there I was going to Lane county mental health,.for a few years,until i started to have a “mood swing” along with very bad migraines;the headaches were with me all day.I wanted to see the doctor there;no way; no doctors.what happened to the doctor assigned to me?  http://Emoticon by Gomotes

“There are just about no doctors over there anymore;lane county cannot hire any more yet.and their budgets are cut so badly. there is no staff and no treatments like there was.” someone told me.Of course the really bad economy (call it the Bush-Obama Hurricaine) was responsible for the state and county going so bonkers,and going broke.ouch. but. then. Oregon likes hippies,and hate businesses and people who are middle class,have jobs,and pay taxes;absolutely hate them as does Lane county.this is a “socialist progressive” county. (groan)   banana-gun

The theory around progressive politics of course is that people, all of them get better care,and get taken care of all equallly. this was supposed to be the liberal way; and also.. that the fed. govt gets biggger and takes overf total control of people’s lives,.and makes them gooey,yummy, and fed by their nanny. 

However, WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT??yOU SEE,. liberals, a socialist govt. does not make money; it spends it. it taxes,and it takes your dough.but it cannot MAKE MONEY itself; if it does,it’s worthless. there is no business or company or product behind the paper money.”worth-lesssssss!”.there is no gold behind it, no Fort Knox (the spent it all, like they did your social security fund) anymore.  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

So here is where the :”suckers” come in; mainly,us, the taxpayers.SUCKERS!!! we WE get to pay for the progressive socialiost govt.and we get to pay for a bigger and bigger out of control govt., that is not even ours anymore. But,. we have to pay for it!!            calavera666BIGGUY     

 Did you ever think. you would be paying for something, all the time,that you don;t even own? it’s not even yours?that[s the nightmare;the other one is, socialist states drive away wage earners,businesses,.and middleclass; they leave.and that’s what happened to Oregon,and Lane county;people who work,. LEAVE THE STATE. (bye! 🙂  )  So what suckers are left here.,who have to keep paying those socialist liberal taxes?

Excuse me.but this is connected to mental health;this dept. now has no money,no doctors,and it’s fading fast;but we have very sick people there.even dangerous ones. what are you going to do with them? shoot them all,.and bury the bodies out in the forest?because of this states and county’s very anti=business stance,.we have no middleclass to pay the taxes,to operate dept. of mental health!!YEAH,. MANY SOCIALIST STATES GO BROKE. that is the picture of Oregon. sigh.      chickendanceplz

  So there is that nice pretty mental health building, way over by the Autzen stadium,.and it’s so neat,.and it has practically no real doctors or staff. no psychiatrist.and my therapist did not warn me,that they were not available. wow. irresponsible.  if i’d known there was nothing. and no one there anymore,I would have left earlier,to have my doctor take care of my migrained mood swing headache!!

TRUST; i trusted the county would keep itself together.and my trust was busted.the worst thing is, my therapist did not warn me,.and so I was also one of the little sheep who are the last ones to know the news…but if the county,. therapist, had told me” go to your doctor,we no longer have one here,” i would have been warned,and not spend all my time sick with headaches,trying to get into over-with Lane county mental health!!  WHERE IS THE TRUST NOW?

sniper (1) 

“Say, the next time a mental health dept. leaves me,. at least it could write a goodbye note;”so sorry,. gotta go,. cannot do mental health treatment, but not going to declare that to the public,.so we all do not get fired. every man for himslef!!–which is why we did not warn you. you are not part ofOUR GROUP, YOU do not get any warning. or explanation;you’re just a stupid PATIENT.!!”

