you probably know what a”carpetbagger” is; after the Civil War, many crooks and swindlers from the North, came into the South, which was destroyed completely by the Civil War, and bought up all the Southerners property, homes, everything, because the North and the carpetbagging intruders, put all the taxes up high, on the homes and properties of the poverty-stricken southern families. So, a carpetbagger from the North, was very likely to buy up everything, in the South, and those Southerners became permanently very poverty-stricken.boing

Of course, Lincoln didn’t care about that, he was only interested in making sure that he forced all the states to accept the amendment which erased slavery in every single state in the union, including the South. So not only did all the Southerners lose their land, their homes, and everything they owned, because of huge taxes imposed by the North and carpetbaggers, they also lost all of their slaves http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesignwithout being paid for them either.

and, because of all this, and the ridiculous, erroneous civil war, which never should’ve come about, and which Lincoln was so keen on, the southern part of United States still hates the North and the federal government to this day. If they could, those southern states would form an alliance, wait for a day when the federal government was in huge crisis and helpless, and then secede from the union forever.

That is what the Civil War did to the United States; split it in half, permanently, for the rest of eternity.those southern states will never forgive the federal government or the North, for destroying their culture and their peoples, and their very lives, and if the federal government, as I said above, ever gets too weakend, they could easily take the opportunity to leave.

 the subject of “carpetbagging”, is very relevant to Oregon, and Eugene Oregon particularly. Of course that’s happened in Portland, and all the other areas of Oregon. But of course since I have to live in Eugene, I’ve seen it happen there in an extreme way myself.

I hear those stories that a whole large group of New Yorkers, moved en masse, to Portland, and pretty much made it their new home. And they brought everything with them.they also, especially from California, all areas, inundated the western part of Oregon, among that, Eugene, city, and the County of Lane.

I’m not sure exactly when most of this happened;at first, it happened gradually, and then over the years, more and more Californians pour into Oregon, and took it over right quickly. Before you knew it, it wasn’t Oregon anymore it was “New California”.

What happened eventually, was that California taxed itself and its citizens right into a huge cosmic blackhole; California became unaffordable even to those natives, or people who did well, and they all did something else in turn; they dumped California, and carpet bagged themselves right into Oregon and took it all over,all the property, & govt.. They could do that, they had plenty of money, plenty of power, and Oregon was a pretty passive, broke, uneducated, and backward little bunch of nubs of trees.

(yes, they chopped down all the trees in Oregon anyhow, so there was nothing left but nubs. That’s how human beings are, they go into a rich area, they take advantage of it, chop down all the trees, pull out all the minerals and riches, and destroy it. And then they leave. Ditto California.they did it to good old CA, and then they dumped it and left.)

so after all the Californicators screwed over California, and ruined it, making it unlivable and unaffordable, they decided to all go into Oregon, and do the exact same thing to it. They brought all their vices, their bad politics,drugs, crime, environmentalism, organic and vegetarian politics,even all their leftover dogs nobody wanted, and every single little vice and quirk, including all their hippies and undesirables of every shape and color and form.

the other thing they brought with them, was their desire to tax all the local homeowners, and property owners who already lived there, to build up places like Eugene, and Portland, but we’re talking about Eugene right now, so they could make it beautiful and glamorous, and completely unaffordable, just as they had done to California..

I asked one of them, “why did you come to Eugene, a place that has nothing,, and no jobs?” The reply was “oh, you have a real community here, and real people, so we really were looking for that.” “Why didn’t you conserve the community you had, where you had lived before?”

The person did not want to answer me, and looked embarrassed; nobody from California wants to admit that they drilled their own community right into the ground, and now they were looking for somebody else’s, to do the same thing to.so the person instead of replying, just gave me a very wide, fake, grin, in answer.

