1207.jpg trees in rain

once again, it’s that time of year, when you notice that there is no more rain like there used to be, when you were a kid living here. All the tall big trees are brown and looking like they are at the trees burial ground. This summer, I am going to hire someone to water them all, regularly, no matter what it costs.I do not have that many solid, healthy, old trees that I can ignore them.

Speaking of trees and lumber, other people in the United States, and other countries everyone, thinks of Oregon and Eugene, by the way, as the lumber producing state. That was in the old days, when I was a kid or even a teenager; that is no more. There’s no lumber industry here anymore.Jungle_Emotes_Fight_by_MixedMilkChOcOlate

I am trying to explain this to my neighbors kid; I say,On the highway, and on the freeway, I do see huge logging trucks going by, with lots of rough, untreated and unprocessed logs, but that does not mean we have the work processing them. “why not?” We don’t anymore. We don’t have mills, we don’t have companies we used to have, that made the working class here pretty good money, so they could support a

“so what does that mean, anyway? Could you explain it better?”

in short, our lumber industry here is gone. Those logging trucks belong to  huge rich big companys, and they send all that un processed lumber straight across the ocean, to other countries, and they get our jobs. The jobs we used to have, to support the middle class and the working class.”Gee, that sure is rotten! PHOOEY!”arhh

This is the new normal; and you can blame it on globalization. ( and socialism?)”how come?”Before globalization, countries did not work together, or let each other use  their population of workers, to make cheaper products. Once globalization set in, any company big or small , could go all over the world and get somebody cheaper for work.”OH.” alientelekinesis

excuse me if I’m not so excited and happy, to be interconnected so closely with the rest of the world now. It is to our detriment, not to our advantage. And now everyone is finding that out.

well, I thought you liked being on the web, and talking to everybody in other countries. Don’t you?”feelingfreeplz

hey, kid;Except for the huge corporations, everyone could do very well with going back to ignoring and avoiding all the rest of the world, and just doing everything ourselves.we used to call it “isolationism,” and to a certain degree it does work.

“so why would that help?”snoozer_likelinux_man

You’re responsible for your own country your own companies and products, and you are not interconnected with all the financial problems of the rest of the world.

“yeah, but don’t we have a bad economic time, right now, and it’s just ours anyway? And the president is going to fix it?”

glad you asked.blahblah  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

AHA, SURPRISE! Now that we’re hopelessly intertwined with every other countries financial problems, Wall Street, the stock market, it is twice as hard, no, make that three or four or five times as hard to keep your economy in good is now out of your own country control.  clueless

and yes,our bad economy is also due to GREED. We inflated it, we cheated the rule of economics; we decided we didn’t need any money behind our credit, so we just used SOLID AIR, and we spendt it like crazy. Hall of Fame - Gomotesfishman

All those big fat companys  looked at the depression of 29, and said “let’s do it again, like we did last summer!” WHOOPIE! everybody do the “black bottom”!to HELL with all our kids’ futures!!eeeeeplz

Isn’t that fun? Don’t you just love “DIVERSITY”, also? “does that mean, we have to also fix other peoples, countries, economy too? That doesn’t seem fair.”

(I thought I taught him some other time before, that “LIFE IS NOT FAIR.”, But I guess it’s a lesson nobody wants to remember.)

I am also trying to explain, why his aunt and uncle, and all their kids, who are natives of Oregon, recently had to move all the way to Texas, to get a real job. And they have to stay there permanently. He already misses them.bee-emoticon-4.gifcryingbeehttp://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

.”GEE, my school friend and his family, told me some time ago, they’re all moving to ASIA to work. Boy, what does that mean? I don’t get it either. Am I going to have to move to Asia, when I grow up?” I tried to explain, that his friends family and his daddy, have very specific scientific skills, and they have to go abroad, to get jobs using them. That is because that’s where all the industry like that, is located. NOT here.Special20c20dog.gifdogeatman

there is a lull in our discussion. He looks disheartened. I don’t blame him. It’s hard to explain to a kid, that he may have to move to another country to work, or at the very least, a faraway state rather than his. It’s hard to explain to a kid, that our country is going down the toilet, and all the huge corporations of America have a lot to do with it. along with all our banks, economic company, and our whole big fat strata of people who run the country, and own it. 

All of those institutions and responsible people, we are  SUPPOSED to trust with all our money. fancydanceplz.giftea

Globalization has a lot to do with it; globalization of all our financial economics system has a lot to do with it.

