technology for apes. Duh!



 every time l use my wonderful computer software, thatdoes not work, and my google search chrome, that doesn’t work, and files -Security firewall, and Dragon Naturally,.S peaking software to dictate, which Always does not work, I am reminded that we are_still apes with software that we invented, that does not work. As you can tell by this Hewlet Packard computer scribe that does not work.that what all the wonderful cell phones, modems,CPUS, and great tech-science is, is technology for apes.

 WHY do we have so much stress, pain, anger. , exhaustion, insanity breakdowns? We invent flawed, bad software, with complex-engineer instructions for APES to use! You’re not imagining your stress and anger; you’re a chimpanzee with everyday filled with big monster tech work, and function, invented by machines, FOR MACHiNeS, and not invented for You!

 the only” people” who can do this junk are computer-nerds, who are little perfect machines, and not really people. their brains donot work like ape. -peoples brains; its no wonder you the relative to the chimp, can’t use, or understand the stuff or use is just not MADE for you and fellow.chimps to use!yes it was invented for a completely different type of brain to use, 

Example,lam 64yrs, old,cameto computers Late in life and my computer-repairguy says l  am far more,advanced than most of his elderly or middle aged clients who use computers. He gives me instructions that I can do, that the rest of his clients can’t do. I have to ask him for advice all the time, but it’s because apparently I go much further and get in trouble. I have an IQ of 140, which is the beginning of the genius range, and I still have trouble with software and computers, and functioning, and I have never learned HTML, or code. I’m just a user. So if a mature adult with hundred and 40 IQ, has trouble learning and operating one of these stupid technological whiz kids, what are the rest of you who are struggling along with about 83, not higher than 93, IQ doing? You would not think that a little more than 40 points would do much. But it does seem to. Not only that, I use it.

Even in school, I was the thinker and the grade maker, and had a very logical mind. I was the only one of my age, who could actually program accurately my VCRs. All the other people my age, even comedians on TV, all complained they could not program their VCRs correctly! It wasn’t really the fault of the human beings trying to do it; it was the fault of the engineers who invented them without real human instructions. The understanding of programming your VCR, is like a very simple computer program, and you are instructing it in code to do something. And engineers just can’t get it through their brains, that all the rest of the brains of the United States and the world, don’t work like theirs, and don’t get it, without well written instructions.

And believe me, they are not well written instructions any time in any of this technology. They are being written by a bunch of dumkoffs.

so it’s really a big failure, and that’s why the majority of the population is going around all day long every day with a big headache, hypertension, and that inevitable health problem of technology, STRESS. A lot of them have to deal with, or have to use technology and its instruments every single day in their work. As a result, a lot of people in a highly technological industrial civilization, gain a great deal of weight to offset the stress. There are other things they do, like get addictions, drink too much, use drugs, get violent, beat their wives, get divorced, get alienated, and basically just get worn out ahead of time before they’re even old.

we are in a war between two different types of Homo sapiens; the ones that invent and use technology, with different brains, and the ordinary every day Homo sapiens, with the old-style Homo sapiens brain that runs on instinct, and not logic and far, the nerds are winning. They’re not likely to lose in the future either; if we keep up all this stupid technological advancement every single life will be covered more and more with it, and only the eventuality of “world climate change” and its disastrous effects on the planet and human beings, will actually railroad it. And that is very highly possible.

And how is the future of world climate change going to affect the technological world? Well let’s put it this way; you have to have advanced enough civilizations and societies, to make power to keep technological instruments going, and to keep the maintenance. In other words, you have to have enough power and energy and the human beings that do it, have to be supported by a stable society. If those societies become very unstable and fall apart, a lot of your technology will go with it. Electricity; that has to be regularly maintained repaired, and new grids and electrical systems in the world, and in cities and countries and states, as well as communication lines.

Exit the repair man and maintenance men; exit the electricity; exit the power of the society, and the power of its stability. Exit food, clothing, and a roof over the heads of the population that runs this, and gets the electricity and power for the nerds, and you have a result of nonsupport of technology. Imagine the world and United States, in a world climate change future, where nobody can raise food, because of the horrible weather (already happening in the state of Oregon in the United States, we just can’t raise food here anymore)so everyone starts starving to death. Only the very wealthy at the top will have food. And they’ll probably be the only ones with any advanced communications systems.

So as much as I hate the very imperfect and badly made technology today, that we are forced to swallow just to function in our regular lives,it is a very big possibility that way in the future will lose a great deal of it due to the society is breaking down, not having any food, or power, or stability.of course I will miss swearing constantly and having to correct constantly Dragon NaturallySpeaking version number 11, because it’s so incredibly bad in dictation accuracy and function, even worse than version number nine, but I don’t look forward to not having enough to eat all the power breaking down, and the crime getting out of control. (Please see my other post on the Eugene Oregon Safeway burglary food disaster catastrophe, where out-of-control food shoppers took over the store and raped it.)

In Oregon And Especially Lane County, hideous crime and burglary happens every single day,and with further breakdown of society and loss of any management at the top to keep the system running, I can expect that we might lose a few billion people to outright starvation, thirst, and war and violence. Not being able to get enough food does do all that.

What does world climate change, and the breakdown of society have to do directly with technology and the ape-man? This ranting and raving began with my hatred for very flawed badly made and badly explained technology, that doesn’t really fit us. Amazingly, our wonderful technology and its advances, have not helped us in this area, either to recognize world climate change, and prepare for it, or to even admit that it exists. No countries or people are really taking it seriously and preparing in rational ways, for the future.