I was used to that kind of reply from Californians, by now. They didn’t want to talk about WHY they had left California, and WHY their ex-state was now in bankruptcy, from their living high off the hog for so long. They had all just FLED, and refused to own up to any responsibility for their former state.

that would not have been so bad, except that, like the old Northerners after the Civil War, all these carpetbagging “Californicators” brought all their STUFF with them, and strangely, they didn’t want to be friends with Oregonians; they wanted to be friends and associate with only OTHER CALIFORNIANS, who had also moved there enmasse. I found that out right away.

I had gone to one of their very large, new, California created churches, and that’s what I got; all the people who were born in Oregon, and Oregonians were on one side of the church, and all the Californians who had come there and put up a brand-new huge monster church for themselves, were on the other side not associating with the rest of the natives.

I could see now, why the group who had moved to Portland, from New York City, had decided to do it all in one mass bunch; once they got to Portland, they wouldn’t have to have anything to do with any real Portlanders, or real Oregonians.

They wouldn’t have to put up with “real Oregon” at all; they could transplant all their own problems, money, culture, political beliefs, and politics and power, and take over the city and pretend it was “new little New York City”.and that’s exactly what they did.

Clever little characters!I also wondered, why didn’t they just bring the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty with them, to complete the illusion?only probably because they were too heavy and big to move.

but, they brought everything else they could possibly move, or pack, or replicate. Replicate, replicate, replicate, COPY!in Portland, they even installed real criminal gangs, drugs, and a gay mayor, who turned out to be a pedophile and had sex with children.

yes, they did bring everything from New York.ALL of it.

I often wondered if Seattle Washington was the same way;if it no longer had any Washington natives, or people who had families and had been born there, but simply had Microsoft or what ever it was, move there in a very large group, all at one time, and just took it all over.(“GET OUT, NATIVES! Get out get out, this is our city now!”)

this probably happened to other states, who over the years had several other states decide to invade it, bring all their power and money with them, and just take it over. Eventually, a lot of the states would decide that they didn’t like being INVADED, by the other states, and they would set themselves up either as a separate country, or put laws into their  state legislature, limiting the amount of outsiders who could move in.

Of course that was against federal government regulations, but who gives a SHIT about them anyway? The record of the federal government is, they break so many laws of their own, and laws of the Constitution, the United States, and their own government, and state laws, why the hell should we pay attention to them anymore? They’re not exactly innocent, are they? They are the experts on INVASION.

that’s why a lot of Oregonians decided to legalize marijuana, and everything else they could get away with; for example in Oregon it is legal to commit suicide. It takes a lot of legal finagling, but you could do it here.

People decide to apply for that, as soon as they’ve been thru one winter(including the frozen, snowing, hailing  spring);  tried to grow gardens or plants in a moldy, cold June & July;, and tried to find any jobs in Oregon, or tried to start a small business here; ( no one does that,they get red-taped, taxed, and throttled by facist rules and laws, and go broke. only crime and taxes flourish here.) ;or, tried to ever have an intelligent conversation with anyone who lives here.

That last reason has offed many an Oregonian. And it only got worse after the California invasion.

 Its easy to seriously consider suicide if you’ve lived in Oregon, and Eugene, long enough. It gives you hope that you won’t have to put up with life here indefinitely. THERE IS A WAY OUT!! THANK GOD! THANK GOD FOR KAVORKIAN!

As for the marijuana, the government will stop it from being a law, but since everybody is selling it, buying it, growing it, importing it, eating it, and supporting medical marijuana stores, nobody pays attention to it. Not in Oregon, and not in Los Angeles, California any longer either.

but as I said before, eventually Oregonians and even our stupid liberal legislature, may get sick and tired of having other states invade us, and take us over, and they will either resort to laws, or they’ll just drive them out in subtle ways. Or unsubtle ways. It’s only a matter of time. Keep the tar ready.

as for the governments of Oregon, being so fantastically liberal and socialist, they are not doing very well financially.they haven’t realized yet that, if you don’t have industry, business, small business, and plenty of jobs in your state,your state and local governments do not have any MONEY. Socialism cannot create MONEY.

