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several years ago, in Eugene Oregon, a countywide plan was instigated by the Mayor and the LTD (the bus company) and the heads of our government here. It was called “envision Eugene”. Among other things, it made a project that was very huge and expensive called “EMX bus system”.

the EMX bus line was part of “envision Eugene”. It assumes that Eugene and Lane County would get a huge grant from the federal Transportation Department. It was supposed to be in the millions of dollars, and would enable Eugene to have a very advanced, and fancy and expensive new bus line put in. The County and the mayor and city of Eugene, advertised the EMX bus line as futuristic and advanced, and would put Eugene and Lane County on the map in Oregon. In other words, it would make the city very very important and modern.

What nobody said was, this was a plan to undermine all the commuter traffic and car driving in the County and city, and to force commuters and drivers out of their cars, and onto the EMX bus system. Once the system was put in, it would actually force people out of their cars, because they would have no choice. They would have to take the bus system, because the EMX bus line would cut off and destroy a lot of the commuter roads that drivers took now.. Their justification was that the County and the mayor and our fearless leaders, knew better then the taxpayers and voters, and was going to force them out of their cars  for their own good. It was to advance public transportation, and get rid of all the cars. Whether or not drivers and commuters wanted to keep driving or not!.even though the taxpayers provided all the money to run the County and the city, they were not going to have any choice about their own transportation.

as the fight for the EMX bus line continued, a whole section of downtown was going to be widened, and the fronts of people homeless and the fronts of people’s businesses, would be destroyed and taken over by eminent domain. Not only that, the whole plan was to go out the whole length of River road, that went all the way to Junction city, and to put the whole EMX bus line in there also. Few people had read the actual whole plan of “envision Eugene” and actually knew about the part about going all the way down River Road.

as I learned about “envision Eugene”, since I live way down right on River Road in Eugene, I found out that surveyors were already out on River Road, surveying getting ready. I asked the bus driver that I knew, what was going on and he told me the whole thing. I looked it up online, and found out the whole situation of the plan to put the EMX all away down River road to Junction city.

River road is a very long road; it was widened into a 5 Lane Hwy., and when they did that many years ago, they took away the fronts of people’s homes, by eminent domain and only paid them the lowest amount of money that the market demanded at the time.this was another forced plan by the planning Department of Eugene and the County, and the result was that many peoples front yards and homes were ruined, and businesses were ruined, because they took off so much private land, and the road became an extreme freeway. River road cuts through quite a few neighborhood, where people live, residential, and they go out for walks and they have all their kids there. Also, his River Road is the main road, a lot of avenues intersect it into the neighborhood.

As a result of extreme widening, people’s homes were often now sitting right next to the road, which is extremely noisy and loud and dangerous. It was no longer safe for kids to run around the neighborhood, because of the very fast and dangerous road. Since many people property and the front of their homes, and yards and even businesses, were taken away forcibly by eminent domain, a lot of them were very ruined. A lot of the small businesses were ruined; a lot of people’s homes and property and fronts were ruined..River road was no longer the safe comfortable and very livable area that it had once been. Since the road was so fast and so dangerous, and had jammed up traffic, gridlock during commuter rush in the morning, kids had to be very careful going to school; if the school bus could get to them that is. Anybody out walking was now greeted by the wonderful gasoline perfume that surrounded all of River road and leaked into the neighborhoods and homes. In other words, it really stank now.

.if you lived on River Road then, or in any of the neighborhoods surrounding it or intersecting it, since you are breathing heavy clouds of gasoline all the time, and especially during rush hours in the morning and the evening, it was very likely that your health was going to be compromised. So the highway traffic definitely was not only destroying people’s health and the environment, it also destroyed and poisoned  all the trees, and bushes and all the many lines of forest that ran along River Road. If you look closely at any of the trees and bushes, you can see the accumulation of white gookie substance all over the leaves in the trees and bushes, the result of all the gasoline exposure. That also was of substance that you are getting in your lungs when you lived on River Road.usually it killed off a certain amount of the trees and bushes, over time, just as it was killing off all the inhabitants that had to live on River road still. was common knowledge that this whole project of ruining River road had not been necessary in the first place. There had been a ballot measure to build a bridge over several streets away, to another road going the same direction, that would have held traffic for commuting a lot easier and more efficiently. The voters apparently had voted it in; but what happened was, Eugene government and the county government voted it down! And they refused to give any money to the project even though it had been voted in by the taxpayers!so the voters themselves were outvoted by their fearless leaders, who decided that once again, the voters and taxpayers of Eugene and Lane County, were too stupid to do their own planning of their own community. They had to be vetoed, of course, by their fearless leaders who obviously knew better than they did.

