here I come home, with my new Kitty, who was a three-year-old, pedigreed, female Burmese cat. I am very happy to have her home. http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

(more later on this subject:I will later write the rest of it!to be continued:)

MAY, in OREGON!  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesignchainsaw

Hi, here we are in Eugene Oregon, and it is May;May is the traditional month in Eugene Oregon, to have our local government try to pass ridiculous fees and taxes on we homeowners and property owners, and also renters, because they have mismanaged all the funds of the city and the county, and they expect us to make up for it.

Of course, it costs a lot of money to hold the election, especially since we all vote by MAIL now, which is a lot more practical and efficient. So you could say that the month of May is traditional for the local government and city, and county, Lane, to spend more money, trying to get more money out of us. – Which in this economy particularly, and this being Oregon, is like trying to get very rare blood type out of a stone.

The Liberals and the Democrats and the “we want bigger government and fancier” – people who live here, are usually not Oregonians, and they don’t understand that this County and city of Eugene and Lane is perpetually BROKE.

We are broker that we used to be,(if that is even a word, sorry, William Safire) because we no longer have the working class lumber industry to help us, so we’re doubly broke. Any jobs you can get here, pay about nine dollars or $10 an hour, if you’re lucky to get that much, and they have no benefits whatsoever.we probably have more homeless people here thousands and thousands, then we do have working people or middle-class who actually have a roof over their heads. http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

and the people who rule us,are the rich people, who own everything, and take over government leadership. Sound familiar? That’s the present state of America.

also,the fact is, everybody from all or the country is coming here, because they have heard that the homeless are put up with, given food, and even public housing, and they are coming at a fantastic gait, from everywhere in the US. – Oh, yes and over the border too.

And yet,our fantastic city of Eugene and County of Lane determinedly ignores the fact that old people, Oregonians, broke people, and family people with no money, do not have any more money for TAXES, or, the mayors’ NEW CITY HALL!http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

we also don’t have more money to feed and house all the homeless that the mayor and our government is encouraging to come here from everywhere!  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Yes you heard me correctly, Mayor Kitty, meow meow, decided she wants a new City Hall to complement her  tiara of diamonds and rubies; they are BLOOD diamonds, and BLOOD rubies, naturally.very appropriate. Her nickname is “Mayor Vampira” because she likes to drink our blood,and then complain we didn’t give her enough.

It is rumored that she is a member, actively, of the Communist Party, which I probably believe. After all, the upper class of communist countries, are the “oligarchy” which are the rich and powerful ruling class at the top.and that’s exactly how she acts.

–besides that, she is very dishonest, megalomaniac, and out of her tree, with fantastic, hallucinatory visions of Eugene Oregon, turning into the “MECCA OF ART OF THE UNITED STATES”; I’m not kidding, that’s what she says! She’s really SCHIZOPHRENIC and PSYCHOTIC.completely OUT of reality! (I am not the only one who has made that statement, the Eugene register guard said it, in so many words.) http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

No wonder she’s running for office a lot. I just described the American politician.

but as to her communist beliefs, communist countries are nothing but OLIGARCHIES, dictatorships by a rich ruling class.http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Heck, they may as well be South American Banana Republic’s!that describes Eugene Oregon to a T.– except we don’t have the bananas, pity. But ALL of our farming and gardening here, is now pretty lean.

basically, Eugene Oregon is being shaped very well and efficiently into a NONFUNCTIONAL COMMUNIST STATE. Definitely NONFUNCTIONAL. A specially the County and city leaders, the mayor, the commissioners, and all the people upstairs like the planning department.completely NONFUNCTIONAL!– as in, NO business, NO jobs, NO industry, NO agriculture anymore, and NO MONEY to do anything with, let alone give to our government.

don’t even think about moving here, unless you want to live on the street.

But to get back to reality, the grimmest of the grim, here it is May, and we not only have our traditional money hungry government squeeze us hard for all the blood they can squeeze out, but we also have our traditional, (now it is) of “world climate change” – POLLEN.(more on that later) http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

(I should be talking about my new kitty,who is a three-year-old, female, and she has very dark points on her feet, her tail, her face; she’s beautiful! Her body is darker than a Siamese, nice and solid, yet soft, and she has beautiful big blue eyes. She is the Mona Lisa of Cats! HUBBA HUBBA!

(and we are getting along very well it is true; she’s getting used to a larger place, my little house, and getting used to me, (as bad as I am, I do have a sweet side, ha ha) hugging and kissing , purring,and she loves to sleep on my bed now.

She also loves to HIDE everywhere, to take deep catnaps.she loves the new larger longer hall way, and she actually runs so fast, she can slide way up the wall, in a swoop, and at one point I saw her swoop clear up the door jam, affix herself to it with all four paws, and hang their for a minute or two like a mountain goat!

