” I asked him “what do you mean?”

“It is supposed to be a Democrat legislature; so how come we have legislature members,who are ignoring all of this unemployment in the lumber industry? And are LETTING the big tree cutters not only refuse to let Oregonians have mills and mill jobs for the lumber, but also letting all that lumber get DISCOUNTED, so Oregon doesn’t get as much money from it, in taxes as it is worth.”

He kept talking; “let’s look at the facts.we have a Democrat governor, Mr. Kitzhaber. Mr. Kitzhaber, what you have to say about this?you are supposed to be a Democrat and a liberal, and that means you are in favor of employment, and jobs in Oregon. For Oregonians.” He had a sip of water and continued:

He continued to ask the governor,”So how come YOU are looking the other way, when the big tree cutters here refused to let Oregonians have those jobs anymore?if you’re such a big fat wonderful liberal and absolutely capable, and merciful; oh yes, MERCIFUL GOV., how come you have not been MERCIFUL to Oregonians here, who need those lumber jobs?” He was really getting into it.

“you seem to be very merciful to child murderers, and killers who were supposed to get the death penalty in Oregon, and you have let them off the hook.in spite of the fact that Oregonians voted to have the death penalty, you refuse to let that happen here anymore while you are in office.” I remembered that, myself.

“Now, I can understand that.”continued the expert; ” However, as the governor of Oregon, it is not YOUR BUSINESS to tell Oregonians they can no longer have the death penalty for horrible murders.and that’s only because you’re a doctor?” he got a little worked up: and he continued,

“I think it’s for another reason; the reason is, you don’t care, and you have no guts to be the governor of Oregon.you don’t have the intestinal fortitude it takes to be a governor. And do a hard job.” Somebody listening giggled.

“So WHY did you campaign for the job, and take it, knowing that was part of the job, to issue the death penalty in Oregon, and then once you get in, REFUSE to do the job?? The one you were voted in for!?” The expert was getting a little aggrieved.and, as I was doing note– taking of his speaking;

“You probably had it all figured out,Kitzhaber, ahead of time that once you got in, you could refuse to do anything you didn’t want to do. Hey, it works for every other governor and president of the United States!” Now, another one of my friends started laughing openly.this did not stop the expert:

“Once they get in, they can break every promise they ever made, to any of their constituents who they wanted to vote for them.it’s called “being a lying, cheating, backstreet, manipulative, dishonest and crooked politician, and breaking all your promises to your voters”.no, I’m not going to white wash it in any nice polite language, sorry.”    (Somebody listening said,” you don’t have to.”)

“In other words, all you Oregonians, and any other people in the United States who are reading this, or abroad, Oregon has been SOLD OUT to the highest bidders.” (a lot of nodded heads.) ” We have been sold out to politicians high up, in the Oregon government, who have SOLD US OUT to China and to the big lumber companies.”

“And when they sell you out, they do it for MONEY, POWER, and WEALTH. And they do it very unobviously.they don’t always just except a large envelope, plainly marked, with a lot of cash in it. They can do it through very subtle and complex ways.you will never find out any of this in public, not in newspapers, not in news, nowhere.that’s because the news media, and all the media are completely censored in the United States.” (“that’s for sure!”)

“The only people who might out this information, if they could get it, would be wiki leaks.” said the expert, taking another swig of water. He was getting a little tired, but we could see he was not going to quit.”And I have no idea, how to get someone who knows what’s going on up there, to spill the beans.” somebody, listening, moaned, but he kept going:

“Wiki leaks has gotten a bad rap,for spilling stuff that will hurt the United States, and our government and the citizens of the country and destroy our security. (Such as it is.) Let’s talk about security:” I  asked him, “what you mean exactly?”

“(say,”He continued, “Do you have any coffee? I could really use a cup or two.”I said that I would put a pot on.)

Somebody decided to ask him a question; “I have a question about security, sir,” the person asked. “Now, you say that perhaps China itself, that’s getting all our logs, for so cheap, and they’re doing all the jobs themselves of refining the lumber, can I ask this? Do we owe China a lot of money? Could this have something to do with it?”

The expert, started chuckling and it turned into a HO HO HO. That was weird, but what he said was even weirder. “Oh, now you’re asking a very funny little question; the United States of America owes China a great deal of money. Could that have something to do with that? Even in Oregon?”