But they still don’t want to admit that,until Salem falls right through the ground, in decay.and it just me take that to do it. Complete disintegration.who is doing well financially? TEXAS, that redneck right-wing state, all the liberals hate. But they don’t hate their money.they just refuse to admit, that Texas knows what it’s doing, and Oregon doesn’t.

it would be one thing, if all the Californians who came here, could bring business and industry, and moneymaking stuff like that with them; but, they don’t do that at all. They do just the opposite; they want to get money out of the taxpayers and citizens who already live here, and squeeze all that OUT OF THEM–


Guys, readers, Eugene, OR, and Lane County, is ON THE SKIDS!!  There is no longer a lumber industry here, or small businesses, or even agriculture!! “Boutique farms” are not REAL FARMS!  They demand 3 bucks for a small apple! No one can AFFORD their “food”!  No body who lives HERE.

Try Beverly Hills! They’d love tiny, organic three-dollar apples!  SO CUTE!!  They’d go to the “Eugene Farmers market, ” and coo over tiny fruits and vegies, that cost 2,ooo dollars for a small bunch! If Lady Gaga ever moved here, (God Forbid) she’d walk around in 7-in. killer-heels, at the Eugene farmers’ market, and she’d buy tiny little organic fruits and vegetables to decorate her new stage-costume.

–you don’t EAT billion-dollar-costing produce.  You ENSHRINE IT

Some of my “native” friends don’t consider “Eugene farmer’s market” a “place where you get real food.” “But my daughter wants to save up, and buy a little organic squash, to put on a chain, and wear as JEWELRY.” says a friend. Yeah, who could resist it?  its so cute, it’s replacing DIAMONDS here.

But we dumb, uncouth, low-income, and penny-pinching Natives, we know you only find REAL food, in a discount-canned-foods-outlet, or Wal-Mart. Eating “organic bullshit” is too damned PRECIOUS, and makes everyone suspect yer a Homo; a rich Homo.

 And  it  doesn’t help that every  gay person, faggot,’ dike, and. lesbian in San Francisco, and CA, has  moved to Eugene, OR-also.  Don’t go to the Lane County Fair, in July, by yourself; other wise, you’ll run into lonely, single lesbians, also wandering around, scoping the F air out, looking for new girl friends.

 YOW!  Just what you need, huh, for a relaxing day at the Fair? Getting eyed and stalked by snaggle- toothed lesbians, in small gangs, eyeing you up and down!  SO   relaxing! GAHH!  

WATCH out!  She’s likely to follow you right into the” BEST VEGET ABLES “Display,. booths, and even ambush you by the SQUASH!

 If some other Californians, moved here with their families, trying to avoid pedophiles, large gangs of gays, Dikes on Bikes,Aggressively -homosexual Organizations, you moved to the wrong town; A huge amt, of Gays in CA.., have all moved to Oregon, and set up shop.

 And about all those people who moved here, to the” Green State’; who expect to raise wonderFul  gardens in the Willamette Valley?they ARE getting a little disappointed . when the spring May rain storms come, here,and knock all the blossoms off your fruit trees, and you get no fruit, THAT lS the Willamette Valley-growing-season!

 It used to be ,years ago, pretty good for gardens here;lots of people here USED TO do great gardening  here. NOT anymore!”world ClimateChange”came,and ruined the weather here!

Now,we just have FOG ,OVER CAST,No SUN. CLOUDY.FOG RAlN ,FOG, FOG. GRAY,BLACK,DARK,NO-LIGHT, F0G, OVERCAST, FREEZES, ECT. and on,and  on, and  on!  FOREVER!  Yes,you  can also call us” ALASKA”.

Believe me, plants ,flowers, fruit do NOT Like this weather.(More on next Entry “MORE NEW TAXES IN MAY!!Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign



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  1. Chopped down all the trees! I wish you people would go seek out the facts just once in your life!,there are more trees and wildlife in oregon than ever,go look at the trees that were here when we came and killed allthe indians,we planted the trees so you would have rolling papers,get a clue,why not stop all industry,lose the economy,desease out and die,I have had it with this crap.


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