We wanted to be interconnected with the rest of the world; WHOOPIE! WE DID IT! We have communication with everybody in the rest of the world, and all the countries due to our wonderful technology!.you can get on the Internet, and talk to anybody, or see anybody or enter to connect with other businesses, all over the bloody world.howdyplz2socute signideaani  airborne cacti_by_izzykuroneko-d59uwfcchoclatehyperblowkiss bounce  happycry2  jawdrop

ARE all you computer and Internet technology guys HAPPY NOW? Well, the rest of us are NOT!

As far as most of us are concerned, we’d like to go back in the 19th century, at least, maybe the 20th century, with no computer, no Internet, and no globalized economy. confuse    

I was discussing with another baby boomer, the other day, even though we had the Vietnam War during the 60s, we had better clothing, better music, happier times, and we actually had JOBS.

give me a time machine, so I can go back, experiment with anything, have sex without getting AIDS, and just ignore all the hippies. The hippies now, do crack cocaine and the 60s, the worst stuff. everybody fooled around with, was LSD.ashamed2

LSD is not addictive. And they didn’t go around, burglarizing everyone, mugging everyone, and killing people to get money for LSD!.everybody was optimistic about the future! They were optimistic about ENVIRONMENTALISM, and GREEN ENERGY, and all the ALTERNATIVE groovy stuff! dance

We were all going to run our cars on recycled grease from fast food french fries! All the recycled oil from lousy HAMBURGERS.there were going to be totally ELECTRIC cars! NO MORE OIL COMPANIES! No more dependency on CARBON-BASED fuel!!!.

now,it is the future. Did any of that stuff really work? Where is it? What happened to it?.  eager

I kept trying to explain to the kid,Everything goes back to that general principle of the cosmos; “life is not fair.” “So, does that mean that since life is not fair, and nobody plays by the rules, and ethics, and how you’re supposed to behave, does that mean that all bets are off?”   omfg

0h,0h, we are treading on the very principles of honesty, and dishonesty. His mom will absolutely get angry at me, over-the-top, if I tell him that nobody plays by the rules, which means that he doesn’t have to either.  screwy

;I guess he already knows that his folks struggle and strain to find loopholes, or any shelter, paying their huge national and state taxes.– because otherwise they won’t have the money, and they’ll be broke.  Costume Emoticons - Gomoteshitlerhttp://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

Pardon me, broker than they already are.the kid has already noticed the cutback in buying food. So he knows something wrong is going on. Kids know about everything, even if they don’t understand all the reasons.bookworm

you can’t really hide from them, the fact that their government, financial and banking, and the people who run the country, have decided that he doesn’t need any future at all.only the children belonging to the rich, and powerful, will have any chances. All the rest of us are going to just be PEONES. (Spanish for PEASANTS.)

and all of our kids are going to be “poor” about letting illegal aliens’ kids go to our colleges, when our native kids can’t afford to, is a strange question.  bonk

HOW did all those illegal alien kids get the huge amount of money to go to college? When the kids of American citizens can’t? don’t you sense something screwy, and deceitful, going on?are we looking at Mexican drug dealers over here, sending their kids to college? And that’s where they get all the money? Oh boy.   omghaiplz

I can just see them at admissions; “name of your parents”; UH, skip that question. “What do your parents do? What does your dad do? How much money does he make a year?” uhhh…. I can’t exactly repeat or tell anyone, about my dad’s occupation(cartel) and. He made me swear on a Catholic cross, not to tell anyone, or I get cut off from the whole enterprise. And I can’t afford to do that. I just want to apply for a scholarship.  hysterical    http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

“Are you applying for federal school aid money? Are you applying for any grants?” hey sure! That would be great! I don’t think my dad would mind that.anyhow, just leave my family out of it. I don’t think that’s important. Heh heh.  🙂 flirty

“please select a nationality that you belong to;” well, I’m kind of Latino, if that helps. And I’m definitely not MEXICAN. No, you know, there’s no legal way that I am one.”there are scholarships and programs for minorities in this college”.OH HALA! MAN, that is so radical!”it’s only fair; we encourage DIVERSITY here.”  zombie

yeah, diversity, man, is totally so great! And, it is really FAIR. Why should all the white kids get all the advantages? I mean, we Latinos are a big MINORITY. A BIG minority, but still a minority. wow

