you know the history, unless you’re very young. Working people and middle-class worked all their lives, giving about a third or almost 1/2 of their income, to Social Security, and what would become Medicare, taxes, to the federal government to save for them, when they retired. But, with the coming cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Social Security disability, are those people who worked all their lives, and put all their taxes, much of their income, into the federal government as their retirement money, for the federal government to guard for them, ever going to get the money they saved?

in other words,does Social Security taxes to the federal government, really work as retirement money for workers who paid a lifetime of taxes into it? Or are they going to get ripped off, and dumped, without any funds as old people, when they can’t work anymore?– because our fearless leaders, in the federal government, have stolen every single bit of money out of the Social Security lockbox, and Medicare box as well. Trusting the federal government to be your bank account, doesn’t seem to be working out.

but as most baby boomers and elderly know., it’s too late to go to the federal government bank, and demand all your taxes back that you worked so hard to pay in. Once you pay taxes or any money to the federal government, you’re probably not going to get them back.

No, let me amend that; you’re NEVER going to get them back.not unless you started collecting them a long time ago, when there was still some money left in the Social Security and Medicare lockbox. Before our fearless senators, congressmen, presidents, vice presidents etc. in the federal government decided to steal it all out for their own interests.     

now the federal government and both parties have decided, they don’t have to keep their promise to all those millions of people who dumped billions of dollars into the federal government for their retirement and old age.so what exactly does that mean, besides the fact that you lost a ton of money gambling on the federal government?

Should you keep on gambling, in the hopes that someday you’ll win? That you will beat the house? Or, should you take your chips, cash out, and never play again? Because you know the game is rigged hopelessly against you?should all you young gamblers throw good money after bad, hopelessly throwing billions of your taxes into the federal maw, not knowing whether you’ll ever see any of it returned to you in any form? Or should you remain optimistic, in the hopes that one party or another will soften up, around the edges, and decide they don’t want to throw all you old people out onto the streets, and let you die?

–hoping against hope, that the Democrats will decide not to steal any more money out of Social Security, and neither will the Republicans? That both parties and the federal government, and our fearless leaders in the government and beyond, will decide to finally become honest, (HAW! HAW!!) – And not steal your money anymore?

how many times do you have to give your money to a thief, before you finally wise up, and stop giving him any more money? Because you know exactly what he’s going to do with it?and it’s not put it into your retirement account in a safe bank. Just how long, and how many times, do you want to be a sucker and get fleeced?

I suppose that depends on the individual. Some people trust the federal government, so much, they refuse to believe that it’s  grand- theft- auto., and they keep playing the same videogame.Democrats, and liberals, for example, are persuaded and try to persuade us, that the only way to keep the government safe, the country safe, and themselves safe, is to keep giving the federal gullet tons and tons of grade a number one sirloin steak and fillet mignon, even when we have nothing but potato skins and beans to eat. Heaven forbid we should risk starving our dear sweet fragile federal government, which could collapse at any moment, if it didn’t get enough steak!

so instead of keeping our government a lean mean well governing machine, the liberals of the Democrats have so greatly encouraged us to fatten up the federal government, until it is so plump and bloated, it can’t walk, it can’t talk,and especially it cannot FUNCTION.

It can’t pass bills, it can’t vote, and it can’t get anything done. It cannot face the depression, the bad economy, the loss of manufacturing, jobs, money, hope, etc. In essence, it can’t do anything at all anymore, except soak up taxes. The IRS is the only department of the federal government that functions 100% efficiency. It has to. It has a huge gloated, bloated, massively nonfunctioning federal government to take care of and support.so the IRS is the only department that actually really functions, and get your life blood out of you every single year. SUCK. SUCK. SUCK!

but let’s look at this logically; we have put all those billions of dollars into the federal government, to make it so huge, bloated, overly massive, and totally nonfunctioning, so we must be doing something wrong. Maybe it’s this; we are putting too much money into the federal government, and keeping it way way TOO BIG! Maybe it’s just too big to function at all anymore. Maybe we screwed it up ourselves by insisting that it get really big and fat, and we fed it all the butter and sour cream that it needed to do it-and it’s having a massive heart attack.!