So this is socialism?where is the order,rule,and knitted-together govt. and troops? where is the great optomistic leader, ruling us all? who’s minding the store?? in progressive capitalism,. order and rule are a must!!  http://Emoticon by Gomotes

But THIS COUNTY,. lane,Oregon, is not progressive;it’s recessive,and recessive right down the toilet!!and boy does it STINK. it also does not work.there is no money,and all the taxpayers, including businesses, all move away,. the middleclass hates Lane county,and so do businesses;they’re all allergic now,to our anti-business hatred.   black-car-emoticons-13.gifrainoncar

Once again,.”who’s paying for all this progressive mental health dept. that has given up the ghost?WHOOO. WHOO. WHOO!! Maybe YOUUUU!! ? Only if you can’;t sell your propertyy, so you can move somewhere else;there is lotsa work in South DAkota and Texas. sigh. ugh. rattlesnakes. freezing cold.

Mealwhile, to go on,I read in the paper that the mayor Katty wants to build a millions dollars new city hall.great, where did she get the money?she also is going to make a “homeless village, “on far away land,and all the homeless in the US will probably comne here. (Oh, crap._) so the Mayor and the council of Lane Cou. Oregon, do have money!! http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

WHY IS NONE OF IT GOING TO THE MENTAL HEALTH DEPT???  instead the mayor is buying matching hi-heels,to match the color of her new project. how chic!     screwy

But the reality is, the mayor and the council DO HAVE MONEY, but they only want to fund their pet projects,and the mental health dept. is not one of them. awwwww, so sorry, sick idiots!! your parents taxes are paying for the nice granite on my new city hall building.

A SONG TO OREGON’S MENTAL ILLNESS ( of which there is plenty):

“too bad if you’re psycho,

Too bad if you’re mad!!                                              zombiechase

If you go mad here, \

Dear, you’ll always be sad! http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

“For liberals love you truly, they care so very much;

But they forgot to get the money, and so you’ve got it very rough!”

But business and capitalism is EVIL,and shop-keepers are bad!!

And People who work nine to five, deserve the tax they have!!

For big fat govt. will save us,.and you,and me,and them;       screamingjoy

Forever in  its bosom,a home paradise for man!

“It does not matter if the mental health dept. goes racking on it’s knees;

as long as it stays away fjrom me,I’d rather buy hi-heels!”–

–Thus says the merry Mayor Katty, a cat all thru and thru;

and the  council men,(I think they’re hens!!)will dictate till they’re blue!

”  http://Emoticon by Gomotes

The moral of this story is,there’s no moral any more;

Embrace your mental illness, cause you’re stuck with it for sure!

Progressive liberals win the day,and all the rest go die;                   smiley-chores001.gifgarden

because Oregon is commie, too,and they are not too shy!

Go squat     on some homeowner’s lawn,and pitch your tent to stay;

Cause it’s not like he has PRIVATE  LAND, for that we will not stand.”

“Share and share and share the crumbs,cause crumbs is what you eat,

“Cause you are stuck  ,in  ORY-GUN, my son,no middleclass elite!”

(published Dec.14, 2012)   dance_group_by_kath602-d37zxpj  http://Emoticon by Gomotes

Me, I have to go find a psychiatrist,and a new therapist,and I;’l l have to go to a big charity hospital behavior mod. clinic. ok,. that’s fine. If I went to a private shrink,and paid cash, he would cost a fortune

But I do feel for all the rest of the poor souls, stuck in Lane county mental health, homeless, in misery,. poverty, and not getting any psychiatric help at all; imagine a schizophrenic who goes off their drugs,And that is what makes me really mad; I’m one of the lucky ones, who can go somewhere else.

but what about the others? the ones who can’t do it?What is the “progressive socialist liberal theory” that destroyed their mental health system?. the people stuck there,cause they have no insurance, nothing,and no money; and Lane county mental health is going to STICK IT to them.–pretend to get them help,and then just lie to them,and say”we tried as hard as we could, to help you, it was just not in the cards.”    lmao (1)

and there is no psychiatrist, no help,and you may just get theorazined to death instead. becom3 a large, numb stone.BLOB. (no,.not blog).this is what socialist progressive society promises the mentally ill? numb on thorazine? this is the really bad thing; the promise of equal shares of everything,and support from the govt.s.,and a nice life,and much help for any emergencies.