“Could it be that, the Chinese government is getting back some of its money,directly through Oregon timber sales? In other words, I don’t know that there’s bribes going on. They would NOT need to bribe the politicians and leaders of Oregon; all they would have to say is, “you are going to send us all these logs, for very cheap, from your state of Oregon.

“And if you do, we will not call in your loans, that the United States of America owes us. Yes, you, part of the United States, owe us, the country of China, a huge debt of loans that you cannot pay off. So, instead of calling in all your loans, we are going to take your LUMBER from the state of Oregon, very cheaply, and you will send all of your lumber directly to us, without it going through any mills or treatment; that is because we intend to take all of those jobs for ourselves.”.

There was a big gasp of shock, among the few people listening:somebody said “You’re accusing the United States of America federal government, of  screwing its own people, and making them pay the government of China through lumber exports! That’s impossible! That would be… What would that be?”

“I think it would be, like our own federal government being a traitor to its own people. You know, selling us out? Literally, selling us out! forcing us to sell our lumber cheaply, to China, and also throwing our jobs all over to China also! That is TREASON. That is TREASON to the United States and Oregon!” There was a murmur of agreement among the listeners in the room. – Along with expressions of horror.

Nobody could believe what they were listening to; somebody remarked “you don’t really have to go that far!” “Oh yeah why not?” And everybody laughed.

The expert continued to speak “the truth is, SOMEBODY is selling out Oregon. SOMEONE, is selling us out! It really doesn’t matter who it is; if it is China, working through the federal government as a puppet government, now, and it’s really China pulling the strings, making an lose all our jobs to them, and all our trade;IN RETURN for all the debt the United States owes to China,and now forcing us to cheaply sell them our lumber in Oregon, along with all our jobs, then what the heck are we going to do about it?”

And someone else remarked “there isn’t anything we can do about it.we owe them trillions of dollars we cannot pay them. If they wanted to, they could come over and take everything we have.”There was a lot of nodding of heads again.the expert continued “a lot of you have already expected them to do that; they have a nice fat disciplined and heavy duty military now; we know they’re getting geared up to do something. We all thought that there were going to just invade Hong Kong and take it.” And he looked a little sour.

“It might be for something else. Before World War II, Hitler did the same thing to his military, put a lot of money into it, got it big and fancy, and of course he finally used it. If you dump a lot of money into your military, and people, and machinery, sooner or later you’re going to use it on someone.”

“but maybe they just don’t even have to do that; it would be much better, to hide what they’re doing, and take over, say, the state of Oregon’s lumber, in a much more subtle manner.

“The United States always expects other people to be just as blatant and loud as they are. Not all countries are like that. There are countries, who have centuries of subtlety and diplomacy in trade, and in war. If the government of China militarily invaded the United States, to collect on all its trillions of United States debt, all the rest of the world would know it and see it

“Most wheeling and dealing, of a very heavy nature, is of course done in back rooms away from the public.we all know that by now. Most of the things that happen in all of our governments, happen in back rooms unbeknown to the public. That has been true through almost all of history.And the bigger the government, the more there is to hide from the public.”

Somebody asked “even in the United States? Where we’re supposed to have more transparency?”and somebody else piped up, “oh yeah, we all knew about all that eavesdropping, by the NSA! didn’t we?!” There was a lot of bitter laughter.”oh yes, and we all know WHY our troops have been fighting wars for 12 years now! With no break!And WHY we can’t do anything about it!”

There was more grumbling.”so we don’t know if any of this is not true? Do we? It could very well be true and we’ll never find out.Not out front! We’ll just lose all our jobs, all our business all our industry, siphoned away to China, in return for all the trillions of debt we owe them, because it’s done “in the back room, away from any public”so the citizens of the United States can’t get upset and go out riot!”

Somebody else asked, doubtfully, “Do you think people would riot here? If that were true when they found out?that our federal government was selling us out gradually to China?I kind of doubt it. Americans don’t do that anymore, go out and riot seriously.” “Not unless you’re black and you live in Oakland,CA,” came a sarcastic reply.there was no laughing.”Or in Benton Harbor, Michigan.”said someone else.

Our expert continued to speak on the matter; “why don’t we just limit this to Oregon right now? All that could go for another time if you’re interested. Right now, we just want to know WHO in Oregon, in the Oregon government,and let’s include the federal government here also, Oregon Legislature and Gov. and all the upper crust of our government,

“WHO SOLD OUT OREGON. WHO? We know that someone did or some group did. There’s no doubt of that anymore. We have a Democrat and liberal government, and yet they did not stop this. They didn’t do anything about it! They didn’t even TRY! And they’re not making any excuses about it, are they?

