if you live in Eugene Oregon, and you have a low income, or no income, you are going to have experience with the largely charity level hospital medical system called “peace health Hospital company” or “Corporation”.

If you have enough money and very excellent medical insurance, you don’t have to go to peace health Hospital, on Medicare or Medicaid. You can go to a private Dr., specialists, or drive all the way to Salem, and get Kaiser insurance.

The reason we are reviewing peace health Hospital in Eugene Oregon, is this: I am going to list the experiences that people have with peace health Hospital, when they are on Medicare or Medicaid, and can’t go anywhere else, because no other doctors or medical system will take them. In other words, peace health Hospital is the last resort that will accept your Medicare. Many other medical organizations in the area do not.

Peace health Hospital Corporation is a nonprofit company, however last year it grossed a billion-dollar profit. It manages to stay OFFICIALLY nonprofit, although it is definitely making a huge profit. It can tweak its rules and regulations, so that it makes a profit, a huge one, and gets bigger and bigger off of government insurance, but is still legally, just barely, a “nonprofit”.

however, technically, peace health Hospital Corporation IS a profit many other nonprofits, in Eugene and Lane County, it tweaks the rules so they can make a profit, give large salaries, and still be listed as a “nonprofit” organization.

This is the new socialism in Oregon, supplanting capitalism large and small. St. Vincent Depaul is another one; it has recently gotten bigger and bigger, employed homeless and disadvantaged people, given them rudimentary shelter, pays them very cheap to work, and pushes all the small businesses that are private, out of business with the cheap competition.

the new socialism in Oregon creates “nonprofit, profitable, government sponsored and paid” programs, that make a lot of money out of government insurance, and even indulge in “non-capitalistic” capitalism, and get away with not being private.they do actually make a huge profit, but they do tweak the rules so that they can keep it. And, they have all the benefits and tax advantages of a nonprofit. Supposedly “nonprofit” organizations are not supposed to make a lot of money, they are supposed to serve their clients and the public, but the new trend is that they also serve THEMSELVES most of all.

Because they are so cheap to run, get tax breaks and every other breaks that are nonprofit get, the huge and ever enlarging “barely technically nonprofits” are taking over the very socialistic government state of Oregon, creating a very bad climate for real small businesses that are private or medium-size. There is no way to compete with a nonprofit,if you are a real small business. They have you beaten six ways from Sunday.

Private enterprise and businesses in Oregon are greatly subjected to an immense amount of technical and complex laws and rules, so much that they drive away businesses from the state and from Lane County.if the federal government actually knew how much money the socialist organizations really made, without paying taxes, they might try and figure out if they are really cheating the government by manipulating the nonprofit tax laws.however, the Fed does not seem to be interested in getting taxes out of them that they owe.

So how do these new “socialist nonprofit money- making organizations”really function? Do they actually give better service than private businesses? In the health field, you would think that would be true. Surely for profit hospitals and medical centers would be much more expensive and wasteful. But let us look at one of them, and analyze just what it does. And doesn’t do.

Let’s take for example, the huge massive Corporation of peace health Hospital company. It has clinics and hospitals and medical centers all over Oregon. How does its quality rate? If you have Medicare or Medicaid, you probably can’t find any private doctors or other medical groups that will accept you as a patient. Therefore, you are forced to go to something like peace health Hospital, in Eugene particularly, unless you just want to go to the “very hippie and over-loaded free clinic” called white bird clinic. (There is another nonprofit hospital in Springfield, particularly for people who have no insurance and often are homeless.)

let us relate the experiences of one person, who recently came back to Oregon as a senior and disabled person, to live, and had Medicare and Medicaid. In this instance, this person started going to peace health family clinic, in search of regular medical care, and also to combat a very chronic, painful, and very disabling case of nonfunctioning feet.

this person was sent to the hospital orthopedic clinic, and thereby given very fast, examination, given a pair of plastic arches for her shoes, and told “there’s nothing wrong with your feet.” After examining an x-ray of them.(that was the only orthopedist who would accept Medicare in the whole area.) This person was also sent to neurology, to find out if the nerves in the feet were still alive. (They were, they hurt tremendously so you could be sure that the nerves were definitely alive.)they were given a family doctor.

