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there are Cat shelters in Eugene Oregon, even though we have no jail. I guess that tells you something about the priorities of people in this town, and our local government. But most of all it tells you about what kind of people live here who control all the politics, and love their cute little animals to death.fatpikaplzcute

But somehow, they don’t seem to care about PEOPLE. the way you can tell, is that recently, I decided that since I was a lowly old maid, correct that, independently living free of a male Boring slob, who insists I do everything for him, I decided that I needed a cat finally. why did I want a cat?because I was a very old lady, in my 60s, not married, and to tell the truth, I preferred the company of

Once you are my age, if you look at old men your age, it occurs to you “Gee,,those are a bunch of old guys with white hair, bald, a paunch, ugly” and the last thing you want to do, is to date someone your own age. besides,all the old guys my age are married, and on the make, despite their wives. They seem to get more lecherous, with less ethics about their behavior, at this age. And believe me, it is very unbecoming.

Frankly, it looks really DISGUSTING. And it is not sexy, and it is not attractive. They all look like your grandfather. So if I wanted companionship and affection, I would have to get a cat.besides, the only cleanup you have to do for a cat, is his litter box; with an old guy, you have to do the dishes, cook do the housework wait on him, and then take him  to the doctor when he had a heart attack. And, the chances very great that you’re going to end up as his caregiver, night and day, with no breaks, until the day he dies, which isn’t nearly soon enough.securedownload.gifmorebadteethemote

All of you out there, who are still romantic and filled with the idea of love, let me tell you, it doesn’t survive all the way. The main reason for it is to mate, have kids, raise them, and then do anything you want. – Including break up with the old guy, if you no longer need him for money.pussycatwhite

Or, he does that to you, because he wants a younger that romantic song, that goes “love goes out the window/when there’s nothing to eat, nothing to drink/nothing to wear/put a frown/when the chips are down”– should include “Will you still need me, will you still feed me/when I’m 64?” – Which is also pretty realistic. Thank you, Beatles.

Those people who survived with affection and love, are very lucky. Probably, they had to WORK AT IT like hell. Otherwise, it doesn’t WORK all by itself. but I also had finally read the news,about the “pressure cooker – terrorists,” who had struck at the Boston Marathon, and hit   at the crowd with exploding macaroni, buried with shrapnel. I don’t think it was a macaroni that killed them; although it does that quite a bit.heartbreaker

I thought to myself, “Gee, I guess we shouldn’t underestimate those Muslim terrorists, who think that Islam is the living end; it looks like they’re going to be OUR LIVING END! “Weren’t they supposed to be these peaceloving, Muslim preachers, who went and gave a speech to all the Jews at the local “Reconstructionist” synagogue in Lane County? I think that was the same bunch. And they lectured all the Jews about how, they really love them, and it was only a small fringe that was making the trouble.”

“I sure hope that the Rabbi has taken this to heart, otherwise, he and his congregation could easily wind up slow cooked, with a great pressure someday, and it wouldn’t be kosher either.who wants to wind up like chopped liver?” “Just because you underestimated the enemy,and were crazy enough to decide that he wanted to live beside you in Israel, in complete peace, and not explode you and your relatives anymore! chewing

Who the heck would be that crazy, to underestimate Muslims in the Middle East, who, when their kids go to school, do math in this way;; “if you have 10 Jews, and you killed six, how many Jews do you have left to kill?”(I’m not kidding, I got that experience from a friend, who had to go to school with them, and sat there, and sweated a lot because she was Jewish.)killthatwithfire

if it had been me, I might have decided to regularly pack a AK-47 in my bookbag, and never forget it. Forget your lunch, just don’t forget your ammo at school. You never know when some kindly, religious, Middle Eastern Muslim, would decide to send you to Heaven, to sort out all the virgins.anotheranotherlovemakingwithcondom act07

But obviously it looked like the United States was catching up to Israel; now, we were the ones getting the exploding bombs in crowds, killing everybody at once, instead of Israel! What were the poor Palestinians trying to tell us? Maybe they didn’t like Christians, and Americans, anymore than they liked Israelis and Jews.

but we have gotten away from the subject of, what happens in Eugene Oregon, which is  not far from activities like the Boston Marathon.this was diverting me from my main goal in life at this time, which was, adopting a nice Siamese cat, adult, or nice Siamese kitten.I was still on good terms with the Siamese, even if I wasn’t on good terms with the Islamese.arhh