I’ve never seen a cat do that before. I know she’s Burmese, maybe she’s related to white tiger also? The kind from Las Vegas?either that, or she has INSTANT GLUE on her paws.

I am very happy with her, and I want to buy her some more kitty toys; an older lady could not take care of her anymore, so I found her on Craig’s list. She came with a “Cat –Trump-TOWER” scratching and exercising post, built like New York City.  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Plus, I also inherited an “automatic, self cleaning, electric litter box”, which I hooked up in the bathroom – next to my litter box.they also gave me dry cat food, bowls for it, and a tiny bottle of kitty treats. She does have a favorite “squeaky mouse” on a line, which I can dangle in front of her and get her to chase. But that’s about her only Kitty toy right now.– aside from the Indianapolis 500 Hall Way.

she doesn’t exactly me-ow, she SQUEAKS, in a very high note, which is her version of a meow. Very cute. She’s definitely beautiful, fun, sweet, affectionate, intelligent, sensitive (you can tell that),and the perfect kitty to make a very good companion.

– –if I could only find a MALE HUMAN half as good! http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

(I want to learn to draw and paint her, once I can get better views of her, and she sits down and stays there, also, I want some photographs of her if I can. Very photographic kitty!the old lady’s daughter showed me her picture on a iPhone, when she came to see me about her, and I was HOOKED from that moment on.besides Mona Lisa, she’s probably the Marilyn Monroe of cats!)


The Willamette Valley has the most killer pollen probably in all of Oregon or United States. We ought to have tourist groups, in, just to experience it, we would probably have them on morphine and oxygen tanks in no time!climatologists say that it’s because, we no longer have very much rain in Oregon, (in fact we now have 10 years of drought,and sunshine, which for Oregon, is like a cheap streetwalker who suddenly wins the lottery,) very unlikely, but we’ve got it now.

 it is KILLER POLLEN.http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

I’m not even exaggerating; why doesn’t the County and the city just TAX POLLEN, and make it pay plenty of money to the government? After all, it is the virulant beast that has taken over the entire Valley!

I’m very reminded of the movie “the happening” with Zooey Deschanel, in a long black wig, and her husband, and others, back east, fleeing from the KILLER ENVIRONMENT. The one that makes all human beings kill themselves!

WHOOPIE.a sure cure for overpopulation! Just let your rose garden THORN you to death! Let your sunflowers lull you into a horrible state of depression, making the recession of the United States, feel even worse,because you have nothing to eat but sunflower seeds. Hey, if I had nothing to eat but sunflower seeds, I’d kill myself too!

I wish I was exaggerating; my friend took her 18-year-old son to the doctor, because he was so bad off with allergies, he couldn’t breathe, and was very sick. Everybody I know, or hear of, has very bad SINUS INFECTIONS, which is something I get several times a year here. http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

I take so many antibiotics, every year,I get YEAST INFECTIONS from them, because they kill off all the yeast in my body, in my digestive system. I have been forced to take a monster amount of probiotics, acidophilus, and then extra yeast tablets, along with that. The only problem with the yeast tablets, are that you suddenly become the most unpopular person in the room, and the smell has everybody murmuring” who is the stinking- ass- hole?!”

That’s the only drawback of yeast; when you get enough in you, everybody near you can tell.

but the thing about yeast tablets, and yeast powder supplements, is they refurbish the yeast in your body, hopefully so you can bypass the yeast infections. Considering, that for women yeast infections are the equivalent of a man getting a bad case of “sailors delight”, taking in  yeast is the very least of the problem!

so if you are a woman who doesn’t know, how to keep from having yeast infections all the time, now you know,  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

.rather than buying lots of expensive,pure, cranberry juice, and swigging it down, you might want to find your local pharmacy or health food store, and stock up on acidophilus tablets, or capsules, (“billions and billions of cells!”), And take about – three capsules at least a day, and then in addition, yeast tablets also, or powdered yeast.

the worst you can do, is humiliate yourself in public, and then pretend, it wasn’t you. But believe me, if you’re a woman that is far less horrible than the standard yeast infection.

I don’t know what happens to men, if they don’t have enough yeast in their bodies and digestive system, but we women have our gynecologists or medical doctors on speed dial, for the moment we catch a symptom.

considering the state of medical care in the United States, your medical doctor or gynecologist would probably just have to “call in the prescription needed to the pharmacy,” rather than get you into an office call.

I can’t see anyone putting up with a yeast infection, especially the kind I get, namely, the ” ROARING-ZOMBIE”, a type that many women are familiar with, and waiting a day or two, while you are eaten alive by the entire crew of “the walking dead” TV show.

you might not turn into a zombie yourself, but you will be guaranteed to wind up in the ER, screaming and yelling, and refusing to sit down.http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

very often, a doctor does not even like to give a pelvic exam, to a woman with a bad yeast infection; he might find himself plastered on the ceiling, from the force of the screams, with every instrument embedded in the walls,and the attending nurse blown right out the window.