So that was a result of the government’s refusal to go ahead with building the bridge and giving money to it. The planning department decided to ruin River road, a road that went through many neighborhoods, just because they could. It was not really a planning department so much, as it was a “we – know – better – then – you – stupid – taxpayers!” – Department.

as a result of many of these forced community planning projects, the taxpayers in 2012, and for many years, have refused to vote in any more new taxes contracts for the County and city, because the voters are so angry, and inflamed about not having any choice of how their taxes are spent.downtown roads, in a very large residential area, were completely ignored for many years by the County, until they got so bad that they were destroying people’s tires and axles and their cars by driving on them. And yet, although they gave taxes to the county, the county was refusing to fix the roads!

it became such an extreme scandal, that when the mayor ran for office for her last term in 2012,(everyone hoped) she was aware that her unpopularity over the subject, could greatly affect her election. She hastily scrambled together, subcontractors to lay concrete all over those roads, as fast as she could before the election. – To pacify the angry voters.

she was reelected, because of her extreme liberal and left-wing hippie socialist liberal voters base, who had taken over Eugene and the County, many of whom had escaped California, New York, Los Angeles, because they had already wrecked those places with their behavior.

However, after the election, drivers and bus drivers who rode over those newly fixed roads discovered that they were still so bad, because the cement had been laid down in such a disastrous manner, the roads were still as bumpy and undrivable as before.nothing had changed! The mayor had merely thrown together the road fixing project, and did not care whether it was done properly or not. And it was not done properly. The hacks had merely dumped a lot of concrete over, very fast, and called it repaired. Now when you drove overall those areas, they were exactly the same as when the bumps and cracks and malformations destroyed your tires and cars before.– except a lot of money had been spent to screw them up again!

This was the mayor and the government.who had decided for everyone else, that the EMX bus system was good for them. And River road, that long long road, that cut through so many neighborhoods and businesses, was going to also be annexed by the EMX bus line, and everyone’s home fronts and business fronts were going to be cut out, taken over at least 15 feet on each side of the road. Whether they wanted it done are not! Once again, imminent domain was getting used in Eugene are again. It was right there in black and white in “envision Eugene” in the contract. A lot of people did not know about this, because it was not advertised. It was actually kept quiet. The only way you could find out, was to go online and read the “envision Eugene” written project.

As a result, a group formed against the EMX bus line, in Eugene and the County, and went against the mayor and their fearless leaders. Some of them were business people who were getting their business fronts destroyed by the EMX downtown. Part of the project was reversed, and a lot of the bus line which was already being built, was put to LCC college, and part went to Springfield County.

The Eugene city government was very irritated, that anybody dared to go against them. Rather, that the taxpayers went against them.after all, they were only taxpayers! They didn’t have any right to go against the county and the city government and the mayor! Who did they think they were anyway?they were only stupid, uneducated, and primitive Oregonians who didn’t know what was good for them. Which was why the County, the LTD bus line people, and the mayor and her bunch, were always fooling around with the tax money, doing anything they wanted with it, instead of what the voters asked them to do, because their fearless leaders were a lot smarter.

So how dare they go against the EMX bus system!it was another big scandal in the County, that the city and County jail, had very few beds for criminals, and a lot of them were let go into the community. And even dangerous ones. A lot of people knew that the County and the mayor did this, so that they could wring their hands and cry, “oh, we don’t have enough tax money! That’s why we have to let all these criminals get out of the city jail! We don’t have any choice, you guys have to give us a whole lot more taxes to fool around with!”

there were also people who were privy to the fact that there was a big fund held by the mayor and her people, that they use for whatever they like, and they could easily have granted the city jail more money. They didn’t want to. They decided to hold the County and the city taxpayers for ransom, by letting known criminals and dangerous people out of the jail, and punishing the taxpayers for not voting in more taxes.

you gotta say one thing for the Lane County and city of Eugene governments leaders.: not even a Chicago gangster government, was any worse,more cunning, or more Machiavellian in its behavior. And even though it was in the northern part of the United States, Lane County and Eugene, were very similar to counties and cities in the deep South, like Georgia, and areas of the deep South that were extremely corrupt and run like little dictatorships. Talk about porkbarrel! Maybe Lane County and Eugene were “green, extreme liberal, left-wing Democrat, and organic” but they were just as porkbarrel corrupt as any town in the deep South.


.many years ago, Eugene and the County had been very conservative and right-wing, old-fashioned and a churchy community, but with the advent of extreme liberals and socialists thinkers’ introduction, all that had if you were Republican or conservative or even independent, you were practically forced to keep your thoughts to yourself. Any public right wing or independent political statements were jumped on and attacked by very liberal left wing groups.

