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t’s only a little town in Oregon, held together by the University of Oregon student population financially. I was born there, in 1947. My sibling was born in 1948.

My parents were really poor when they were young, and they lived down town,in a old hotel. When it got too cold, they went to the movies and slept in the movies because it was warm. But the hotel room they lived in, had a ceiling that went “thump, thump thump thump thump thump!” With the patter of bare feet. Adult bare feet. So my parents knew, there was a cat house upstairs over them.

Naturally, the police didn’t want to hear about it, the Eugene police, because they were taking bribes to leave it alone. So my parents wrote a letter to the local newspaper, revealing the whole thing, telling where the bordello was, and address and everything. It appeared in the newspaper. The police were absolutely angry as hell. My parents were too smart to put their names on the letter, and they had to move out of the hotel pretty fast, to avoid retaliation.

But that’s what Eugene Oregon was like. Right from the beginning.just like a corrupt crooked little town in the deep South, only this was the deep North.has it changed since then? Yes, it has. The government and the police force, and the officials have improved on their skills; they’ve gotten incredibly corrupt and crooked, and are really ConMen! They are no longer primitive amateurs they are experts. So I suppose we ought to be proud of our town, it’s really gotten professional.  http://Emoticon by Gomotes

However back then, when my dad finally got his watch and jewelry shop, and it made our living, he woke up one day from a horrible nightmare. He had dreamed that he was horribly sick and had died and his family was all alone without him. He instantly went to the doctor, right away and he found out he had cancer. My mother was getting a home permanent, and had her hair all in rollers, but he burst in, and said, I have to go in the hospital right away, come with me; and they left us kids with the nice old Norwegian lady down the block who was very kind.

It’s a good thing we knew that really nice Norwegian family, down the road, because they took care of my sister and I, while my mom had to help my dad try to survive the chemotherapy. It was a full-time job.the old lady gave my family milk, to help us out, from their own cows. We were really poor.

And while my dad was sick, trying to keep his watch shop alive, the city leaders and planning department and zoning department, decided to try and put him out of business; and say that he was not zoned for that, it was only residential. They tried their darndest to shut down his business, while he had cancer and was fighting for his life, and was still trying to keep a watch shop alive at the same that time in Eugene, there were extremely good doctors, and my dad had some. They finally got him through the cancer, although they said it was a miracle, because they had sent him home to die the cancer had gotten so advanced.http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

But my dad was an extremely strong physically, person and I guess that was part of it. Plus he was angry as hell at the city of Eugene and Lane County agencies and leaders, trying to put him out of business at the same time.he finally got a permit for the business, because he knew somebody influential in the Elks club he was a member of. That is typical of Eugene; if you don’t know somebody influential, or have a personal friend or relative higher up in the government, the city and County will clobber you. That’s how Eugene Oregon and Lane County operates.”the good old boys club.” That has not changed.

Now, however, it is harder to find exactly who the elite are, that small rich and influential group who  rule Eugene Oregon and the County. Some say that most of them  live in South Eugene, in a really fancy area.if you’re interested, it doesn’t take much investigation, because they do whatever they want, in the local government, and completely ignore the taxpayers and what they want. Some traditions go on forever. If this sounds a little like Peyton Place, you got it exactly.

The way that most people in Eugene and surrounding counties made their money, was the lumber industry and lumber processing. We had a big fat lumber mill right in Eugene, Weyerhouser, and they put out pollution all day long. Never mind “the aroma of Tacoma”, that jukebox song, we had our own aroma here 24 hours a day, and you could tell, because your sinuses were  bleeding. And during the summer, of course the grass seed farmers burned their fields, all the time, and you definitely got sick from anyhow you look at it, Eugene and Lane County were going to make you sick. It was either the politics, or the air pollution.

If you were in a car as a kid here, in the backseat when your parents drove to the coast for a day, you looked at all the hills, and all the mountains all the way there, and they were nothing but bare, bereft of trees and forest.the lumber industry cut everything down, and was supposed to plant and grow new for us at the same time.      http://Smiley pixeled by Smileydesign

However, that didn’t really work. Coastal towns were completely destroyed of all growth, and developed acid rain. The lumber industry was the only industry in Oregon, and it gave working people a really good wage, if they worked like hell.but most of the people in Oregon were the “working poor”. They worked and worked, but they were poorer all the time. The wages were nothing. It was only the lumber industry that made you money.and in contemporary times, since that was taken away, and the logs were shipped directly overseas instead of being processed here, the lumber industry was gone and those workers also became “the working poor.”

We Oregonians are independent, feisty, and stubborn lot. We have to be. Nobody looks out for us, just us. The typical Oregonian might be poor, but he worked hard, had kids, and if he had to, he left the state and went to California for a better job and better education. That’s what our family did. Sacramento had the missile industry, and we lived there and worked there for at least nine years.and when that industry went bottoms up, we went right back to Oregon, started up business again, and went back to being poor. Let’s face it, not having capitalism or industry in Oregon, is a longtime tradition. This has always been a poor state.

