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I have  a  considerable  bunch  of gripes with technology which I would love to share with you other non- techies. Needless to say, most  of them have to do with software, not hardware.

it may be soft, bat its really hard on me, crazy

 e-Mail! I miss Outlook Express it was great. But as technology continues to degrade, and melt into cheap crap,  e-mail has degraded along with it all. dropping_with_the_gems___gemdrop_by_bekey-d4pm2vb

 First, l try “thunderbird “email! (is that it? MoziLLA_?) well, its not very good. I ask “what happened to Outlook?” they have a new one, called “Windows live essential’s ” O.K., Microsoft, I’ll try it.drool

 It works great; right thru changing ISPs, until…. it wont work any more;. “so get a new one.” Yeah, but the OLD one wont uninstall. you can’t dump it in recycle!  Every time you download a new copy, the old one gets installed. DAMN!  Help, computer experts!http://”Smiley pixeled by Smileydesignhttp://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

 No body can fix it. I look for advice on Microsoft. “Uninstalling leaves pieces in the system files; use this to  clean it.” Wow; download, download! Clean, Clean!. shit! But now, my recycle bag is ‘corrupted”! I still can’t attach it to my server!!! BAH! WAW! WAW! AUUGH!!SHlT!bookworm  zombiechase

 I go thrU so much  pain, trying to fix windows live email l just quit from the stress. I use web mail, from  necessity.Maybe  I’ll  try  it  when  my  nerves  are  better.

 SCREW MICROSOFT!   AAuuGHH!2013-02-10_133729.png9ifalientelekinesis

 If you are a huge computer Corp., you don’t have to be responsible for the tech-stuff you make. “let it be a challenge to you”-means _” you’re stuck with it, sucker!

 So l postpone  my windows live email,l can’t handle any more failures right now. Grrr!zombiewalkright2

 Now to my  2nd big failure of tech: “smileydesign.net” — home of German, or Scandinavian emoticon.-maker, who has a whole, big site of all the animated emoticons he made; and you’re invited to have some. Use the html code, or” BBS”(?).I Keep trying to follow  instructions,to lift the emotes, download,so l can g.But it does not work any more.l can get a couple of them,but most of them wont download!witchbroom    http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

****************************************************************. . . .

vunderbar!!!!!  yah, das stones have been taken off my eyes!!! not only do I understand, how to get the emoticons off the website, of “smileydesign. Net” , but I realized, I finally figured out, how to get them onto my blog! So I have to say…….

HOORAY for some technology! The damn thing works at last! 🙂 Design.net does have cute little bloody and sexy and fun, emoticons that I can put onto my blog! It’s a MIRACLE! Hallelujah!but you have to know how to put them on! And it’s taken me months and months and months to figure it out!

HEY, ERNIE IN BERLIN, GERMANY! Thanks for the emoticons! They’re so cute Euro darling! KISS! KISS! KISS! I’ll try to learn some German, so I can talk to you! And I’ll send you a little e-mail of appreciation!http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign   

(the email. came back, l cant send him a note. (?):(? ? 


MEANWHILE, in Eugene Oregon, I have decided to also post


okay, let’s face it; there are definitely good things about technology even in Eugene Oregon. My sister can call me up long-distance, from California, and we can talk on the phone as if we were just together in person. That’s a good point for technology right there.

as for the Internet, and computers, I have to give it more points; I would never be able to e-mail my sister, my friend in Michigan, and my cousin in North Virginia. As it is, I can do that. So score another point for technology.azuzephre

And you have to realize that technology has been here for a long long time.what we want to call “technology” has been here in minor more primitive ways for a hell of a long time. Your telephone; your television; your radio; even your stove and oven. Your electric lights, all your power from the power company. Don’t even mention your cell phone, that’s obvious.

All these things have helped our lives very very much. We would really not be able to live very well without them. Especially a stove and oven and electric lights. So I have to say, that technology has really made great improvements in our lives. I admit it!