So we women in “the valley of death” try to keep yeast infection medicine in our bathroom cabinet, just in case we get hit by the monster – zombie-of-Yeast-Infections, after taking antibiotics. http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

And if you’re a man, you don’t want to be around your woman, or any woman, because she’s likely to turn into one of the screaming bitches from the old TV show “Dynasty” or  that show about the rich Texans in North-fork, Texas,who scratch each other’s eyeballs out, over oily money.

the alternative, lots of acidophilus tablets and stinky smelly brewers yeast, or yeast tablets starts to look very tame indeed. Even appetizing.

I believe that the only symptom of low yeast-count in men, is fatigue, tiredness, lack of energy. Unfortunately, that sounds just like any man you could ever know, in the US who’s unemployed, trying to get a job, or petrified that he will lose the job he has, or trying to pay taxes to the IRS and still have enough left to eat and put a roof over his head, and a family.

“Everyman.” http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

so it’s hard to tell when a MAN has a low yeast count; he’s more likely to be DEPRESSED from watching the federal government not functioning,  refusing to solve real problems, and letting us all eventually turn into baboon-tribes in Africa thus eliminating thousands of years of evolution of Homo Sapiens.

I don’t think that extra yeast is a cure for that. Too bad.cause we really need one.

but there are other ways to handle the murderous pollen of the Willamette Valley in May; like, for example, LEAVE THE PLACE. Go and stay at the coast of Oregon, and inhale fog, cold, or, if you’re lucky in the summer, nice warm beautiful weather on luxurious sands you have to pay for, literally every time you go to the beach. http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Yes, in Oregon, all those indelible “the best things in life are free,” are not free HERE. We make you pay for NATURE.right through your pollen – laden little NOSE. We have taxes and fees, and licenses for everything the thing you do in Oregon all recreational things, and little bicycles with little motors, have to have an automobile license.

If you fish, if you boat, if you Hunt, hike,climb, if you go to the beach, if you go to the forest, if you go to the parks,the fairs, here, everything you do here, particularly outdoors, you have to pay a FEE or TAX on.http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

if your cat kills a mouse, rat, or bird, you have to pay for a hunting license for him. Ditto your dog.

Any agricultural animals you have here, are routinely taxed. Don’t try milking a goat here, without paying the “goat – milking – fee”.Ditto for any farm or garden hobby or job.Watch out if you grow daffodils; there is a special “daffodil tax”. And if you don’t pay it, they will dig out your daffodils.the tax people here are RUTHLESS. Besides that, I don’t think they like flowers anyway.

Any activities on the beach or coast are likewise taxed; anywhere you park your car or vehicle, is doubly taxed, because they are taxing not only the vehicle, but the people inside. Watch out for the “little person passenger seat-fee” it’s kind of hefty.http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

because Lane County is so tax – crazy, there are numerous fees that perhaps other counties don’t have or that are less.Oregon in general, is really tax happy, because this is a liberal Democrat state, and they don’t believe in democracy or a free country.It Is not free, if you don’t pay for it. http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Of course they have travel-fees,and vacation taxes(more on that later, while I take a nap)  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign


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  1. hello, Gary, who is my nearby neighbor, and I never answered your comment (mainly because I can’t find it, it was on a drop-down menu, among millions of drop-down menus, and millions of posts of comments; sorry it’s taking so long to get back to you. Blame the technology! It’s out of control!)just like everything else.

    Well, Gary, I guess the weather here used to be awful, rain 10 months out of the year– rain rain rain –RAIN! Talk about the divorce rate and “cabin fever”. If you didn’t have a garage, your CAR rusted. EVERYTHING RUSTED. But at least we had, ENOUGH WATER. And I don’t remember my sinus infections being that bad here(I developed them so badly in California, working there) . However, since I’ve come back to retire, the weather here has drastically changed, and it’s going too far the opposite direction. You’re right, we will get people from Arizona, New Mexico, and probably old Mexico, illlegally.we are already on the way to getting California weather, eventually we will get Arizona desert weather, and NO WATER.

    And that is happening very very FAST. REALLY FAST.

    You said that “most humans or people do not foul their nests, or want to.”unfortunately, (look at the title of my blog) that’s what’s happening to the whole planet. I keep up on what’s happening to the ocean, and everything in between, and we are using the planet for a litter box of our own.8 billions worth of litterboxes at least.

    if you ever saw that Star Trek movie, the very first one, where the mixed up robot traveler got a hold of the new enterprise, with Capt. Kirk, and found the planet Earth where his creator lived.the robot traveler looked at the planet Earth, and discovered billions and billions of “carbon-based life forms” spread all over the planet, fouling the planet, with all their stuff, and he was going to eradicate all the carbon-based life forms on earth.