So what does your cardiologist tell you to do, after you have a massive heart attack and you almost died? “Go on a diet and lose all those pounds you don’t need that are killing you.”get rid of all those civil service employees, federal employees, federal departments, federal heads of departments, administration, grants,, porkbarrel everything, and every single massive coronary -causing agency that’s causing your heart, that big massive federal heart, to stop beating.

Don’t get rid of all the money yet! Just get rid of all the huge amount of dishonest rotten GRAFT that’s causing it to suck up all that butter and sour cream, filet mignon, sirloin steak, sweetmeats, and all those voters taxes that go right down the federal gullet, and turn into ultimately BULLSHIT.you know already it’s not turning into money to support Social Security, Medicare, and things that we were supposed to pay for and get back. It’s not turning into real FOOD. Not for the right people.

All that butter and sour cream is turning into a huge gloated, bloated, massive and nonfunctional federal government that we don’t need. Apparently since all the seniors are being told to go chase themselves and give up Social Security and Medicare after having paid into it for so long, and they’re getting dumped anyhow, what do we need a huge massive federal government for then?

one thing we really don’t need, is at least another trillion dollars of Obamacare, that has to be paid within 10 years, plus all the extra money, billions, that it will take to run Obamacare and maintain it.didn’t Obama just say, we don’t need to pay for Medicare and social security, so I’m going to cut $700 billion out of Medicare?

okay; he’s saying, we don’t need to finance  real health care to seniors. Then why do we have to give universal healthcare to everybody else  in the United States? When we’ve already decided to cut out Social Security and Medicare to those seniors that are part of the United States also?doesn’t that kind of mean, seniors are not American citizens?We don’t vote and pay taxes too?? what are we, illegal aliens now? Huh?

if it costs too darn much to finance Medicare and Social Security, then WHY DOESN’T it cost too much money to finance universal healthcare for every single person in the United States?somewhere I guess I am missing the logic of this new math. The new math that says, we can finance universal health care for every single person in the United States, but it costs too much to do it for seniors also, especially because they paid in all their taxes all their lives, to pay for it?

I guess that new math means:only the people in the United States that didn’t pay into medical insurance all their lives, with taxes, can get universal healthcare. The people who paid millions and billions of taxes all their lives, to get Social Security and Medicare when they got old, according to the new math, cannot get good  healthcare.

In case you missed that new math, let me make it easy; the people who are going to get Obama’s new universal healthcare, are only the people who didn’t pay for it because somebody else did. I would like to recite that joke by that wonderful redheaded comedian, Conan O’Brien, who, after hearing about the other joke, said “I overheard this at McDonald’s; the guy went up to the counter and said “I’ll have everything on the menu, and the guy behind me is going to pay for it.”

sorry, Conan,for messing up your joke. But I got most of it right.

the new math says this according to Obama;the country and the federal government cannot afford to give seniors decent Social Security and Medicare anymore, but it CAN AFFORD to give everyone in the United States universal healthcare insurance instead. Somewhere or other, Obama did not take logistics in school. I’m not even sure he WENT to school. And I’m definitely sure he didn’t take math. Just like he didn’t learn to tell the truth.

let me be brief, in synopsis.if we can’t afford decent money and funds for Medicare and Social Security, that already had billions of dollars paid into it, then we can’t afford Obamacare and universal healthcare for everyone in the United States either. That’s it.too bad I can’t find a real candidate for president, who has actually come out solidly, and promised on his life, and against his impeachment, that he absolutely will get rid of all of Obamacare once for all.

this author is one of those 7% undecided voters, who can’t decide between the devil and the deep blue sea. Independent. Hates Republicans, hates the Democrats and liberals worse. But has to do something, one way or another, or else face the fact that the author gave up, and didn’t try to do anything.so, this author has decided to throw the dice, and vote Republicans in. Just the Republicans not even the candidate. Hoping that the Republicans will do what they say, and start to cut the federal government  graft, departments, employees, and every other thing down. And DOWN. And keep cutting it all DOWN.

unfortunately, president Obama is ahead in the polls, and it looks like he may be in for another term as one of the worst presidents in the United States that we’ve ever had. One of the biggest liars, anti-Jewish, pro-Muslim, pro-Islam, and anti-Israel, and definitely anti-American. And if that makes me sound like a tea party member, I really don’t give a shit.

that is the end of our article on, “does Social Security and Medicare work in the United States after all?”it was working, until all the agents and fearless leaders in the federal government decided to steal it all for their own purposes. Henceforth, Medicare and Social Security are broke.