Finding out that Medicare did not have any home caregiver insurance in it, and never gave it out either, they were told that the only at-home care would be from private insurance which was very expensive. This person became trapped in their house, and had to rely on a completely separate agency to help them get, or rather borrow a power wheelchair just to stay out of a nursing home. (Probably nursing homes were not available on Medicare anyway.)

The peace health Hospital medical doctor, did not want this person to be in a power wheelchair and would not okay it with the company, so they could get the vehicle through Medicare. The medical doctors said “I think it’s all in your head I’m sending you to a psychiatrist.” The psychiatrist said, “I think that it’s all in your head because you had early childhood sexual experiences.”

The chronic bad condition of the person’s feet were blamed on psychiatric reasons, not flesh and bone, arthritis, worn joints, and old age deterioration. Even though the patient before they moved back, had gotten another Dr. in another state, to x-ray them and told the person that they had very bad osteoporosis in both feet.however, the peacehealth hospital x-ray department just could not find that osteoporosis that was in THEIR x-ray! Too bad.

so, to make long matters shorter, this person had to quit going to peace health Hospital, & go to other agencies that were nonmedical, to help them keep a borrowed power chair,because peace health Hospital family clinic doctor would not okay it; and said to the patient “I don’t want you to get in a wheelchair, you will become a cripple. You will never get out of it.” Very nice of the Dr. to out right call their patient a cripple.

one of the agencies that helped the patient borrow a power chair, had already had complaints about that very same medical doctor, and about peace health Hospital services as being very inferior and worthless.but complaining about the institution never did any good. If you didn’t like them, you had to leave. This patient left unwillingly, and had to go to the charity clinic, “White Bird clinic,” and sit in front of their door, at five o’clock in the morning, for several hours, just to get in and get an appointment. That was the only medical help left. Through the agencies, and the help of a relative, the wheelchair company was finally convinced not to take away the borrowed wheelchair, but donate it to the patient.peace health Hospital had completely washed its hands of everything.

Our barely surviving patient now in an old,beat up power chair, landed in the hospital with several severe infections, had to stay in for five days, and was then put in  a Medicare nursing home for two weeks. Eventually, they were sent home, And Lane County Senior and disabled department gave them a care worker, to grocery shop, do a little cleaning, pick up drugs, for a few hours a week, so the person could actually stay at home, and recuperate. The errant feet were still not getting any medical treatment.

Eventually, our patient had to go to another clinic, further away, that was owned also by peace health Hospital Corporation, just to find a regular Dr.. The regular Dr. was very good, but knew nothing about feet. He did say, that the person probably had arthritis that did not show up on x-rays; that apparently often happens. That clinic and Dr. kept accepting Medicare and Medicaid for the patient, as that was the only other Dr., except for the charity clinic, the person could find. A big new orthopedic clinic, in a huge building, was contacted by the Dr., but refused to accept the patient because of the govt. insurance. Nor would there specialist in feet- orthopedics see them.

to finalize our story, the person with the bad feet ended up almost permanently in a power chair, and had to function in one,in their life, most of the time.they even consulted a local agency, to find out if their attorney thought there was a lawsuit against peace health of any consequence. The attorney said, no. Even though there was medical malpractice, misdiagnosis, complete lack of medical treatment for the ailment, there was no chance of winning a case against the clinic, the doctor, or peace health Hospital Corporation.

The patient was stuck in the power chair, and also was forced to go only to another peace health Hospital clinic, because they couldn’t find other medical organizations, to go to. The charity clinic was crowded, overloaded with patients, and was pretty much a dead end.the patient also went to a podiatrist finally, where they were advised to get orthotics. – But the grinding pain, inflammation,deteriorated state of the feet left the patient on pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and finally, antidepressants, for the despair. an authentic and true diagnosis and treatment was never undertaken by peace health Hospital, or any of its clinics or doctors.

The patient was on their own. the patient also had been refused the use of a power chair by peace health Hospital, because the psychiatrist, and the medical dr.  said “you’re just imagining all that pain, it’s due to sexual problems that you have, and that’s all. There’s nothing wrong with your feet.”the new medical doctor in the new clinic, acknowledged to the patient that there really was medically and physically something wrong with their feet, but he didn’t know how to do anything about it.