And even this blogging, is a lot of fun and I feel like I’m communicating with more people in a way on the Internet.

THE WORLD GETS SMALLER:hula2  _tinyrainbowsheep__army_plz_by_meninasuitcase-d39ymrk     10608.gifredhotrod    devart11.gifsunbrn

I can even go on “Oekaki “sites, which are Japanese in origin, and use Japanese software to draw and paint online, on the websites. That is so wonderful I’ve been doing it for years. I have met a lot of nice little kids, mostly Asian, who draw and paint wonderfully and make lots of gorgeous cartoons.

(no, I am not a pedophile and I didn’t interfere with their lives.) But I really appreciated all the great artists online, especially all the younger ones who are already extremely skilled in cartooning.(although I have to say, there are a lot of foreign artists, even very young, specially Asian, for very far ahead of American artists, especially the young ones.)cow

However, once you are nose to nose with other people from other countries, even speaking in English, sometimes it is daunting. For example, I was on a chat room where people were from France, Scotland, England, and the Middle East. There were also people from Asia.

I think that was a great thing, that you can finally meet people from other countries. (Although, sometimes we got into arguments and fights, because the French resented the Muslims in their country, and once a couple of us pounced on a Russian, and blamed him for all the bad deeds of Russia.)penguin_emote_by_WeHippos

even the software that I’m using to dictate onto this blog, is a great stride forward in technology.and the advent of obvious things like medical science, of course I agree with and use myself.

So I really do appreciate the good things of technology also, even here in Eugene Oregon. Getting on the Internet, doing shopping, using e-mail to contact people and friends and relatives, long-distance, cable TV, satellite TV, all the wonderful entertaining things also. (Okay, they cost a lot more but that’s the price of technology.).http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign so, I’ll be sure to post more gripes about technology, as soon as I get my fingers into it and mess it up more. It’s just little stuff, but sometimes it’s big stuff.

Okay here is saying MAJOR GRIPE:zombie17.gif cloudrain

we are running all over the Internet, and picking up . malware, viruses, hijackers, and numerous pests of electrical junk, that bad guys and advertisers are using, to try and take over our computers. Now that is all BAD BAD BAD! And that is a major gripe of mine.

Every year or every six months, it is almost necessary to get a computer repair guy, to get your CPU, and clean the whole thing out. Because you cannot get out all the hijackers, malware, viruses, and horrible thingies that all the skunks on the Internet try to foist onto your poor Little CPU.having a computer and maintaining it in decent shape, costs a lot of MONEY.


Computers are not for the poor. They are also not for the illiterate.so people who can’t understand them, and how to operate them, wind up at the bottom of the social and working, job list. That is another gripe. It’s really hard on them. The most someone could do, is to go to the local library, and try to use their computer. Try to take a cheap class to learn how to use .

but let’s face it; I guess that would be a major gripe on technology of many people; if you try to go to work, get a new job, or even keep the one you have, it is very difficult now, unless you understand and can use modern technology, especially computer. That means, we logical minds, that don’t mind machinery, and are actually more intelligent,(okay, all people are not created equal; some of us are a lot smarter than you) are likely to be at the top of the heap.


For example, a good friend of mine, my sister’s partner,has had an excellent job running computers, for many years, and this person has made a ton of money compared to the usual working person. She did not go to college, but she did take business at community college, in computers and bookkeeping, and that made all the difference.

When she went to work, she learned more and more about computers and got really good.so even though she didn’t have a regular college four year degree, this woman ended up making more money than any of our other friends who graduated from four or five year colleges. Count up another one for technology! If you’re good at it it can make you a lot more money than other people.