And they’ve also decided, that since we can’t afford decent Social Security and Medicare for seniors, we actually do have enough money to pay for universal health care for every single other person in the United States.

Which means of course, yes, and this is the theme of my little article “no, the United States federal government does not function anymore.” NO FUCKING WAY! it is not safe to keep paying retirement taxes into the fed.govt., because you’re never ever going to get them back again when you get old and really need them.AND, it is not safe to keep the fed.govt. itself fat and bloated with massive tax-money, because that huge amt. of taxes itself, is turning it into a totally non-functioning  pile of DANGEROUS (to every American citizen) pile of CRAP.

 AND  when I talk about WHO is paying too much taxes, I am talking about working class and middle class especially.Probably upper-middle class get hit like hell too. Everyone who does not make much much now,(mostly) and pays a third to one-half of their income to taxes.(How much does Romney pay again? Less percent than someone making a smaller income than him!!)!Does this sound like the fed.govt. is functioning, or just FUCKING?

NO,it is no longer safe to put your old age nest-egg, into the fed.govt. as taxes.NO, it is not safe to keep the fed.govt. HUGE and malfunctioning! Get those crow-bars out, and start ripping the rot out!!Tear out the graft!

If you don’t do it, we face losing ANY govt., and become a huge landscape with no govt. but individual states, county, city. we risk paying more taxes to a non-existant fed.govt. , that has no idea they are responsible to the people who pay for them . we risk facing any catastrophe  with no response or defense from the fed.govt. AT ALL. We face a future of possible widespread anarchy, chaos, crime, and little security from any outside invaders from anywhere.

Arizona already has to fight it’s own fed.govt.,just to keep invaders out of their state, from coming across the border. WHY do the states no longer have American troops, army reserve, and even national guard in our own country? We have been ordered to send national guard to foriegn lands!! – instead of having our National Guard in our own states watching out for American citizens here! Does this sound like a functioning federal government to you? Does this sound like a safe country to you anymore?

do you feel safe,in your own country, when federal judges decide that the Obamacare bill, is actually a tax enacted by the President of the United States and the rest of the United States federal government? So that now, we could be taxed by the federal government directly, and by Congress and by any president, just through legal manipulation at the top?do you feel safe in your own country, when the Constitution of the United States is broken right in front of everyone, and none of the citizens or states can do a thing about it?

meaning, by federal decree, any citizen of the United States can now be ordered to buy something, by the federal government, whether he wants it or not. for any price that the federal government wants to charge.Just try that one on for size. It curls my neck-hair.

go ahead, tell me honestly, that you think the federal government  is actually functioning AT ALL correctly.unless you are one of the super rich, or unless you’re totally on welfare and don’t have to pay for a  thing yourself, and very comfortable in either class, (or else you’re in one of those  shielded categories, like a federal employee of some type, or a very successful drug dealer),(yeah, isn’t it funny how those two fit together? –)

You’re probably pretty frustrated and angry, not to say, seething, boiling over,  maybe broke, unemployed, losing your home, can’t pay your bills; or else you’re just struggling like crazy, working 80 hours a week or more, just to make ends meet at all.

the federal government and our fearless leaders stopped functioning, a long long time ago, and that’s probably why were at this broken economically- depressed stage right now.so far back, in fact, that Gore Vidal wrote a novel about how politics works in the federal government called “Washington DC, a novel.”and this otherwise sexy and pot boiling little revealing, insider look at Washington DC politics, was pretty smart. It was not just a novel. It had very accurate examinations of the federal government, how it functioned, and, most accurately, one quotation by one of the characters  describing exactly how the federal government no longer functioned at all, and why. And, it was completely correct.Gore Vidal was not stupid., (It’s in paperback, go read it yourself.)this is not a very recent novel.