So I got on the computer, and started to look up all the animal shelters, and especially green Hill animal shelter in Eugene. I went through all the listings, of animals, and finally got to the CATS.(unfortunately, the word “cats”, also reminded me of our most unfavorite, Mayor Kitty; she who meowed long and strong, and had the worst claws in town.)monsterpumpkin

we did not have any time here,to worry about exploding macaroni or atomic pasta, because once again, in may, Lane County and Eugene government was going to try, heartily, to put more fees and taxes on us, and break our backs with it. It costs enough to do all that election, and the chances were, the way everyone felt about our local government and our Mayor Kitty, she was lucky that she didn’t get tarred and feathered, and rode out of town on a pole, at this point.reallysuoer2or3rdsuspicious

but back to my cat hunt;I became aware, that there were tons and tons of animal shelters, and 1 million animal and Rescue clinics, and contacts, online, and there were 10 million extra cat shelters, and cat foster care; the last time, several years ago that I had gone to green Hill animal shelter, they had an immense room, like a concert hall, filled with nothing but cats. so I became increasingly aware, that in this community, of carrying, loving, and affectionate people, the main preoccupation of these lovable people,WAS CATS, CATS, CATS,CATS,CATS, DOGS,PITBULLS,DOGS, AND STILL MORE CATS!    – – overwhelmingly, in stead of PEOPLE.pigchange2!cid_5B9099202DEF4004AB47A4995D6518DA@DorothyHP   chickendanceplz youreverywelcome 2nddancingmoussecuredownload

Somehow, PEOPLE had fallen off the list of “living beings”. They have become replaced with DOMESTIC BEINGS, in the form of  cats; CATS AND DOGS. I kept going through the multitudinous, online listings of wonderful fantastic cat shelters, cat rescues, People who love cats, and dogs people who love dogs; and supposedly, all the different breeds of cats, as many as you could wish for.firedevil

Finally, I got to the section “online Siamese cat rescue shelter and super rescue Association”, and I tried to get the listing on Siamese cat. ANY Siamese cat. What did I find?I found everything but Siamese cats; mostly I found very old, dying, disabled, abandon because of long shedding hair, severe health problems, and everything else you can imagine, that a cat could still have, and stay alive.laffhamster2!cid_902A727DD71F4F31AD9712B85DCA7B38@DorothyHP

And, they all had LONG HAIR. Exactly what I wasn’t looking for. In desperation, I went through “Congolese cats” because they were part bread from Siamese. Then I went for “snowshoe cats”, “Tonkenese cats” because they were related to Siamese cats. And then I had to register for any “multitudinous, Siamese related Cats”, because they had some little teeny bit of Siamese blood. A little.superbowlxlvi

However, there weren’t any. None or all. At the end of several hours on the computer, going through wonderfully preserved, and program geniuous-rescue-email-alert,there was suddenly a flash on the screen, and a sign said blinking on and off seriously “the cat you have just looked at, is going to be put under the axe, if it is not adopted very soon” —-FLASH! FLASH! FLASH!! EMERGENCY!!hysterical

I looked at the photograph of the cat, you could hardly see it, because it was hiding under all the hair.(somehow, all these wonderful rescue, agency – programs, were not paying attention to my listing at all; which firmly stated, NO LONG HAIR. In fact, they weren’t  paying attention to any of far as they considered, they would just as soon give me a DOG, or a WART HOG.)xmenphoenix

I was getting nowhere fast; it dawned on me, if there are any nice Siamese adult, or Siamese kittens, nobody was going to list them in any of these cat rescues are Shelters; they were getting the dregs of the cat  Society. Any nice cats, were already scooped up by friends or neighbors or relatives, and the only thing that cat rescue Shelters God was,  cats Who were on the last highway, heading for the last Roundup.

so, in my futile search, when I decided I would have to go to Siamese cat breeders, and also advertise on craigslist, and pay a BUNCH OF MONEY, just to get a Siamese cat, it also occurred to me “GEE, (I know, I don’t have very exciting expletives) if they took all this money, and all that work, plus all the tons of money, they raise, for all these Shelters and cat rescue clinics,cat  Medicine,cat Asthma pills,and cat inhalers,and they just put it In the Lane County and Eugene jail, they wouldn’t have to let out all the rapists and murderers all the time!”wowwowowwmonth0307

I took a break for tea,an antihistamine medicine, my next-door neighbor came over to say hi, and see if she could swipe some Benadryl. I told her my problem, and my wonderful idea, about abandoning all the abandoned cats, and instead putting all the money for the shelters, into the HUMAN JAIL instead.trash#2!cid_F7F8BBFF9CA1435EBF2B25C286A55002@DorothyHP

Somehow she didn’t go for the idea. “WHY not?” I asked mystified. “Well,” she explained, “there are probably more animal lovers in Eugene, Oregon, then there are people who are worried about rapists getting out of jail. It’s just a sense of, Oregon priorities. You know.”inshockemomonth0707

Somehow, I didn’t know. I had been in another state for years also, where I had to make a living, and the idea of supporting tons and tons of cats, when you could be supporting your SAFETY AGAINST CRIME,and keeping your kids from getting raped and sodomized, still just didn’t make sense to my logical, human loving mind. newbeatingheart

was this another types of society, completely divorced from the legal system, where rapists roamed free, and murderers put flowers in their hair, and tripped over the meadows?and cats and dogs lived high on the  HOG,and all the money was reserved for super pets, and not for crumbling roads, dangerous freeways, badly designed, and EMX BUS SYSTEMS that cost millions and only served downtown commuters?