I really am a minority,how many kids of cartel families, get to go to college?in the United States? Not very many. – Yet.  so Oregon is really being very fair to people like me, and giving us a boost up in white society. That is so FAIR ,man! bestredhalloween.gifpokemonpikachu

my neighbors kid was once again trying to stir me from my reverie, and asking more questions.”so what am I supposed to do? I really don’t get it. Am I supposed to obey all the laws and rules, like my parents say? But what about all that stuff you just told me? I don’t get it.”it looks like his parents have ignored the horrible job of trying to explain this to him; the unexplainable.  shocked

Oh well, he’s a good kid; a really good kid. I guess I’ll tell him, try to make the best of being in Eugene Oregon, and if you have to leave when you’re older, then you’ll have to leave. And as far as ethics and rules and laws, I have found out this works the best:  threaten

“everybody lies; everybody cheats. Look out for yourself first, and if it works, do it. Just try not to be an ass hole like so many of them. And if you screw up, DON;T get caught  huggle

!”I could recite to him, “to thine own self be true, and then thou canst not (do ill) to any man.”  yahoo.gifdancingwhooping

Shakespeare was so wise; did you know he got paid next to nothing, for writing all those fabulous plays? And the people who made all the money off of  him, and the work, were all the publishers? so does that make him wise, but money-ignorant?  Or was he just rich??

having imparted those words of wisdom,I decided he needed, and so did I, some refreshment, and I said “want to go have some ice cream? Dairy Queen? I’m buying.””YEAH! You know, that Ben & Jerry’s, or that big chain ice cream shop, closed down.but Dairy Queen is always good.” (Product placement.)  handshake

I wondered if I should get one of those HURRICANES? Or “ice cream storms, or huge big ice cream – East Coast – apocalypse winter storm-with fudge topping, and plenty of broken up marshmallows.?

No, I was fat enough. It goes with the state traditional, mandatory level of fat and gut busting weight, we are all required to upkeep.b2d0c2398d097199c3060de157090b5d-d4poqqdcutie

It was bad enough, I never bought huge hamburgers filled with fat, anymore, and I didn’t get deep dish pizza (a staple of Eugene and Oregon, along with beer) with everything on it, and the crust  stuffed with cheese. I was a traitor, and a turncoat, almost to the point of (OH, HIDEOUS KINKY!) eating yogurt and having fruit for dessert. Naturally, I didn’t tell many people I knew, about that.

we walked down the highway,to the nearby Dairy Queen, trying to avoid the huge massive pileups, of traffic, traffic jams, and all the accidents. I decided that I had been very diplomatic with the kid, told him the truth, but not really advised him to go out, and loot the world, and not give a shit.  mangapunksai

I had just been trying to help him make the best of Eugene Oregon, and the real world, and not try to get burned out, cynical, and bitter about it (like I was.) After all, he was so young, too young to get discouraged yet, cynical, bitter, and disillusioned completely.

There was plenty enough time for that yet. popcorn2   waving_sparks_by_nice_spice-d4o2e7r

“I want one of those big twisty, chocolate and vanilla, ice cream cones, without any coating of fudge; the kid will tell you what he wants and I’ll pay for it”.reserve the time for sweetness, enjoyment, and the pleasures of Eugene Oregon. There was no telling how long he was going to have them. Or, Eugene Oregon.or, the United States of America. Amen.  nice-spice  fantasy04.gif witchstirpot     7850giffridgedonut  chococherry_cupcake_free_avvie_by_r0se_designs-d4915x3gif

(Sandraminadotty,, Eugene, Oregon, near a Dairy Queen location, the best of all possible yummy ice cream and fast food. Now, can I get kick-back??  Like the city govt.?  😉 appareilphoto

this is the REAL WORLD, after all!  Mayor Kitty does it all the time (more about that later) and she runs everything!  Am I any less smart than she is?? Dang– Try and make the best of living in Eugene, Oregon, since no one buys our real estate, and you can’t leave here anyhow. Colorado is out of my price range. crazy

(signing off; go ahead and comment, we count on your feedback. At least more than Microsoft.  HAW HAW HAW!! and if you can’t talk to your kid, to explain all about everything, send them to me, and I’ll give him an earful. At least I won’t lie. And that’s an advantage.)…….

………library……………………._iconfurryglompplz__by_Sleath           dropping_with_the_gems___gemdrop_by_bekey-d4pm2vb….. http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign



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