However, for all these so-called medical appts., Peace Health Hospital Corp. had charged an immense amt. of bills to the fed. govt., Medicare & Medicaid,and raked in many thousands of dollars for the corp., while seeing the patient and doing nothing for them. The Corp., in just this one instance, had become a very efficient, money-making machine, making a small fortune on one case, while refusing to acknowledge that the person’s feet pain was real, and telling the patient “there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re crazy.” (No psychiatric help was available, either, except for a lot of money; the patient wheelchaired themselves to the county mental health dept., where the homeless ,criminally insane, court-cases, and medicare-patients were seen.)

The new doctor and new Peace Health clinic became sparsely occupied by medical staff, and the patient eventually had to rely on trips to Eugene Urgent care, for serious ailments, and medical treatment. Even getting prescriptions re-filled, took several days from Peace Health clinic, because of the shortage of doctors available.

Later,the patient turned to “alternative medicine”, paid for it themselves, and finally got a great deal of relief from that, and chiropractics, and amazingly started to walk again. But the years spent on appts. and fed. insurance to Peace Health hospital were never  curative for the condition.The Corp. could not be sued for neglect, malpractice, nothing; the huge medical “non-profit” Corp. was too powerful in the state, and rarely lost a lawsuit. Plus, they were the only source of medical treatment for Medicare and Medicaid patients, even though they often did not produce medical results.

This is a true story, authenticated by a Peacehealth Hospital Corp.patient, and has not been exaggerated. All names have been omitted , to protect the innocent.  Claims about  politically-charged actions are exaggerated, there is nothing to fear but non-profit organizations themselves, their costs to the fed. govt., and the govts’ failure to regulate them, tax the huge, money-making corps. Everything will stay the same, and get worse. In Lane county, if you’re a senior on medicare, there is almost no where else to go; maybe urgent care if you are lucky.——————   🙂

The End


About WhatToDoWhileThePlanetDies

Eugene,Oregon,home of the U. of Oregon,is a dissolute,gay,hippie,broke, jobless, crime and drug-ridden courupt little no-account town, bulging with fleeing Californicators, who have pushed the natives out,done to Oregon what they did to cali; trashed it. the horrible grid-lock traffic, smog,bad freeways full of accidents have turned it into decayed Detroit.Everyone is broke, there are no jobs,it's left-wing extreme-fanatic crazy, and there are constant political conflicts.Oppression and stifiling city hall crooks fleece the citizens of taxes, it;s the Macon Georgia of the pacific northwest.Anyone who can, leaves.Landowners can't sell, they're stuck.Even the Nazi party would call it Hell.Willamette Valley has the worst pollen,smog,allergies, in the world.Nature and Man are out to get you here, welcome to Oregon!The trash-heap of the United States!

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  1. I have had a pituitary tumor diagnosed in two countries. My heart irregular with added and skipped beats, and a fluctuating Thyroid (was on sythroid now no meds) I requested a Scan of my Pituitary. Because the doctor said nothing was wrong with me. When they don’t know, it’s all in YOUR HEAD! In this case that is a true statement. I have had many scans in the past years. The Scan is done in “slices” of the Pituitary Gland. Which is about the size of a pea! You must take that pea sized glan and take pictures of it frame by frame in slices. I was not impressed with my primary care doctor. I asked many times, you are doing the specialized scan of the Pituitary itselt correct? Yes, Yes Yes is what I got. Guess what…Not! I went back in to follow up with the scan and My Dr. said…It’s a miracle! There are not any tumors! I said really? Can you review the scan pictures with me. He began looking at them on the computer. I said where is the scan of the Pituitary” This is the back of my head? He replied…Ah, I wasn’t sure exactly where the Pituitary is. I do know it is at the base of the brain! WHAT!! I did correct him, he did look like a dumb ass and later denied it. But, he knows, and I know! I was injected (with problems) with the radioactive dye and the WRONG scan was done! MANY MORE STORIES LIKE THESE HAPPENED TO ME THERE! Everyone I speak with has negative things to say about PeaceHealth! Many friends told me that they could not find out what was wrong and sent them to Psychs telling them it was all in their heads! RUN as fast as you can away from this medical group. In my opinion, the worst!


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