THE COMPUTER DIVIDE:evileye  alientwo  backstab  crashcpu

here in Oregon,there are now, just like in other places in the United States, two types of people; the Oregon native, who still very backward, hasn’t got much education, and hasn’t figured out how to use computers much. This person cannot keep up with outsiders who moved here, who have a lot of experience and skill with computers. Or even other native who understand computers.

this is something that is hard to contend with; the average primitive, low income, Oregonian, who never got wise to computers and technology, and because of that, is relegated to low-paid work the rest of their lives. That’s a horrible thing to see. And believe me, when you live in Oregon you’re going to see that. Even in Eugene, the divide is really marketed.

TECHNOLOGY COSTS ENERGY!    ambulance  chainsaw   coffeemachine   explosion  bomb  emailsend

well we could put that under, it’s expensive.but we also have to admit a gripe that we are using more and more energy, it’s running out, and it has to come from someplace. Americans are a little unwise about rejecting atomic energy completely.

And trying to run things on “ethanol”, which because of the drought and lack of vegetable matter, food, corn, to make ethanol, the ethanol market is now kaput. That source of energy is not practical after all. Ditto the wind technology, which can’t get enough energy going.so let’s put all that NATURAL ENERGY in a big pile, and burn it with all the dried up corn husks; if technology cost so much energy, there may be a limit as to how much we could use eventually.matrixfight

So if we want to keep using technology in such an extreme form, and such a wide use, where is the energy going to come from?for example, in Eugene Oregon, the local power company,EWEB, has decided to put all its prices up, and everybody is screaming bloody murder.  crazy   mad  eyepopping

Although it is getting all its electrical power from large dams, and it’s very economical, the politics of the situation has managed to raise all of our energy prices.and that’s a big disadvantage of technology and all its energy sources; there is become a big fight and war over them, because energy means power.  dancetogether

I will let you all go now, and rushed over to smileydesign.net and grab more of those cute funny, and even sexy and lovable, little emoticons, that I seem to have an obsession about. Hee hee hee.


yes , technology helps our lives. But To get a whole society hooked on the trifles of technology, and make it the NEW RELIGION,  is like taking cats,  ignoring that they are just an animal, not Gods,  and deciding  they are the answer to all Man’s problems! they  Kill millions of birds, every years for Gods sake!

 ..  Technology is NOT GOD! it is NOT the Answer  to all his problems!  Man  is  a  mortal, flimsy piece  of piss,  and hiding behind the pretty, addicting miracles of  technology  does  not  solve  Mans  basic problems.

 WAR.  Violence!   GREED.  Global  Tyranny.  Weather  Revolution,  and  its huge  horrible  changes  affecting  our food  supply,  crops,  living  conditions  and  panic;  food  shortages due to come for billions of people;  water supplies  disappearing ; panic, fear,  violence, invasions, ; drug  cartels ,; race.-wars.Corruption in Govt.,large and small. even the rise of fascism again.

 we are in for a bad future and many realize that; and many are ignoring the future from panic and fear.

While Eugene and Lane  County,  Oregon, ignore all real  problems, and carve up  Willamette St.,  spend  taxes on that while  the county has NO Jail!- ~ –

and the dumb liberal despots, Mayor Kitty, (meow!)  rule  with an iron hand,  tax  the  voters to death,  and even break the Law  of the tale, and county  itself, as they see fit. these govt. people here, where l live do Not CARE about the people  here!!.

 Is  technology  going  to solve these  desperate problems?  Our fed. govt. refuses to intervene, and investigate the law-breaking here, bribes, ect. Crooked local govt. sale SUPPOSED to be investigated by the FBI, and the Justice Dept!

 Technology does NOT  fix these problems! they are human problems,  that humans are denying, ignoring ‘by] playing with their little techie toys! But these  ARE  the real  problems;  NOT  “can you get a bigger chip in a laptop, to get it smaller?”

 BL AH!  the evils of  Human  Beings  are the  real  problem  we have to solve! technology is not helping us do this.It’s answer is mute.It is a mechanical device . the mind and heart of man is the real “tech-device” we need to employ now.THAT is our mission now.


(Sandraminadotty,in Eugene, Oregon. “NO JOBS is our Motto!” 🙂  ). . .


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