I suppose it’s not my job to tell all of you how to fix the federal government. It probably can’t be fixed. There, I said it, so go fire me! I told you the truth and that’s a horrible thing to do.you don’t have to listen to me, but in  my experience with bureaucracies, they tend to do one thing very well; and that is protect themselves from anyone on the outside meddling with them in any way.and this is the biggest bureaucracy I have ever seen in my entire life or, anyone else in the United States has either. I doubt that it will let anyone meddle with it.which means, it has only a couple of other choices:

it can completely stop functioning, and actually fall apart literally. Meaning, you don’t have any government at all not even a nonfunctioning one.or, number two, it can’t defend itself from any type of outside invader, and could easily be taken over by any type of outside force. – Especially a very hostile and violent one. Or, even a coup from its own citizens in some type of  group.(don’t think that a group of American citizens will never get hostile, violent, and very politically aggressive, someday,) 

in the event that the federal government cannot and will not any longer pay its own military, those military could choose to stop doing their jobs. (Not likely.)another possibility of the far future, or, however long it takes, is that all the individual states decide that the federal government no longer functions, so badly, they break all their ties to the federal government, and decide either each state to function as its own separate country, or several states chained together, to form their own “region” or “territory” in some kind of name.

For example, California has long wanted to break up into separate individual pieces. In the event that the federal government should stop functioning very very badly, California would have the chance to actually do that if they really wanted to. Who’s going to stop them then? not the feds.

Also, the states of the deep South could choose to take this opportunity, to finally gang up together and go back into a true Confederacy. there is still anger and resentment about the Civil War, that still festers.

states that are much financially better off, could choose to break off from the states that are doing very poorly. Texas might finally claim it’s complete independence.Mexico would have every chance of moving up into Baja California, far up, and take over that region as far as they could.red states might cluster together, legally, and break off from all the blue states. And vice versa.Canada itself might decide to move further into the United States where it could. “Blame Canada!”

a federal government that no longer functions for its people is a very dangerous entity. precarious, and completely unhinged over a huge large landscape that needs a very strong  govt. of some kind.we are even talking dictatorships, or Iraqi type military governments.

look at Germany before World War II; they were literally falling into horrible economic pieces. They needed somebody or something strong, to pick them up and put them back together again, and make them work, just so all their citizens could survive. So they weren’t picky about who, or what, that would be.

to end this piece, finally, I will say this; excuse my ranting and raving, but I noticed that a lot of American citizens I know, and have talked to, all over the place, are ranting and raving, daily.And not bothering to lower their voices.and I’m sure that I kept mouthing off the same repeated rant, about the logistics of Medicare, Social Security, Obama care, and Obama’s new math. So sue me. I’m not a professional, you’re not paying me, I’m not paying myself! I guess I’m a nonfunctioning blog; , maybe I’m a federal employee secretly. 🙂    

sincerely, (or not) Sandraminadotty, in Eugene, Oregon  9/25/2012

About WhatToDoWhileThePlanetDies

Eugene,Oregon,home of the U. of Oregon,is a dissolute,gay,hippie,broke, jobless, crime and drug-ridden courupt little no-account town, bulging with fleeing Californicators, who have pushed the natives out,done to Oregon what they did to cali; trashed it. the horrible grid-lock traffic, smog,bad freeways full of accidents have turned it into decayed Detroit.Everyone is broke, there are no jobs,it's left-wing extreme-fanatic crazy, and there are constant political conflicts.Oppression and stifiling city hall crooks fleece the citizens of taxes, it;s the Macon Georgia of the pacific northwest.Anyone who can, leaves.Landowners can't sell, they're stuck.Even the Nazi party would call it Hell.Willamette Valley has the worst pollen,smog,allergies, in the world.Nature and Man are out to get you here, welcome to Oregon!The trash-heap of the United States!

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  1. This is one thing I do not get, Medicare and Social Security are under threat, and we barely can afford them but somehow we can afford Obamacare. Remember Obamacare isn’t like the NHS or what other countries have, it’s more enrichment via insurance companies, except this time they are profiting off the new forced taxes. That’s sick isn’t it? I sometimes wonder if Obamacare is meant to collapse social security and Medicare.


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