But it does NOT WORK.   the only thing to do, is find a rich, fat socialist billionaire,and hit him up for it…like Mitt Romney.Now this socialist almost became president! (?( Duh. somewhere along the way, the liberal promise to take care,and to have govt. be a safety net, is not there.     drunk

I do thinkl we will have to squirrl up to Nike,and promise them that every patient will wear his shoes.all the staff will wear the big logo and word “NIKE” on the front of their t-shirts.”NIKE” banners will run all thru the open air building ceiling, which always looked so rich. (maybe that is where it went.)we’ll sign a lifetime contract with Nike,to advertise it, wear it, sell it, you name,in trade for Nike donating all the money for Lane County mental health. no one else wilkl donate

. Move over state of Oregon,and lane county; our mental health dept. money problem is SOLVED!! NIKE BOUGHT US ALL OUT!! THEY OWN THE MENTAL HEALTH DEPT.!! and THEY have money, those dirty capilistic pigs!! sure,they are not socialists,but they ARE big fat corporations,who hog everything in the world,. Sane difference; they hog it all, command all, demand all,and they make all the decisions in stead of us.       happycroatiaflag1

Thank god i’m not mad any more,and don;t have to go there; I hate the brassy colors in their ads,and the therapists look really pussy in cute littlle NIKE t-shirts, caps,and even nike shoes and socks.They practically look gay!!!but, hell, now there’s a mental health system for everyone who needs it! thank the dirty awful, pig hog capitalists, for doing it for you!! 🙂   “you;’re welcome!!” :O

(Sorry socialist liberals,I guess your support of a mental health system for the Lane county doesn;t exactly work;  because socialist communities only SPEND MONEY, they don’t earn it.  at the end of the glorious liberal day, there are no taxpayers paying taxes for for a pair of Nikes? they’re new.

maybe we could get you a job at Nike ;ditch that psychology routine, and stop- worrying about politics.    By now you must realize it doesn’t really work. Money and power work, that’s what’s a really SANE realization.  crazy_mini

(SANDRAMINADOTTY, going to sleep 6 am; it’s late,in Oregon,we get up as the sun breaks, so we can stalk squirrels sliding up and down the trees. 🙂 http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign


About WhatToDoWhileThePlanetDies

Eugene,Oregon,home of the U. of Oregon,is a dissolute,gay,hippie,broke, jobless, crime and drug-ridden courupt little no-account town, bulging with fleeing Californicators, who have pushed the natives out,done to Oregon what they did to cali; trashed it. the horrible grid-lock traffic, smog,bad freeways full of accidents have turned it into decayed Detroit.Everyone is broke, there are no jobs,it's left-wing extreme-fanatic crazy, and there are constant political conflicts.Oppression and stifiling city hall crooks fleece the citizens of taxes, it;s the Macon Georgia of the pacific northwest.Anyone who can, leaves.Landowners can't sell, they're stuck.Even the Nazi party would call it Hell.Willamette Valley has the worst pollen,smog,allergies, in the world.Nature and Man are out to get you here, welcome to Oregon!The trash-heap of the United States!

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  1. Someone told me how much psychiatrists make, like $175,000 a year, I thought wow! I know they have to get a lot of education but that really made me wonder. Since they have destroyed the manufacturing base, all the nice stuff that comes from a strong tax base and people having actual jobs that pay decent wages is going to disappear and that includes libraries, and help for the mentally ill, and other services. Too bad the liberals seem gungho for the whole experiment called GLOBALISM which is driving America into the ground. Do people in third world countries have mental health services? Nope they just end up in the streets unless they have families or someone else to look after them and that is the way things are going here. I always think liberals are elitist because they seem to have no problem with outsourcing of all the jobs and the rest. Course the Republicans are helping with that stuff too. With no real economy with real stuff being made and real jobs, for a decent tax base for helping those who are in need of help like mentally ill. , we have a system that is now basically feeding on itself, and you will see where that is going.


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