The reason is, our good old ape brain. A nice sensible instinctive ape, is not going to see all those advanced symptoms of world climate change and disaster, coming so far away. That far in the future to the good old ape brain, doesn’t matter. He would tend to ignore it, or even not recognize it, or regard any remark about it, as ridiculous because he can’t really comprehend it.

We think that human beings in the modern world are a lot more intelligent than that; but the real truth is the majority of the people on the planet are greatly like apes, they cannot conceive of disasters of that great proportion, and admit that they could happen. Apparently, our ape brains still can’t plan very much for the future of reality. We still can’t deal with it, or even recognize it, or even admit it’s real. Our brain tells us, as long as we are happy today, to not worry about tomorrow and tomorrow food and drink.except for a handful of very intelligent people, who of course are not in power over countries, the bulk of our leaders and politicians are just as stupid and ape thinking as their voters and citizens.

Once again I have written too much and you’re not going to read it anyway. But let me end this ranting and raving, and hurting my fingers on computer software that doesn’t work, and say that yes, our technology will be greatly affected by world climate change eventually. If it doesn’t break down entirely, they will become greatly limited. At least for most of us. And a lot of us are going to DIE anyhow in future disasters. Nobody wants to see it, nobody wants to admit that the huge population we have, isn’t SUSTAINABLE. We can’t keep billions of people alive! So a lot of them are going to perish as food becomes scarce, water is gone,or polluted,and the severe climate weather changes hurt and damage us.

a very superior type of being, who could see the future calmly and rationally, and plan for it and do those plans and carry them out, does not exist in this planet. There are probably only a few of them, a handful and they would have to gang up together and go out in their own little far-off place, and manage it by themselves.even these people, will have a lot of psychological trouble, dealing with these catastrophes.I’m sure they would by this time,love to have the technology so they could communicate with each other. But whether it’s going to be available or not, is a moot point.  

so all stop worrying about the tremendously badly made Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, made by Nuance, the I’m constantly having to correct fix and make over.Man is an ape, with more brain than an ape, but still an ape, living by his instincts 99 and 100% of the what if they’re torturing the world with all this technology junk, with that instructions and lots of glitches? Hopefully the nerds will go down with the ship,too, drowning and starving or getting clobbered by weather, just like much of the rest of us with our little inferior ape chimpanzee brains.there either aren’t enough nerds in absolute power, or they’ve been not planning for it., or, more likely, they don’t choose to look at the proble

 this is a lot of fun, philosophizing about the planet dying and billions of people starving to death, but it’s very early in the morning, since I’ve typed all night, and I need to get to bed, to actually go somewhere this afternoon. I will further ignore technology as much as I can, not by any answering machines for my phone, and go to bed without sleeping pills. And I’m also going to ignore technology communication! Put a sign on my CPU that says, “do not disturb”.take that, NUANCE!!……


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  1. I too wonder about the techno dweebs who invent our technological products and still think of that Pay as You Go Phone I never could learn to turn on. One had to press the button for a certain time but there was no one to tell you how long and it seemed different every time. They are making
    everything MORE COMPLEX when didn’t we get this technology in the first place, to make LIFE SIMPLER instead of CRUMMIER, where things would be EASIER?

    You are right the computer nerds have brains that operate even differently who have endless strings
    of linear thought in their heads and memories like recorders while the rest of us bumble along LOST. I sometimes do think the computer nerds are more busy trying to prove how smart they are rather then making things simpler and easier to use for the normal average person.

    I have a high IQ too, and am middle aged and know how to even go into computer registries to clean viruses off, and more, and realized while my computer tech knew more then me, he was trying some steps I had done and I never had training in computers. So why have they made this stuff so hard? I dare say the kids aren’t going to be able to keep up either except a few smart types. Maybe the people with lower IQs don’t even bother getting the computers but what now, when they are even asking people to fill out complicated forms on the internet? I wonder who they are designing everything too and why does it all have to be designed in a way that WASTES THE MOST TIME, CAUSES THE MOST MENTAL STRAIN, and should be SIMPLIFIED.

    I even think of the whistles and bells and other junk they pile on, that no one knows how to use on your basic digital camera, smart phone, computers, no one knows how to use any of the stuff, so why do they even bother spending the money?

    You are right this started with the VCRs, I never figured those things out either. I have a DVD player, that not even the cable guy can figure out how to plug into the TV or the cable box, so here I have sat unable to watch movies for years, or rent a movie, so its like a hunk of junk. I do not have the money to pay someone to figure this stuff out nor do I have the ability to figure it out. There is no book to read up on it. The stuff online won’t match my particular TV or cable TV box.
    I wish the computer nerds and engineers would stop making all the crap so fancy and would do something where REAL and AVERAGE people could use it. Even if someone has a high IQ do they really want to be challenged even in just keeping their computer working or watching a movie?
    I think some of these people are so smart that they are DUMB. They live in a rarified world that does not match the real world. They are upper class, so they have all the tools, and education, while normal people go without. If their computer decides to die, or a program fails, they can go buy another one.

    I think it adds to our stress too. The fact they have made everything so harder. And I am noticing a trend where they are making other systems too complex. Multiple layers of beauracracy that even the people working for a place can’t figure it out. People are burnt out. I wish the so called “professional class” would get a few emotions and some common sense. You are right if society breaks down, how many of us know how to DO anything. There’s NO BOOKS where we could figure it out. It’s like the technocrat nerds have their own religion and they guard knowledge like a secret society religion. They have made things so complex they are unusable and unknowable to the average person.


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