–and no one else? That would explain,the fact that nobody took public transportation, unless they were absolutely destitute and homeless; even the poorest person alive owned a gas-belching,smog-car,because the money went to cats and dogs,instead of roads and bus lines!  stormy!cid_7DC5D4433EDB4261998D177285E94932@DorothyHP miserable

every single working person I knew, told me, no matter what hours they worked, they refused to take the bus system, because it wasn’t there when they needed it, ever, and all the bus lines everywhere have been cut to shreds.2ndlazy

|”CATS,CATS,CATS!we love our CATS!!!  mail THERE ARE NO BUS LINES AND CRUMBLING ROADS,THERE ARE NEW CITY HALLS, BUT THERE ARE NO JAILS!!” “CATS,DOGS,CATS,dogs, live high on the hog!!Where pedophiles live free, to get you,kid,yes,  2or3rdxmennightcrawler THEE!!



I had fallen asleep, on the desk in front of the computer, like Alice in Wonderland or Alice through the looking glass, and I found that, hopefully, all that nightmare was completely gone just like the red Queen.   HK21kittysleep

But when I looked up, there it was on the screen; 1 million dog and cat shelters, and money to keep them upholstered, and away from death, and anything nasty like that. But the reality was,it was a weird attitude; all this love and attention for millions of pets, and all their money, all they could get! 

But when it came to funding the jail, and keeping the criminals in, it just weren’t FAIR!! the people in town, like to make a joke, that Eugene was different, and Eugene wasn’t a square; and that people in Eugene were hip, green,and anyone else was nowhere..and everybody was ECO-TRIPPING, and courageous to global warming, and so fashionable, and being green, and outrageously all-knowing, they didn’t have to follow the rules.and they were so proud of that!securedownload.gifverygoodemoteatcomputer

It made them better than everyone else, that they didn’t worry about keeping a jail, but keeping their animals, stray cats and dogs, and millions of them, in stir, in pet mansions, pet clinics, dog and cat shelters, cat rescues, that was the most important thing in the world!   

Besides,like my neighbor said “Eugene people have different priorities, and, if there is astray murderer or rapist,or rank pedophile; that’s JUST EUGENE!  THAT’S JUST THEIR STYLE!” and everyone knows, style is more worthwhile.joyandstarssecuredownload

And keeping millions of dogs and cats, and focusing all over a new City Hall, instead of keeping a smelly old jail, that they don’t want after all, that is A BALL! so I decided, to go to a Siamese cat breeder, or advertise on craigslist for one, or kitten one, instead of going to millions of  animal shelters, and tons of rescue systems, because I was getting lonesome for my kitty.  stor20.gifloveearth   funnybunnyanimal15

of course, I could’nt take a bus,they got cut for   creativecolors  EMX; and I hadn’t gotten my carrying-license, yet,for my .38. No way would I linger out in Eugene alone at night.But I felt sorry for the victums, and unlucky kids, who suffered this “Hip Eugene Attitude” of “We Just Don’t Care!”–who were not safe here,in this town, anywhere.  act17.gifdiscodancingemotes

“This is a strange tale, but it is true; Kitzhaber loves kid-murderers, he don’t love YOU. “Eugene loves cats and dogs, tons of thems, and rapists, too; and pretty new CITY HALLS,but no bus lines, they’re POO! ”   chat125.gifkaocat

AND Eugenians proudly say that they;re GLAD they are “wierd”; who needs public safety, when you can grow a beard??  anotherdrugdealstor01 It’s just the “Liberal way”; give criminals a chance!!They;re really not such bad guys,cause they too love BEER!!

As long as they love ecology, carbon footprints, and “sustainability”!  and they hate capitalism,Conservatives, and LAWS!! “EUGENIANS HATE LAWS!! chut.gifarguewithcop

I knew my kitty would be somewhere, waiting for me,but I worried about the rapist-victums, and the kids who had no chance, and a town that hated the law, the constitution,and public safety and reviled capitalism to such a degree. But giggled wildly over a new city hall, a palace , and legalizing marajuana so family-members could toke it too. lolemo30   crazy_mini  tailzplz

And obsessed over every stray cat and dog, snoozer2part2  but forgot everything else; and I knew i would soon have to get my carrying-license for my gun, if I ever dared to go out here at night. It wasn’t safe in “wierd attitude,    kittyglompplz    hip Eugene”cause there was NO LAW, ak47and even a wild cat wouldn’t survive this wonderful, liberally-free atmosphere, 

(signing off, Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, Oregon, USA, where not having law and order is OK!! But saving millions of cats and dogs is so important, and having new pretty city halls is more important;chat126.gifrunncat so regressive-punishing-taxes is OK!!  dance CAUSE THAT;S THE EUGENE WAY!! ha ha!!  🙂  yoo-hoo1.Computer_monster_by_Droneguard   moretardglompplz   jelloplz guineapigplz (1)   


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