It was also a tradition in Oregon and always has been and still is, to hunt and fish a lot, and that finally resulted in the extinction of a number of wild animals. The native lynx of Oregon is now extinct in the wild.people who moved here, and carved out the wild areas, felt that they had more right to be there than the cougars and wildcats, and wolves, and killed them whenever they felt like it.all the tourists who come here, see Oregon as one big shooting target. It’s not that we don’t like guns here, but some of us would prefer to keep most of our wild animals alive, or at least not extinct.go ahead and shoot as many deer as you like, they overpopulate anyway;although I remember eating venison, and it was really tough.

But contemporarily, the thing that has really become extinct, is the native Oregonian himself. One person said to me, “you are the first native Oregonian I have ever met here.” That’s because, for a number of years and even more so lately, swarms of millions of Californians had moved here, and taken over the place. Lots of Oregonians had to move much further out, just to afford a place to live anymore.

Suddenly we had huge new Jewish temples, because all the Jews from San Diego and Los Angeles had all moved I had come home, as an adult to retire, and get away from horrible overpopulated and rancid, bullshity California, and arrogant Californians, and they had all moved here themselves!and taken over the place! Even Midwesterners moved here. People from New York City also moved here, but a lot of them were pretty nice, amazingly. At least they were down to earth.they also tended to be friendly, and most of them were hard-working.

But it was the Californians who decided that they now owned Oregon, and Eugene and this County, they were going to have fancy restaurants, ecology, environmentalists, vegetarianism, homosexuals, and extreme left-wing liberal politics. Everything they could import from California, they brought with them. That included, drugs, crime, pedophilia, lots of dope,aids,gonorrhea, promiscuity,freeways and highways, and tons of traffic and smog and traffic jams just like Los Angeles. They jammed it all into Eugene and Lane County, which of course didn’t fit.

As a result, the traffic jams, freeway accidents, and bumper-to-bumper gridlock, became a regular day-to-day thing.along with the ever present escaping California, they had managed to bring it all with them. And this was only in Eugene and Lane County. God knows what they did to the rest of the state.

I did hear, that a large group of New Yorkers had moved en masse to Portland Oregon, and taken over the city pretty much.” The utopians”, who couldn’t make New York City  a utopia, had decided that they were going to do the same thing to Portland.Portland had always been just a dinky little small town, but now it was a dinky, disgusting, gang ridden, dangerous, hippie filled city, that was politically correct and cutesy pie to the was very accurately depicted in the TV show “Portlandia”, as “the city where young people go to retire.”

It had become so politically correct, that a violent gang of well organized hippies and fur-haters, had demonstrated and destroyed the front of the business building, of a well known furrier’s store.The furrier had no choice but to move  completely out of Portland,and put his business in a far-off mall.the police and the city leaders did nothing to protect the furrier. Heck, the mayor of Portland was a known pedophile. It wasn’t likely that he was going to protect anyone!

Although Eugene Oregon was known as the “city that hippies like to come to, because they know there are no jobs there,” Portland got a very strange new reputation. During a big rose parade, in that city, when there were lots of families parents and kids attending, an infamous band of bicycling nudists decided to roll right through in the parade, in front of everybody.the parents were horrified, and yelled at the naked bike riders. It didn’t do any good, the bike riders were convinced they had a perfect right to expose themselves, in front of kids, and nobody was going to stop them.

And nobody did. Apparently there wasn’t anymore law and order in Portland, then there was in Eugene.all the parents vowed to stay away from Portland, not go into the city, and not patronize any of the businesses there

. Probably a good idea; sounds like Portland is also the home of “hippies who hate jobs, and hippies who hate clothing.”they also hate business and capitalism, and generally that is a liberal left-wing fanaticism of Oregon. “You do not need capitalism or industry to make a living or support the state of Oregon, all you have to do is find a nice pine tree full of money, and that will keep you going forever.”

That and the federal government.the state of Oregon had gradually turned into a socialistic, federal government supported, and anti-capitalist and anti-industry state.all the rules and laws discouraged business from developing there, or even moving there.the mayor of the city of Eugene, and the Council of Lane County themselves, also made that their priority. The mayor herself decided that the city could support itself by becoming “the center of art of the United States.” And she proceeded to try and develop public art, as a way to find money to support the city. Evidently she was also smoking a lot of crack at the same time. http://Emoticon by Gomotes

The political slant of Oregon, had gradually turned from being rather right wing, to being very very extreme left wing and liberal. I am using the word “liberal” of course as apolitical moniker. The “liberal” politically of Oregon, was probably one of the least LIBERAL or tolerant political animals that ever saw the light of day. I myself who had met and gotten to know a couple of interesting and opinionated liberals, could not even talk to them, eventually, because they broke down into ranting and raving, screaming and yelling, calling me a fascist Republican (I’m not even a Republican)and etc. and etc. they could not even speak rationally, or discuss anything without foaming at the mouth. I would rather have befriended a John Birch Society member; they used to be very right wing, but a least they didn’t rant and rave at you  like that.

from their attitude, I suspect very much that all the so-called “liberals” would like to take anyone who disagreed with them in the least, stick them on a crucifix, and light a bonfire at their feet.there just was no possibility of “live and let live” in their philosophy and behavior. I used to be a liberal and a Democrat many years ago, and that is one reason I quit. I don’t like the Republicans either, but at least I know where they stand. A liberal Democrat is not going to be honest enough  to do anything but bullshit you.