    Of course he was stopped,but let’s look at the vision of Earth as being infested with billions of carbon-based life forms, human beings, Homo sapiens, and whether or not they are fouling the entire planet. Let’s be objective and look at it the way the robot traveler did, or close to that.

    maybe the robot didn’t see all the ramifications of all the billions of carbon-based life forms, and all the junk they left behind, and all the pollution they did.however, a lot of us who are trying to be objective, have taken that subject, and we see too much of billions of carbon-based life forms, Homo sapiens, completely destroying and fouling their own nest, the planet Earth.

    And they keep doing it and doing it, and at least 8 BILLION of them will not stop it!WILL NOT STOP.not to mention all their huge MONSTER POLLUTING INDUSTRIES. Don’t leave them out.

    I am not a cruel person, but I try to be more objective than most people in some ways. I see things that are happening that are very bad, and I can’t ignore them. I think the majority of people are ignoring very much, especially up at the top, the fact that world climate change is here, and it’s happening very fast, whether or not it’s “the new Ice Age” it also is becoming fantastically POLLUTED. The combination of the two, world climate change and pollution of the planet, if not killing the planet ultimately, they’re going to kill THE HUMAN BEINGS.

    There is nothing we can do about this, but there are alternatives to completely killing the planet off.

    We can (1.) start by getting rid of eight and half billion people on the planet, either by starvation, thirst, war,murder, sterilization, or out right “horrible global killing virus” that wipes out most of the human race.

    (2.) Or we can wait until all those people KILL THE PLANET, and we will all die anyway. Or,

    (3.) We can SAVE THE PLANET, so that it does not die, and not all of the human race dies either.or,

    (4.) We can get rid of the human race COMPLETELY, ALL OF US, to save the planet from death.that would ensure that more masses of human beings don’t kill it.

    Most human beings are going to look at these decisions, and decide, not to make any decisions. That’s what the majority of us do; live in denial, and refuse to make any decisions. So as far as saving the planet, to save ourselves, we are going to REFUSE to make any decisions about it. One way or the other.INDIVIDUAL decisions don’t make any difference, unless you have the POWER to influence the total problem.

    But I’ll give you an example of someone who made the decision for all the rest of the people on the planet; the scientist, at the end of the movie “12 monkeys” took deadly global killing human viruses, got a lot of airplane tickets all over the planet, and dumped those deadly human– killing viruses in every country on earth. That did it. In the miniseries by the BBC called “utopia” the world governments decided,to sterilize billions of people on earth, through a flu vaccine, that sterilized everyone, with the few people left over to live on the planet in “Utopia”.

    Rather than everyone on the planet, trying to go GREEN, recycle garbage, buy organic, and all that other stuff, the few powerful people could make drastic decisions. THAT type of thing would be more effective than anything. Individual decisions of powerless people will not WORK. Aliens from outer space, who decided to wipe out every human being on the planet, would also be very effective, except that they’re fictional. But you get what I mean.

    Maybe an extreme “world climate change” would ultimately kill off billions of people also. It probably will result in drastic population reduction.but it’s not certain. If there’s anything about human beings, we can be certain of, they are very hard to kill off. And they reproduce like rabbits; and they have all decided to not CONTROL THEIR POPULATIONS.

    “You shall be as numerous as the sands of the seashore, and the stars in the sky.” Yes, that did come to be. We are. But that’s the problem, and God’s not doing anything to change that.neither are we, at this point.if no one, or no government, very powerful, doesn’t do any of the above solutions, we are very likely to end up like the movie “Soy Lent Green” (with Charlton Heston), which always used to seem ridiculous, but now seems like a prophecy.

    I never had any children, and now I’m not unhappy about it. That’s not a future I would want my kids to live in.


    • Now do give Social Darwinism some time to cull the herd. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation may be that which makes Hope and Change possible.


      • That’s fine, but I think the Gates should give Oregon natives first dibs on scholarships to Oregon universities; if people from other countries find, they can come here illegally, and get gifted with scholarships for doing it, being a law-biding, tax paying American will have no advantages; natives will STOP PAYING THEIR FED AND USA TAXES, because they’re paying for illegal aliens! while their own kids can’t get into a college!


      • All Tom foolery aside; this diversity addiction is in dire need of rehabilitation. We have even managed to educate foreign enemies to organize against Americans and declare war on US All. Surely this idea of bringing democracy to ISIS rat holes and elsewhere in a planet full of anachronistic states of being is part and parcel of the tremendous amount of delusion the West is under. ……………..


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