You could not even be against, or neutral to gay groups in Eugene, you were considered a horrible, very “un-PC” person, and you would get very fiercely attacked. In other words, it was not okay to be against liberal, socialist extreme left-wing groups and politics in Eugene anymore. If you didn’t go along with the very PC and liberal mindset, you awere encouraged to keep your mouth shut – or be very fiercely attacked.

since this was the case, any old Oregonians in Eugene, didn’t come out publicly and renounce liberalism very often. They did it was a well-known fact, to a lot of people that the KKK even still existed in Oregon. They also had not vanished, but had gone underground.

the whole atmosphere of the County and city, was extremely irritable, argumentative, and disagreeably vicious, as a result of the political had become a very horrible and irritating County to live in. If you wanted a nice quiet small-town atmosphere, where people got along,did not have crooked govt.,or were not  verbally abusive to each other, you had to move out of the county. And believe me, a lot of people did. And a lot more people were forced to stay behind who wanted to leave, but they couldn’t sell their houses or property.

you could see all the “for sale” signs up, all over the county neighborhood, of people trying to sell their houses.but during the deep recession, property was not easy to sell, especially in Lane County. Many of the homes and properties were actually DEVALUED, and worth a lot less. But the taxes were still the same, and even went up!despite this, and despite the horrible traffic jams, horrible freeway full of accidents, and all the commuter crowded Smoggy, jobless,area, retired people tended to move here,cause other places were worse.

but the people who did leave, were entire families, and anybody who needed a job. Many people were leaving Eugene and the County, and even Oregon, because they had to move to other states where there actually was work. Therefore, the County and city lost a lot of the middle class and working people, who made money and paid taxes.University graduates also usually left and even left the state to get jobs.but we can go into this subject later if you like.

this, then, is the story behind the EMX bus line in Eugene, and how the Mayor and her cronies and the county government and the LTD bus heads, decided to force in a very impractical and expensive bus line,in order to be eligible and get a huge multimillion dollar transportation grant from the federal government.

The MONEY was the whole reason. That, and the mayor wanted to put her name on the map, for having instituted the modern overly expensive and impractical EMX bus line. Just as Obama had desired so greatly to put in the Obamacare health system, to make his name forever sacred in the annals of American history, so had the mayor desired to institute her name in the history of the County and Eugene. It didn’t matter that it would destroy and leech away the current needed bus system.or that it would cost many more millions to maintain and actually build, then the transportation grant covered. She did not care. After all, she was the mayor of Eugene, and she knew better than the taxpayers because they were such idiots and incompetent little primitive Oregonians.

as to whether or not, the whole EMX bus system is going to be approved by the federal Transportation Department,that is still to be decided in the future. Many houses on River Road, would actually be destroyed because many of them now sit right next to the road. So eliminating 15 feet on each side of the road, procured by eminent domain, would actually destroy somebody’s homes! And since this is also part of the project “envision Eugene”, what would happen to the owners of those homes who are very often low income and retired Oregonians?

In addition, many businesses on River Road are very close to the road, and it would likewise destroy their property and business.I would hate to think of the results of the EMX bus line actually going down all of River road, tearing up and destroying miles and miles of trees and foliage and bushes,right along the roadside, that decorate the neighborhood. so in truth, the EMX bus line project would greatly destroy the environment of the County and city and all the neighborhoods along River Road. We have yet to see, the outcome but, it’s typical of Eugene Oregon; not included in the land of freedom anymore. At least not for taxpayers and voters here.

—— sincerely, Sandraminadotty, an Oregonian, and resident of Lane County and Eugene OR  http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign


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Eugene,Oregon,home of the U. of Oregon,is a dissolute,gay,hippie,broke, jobless, crime and drug-ridden courupt little no-account town, bulging with fleeing Californicators, who have pushed the natives out,done to Oregon what they did to cali; trashed it. the horrible grid-lock traffic, smog,bad freeways full of accidents have turned it into decayed Detroit.Everyone is broke, there are no jobs,it's left-wing extreme-fanatic crazy, and there are constant political conflicts.Oppression and stifiling city hall crooks fleece the citizens of taxes, it;s the Macon Georgia of the pacific northwest.Anyone who can, leaves.Landowners can't sell, they're stuck.Even the Nazi party would call it Hell.Willamette Valley has the worst pollen,smog,allergies, in the world.Nature and Man are out to get you here, welcome to Oregon!The trash-heap of the United States!

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