Eugene Oregon many many years ago, when I was a kid or even a teenager, had been a small, depressing, rain-filled little burg.If you wanted to socialize here then, you had to go to church.everybody went to church. (Except the Unitarians, but they were the only odd ones then.) Downtown Eugene was full of businesses, even a theater and restaurants.there was only one health food store in Eugene, called Porters; and it was considered very weird and rare. The University of Oregon was still cheap enough to attend, for native kids. Crime was pretty rare. My sister and I had always walked a mile to the theater, on Saturday all by ourselves, when we were little kids, it was completely safe. On Halloween, we kids ran out from door-to-door, getting lots of candy, and not even needing to be accompanied by parents. Eugene was great for Halloween.River road had not been widened yet, and turned into a 5 Lane Hwy.; it was still just a quiet little road, running through residential neighborhoods.

Okay, the pollution in the Valley was terrible: and the grass seed burning in the summer made everyone sick to death. But there wasn’t tons of automobile smog, and gasoline fumes everywhere yet, and people didn’t die all over the place from breast cancer, from could still drive somewhere without getting caught in freeway accidents, traffic jams and traffic gridlock.the only people who moved to Oregon, were the few people who wanted to escape the rest of the world, and hide. it still rained 10 months out of the year and we never had danger of drought or lack of farming water.

In fact, the weather was wonderful for gardening and farming here, before contemporary world climate change ruined it completely, making farming and gardening impossible.I remember eating sour cherries right off the tree. Yummy. If you didn’t grow your own food, then you went to other Orchards, and paid a little bit of money to pick the fruit yourself and take it home.

most of the businesses here were either SMALL, or medium size, and there were no big box stores. You could actually go downtown, go to a shoe store, and have a salesman try shoes out on your feet and fit you.”customer service” actually still existed, people waited on you, and there were lots of retail employees. Department stores still existed!real clothing, that was not so mass manufactured, could be found that was tailored, well-made, very often made in the United States, looked good, and lasted for years.

People had PRIVATE DOCTORS, they paid them money, and they really cured you most of the time.Most of them WANTED you to get well!(of course, if you had a catastrophic illness, you might have to lose your house, everything you own, and sell it all to pay the bills.) Oh well, you can’t have everything.but doctors actually diagnosed in those days, worked long hours, and were much better at their jobs.

People had time in those days, to have friends and socialize. They weren’t busy busy busy 24 hours a day with no time for anybody. People wrote letters and mailed them. That’s how they communicated. And it was slow, but it was okay.nobody had “technology wonders”, yet, but nobody missed them. People rode bicycles, and so did kids, all over their neighborhoods. And it was safe to do it. There were only one or two channels on TV, and you used an antenna. People still went to the movies, and not just kids and teenagers. They actually had movies that were worth going to! They also actually had food that was worth eating! And it didn’t cost a fortune. In fact, most of life was somewhat affordable. You might be poor, but you weren’t usually homeless, starving to death, losing your home to foreclosure, and wondering if the government was going to fall next, Wall Street was going to crash, and China was going to take all your jobs.

And Eugene Oregon was just a dinky little depressing town, with nothing there but a lot of churches,the university of Oregon, church going people, and nothing to do.but you could go downtown to the movies, or during the summer you could go to the Lane County fair, which was one of the very best County fairs in the United States. The fruit was still good; the produce and food was still plentiful and good. It rained night and day, 10 months out of the year, we got cabin fever, and yelled at each other. But it was still Oregon,for Oregonians, and we liked it that way.we still like to imagine that it was better than it is now, or at least we’d still rather be there.

The End. http://Emoticon by Gomotes


About WhatToDoWhileThePlanetDies

Eugene,Oregon,home of the U. of Oregon,is a dissolute,gay,hippie,broke, jobless, crime and drug-ridden courupt little no-account town, bulging with fleeing Californicators, who have pushed the natives out,done to Oregon what they did to cali; trashed it. the horrible grid-lock traffic, smog,bad freeways full of accidents have turned it into decayed Detroit.Everyone is broke, there are no jobs,it's left-wing extreme-fanatic crazy, and there are constant political conflicts.Oppression and stifiling city hall crooks fleece the citizens of taxes, it;s the Macon Georgia of the pacific northwest.Anyone who can, leaves.Landowners can't sell, they're stuck.Even the Nazi party would call it Hell.Willamette Valley has the worst pollen,smog,allergies, in the world.Nature and Man are out to get you here, welcome to Oregon!The trash-heap of the United States!

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