“HOW can you have a Democrat and liberal state government, and yet they act exactly like a bunch of wealthy rich Republicans! So is that it? We don’t have a liberal or democrat governor anymore or legislature? That’s it exactly? Our good old Democrat, liberal, politicians sold us out to the big tree cutters, and China, just like any Republican would?

“There just isn’t any difference anymore, between a Democrat and Republican parties? They Both screw the workers? They BOTH SCREW the citizens? And now, our wonderful liberal Democrat Gov.Kitzhaber, and our legislature and all of our Oregon government, have decided they don’t need to act like Democrats or liberals anymore?

“And there’s no difference? When you go to the voting booths now, it doesn’t matter what party you vote for, they’re both going to screw Oregon right into the ground!? You can BELIEVE IT. SOMEBODY UPSTAIRS in the Oregon government, does not like us. They like MONEY and POWER, and they’ve decided we don’t need lumber jobs anymore.

“And it doesn’t matter whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, that’s what they both think. It does kind of make you very reluctant to vote anymore.the only people they care about, are THEMSELVES. Making themselves rich. “And someone remarked again, “don’t you think that’s kind of very cynical?”

“Yes, I think it is! I think I am reasonably being cynical!” A bunch of laughter here.” And in fact, I am really praying really hard, because I’m a very religious tree hugger, praying for somebody to take advantage of something like wiki leaks, and spill the beans very publicly all over the Internet, (which they haven’t quite managed to completely censor yet).

“they sure did it to the NSA. That guy’s over in Russia sweating it out in very cold weather.maybe we just can’t ask anybody to go that far. But they don’t have to; they could even do it ANONYMOUSLY, and it would still stick; good way to avoid being accused of libel, do it in a black mask.”

Our expert seemed a little tired, and I figured that probably we had gone as far as we could. Somebody finally asked “Do YOU know exactly who or what bunch has been doing it? Yourself? What part of our government in Oregon has let them get rid of all our jobs in lumber?and sell all our lumber so discounted?

“or are you going to let them get off by blaming financial and economic circumstances? says the governor and the Oregon Legislature,”We just can’t help it, boo-boo who!we won’t let you guys have the death penalty, and we won’t let you do other mean things, but we can’t help that you don’t have lumber jobs anymore here.”somebody finished with the remark, “I don’t believe that anymore. I don’t believe that anymore from any Democrat in the state.”we can’t help it!”there were a bunch of nods again.

“Maybe you should go and ask all those environmentalists about it, they might have some ideas,” I said myself, setting aside my notetaking, to ask;”maybe they really have some opinions about, WHO is taking bribes, and WHO is selling us out.” I thought a moment. “Or, if ANYONE is selling us out, at all. If the Democrats are just a bunch of banana slugs now, and completely useless. Especially in Salem!”

(our speaker got his coffee before,and he was looking around for a little whiskey bottle. I had already gotten a small bottle of brandy, somebody else brought a bottle of wild Turkey, and there were also wine glasses  all the way around; it was my duty as a host, and it was also good for everyone’s nerves, it was a tough speaking engagement.

(there was a bit of mild laughter, and ribbing our guest, who asked me for another glass of whiskey; “I don’t have the bottle, that guy over there does.” I didn’t drink myself, but I knew this was a tough gig. Everybody was asking questions, and we really didn’t have any answers yet. I sure didn’t. I don’t know if the speaker did! He was a lot more in the know that most of us, and they were questions that needed to be asked.

(okay, that’s the whole point; start asking these questions. Go ahead and do it yourself. Ask everybody you know, and ask the people particularly who our speaker aimed his questions at; the Oregon government and all the people who serve in it.WHY a supposedly strong and capable Democrat and liberal government, is letting this happen. IS THERE ANYBODY UP THERE? If so, what you have to say for yourselves?)

(Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, Oregon, hosting an expert speaker on the subject of Oregon’s high lumber job unemployment, and how it’s happening, if somebody is asleep at the wheel. Why don’t you let us know? Any comments you have, or any information, would be very welcome. Just leave it on the comment page, and I will okay it. We really do need information, we really do need feedback. We really do need to find out how to do something about this. And a lot of people, either for the bad or the good, are looking for people to blame. Or at least people who are supposed to be RESPONSIBLE.)  😦        


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